Nevermind Watchdown: S23E03, or AT LAST WE WILL HAVE REVENGE…AND CHEESE.

Last time they did a Guest Host season, they had a lot of comedians and TV personalities, and then in the middle they threw in Ricky Wilson, lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs, just because they needed an actual musician. And it went…REALLY WELL. Ricky wasn’t the most professional, but he had so much fun, and also the panel, featuring Jim Jeffries, Rick Wakeman, Bez and Jeff Green, was something to be beheld.

So now…Alex James, the bassist from Blur is hosting. Which…could be really cool. Especially considering that two comedians that I absolutely adore, Peter Serafinowicz and Holly Walsh, are on the program tonight as well. This could be really nice. Also Jessica Origliasso was in The Veronicas, and Newton Faulkner’s a dreadlocked singer-songwriter type.

Immediately, Alex is a fantastic on-camera presence, and is just really happy to be hosting, even pulling out a buzzer and blasting Song 2 as confetti and smoke fly everywhere. This could be a nice one, even if his auto cue reading is a bit slow currently.
Also, the second the smoke clears, Peter and Phill start coughing loudly.

First second of the game, Phill and Peter have to explain to Jessica, a young person, who Peter Stringfellow is. Phill’s already like “aw, here we go…”

Peter has the first ‘just-cerebral-enough’ joke about babbles
“If you leave them on the side of the road for enough time, they become adult bels.”
Noel: “Or maybe ameo-bels. They split in two, and Keanu, or whatever his name is, puts ’em in his cheeks.”
Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 5.11.34 PM.png

Alex permeates the Stringfellow bashing by saying the man took him under his wing and made him feel cool when he was still with Blur
Peter, immediately after: “He’s got a WING? That doesn’t surprise me, actually. Like, sort of webbed arms.”
Phill: “…like a sex-kestral.”
Peter: “yeah, a disgusting griffin.”
Man, the Peter-Phill dynamic is already electric.

Alex: “I have to pass it over-”
Noel: “No cloakroom, so he had to put his coat in his cheeks?”
Peter: ‘He must have tipped the stripper with change.”

There’s a nice runner- Alex, on the side, makes his own cheeses, so he keeps giving out a tray of them to the panels, which is nice (sort of like the vodka Mark was giving to people back in the day)

Noel: “Makes me slightly horny…is it supposed to?”
Alex pops the cheese in his mouth…then presses the button and ‘Song 2’ starts playing again.

Phill and Jess’s first intro, Loser  by Beck, is so good that Peter gets it in five seconds. To be fair, it’s a pretty recognizable hook, but they did it pretty damn well.

Generally great moment- Alex has a moment to geek out to Peter, because his four kids wish that ALEX was the voice of Darth Maul. I forget that Peter did that, but he’s very game about it, and it’s a very out-of-character moment for both of them.

Noel: “Alright, do a little Darth Maul…”
Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 5.24.27 PM.png

For the 2nd intro, Jess has this sort of vocal refrain to do (“AAOOOO-OOHHH!”)…and it gets so repetitive that Phill orders her to stand over ‘by cheese-man’ and do it.
Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 5.26.33 PM.png

Holly: “Is it something by Girls Aloud?”
Alex: “Yes! What’s the title?”
Newton: “……AAOOOO-OHHH!”

Alex reads a story about a report of Girls’ Aloud being brutally murdered. “However, the judge dismissed it as pure fan-fiction after reading the graphic sex scenes with the ginger one.”
Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 5.30.25 PM.png
Newton: “….you watch it.”

Noel: “When I was a kid, I wanted to be ginger-”
Newton: “WHHHY???”

Holly: “I know this one.”
Noel: “Yeah?”
Holly: “…I don’t know the title.”
Noel: “…pffff…”

ID Parade:
Alex: “I have some 911 facts here. They announced their split live on the Chris Moyles show.”
Peter: “Yeah, that was their 9/11…”

Noel’s ID Parade features Fuzzbox. The last time a member of Fuzzbox was on an ID Parade, they were used to completely screw over Phill’s team, who’d just talked shit about them in the preceding round.

Next Lines:
Alex: “The best thing about being a woman.”
Newton: “…is the nipples.”
Alex: “…close.”
Noel: “Not having to shave?”

Overall: Not perfect, but fun. Alex was having a wonderful time, and kept the cheese and blur jokes coming at high speed. Not really about the panel as much, though Peter and Newton were fun, and Holly had some nice lines.

Guest Host rating: 8/10. Not perfect but the energy was there
Best Regular: Noel
Best Guest: Peter
Best Runner: Cheese

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