Nevermind Watchdown: S22E04

Right, right, where were we? Ah. Buzzcocks. Guest Bill era. Good, good. And tonight’s features….aw, shit.

Well, tonight’s guest Bill is Johnny Vegas. While he can be funny, and just plain weird, I haven’t always adored him on Buzzcocks, and I’m hoping he’ll give a nice enough performance.

Aside from him, the only other panelist I’ve heard of is Rhys Darby, the famed Australian goofball who you’ve probably seen in Yes Man, Pirate Radio or What We do in the Shadows.

It’s weird…Johnny looks a ton slimmer and a ton more low-key than his previous, and most of his QI, appearances. Maybe this is a more mature turn? Though…probably not because it is Johnny Vegas.

Danny Dyer’s an actor and walking punchline. Kate Jackson sang with the Long Blondes, and Harry Judd is another member of McFly.

Kate, discussing the question: “I’d be made physically sick if I were forced to watch the Killers.”
Audience: “OOOOOHHHH”
Simon: “…controversial, there.”

Johnny: “Didn’t one of the Charlatans go missing for days on end and when he turned up started pissing blood?”
Simon: “…was it them or McFly?”

Simon gets to embarrass Danny a bit by showing clips of his new show where he interviews dangerous people, which…Danny doesn’t want to show because he’s not proud of it. Simon rolls a clip, featuring Danny saying, to the camera, that “me bum is flapping a little bit…”

Then after Danny says that psychopaths are the best kinds of people, he points at Harry and says “why don’t you go bother him about McFly?”

Simon: “But which of them reportedly head-butted their own brother at a Christening?”
Phill: “Was Danny there? Making one of his shows?”

Phill: “I believe that the audition to get into McFly was you had to headbutt…”
Harry: “…headbutt what?”
Phill: “…a baby. At a christening.”

Rhys, on Buble: “He’s actually the son of fishermen.”
Harry: “…son of A fisherman.”
Rhys: “No, two.”

Johnny doing intros is actually pretty amusing, as he’s cracking up throughout, because he KNOWS he’s terrible at this, and just doubles over laughing at one point.

Kate: ‘I feel like I’ve done more than enough here!”
Johnny: “…just like sex, innit?”

Also, what gives Danny the ‘Movin’ on Up’ intro was Johnny getting his hair pulled back to look like Shovell, or ‘that drummer that looked like he escaped from the circus…’

Simon: “In one of their hits, M-People suggest to ‘search for the hero inside yourself’. I searched for the hero inside myself, and found Batman in my bellybutton!”
Phill: “And Johnny found the Hulk up his ass…”
Johnny: “Somehow I wasn’t constipated- he was chucking out the boulders IN A RAGE!”
Phill’s gone. Absolutely gone.

Okay, maybe it’s because I’m a U2 fan, but Phill and Harry’s intro for ‘Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me’ is one of the best ones so far this series in terms of accuracy.

This season’s doing a ton of ID-Parade-less episodes, which…I appreciate the change in format, but some things are just inseparable with the show.

For Danny’s team’s Next Lines, Simon just keeps giving Danny Cockney songs, which he still gives, but…ashamedly.

Overall: I didn’t write down a lot, but this one was lighter. Johnny was a pretty nice spare-part-ish guest captain, and had some nice lines here and there. Simon sort of controlled the episode with his Danny and Harry bashing. Kate didn’t have a ton to do. Rhys was pretty damned funny, giving great lines and even involving himself in bits with Phill.

Best Regular: Simon
Best Guest: Rhys
Guest Bill Rating: 8/10. Nothing too special, but still pretty fun.
Best Runner: Phill’s near-death experiences.


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