Nevermind Watchdown: S21E11

Two Bill episodes left to go. Two episodes with comical Irishmen. I’m ready.

Other than Chris O’Dowd’s appearance, I don’t know a ton about the panelists, other than the fact that there are a few Simon-aided gimmicks here, so I’ll try to put up with them.

Joe Goddard from Hot Chip is here, and…he actually looks like Chris O’Dowd with more facial hair. James Nesbitt’s from Murphy’s Law and a bunch of other shows. Dev Hynes is the singer also known as Lightspeed Champion.

In introing Chris O’Dowd, Simon mentions that Stephen Fry pulled out at the last minute. As much as I adore Stephen…I think Chris O’Dowd fits on Buzzcocks a bit more, and plus, his status as the star of the IT Crowd made him a little bit more than a last-minute backup.

Dev is brought in to replaces ‘Adam from Flipchart Hiatus’, who was just deemed ‘uncool’, and isn’t allowed to be on the show.
James, in his very scottish accent: “I just saw Jimmy Krankie there, so I supposed I’m out now…”

Chris talks about working with Sienna Miller on a film called ‘The Hippie Hippie Shake’…which would never see an official release, sadly. Thankfully, another movie he must have been filming around that time, Pirate Radio, DID get an official release.

Chris: “Have you MET my girlfriend? You would remember her.”
Simon: “Is she quite a looker?”

Phill, on 50 Cent’s white room: “When you see a room like that, don’t you wish a really massive, muddy labrador would RUN IN? And jump up onto the bed. And Fiddy going “NOOOOO PRINCESS DON’T DO THAT! GET OFF MA BED!”
Chris mimes guns going off.
Phill: “Awww, popping a cap in a labrador…is there anything sadder than rappers killing labradors?”
He breaks halfway through that. He can’t even take it.

Simon: “50 Cent later told the press that Williams was a SUCKER….not like that,though.”
Phill, stifling laughter: “DID 50 CENT GO ON TO SAY…THAT HE PITIED THE FOOL?”

Bill: ‘Isn’t Billy Bragg doing some charity for people in jail?”
Simon: “Musical instruments, yeah.”
Phill: “‘Banjos for Paedos’.”
Bill: “…’Bongos for Psychos.'”
Phill breaks. Adv- Bailey.
Bill: “He did a homeless one as well. Amps for Tramps.”

I’m sorry, but 1/3rd of the way in and Phill is the jolliest he’s been in ages, just belly-laughing at everything- even more than in the Biggins episode. I’m happy to see it, because it took us a while to get back to a Phill-dominant era of Buzzcocks.

The gimmick in this one is that Andy Scott Lee, from 3SL, can be invoked if anyone needs him for the Intros round, and Chris does in fact use him for help. Yes, it’s a plug, but being as it’s Simon, it’s a self-referential plug.

A lot of this episode is Simon screwing with James for his yellow pages and other product placements, and he’s a good sport, but it’s more gratuitous than amusing after a while.

Simon does say that there’s something about James that makes people want to have a pint with him, so by the time he has to use the card for the 2nd intro, Radiohead’s Just, EVERYONE ON THE SHOW HAS A PINT AND CROWDS BEHIND HIM.
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.58.22 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.57.58 PM.png

Bill’s is the funniest though

James: “Would you be a big pint-drinker, Simon?”
Simon: “Not if I wasn’t with you…”
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.59.35 PM.png

Phill: “You sure you wouldn’t like an UMBRELLA in that Simon? The way you’re going at that. I’ve never see anyone more MIMSILY GO AT A GUINNESS!”
Bill: “That’s actually the heaviest drink he’s ever drank…”

Okay, I laughed at this- #3 in the Anne Lee lineup: “Is it #3, Andy Scott-Lee?” And it’s actually him there, in the lineup. The audience even gives him a celebratory ‘EY!’ in response.

And also, when the real Anne Lee is supposed to step forward, Andy Scott Lee takes a step forward just to throw Bill’s team off. He’s actually being a good sport for a shoehorned addition to the show.

Overall: Lighter show, but still kept the late-season momentum going. I’ll say that having Stephen Fry would have drastically changed the dynamic, and Chris was fantastic and fun on the show. Dev did the least out of everyone, and Joe had some nice moments, but the show belongs to James Nesbitt, especially in putting up with Simon’s jokes, and still being a lot of fun all the while. Special note also goes to Andy Scott Lee for being much more than an obligatory cameo, and Phill for laughing harder than he’s laughed in years.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: James
Best Runner: Yellow pages.


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S21E11

  1. I can tell Simon, a teetotaler, isn’t enjoying having to drink that pint. Especially as Guinness is quite a heavy stout.

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