Mole Australia Watchdown: S01E09: The Finale

Might as well watch the reunion show, just in case there was anything I didn’t pick up.

This is done a bit differently- they film the entire cast reuniting a week before the finale, and the final three having to swear to secrecy, not to tell anybody.

Grant asks around, to the group, who everyone (who hasn’t seen episode 8) thinks is the winner and the mole.

Patrick: “I’d say, loser would be Abby…”
Abby: “Is that because I said you were annoying?”

Patrick: Abby loses, Alan wins, Jan’s the mole. 1 out of 3.
Bev thinks the exact same as Patrick.
Ben also thinks that exact same thing. Nobody thought it was Alan. Wow.
Rocky, THE MOST UNLIKELY VOICE OF REASON, says that Alan’s the mole and Jan’s the winner. More evidence that Rocky is absolutely amazing.
Jo thinks Abby’s the mole and Jan won, which…brings the circle of Jo’s buffoonery to its end.

We do eventually get the shot of the whole room watching the finale, which is nice. Although, instead of going absolutely apeshit like a US room, they give her a polite round of applause. Ah, good old Australia.

After the Alan reveal:
Grant: “Rocky…”
Rocky: “….Rocky what?”
Grant: “What do you think about Alan?”
Rocky: “Well, I’ve got some children at home, and I wouldn’t want them to hear me swear on television…”

They go in depth about the contestants, and the intrigue. Yes, the replay the clip of James saying the mole might be Alan, “but I like him, which is probably a bad move.”

Grant VO: “Josephine was the most sensitive of all the contestants.”

There’s a lot of the usual finale clip packages, like how Jan won, or how Alan was the mole, but it’s kind of boring because it’s not a finale in front of everybody, like they’d do in the US version.

Alan does admit that Bev “was a godsend for a mole”, and tried to team up with her as often as possible, knowing of just how pathetic she was at the game. That’s genius.

Not a ton to write about, but still a nice little bow on the season.


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