Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S06E06, or I HAVE NO LUNGS.

More fun with people who are really, really good at working together this series- our third and final Colin, Ryan, Steve and Tony show of the season, and one of the most colorful ones. Lots of different colored shirts from everyone, plus Colin’s world-famous red Woody Woodpecker tie.

Questions Only: At a clothes shop

Tony, as Colin enters: “Yes, sir, can I help you?”
Colin: “…CAN you help me?”
Tony: “…..”

This round is great not just for lines, but for seeing people work together, especially Steve working with Tony and Ryan. You can tell he’s sensationally happy tonight.

Ryan: “Is your face easy to forget?”
Colin: “Does William Hurt?”

Ryan: “Did I go to school with you?”
Clive’s buzzed Ryan for that anyway.

And then Clive brings Tony back in, and he blows it in one line. Still, as they walk back to the seats, you can tell everyone was having a really fun time.

Whose Line: An airplane is going down, and Colin convinces washed-up pilot Ryan to take the helm

Colin, ever the smartass, starts the scene with the line: “Have you finished washing up?”

Ryan: “I CAN’T! I LEARNED MY LESSON IN ‘NAM! They used to yell at me [indecipherable Vietnamese yelling]”
Ryan: “It means…’Get on your knees and bark like a dog!'”
Hey, that actually really fit…

Then, as Ryan starts barking like a dog, Colin throttles him to get a hold of himself, saying “I TOLD you not to vacation in ‘Nam…”
Ryan: “Look, I like Skiing, it seemed like the place ta go…”
Colin: “NO!”

Colin: “Remember the…instructions from our flight instructor…CAUSE HE GAVE INSTRUCTIONS, *BEING* AN INSTRUCTOR…”
Ryan: “Yeah, number one, grab the wheel.”
And then, both Colin and Ryan start doing thigh exercises next to each other. It’s a fantastic visual.

Colin: “I can’t take the wheel…ever since I lost control of my limbs in that…chicken accident…”

Also, I applaud Ryan’s frantic, crazed acting in this, as he starts steering the plane downward, diverting into Vietnamese yelling and the barking noises as Colin tries to snap him out of it,

Colin: “I remember looking at you in those jockey shorts…and saying “the ice cream’s dripping down my chest.”
Ryan and Colin exchange a knowing look, and laugh it off as they head back to the seats.

A FANTASTIC Whose Line game, better than the last few we’ve seen, and reminding me of the ‘Why Are You Dressed Like a French Maid’ WL in the US run. Everything seemed to come together, and the Colin-Ryan duo were perfect for this.

Stand Sit Lie: Tony, Ryan and Colin are on the beach

Clive: “We go onto Stand, Sit, Lie Down…that’s not my chat-up line, that is a game for…”

The ‘see who can stop Colin from getting the table’ plot from last SSL is foiled immediately, as Colin takes it from the start and takes his sweet time holding onto it.

Eventually, Ryan makes his way to the floor, and Tony leans on the table so he can’t get back on it. He briefly stands, but then sits back on the table.

Then, once Tony’s lying on the table, Colin goes for a dip, getting Tony to sit up as Colin lies down, thumping across the stage.

Then, once Ryan hops up on the table.
Colin: “Man, that was refreshing, I’ll have another one…”
He gets back down, getting Ryan off the table.

Also, there’s a point in this game where everyone’s moving at the same speed. Ryan lays back down the second Colin stands up, and Tony lays down right when Ryan sits up. They’re all in sync, which is fantastic.

Eventually Ryan goes through too many positions in a 5-second span, so Tony, sitting on the table, pushes Ryan back so he can lie down. It’s a very funny move.

A fantastic round of this, with so much going on at once, and all three paying so much attention to each other.

Old Job New Job: Colin is a patient, and Ryan’s a doctor- Steve, another doctor, comes in, but he used to be a magician. 

Ryan, looking at Colin’s x-rays: “Hmm, looks like you’ve swallowed a lightbulb….oh, sorry…”
There’s universal applause from this one

Steve comes in and reverses the x-ray, as if a trick.
Ryan: “…thank you.”
Steve: “THANKYOU!”

Steve plays this as a mentalist trick, as he wrote down the diagnosis and put it in Colin’s pocket
Steve: “Now, if you could read it out IN A VERY CLEAR VOICE FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR.”
Colin: “…..I HAVE NO LUNGS!”

There’s an amusing moment where Ryan has something in his mouth. Steve goes on for a few seconds without noticing, FINALLY DOES, and pulls something out of Ryan’s mouth.
Steve: “Is this YOUR intestine, sir?”
Colin: “YES, IT IS!”

Hilarious Old Job New Job round, made so by the energy and volume that Steve was bringing, and how gung-ho everyone else onstage was.

Fixed Expressions: Patrons at a sports game
Steve: Happy
Tony: Cheeky
Colin: Puzzled
Ryan, the peanut vendor: Spooked

Tony displays his cheeky expression, which gets a nice reaction from the audience.
Steve, through his teeth: “IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING.”

After everyone does their initial expressions before the lead-in, they’re all shaking their heads at how ridiculous this game is, especially Ryan and Colin.

The actual game is pretty funny, and it’s one of the few where there’s consistent audience laughter all the way through, just from people reacting to the expressions.


An incredibly funny game, even if it was quick. It just had so many funny contrasts and visuals the whole way through.

World’s Worst: Person to Sit Next to During an Exam

Tony: [spits]
Ryan: [looks around, then unzips fly]
Ryan: [blows up something] “sit next to me…”

A very silly round all the way through

Clive: “Everyone here is neck and neck…except for me, as I haven’t got one, NOW…”

Props: Steve and Tony vs. Ryan and Colin

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 2.41.07 PM.pngSteve: “…I can’t breathe…”
Tony, either way: “PROBLEM BLACKHEADS?”

Relatively nice round, even if I didn’t write down a lot.

Sound Effects: Colin takes a shower- Ryan does sound effects

Colin: [opens shower curtain]
Ryan: “AIIIIGH!”
Colin: [embarrassedly closes shower curtain]
I, and the audience, die at this.

Even better, Colin jumps in the shower, gets the water ready…and THEN REMEMBERS to take off his clothes. So many little details in this game.

There’s a lot of fun stuff here- Colin putting a ton of shampoo in his hair, the shower spurting but coming back when Colin washes his butt, Colin cutting himself shaving and getting his hand stuck there.

Very, very funny round.

Party Quirks: Tony hosts
Colin: thinks he’s being chased by a swarm of bees
Steve: school bus driver
Ryan: olympic fast walker

Colin comes in and immediately hides in the toilet, which cracks Tony up.
Tony: “…this isn’t one of Jeffrey Archer’s parties, now…”

Tony gets caught in the middle of Steve yelling and Ryan running around, which isn’t nearly as bad as some recent quandaries, but close.

Tony manages to guess everyone, which is a nice change of pace.

Moving People: Colin goes through airport security and is stopped by Ryan

Clive tells the movers to set the performers for the start of the scene, and Colin’s ends up moving every single limb, which puzzles Colin.

We’ve finally hit some audience members that aren’t great at doing what they’re told, but are great at moving, as Ryan’s beginning to lose it.

Colin announces he’s gonna make a run for it, so the audience member starts frantically moving Colin’s legs as Ryan and Colin are arguing about moving forward. Ryan starts to move toward him as well. It’s amusing as all hell, and a great way to end the game.

Very silly, especially considering how excited the audience members were to move everybody.

Hoedown: Christmas

Steve: “I LOVE CHRISTMAS, I wish it was every day [SO FAR SO GOOD]
I love Christmas, do you HEAR WHAT I SAY
Sometimes I go up, sometimes I go down
Did you know there was a man called Coco the Clown?”
Steve puts up his arms in disbelief. He never plans his endings, does he?

And then we get to Colin. Oh boy, do we get to Colin. He isn’t remotely ready, but he soldiers on.
“I love my Christmas, I love it every year.
Because I shove food in my mouth, I grin from ear to ear.
My Cholesterol is high-”
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.23.27 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.23.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.23.45 PM.png

Meanwhile, Ryan just becomes so shifty-eyed
Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.24.32 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.24.45 PM.png

Ryan’s verse is alright, but mostly accelerated by his nervousness at Colin’s consciousness. He does end with a great line about sleeping “with a reindeer with a red nose”.

Tony’s is his usual amount of smut, but the final pullback, to see everyone doing the refrain and the dead Colin, is priceless. I also adore the confused but impressed look Ryan gives Colin when they’re back at the seats.

Overall: Dare I say it, the first A+ show of the series. Every game was fantastic, every performer was funny, there were multiple classic games, everyone had a moment to shine, and there’s so much that I’d want to come back and watch. Also, when you think of this taping, you also think of the games that didn’t make the cut, like the Scenes from a Hat with the eyes in the wrong place, or my favorite Scene to Music of all time. But still, there was a lot to love here. As good as everyone was, this one does come down to Colin and Ryan, especially the former, who had a TON of funny, wacky moments, from Sound Effects, to Questions Only, to divebombing a Hoedown for the first time.

Show Winner: Colin
Best Performer: Colin, for making me laugh hardest tonight (especially in Hoedown)
Worst Performer: Tony, but only for having slightly less standout moments. He was still funny.
Best Game: Whose Line. I could have gone with Old Job New Job, Stand Sit Lie, Moving People or Hoedown, but Whose Line just had some amazing moments of improv throughout, and some great acting from Ryan.
Worst Game: Party Quirks, for being the lightest, especially in comparison to other Tony-led ones this year.


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