Mole Australia Watchdown: S01E08, or 10,000 Dollars for Vic

Onto the Final 3 episode, since I’m making so much headway. The suspense is killing me.

The first challenge of the day? Bike to the top of a mountain, between the three of them, in 3 hours. Oh, fun.

Jan goes first, and the other two follow them, with help from a police escort, which is a nice touch, as back in Episode 1 they were the enemy.

Eventually Jan has some problems with hills, and doesn’t think to switch gears in order to make it easier. The editors punish her by turning this episode into a clip show, putting in a package of Jan reminiscing about the game in order to fill time.

Abby eventually takes over. The plan is to change every couple of kilometers, but that’s not going to help the stamina, according to the worried VO from Grant.

Alan has his go on the bike, and I can’t help thinking that blonde, tired Alan looks a bit like Boris Johnson. I’m sorry, but it’s there. It won’t leave.

Now, as the recaps have taken out some runtime, they have an hour left to do 8 kilometers. Exhilerating stuff in this episode so far.

And then, after the umpteenth change-off, Alan’s continuing to bike when it begins to snow.
Alan: “…this is genuine bloody snow. I don’t believe it.”
Abby: “HOLY CRAP…”

This is a very boring challenge, but at least everybody’s into it, and at least the last bit plays like a Rocky-esque training montage (no, sadly not OUR Rocky).

Yes, eventually they do make it to the summit and win the challenge. I just wish it was a bit more interesting of a use of 10 minutes of screen time.

For the second challenge, each player is given a car to drive, instructions in the glove box, and the warning to not talk to, or have any contact with, one another until they meet Grant in two hours.

This challenge is a good old fashioned treasure/scavenger hunt, which reminds me of the one that finished off Mole US 5 (LIBERTAD? PLAZA LIBERTAD?)

This is great. Alan and Jan get their lists easily, but Abby drives straight past hers, which is wedged between the gates. We don’t see it, but Abby talks of being stopped by security by the time she grabs her envelope.

This is actually a pretty nice challenge, as you get to see all three interacting with people and taking their own pictures, while still determined as all hell.

Alan takes the bold direction of looking for Grant’s phone, by going 20 kilos off road and grabbing it on a tree stump. He still looks like Boris Johnson.

Jan’s going for #1, a 16th century newsreader. Try Bruce Forsyth.
(I know, I know, that was a low blow, but I’ve been on a Mock the Week spree lately)

There’s a great moment. Jan finds this newsreader, an old-timer town crier who’s got to be in his 90’s, and over the course of the scene with him, ends up kissing him 5 times (I counted). Great moments in randomness.

Jan comes in and manages to nab three- the newsreader, dinosaur and tasmanian devil (all ways of describing Brucey. I know, I know.) Although Grant doesn’t count the picture of the newsreader…he wanted the real thing. So…two, then.

Eventually, Abby finds the town crier.
Abby: “I’ve got to….kidnap this man and take him somewhere..”
Town Crier: “Oh, well then…”

Yes, Abby manages to get Vic the Town Crier to the Botannical Gardens, scoring a third point. But, her other three are either dupes or the incorrect rope on a yacht.

Alan comes in with the phone and it looks like another victory…but Grant reveals that Alan broke the law in illegally crossing a median, and he can’t count any of the money. So…once again, Australian law wins.

Vic: “May I make a suggestion? I’ll have the money m’self?”
Grant, somber: “…looks like Vic goes home with the 10,000 dollars.”

For the last challenge, they’ve got to take this ancient replica boat across the sea to the next place. Seems quiet, but something might pop up.

The challenge will be to set the sail at the tallest mast, and they’d do this by watching the crew. Not exactly an ‘escape from the hotel room’ kind of final challenge, but still interesting enough.

Alan, as he’s climbing the incredibly high mast: “hoooooooooly shit, Batman!”

This is another very boring challenge. This saddens me, because last episode was so damned entertaining.

Yeah, to save you a lot of time- Alan does some bungling but they end up winning anyway. Yaaaaaay.

Afterwards, there’s celebration, wine, the final video confessionals, and a ton of reflection. On the series, not the episode.

In these confessionals, you can see how it’s gonna go. Jan says that Alan’s the mole, and it’s really just a 50/50 between her and Abby. Abby says Jan’s the mole. I think we may have our winner.

This finale, I believe, is taking a hint from the US finale, and having the result be revealed in a massive formation, in some sort of cathedral. I hope.

PREQUIZ- How do I think this series is going to end?
Abby is eliminated, Jan wins, Alan is the mole. Simple as that. I’m not saying I predicted it episode 1, but from the looks of what this episode has been telling me…that’s what’s about to happen.

The result, which is surprisingly being revealed in this episode and not the finale, is done through placing keys in the cell. The winner gets their key, the mole gets theirs, yadda yadda.


No, no, our winner is Jan, and she cannot believe it. Grant’s very happy, and Jan’s still in absolute shock.

Jan’s very emotional, crying even, and Grant has to give her the key to the mole’s cell.

The mole enters, and, just as I suspected, it’s Boris Johnson.


Yeah, Alan’s the mole. He may not have made it horribly subtle, but he was still pretty great, and definitely had the right idea in his sabotage.

The episode ends on a shot of Abby and Jan hugging it out, perfectly content. Very nice.

Overall: While very boring, the center challenge, as well as the big finish, elevate this one for me. A very emotional ending to a rather good series.

I’ll knock out the reunion next.

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