Nevermind Watchdown: S25E02

What worried me about the first episode of Series 25 was that it felt like the show was trying to go in a cleaner, more polished direction, sort of distancing itself from the dark humor and mean-spiritedness, but in a good way, that made it great.

Episode 2 is a Jack Dee episode, so hopefully it’ll be a bit darker, but also we have Alex “Bassist and Cheesemaker” James, and Seann “WERE YOU AT YATES’SH WINE LODGE? I CARN’T BLUDDY BELIEVE IT!” Walsh in the house. Also on the panel tonight are Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea, and Maverick Saber, pop vocalist.

According to one of Jack’s standups, he was a last-minute replacement for someone. Or not. It’s really hard to tell with him.

Noel, on the TATU video: “Me and Seann remember what we were doing the first time we saw that video…we were in school uniforms, kissing…”
Seann: “WAS THAT YOU?”

After Maverick reveals he has IBS: “This is like a group therapy session. Seann, you got any problems?”
Seann: “…I ain’t got a house.”
Jack: “Well, we all could guess that.”

Seann: “When I’m at customs, one thing I like to do, when they look at me, is just mime like I’m opening a door…”
Phill: “No, it’s so you can pretend to have a house…”

Alex: “D’you remember where you were when Geri left the Spice Girls?”
Phill: “I was actually on a grassy noll…I was just about to pull the trigger and then I heard the news…”

Once again, Alex James has come to this Buzzcocks with cheese.
Spencer: “Tried some of your tomato-and-ketchup cheddar backstage. Really cool. Must be delicious on toast.”
Alex: “Well, that’s the thing. That’s the beauty of it…”
Noel: “You’re like a sort of weird Cheese Child-Catcher now…”

On Alice Cooper and the snake:
Maverick, in his very thick accent: “What, d’e go duwn ‘is short un bite em?”
Jack: “…I’m sorry? Without being racist, could you repeat that, please?”

Noel does the first intro for Seann in this weird, Native American chant, maybe to throw him off but mostly just to amuse himself.
Seann, evoking the Paul Foot tactic of making up a song name: “Is it ‘I Don’t Know Where I Am’ by the SatNavs?”
Jack: “…no.”
Seann: “Is it ‘Get out of my Wheel’ by the Angry Hamsters?”
Seann, going for the rule of threes: “Is it, uh, ‘Ow that Hurts’, by Anal Danger?”

Seann reveals he doesn’t actually know.
Jack: “Fair enough, it’s always good to have a guess…”
(Glares at camera)

Jack: “Over to this side, Phill?”
Phill: “I thought it was Anal Danger as well…”

Phill, getting up for Intros: “He was asking who was on the show, and I said ‘Spencer from Made in Chelsea.’…and Alex said “Are they a good band?”

After the Shakira clip plays in:
Spencer: “Why didn’t you come in with that bit?”
Phill: “Because you can’t do the vocals in the INTROS ROUND…It seems you don’t watch OUR show either!”

ID Parade:
Maverick: “#3 could be…”
Seann: “#3 could fuck you up!”
#3: [Nods]

Jack: “Anything…”
Maverick: “I’m still thinkin’ 2…”
Jack: “Well, that’s irritable bowel syndrome for ya…”

Phill’s ID Parade, which the audience laughs at upon reveal, features an old friend:

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 8.53.29 PM.png


Sadly, instead of his usual Pirate gear, Al is dressed in this lycra thing, but he’s still himself, which is nice.

Jeremy, on why it’s #3: “He looks different, his outfit’s a bit-”
Phill: “They are GIVEN these outfits. They don’t bring their own…”

Alex: “If I were looking for a bass player, I’d go for one…”
Jack: “Mind you, Blur went looking for a bass player and picked you..”

Jack, keeping with the ‘party’ theme, that isn’t always hitting tonight, gives the teams face-paint, and…
Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 8.57.26 PM.png

Phill: “I’m a DIIIRTTY PANDA…”

And then Noel and Phill do over Jack, which works pretty well
Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 8.59.19 PM.png
Jack: “You can laugh, but this is bullying in the workplace…”

Next Lines:
“She’s a perfect ten but she wears a twelve.”
Seann: “OW, OW’ by Anal Danger.”

Jack: “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to- oh, I’ve just given you the second line…”

Overall: A light show, sort of hindered by a few gimmicks. Jack was a good enough host, but he didn’t elevate the material as much as he hindered it, thanks to a runner that didn’t exactly work. The panel was alright, and Seann and Alex did well, but it wasn’t a completely together panel. Again, had its moments, especially Jack screwing with Maverick and Spencer, but still kind of disappointing.

Guest Host Rating: 7.5/10. The runner knocked Jack back a bit.
Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Seann
Best Runner: Anal Danger


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S25E02

  1. The last episode with an all-male panel. Every episode from here on in has at least one female on the panel or in the presenter’s chair. And this was two and a half years before Danny Cohen, then Director of BBC Television, declared that all comedy panel shows on BBC Television would no longer be all-male (save for a couple of episodes of QI already recorded for later in the year).

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