Nevermind Watchdown: S25E04 or Sutin

On with the Buzzcocks watching. This one has Adam “I ASKED FOR *JOE*” Buxton as guest host, which could be a nice enough fit, as well as a panel full of newbies, including…American gay stand-up comic Margaret Cho??? Uh…well then…

The cold open tonight is pretty simple- Noel and Phill toss a coin and pick teams- Noel picks Dynamo and Beverley, and Phill takes Margaret (first!!) and Reggie. A confused Buxton sits alone in the bleachers wondering where that leaves him.
Phill: “BUXTON! HOST!”

Beverley Knight’s a British soul legend, according to Adam’s standup. Dynamo’s a street magician, possibly the UK’s answer to David Blaine. Reggie Yates is an actor and presenter, and enough of a piece of wood to get Margaret on the ‘does Intros with Phill’ side of the panel.

To start off the show, Dynamo does a pretty insane trick where he catches a life-saver mint on his necklace chain, through his throat.

Noel mentions Rasta Mouse, which Reggie voices, but he won’t do a line or anything.
Adam: “You won’t do Rasta Mouse? He just pulled a polo out of his neck!”

Reggie: “Have you seen the show? It’s quite a high place to get to…”
Phill: “Noel thinks it’s a documentary!”
Noel: “I actually saw a mouse today…”

Reggie has to turn around to do the voice, but turns back to Phill: “I can feel you wiggling, cause you’re trying not to laugh…”
Phill: “Yeah, that’s it, TRYING NOT TO LAUGH…”

Reggie can’t do it, but he explains “when the pressure’s not on, I’ll deliver the mouse…”
Phill: “Yeah, when the pressure’s not on, we can ALL…*DELIVER THE MOUSE*.”

Dynamo, on Richards-Shakur: ‘E looks a bit like Jack Spawwoah.”
Noel: “The word ‘Jack Sparrow’ shouldn’t be said in that accent. ‘E LOOKS ‘BIT LOIK JUCK SPUVVUH.’…it was quite beautiful…”

On Fergie and Dappy, Adam: “Think pasttimes. What do these artists do when they’re not creating timeless sounds.”
(Most of the audience has a laugh at that one)

Phill sticks the fish prop in his mouth
Phill: “How am I gonna explain this…”I’ve just been doing Buzzcocks, love” “Yes, but why do your breath and fingers…”

For Noel and Beverley’s first intro, ‘Female of the Species’ by Space, Beverley does the main melody while Noel just bobs along, going “NOTHING AT ALLL…”

Dynamo: “I’m gonna have to pass…”
Beverley: “Come on, you HAVE TO KNOW IT…”
Noel: “You say you’re gonna pass on it, and then you’re gonna bring in a coconut, chop it in half, and the answer’s gonna be…”

Reggie correctly gets, and sings the title.
Reggie, quickly turning: “NEVERMIND THE- i can’t do it…”

Phill and Margaret’s ‘Pinball Wizard’ intro is great, but Margaret’s adding too many guitar riffs. Even Phill’s going “wow, Cho’s going…WOW…”

Phill and Margaet’s 2nd intro is…interesting, as Cho keeps doing this frightened cat noise that even frightens Reggie.
Reggie: “I dunno, I’ve got nothing…”
Phill: “To be fair…we’re not very good…”

Adam: “I’ll pass it over.”
Dynamo, pointing: “RASTA-MOUSE!”
Reggie: “…NEVER MIND THE BUZ- no…”
Phill: “You see, each time he gets a little further along…”

Noel, knowing it’s Bon Jovi: “I’ll just do my own voice”
[Turns around, like Reggie]
Noel: “…I can’t, I’m sorry…”

Adam punctuates each round with a radio-esque jingle…and this runner dies HARD. It’s not remotely funny, and it’s painful to watch. The writers/producers are trying to cater each show to the host, and…they don’t really need to. If Adam doesn’t have an angle, don’t try to force one.

ID Parade:
Dynamo: “I think it’s #2, because he’s holding a firm gaze…”
Noel: “Come on Merlin, you can do better than that…”

Phill: “#2 looks the crossest, I think…and just for #2…do the mouse.”
Reggie, Rasta Mouse voice: “NEVERMIND THE BUZZCOCKS!”
(The whole room applauds)

Margaret: “I’m getting a 1 vibe…”
Phill: “Okay. We think it’s #1…[whispered]…I DON’T!”

So…this is weird. Instead of Next Lines, we get a round similar to the final round on Have I Got News For You, but with youtube comments instead of headlines. We…couldn’t just get Next Lines??

Adam: “Justin Bieber is nothin’ but a _____”
Margaret: “Beautiful lesbian.”
Noel: “Fish-finger with hair?”

Adam: “Whoever dislikes this video is a ________ face!”
Noel: “I’ve got it! Whoever dislikes this video is an intricate charcoal drawing of a…face!”

On Dynamo, a comment by JerryBaboona: “DIS GUY MUST BE A _____”
Noel: “wizard?”
And he goes off on this rant in that accent. It’s pretty great.

Adam reads another comment
Noel: “That’s JerryBaboona again…”

Beverley: “How do people write that stuff?”
Adam: “Come on, these are the intelligent ones…”

Adam: “This was left by McKenna1, and it’s simply “_____”
Noel: “….SUTIN!!!”

Overall: Funny show, with nice moments, but hindered by the show trying to go in a different direction when it clearly shouldn’t have. This episode had too many gimmicks, such as the pre-round jingles, the lack of Next Lines, and the tiebreak round of Mobys. Adam did his best as a guest host, but he was given a lot of contrived stuff to do. Margaret and Reggie had the best days as guests, though Dynamo had some nice moments.

Guest Host Rating: 8/10. Good enough, but flawed material.
Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Margaret
Best Runner: Rasta Mouse


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S25E04 or Sutin

  1. Adam Buxton wrote and performed all the jingles, as well as creating the YouTube comments round and the tie-breaker. On his YT channel is a director’s cut of the tiebreaker video.

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