Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E02, or Could You Leave the Python Where it is, please?

Well, that was a nice diversion. We finally got to see what a Whose Line episode without John Sessions looked like, and it wasn’t bad. Well, now we get him back for two more episodes.

Tonight’s show features a return engagement for Josie and Tony after successful turns last show, more John Sessions, and an appearance from Archie Hahn, who was…alright in his two episodes from S1. Not great, but alright.

John’s clean-shaven again, which is a nice touch.

Authors: Sheep-Rearing in the Orkney Isles
Archie: Mickey Spillane
Josie Lawrence: Lewis Carroll
Tony: Mistranslated European Porn
John: Liverpool poets

After Archie cracks at the title suggestion
Clive: “Have you heard of the Orkney Isles, then?”
Archie: “…no…”
Clive, going to the next common denominator: “….do you HAVE sheep in America? I don’t mean you personally, but…”

Tony, just going right in: “…Alice was also being called Helga, yes I think….let’s naked be oh yes.”

Archie takes a long, calculated pause…which Clive uses to buzz. Archie, confused, breaks.

Tony: “Oh, the dodo, look, three more fireman have come-”
The Audience: “AWWWW…”

Solid playing, though Clive still won’t buzz John soon enough.

Film and Theatre Styles v1: Tony and Josie (seeing the doctor)

Already from the getgo, the chemistry is on high, Tony asking Josie to take her clothes off on an eye exam…and then offering to take his off.

Quaint enough playing, with not a ton of standout moments, but you can at least tell that they work well together.

Film and Theatre Styles v2: Archie and John (complaining to a waiter)

The thing that John Sessions…CONTINUES to misunderstand about this game…is that when the styles happen, the plot stays the same. So by the time the Disney Wildlife portion happens, John forgets that he’s supposed to be angry at Archie.

Good news is that Archie Hahn’s duck impression is pretty great. I mean, the guy’s a voice actor. If it wasn’t, I’d be worried.

I mean, they tried…but the scene really couldn’t go anywhere if John and Archie just dropped the plot of the scene.

World’s Worst- children’s party entertainer

Josie: “Alright, children, let’s all play ‘the touching game’, shall we?”
Tony: “Alright, Samantha- how old are you- 5 YEARS OLD, and you’ve won the prize- it’s a sweet, it’s in my pocket…”
Josie: “AND THIS IS THE CHOPPER TO TAKE OFF YOUR HEAD-” [starts up the chainsaw]
Tony: “Sorry, children, but the music system’s broken so I’ll just have to sing to you…..PURPLE HAAAZE, GOIN’ THROUGH MY BR-…”

I’ll say that while this was a pretty nice round, Archie failed to get a laugh, and John also failed to get a laugh, while, for the second time tonight, throwing in a curse word just to get a reaction out of the audience.

Sound Effects: Tony does the sweeping, Archie does the sound effects

I’ll say that this Sound Effects works better than the other ones, as Tony actually knows how to respond to, AND get a response from the sound effects guy, here by scraping a rubbery-sounding poo off his shoes…then shoving it in his mouth.

Though this scene worked more than it didn’t, I feel like I, and Tony, was confused by how the scene ended. Archie definitely has a grasp on animal noises and sound effects, and Tony was great in miming them. My one gripe is that Archie didn’t have a lot of his flying objects land at all.

Tony, trying to make sense of that ending: “I thought I was being crapped on by a helicopter..”
Clive: “We all felt like that, Tony…”

Song Styles: Ironing Board
Josie: Reggae
John: Leonard Cohen

Josie has a nice enough reggae song (better than John’s from last year), with a very nice ‘jamming’ pun to end it off.

But…I may have to give the edge to John here, because from the VERY FIRST MOMENT of his Leonard Cohen number, he nailed the impression. I don’t care if the bloke who shouted out that name was a plant or not (given John’s impression, you can make a case), but John makes this one a classic. And his ‘let’s face it…I’m from Montreal’ ending line is a brilliant improvisation on his part. Also…John Session does a singing game…AND HE ACTUALLY *SINGS!* What are the odds???

Party Quirks:
Josie: Thinks she’s a man
Archie: televangelist
John: astronaut

WITHIN 4 SECONDS OF ENTRY, Josie nails her quirk. Rowdy handshake, grabs crotch. This is why she was so beloved in the early era of WL.

Tony, perturbed: “Toilets are over there, then-”
Josie: “Oh yes, I’ll just go and…shake the python…”
Tony, as he goes to let in Archie: “…could you leave the python where it is, please?”
I don’t know why, but I just loved how he delivered that line.

Tony, knelt: “OoOoOh, it’s a bit early for this, isn’t it?”

Archie: “Take of the SUPPER OF THE LAWD!”
Tony, channeling Paul Merton: “…alright, well there’s twiglets, will that do??”

Archie, trying to take hold of Josie: ‘daughter-”
Josie: “DAUGHTER???” [raises eyebrow towards audience]
Tony, getting the door, to Josie: “You better kneel down, that’s what he did to me…”

John, as an astronaut, makes a ‘moon is made of cheese’ pun…and gets the entire audience against him.

Archie: “simply…kneel before me-”
Tony: “Oh, not AGAIN…”

John, on the departing Archie, still making puns: “Is he one of the moonies?”
Tony: “He only showed me his willy, I don’t…”

For one of the only times, Tony gets all 3 quirks, which is a hell of an achievement, as he’d eventually end games by screaming “…….I DON’T KNOOOOOWWWW” or “OH, WELL FUCK OFF!”

Overall: Somehow better than E1, thanks to just better games, even if there wasn’t a strong panel like last time. This one, like last ep, comes down to Josie and Tony, as both put on strong performances and had great moments. Hell, even John Sessions had a better show, having a great Song Styles song. Archie, as usual, brings up the rear, but even he wasn’t without nice moments here and there. He’s just kind of inconsistent, and is usually the one take-it-or-leave-it member of an otherwise strong group, like tonight.

Show Winner: Tony
Best Performer: Tony, for winning his second show in a row (content-wise) and having some truly career-defining moments and lines tonight.
Worst Performer: Archie, for, again, bringing up the rear.
Best Game: Party Quirks. I could have gone with anything from the latter half, but Party Quirks had the best moments, even if John was picking some low-hanging fruit- Tony’s working off of Josie and Archie really sold this one for me.
Worst Game: Film and Theatre Styles. Both of them. Neither got off the ground.


2 thoughts on “Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E02, or Could You Leave the Python Where it is, please?

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t touch on John’s interpretation of his Party Quirk. I figure most people, when prompted to be “an astronaut,” would walk slowly and floaty-like, and imitate radio static while talking. Years ago the first time I saw this playing I was confused as to why John wasn’t doing any of that, until it dawned on me: he took it to the literal extreme. He was a party-goer who happens to be an astronaut, but OF COURSE an astronaut on his off-time at a party wouldn’t be wearing the space suit or be affected by gravity differently or anything like that. It always then stuck with me as an example of how John’s mind works, incorporating more logic than necessary for Party Quirks.

    By the way, hi! I found your Whose Watchdowns via another reader who stumbled across it. I started from the first episode working towards present and am enjoying it thus far!

    • OH, THAT MAKES SENSE! Though, for the sake of the improv perhaps John took things a bit too literally, then.

      Glad you found, and are enjoying, the site. I apologize in advance, as these get a bit lengthier as the episodes get better..

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