Well, we’ve got Frank Skinner as our Guest Bill, and we also have a genuine Spice Girl, Mel C, in the building, as well as a bunch of people I don’t know. So…good stuff.

James Rushent sang lead for Does it Offend You, Yeah, a rock group. Lil Chris is a TV personality, like Simon for the 2008 age, I guess. Richard Herring’s a comedian and comedy partner of Stewart Lee.

James: “Can we just give the answer right away and spare us the jokes?”
Simon: “D’you like jokes?”
James: “I like FUNNY jokes.”
Simon: “Go on…I like *famous* bands…”
Simon’s gotten a ton of shit from me on this blog, but he still had some powers of bringing heat that could not be denied.

Frank: “…don’t rile him too early…”

Frank: “I was actually watching An Audience with Rod Stewart-”
Mel: “Was that the one where Emma sang with him?”
Frank: “Yeah. Gorgeous, what a voice *she’s* got…”
Mel peers over at him, semi-insulted.

James: “I’ve actually, uh, kind of got a man crush on him…”
Frank: “…On ROD?”
James: “Yeah”
Frank: “…what kind of a band IS THIS, that you’re in?”

After James says his two man-crushes are Stewart and Sean Connery
Simon: “I mean, both your male crushes are…old men!”
In an instant, Frank raises a hand, wanting to know more. He’s been fantastic tonight, like usual when he’s on this show.

Frank: “D’you know Mike Skinner?”
James: “I met him once, and I did a thing for him…recently…”
The audience gets the exact wrong idea, makes the connection, and laughs.
Simon: “…but he’s so YOUNG!”

Simon: “So, Mel C…Spice Girls…when can we expect the reunion?”
Mel: “Spice Girls jokes…you’re wearing thin, aren’t you?”
Simon: “Well, this is a new one, about the reunion…”

Mel C, who’s clearly used to Spice Girls jokes on this program, is actually doing really well with Simon and holding her own, as well as still looking like she’s having fun.

Frank: “Can I just say something? Usually on this show, people interrupt each other, but Lil Chris RAISED HIS HAND…that’s so sweet…”

After Chris says he always liked Geri
James: “No, me, I always fancied Sporty…”
Mel: “…me, Sean Connery, Rod Stewart…”
Yeah, this show’s elevating from the usual tension Simon creates, because Mel and Frank look like they’re having so much fun.

Simon: “Chris, you’ve had so many celebrities on your show, who’s your favorite”
Chris: “…Ulp.”
Simon: “Did, uh, did a little poop come out just now? Or would it be Lil Poop? Maybe that’s your sidekick, then…”

I do like how Simon talks to Chris, because Chris is essentially doing what Simon used to, like, top of the decade, and I imagine Simon sees a lot of himself in Chris, so his questions and jokes at Chris’ expense probably aren’t that hostile- even the Lil Poop one is in good nature.

Richard: “I think the mistake on that one was not having Melanie do the singing. You’re a great singer!”
Mel: “Oh, thanks. Nobody’s ever said that to me on this show.”
Richard: “Well, compared to Frank Skinner…”
Frank just has this look of bitter dejection.

Chris, reading his first intro: “Oh, I love this one!”
Richard: “Oh, so I’m guessing it’s more modern-”
As it turns out, Chris and Phill do a  really nice version of the Ghostbusters theme.
Richard: “…wait, it could be a trick, it could be Ghostbusters 2…”

Great moment- Chris talks about how his mum hadn’t washed any of his clothes after holiday and the only underpants he had left were bright blue. So, Mel wants to see them, as they can’t be that embarrassing, but Chris won’t budge.
Chris eventually goes over there, and shows them to Mel.
Simon: “…what has this show become???”
Phill: “Oh, I saw James leaning over for a look…”

Once the ‘how it should have sounded’ clip from I Fought the Law comes on, Phill starts lip synching it with enthusiasm. He realizes they can see him, and goes “oh, I’m old…”
(To be fair, this is a guy that screamed in agony when he realized he’d be hearing Bank Robber in the very first episode- he’s gotta be very passionate about his punk rock.

Chris, after Simon asks Mel if she’s only here for dinner at Geri’s afterwards: “Was there ever a point where you and Geri, you know…”
Mel: “oh, we’ve all snogged each other…”
Chris: ‘YES!!”
Simon: “What happened to your obsession with old men?”
Frank: “When you snogged Victoria, did you find her face a bit sharp?”

Overall: Fell off slightly towards the end, but still a great episode with a panel of people that were really into it- plus, Simon didn’t seem to faze anybody. Richard had the least to do, but his requisite comedian status at least gave him some good jokes. James and Chris were pretty great with their own running gags, but Mel C had a ton of fun on the show, and she was herself, which was fantastic. Plus, Frank was a really, really nice guest host, not only doing well with the format, but still being his own self and giving some of the best lines of the show.

Guest Host Rating: 9/10. Frank’s one of the better ones we’ve had so far.
Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Mel
Best Runner: James’ old man fetish.


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S22E07, or WHEN A PREGNANT SPICE GIRL WANTS TO SEE YOUR PANTS…

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    Richard Hammond
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