Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S06E05, or Why Did I Invite These People??

The consistently-strong Series 6 continues, featuring the two essential regulars of the series, Ryan and Tony, and the two more prominent semi-regulars, Steve Frost and Josie Lawrence.

Film and Theatre Styles v1: Josie and Ryan (gondola passenger and driver)

There’s a nice starting gag of Ryan ducking bridges while steering the gondola, which Steve gets a kick out of.
Josie: “Whoa, it’s amazing, your stick goes down with you…”

The Revengers Tragedy style is very well-done by Josie, up until the moment where she and Ryan stand up at the same time, bonking their heads simultaneously and sitting back down.

Josie overacts so much during the Melodrama style, and ends the segment right here:
Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 4.21.35 PM.png
Clive: “…sp..[breaks]…Spy Movie.”
Ryan: “Find anything?”
Josie: “…so THAT’s where you put the microphone?”

A nice, quite silly scene with two actors that could really complement each other.

Film and Theatre Styles v2: Tony and Steve (late night passenger and taxi driver)

Audience member: “WELSH TV DRAMA!”
Clive: “And you’ve come all the way from Cardiff to say that…”
Tony: [slumps]

Soap Opera
Tony, Australian accent: “Have ya got a tinny of fresh aiih?”
Tony: “…am I???”

Clive: “Russ Meyer.”
Tony: “I’m sorry, my breasts won’t fit in your cab.”
Steve: “It’s alright, put them in the back.”

Tony, in Greek Tragedy style, starts doing an overdramatic monologue about his breasts, kneeling in front.
Steve: “You couldn’t have a look at the motor while you’re down there, could you?”

They end on Welsh TV Drama, which has Tony doing a high-pitched Welsh accent that has Steve cracking up by the end of the game.

On par with the last one, but I did like Steve’s rationalizations to the scene.

Helping Hands: Ryan and Josie (ft. Tony’s hands) are two women freshening up


This doesn’t work as well because Ryan’s more willing to put these things in his mouth, and Josie will say no to some of them, which happens in this scene.

Although there’s a great moment where Josie finds a tampon in this handbag, and throws in her mouth like a cigarette.
Ryan, taking it out: “THOSE ARE NOT CIGARETTES.”
Josie: “What are they?”
Ryan: “…I don’t know!”

Luckily, whenever Josie doesn’t want to do something, Tony will stick his hands in Josie’s face anyway, as she tries to carry on the scene without cracking up.

An amusing deviation with some nice moments, but not as good as the ones where Ryan has to suffer.

Hoedown: Going to the Cinema

Oddly paced show, as Hoedown and Helping Hands are earlier than usual, but this doesn’t stop Ryan and Tony from facially dreading the game as they head to the step.

Clive: “Is there any one of life’s great pleasures that any of you would like to name?”
Audience member: “GOING TO THE TOILET.”
Clive: “…you sad, sad man.”

Steve’s problem with Hoedowns is he’ll go for a rhyme that has nothing to do with the previous word, which is why he ends his Hoedown with “but that’s alright with me, I’ve only got one ball.”

Ryan’s verse is great- he opens by saying he’s the person everyone wants to kill, “because I’m the guy that comes in, and sits in front of you.”
And at 6’6, of course he is.

Tony: “I saw a film the other day, it wasn’t very good.
It starred something that looked like a plank of wood.
I looked a little bit closer, I must have been going insane
It wasn’t a plank of wood at all, It was Michael Caine!”

Props: Tony and Josie vs. Steve and Ryan

There’s some very silly work all around tonight, with an ongoing gag about a codpiece, some very raunchy stuff from Tony (“…I GIVE YOU MANY BABIES.”), and Josie flat out yelling “sod it!” right before the camera cuts to her.

Film Dub: Josie tells Tony it’s his baby

The initial reveal, that the clip is from claymation series Camberwick Green, gets a big laugh out the audience, as does Tony’s opening line, in a Northern accent.
Tony: “Oh, I love living near Sellafield, it’s given me such interesting features.”

Tony, as Josie presents the baby: “I put that bun in YOUR oven?”
Josie: “Yes, it’s yours, and you can keep it, I don’ wannit…”
Tony: “…..what a dreadful smell of poo, is it you?”

Tony accuses Josie of being a whore
Josie: “At least I don’t use my mouth!”
Tony, breaking: “THAT’S CAUSE YOU DON’T GOT ONE! And if ya did, every[…]one would be usin’ it…”
Tony: “No, I am not paying maintenance to you, you fat cow!”

Tony: “Look, me bread’s all gone flat now, and it’s all thanks to you-OOOoooOOOOOHHH…”
Josie: “Yeah, your dough’s always drooping…”

A magical, absolutely hysterical Film Dub, made even funnier by the fact that the dialogue contrasts to the sunny, fun claymation footage.

Old Job New Job: Josie’s a cook, and Ryan’s chief waiter. Steve, a fellow cook, used to be a builder.

Steve comes bounding in, and…
Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 4.52.44 PM.png
Josie, at this point, is trying so hard not to laugh.

This is a shorter scene, but it’s carried by Steve whistling for tea breaks and other builders. Not one of the better OJNJs for Steve, but he still makes it good.

Clive: “I think Steve wins that game, for having the funniest crack of the night.”

Bartender: Josie
Ryan: in love with his teddy bear
Tony: angry about his middle name

Ryan’s song is very wholesome, very cute…until he ends on “it’s hard to turn down that little furry thing between my legs.”
Josie gives the audience a few bars to recover

Josie responds with a cute response verse, ending on “don’t keep on doing it, just use your neighbor’s pet.”
Clive, as Ryan has walked back: “…does the expression ‘teddy bear’ mean something different in America?”

Clive: “Anyway, Tony is angry about something…”
Josie: “oh, this’ll be a clean one…”

Clive: “Angry about his middle name. That’s a good suggestion for this game.”
Tony: “I am, actually. It’s ‘Declan’.”

Tony actually goes with his parents giving him ‘Patricia’ as a middle name, and adding, in the verse, “when I say it, it actually makes my testicles explode…”

Josie ends hers my going: “Come on Patricia, go ahead and take my flattery
It’s much better than being called Tony Slattery…”
Tony: [spits on table]

Solid Bartender game in both rounds. Ryan gets the edge for completely subverting expectations though.

Party Quirks: Tony hosts
Josie: a penis
Steve: Goalkeeper
Ryan: a baby learning to walk

I love Josie’s double-take upon reading hers.

The ENTIRE AUDIENCE goes wild when Josie hops in, and Tony cracks a bit. Josie’s facial expression is also killing me.

Josie: “Have you got anything to, you know, button me up a bit?”
Tony: “Are you princess Margaret?”
Josie: [breaks]

Ryan, from the moment he stumbles in, has the physicality down completely, as well as the bewildered facial expression. Then Josie starts ramming into him.

Then, when Ryan starts to hobble around the stage, Tony absolutely loses it. Just the sight of Ryan Stiles, all 6’6 of him, hobbling around like an infant is absolutely magical.
Tony, recovering: “…Why did I invite these people???”

Right as Tony’s about to say something about Ryan, he falls down, completely subverting the guess.
Tony: “No, you’re a-”
Ryan: [gets back up]
Tony: [breaks]

Tony, without an idea what to do: “…..ANYWAY, LET’S ALL DANCE!”
Josie: “I do like a bit of head-banging…”

Josie, desperately trying to get Tony to guess: “I LIVE IN YOUR PANTS…though my friend who lives with you is slightly smaller.”
Tony, FINALLY getting it: “OH, YOU’RE A PENIS!”
Once she leaves, Tony cracks up at that quirk, completely facepalming.

He then looks back at Ryan, still bounding around the room, and he has absolutely no idea.
Clive, trying to end the game: “AND RYAN, WHAT’S HE?”
Tony: “Uh…are you Gerald Ford?”

Once Clive finally tells Tony what Ryan is, he lets out a big ‘OHHHH….’

Overall: Fifth insanely great show in a row on the series. There were moments where it lagged slightly, but the entire last half of the show, with Film Dub, Bartender and Party Quirks, made this one pretty incredible. Ryan, for the second show in a row, stuck to more ensemble-driven pieces, while people like Josie and Steve rocked some showcase games throughout the night. Nobody did a truly terrible job tonight, because even Ryan and Tony, who didn’t excel as much, still had games like Party Quirks and Film Dub where they were hysterical. Still, Josie Lawrence does get the edge for being the funnier part of some of the most impressive games of the night.

Show Winners: Josie and Ryan
Best Performer: Josie Lawrence, for a smashing success all around, and with some energetic, fun musical choices throughout the night.
Worst Performer: Ryan Stiles, but only in comparison to the other three, who had more showcase moments throughout the night.
Best Game: Party Quirks, for being absolutely hysterical the entire way through.
Worst Game: Props, for being a little lighter than everything else tonight.


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