Nevermind Watchdown: S22E08

This one is alarming, because aside from Alesha Dixon, I don’t know a ton of people on this panel. The Guest Bill is Davina McCall, who presented Big Brother for a while, and…yeah, TV presenter stuff, woo-hoo. Everyone else on the panel is new to me.

Mitch Hewer was on Brittania High. Kelly Jones is the lead singer of the Stereophonics, which I imagine is a pretty big deal. Barunka O’Shaughnessy, the requisite comedian, was on Beehive, a sketch comedy show.

Simon asks Kelly about his promotional tour.
Kelly: “GMTV was alright. 3 bacon rolls. Cup of coffee. Cameraman fell over.”
Simon: “And you did a performance?”
Kelly: “Naw, we just mimed.”

Alesha, on the 50 Cent video: “It’s got to be something expensive, like diamonds…”
Davina: “What’s that, who’s Curtis?”
Alesha: “…that’s his real name.”
Davina: “….oh…”

After Simon says that Alesha ‘played her reality show card’ in winning Strictly:
Alesha: “IT’S NOT A *CARD!*”
Davina: “Wouldn’t you like to come on Celebrity Big Brother?”
Alesha: “…ohhh no, I wouldn’t do that…”

I don’t have a lot to write about yet, because Simon’s just giving Kelly a lot of crap about his plugging, and in turn doing a TON of plugging for his new Best of, but Davina is absolutely loving the show, and is very high-energy, getting both of the passed-over Intros. She’s not great at keeping the panel together, but she’s having a lot of fun.

Simon asks a burning question about SCD to Alesha: “When you backstage after you’re done dancing, and there’s Tess Daly there and she asks you how you feel about the scores….does it MATTER to you that she’s dead behind the eyes, or not really?”
The whole panel cracks up, though Alesha’s kind of betrayed, trying to get the audience to stop clapping.

Alesha: “And don’t you DARE say anything about Bruce…”
Simon: “Bruce is more alive than Tess, that’s the weird thing..”

Simon starts asking them about their favorite board games. Mitch says Monopoly.
Simon: “What’s your favorite game piece, then?”
Mitch: “Uhhh…vroom. the car.”
Simon: “And not Woof-Woof the Dog?”

After this, Davina says she’s had enough, and says she’s going to give Simon a taste of his own medicine…so she commands the producers to play a clip of young Simon performing on Good Morning with Anne and Nick (cue the annoyed Tony Slattery). It’s actually pretty amusing.

Overall: Not a great episode. Davina and Alesha had a great time, and Simon did well bashing Kelly (and Craig David), but not a lot of material, and too much Simon infringing on the format.

Guest Bill Rating: 8/10. Solid enough.
Best Regular: Simon
Best Guest: Alesha
Best Runner: Craig David and the rabbits.


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