Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E15, or Shut Your Face and Put this Collar On

Tony Slattery! Josie Lawrence! Mike McShane! Paul Merton! The culmination of the last two series of Whose Line. The four best performers in the show’s history up to that point, all on one stage. This…would be good.

Authors: A Day at the Seaside in Singapore having a Hungarian Meal
Josie: nursery rhymes
Paul: Yakoshimo Okomo
Tony: ITV Continuity Announcer
Mike: Mark Twain

Paul does fake Japanese, stopping only to say ‘goulash’ in english, and stopping earlier than the buzzer.

Clive started being more liberal with the buzzer the more everyone talked about prostitutes, but it was a very funny round.

Film and Theatre Styles v1: Josie and Paul, Cinderella meets her Fairy Godmother

Again, this scene works well because of Josie and Paul’s chemistry, and the fact that they’ve done a million of these. In this one, you get a sense of one trying to outsmart the other (sort of like a later Colin and Ryan scene).

Oscar Wilde
Paul: “A man who drinks with the handle facing himself is clearly a liberal. A man who drinks his tea without the cup has clearly gone mad.”
Clive: “…it’s as though Oscar has walked in…”

The 3-D style is a great opportunity for Paul and Josie to go mad, and act towards the camera, sort of like Paul and Ron’s slapstick style from earlier in the season.

A very fun scene, with a nice amount of progression.

Film and Theatre Styles v2: Mike and Tony (recruiting the Magnificent Seven)

The first part of this scene ends with “dog-raper” Tony saying “shut your face and put this collar on” to Mike. As if the prostitution theme in Authors caused Clive enough trouble..
At the buzzer, Paul’s completely losing it in the background, as are both performers, struggling to keep frozen. Tony even goes, motioning to Mike, “don’t blame ME…”

Really good scene, though, even if the rest of it could never match up to the opening laugh.

Song Styles: Toaster
Mike: Gospel
Josie: Motown

Mike, of course, has a rousing, energetic Motown number. It also has a great stinger line: “praise be Jesus the bread…goes in light, and comes out dark.”

Josie starts her Motown number by doing two different backup singer voices, including a deeper one. Which is fantastic- that WAS Motown..

It’s actually a really cool number, with a ton more vocal hookage than Mike’s, ending with a really nice high note, and some nice applause from the audience.

World’s Worst- person to be stuck in a lift with

Josie: “I’ve just been out to buy a carving knife…”
Paul: “Hello, my name’s John Sessions.”
[THE AUDIENCE LOSES THEIR MINDS HERE. Josie, Tony and Mike all have nice reactions, too.]
Paul: “Yes, that’s right, Hitler’s the name, what about it?”

Party Quirks: Tony hosts
Paul: obsessed with trivial facts
Josie: a cavewoman
Mike: narrating the party

Paul: “Did you know that Cliff Richard, in a previous lifetime, was a carmelite nun?”
Tony: “I’m sorry, I’m getting terribly bored, would you like a Twiglet?”
Paul: “D’you know that the word Twiglet was invented in 1874 by Gustav Twiglet?”

Josie, sniffing Tony
Tony: “….you’re not Anne Diamond, are you?”

Solid enough round, as Tony did allow everyone to interact, though it wasn’t as clean as last show’s playing.

Rock Opera: carpentry, rugby, washing a car

First of all…this is a really good variant on Musical, as it allows for more melodic moments, and more of an emphasis on guitar than on Broadway-esque stuff. The Mike and Josie section of this game works really well because they can adapt to this style, and once Tony enters, he can work even better with it.

Tony: “I’m a rugby player…and I WANT YOU…TO SEE MY *BALL!*”

It’s even better when Tony, Mike and Josie set up exactly who Paul’s going to be, the Sponge Man, and he enters with a bound, bringing a musical spike with him. It’s even in a way where Paul doesn’t have to sing, and the day can be saved, even if it sacrifices a more concrete ending.

They get a ton of applause at the end of this, and it’s well deserved- this was an incredibly cohesive and fun scene that didn’t have to be overly funny, but was just a really good musical scene.

Overall: Not quite as good as E14, but still a pretty solid finale to a middling season. All four performers did well, though there was a lack of true highlights, save for World’s Worst and Rock Opera. Josie and Tony had the best games of the night, and Mike had some solid moments but mostly played defense. Paul, despite having some nice lines, was a bit off tonight (also, this was filmed close to the Xmas Special), owing to his eventual hospitalization post-season.

Show Winner: Mike
Best Performer: Josie, for a TON of great moments
Worst Performer: Paul, for being quieter than the rest, despite the Sessions slam
Best Game: World’s Worst, for being a stellar top-to-bottom playing. Rock Opera came close.
Worst Game: Authors. It was cohesive enough, but Clive didn’t allow enough time for it to truly blossom.


One thought on “Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E15, or Shut Your Face and Put this Collar On

  1. This episode won Whose Line is it Anyway? the Best Light Entertainment Programme award at the 1990 Royal Television Society Awards. The show also picked up a Bronze Rose at the 1992 Rose d’Or Awards in Switzerland (the Rose d’Or – Golden Rose – being an international film & television festival).

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