Nevermind Watchdown: S18E4

And our VERY LAST STOP on this Nevermind Lost Episodes journey is a guest hosted episode featuring Lauren Laverne, who went from being a girl-band survivor to a legitimate TV personality over the course of the series, and who would be appearing on Mock the Week sometime after this.

Tonight we have FUTURE NMTB HOST RHOD GILBERT, which I’m excited about, as well as Busted’s Charlie Simpson. Neil Claxton’s a keyboardist for Mint Royale…and looks like the newsman from The Boat that Rocked. Linda Robson’s a sitcom legend and TV personality.

First second of the program is Lauren, who, while definitely not a pro at reading an auto cue…is still very funny and very happy to be there.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.14.38 PM.pngBill: “Look at his kit bag…”
Rhod: “That’s his in-flight meal…”
Bill: “And ironically that is about the same weight and size of his pancreas…”

Bill, to Rhod: “You had to have met Bonnie Tyler at some time, have you?”
Rhod: “…there’s two and a half million of us, Bill…admittedly I have met all the others, to be fair…”

For Bill and Charlie’s first intro, Charlie’s doing this off-putting humming in the background as Bill does the melody.
Rhod: “I’ve got it. I got it from Charlie’s bit…”

Bill’s 2nd intro just turns into Axel F halfway through. Phill comes over to give it a go, reads the card, and says he doesn’t know it.

Rhod: “That was very difficult for me, when they were singing the wrong tune and I was getting it right…”
Lauren: “…it was very difficult for all of us…”

Overall: Not too much going on, save for Rhod being funny and Lauren holding a very loose ship as guest host.

Best Regular: Bill
Best Guest: Rhod


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