Nevermind Watchdown: S23E04, or Me and You are Gonna Fall Out!

Right, three pretty solid episodes down. Who’s guest hosting next?

…Ah. Shit.

The general internet consensus about Jack Whitehall is that he’s not funny. More specifically, he’s an unfunny, talentless twat, but…details can be much somethings. I only know him from Mock the Week, and….he’s okay. He’s not the BEST, but I don’t have many reasons to hate him yet. Though I’m pretty sure this episode is about to give me some.

I only know one panelist tonight, and it’s Stephen Mangan, a TV personality, actor and star of Episodes. He should probably be guest hosting tonight, and, to his credit, he will eventually. Mr Hudson’s a producer, writer and Kanye West collaborator. Andrea McLean’s the host of Loose Women (pray for her). Rochelle Wiseman was a member of pop-girl-group the Saturdays.

Within the first 3 minutes of the show, Jack has called the Saturdays “Girls Aloud with less catchy songs”, and “a group of talentless scantily clad women that dance around to songs that they didn’t even write”.
Rochelle: ‘You know what? Me and you are gonna fall out!”

There’s a conversation, courtesy of Mr. Hudson, about the way they used the word ‘retarded’ in the US, sort of as a complement.
Phill: “You can say retard in Hull, because there it means you’ve given up your job.”
…That is the kind of wordplay I love him for (similar to “PHEEAANS. THEY MEEK A CUNNY NOISE!”

So far, Jack’s doing a lot of the Simon Amstell patented game-hijacking. Matter of fact, between his harshness and his steering off course, this really does feel like a Simon episode so far.

Stephen, on James Blunt: “I mean, he was a soldier…”
Jack: “Where’s friendly fire when you need it?”

Jack’s grilling Rochelle about how S-Club Juniors ended.
Jack: “Did someone leave first?”
Rochelle: “No…”
Noel, basically becoming Bill Bailey: “Someone’s mum came to pick them up…”

Hudson and Noel’s first intro…Noel does an AMAZING Mick Jagger impression, just writhing around on top of the chair, while Hudson just does a Charlie Watts impression and stays on the drums.

The actual song plays, Noel keeps doing his Mick.
Phill: ‘I’ll do Brian”
Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.04.27 AM.png

Hudson: “I actually was stung very badly by some bees when I was younger. My uncle threw me in a bath with cold water.”
Noel: “….and there were bees in there?”

Look, while this is a very weak episode, there are still some nice performances. Stephen’s doing a great job in working on the quiz with Phill, again, bringing back to my theory that he should have hosted. Hudson’s had some nice moments and lines. Also, the ‘who goes with what’ round works, for Phill, because there’s an INPECCABLE Elvis impersonator. Rochelle notes that he even walks like Elvis.

Next Lines:
“I’ve been to the Year 3000.”
Stephen: “…and it’s shit.”

Overall: Not AS BAD as I thought…but still a bit too paltry for my tastes. Jack tried, and i’ll give him credit for that, but he wasn’t very funny and was reminding me a bit too much of Simon. At least Stephen, Hudson and Andrea were there to spruce things up.

Guest Host Rating: 6/10. Just…just not my cup of tea.
Best Regular: Noel
Best Guest: Stephen
Best Runner: Hudson disowning his friends.

One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S23E04, or Me and You are Gonna Fall Out!

  1. Rochelle Wiseman married Marvin Humes of JLS and became a TV presenter while The Saturdays went on an indefinite hiatus; she is one of the three presenters of Ninja Warrior UK.

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