Nevermind Watchdown: S21E01

Right. Onto our last series of Bill Bailey, and our penultimate series of Simon Amstell. Oh boy.

Tonight, Bill does indeed show up, but won’t be back for another 3 shows after this one. Just fyi. Jessica Hynes from Spaced is here, as is Joel Pott, who’s been on before. Kimberly Stewart is “not just Rod’s daughter”, and Lethal Bizzle is, well, a rapper.

For some reason the intro-standups after the panelists are introduced are gone this episode, and likely for the rest of the series’ run. Maybe since Preston’s kind of irked him. Also, the set modernization has hit full-force. Simon’s definitely veering away from any ties to Mark Lamarr, or to meanness. Let’s see how this affects the actual show.

Simon: “Are we supposed to like Kate Nash? I haven’t done the show for so long that I’ve forgotten who we’re supposed to hate!”

Bill, to Bizzle: “You on Myspace?”
Bizzle, in his accent: “Ya, I’m on Myface.”
Bill: ‘MY FACE?”
Phill: “Is Kate Nash on your face or not? I need to know…”

Simon, on the bodyguards on Kimberly’s new show: “Are they allowed to touch you?”
Kimberly: “No, they’re not allowed to look me in the face”
Jessica: “Only the vagina.”

Halfway through Simon just asking Jessica questions, they decide to just flat-out-wrestle in the middle of the set. It’s an odd moment, but it’s very good-natured.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.03.40 AM

Kimberly is completely sinking in the Intros round, and is asking everyone for hints.
Kimberly: “What?”
Simon: ‘JOEL POTT!’
Kimberly: “I don’t…”
Simon: “LUCKILY…she hasn’t understood what you SAID…”

This episode is being bogged down with a lot of Simon interludes, where he’s interrupting the quiz portion just to talk to the panelists, making little makeshift Popworld interviews out of the actual quiz. It’s like the opening round barely even matters anymore. I mean, hopefully he calms down off this.

Simon: “George W. Bush says he has The Knack’s ‘My Sharona’ on his iPod, presumably to drown out the screams of a thousand dead iraqi children”
There’s a huge audience response. Immediately after, Simon puts up his ‘happy picture’ from earlier in the episode and lays back. Phill cracks up at this.
Phill: “You’re gonna need a bigger kitten…”

Jessica: “#5 is ANGRY!”
Phill: “That usually is a fine indication of the person in question…”

Overall: Not a great start to the series. Simon took a lot of time out to screw with Kimberly and Jessica, and it took away from the overall effect of the quiz. Yeah, everyone was good, and Lethal and Jessica were having fun, but it was very weak in terms of material.

Best Regular: Simon
Best Guest: Jessica
Best Runner: Happy Photo


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