Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E08, or Let’s Look Under ‘R’ for Realistic

Onto the last Series 3 episode of the UK Whose Line to, well, actually be filmed in the UK. This lineup seems like a summary of the series so far- Greg, Tony, Mike and Sandi. Of the four, only Tony would miss out on the trip to New York.

Greg is back in his skull shirt, which is nice. Also, Clive notes that Mike is in ‘from Sherwood Forest’, again noting Mike’s filming engagement.

Film and Theatre Styles v1: Sandi and Tony (both are shipwrecked)

Sandi: “Weird, the island seems to be moving for me and not for you, that’s strange.”
Tony: “Yeah, like our orgasms.”

Clive: “Yellow pages advert”
Sandi: “Well, if you don’t like the orgasms, perhaps we can find ourselves a new one…”
Tony: “Yes, let’s look under ‘M’ for Multiple, shall we Sandi?”
Sandi: “Seeing as it’s you, let’s look under ‘R’ for Realistic.”

Tony also keeps the offhand innuendo coming, especially in the Western style
Sandi: “So, you’ve come all this way-”
Tony: “HAVE I?”

They end on Whodunnit, as the subject of pregnancy comes up.
Sandi: “Now, who was there? There was a candlestick and a butler…”
The audience loves this so much that Clive ends the game before Tony can try and top it.

Really funny game, with a ton of great back and forth moments.

Film and Theatre Styles v2: Mike and Greg (driving test)

I’m not writing a ton of the lines down, but the way Mike and Greg work with each other is pretty nice, and the dynamic shows in styles like Restoration Comedy and Sitcom. I feel like sitcom got a bit too broad, though.

Also, Greg’s physicality in the Restoration Comedy scene, including literally jumping through the car door, was pretty great.

One of Greg’s specialties is french babbling, so it’s no surprise to me that he and Mike kill with the french scene.

Much lighter scene, but still amusing enough.

Props: Mike and Sandi vs. Greg and Tony

Clive, handing Sandi the banana prop: “That’s your item…”
Sandi: “No, I think you’ll find that’s Mike’s…”

Tony: “Have you been to a spiritualist seance before- [vomits the prop]”

Very funny round, as it seemed like everyone was in a pretty odd mood, especially Mike.

That’ll be Charlie Now: Greg, Sandi, and Mike are at a building site. Tony is Charlie.


I feel like they didn’t cut to Tony enough while the other three were setting him up. I would have loved to see his reaction to the Schubert love song thing.

Clive ends this one a bit too quickly, like the first time, but this is a pretty fun playing, with Tony throwing his all into the last bit.

Gospel: America

On the suggestion
Greg: where is that?

Sandi does a similar fire-and-brimstone technique to E6, in lieu of singing, i.e. “I HAVE BEEEEEEEN TO THE LORD…..I HAVE BEEEEEEEN TO SEE A THROAT SPECIALIST!!!”

To be perfectly honest, the only truly great verse in this is Mike’s, as he mentions having four-lane highways, and ‘Jesus runs a roadside restaurant’. Greg and Tony’s were a bit too minimalist for my tastes.

World’s Worst: Person to Captain a Submarine

Tony, singing: “We’re in the long big metal POOOOINTY THING…”
Sandi: “It’s not a problem, you see, you just pull down the…periscope” [she can’t reach it]
Mike, intercom: “….I’d like to tell the mess sergeant that we will NOT be having curry again this week…”
Tony: “Hello, I’m your new captain, I’m Clive Anderson.”

Really nice round, lots of funny stuff.

Song Styles: Mike sings an opera song about a hammer

Mike’s song is not only masterful, but it’s the rare WL song that’s self-referential, and Mike references his lack of career, ending with “I’VE GONE ON TOO LONG…Now I’ll kill myself with a hammer.” Really nice one, even though it took a bit to really get going.

Alphabet- Tony and Sandi (chat-up)

This is, like most alphabet games, a bit haphazard, especially when Sandi, who was so good at helping Josie two shows ago, forgets the letter Q, and Tony has to go back, hilariously, going “Queer, I am. Nevermind.”

It happens again, when Tony forgets the letter X, and Sandi outlines it for him.
Tony: “….Xylophone?”

Again, a bit frantic, but still pretty amusing.

Party Quirks: Sandi hosts
Greg: DJ
Tony: Elephant
Mike: chorus girl

Two landmark Party hosts, and you pick Sandi? Well then.

Greg does a phenomenal job with his, so much so that Sandi guesses him very quickly.

Tony does take a more…John Sessions-y approach to his quirk, talking through it rather than being physical. I told you he was better at hosting…

Sandi, as Mike is being especially camp: “I don’t know what you’re doing, but it could very well be an impersonation of Julian Clary…”

Musical Film Review: Sandi discusses ‘Midshipman Easy’, while Greg, Tony and Mike act it out

It worked so well last show that I’m hoping for something near half as good.

Clive: “Ooh, this is a good one, this is Midshipman Easy.”
Sandi: “Oh, I’ve had him.”

Tony’s first song even cracks him up:
“Sometimes I dream of sailors…
Sometimes I dream…of an obelisk…”
He’s on the verge of losing it for what looks like the entire song.

Sandi’s storytelling is more along the lines of…well, Story (which we haven’t seen since S1, though Clive and co. will roll it out again once they get to the States), rather than actually reviewing the movie.

Mike does get a mention of ‘the love that dare not squeak it’s name’, which is even funnier in his Spanish pirate accent.

Mike and Greg’s song of lust is actually hysterical, with Mike even adding the line ‘my cajones are swollen with pride’. To be honest, this game isn’t as bad as I’d thought it’d be with Sandi in the driver’s seat.

Sandi, does add a nice element of having the three play multiple characters- midshipmen named ‘Midshipmen Easy, Midshipman I’ll Be Lucky, and Midshipman There’s Got to Be  A First Time for Everyone”.

Sandi cracks when describing that they sing “a traditional 1790’s Rock-and-Roll number”

There’s a nice twist, when the same people that saved the maiden from being accosted by the spaniards…ALSO want to screw her, which makes this a funny but slightly tasteless scene. As predicted, not as good as last episode’s playing of this, but still pretty fun.

Overall: A very light show, but with some funny moments. This seemed very boilerplate, as it was the end of a nice run of shows in England, and a few of these guys felt a bit burnt out. There were highlights, like the Tony-Sandi dynamic, both rounds of F&TS, and some incredibly silly quickfire games, but there wasn’t a ton that stood out as truly great. There was also just a lot of ho-hum stuff, like Alphabet, Gospel, Party Quirks and Charlie, that slowed down the momentum. Still, this one boils down to Mike and Sandi for elevating the games, and for Greg’s energy throughout. Tony had a nice night, but underwhelming compared to his other showings this year.

Show Winner: Greg
Best Performer: Mike, for proving why his regular-ship was a good idea.
Worst Performer: Tony, for not having his best stuff tonight.
Best Game: Musical Film Review, with its second show win in a row, for having a solidly structured game that all four excelled at.
Worst Game: That’ll be Charlie Now, for being really constricted and clumsy.


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