Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E12, or It’s Not Like the Sheep was Underage

The story so far: In Episode 5, Colin Mochrie makes his debut on Whose Line. This had made people very angry and has widely been regarded as a bad move.

Not really, but…it’s regarded that Colin’s debut left a bit to be desired, as he was tired, nervous, and not up to par with everyone else. The producers thought this as well, and when it came time to move production to New York, they were dead set on emphasizing Meskimen and Smith. Ryan Stiles had other ideas- he lobbied Leveson and Patterson to give Colin another chance, given the correct circumstances, sleep schedule, and environment, and that he’d do them proud. This was, after all, Ryan’s comedy partner from Second City we were talking about.

Nevertheless, the producers relented, and we got Episode 12, featuring Colin and Ryan, together at last, as well as Josie and Mike standing by for contrast.

I dig Mike’s Mickey Mouse pocket square.

Film and Theatre Styles v1- Mike and Josie (buying a gun)

Josie’s acting in the Horror style is pretty great, just macabre enough.

Clive: “Sports film”
Josie, pointing the gun: “I’m not sure if it’s quite right for me-”
Mike, running in front: “Okay, I’ve got the rhino suit on…”
And then Mike does this sort of rhino run around that…cracks me up, and kind of reminds me of Colin’s velociraptor impression.

Josie’s burlesque song:
“Oh, this man’s very funny, he’s a very funny one, and ladies you should see, the size of his gun…”

The scene ends well, but it didn’t seem to have a ton of momentum in my opinion.

Film and Theatre Styles v2: Colin and Ryan (fixing a roof)


Right as they go onstage, Ryan shakes Colin’s hand and gives him a ‘you’ll do great’ look. He knows full well that this show is for him, even if he doesn’t.

I do adore Clive’s American accent, which he uses to  make fun of audience members “PORN! PORN!”

Already, they’re great at establishing a duration of time, a relationship…and Colin points out “look, you’ve used salami to cover the hole…”

The Surrealism scene is a classic, as both just turn it into this weird musing on salami, ending in both waving their arms at the camera going “YAY FOR SALAMI, YAY FOR SALAMI!” The whole audience, and Josie, are digging the hell out of this.

The kung-fu style is also great, because of how shoddily they dub for themselves, and how Colin hits himself in the face with a weapon. Also, it’s very odd seeing him with a great deal of hair, flapping down when he bends over.

Ryan, giving one of his usual Shakespearean oxymorons: ‘Yay, but if I were a man like my woman, I would be my life.”
Josie absolutely loses it here. In an ‘oh my god’ sort of way.
Colin: “I do not mean to prick your allusions, but if you were a woman, thy prick you should not have!”

Clive asks them to finish on a B-Movie. Colin, as he does, takes this the wrong way, and tries swatting a bee. Ryan follows, and Clive ends the scene on that note.

As the first ever Colin&Ryan scene, this is a rather great one, with both having great laughs and great moments that’d mark the rest of their friendship.

World’s Worst- Person to defend you in court

Colin: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury…it’s not like the sheep was underage!”
Colin: “My final summation will be done by…Quicky, the hand-puppet. “ladies and gentlemen…”

Very funny round- Colin and Mike had the better moments

Helping Hands: Mike duels Ryan (with Colin’s hands)

And on top of this, this is the first time Ryan has to do a game with Colin’s hands. The first of many.

I love the high-class french accents and postures they use, as well as the faint slapping. It’s a very, very silly, near-Pythonesque scene.

Ryan: “I, myself…choose a bazooka…”

This is a very quick game that doesn’t really require the use of hands, but…I admire it enough to let it slide.

American Musical: Being a songwriter, Living in New Jersey, having a cold, having travel difficulties, and going to France

Not sure what’s odder- Musical in the 1st act of the show, or Colin in Musical.

Also, note that Matt the audience member comes from Montclair, New Jersey, summer home of Stephen Colbert, and somewhere I’ve been once or twice on particularly expensive days.

Mike starts his segment with a really nice point: “I’m a songwriter…so I can’t get a job…”
His whole segment is great because Richard knows the right sort of tone of music to start things off with.

Ryan comes in with an accent- this is a momentous occasion. His french accent is so silly and over the top that it works, as Ryan’s accents usually do.

Ryan’s France song is extremely good, in one of the few times that Ryan shows vocal prowess in a game- it’s also a very poignant number, especially in comparison to the first one with Mike alone.

Ryan, on French women: “They stay with you, day after day.”
Mike: “Aw, man…not like New Jersey girls…”
Mike, not resisting an easy joke: “…so does New Jersey…”

There’s a very amusing bit, where Ryan has a conversation with a Concord, Colin, in French- Ryan, a comedian, is using fake, exaggerated French, while Colin, a Canadian, is using ACTUAL FRENCH.

Josie comes in as an air-hostess, in order to shore up all the plotlines and finish with a nice number. It’s a very nice, well-sung moment that Josie and Ryan can collaborate on, with some great rhymes. Mike even finishes the whole thing with a very happy moment, and Colin doesn’t even have to sing, or speak English.

Fantastic game, very feel-good and very fun. Rivaling even the first Musical Film Review

Song Styles:
Mike: Country Western song about Glasses
Josie: Madonna song about the subway

Mike’s number is a pretty nice one, though the guitar track sounds less country and more Glenn Frey or Neil Young. Mike’s song does make it very country, singing about his wife, a pair of glasses.

Clive, for Josie’s number, asks for another something people hate. Some audience member shouts out ‘John Major’ for some reason.
Clive: “We can’t have John Major, that’s far too political..and half of you haven’t heard of him…”

Josie’s Madonna number is brisker, but just sexual enough to be worthy of being a Madonna song.

Party Quirks: Colin hosts
Ryan: peeping tom
Josie: vampire
Mike: thinks he has an invisible friend

Colin Mochrie is a very underrated party quirks host. He’s only done it a few times, only when there’s not a fourth seater that’s good at hosting, or when Robin Williams is in the building and he doesn’t want to guess.

Colin’s great, because he does give the contestants enough time to cooperate with him, and each other (especially Ryan), and then he guesses. Josie he actually has a really nice moment of pseudo-sexual tension with, before saying “you know, I always loved having vampires over…”

Very brisk game, thanks to Colin’s nice guessing skills, but still a really fun one.

Props: Mike and Colin vs. Ryan and Josie

Props and Musical should have been switched, but oh well.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 5.51.18 PM.pngRyan: “HARRY, WE’VE GOT YOUR MOTHER DOWN HERE…”

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 5.52.16 PM.png
Colin: “…it was horrible, Larry the Leprechaun went right through the shredder…”

Nice enough round.

March: Dog-Sledding

Ryan does one of his first ‘vulgar cop-outs’ in a singing game.
“I don’t know what it is, I think I’m rather lucky, when you get a dog in the sled, you really have…”
He pauses, and quickly moves on. The audience slooooowly gets it.

Colin has a truly great one, about shooting his dog in the feet, and then the dog returns later “looking for the guy who shot his paw (pa).”

Mike ends it with high energy and exuberance, as per usual.

Overall: A very nice show, with a lot of great moments, and a lot of important moments in the show’s history. Not only did Ryan and Colin work well with each other, but they worked well with everyone, making great jokes throughout the night. Mike was masterful in the middle half of the show, taking Song Styles and Musical to the next level. My gripe is that Josie seemed a bit upstaged by the Americans, sort of like Episode 10, but she still did alright enough.

Show Winner: Ryan
Best Performer: Ryan, for having another really nice New York show, even with Colin by his side.
Worst Performer: Josie, for giving an underwhelming performance in the States.
Best Game: American Musical, narrowly dodging out F&TS v2, by being top-to-bottom great, and allowing everyone to shine.
Worst Game: F&TS v1, just for having the least amount of great moments.


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