Nevermind Watchdown: S21E04, or WE WORKED *VERY HARD* ON DAVRO OR DENNIS!

I’m excited for this one for a few reasons. First, Bobby Davro, the impressionist, is here for Simon to take the piss out of. Also, Kristen Schaal, American comedian who’s been in basically everything in the past few years, in here too, and hopefully she’ll do as well as David Cross. But also, this is the last of the 3 Noel Fielding episodes, and so far he’s done pretty well for himself.

Also, Roy Stride sang with Scouting for Girls, and Richard Fleeshman was a Coronation-Street star turned pop-star.

Roy: “There was a nice bit in the Avril video, I think she looked suspiciously like someone on the other team…”
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.43.18 PM.png

Noel, shyly: “I am her stunt double…”

Simon: “Can you do an Avril Lavigne impression?”
Bobby: “…No I can’t.”
Simon: “Ah. Was it you who did Mavis, or was it Les Dennis?”
Bobby: “That was Les Dennis.”
Simon: “Right. It’s now time for…DAVRO OR DENNIS!”
Bobby: “Aw, here we go…you rotten bastard…”

Of course, that round ends up going to shit when both teams can’t stop pressing their buzzers, and it ends up being a cacophonous riot for Simon.

Simon, over a clip of Gary Barlow: “and after years in the showbiz wilderness, washed up and forgotten, finally it’s time for the most anticipated comeback of the decade…it’s Bobby Davro!”
Somehow Bobby’s taking all of this in stride.

The thing about Kristen Schaal is that her schtick involves sounding very infantile and very young, so that he material sounds very crass by comparison, so her voice in getting the Joy Division intro is part of her character. I imagine she’d be one of those people that would get hated on youtube.

After another Fleeshman slam from Simon, Noel: “Honestly, if you diss him one more time, I’ll slash you up.”
Kristen: “And I’m gonna WATCH.”

Simon and Noel attempt to explain Chico to Kristen
Noel: “Also, he can turn into an eagle at any given moment.”
Kristen: “I mean, if I could turn into an eagle, I wouldn’t turn to music…”

They were right about Chico having amazing charisma and stuff. When Simon asks if the real Chico can step forward, he nudges the guy next to him, a larger bloke, and motions for him to go ahead. He’s having the time of his life, and you can tell.

Simon gives Fleeshman a Will Young line, referencing his run on Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes
Richard: “If you must know, it was Evergreen. Do your research. Lamarr would have done it!”
Simon loves this one, but NOEL is absolutely dying. Like, he loves that someone else is taking the piss out of Simon, as he’s been doing it the whole show.

Overall: Again, quite a bit I didn’t write down, but another funny show. A lot of it was fueled by the Noel-Simon banter, which was playful for the most part, but began to get a bit personal when Simon attacked Noel’s comedy style. I will say that Noel drew first blood for essentially thinking Simon was a twat long before his run started, and for having the tougher barbs, but Simon would eventually draw the hammer and take himself out of the equation when it came time to sign Noel to a long-term contract.

The show was nice, though. Bobby was having a good time, and Fleeshman was pretty game with Simon’s barbs. Kristen was probably the comic highlight for…well, being Kristen Schaal.

Best Regular: Simon
Best Guest: Kristen
Best Runner: Simon screwing with Richard


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S21E04, or WE WORKED *VERY HARD* ON DAVRO OR DENNIS!

  1. Id honestly pay to see a motorbike race where the bikes are fueled not by petrol but by jealousy. Hang on, that’s the Manx TT…

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