Mole Australia Watchdown: S1E06, or James Bond Eat Your Heart Out!

Onto the homestretch, as only five remain, and only one of them is a guy. At least two of the remaining women, Jan and Bev, are wackos.

Grant breaks into the cozy lodge the final five are staying at, and asks for one player who exemplifies endurance and tenacity- all five chuckle nervously- already, the game’s broken them.

After some confusing deliberation from Alan, Linda’s eventually chosen, and sequestered.

The other four arrive at this…huge, over-the-top gorge, which looks like the one Pierce Brosnan jumped down at the beginning of Goldeneye. And the nervous chuckling continues- they all think they’ll have to jump that.

And yes, the challenge is swooping down the gorge and grabbing flags.
Jan: “…shit, I’m scared, mate…”

Alan says it’ll be easier to get the closer flags than the one at the bottom of the gorge, even if Grant’s VO has just said the opposite. Yeah…might be him.

Jan goes first, and she gets level with the first flag, but is definitely struggling to actually swing across to grab it. Grant eventually intervenes and says if she’s too tired, she can drop, and eventually she does. The others are at least supportive of her.

Alan goes next, and he’s not especially confident as he hasn’t done this type of lappeling before.

Grant, VO: “Getting to the target isn’t a problem, but in his haste, Alan misjudges the height.”

A lot of Alan’s reaches come within inches of actually nabbing the flag, but he does eventually grab it successfully.

Grant: “Alright, who’s next?”
Bev: “Abby’s next.”
Abby: “…..Apparently I’m next…”

Abby’s a pro at this, and she nails the height and the swinging, but it’s actually getting the flag when in reach. Eventually, she comes down too far right when she’s in the exact right range. Annnnd…the mole suspicion from Abby returns…

Bev is nervous as all hell scaling in preparation, but by the time she’s ready to scale the dam, she smiles and goes “…James Bond, eat your heart out!”

It does look like they’re setting this up for a huge, redemption arc, but Bev gets extremely tired and has to come down. It’s sad, but it’s characteristic.

For Linda’s challenge, she’s being briefed by an interrogator in order to shake down the other four about events in the game. The other four don’t know it, and if she gets proper information, she gets an exemption. If she fails, the group wins 10,000.

AT THE SAME TIME, HOWEVER…The other four have a challenge to predict LINDA’s behavior, in three separate situations, which is worth 5,000 dollars. So…they’re working against each other.

The first one involves a car-driver throwing a bottle at Linda’s feet. The group predicts she’ll pick it up. She doesn’t, and as it rolls toward the street, Bev and Jan start screaming, through the TV, for her to pick it up.

Next, they’re at a famous solitary confinement wing of a prison, and have to predict whether or not Linda will step into a cell when prompted to. They predict she’ll go in. And…after some well-edited suspense, she goes in.

The last one- she goes into a bar with the interrogation expert, and they have to predict whether or not she’ll have an alcoholic beverage. This one’s pretty well contested, but they agree that she won’t be drinking alcohol. But, sadly, she grabs a Strongbow (Patrick Stewart would be proud.) Still, Abby’s going “SHE DOESN’T *DRINK* STRONGBOW!!!”

Grant, as he explains they’ve lost: “Bad luck…let’s hope Linda doesn’t have any more surprises in store for you.”

Grant, after he wakes up the four in the middle of the night: “…we have a challenge for you.”

Grant places the four in solitary confinement after explaining Linda’s challenge to interrogate them about the day’s events. He says anytime they want, they can give her the information she needs, and go back to sleep.

The four are pretty good at staying silent- Bev even is whispering, coughing, and just playing completely sick so she won’t have to reveal anything.

This is actually a fantastic challenge, because it hinges on none of them wanting to be there, Linda determined to get information, and the others determined to stay put- it’s just fascinating to watch.

Abby does eventually squeal about some of the ‘predicting Linda’s decisions’ challenge. And…essentially everything else. The challenge is blown, and Linda gets the exemption, on a night where she probably would have gone home.

Yeah, pre-quiz, this was…an insanely brain-breaking episode. Now nobody trusts anybody and it’s all just a clusterfuck. Linda’s exempt, so it could be any of the other ones.

Who do I think is going home? Bev. Definitely Bev. Either Bev or Jan. Everyone else is either exempt, or my two mole suspects.

Execution Results:

Not that Bev was a bad player, because she was pretty triumphant at times, but like Josephine, there was no way that she was the mole, and she took…FOREVER to leave. She wasn’t one of my favorite characters, save for some indirectly funny lines, and she was kind of pathetic in most aspects of gameplay, in a way where she COULDN’T be the mole. Also, that leaves us with a final 4 of four likable characters who I could all see winning.

Overall, that wasn’t a…fun episode, but it was really good, with a lot of stuff designed to mentally assault the competitors. Linda probably had her best episode since the initial trials, while Abby…kind of broke this show. Bev’s demise was sad, but necessary.

Best Gameplayer: Linda, absolutely dominating her challenge.
Best Character: Probably Jan, even though she was breaking this episode.
Who do I think is the mole? Alan. Still could be Abby, but Alan’s giving me a lot.


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