Nevermind Watchdown: I14 (ICE), or ‘SEAAAAN’S ALIIIIIIVEEE!”

I know. It’s been a while. But I feel like now’s a good enough time to do another QI. Why not?

Besides, we have three more episodes left in what’s been described as the ‘Golden Age’ of QI, and I fear that things are going to go downhill once this series ends.

But…to quote one of tonight’s guests: “Oh, well…WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER? AHAHAHAHAHA!”

That’s right, BRIAN BLESSED, one of the most beloved, yet one of the least subtle, actors in history, gets to be a guest on QI, the CHRIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAS Special no less, alongside Ross Noble and Sean Lock. One sad piece of business is that this is Sean’s last QI, as after this he’d swear off all other panel shows in order to focus on 8 out of 10 cats. The man will be missed, but hopefully he’ll finish strong.

Even the opening makes me laugh- Stephen, in introing Ross, uses his accent to say ‘Russ NuOBLE’. Ross gets a kick out of that. Stephen even intros Brian as ‘FATHER CHRISTMAS HIMSELF!’ And even from the getgo, Brian seems so happy to be here.

The buzzers even know what’s up. Sean’s and Ross’s are quaint little bells. Brian’s is A LOUD SET OF ORGAN CHIMES.

Ross, in bringing up the Nobody Knows cards, to Sean: “Could you, uh, could you just put that card there?”
Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 2.42.54 PM.png
Ross: “It really IS the Riddler!”

On the first question, about where there’s the most rest days and most expensive Big Macs, Brian, offers a place in Canada where the “BIG MACS ARE BLOOOODY HUGE…and there’s lots of sex.”
Ross: “That would be the greatest voiceover ever. AND THEY’RE BLOODY BIG BIG MACS…”

Stephen: ‘Iceland has more Nobel Prize winners per capita than anywhere else on earth. D’you know how many that is?”
Stephen: “No…”
Sean: “One.”

Alan, on Iceland: “Doesn’t everybody live on the edge?”
Ross, taking this the wrong way: “What d’you mean?? ‘LET’S TAKE LOADS OF DRUGS! LET’S DRIVE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!'”
Sean: “Living on the edge in Iceland is just going out in just your pants…”

Also, already Ross is having an amazing time, judging by his ridiculous Icelandic accent which he keeps bringing back.

Early observation- Ross, Sean and Alan are zooming at 500 miles per hour, collaborating…and Brian’s just taking his sweet time. He obviously can’t keep up with them, but he’s at least enjoying himself.

Ross tries to explain a ‘prawn ring’, which is just a circle of prawns, that nobody else seems to understand.
Ross: “You wanna get yourself a tiny sheepdog…and a tank.”
Sean: “You’d need a prawn dog. Not a sheepdog.”
Ross, not getting it: “…of COURSE, uh, what was I thinking-”
Alan, under them: “What is the icelandic equivalent of a sheepdog?”
Ross: “That explains why, 1, I’ve lost that competition, and 2, I’ve been banned from Crofts!”

Brian’s not really collaborating with everyone, but right at the start of every question he’ll have an insanely inspired, and really funny, answer. I’ll give him that.

Alan, after Stephen explains the Genghis Khan- icelandic volcano connection: “So what do we have to pronounce?”
Stephen: “Now, THAT’S WHAT- how did you know I was going to ask that as a supplementary question?”
Alan: “…I thought you already did.”
Stephen: “Oh, did I already say it-”
Alan, realizing: “Well, that or I read it off the autocue…”

The whole panel takes turns trying to pronounce the Icelandic volcano. Alan comes closest. Ross’s is too silly. Brian BELTS IT OUT, MAKES IT SOUND NEARLY KLINGON.
Stephen: “…you may have set it off again, by doing that…”

Sean: “I think the umlaut changes things a bit, and I think they way you’re supposed to pronounce it is ‘….ETCH!..”

After Stephen gives the actual pronunciation.
Ross: “And is that translated as ‘Big Smokey Bastard?’
Alan: “Or ‘You Will Go By Ferry’?”

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 3.11.18 PM.pngStephen: “These are icelandic. What’dyou reckon they are?”
Alan: “….LEGS.”
Stephen: “Yeah. If I were to tell you that those are empty, does that help?”
Alan: “….HOLLOW LEGS.”
Ross: “Oh, are they Icelandic Cock Pants?”

This week’s Prop Interlude involves trying to pull two interled phonebooks apart. It works so well on Sean and Brian’s side that Sean falls out of his chair and onto Brian’s lap.
And then, Sean, as he emerges from under the desk, bellows, in honor of Brian, “SEAAANN’S ALLIIIIIIVEEEE!”

Stephen, to Sean: “How come your water hasn’t spilled?”
Sean: “It’s an old trick- yeah, me and Brian have been doing this trick for years…”

After 30 seconds of hysterical struggling, and throwing the phone books round with fury, Alan finally separates them.

Stephen, as another prop, hands the teams a sticky ‘lubed rod.’
Alan: “He’s been trying to get me to do this for YEARS…”
Sean: “Sorry, Stephen, but this contravenes my superinjunction…”
[Yeah, but Ian told me…]

And then, they do this Alaskan olympic sport…and Sean falls out of the chair YET AGAIN…

Alan, once again, gets the Nobody Knows bonus because he’s one of the few that remembers it exists.

Stephen explains the members of the expedition bringing all of these random things with them while under heavy lead poisioning
Sean: “I can imagine they went to open a really disappointing shop”

Stephen talks of Scott bringing a player-piano to the arctic, mostly because on his first expedition he’d brought a real one “only to discover that nobody on board could play”

Brian Blessed is capable of adding his own arctic knowledge to Stephen’s stories, in a doubly interesting way. As Stephen tells the story of Scott who raced to the South Pole, and Amundson of Norway who beat him to it, Blessed tells the addendum of how Amundson’s wife informed him of Scott’s death while Amundson was in the bathtub, to which he replied “he’s beaten me to it!”, and that in death he’d conquered the territory Amundsen had physically claimed. It’s a very interesting element.
Ross: “What he should have said was ‘can I have his piano?”

Stephen: “What happens when a penguin steps on a landmine?”
Alan: …I dare say nothing at all-”
Sean, being Sean: “IT FLIES!”

Stephen talks of whalers burning penguins for the oil, which frightens the audience but cracks up Ross
Sean: “That’s brilliant! ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’ ‘I’ve just finished BURNING UP THESE PENGUINS SO I CAN BOIL THIS WHALE!’ THAT’S a job!”

Stephen, as with the rest of this series, let’s a special guest go on about his specialist subject; here, Brian is allowed to discuss Yetis, and the place of the abominable snowman, which, in being an arctic explorer, he knows quite a bit about.

Brian, in discussing with Stephen, brings up a ton of intriguing dialogue about yetis, and belief of such, and while it’s not funny and doesn’t involve the other players, it’s still very eye-opening, and I’m glad he’s on the program.

Stephen: “Why did the Spanish Duke of Alba invest in 7,000 pairs of ice skates?”
Sean: “Because he was a millipede.”
Oh, gosh, I’m gonna miss him on this show

Sean goes on a tangent about show-jumping. Dare I say it, but is Ross Noble really the voice of reason on this panel?

Stephen talks of the Spanish buying all the ice-skates for an ice war, just to be safe.
Ross: “THERE IS a Saturday Night program I would watch. It’s Celebrity WAR ON ICE.”
Alan: “Here come the Spanish, they’ve never skated before! WHOOPS! Look out, Manuel, it’s cold!”

Stephen has everyone a cup of ice cream, and asks them to give tasting notes.

Stephen reveals that it’s fox testicle ice cream. Alan sickly scoops one more bite. Ross feverishly shovels more in.
Ross: “Oh, I KNEW IT! I’m a SLAVE to a fox’s bollock, me…”
Stephen: “Well I’m playing with words here, because it’s not ACTUALLY from the testicles of a fox-”

Brian gets a klaxon (?????) for saying igloos are made from blue ice.
Alan: “GLUE!”
Stephen: “Nice thought”
Alan: “Is it actually an apple glue, and it actually is…”
Stephen, getting it: “…iGlue…”

Stephen: “Now, what d’you say to a husky to make it go?”
Panel: “…..”

Brian talks about being in Mongolia and having just a giant wolf in his tent. “It adored me, and I gave it mars bars and such…”

He talks about getting back to his tent with the dog after a hike, and goes “…you have to understand, ladies and gentlemen, even at my age, in my 70s, I’M A RANDY BASTARD. AND I WAS MISSING MY WIFE, HORRIBLY. SO I TOOK THIS GREAT BIG BLOODY WOLF…”
Eventually, this story has a happy ending; Brian just sings a love song to him, and gives a wholesome kiss to the wolf. No penetration, thankfully.
Sean: “You know how earlier you said you don’t suffer from altitude sickness? I THINK YA DO…”
Ross: “I think we’ve worked out- I think we know why Brian’s huskies were goin’ so fast. ‘HEY, HEY! QUICK, HE’S GAINING ON US!”

Another question, on a Loch Ness Monster fake, appeals to Ross, as he’s read up on the legend, and he’s right there with Stephen’s questions on a reporter out to get revenge
Ross: “Ah, yes, he was su- shut up, I know something!”

As he tells this story, Stephen squints a bit, as he’s gotten some details wrong. As Stephen’s about to chime in, Ross goes “If you say no, I’ll punch you in the face!”

For the finale, Stephen gives everyone specific bells, and expects them all to do a bell rendition of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’, without disaster.
Stephen is essentially stringing the four of them along, but it sort of works.

Sean loses his last show, which is sad but characteristic. ALAN WINS! THAT’S ODD!

Overall: A delightfully fun and well-balanced Christmas show. Obviously Brian wasn’t up to the speed of the other three, but he gave a great deal of information himself, and it was good enough just to have Brian Blessed on QI; the others were also great at responding to his stories, especially the wolf one. Sean was nice here, but this was essentially a passing of the torch to Ross Noble, who was doing his weird, panel-carrying schtick better than he was. Ross is great not only at connecting, but at weird jokes; Sean, also good at both, could battle no longer.

MVP: Ross
Best Guest: Ross
Show Winner: Alan
Best QI Fact: ice skates for the war
Best Runner: Icelandic accent

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S09E03, or Clive, What Are You Doing in My Closet?

As I said before, when Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson scoured their rolodexes for American talent, they look to new places, but they also looked for old contacts, anybody who wanted to come back and re-Americanize the show. Tonight, we see two people that haven’t appeared on the show in a while. For one, his improv career would be invigorated. For the other…it’d be less than that.

Brad Sherwood’s last appearance was the US run of Series 4, working predominantly with Ryan and Greg, and…surprisingly only briefly working with his future comedy partner Colin Mochrie (yes, in case you didn’t know, Colin and Brad tour together as a double improv act. I’ve seen them live. They’re wonderful, and super nice.) Bringing him back was an inspired, but understandable choice; Brad’s two episodes weren’t exactly fraught with bad improv choices, and his return was only delayed by a desire to return to predominantly british performers. Brad would be back for SEVERAL shows this season, typically being paired with Steve Frost.

If Brad’s return was gracious and welcome, Mike McShane’s return was seriously unlikely, as he still felt scorn and betrayal after being told by the producers that the American audiences wouldn’t enjoy seeing a man of Mike’s stature doing improv. He also hated how they threw Tony under the rug. So, his return, a short-lived, single-appearance gig, would be under less than favorable circumstances. The jovial, high-energy Mike wouldn’t always appear during this episode.

Okay, that’s enough setup. Brad, Mike, Colin, Ryan. Together, at last. On with the show:

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 6.56.35 PM.pngThis…is not the Mike we’re used to. Less hair, greyer hairs, and a very determined death stare…and this is top, or, well, bottom, of the show.

Clive describes Brad as somebody who’s becoming a new favorite on the show, so maybe this one didn’t tape before some of his other shows.

Questions Only: A Passionate French Love Story

Mike: “Do you remember the first time we met?”
Brad, immediately himself: “Wasn’t that before you were a Spice Girl?”

Mike’s improv hasn’t changed- he embraces Brad in his arms immediately.

Ryan and Mike’s scene is pretty great, as you can tell their earlier chemistry still works after 2 years. Mike stumps Ryan by saying something in French, to which Ryan responds “…I wish I knew what that meant.”

Mike and Brad’s chemistry, again, gets very close
Brad: “Are you going to kiss me now?”
Mike: “Am I going to give you a tongue-slathing? YES!”
Annnd Mike grabs Brad and kisses him. It takes him ONE GAME to return to his old habit. Fantastic.
Clive: “…I’m buzzing you out, Brad, to spare you further punishment.”
Brad, as he heads back to the step, slips Mike an imaginary card and mouths “call me”

Ryan slowly approaches
Mike: “ARE YOU NEXT??”
Ryan: [shrugs and heads back to the step]
Mike: [gives a DAMMIT motion]

Brad, reentering: “Did you have garlic for dinner?”
Mike, cracking up: “Did you notice the flex?”
Brad: “NOTICE?”
Brad, cracking, returns to the step.
Mike, in between giggles: “But that’s a question!”
I imagine Colin’s gotta be relaxing

Ryan, entering: “…have you seen my accent?”
Mike: “…this small, imperfect thing over here, you mean?”
Mike, internally: “THERE we go.”

Colin, fluent in French, says a whole line in french, asking for a cigarette
Ryan: “…who the hell are you?”

Clive sadly ends it there. I would have preferred that Colin got a few more lines, but…it was a long enough game either way, and it was basically the Mike show, which is nice.

Sound Effects – Colin is arriving at the honeymoon suite with his wife on their wedding night. Ryan provides sound effects.

The scene begins with Colin carrying his, albeit heavy, wife through the doorway, and plopping her onto the bed. Ryan adds a loud crashing sound as she lands.

Ryan’s goofy, faux-suave noises make Colin’s character especially goofy. He shakes a drink, and opens the top, only for it to spurt everywhere like a garden hose. In order to stop the flow, he puts it to his mouth and swallows a bunch. Then, realizing there’s none left for his wife, he adds a cute little shrug.

Colin, in the bathroom, puts deodorant on both armpits, then…turns around…and puts it somewhere else. Then…there’s an audible ‘BOING!’ Colin has to tie it to his leg with a towel. It’s amusing as hell

And then, of course, the second he picks her up again, she’s asleep. Clive takes a few seconds too many to end the game, but it’s still a pretty nice one.

Number of Words – Ryan (3 words) is Dr. Frankenstein, Colin (2 words) is his monster, Mike (1 word) is Igor, and Brad (5 words) is the chief of police.

Ah yes, around this point Number of Words playings would become a bit more high concept. This will be especially evident this and next episode

Brad is already chuckling when he hears Clive’s given him 5 words. Upon entering, he bounds in, going “Dr. Frankenstein, you’ve done bad.”

Brad: “Your monster is an” […yeah, that works] “ABOMINATION!”
Ryan, as if it’ll change anything: “HIS NAME’S GARY!”
Mike: “GA-RY?”
Colin: “…..GARY GARY.”

Ryan: “He’ll be PRESIDENT!”
Brad: “No he won’t. He’s…freaky!”

Colin, after seeing himself in the mirror: “ME DISAPPOINTED!”
Ryan: “No, Gary, No!”

There’s a frenzied end of this, where Colin lunges at Brad. Mike, finally figuring something to do, lunges around the other side of Brad, going “SANDWICH!”

Funny enough, but the looseness of concept prevented the game from fully taking off; at times Mike didn’t know what to do

Hoedown: Tight Trousers (and Pasta)

Ryan IMMEDIATELY BOUNDS TOWARDS THE STEP IN THE MOST SARCASTIC WAY IN A WHILE. Perhaps too many renditions of “a bit more up, Ryan” from Dan

Mike’s is…not much

Brad goes for the opposite suggestion: “I think pasta is religious, in fact I think it’s holy
I cover myself in marinara, and pans of ravioli
I sometimes clean al dente, by using it like floss
And then I stir it my pants to make the special sauce”
MY GOD. Not since ‘LOTS OF WARM RUNNY BRIE’ has Brad gone for the dirty joke like that in a hoedown. He looks a bit ashamed by it, too

Colin: “Sure, sometimes it cuts off my circulation, but I-”
He then realizes the only rhyme for ‘circulation’ is gonna make him have to do another one of these hoedowns, and faints.
Mike, as it’s been years since he’s seen Colin pull a Colin, applauds

A nice enough hoedown. It’s kind of odd that it’s not last in the show, though.

Weird Newscasters – Brad is the anchor, Colin (a bad stand-up comedian) is the co-anchor, Ryan (Elvis Presley) is the weatherman, and Mike (has been sacked and it’s his last day) is the sports presenter.

Colin would do a similar version of this quirk during Season 1 of the US version, with some of the same jokes.

Brad: “Why don’t you tell them about the genocide-”
Colin: “Oh yes, a horrible accident at the popcorn factory. Fifteen colonels were killed.”
[Kernels. Colin doubles over again]

Mike’s quirk is SO INDICATIVE of his conundrum in coming back. Mike’s first line is “yeah…everybody wins…I lose.”

Ryan’s Elvis is, again, a fantastic impression. And he handles it pretty well.

The game wraps up, and, again, Mike had only 1 line, and not enough to do. Perhaps he didn’t understand the game, and thought Brad would interact more with him, but he just had his one line. And it wasn’t enough to drive home the quirk.

Party Quirks – Brad is the host. His guests are Mike (tyrannical European conductor), Colin (can’t stop doing Riverdance), and Ryan (various things caught in a tornado).

More Brad proctoring! Fun!

Brad, premiering a joke he’s use with Drew, establishes the stage space, and opens a door, saying “…Clive, what are you doing in my closet?”

Mike, entering: “You have Shostakovich on. Shostakovich should have been killed by Stalin. PTUI!”

Colin’s is…diabolical, but he smiles throughout it, as you can see how painful this is.

Ryan manages to throw a ton of things into his tornado, like a cow, a taxi, and…Clive. He goes into “all that remains is to thank our contestants” before going back into cacophonous nonsense. Clive enjoys the nod, though

All in all, it takes Brad a minute to guess everyone, but it doesn’t feel truncated. Everyone has a chance to be funny, and Brad has a chance to interact with them all, making this a better Party Quirks playing.

Moving People – Ryan is on a very early emergency call at Colin’s farm to deliver a calf.

Clive talks to someone in a GWAR shirt, saying “you’ve got the scumbags of the universe on your shirt there…oh, it’s named after this show, isn’t it?”

Colin, starting the scene with his arms wide open: “I can’t hold her legs open much longer!”

Ryan’s bending over shaking Colin’s hand, and Orly goes to move his nearest foot to Colin
Ryan, semi-out-of-character: “…I can’t put the weight off of that foot, or I’ll fall!”

Orly, Ryan’s mover, keeps moving the SHIT out of him, which is nice, but with someone like Ryan it’s tough.

This game works because it’s a cross between Ryan playing an eccentric and Colin having to deal with him…and Ryan playing someone credible and the audience member making him look weird. And there’s a lot of effectiveness in just how Ryan won’t look at the right thing.

Orly puts Ryan’s hand on Colin’s face in a very plot-heavy moment.
Ryan, without a choice: “What I’m saying is after this is over…how about we get a drink somewhere.”

Not a bad one, as Ryan had a lot to handle, and Colin was a great straight man.

Greatest Hits – Ryan and Colin advertise “Songs of the DIY Centre,” sung by Mike and Brad.

Brad and Mike’s disco song is pretty good, but they cut away before Mike’s about to sing. Again, there’s an alarming trend of the editors butchering Mike McShane’s material, perhaps in an effort to boost the other three’s US-audience potential. So…they’re doing Mike dirty, even if he agreed to come back on the condition that they wouldn’t. That…is thirteen flavors of wrong.

Colin: “Yeah, I feel like hammering something right now…”
Ryan: “Not me I hope!”
Colin, chuckling: “No…”

Colin: “Remember that great protest song….”WHAT THE HELL IS IT WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS?”

Mike does take the lead on this Simon-and-Garfunkel-esque number, leading with “Part X goes to Part Y, then you die.” Brad gives some fantastic harmony with him, as well

Brad, giving the most on the nose line: “This thing needs fixin, and we hate Richard Nixon”

Mike gives his exuberance and energy to the 70’s Reggae number, channeling Jimmy Cliff in starting with a megaphone proclamation of sorts

Brad, on the other hand, gives a sillier, more goofy reggae voice, with the vocal hooks, more of the stereotypical reggae thing, in comparison to Mike’s emotional yelling.

Still, on the reggae number, Brad and Mike are eventually able to work together, do some unison vocal hooks and work off of each other’s lines and work towards the same outcome. It’s a pretty good number overall.

At the end of the game, Brad and Mike give a very polite handshake as they head back to the seats, as their duo effort made the game pretty great, despite Mike’s issues.

Overall: A step down from the first two shows of the season, but not without its charm. When all four players were in tune, like in Questions Only and Greatest Hits, the games were electric. Still, some games were a bit foreign to Mike, and from the way he was edited and his general demeanor in some of the games, you can tell this was a down night for him. True, his energy and vigor was seen in several games on the night, but for the most part you could tell it wasn’t all genuine. He was doing this for the money, not for the appreciation of it. The producers needed an American, and Mike McShane took the easy paycheck, and didn’t come back.

Still, this show meant a lot toward the future of the series, as you saw how well Brad could connect to not only Mike, but Ryan and Colin. It felt natural seeing him up there, even 5 years later. He’d only get more comfortable as the series went on. And Ryan and Colin, of course, continued to excel.

Show Winner: Mike
Best Performer: TIE between Ryan and Brad. Statistically this was hella close, as both dominated the same number of games, so I’m not breaking this up. They both won the show- Brad for showing his versatility and openness, and Ryan for carrying games and not cracking under pressure (even in Moving People)
Worst Performer: Sadly, Mike McShane. At times it felt like he wasn’t on the same page as the other three, and that’s a shame.
Best Game: Questions Only, where all four performers, save for maybe Colin, are able to shine with one another
Worst Game: Weird Newscasters. Just had the least to it.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S09E02, or Not Done With That Banana?

So, we covered Episode 1, and while a bit different, it was still normal for WL, especially considering we’d just gotten off of Series 8. Now…we move to Episode 2, and now things begin to get a little weirder.

This is another Greg-Colin-Ryan, as most of the weirder ones this series are, but the fourth seater is Karen Maruyama, one of the first attempts to breed new blood from North American improv theaters. Karen came from the Groundlings in Los Angeles, and this would NOT be the last time the show would draw from that well (roughly half of ‘The Black Version” has appeared on Whose Line at least once). Karen is also famous for keeping many of her Groundlings connections to this day–she’s still a friend of Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, who cast her in a small role in this year’s Life of the Party. Her best known mainstream role is playing a housekeeper in The Campaign, and she steals every scene she’s in.

Karen would end up being one of the flagship female performers of the early US run, and she often is forgotten about in terms of her contribution to the show. Let’s see how she stacks up to the other three titans of improvisation.

Superheroes: Perishing Elastic (and Painful Nipple Erections)
Greg: Muscle Zimmer Man
Ryan: Seductive Eating Man
Colin: Incoherent Boy
Karen: Shampoo Commercial Woman

In the annals of Greg-Clive banter, one instance reigns supreme. And it might be this very one.

Clive: “Mr. Muscle! That’s not bad. Can we combine that with a little sort of humor as well?”

Clive: “And what is the problem he’s solving?”
Audience member, matter-of-factly: “..Painful nipple erections.”
Clive, shaking his head, turns right to the guy that said it. AS DOES THE ENTIRE PANEL. GREG LITERALLY WALKS OVER AND LOOKS AT HIM.
Greg: “That can’t be right!”
Clive: “Painful nipple erections may be YOUR problem, but it’s scarcely…a worldwide problem. I’ll see you afterwards…hell, I can see you from here. I wondered what was nudging me in the back while I was, ANYWAY-”

Greg is confused by ‘perishing elastic’
Clive, taking the wrong part of that: “Elastic is a substance we have over here, it stretches…and things fall down, and stop.”
Greg, having just about enough of this over the last 7 years: “…when’s it gonna stop, huh? The aggression?”
Clive, without even batting an eye: “When are you gonna give us our colonies back?”
As the audience applauds this, Greg nods.

Clive, trying to get on with it: “So you’re Mr. Muscle, Mr. Zimmer Man-”
Greg, still not done: “YOUR colonies…”
Clive: “And there’s perishing elastic-”
Greg, to the camera: “CLIVE’S colonies.”

Greg: “We call zimmer frames walkers. Just for our American friends.”
Clive: “Oh, okay. They’re crisps over here. And you’re just one letter away from what we call you…”

Greg: “My god, my strength is so enormous that I always crush this zimmer frame. Here, I’ll throw it at the prat with the bald head.”

Ryan: “Sorry I’m late, I was bungee jumpin’ and got stuck.”

Greg takes about 5 extra seconds to come up with ‘Seductive Eating Man’.
Ryan, without batting an eye: “Banana?”

Colin, entering: “Sorry I’m late, but I wasn’t on time.”
Ryan, still deepthroating the banana: “Thank god you’re here Incoherent Boy”
Colin: “……MONKEY LUKE.”
[Gee, I wonder where THAT came from. She goes by Monkey Kinley now, for the record, but I digress]

Karen, entering and ALREADY CEMENTING HER STATUS ON THE SHOW: “Sorry I’m late, I had a PAINFUL nipple erection.”

Karen not only nails her quirk, and has enough asides to the camera, but, and this is a rarity for the UK version, she actually finds a solution to the crisis, instead of just leaving. She makes a proactive choice, and solves the problem. This is proof that the Groundlings actually new a thing or two about objective-based improv.

Colin stands confusedly about
Greg: “It’s time for you to go now! Or as you say, BLING BLANG, POBOLOLOBLA!”
Colin nods and leaves

Ryan remains, still deepthroating the SAME EXACT BANANA
Greg, seeing this: “….not done with that banana?”
Ryan: “Yeah.”

Then, as Ryan exits, “to go by some kiwifruit”, he literally moonwalks to the step while still deepthroating the banana. It’s fantastic

A pretty masterful Superheroes playing, as it’s one of the few that satisfies the complete specifications of the game, as well as having 4 really funny Superheroes, some banter, and an actual good solution.

Let’s Make a Date: Greg chooses
Karen: a call girl
Colin: first-time nudist
Ryan: thinks Greg’s the ugliest woman in the world

Clive, explaining the game: “And this could be really fun, or it could just provide Greg with a social life at last.”

Karen goes one step further with her quirk and becomes a Thai call girl, the sleaziest, ending her first round with a ‘i love you hard and long’
Greg: “…well, that answers my first question.”

Greg: “Do you believe in sleeping together on the first date?”
Ryan: “…not without a bag over your head?”
Ryan slowly brings up a ‘sign of the cross’ with his finger

Greg: “You sound very nice and accommodating”
Karen: “Mmmhm, for 5 dollar I treat you real nice”
Greg: “………..I LIKE SHOPPING. If we were gonna go shopping where would you take me?”
Karen: “I would take you to Sporting Good store, where we would buy some ping pong balls and I could keep you up ALLLLL NIIIIIGHT.”
Dear god, why don’t people remember her more? She’s doing great so far

Colin: “Are these seats vinyl???”
Colin’s physicality in adjusting himself is hysterical, as he’s trying not to show anything. Clive’s loving that

Greg: “Number 3, I love boxing, do you?”
Ryan: “…uhh, it’s obvious YOU do…”

Clive: “And number 3 is?”
Greg: “…A BIG JERK is what he is-”
Clive: “Yes, but who is he pretending to be?”
[FOR SHAME?? Ryan’s one of the nice ones!]

Greg only gets Karen, but it’s still a nice enough version of the game. All three quirks worked really well, and I loved Colin’s shuffling around and nervousness.

World’s Worst- Chat-up Line

Karen: “These implants are biodegradable…”

Colin takes a few seconds before going: “…you know I have wooden legs, and I know how to get rid of splinters.”
As the audience gets it, he has this confused expression, as if he has no idea how he came up with that one.

Ryan: “Sure I like to have sex, but it’s hard to find four or five hours during the day.”
Clive: “…That’s a GOOD line!”

Colin: “….Wanna hear a Hoedown?”
Greg loves that one

Karen: “You look just like my dad…”
Greg: “So, you’re the Duchess of York. D’you wanna go to an all-you-can-eat place?”

Dead Bodies: Ryan and Karen are a boyfriend and girlfriend at the beach; Greg is a muscular rival. Colin moves them all.

Oh lord, this game returns…

This one starts innocently enough. However, eventually Colin realizes that in order for Ryan to successfully apply suntan lotion to Karen, he needs to move her closer, so he tips her chair over so she’s right on Ryan. Thankfully, this is the playing where Karen’s chair stays on the ground.

Of course, Colin slumps Karen over Ryan’s lap, which leads to an easy visual.

Colin, as Ryan: “How’s that?”
Colin, as Karen on Ryan’s lap: “MPHHMSPPHHMMM”
Ryan: [breaks]

Colin’s next trick is standing Greg up, and then going back over to Ryan and Karen without letting Greg fall. So, as Colin operates Karen, Greg just leans on Colin’s back

Colin, as Karen: “Oh, no, it’s the bully! It’s the beach bully! Stand up for me.”
Colin, as Ryan, with Greg on his back: “…actually I think I’ll sit for a while.”

Colin realizes there should be some sort of conclusion, so Colin, not even moving Ryan’s mouth as much as his bottom lip, goes “…ALRIGHT…I AM GOING TO JUMP UP…TO A HEIGHT OF SIX FEET…GO COMPLETELY HORIZONTAL…AND THEN KICK YOU INTO YESTERDAY, MISTER.”
Colin, realizing the better way of ending this scene, as Greg: “….oh, I’m scared.”
He then shuffles Greg offstage

A quainter, simpler, and slightly less funny Dead Bodies, made great though by Colin’s force of will

Mission Impossible – Greg gives Ryan and Colin a mission to catch hairy caterpillars.

Ah yes. And now we follow the unmistakably hilarious 9×01 playing

Greg, in the intro, is stumbling over a few words, and making some gaffes. He ends with “this…mission will self destruct before this tape makes sense.”
[Audience laughter]
Greg: “BOOM!”

Ryan: “Look, I just want you to know- if I don’t make it back, I want you to have my thong.”

Colin, with some plot convenience: “MY GOD, LOOK! THE HAIRY CATERPILLAR FARM!”
Ryan shakes his head
Colin: “D’YA THINK??”
Ryan: “I hope there’s not admission, I’m broke”
Clive’s cackling at this

Colin and Ryan brainstorm ways to keep the caterpillars
Colin: “I have a better idea. We put one on my head, make it look like hair.”
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.03.07 PM.png

Colin: “You better go get it?”
Ryan: “Why me??”
Colin: “It’s your last mission! If you die…who cares?”

Ryan grabs the huge caterpillar, and puts it on Colin’s head, when he just starts moving his head around aimlessly, carrying the weight. Then, Ryan holds a mirror up in front of his head and starts combing it.

Ryan, taking after Colin, tries to pull the whole ‘the caterpillar’s ticking’ gag, and throws it off to the side.
Ryan: “…it didn’t explode, he must have just had a watch on.”

Colin ends the scene by doing the ‘Hairy Caterpillar Mating Dance’, which lures them all out of the tree. It’s a fantastic visual, one that Clive can’t help but end on.

Like Dead Bodies, this game paled in comparison to the last playing, but was still a lot of fun, and had some nice moments.

Party Quirks – Greg is the host. His guests are Karen (infomercial for exercise equipment), Colin (keeps waking up during an operation), and Ryan (a dog in a car).

Clive: “I presume the party’s in full swing?”
Greg: “Yes it is, it’s a ‘come as Colin doing a dinosaur’ party.”
[Greg proceeds to do his best impression of Colin’s dinosaur impression. Colin even nods in approval.”]
Clive: “Well, let’s hope he doesn’t. Colin’s very good at doing a dinosaur, unlike, say, you.”
Greg, once again not taking this shit: “…You know I could sit in the chair and smart off, and you could get your butt up here and work!”
Clive, as he rings the doorbell: “You oughta get a better agent”
Greg goes and opens the door, and then closes it, looking right at Clive, going “Oh, I can hold this door closed as long as you have quips.”
The audience applauds this. Greg’s about to open it, and go ‘but I won’t!’
Clive: “What are you hoping to do?? Wear my finger out???? I’ve got loads of practice with this finger!”

Karen’s imitable energy is worthy of attention, as she’s using a strained voice and challenging Greg to hit her

Colin’s quirk cracks me up, especially as he keeps passing out at the exact right time.
Greg, seeing a golden opportunity: “Hey, Karen, look, your date’s here!”

Ryan, immediately:
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.15.03 PM.png

Greg makes the mistake of leaving all 3 onstage together, so the energetic Ryan and Karen and the screaming Colin all blur together

Greg does manage to get everyone, though Colin takes the longest, as his yelling of “I SHOULDN’T BE SEEING THIS” gives it away.

Hoedown: Giving Birth

Greg bobs his head to the opener verse, with an annoyed smirk, as if he’s heard a million of these fucking Hoedowns by now.

Greg: “But when I go into the room and have those little drugs,
The audience applauds, and Clive, chalking up another tally for himself, grins.
Greg: “You know…failing is one of the major parts of television…”
Clive: “yeeeeah, yeah…”

Greg does eventually get a workable one out, inverting his original verse to end with “so she doesn’t cry I hope she takes a lot of drugs.” Karen, Colin, and the audience cheer him on.

Karen: “Having a baby should be given to men
Cause, when I had mine I killed my OBGYN…”

Colin: “Just seeing this filled me with ecstasy
The thing I liked best was THANK GOD IT WASN’T ME!”

Ryan talks of being so excited about childbirth that he parks right at the woman’s feet
“They called the police on me, so I’m heading out the door
Apparently because she’s never seen me before!”
BRILLIANT! Great way to end the hoedown, and the show!

Once Clive calls that Greg, Ryan and Karen have won, Colin applauds, only to realize he’s the only one that didn’t win, and slumps back down.

Overall: Not quite as good as E1, but still fantastic, with coherency between all four, and a newcomer that showed only a few signs of immaturity. You can tell Karen was not only well versed in improv, but also studied up on the show after she got the audition, and made sure she was good at the short form rounds as well as the long form rounds she was more famous for in LA. She fit in well with the 3 regulars, especially Greg. Speaking of Greg, he, along with Colin, was one of the two MVPs of the show. Greg’s strength was less involving improv and more involving fucking with Clive, which he did THE ENTIRE SHOW. It was kinda amusing. Colin, though, made the best improv moves, the wackiest moments, and continued his recent streak. Ryan was kind of quiet this show, if we’re being honest.

Show Winners: Ryan, Karen and Greg
Best Performer: Colin Mochrie yet again, for using the best improv moves, especially in games where he wasn’t always the spotlight
Worst Performer: Ryan Stiles. He just had the least to do, imo, aside from the banana deepthroating
Best Game: Superheroes, for being the most well-balanced, and for having some incredible banter at the beginning.
Worst Game: Nothing really stood out as bad, so I’m going with World’s Worst because it had the least amount of funny stuff.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S09E01, or You’re Gonna Have To Go In There

Forgive the soonness of this one, but we’re about to enter an era of Whose Line that I’ve always wanted to go in depth about.

In my opinion, Whose Line in the UK had three turning points.

  1. Series 5, when Ryan Stiles becomes a regular and the last all-Brit show happens
  2. Series 7 Episode 6, Tony and Mike’s last show, when the reins are practically handed to Ryan and Colin for the rest of the run
  3. Series 9. When Whose Line UK becomes an American product

Around this time, Dan and co. were very aware of their show’s appeal on their American market. Their decision to expel Tony and Mike had to do just as much with Tony’s mental health than it did with appealing to American audience who were now seeing this show on Comedy Central, on an accessible time slot. This was Americans’ first venture into improv comedy, and Dan and Mark have the power to alter this viewpoint. So, in order to capitalize on this, they decided to not have bawdy humorists like Tony or overweight humorists like Mike on the show anymore. [I, as an American, would argue that obesity would still appeal to Americans, but I digress]

By the end of S8, Dan and Mark would realize that in order to appeal FURTHER to Comedy Central audiences, they would need to make their show even more American. So, the new British semi-regulars they started piping in in S7? Gone. Bye, Caroline and Niall. The remaining UK semi-regulars? This would be their last full season of appearances. The UK performers would be limited to one per show, with the exception of one…strange case…which I’m also excited to talk about.

In making the show more American, Dan and Mark would begin to open the floodgates in North America for the first time since Series 4, and start looking for talent at improv theatres like Second City and the Groundlings, as well as asking established stars and friends of performers if they’d like to come on (two iterations of which…did not work whatsoever). Hell, they even searched America for former US-hailing Whose Line performers who’d stopped attending tapings due to high plane ticket costs, or…being asked not to return due to a weight problem, and being especially bitter about it (and yes, we will get to that one as well.)

This series would feature a then-record of nineteen total episodes, with compilations in the middle of the series rather than the end. The majority of the tapings would be used for multiple episodes, rather than just stagnating the initial episodes first and then going to cobbling. This expanded series would be engineered solely towards being broadcast in America, in hopes of creating more of a market for the show, and for improv. Would it work? Well…sort of. There would be a market for improv, and there would be more American influence to this show, but it would be only partially thanks to Series 9 of Whose Line. As a matter of fact, the American influence of Dan and Mark’s Whose Line is it Anyway would be multiplied by a very famous friend and costar of Ryan’s, who would eventually get wind of the show. But we’ll get to him in Series 10.

That’s a lot of build-up for a Rory Bremner episode, I know. But it’s some stuff I’ve wanted to write about for a while. For better or for worse, Whose Line is it Anyway would feel a lot different during Series 9. And you’ll see the differences immediately when we get to Episode 1, featuring a familiar pairing of Greg-Rory-Colin-Ryan. Fun Fact: This is the only episode of Whose Line not easily accessible on YouTube, thanks to a game that we’ll get to later.

Clive mentions the ‘unchanging’ face of Greg Proops, though Greg looks a bit older and less hip than he’s ever been on the show, looking more like his US-era self.

Let’s Make a Date: Greg chooses
Rory – Princess Diana
Colin – 1940s gangster squealer,
Ryan – Hollywood star doing photo shoot.

For the first time in a while, the show would have a clear opener, in LMAD, which would carry into the US version.

Clive, explaining the game: “And if he gets it right, he goes out with them; and if he gets it wrong, he goes out with ME…”

[This episode aired a month and a half before Princess Diana’s death. Thank god they went with this episode first…]

Greg asks Colin what type of sauces he likes
Colin: “I like all sauces…all types of sauces…look for a sauce that holds Big Eddie DeLuca…”

Ryan’s is great. He just keeps doing more and more poses for the camera, looking more and more vain, as Greg tries to start asking questions.

Greg: “Where would you take me to eat?”
Rory: “…well, you’d have to buy a dress because I haven’t got any left…”

Colin: “Lemme tell ya something, don’t pick #3. That’s all. YA DIDN’T HEAR IT FROM ME. THAT’S ALL.”
Ryan: [poses]

Greg, in an echo of one of the last few LMADs, guesses Rory was the Duchess of York, which is a callback to when he thought Caroline as the Duchess of York was Princess Diana.

Not a bad one to start the series with, though we’re gonna see a lot of this game.

Animals: Colin a sheep being comforted by his mother (Greg) after a bad first date with the local stud ram (Ryan).

Colin and Greg are amused by the fact that the “local stud ram” is played, as Clive says, “for comedic purposes, by Ryan”

Colin, top of the scene, sheep voice: “Ohhh, I feel so dirty.”

Greg: “Why, I oughta Bo Peep you this instant-”
Ryan: “HEEEEYYY. She lied to me. Virgin wool my ass.”
Greg: “You said you wanted a sweater, and instead you got a screamer.”
DEAR GOD THAT LINE. Even RYAN stops and acknowledges that one

The second half of this scene is just hard to get through, though. And it goes on for a few beats too many, at which point Clive has to mercy-kill it.

Weird Newscasters:
Greg – anchor
Colin (co-anchor) – listening to a horse race on his walkman while the show’s on and his horse is actually winning,
Rory (sports presenter) – Bill Clinton,
Ryan (weatherman) – turning into a werewolf.

A debut of a game that’d eventually become a show opener itself

I will say, it is fairly nice to hear the old-school Weird Newscasters theme again, as it’d be carried over to the US version.

Greg: “We have got a hot and heavy weekend of sports ahead of us, don’t we, Bill?”
Rory: “Well, ah’ve got a hot and heavy weekend ahead, but that’s nuthin’ to do with sports.”

What’s interesting about this game here is how dynamic-based it is. Later, it’d become more about individual performance, but here the performances kind of depend on each other.

Ryan, of course, has the physicality to take this quirk, especially as a gradual transformation. Then, for the first time in Whose Line history, someone, Ryan, knocks over a background chair and cavorts about the back of the stage–this would be a staple of the US version.

The scene does end with Colin’s horse winning, and him yelling “SCREW YOU” at everyone in sight. Suddenly, as Colin, celebrates, FROM THE FAR CORNER OF THE STUDIO, OUT OF SIGHT, WE HEAR RYAN HOWLING. It’s the silliest goddamned detail, and I love it.

A pretty nice start to the game, as there’s more emphasis on weird dynamics then there is the general performance. I did like this very much, especially Ryan taking on the studio.

World’s Worst: Person to Present a Joy of Sex video

An all time classic

Greg: “I can think of so many that aren’t gonna get on the air.”
Greg steps down, then immediately gets back to where he was, going ‘no, no…”
Clive: “You don’t have to stick to members of your own family, Greg.”

Ryan: “There’s nothing better than sex with the loving words, and the soft touching, and the hard, driving power…..even better with a partner.”
Greg: “When a woman is approaching orgasm, at that time, it is appropriate to order a pizza, now-
Greg: “Now, you’re going to want to watch television after…”

[I love that one]

Ryan: “Here’s a new move that a lot of people haven’t seen, it’s called…rotisserie.”
[Ryan jerks around in a circle]
Colin gives Ryan a very confused and disturbed look when he gets back. Ryan is already completely regretting that

Rory, as Loyd Grossman: “Okay, we’re gonna give you two minutes, to deliberate, coordinate and masturbate…”

Ryan: “Hi. I’m Suzie the Vagina.”
Ryan, holding up a finger: “AND I LIKE TO BE TOUCHED-”

A wonderful, wall-to-wall hysterical World’s Worst, just with Greg rebelling against Clive, Ryan just being his usual self, and…just so many good moments.

Props: Greg and Rory vs. Ryan and Colin

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.27.17 AM.png
Greg: “My god, they’ve buried President Lincoln.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.28.04 AM.png Ryan: “Now, this is your fourth try on it. We’re gonna need that #8 by Tuesday…”

Greg struggles to carry both props at once, and tries to do binoculars, which cracks up Rory

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.29.27 AM.pngRyan: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who-”

Greg, putting the props on the ground: “…I think we’ve arrived too late, the Titanic’s  going under…”

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.30.30 AM.pngColin: “Look, I’ll give you one more chance, but we need that Olympics sign by Tuesday”

Wall-to-wall fantastic round of props, possibly one of the more creative ones in years. Hell, even Rory had some original ones.

Newsflash: Ryan and Greg throw it to Rory, reporting in front of a nudist colony

So…this one doesn’t hold back. There are actual breasts in this clip Rory goes in front of. This explains why this game usually got plucked out of US broadcasts, and why this game’s never in the cut posted on YouTube. Hulu, though, is fine with nudity.

Rory, being Rory gets right into this one, not really giving Ryan and Greg an opportunity to lead in to him.

Ryan, obviously loving what he’s seeing: “Rory, if you wouldn’t mind just moving a bit to the right…”

Ryan: “Rory, are you going to become one of them, to slip into their ranks?”
Rory: “Well, all of that of course is very much up for grabs at the moment…and indeed, so am I.”

As Rory’s going on, Greg ALSO starts liking what he’s seeing

Rory: “Well, I don’t know how you’re feeling, but I’m feeling an awful lot better standing over here.”
Greg: “Yes, so do we.”

Ryan: “Keep us abreast of the details as time goes on”
Greg, hammering it home: “YES, DON’T BE A BUM, GET BACK TO US…”

Rory does guess it, and while…I can see why that didn’t air, it’s still a very fun, very loose Newsflash, one very similar in Ryan and Colin’s questions to a US game of this.

Mission Impossible: Greg instructs Colin and Ryan to put on a pair of tights and wax a bikini line

THIS is where this game truly takes off, though

Clive amusingly gets both suggestions from the same woman–one LITERALLY AS THE GAME’S ABOUT TO START.

Greg: “…There’s a woman in Cheswick with no life whatsoever…she can’t get her tights on. Oh, and one more thing. There’s extra hair down there.”

Greg: “Remember to be careful. AND…..spit.”
Colin shuts off the tape.
Greg: “BOOM.”
Colin and Ryan look over, annoyed.
Greg: “Sorry, I didn’t tell you I was gonna destruct.”

Ryan: “One of us may not come back.”
Colin, recycling a great joke from last series: “I hope it’s you.”

For the first silly move of the game, Ryan realizes they’ll have to get into the chimney, so they both disguise as Santa and a reindeer, which is an INCREDIBLY goofy idea.

Ryan then begins to scale the chimney, and has Colin follow him, so they start going down together. Then:

Ryan gives Colin an insanely intricate action to do, involving not using his hands to get the tights, then says “good luck, I’ll read a book.”


Colin hands Ryan the machete, and he gives him an impressed but strained-laughter look. He then proceeds to cut through the hair like it’s the forest. It’s SO GENIUS. Greg even adds some jungle animal noises in the background.

Ryan: “Alright, I’m putting the wax on.”
Colin: “Got it.”
Ryan: “…’s gonna take a while with this candle…”

Ryan and Colin do a count of three and wax everything….and then realize they’ve taken her leg off as well, so they shoddily reattach it.

They get the tights on, and Colin realizes the scene has to end with some sort of conflict, so…he does this:
Colin: “Wait….d’you hear that ticking?”
Ryan: “Yeah?”
Ryan gives him…to date the most confused look he’s ever given Colin. He was NOT prepared for this concept. He even goes “…WHAT?”
Colin: “You’re gonna have to go in there.”
Ryan stifles an even bigger laugh, looking away from Colin. He cannot believe what’s happened.

Ryan: “Wait…I’ll use the two hunks of wax we’ve got as skis.”
Colin, subverting, with a chuckle: “I’m not following you.”
Ryan: “I don’t blame ya, I wouldn’t follow me either..”

Then, on the image of Ryan Stiles skiing into a hairy vagina, Clive ends the scene. At which point, Ryan looks directly at Colin, finally free to break, and goes “AW, GOD” as they head back to the seats.

Before “THE CAT”, this is the most insane this game would get, and the funniest. This game works best when Ryan and Colin throw each other for the weirdest loops, and here, when Colin made Ryan climb into a vagina to defuse a bomb, it was the weirdest loop in their history on the program. My god, that was so funny. Crude, yes, but funny.

Hoedown: World Leaders

Possibly due to the last game, Clive makes his own suggestion rather than going from the audience. This possibly makes it easier for Rory, who does a bunch of impressions in his.

Colin takes an extra verse to think about this, but he gets a funny verse out of it, ending on the line “the best thing about being a dictator is I look good in black.”

Ryan ends his on a very strained Golda Meir pun, but at least he looked ashamed of it.

Overall: It’s not everyday that we start a series with a 10 show, and yet here we are. Everyone was phenomenal, even the usually-tardier Rory Bremner, who carried a game or two tonight. Greg worked well WITH Ryan and Colin, rather than against his ideologies and on his own. The Ryan-Colin dynamic was insanely strong tonight, culminating in Mission Impossible, which made me laugh so hard. On top of that…SO MANY great games. Props and Worlds Worst were hits tonight, along with LMAD and Weird Newscasters, and obviously Mission Impossible. The most important part of this show was that it proved that even with OBVIOUS format changes, the show could still sail smoothly and make people laugh just the same as before. Would the format changes continue to let the show be itself? Only time will tell.

Show Winner: Rory
Best Performer: Colin Mochrie, for having the most original ideas, and owning the most games
Worst Performer: Rory Bremner, for bringing up the rear on a night where Colin, Ryan and Greg were all untouchable
Best Game: Mission Impossible. It was already classic even before Colin made Ryan ‘go in there’.
Worst Game: Hoedown. Just had the least to it.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E14, or The Teeth Right Off Her Gums

The final compilation from Series 8, an overall pretty great series if we’re being contemplative. Tonight’s show features everyone who has appeared on an episode this series, except for Caroline Quentin. That means Ardal O’Hanlon and Rory Bremner are on the bill tonight…for some reason.

Questions Only – Greg, Colin, Ryan, and Ardal are at a police station.
From: E7

Oh boy. Ardal O’Hanlon plays Questions. This will be fun.

I had a theory that this series’ Questions playings don’t really start until Ryan and Colin are onstage together, and that’s proved by Ryan, relieving a listless Greg, coming down and asking Colin “is there a reason you’re not wearing clothes?”

Ardal, once he relieves Colin, proves he’s alright at asking questions, but does have a bit more hesitation than necessary. Also, it feels less like he’s asking questions and more like he’s just spitting questions back in blank character.

Ardal, barely staying on task: “Would…the german shepherd have more than one leg?”
Ryan, confused both in AND out of character: “…don’t they all?”

Colin: [reenters]
Ryan: “Back again?”
Colin: “Weren’t you here last time?”
Ryan: “…aren’t I the same guy?”

Clive ends this before Greg can redeem himself…further illustrating my theory.

Solid enough game, and Ardal did well enough for himself, but comes down to its Colin-Ryan interactions

Film and Theatre Styles: Ryan and Colin (roller coaster operators)
From: E7

The audience suggestions are bypassed, perhaps to hide something vulgar, as is the game intro. We’re just thrown into this one.

Colin, tugging on something: “…seems fine to me.”
Ryan: “But the lever’s stuck. What if people are going down the hill and you can’t stop ’em because the lever’s stuck like that, Jim?”

The Elvis Presley movie style is an excuse for Ryan to show the audience that his Elvis is actually pretty incredible. It gets some great audience response.

Pink Panther:
Colin, running around on a roller coaster cart, doing his best Peter Sellers impression: “How d’yeauoou stop dis?”
Ryan, as the cartoon panther, comes in and stops it completely. Mixing the Sellers and the cartoon opening. Ryan, who’s clearly seen more of the cartoons than the movies, shrugs, and starts licking himself.
Ryan: “No…”
Clive: “You thought it was an actual panther!”
Ryan: “YES!”

Quentin Tarantino:
Colin: “…you know what they call this ride in France?”
Ryan: “No, what do they call this ride in France?”
Colin: “…la puk-ee royale.”

We end before Ryan can prove HE’S seen Pulp Fiction, but all in all it’s a fun enough scene.

Let’s Make a Date – Greg is the bachelorette. The bachelors are Niall (a show jumping commentator), Colin (a hypochondriac), and Ryan (obsessed by erotica).
From: E5

Like the last game, this one gets RIGHT TO THE ACTION

Something about Niall’s show jumping voice makes me laugh. I don’t know what, though.

Ryan is great here, just riling off sexy details about bananas, and just keeping this stare locked in the same place.

This isn’t a very funny scene in terms of interplay, but all three are just really good at these quirks. It’s very simple in that regard, but I am definitely amused, especially by Niall and Ryan

Clive asks Greg if he has any ideas
Greg: “…I dunno, I’m still kinda dwelling on #3…”
Ryan: “Well think harder. HARDER.”
Then, right after that, we get a rare wide shot of the stage, and Ryan’s purring in relation to Greg at the other end of the stage. I dunno why, but it’s a really interesting cut.

Greg guesses the first two, then gets to Ryan
Greg: “…#3 is a Tory cabinet minister…”

Psychiatrist -Josie is the psychiatrist. Her patient is Ryan (in love with sheep in Jamaica).
From: E10

Clive: “There are no sheep in Jamaica, but I don’t care.”

As the reggae music kicks in, Ryan comes in with a vocal hook…one that he still uses in similar numbers to this day…matter of fact, he used it in an episode of the US Whose Line that aired just last night.

Ryan does come in with his usual “making love to a sheep is not baaaaaaad” pun, which…is at least welcome here.

Not much to it, but amusing enough

Secret – Ryan and Colin are priests. The secret is hidden in the confessional.
From: E1

Ryan: “Good morning”
Colin: “…Ah. Father Mother.”
Ryan: “Father KnowsBest, how are you?”
The laughs are sustained on this one, but Clive gets a kick out of it

Colin, in finding the secret, thinks of the most ridiculous secret yet: “…these are secret plans to make you God!”
Ryan surprisingly handles this one well.
Ryan: “I’ve…lost the faith, brother. I’m not sure there is a God anymore, but when people see me, they’ll know there’s a god. They may not LIKE ME, but there I am!”

Ryan: “Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to be God yourself. I’ve seen you…in your room…up against the wall…”
They both realize that Ryan’s sort of lost his indication there.
Ryan: “…whatever that means…”

HA. This ties into his ‘own interpretation of the bible’ from Here he is now.

Ryan: “I have powers much like him, but a little different. Look, simple water- POOF. POTATO SALAD!”
Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.27.19 PM.png

Ryan: “Then doubt away! I shall part your hair!”

An absolutely phenomenal Secret, going the most ridiculous route they could have gone, and piping in some silly lines along the way. Yes, this one even tops the ‘ventriloquist dummy in the oven’ one.

Hats – Steve, Josie, Colin, and Ryan act out the world’s worst dating service video.
From: E10

Oh god, this one…

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.31.00 PM.pngRyan: “YOU’RE A PIECE OF METAL! I’M A PIECE OF METAL! When things get real hot [flips down helmet] we KINDA FUSE TOGETHER. YA SEE, OUR LEGS-”
Immediately as Clive buzzes, Ryan lifts the helmet back up and looks at Clive, betrayed

Then, after a few more suggestions, like Colin coming out in a space helmet and no words coming out, Ryan returns in that helmet
Ryan: “Okay, maybe ya didn’t understand what I was saying…YOU’RE A PIECE OF-”

Josie, with a police hat on: “OKAY, BOYS. SPREAD ‘EM.”
And she gives the most devilish look right after. She knows what she’s done.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.34.17 PM.pngSteve: “…NOW THEN NOW THEN, I’D LIKE TO-”

Then, Ryan returns, just staring at the camera with the same helmet on
Ryan: “……alright, this is the last time I’m gonna explain this to you-”

Narrate – Colin is a door-to-door salesman visiting housewife Ryan
From: E4

Ryan, because he can’t simply play a woman, feeds in the ‘3 days since the operation’ line. Then finally goes to the door.
Colin, upstage: “…something answered the door.”
The audience goes wild. Ryan grins and bears it.

Ryan, perhaps not too in-character, says “I couldn’t think of a thing to say to him.”
Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.39.32 PM.png

Colin, upstage: “She gave me the kind of look that would give a lovesick yak second thoughts.”

Ryan: “He looked nervous. I thought, maybe at this point, that I should put some clothes on.”
Then, Ryan, as he dresses, realizing along the way what he’s set himself up for: “Pour yourself something tall…and long.”
Colin: “…I looked for a sledgehammer.” [shrug]
THAT made me laugh

A very nice Narrate scene, made great by some very silly choices across the board, made possible by some desperation- Ryan spent a lot of the scene trying not to let the scene die, and he made it pretty great.

Press Conference – Greg, Rory, and Ryan interview Colin, who spent six months living inside a whale.
From: E2

Finally they get the bright idea to let Colin be the base of one of these, and it’d work well enough to get him into Newsflash as well.

Greg: “What did you do to while away the time?”
Colin: “…well, of course, I decided to paint the house…”
That’s why Colin works in guessing games like these. He’ll legitimize the ridiculous, because it might fit with what the answer really is.

Rory even pipes in with a Loyd Grossman impression…I guess, because he can. Not the only time he’d do that impression on this show (it’s coming immediately next episode, no pun intended).

Greg asks Colin if Geppetto was worried about him, which Rory, getting a few seconds later, just laughs at.

Ryan: “Is sperm your favorite.”
Of course. The audience loves this one.

Definitely a better playing of this than usual, not to knock Caroline. They’d use Colin more often in these, including a very important playing coming very soon.

News Report: Pinocchio- Colin and Greg in the studio, Ardal and Ryan in the field
From: E7


Greg: “Good evening, I’m Long…Lovingly.”
Colin: “And I’m Randy as a Mink…but of course, my name is Jim.”
Greg: “Come to think of it, so am I.”

Ardal, who’s mostly been passive, sets Ryan up as a wooden girl who fucked Pinocchio. A bit too much there, Ardal.
Ryan, reacting like a pro: “He was okay, but the splinters are killing me.”

Colin: “What kind of lie d’you have to tell to satisfy that woman.”
And as the audience stews on that hell of a joke, we cut away

Helping Hands: Colin and Ryan (hands provided by Greg) are Arctic explorers.
From: E6

A lone game from E6 lands on the compilations? Proves how good that show was.

A slow start, but eventually Colin convinces Ryan to have a drink, and Greg plays with getting the flask to Ryan’s face, which is fun.

Colin does weave a bit of the story: Ryan has gone mad after this time in the arctic, and is making up rules about self-preservation. When Colin tries to call for help, he takes out a snowshoe and bats around a stuffed dog.
Ryan: “I thought we might have a little game of arctic tennis!”

Greg finds two flags, a union jack and an american flag, and starts waving them around as Ryan talks about sharing warmth

This one has some funny moments, but it’s ultimately pretty frenzied, and slightly incoherent. Which is sad, as this is the lone HH round from S8. Which is kind of a good thing, seeing as the game was played to death back in Series 4 and 5.

Hoedown: Steve, Josie, Colin and Ryan sing about Grandmothers
From: E10

Josie is particularly excited for this playing of Hoedown.

Not a lot going on in this hoedown- Steve and Josie’s are kind of hit-miss, Colin’s takes the secondary suggestion and ends on ‘I’M INSANE’….AND THEN WE GET TO RYAN

Ryan: “I love my grandmother, and when the day ends
I discover that we are a bit more than friends”
The audience starts losing it here, and Ryan realizes he doesn’t really need to go on, so he just sits on that, looking kind of ashamed. Then…as he needs to finish the verse, he just ads, as the end “….the teeth right off her gums”. Which gives an even darker connotation as to what he may have skipped over. But the rest have no choice but to repeat it for the last stanza.

As the show goes to credits, Ryan can be heard turning to an amused Colin and going “…I couldn’t go through with that one.”

Best Performer: Ryan Stiles. This show was essentially his finest hours.
Worst Performer: Ardal O’Hanlon. He just wasn’t good at all even in his games here.
Best Game: Secret. Absolutely masterful.
Worst Game: Psychiatrist, for being kind of limp


Best Episode: E5, featuring Niall Ashdown buttressing Greg, Ryan and Colin, and doing a nice job of it, Colin carrying games like Changing Emotions and Director like a pro, Greg quibbling with Clive throughout the second half, culminating in a classic Bartender, and an overall series-defining feel.
2nd Best Episode: E2, featuring Rory Bremner snogging Colin, an unbelievably funny Dead Bodies, Rory doing Clive in Party Quirks while Ryan premieres his gazelle impression, an insanely-fast Home Shopping round, and some unmistakable banter.
3rd Best Episode: E6, featuring Caroline mastering Greg for a round of Film and Theatre Styles, Greg quarreling with Clive throughout the show, a classic round of Here he is Now, some pretty cool dynamic stuff aside from just Ryan and Colin, and just a fun Questions Only round.
Worst Episode: E7. Ardal O’Hanlon was a dynamic destroyer, and it was hard for games to stand out in a good way with him on the panel.
Best Regular: Colin Mochrie, for OWNING games this season, and just getting ‘Best Performer’ a ton of times this series.
Best Recurring Guest: TIE between Caroline Quentin and Greg Proops. The former broke down boundaries all across the season, getting some incredible laughs and somethings being more comfortable than the regulars. The latter had some strong shows this season, and cemented his status as the voice of snide against Clive.
Worst Guest: Ardal O’Hanlan. Down with this sort of thing.
Most Improved: Niall Ashdown, who came back from his fine but forgettable S7 episode, and started doing REALLY FUNNY stuff here, especially throughout E5, going up with the best of them, and doing well in singing games.
Most Unlikely Successful Combo: Steve and Caroline, successful in a few games during E4, and combining powers to deliver the classic Butcher’s Scene to Music.
Guest We Wish Wasn’t Done After This Season: Caroline Quentin. She was so good here that it’s very sad to hear that other commitments would keep her away from the show from here on out.

I’ve heard from a few people that the ‘Golden Age’ of Whose Line ends with Series 8, and while I don’t completely agree…I also don’t completely disagree either. And we’ll find out exactly why with 9×01, which…SHOCKINGLY isn’t entirely on youtube. If you know the episode, you know EXACTLY why. If it weren’t for Hulu, we’d all be screwed, no pun intended.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E13, or HEY, YOU UGLY?

Onto the compilations! Tonight, everyone who’s appeared in this series, save for Ardal O’Hanlon and Rory Bremner, is in play. So, who knows what’ll happen?

Questions Only: Steve, Caroline, Ryan and Colin are at the circus
From: E4

Steve and Caroline’s preliminary scene is surprisingly coherent, and thought-out, but ends when Steve can’t think of a better answer to ‘so DO YOU want me to join the circus?’

Colin: “Can I help you?”
Caroline: “I think you…NO…”
Colin, to Ryan: “Can I help YOU?”
Ryan: “Can you see my trunk?”
Colin: “Are you the famous elephant boy?”
Ryan: “D’YOU HAVE TO ASK???”
Colin: “How did this happen?”
Ryan: “Do you remember the year 1972?”
Colin, being Colin: “…wasn’t that right after 1971?”
Ryan just stops and smirks for a moment, leading Clive to buzz him out

The calling card of Series 8 is the fact that this game, in general, is stop-start until Ryan and Colin are onstage together. Caroline and Steve are only on for a bit, then Colin reemerges and asks Ryan “what do you do with the chickens?” And the audience starts laughing again. Clive has to call the game, though, but it’s a nice note to leave on.

Definitely stop-start, but still a fun Questions round.

Film and Theatre Styles: Caroline & Steve (doctor and patient before the operation)
From: E4

Clive: “So Caroline, you’re shaving Steve before a big operation”
Caroline and the audience laugh at this.
Steve: [spreads legs]
Caroline, used to worse (with Tony), just goes at his chest, and says “you nervous about the heart operation?”
Steve: “No, I’m nervous about the shaving!”

Jane Austen:
Caroline: “Ay, and your britches are full…”
Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 1.21.15 AM.png
Steve exchanges a giggle with Caroline
Steve murmurs something in defense, but cracks himself up
Clive, shelling out a joke from last series: “It’s not quite Hugh Grant- oh, I suppose it is..”

For the Aussie soap style, both Caroline and Steve’s accents are great, with an emphasis on Caroline’s, who’s ‘Oh Nauooooo’s are extra strong.
Steve: “Didn’t you used to live in PEEEEAAAHHHHTH?”

For the Star Trek style, Steve does a light but fun Shatner impression. Caroline does get very close to him, which is subverted when Clive changes to Carry On film, and the steaminess turns to awkwardness.

Light scene, but very fun mostly for the Steve-Caroline dynamic.

Sound Effects: Colin does farmyard chores. Ryan provides sound effects.
From: E10

As Clive announces this one, Ryan’s chuckling, possibly because he was either caught off guard or not looking forward to this game. Or both.

Ryan starts the scene by playing some traditional farmyard banjo music. So, Colin just mimes playing it on his banjo. Ryan, realizing the scene must progress, has all the banjo strings just instantaneously break, which frustrates Colin

There’s a great gag, where Colin goes to milk a cow, but Ryan’s ANGRY MOOS confirm that it’s a bull; Colin has an ashamed, embarrassed apology face as he backs away…and then he waves the red cape around like a bullfighter.

This scene is just an excuse for Ryan to play around with animal noises. As Colin goes to feed the chickens, Ryan just responds with little ‘bock-bock-bock’s, and one renegade ‘BOCK’ that comes in louder than the others. He repeats this, and Colin annoyedly shovels more seed. As he’s doing this, Ryan comes in with the bull noise again, which made me laugh. Colin has to motion ‘not now, I’m dealing with the chicks’

The ending is great. Eventually, he finds his way to a horse, and starts riding it. And then THE BULL STARTS CHASING HIM. Colin frantically starts trying to get the horse to go faster as the angry bull keeps running after him. Clive ends here, but still.

I was laughing very hard throughout most of this. Very simple setup, with just Ryan doing animal noises, but the amount of insanely silly subversion here made it work, especially with the bull running gag.

Song Styles – Niall sings a reggae song to Liz the osteopath.
From: E5

One more Niall song for the road

In a rarity, Clive actually makes Niall choose between reggae and jazz, and Niall chooses reggae, ’cause I’m a fool to m’self’. Once Richard pipes in with the guitar, and Niall goes right in with the Sting-esque vocal hook, we can see why he chose this one.

The musicality does fall into the more reggata-de-blanc sort of reggae, rather than Marley or anything, but Niall does manage to pull it off, albeit simply (moreso than his other songs). Niall does end the song with a nice quartet of rhymes (reminiscent of Chip Esten’s). Still a memorable enough one, though not one of his better ones.

Fixed Expressions – Parents Ryan (shocked) and Josie (flirty) go to Colin (disgusted) for their child’s christening.
From: E10

Ah, this game’s back! I forgot they did one of these way down in S8.

Ryan’s shocked face is, once again, worth the price of admission

Colin still owns this game, just in subversion, saying “why he’s lovely” while holding the disgusted expression. [Though it doesn’t top yelling “EURODISNEY SUCKS” while smiley]

This scene sort of limps along after a while, even though the performers do their damnedest to keep it going. Just not as strong as their other ones.

World’s Worst – Greg, Niall, Colin, and Ryan act out the world’s worst outtake from a religious programme.
From: E5

Another reject from my favorite episode of the series, and a nice, if underused-this-series, game at that.

Colin: “And the lord said, the meek shall inherit Perth”
[That is the second reference to Perth all show]
Niall: “And, I christen this child…..SHITTY LITTLE BASTARD!”

Greg: “What you wanna do is get yourself a fresh virgin, THE KIND THAT-”
Greg: [looks absolutely betrayed]

Ryan: “And the lord came to them, and said ‘you….HE SCORES! ENGLAND SCORES!”
Colin, holding a gun: “…Dirty Harry Krishna”
As they head back to the seats, and as Clive cuts to commercial, you can just hear Ryan going, absolutely amazed, ‘DIRTY…’ [and then they mute his mic, but he was just reacting to Colin’s last one]

Again, you can see why this taping was dynamite. I noted that Clive really didn’t give Greg the chance past initial punchline, which pissed him off. Also, after a quieter turn in 7×01, Niall was on FIRE IN THIS GAME, giving some really, REALLY funny suggestions. Just good stuff all around, even the stuff I didn’t write down.

Props: Ryan and Colin vs. Greg and Niall
From: E5

More from E5! LOVELY!

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 1.48.38 AM.pngRyan: “…so you’re saying you haven’t seen the Little Mermaid?”

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 1.49.35 AM.pngNiall: “I TELL YA, I DONNA WANNA WORK IN DIS PIZZA HUT ANYMORE…”

Greg: “Who’s a naughty minister, then?” [whacks Niall’s ass with prop]

TOO BRIEF! I feel like they had more good suggestions left to go! And the ones we got were just fantastic and really original, from both sides. Again…something about this taping just brought out the best in everybody.

Whose Line – The planet is doomed, so Ryan sends his son, Colin, to start a civilization on a new planet.
From: E10

(Nice to see we’re getting such a variety of the nine tapings- just E4, E5 and E10 so far.)

Clive’s description is a bit redundant, emphasizing the fact that the planet is doomed several times, so Colin and Ryan start the scene thusly:
Colin: “Dad, Dad, everyone says the planet’s doomed!”
Ryan: “It’s doomed, and and I’m sending you to another planet because our planet it DOOMED.”

Early on, Ryan gets confused, in setting up a line: “Well, it was your father…I mean MY father…”

Ryan, again, keeps emphasizing that the planet is dead, and this keeps powering the scene forward, like a well-placed motif

Colin: “I remember when you first built it! You said to me, ‘someday, son…’The Answer is written on my butt cheeks.””
[The audience enjoys this one]
Colin: “I pulled down your pants and I poured over that for hours!”
[I actually prefer that one, though]
Ryan: “…that’s when we lived on Uranus, son, those days are gone…”
[ANNNND Ryan with the obvious one-liner]

Ryan: “Cause, remember, our creed as Glorgons…”
He takes the note, only to realize it’s upside down, and smirks a bit. Then, as he reads it, he does his best to keep from laughing: “…TAKE…THAT NEGLIGEE OFF!”
Colin, taking it off: “I guess you’re right…it might not handle the stresses of space travel”
Ryan: “The G-force’ll rip it right off ya.”
Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 3.03.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 3.04.03 PM.png

[ABSOLUTELY GONE LAUGHING. Just the littlest detail, and I’m gone.]

The game ends on a weaker line (“my arms are long and they’re ready to flap”), but it’s still a fantastic scene, one that definitely belonged in the original episode, and one that expounded on the Colin-Ryan combo more than some of the other Whose Line playings this season.

Newsflash: Newsflash – Colin and Josie are the anchors; Ryan is in the field in front of apes
From: E3

Finally some episode variety

I was never a huge fan of Ryan as a Newsflash anchor, but he does very well here, taking a more balanced, intrigued perspective on the apes in the background.

Ryan says he really doesn’t know how to get through to them, “it reminds me of ’65, when I spent all those years in that hole in ‘Nam!”

Colin: “How did all of this begin?”
Ryan, caught off-guard but soldiering on: “Someone, uh someone took someone’s else’s cab!”

There’s a moment where Josie misdirects Ryan by mentioning honey, making him think bears, but Colin thankfully gets him on the right track by mentioning bananas.

As Clive motions for him to guess, Ryan points to his imaginary mic and asks “can I put this down?”

Superheroes: People all over the world are losing their hair
Greg: Beautiful Martini Man
Ryan: Self-Amusement Boy
Steve: Abusive Boy
Colin: No Need To Help Leave Straight Away Man

Audience member: “Beautiful Martini man!”
Clive: “Beauti-…eeerrnngh-”
Greg: “I LIKE THAT!”
Clive gives him Boomerang Man anyway

Greg does the craftiest thing: he throws a boomerang, catches it, sees what he’s accumulated, and goes “…wow, you’re actually Beautiful Martini man”
He smiles, as the audience cheers him on

Greg, giving the obvious joke: “MY GOD, THERE’S HAIR LOSS ALL OVER THE WORLD! [gasp] Look…at…Clive…Anderson’s head!”
Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 3.16.07 PM.png
Greg, as the camera holds on this: “IT’S LIKE CONTINENTAL DRIFT! All the hair’s going AWAY!”

Ryan’s little laughing wiggle every time he has a joke is fantastic.

Steve, thankfully taking the jovial approach, starts batting around everyone onstage.

Colin, entering: “SORRY I’M LATE, I just lost my afro!”
Steve: “Thank god you’re here…no need to help, leave straight away man.”
Colin, slightly hurt by that but not resisting the break, leaves. Steve gives a thumbs-up

Unfortunately, the scene cuts right before there’s a resolution, which must not have been airable, or maybe Greg threw in one more Clive slam. But it was a nice enough game to that point.

Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin present Songs of Unattractive Men, sung by Josie
From: E10

As Clive announces this one will be ‘Songs of Unattractive Men’, Josie immediately looks right at Richard Vranch. For some reason, we don’t see/hear a reaction for this. I’m not wild about that.

The two tactics:
Ryan: “Hi! In your 30s and ready to pretty much give up on life?”
Colin: “Hey, you ugly?”
Ryan: “Are you a man?”
Colin: “…HEY, YOU UGLY?”

Josie’s country western song is cute, but short. She’s nice enough to add, as the song’s about ‘I’d rather sleep with my horse’, an addendum of ‘he’s hung better, too…”

Colin, tempting the hand that feeds him: “But there’s not just ugly people in North America! British people have their share too.”

For the first time, Whose Line does a britpop number, in the height of Oasis-mania. Richard even gets a faux-asis sort of riff, as Josie messes up her hair.

Josie’s song is very brit-pop, in the best way possible. It’s a very sweet, semi-angsty number that ends with an amazing rhyme with ‘beautiful’ (“and you always bite your nails right down to the cuticle”.)

Ryan gets a huge laugh with his name for Josie’s Heavy Metal number: “If I had a penis, I wouldn’t need you!”
Josie and Richard spend about 5 seconds waiting for the audience, and Clive, to stop laughing before they get into it. Josie’s kind of in awe of it all, too.

Like with S1, this Heavy Metal number sounds more like Led Zeppelin than Heavy Metal did in 1996. Still welcome, though, because Josie is up for the challenge. She absolutely rocks this song, even SNARLING that last line, as the audience goes WILD for her.

Greatest Hits is the kind of game where, in this era, every song title seemed like more of a challenge for Josie, and that last one was definitely a ‘your move’ sort of gesture from Josie, proving that whatever they could serve up, she’d excel at. Unfortunately, we’d only get to see her on Whose Line a few more times (why the producers decided this I’ll never know).

Best Performer: Colin Mochrie. He already won this series, and in tonight’s games he edged out everyone else in just being funnier in more games. Niall, Ryan and Greg all came close.
Worst Performer: Statistically, Steve Frost had the least number of games where he excelled, so I’m sadly gonna have to go with him.
Best Game: All three games in contention for this were from E10- Sound Effects, Whose Line and Greatest Hits. Whose Line gets the edge though, as it definitely should have been in that taping, and was a great use of the Colin-Ryan dynamic, no matter how silly it got. And…that 3 second Colin aside was MASTERFUL.
Worst Game: Fixed Expressions. Post-conceptual reveal, it was lifeless.