Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E20, or My Jug Broke!

Well, with this episode we FINALLY hit the halfway point of Season 2. And what better way to celebrate that throwing in another recurring fourth seater?

From what I’ve heard, competition was fierce to become the replacement for Denny Siegel as long-term female semi-regular. I feel as though Karen Maruyama was considered, but was only interested in doing one show per season, which…wouldn’t last. And I’ve heard rumors that Heather Anne Campbell, pre-Midnight-Show (and yes, pre WL), auditioned at this point as well, but didn’t get it, and as compensation remained part of the Drew’s Improv All-Stars network, eventually joining Improv-A-Ganza.

You could honestly link any mid-2000s WL-esque name to these auditions. Julie Larsen? Sure. Kaitlin Olson? Why not. Kathy Kinney? Please dear god no, but probably. All that matters is that Kathy Greenwood, Toronto improv mainstay and veteran of Second City and This Hour has 22 Minutes (which means, big shock, she knew Colin before WL), got the job.

Kathy’s tenure on WL has arguably become the most misunderstood. She’s remembered by most fans of the US edition as ‘…the woman’. Because she never did Hoedowns, or singing games, or often didn’t contribute much to quick-fire/all-four games, a lot of people wrote off her presence on the show as obligatory. And if that is the case…blame the producers.

My theory, as well as the theory of many other whosers on here, is that the producers wanted a fourth-seater that wouldn’t upstage Ryan, Colin or Wayne. I know what you’re thinking- Chip, Greg, Brad, even Jeff Davis were all allowed to upstage the big three and stayed on the show. But, due to the 2000s-era sexism that…has passed into this decade sadly, the producers didn’t think audiences would like a dynamic, outwardly funny lady. Look at S2 as evidence- they got great, outward material from Josie Lawrence, Denny Siegel and eventually Karen Maruyama. The one female performer who takes a more passive stance, and lets the other 3 upstage her more, gets extended for 3 more seasons. Funny, eh?

And to curtail this rant slightly, this is a trend that’s continued to the CW version, with Heather Anne Campbell and Nyima Funk being emphasized less than the three men, to the point where this past batch of US tapings featured no female fourth-seaters.

Kathy Greenwood is a very funny, and skilled, presence on Whose Line, and my hope is that these reviews end up vindicating her status a bit. She’s more than just ‘the woman’ on WL. She could, when given the opportunity, throw the ‘big boys’ for a loop whenever she wanted.

Rightright, onto E20. This is the first of a taping that will give us some definite gems. Also, Colin’s wearing a shirt here that he will also wear on a very famous S3 episode.

Questions Only: wedding at a nudist colony

Wayne: “Does this look good?”
Kathy: “…my goodness, you have to ask?”

Colin, coming onstage: “…can you help me with my tie?”
Kathy has a great line with ‘well if THIS is where you wanna put it…”
Then she wonders why Drew is buzzing, realizes what game she’s playing, and walks off.

Ryan: “Guess who’s the best man?”
Colin: “Can I have three guesses?”
Colin: “…what the hell was that?”

Ryan: “Any idea how to keep these pigeons off here?”
Colin: “Can you look less like a worm?”
Ryan: “what’s THAT supposed to mean?”
Colin: “what do you think it means?”
Colin, so quickly: “who can say?”
Ryan: “….DAMMIT!”

Kathy is still having trouble keeping doing questions, but…to her credit, she’s doing a great job trying to keep scenes going. Then Ryan comes on and does a question version of the line Kathy just said.

Colin: “How can you tell her apart from all the other women?”
Ryan: “…aren’t you the minister?”
Colin: “Isn’t the collar a dead giveaway?”
Ryan: “why…JUST a collar??”
Colin: [cracks]

He then takes it off the end of….yeah, and strokes the pigeon
Ryan: “…heh heh heh…”

A very fun game of this, but it reminded me of a UK playing in that nothing really got going unless Ryan and Colin were on together.

Sound Effects: In the Wild West, tough new sheriff Colin, on an urgent mission to clean up the town, arrives at the saloon

Drew, lampshading, handing the mic to Ryan: “…we got him his own microphone, because he SPITS SO MUCH…”

Colin cracks at being called ‘New Sheriff Colin’
Ryan, offscreen: “another sheriff?”
I believe this refers to either Film, TV and Theater Styles, which must have been filmed before this, or another game that went unaired. Either way, it seems from this that Colin did not play the sheriff for the first time this game.

The obvious joke: Colin rides in, gets off horse…horse runs off. Then he gets back on, skids to a halt, ties him up…and shoots him. Already, he’s off to a rousing start

Colin: [pushes open doors]
Ryan: “…SQUEAKY”

Ryan’s having a guy playing the piano as Colin comes in. Colin comes over and slaps the piano player. Kathy AUDIBLY laughs.

Genius move by Colin. He asks for a drink, but the bartender keeps sliding them past him, breaking the glasses. So he inflates his glove, asks for a drink, and it slides right into his hand. That is perfect

In the midst of what could be a brawl, there’s a feminine sound coming from next to Colin. So he takes a moment, dips her around and kisses her, then returns.

Colin does the whole ‘throwing the gun in between both hands’ trick…except he loses control of the gun and hits the guy. So many fun gags in this one

Colin goes to dip his girl again
Ryan, gruff voice: “HEY, WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA!”

Colin gets ready to draw again
Ryan: [FUMP]
Colin: […slowly pulls up his belt]

Ryan: [does piano guy again]
Colin: [shoots him]
Kathy’s loving this as well

FANTASTIC playing of this, one of my personal favorites so far. So many really good gags.

Drew, looking over the mic: “…I’ve seen less germs on the pole at the strip club”
Ryan: “That’s why I use protection on the mic”
Drew: “Man, this thing is soaked….if I had a nickel for every time I heard that…”

Props: Ryan & Kathy vs. Colin & Wayne

Colin does his first ‘knocking the cane away from Tiny Tim’ joke.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.31.57 PM.pngRyan: “…what do you mean ‘punk’s dead’?”

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.32.34 PM.pngColin: “…you ordered some green tea?”

Not a spectacular props. Kathy didn’t do a lot, which…is kind of the theme so far tonight.

Newsflash: Ryan and Kathy in the studio, Colin in the field in front of maggots

I love Ryan’s initial reactions here:
Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.35.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.35.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.36.34 PM.png

I mean, the jokes aren’t selling this so far- it’s just the audience’s absolute repulsion, and eventually it hits Kathy and Ryan:
Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.37.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.38.49 PM.png

I’m not screencapping this, but there’s a shot of like a rainbow full of maggots
Ryan, without any words: “…wellllll LOOK AT THE FESTIVE COLORS…”

Ryan: “Colin, I’d like to ask you another question, but I’m afraid if I open my mouth I might vomit.”
Colin: “Ya mind if I eat?”
Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.44.58 PM.png

Drew has to stop this at once, and thankfully Colin gets it spot-on.

This was…not dialogue-wise funny, but it was so much fun watching Kathy, Ryan, Drew and the audience squirm while Colin just stood there. It was frigging great.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Attorney

…oh yeah, this is Cece Worrall’s first show. That’s cool.

Colin: “Hi, we’ll soon return you to the dyslexic theatre production of ‘Bitty Bitty Chang Chang…”

I love Colin’s delivery of the first song, “SUE HIM. SUE HIM BIG.”

Wayne’s yiddish folk song is surprising good. He gets the all-over-the-place octave and the occasional dancing down. Fun stuff. He even finishes by saying ‘CALL ME SOMETIME.’

Ryan: “Suddenly I feel like havin’ a matzah!”
Colin: “Oh, I miss my boobie!”
Drew cackles at this. As someone with jewish relatives, I can see why.

Wayne’s jugband number has a very good ending- he pauses for a measure, and is about to do a jug solo, but…the second he does, the music stops. He takes about .5 seconds to crack at this, and goes “MY JUG BROKE!”
Drew loves this
Ryan: “JUST FLIP DISC 1 OVER…and you get the other half of that song”
Colin: “It also comes with ‘Dick Clark’s Practical Jokes & Jugband Bloopers”
Dear god…

On a price joke, Colin throws in a ‘what about us who only have ONE network show?’
Drew nods at this

Colin, with an immortal monologue: “When I was a young boy, I had a dog named Joe, and whenever he’d get too far away, I’d put on a Yoko Ono record and he would come running back quickly. And luckily…that song is on this album.”
I love the nervous laughter from the audience here, and Wayne. Like “…they’re really gonna do a Yoko Ono song?” Drew’s dying, Wayne’s struggling, and Colin’s completely straightfaced, and knowing the right times to take a pause
Drew: [dies]
And now I’m gone

I love Wayne’s reaction here. He’s doubling over, and like…he really has to sing this.

I’ll give Wayne credit…he does know about Yoko’s brand of batshit performance art music, like belting out the title and then banging a random gong.

A very strong GH game, even if it’s below the caliber of a few of the greats this season.

Foreign Film Dub: Kathy and Drew act out the Swedish film Bikini Jones, translated by Ryan and Colin

When we pan over for audience suggestions, you can hear Ryan audibly going “Look out, Snow”. I don’t even think it’s like Colin going “AAAALICE IN WONDERLAND” in order to cover for an audience member not yelling it out during pickups. I think Ryan was just…goofing around? Maybe yelling for an audience member that wasn’t being heard? It’s not even like Tyson & Lincoln where he’s making his own suggestion, either.

Drew, making fun of what they would have gone with: “Oh, Look Out, Snow- A BIKINI JONES MOVIE.”
Wayne: “A Quinn Martin Production”
Wait…so Wayne wasn’t kidding about being a latchkey kid. He must have watched a lot of Barnaby Jones to sneak in that insanely obscure, but still funny, reference.

Kathy needs to figure out that she should wait for Drew’s line to be translated in order to say her line, but…she’s great at faking languages, as we’ll find out in these games.

Drew takes off his suit jacket, with his mic hopefully attached to his shirt this time
Ryan: “I bet you can’t wait to see my thong!”

Drew cracks in the middle of a faked line
Ryan: “I love you so very much, but I’ve had too many meatballs.”
Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 12.16.48 AM.png

Drew pulls a Sid Caesar and throws a random english word into the sentence, saying ‘IKEA’ halfway through. Not the last time he’d do this.
Drew: “harta farta…unbelievable prices…”
Ryan, not even bothering: “…THANK YOU.”

Drew ends up undoing his suspenders, which…causes the mic to fall for the second time this season
Ryan: “Sadly I have but one nipple to give…”

A pretty good game of this, even if it wasn’t entirely laugh-out-loud material.

Overall: Not a bad show, and definitely above ‘okay’ levels, but…I was missing a bit of oomph from this one. It just felt like there was one dynamite game missing that could have made this better, or even something small. As is, we got an assortment of perfectly fine games, with an INSANE Sound Effects, and a pretty good Greatest Hits. We also got a Kathy Greenwood performance that, while fine and lawful, purposefully didn’t take away too much from the main three. She was very passive tonight, made some rookie mistakes, and…well, did exactly what the producers wanted her to. I did enjoy this show though, and there’s some very fun bits throughout, even in Newsflash, but…suffice to say this taping has better material. As we’ll find out in exactly 2 shows.

Show Winners: Kathy, Colin & Ryan
Best Performer: Colin, easily
Worst Performer: Kathy, for struggling in her first time out.
Best Game: Sound Effects.
Worst Game: Props, once again, came up short.

COMING UP NEXT: Man, have we really gone 8 shows without Chip Esten? That must be why we’ve had so many bad shows in this stretch. Let’s get him back, and let’s make this another show from the taping that gave us E1 and E5

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E19, or You’re Irish Now??

Since our current peak, the Melissa episode, we’ve been meh-to-bad for most of the rest of the S2 run, with the exception of E17. So here comes a Greg Proops episode. Just from the costume matchups, I have a good feeling about this taping, though I can’t put my finger on why… [smirk]

I love the irony of Drew going “the winner has to do a little something special with me, and the loser has to shave the cat”
This was filmed early on in the night, I hope. Unless this was filmed during pickups, which explains Ryan and Colin’s look they exchange.

Weird Newscasters: Greg anchors, Colin, way too open about his personal problems, co-anchors, Wayne, overzealous woman at a church revival meeting, does sports, while Ryan, aggressive barfly being repeatedly ejected from a bar

Ryan takes a second to comprehend his quirk, focusing on the ‘barfly’ thing by rubbing his hands together like a fly. This is important, as…this is the only thing he’ll remember.

Greg: “Good evening, I’m Alarmingly Huge.”

Greg: “And Arizona changes its state motto to ‘damn…it’s hot'”

Colin: “You know, recently I’ve gained 5 pounds…d’you think it’s because I’m a cannibal?”

Wayne’s zeal here is pretty great too

Wayne: “Cause you’re the devil! [starts speaking in tongues]”

Ryan starts out…and you can see little moments where he cracks a smile. He’s pretty good initially, going “I could make it sunny for one more drink”, seeing he’s got the first part of it down.

Then Ryan starts smoking, asks if he can smoke in here, and goes, not even lampshading, “I hope I’ve got the right suggestion, I’ve totally forgotten”

Then Ryan, not sure what to do, rams into a board 5 times and faints, saying, muffled by the carpet, “I CAN’T REMEMBER MY THING…”

Drew runs over with the suggestion, puts it under his nose so he can read it, and runs off.
Ryan, NOW knowing what to do: “OH, YOU’RE KICKING ME OUT, ARE YA?”

Ryan gets himself thrown behind the divider next to his chair, and right as Greg begins to ready a final statement, he comes back in, onto the stage, only to get picked up and thrown out again.

For the second time, Greg begins to sign off…and Ryan comes back in again, from offstage:
I love Greg’s reaction to this as well

I also love how Wayne and Colin keep going at the end just to prolong the signoff even more. This is the kind of mad collaboration I love in this game.

Greg tries again: “That’s..-”
Ryan, offstage: “OH I’LL GET BACK IN, I SEE THE DOOR!”
Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 2.19.11 PM.png

Greg just looks upward, exhausted, as the signoff music comes in anyway.

I kinda love this WN. Everyone’s great, and Ryan has a tour-de-force, but I always forgot Greg’s struggle at the end, and how perfect it was.

Questionable Impressions: Bus Stop

Drew: “They must also do a completely different impression every time they come on [at Colin] even if they can’t really do impressions, really..”
Colin: [looks behind him]

Drew: “Now, if you take too long, or if the impression is really bad, I’ll-”
Wayne and Ryan laugh at that
Wayne: “This’ll be quick…”
Ryan: “Get ready on that buzzer…”

Wayne, in a surprisingly perfect Fat Albert: “HEY HEY HEY…WHERE’S THE BUS TODAY?”

Greg has a pretty fantastic Daffy Duck, which causes Wayne to go “why’d you spit on me?”
Greg: “What’thha matter? Can’t thhhtand a little…SPIT?”

I love Wayne’s prideful response to Greg asking who he is [“…I’m…Fat Albert”], and walking off.

Ryan’s Katherine Hepburn always makes me laugh…and evidently him too

Ryan, after another spit-friendly line from Greg: “…does it feel like it’s starting to rain to you?”
Greg: [Cracks]

Colin does a passable Stallone, breaks and leaves. Ryan tries to leave too, like last playing, but he sticks it out.

Greg, in a pretty good Yoda: “WAITING YOU ARE?”
Ryan: “…well aren’t you just the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen?”
Ryan: “…oh god…”
BUZZ. Both of them break

Wayne, of course, knows how to crack up Greg: he does Jar-Jar Binks: “OOOOH, YOU WAIT FOR BUS TOO?”
Greg, who was IN Phantom Menace, can’t keep it together, especially as Wayne does more Jar-Jar things
I always laugh at Greg’s inability to do another question, as he’s laughing so hard he can barely finish a word. Drew has to mercy-buzz him

Honestly, more cohesive than last playing, but still funny due to a lot of the breaking.

Scenes from a Hat:

Unlikely Cowboy Songs:
[I kinda love this one]
Greg: “Well, my woman stayed true and I’m sober”

Ryan: “I’ve been on the range 45 days and the cow’s looking good to me”
Ryan keeps singing this to piss off Drew, and Drew keeps buzzing, saying “I said UNlikely…”

Drew: “Things you shouldn’t do after heavy drinking”
Wayne: “I LUH YOU…”

Colin: “…the points don’t matter…”
Drew smiles…and takes an extra sip from his mug

Very middle-of-the-road SFAH: a few scene suggestions we’ve seen in other ways before, and not a lot of original stuff, but…funny when it was.

Whose Line: A scene from Braveheart:¬†the night before the crucial battle with the English, William Wallace, who’s Colin, and his fellow warrior, Ryan, realize that they’re vastly outnumbered

Three things I love about the opening line, which is:
1. The return of Colin’s beloved ‘ach aye’ Scottish accent from UK S9
2. This is the first of two Whose Line playings in legendary S2 tapings where Colin begins a Whose Line round by stating an obvious bit of information from the scene suggestion. This will happen again in a more legendary WL playing.
3. At the last ‘ACHHH’, a huge glob of spit falls from Colin’s lip, which makes Wayne instantly lose it. Ryan has to struggle to keep it together as well, and Colin smiles as he wipes his mouth. The spitting from Questionable Impressions continues

Ryan: “I know I took the oath of the…whatever-we-ares…”
Ryan then begins cracking, as his accent’s slipping off

He then wipes his mouth again. It’s like a jazz motif
Ryan: “I’m gonna stand over here, if ya don’t mind!”

Colin: “I can remember what mah FATHERRR TOLD ME…DO I SOUND A WEE BIT LIKE A PIRATE?”

Ryan opts to play the bagpipes as Colin does his line, which he’s going to sing: “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR.”
Colin: “seems a little appropriate, don’t you think?”

Ryan: “So you’re a woman, is that what you’re tellin’ me?”
Colin: “NO, ACH NO, LOOK!” [Flashes Ryan]
Ryan steps back, and Colin has to look again: “…ACH, I AM A WOMAN!”

Ryan: “Have ya not noticed?”
Colin: “No, I’ve been too busy shoutin'”

Ryan’s accent falls off a few more times:
Ryan: “She’s wake me up in the mornin’, she’d say WEE CHARLIE-”
Colin: “Oh, you’re Irish now?”
Ryan: “We moved around a lot as a child, my father was a militaryman”

Colin: “There’s 2 of us…and 10,000 of them…SO WE’LL CONFUSE ‘EM”
Ryan, summing up their relationship nicely: “YOU’RE DOIN’ A GOOD JOB ON ME!”

This is a great ending too, Colin and Ryan running at the camera with their kilts up, going “I SEE PARIS, I SEE FRANCE, I SEE SOMEONE’S UNDERPANTS”. If it weren’t topped by another WL ending this season, I’d be more impressed

Probably the best WL playing so far though. Better than the Gone with the Wind one. So much fun back-and-forth stuff with Ryan and Colin

Three-Headed Broadway Star: Wayne, Colin and Ryan sing ‘they threw it away’ from the hit musical Trashmen.

The first line of this makes me glad we got Colin in this one:
“Where…are the trash men
Colin: “HUH?”

Ryan’s melodic, dramatic lines are back, with a big ‘AWWAAAAAAY’ here.

“My mother never called me a
Colin: ‘Good”
Wayne, hesitating: “…son”
“She called me a bad
Wayne, nodding: “…son”

Ryan: “She…
Wayne: “me”
Ryan: “In
Colin: “The”
Wayne: “Most”
Ryan, in the most enunciated, melodic way: “UNNNNNUUUUUUUSUUUUUALLLLL.”
Colin, not topping that: “…waaaays…”
Wayne loves this. Ryan has to bite his lip

So many fun lines in here, like ‘throw my refuse farther than you ever imagined possible’

This ends with a beautiful note from Wayne, and a group-hug. And they deserved one. This was a very fun round of this. Not Timber levels, but…close.

Hoedown: Puberty

Greg’s is a good use of his high-pitched voice, but…his unaired Puberty hoedown from S1 was funnier.

Drew sings about hating the whole bit of high school “cause of pimples on my face…BUT NOW THEY’RE ON MY ASS.”

Colin has a good tip: “When you go through puberty, do not wear sweatpants”

Very okay Hoedown.

Overall: Slightly scattered, but the bulk of this show was really enjoyable. Weird Newscasters, Whose Line and 3HBS are all classics to me, especially Whose Line, which is one of the best playings. This was a very Ryan-Colin centric show. Greg wasn’t in the second half of the show, but he had some nice moments. Above all else, a really enjoyable, fun episode…and arguably a bit more even than the other show that came from this taping.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin had the goofiest moments.
Worst Performer: Honestly, Wayne didn’t make much of an impact tonight.
Best Game: Whose Line. ACH AYE.
Worst Game: Hoedown was very ho-hum for me.

COMIBG UP NEXT: For the first time this season, we introduce a NEW RECURRING CAST MEMBER. And she’s a keeper.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E18, or Silly Rabbi

Onto our second consecutive Brad show, this one taking us back to the same taping as the middle-of-the-road E2. Hoping for our relatively-recent hot streak to keep going. This is also our first Whose Line of the 2000s.

Drew: “The winner gets to do a little something special with me, while the loser is tied down and forced to listen to ‘La Vida Loca’. OVER AND OVER AGAIN, just as if it was on the radio.”
Oh, 1999…

Superheroes: Mosquitos
Brad: Super Rabbi
Ryan: Deathly Afraid of Everything Man
Colin: Captain Cliche
Wayne: Uncoordinated Go-Go Girl

Brad, upon hearing his superhero name, gives a ‘WHAT’ into Camera 1.

Brad, swatting mosquitoes: “Ishmael! David! Ouch!”

Brad: “There are too many mosquitoes! I will not be able to watch ‘Torah Torah Torah’ tonight!”
Brad: “…and I am late for my bris!”

Ryan: “Sorry I’m late, someone cut me off- I MEAN IN TRAFFIC…”
Okay, the jokes are just all hitting, or maybe it’s because I have enough jewish relatives..

I kinda love Brad setting up the world of the scene by establishing a screen door to protect from mosquitoes…only for Colin to burst through it.

Colin: “A mosquito who sucks is one who chews…”
Brad: “You can say that again, bless my mazuzah”
Colin: “The grass is always greener!”
This scene is the right kind of goofy

Wayne, entering: “Sorry I’m la-”

Colin, after Wayne falls over: “Look before you leap!”

Brad, after Wayne falls directly offstage: “And to think, I once did his bar-mitzvah!”
Colin: “Silly Rabbi!”
Ryan curls so far inward to keep from laughing. Poor guy

Great Superheroes scene. So much silliness all around. Brad was a great anchor here, too.

Film & Theater Styles: Colin comes out of his house to find that Ryan, a truck driver, is dumping nuclear waste in his backyard

Ryan’s idea of ‘dumping nuclear waste’:
Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 4.54.34 PM.png

Soap Opera
Colin: “Course, you know, now I can never have children.”

The nervous moving around in Student Film reminds me of whenever they’d have to do Amateur Dramatics in the UK version

I love the whole Animal Planet suggestion- Colin doing a playful bit to camera, and Ryan eventually turning into Steve Irwin and going after it. This ends with Colin killing the gopher Ryan just caught. Wayne loves this.

This is our first opportunity to find out how little Ryan and Colin know about South Park- Colin knows it involves bad animation and cursing; Ryan knows it involves repeated projectile vomiting. As we’ll find out later, this is about all they know.

Not a great F&TS. Good in small moments, but not a very cohesive scene, especially compared to previous playings of this.

Song Titles: In Las Vegas

Wayne: “Money Money Money”
Brad: “Money can’t buy everything.”
Wayne, looking around: “HELLO?”

Brad: “Mr. Roberts!”
Ryan, confused: “…I’m Henry VIII, I am…”

Drew buzzes Wayne out for ‘I come from a land down under’, but doesn’t buzz Brad out for ‘I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name.” Both are lyrics.

Colin, entering: “What’s new Pussycat?”
Ryan: “Rain.”
Colin: “It’s Raining Men!”
Ryan angrily can’t think of one after this

Solid round, but a bit uneven.

An important first: Drew makes his first jab at Ryan’s shoes
“The points are like…tasteful shoes to Ryan Stiles”
They cut to Ryan’s shoes, which are white with black flames, nowhere near as loud as they would be in later years
Drew: “I’m sorry, was that applause, I couldn’t hear it OVER RYAN’S SHOES!”

Sound Effects: Colin is an ice hockey star arriving at the stadium for the big game

A solid opening gag, where Colin puts on his entire outfit, with knee pads and armor and everything…only to take it off, put everything down, run off and pee. That is classic Whose Line.

I kind of love how swiftly and confidently Colin moves about the rink in this. The audience even applauds a little

I also love his confidence that he’s so good at this game that he literally plays with one hand, absentmindedly throwing the puck into the goal from halfcourt, and just raising an arm in triumph. So…he’s Sidney Crosby. Fascinating.

And of course, Colin gets into a silly little puck fight, punctuated by a well-placed ‘AGH’ from Ryan that gets Wayne laughing

Even funnier, after Colin beats the guy up, Ryan says over the intercom that Colin’s gotten a penalty, and gets the ref to come at him. So Colin plunks him. Same logic from the Titanic scene- something’s wrong? Beat him up too.

A pretty nice SFX. Not one of my faves, but this had some good moments. It also helped that they got a Canadian to play a hockey player.

Telethon: Sitcom Stars

This underrated game returns for its third and…last for a while at least, playing.

Ryan: “Hello, and welcome to our first hour-”
Colin, under him: “Oh, I’m BUSHED!”

Ryan: “250 Million? Is that the BEST we can do?”
Colin: “That’ll barely cover the hair mousse for the set of Friends.”

Ryan: “You’ll hear a lot of rumors about a lot of stars, how much money they make. Drew Carey, for instance. A lot of people think he made 45 million dollars last year. After he pays taxes, he’s lucky if he clears 30 million, ladies and gentlemen. A MAN HAS TO EAT.”
Drew reacts well to this one.

Colin: “THESE people have to do INTERVIEWS. They have to ENDORSE THINGS THEY DON’T EVEN USE.”

Ryan: “Right now, we have some very special guests that have come all the way from Laughlin, Nevada today…”
Wayne cracks at this

This time, Colin and Ryan will be telling them which impressions to do, which is an odd hook. Brad and Wayne start as Bruce and Stevie, their standbys.

There’s some great lyrics from both of them here, with Wayne name-dropping Leave it to Beaver, and Brad name-dropping the principles from Happy Days.

Wayne, as Louie Armstrong: “It don’t mean you’re rich if [TURNS TO DREW] you got TWO SHOWS.”
Drew shakes his head at this.

After Ryan and Colin have called out impressions they know the other two can do, Colin throws Wayne for a loop: “LT. UHURA FROM STAR TREK!”
Drew and Ryan crack at this. As does Brad in the back
Wayne, turning from a desk: “Captain. They need your help.”

And Ryan brings Brad right into his Fred Schneider impression, as you knew it was coming.

Wayne ends as Cosby. There’s a ‘like…MeEeEe..’ that makes Brad wince into laughing from the background.

Wayne ends as Brad does a Clarence Clemons sax solo behind him and Ryan and Colin dance in the background.

I’ve always loved this playing, and would put it against the NBA players one as one of the best. Not quite sure which one’s better, but…the random factor of some of the guys Colin made Wayne sing as made me laugh. So it might be this one.

Three-Headed Broadway Star: Wayne, Ryan & Drew sing ‘These Aren’t My Hips’ from the musical Stretchmarks.

Drew’s randomly sad uttering of ‘PREGNANT’ made me laugh

Not one of my favorite rounds of this, though all 3 gave their all.

Overall: An okay show with a few good games and a few forgettable ones, though I did like this one more than E2. Less structural problems, and more of just…another WL show. Brad and Colin gave me the show’s biggest highlights, and games like Telethon and Superheroes amused me enough to remember pieces of this one, but overall there wasn’t much to it.

Show Winners: Ryan and Wayne
Best Performer:¬† Brad again, honestly. Would have gone with Colin, but Brad’s stuff, especially in Superheroes and Song Titles, stood out more.
Worst Performer: Ryan. Just didn’t see a lot of his best stuff tonight.
Best Game: Telethon, easily
Worst Game: Three Headed Broadway Star. Very meh.

COMING UP NEXT: There’s been an alarming habit of bad Greg Proops shows, and I say we head that off right now. So here’s one from a Greg Proops taping that may have been a pretty successful one.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E17, or Give the Tall Guy More Lines

No way I’m ending on another crappy show. We’re going right onto the Brad Sherwood show even if it kills me. This is grey-pattern Brad, so it’ll probably be a good one…I mean, I hope so. We’ve had 2 straight shitty ones.

Weird Newscasters: Brad anchors, Colin, in the tour de France, co-anchors, Wayne, about to disturb a nest of bees, does sports, while Ryan, fighting the inner urge to be a stripper, does weather

Brad: “Tragedy struck the Teletubbies this week when during a camping trip, Dipsy and La-La were mauled to death by bears.”
Some people in the audience applaud. I don’t blame them

I kinda love Colin’s ornery, frustrated biker with a faint French accent. Halfway through, he goes “…aw, DAMN HILL”, and has to push himself upward


Wayne’s is a rare excuse to show is comic physicality, as he subtly shows the bees slowly crowding around him, one getting into his mouth, and eventually attacking him. Eventually, he swells up, being allergic

Ryan’s is a classic. Just too many subtle movements and broadness to even describe one by one, but I’ve always loved the casual progression here:
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.16.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.16.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.16.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.16.57 PM.png

Great ending continuity with Brad going: “Stay tuned now for the Tinky-Winky and Po show”

MUCH BETTER Weird Newscasters than we’ve been getting. Good stuff from all four. I’m seriously thinking this might be a better show.

Duet: Brad and Wayne sing a 1950s teen song to Dina, a marketing manager for thermostats

I love the little detail of Wayne miming running his hands through hair as Dina does it a few times. Brad eventually has to UNstraighten her hair.

[waaait…this is the piano riff from Title Sequence. We haven’t even played that one yet, but I know it’s from that game]

I like this one better than the last few playings of this, as Wayne and Brad both get the style and have some fun lyrical and musical moments here. Wayne even throws in an ill-fitting ‘you make me caliente’.

Also, I kinda love Brad and Wayne lengthening the song by a few measures just to get a silly final note in, which must have cracked up Laura and Linda.

Fun song. I think we’ve finally hit a good one.

Drew: “Dina, is that your boyfriend with you…[dropping]…ah, fiance….[muttered] thousand points, fiance…”

Whose Line: Ryan is Obi-Wan Kenobi and he’s training Colin, who is Luke Skywalker, to be a Jedi knight

I always love the beginning of this: Drew slowly says the name of the game, as he searches for the envelopes of lines, until eventually a stagehand points it out and hands it to them
Drew: “game called….Whoooooose Liiiinee..THANK YOU!”
It’s amusing as hell, and I’m glad it made it into the final edit
Drew, shaking his head: “our crack staff at work…”

Ryan: “Let’s try it one more time…this is the CHURCH, this is the STEEPLE…”

Colin: “How will this help me fight the dark forces?”
Ryan: “The jedis [UH, REALLY RYAN?] have a saying… and it goes simply like this…’from now on, I want to be known as Helen.’. WHAT KIND OF NAME IS OBI-WAN KENOBI?”

Ryan: [ignites lightsaber]
Colin: “I thought yours was bigger than that”
Ryan: “…as I grow old, the light grows dimmer…”

Colin: “I read the jedi handbook you gave me. I was a little confused by page one, where it said “my shorts are on fire!””

Ryan: “Luke, I…have not got long left.”
Drew cackles.
Ryan, going back: “I…have not long left? I have long- I’LL DIE SOON, LUKE.”

Ryan: “When people talk of me, I want you to look them straight into their eyes and tell them “Don’t miss the Drew Carey show Wednesday nights on ABC.”
There’s some applause for this, and a shot of smiling Drew.
Ryan, when it’s died down: “Oh wait, there’s more- ‘give the tall guy more lines!”
YES! Perfect way to circumvent the obvious plugging

Ryan: “It may not make sense to you now, but as you become a jedi, it will all become clear…”
Colin: “Oh, thank you, Helen.”
Ryan smirks here:
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.35.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.35.56 PM.png
It’s the equivalent of ‘big wing boy’ coming back to haunt him.

And of course, there’s Colin’s classic battle cry: “THE CANADIANS ARE COMING, THE CANADIANS ARE COMING!”

A phenomenal Whose Line scene. Funny lines all around, great back-and-forth, and great live reactions and moments. Up there with the Gone with the Wind one so far, but…in about 20 episodes we all know it’s gonna be outdone.

Party Quirks: Brad hosts
Wayne: entire Super Bowl halftime show
Colin: has just found Drew Carey’s secret diary
Ryan: the tortoise and the hare racing

Colin, entering: “ARE YOU READY FOR THIS???”

Colin, reading: “Today I just sat there…I watched the four of them perform for me in a way that I didn’t think I’d be able to walk!”
Thank God they didn’t give this quirk to Ryan. It’s be a lot meaner.

Ryan’s back-and-forth physicality is, as usual great

Colin, still reading: “The beer was flat, so I fired everyone who worked for the company”
I always love whenever the guys exaggerate Drew’s wealth. It’s always a bigger compliment to cartoon-character-ize Drew into like a Scrooge-McDuck/Mr. Krabs type miser than to just pile on the personal insults.

I’ve always laughed at Wayne doing different stages of the Halftime Show, and one of them being Tina Turner singing ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’. Yes, Turner would do one, but…WHY THAT SONG SPECIFICALLY? Was the world clamoring for Tina Turner to sing her Beyond Thunderdome song at the Super Bowl? Was it the only song Wayne could remember?

Brad guesses a bunch of wrong things Wayne could be [“AROOOOOO”] before guessing ‘Woodstock 99 before the fire’, which confirms that Woodstock 99 would eventually be curtailed due to a stage fire.

I love Brad’s little smile when he realizes Colin’s.

Brad, guessing Ryan’s wrong: “Hey, I’m taking away your valium..”
Ryan…nearly breaks here

I love the way Brad guesses Ryan’s, letting ‘the speedy one’ leave, and making soup out of the other one. Similar to how he guessed Ryan’s lap dog one in E2.

A really funny PQ round. My gosh, this show’s going the distance.

Scenes from a Hat:

Rejected endings for Titanic
Brad: “I’m king of the squirrels!”
Wayne: “ROSE…PROMISE ME…hey, I can stand up!”
[Damn close]
Brad: “Welcome Rose, my name’s Gilligan…”

Drew: “Personal messages you’d love to see flying from the back of an airplane.”
Brad: “Help, the engine’s on fire.”
Colin: “If you can read this, you’re driving too close…”

And the classic one: “Bad songs to sing in prison”
Brad: “Whoooo dropped the soap…”
Ryan, with delivery that always makes me laugh: “JIM’S ESCAPING THROUGH THE HOLE IN THE WALL…”
Colin, immortally: “…with the wig, you remind me of Julia…”
Drew DIES laughing at this one. “You sounded so sincere…”

Bad first date greetings:
Brad: “Hello Mr. Johnson, I’ve come to fondle your daughter”

Drew: “What he’s thinking while he’s kissing you”
Colin, with a great subversion: “…man, the things you gotta do to get on Whose Line…”
Hell, that counts as a callback to Julia, possibly

Bad Parental Motivational Speeches:
Ryan: “A teacher??? A TEACHER? Honey, prostitutes make TWICE that money”

So many suggestions here are series highlights, and so many I could list from memory, so obviously this is a classic round. I’m surprised how many great ones Brad went out for, because he’s usually not great at quickfire rounds (there’s a reason why Questions Only, Hats or Worlds Worst aren’t played at his tapings)

Hoedown: Cable Company

Drew asks Ryan and Colin, who cringes as Drew says “favorite game in the whole wide world”, if they love as much as he does
Ryan, dreading this: “LOVE IT, BABY”

Brad: “I had to wait for cable installation the whole day
It really made me mad that for TV I must pay
So when he came to the door, what did he see?
I was wearing a negligee, and I got cable for free.”
Pretty nice verse there to start off

I love Colin’s, because at several points he had no idea what he was doing, and it was kinda obvious. His second rhyme was ‘some of it makes me moist’, and his final one was ‘now all day I can see Full House’, which was the kind of verse that seems like he backed into it on the fly. Wayne laughs at this, though

Ryan’s is a great one, about hating his cable guy:
“Then one sunny day I really got my wish
I murdered my cable guy and then I got a dish!”
Fantastic, and a great end to a really solid Hoedown.

Overall: To quote Gordon Ramsay, finally, some good fucking food. There was not a single bad game in the bunch, and though a few S2 shows are more notable, many aren’t as solid across the board as this one. Only two shows didn’t get a 9/10 from me…as they got a 10/10. All four did pretty great in games, and it was balanced evenly enough so that Brad got plenty of chance to shine. But also…there was a fun energy that seemed to inhabit a lot of the games, especially ones like Weird Newscasters or Hoedown, where you don’t think it’s gonna go to some goofy place, but it goes there out of force of will. I counted two classic games, a ton of really good games, and a show I’ll enjoy watching whenever I get the chance.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Brad Sherwood, being a highlight of every game he was in, and continuing his S2 dominance. Ryan nearly got this one.
Worst Performer: Wayne didn’t have much to do outside of Duet tonight.
Best Game: It was between Whose Line and SFAH for me, and I was going back-and-forth for a WHILE. I had to think…which game best represents the mood and energy of this show…and honestly, it’s gotta be SFAH. All four get to excel, there’s no weak spots, there’s a ton of funny and memorable moments, and it happens at a point where it bridges the momentum from the bulk of the show towards the big finish.
Worst Game: Duet, but to be fair, it’s still a 9/10 game. The others were just funnier.

COMING UP NEXT: Another Brad show. This one comes from the same taping as E2, so it’s BACK TO THE BLUE-ON-BLACK SHIRT, BRAD.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E16, or Quick, Get on Colin!

So we’re coming off a bad show, and luckily we have a Greg episode up now. Yes, it’s from the same taping as the much-maligned E10 (feat. You’ve got Sole), but…I liked more things from that one than I did E15, so I think we’re in for at least a small improvement.

Change of Cast: Ryan, Colin & Greg are 3 prisoners breaking out of Alcatraz

This is a variation on FT&TS, only instead of taking suggestions from the audience, Drew has a bag of supplied character suggestions he’ll pool from. It’s a bit more personality-based than F&TS, and sort of an early cousin of Director, as well, so this will be interesting

Greg: “You know…we’re on an island. Maybe a tunnel’s not a good idea.”

After a plan involving inflating Colin, they’re now professional wrestlers

Greg: [gets Colin in a headlock]

Weightless astronauts:
Ryan: “Quick…get on Colin!”
Colin, as Ryan and Greg jump on his back: “…if I had a nickel for every time I heard that…”

Drew: “New York Cops”
Greg and Ryan start frisking Colin

Game Show Hosts:
Greg: ‘WELLL now that you’ve got your freedom, what are you gonna do with it?”
Ryan, buzzing: “i’m going to take a vacation?”
Greg: “CORRECT!”

A very light game, especially compared to Director or F&TS

Drew takes off points for Greg, as he already IS a game show host. I mean, Drew could be referring to multiple programs, like Rendez-View or Space Cadets or probably VS.

Song Styles: Wayne sings to Miley, a secretary at a talent agency, in the style of Ray Charles

Not much to this one. Wayne seems to be a bit shaky on the first few measures, but once he gets into it, it’s really a standard song from him.

Props: Ryan & Colin vs. Greg & Wayne

Wayne starts laughing at Ryan and Colin’s prop, only for his face to completely drop once he gets his

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.22.11 PM.pngWayne: “BAM! YOU’RE DESPICABLE!”
Amazing Looney Tunes reference there

Colin: “Stand back, Lois, I’m going to use my x-ray vision”:
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.23.03 PM.png
I kinda love this one.

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.23.51 PM.pngColin: “…you know, now that Madonna’s 80…”
[That gave me my first audible laugh of the show]

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.24.50 PM.pngColin: “REALLY SMALL TWISTER!”
[Man, Colin’s killing it this game!]

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.25.33 PM.pngColin: “GET THAT JAR-JAR BINKS OUT OF HERE.”

Greg, handing Wayne a prop: “Uh, Wayne, before you go on your date…”

How is PROPS, which has been the bane of my existence this season, the best game of the night so far??? All of Colin’s answers were fire, both pairs had creative stuff, and I laughed more times than I did at the first 2 games.

Weird Newscasters: Greg anchors, Colin, bitterly verbalizing his inner thoughts, Wayne, getting arrested, does sports, while Ryan, a sumo wrestler, does weather

Wayne: “Well, it appears that this week in [looks in rearview] awwww crap”

I love Wayne getting punched, then grabbing a camcorder and taping this. I feel he’d be grabbing a phone if this were a recent show

Ryan’s sumo wrestler physicality is as least funny, but this game’s not really doing it for me either

Yeah, not a great one, guys. This show is just not grabbing me.

Moving People: Ryan & Colin are two surfers who are fighting over a girl and they have challenged each other to ride the big wave

I love Colin’s initial panicked reaction as his mover moves his torso down

Ryan: “You better catch up, buddy, I’m already on the wave…[he’s still got his hand at his neck]…boy my pulse is racing…”

Ryan, his hands on his waist: “…my butt could not be tighter”

Colin: “Watch me jump RIGHT onto my board…”
his mover just politely moves his foot forward
Colin: “…when I say jump…”

Ryan and Colin are great at noticing that they’re not looking at each other, and Colin’s great at realizing he’s not even looking where he’s pointing. They’re at least saving this from being too uncontrollable by screwing with the audience members

Colin’s mover has his front leg take a BIG leap forward, which he thankfully nails, though Colin’s face is a bit perturbed. Drew laughs at this

Ryan, with his hand outstretched: “Oh yeah, I’ve got a gun with four barrels!”

To give the movers credit, they get better as we go on of screwing with Colin and Ryan, and giving them more things to do as they’re having this showdown, almost turning it into a tender moment

Colin, holding onto Ryan’s nose: “Sorry, I just had to see if that was real”
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.43.50 PM.png

Thank God, another really good game. There was some better, sillier energy flowing through this one, and I’m glad this made the cut among many other weaker games.

Hoedown: Shoplifting

Drew gives a very excited, peppy, ‘EVERYONE’S FAVORITE GAME’ intro to this. Ryan is still the last to hop up to the step

Wayne has a silly verse about trying to shoplift from the zoo, as “I tried putting a cheetah and a rhino in my pants”

Colin: “The other day I stole something, it really was a sin
It was a little revolver made of gelatin
It really was a bad idea, it’s something I should have slept on
Cause I was arrested for carrying a congealed weapon.”
Oh, Colin…

Very okay hoedown. Fits the rest of the show

90 Second Alphabet: Ryan, Drew, and Colin are at the Kentucky Derby and have bet all their money on a race that’s about to start
Starting with: Q

More of Drew not being great at this game- he and Ryan stay at V for a few lines until Ryan has to go onto W himself.

…and then Drew skips the letter Y. Man, this show just…has it all, doesn’t it?

I do like the eventual realization that Drew doesn’t know what a bet is, and Ryan and Colin playing off this, but…this still isn’t a great round of this.

And then the scene awkwardly goes past the buzzer as the run out of time, and they just…try awkwardly to keep the not-there momentum going further.

Ryan, finally: “Perhaps we should have gone a little quicker.”

Oh lord, not the way you want to end a show, especially one that isn’t going well.

Overall: I have to seriously consider if this one was worse than E15. On one hand, E15 had less good games, but on the other hand, the lows of this one were tough to get through. I may give this one a slight edge just for Props, Moving People and Change of Cast being more tolerable than most games in E15, but…this was still not a great episode. Nobody’s fault, just…this is the problem with having a 40-show S2. Sometimes, the stretch means you have to get 3 shows from a taping, and stretch games that could compliment better games in a full episode into its own thing.

Show Winners: Ryan and Colin
Best Performer: Ryan had the most shining moments
Worst Performer: I’d give it to Drew if I could, but Greg had the least to do
Best Game: Moving People, just barely beating Props
Worst Game: 90 Second Alphabet. Ughhhh.

COMING UP NEXT: Our fourth Brad Sherwood taping of the season. If you liked Brad’s blue-on black shirt, and his gold-on-black shirt, get ready for their grey cousin!

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E15, or Make Up Your Own Joke Here

Onto our second of two Denny Siegel tapings. Again, she’s been fantastic on WL during this run, and somehow we won’t see her for another 15 episodes. Which is the thanks she gets, I presume.

Great reaction to Drew’s ‘winner gets to do something special with me’ line:
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.29.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.29.53 PM.png

Let’s Make a Date: Denny must choose from Wayne, an outraged grandmother, Colin, a bad stand up comedian fed up with the audience, and Ryan, who has just taken a powerful¬†aphrodisiac by accident

Denny, to Wayne: “If I get my bottom beaten by you for not listening, then I hope I go deaf early…”
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.33.13 PM.png

The audience gets the hint with Colin’s, and starts booing him over simple jokes.

Good gag of Ryan slowly starting to make eyes at Colin

I love the little trick Wayne does with putting in and pulling out his teeth.

Colin, fed up, pulls a guy out of the audience and makes him tell a joke, while he sits in the guy’s audience seat
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.38.43 PM.png

Then, Ryan puts his hand on the audience member leg. Poor guy. Looks like a caricature of Rob Brydon. Then the guy puts his hand on Ryan’s leg, Wayne slaps him, and Colin, from the audience, yells ‘HE’S NOT THAT FUNNY!’

Drew, to the guy: “Thank you sir, what’s your name?”
Drew: “thank you!”

Denny, guessing Ryan: “I’d accept a date with him, but I’m guessing it’d be a bit premature…”
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.42.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.42.39 PM.png

Not a bad LMAD, but one that picked up late.

Song Styles: Wayne sings about a blender in the style of the Temptations

For the first time, the other three are shoehorned into Song Styles as backup dancers, and not in an African Chant way

I love the little in-unison dancing they’re doing.

I also love Ryan’s slightly-disinterested lower backup vocal voice.

Drew keels over laughing at how out-of-place Colin and Denny look in this. I mean, they are distracting me from a very normal Wayne song, which is nice, but…they’re not doing much in the background either.

Even funnier, when Wayne gets them all to sing, and Colin throws in a really goofy voice to sing ‘BLEEENDER”

Drew: “Little dance tip for ya, white people. Next time you’re out dancing, just mind the black guy, copy what he’s doing.”

Didn’t love this one, but Ryan, Denny and Wayne amused me in the background

Narrate: Airport Terminal

FINALLY they play this one again. Took long enough after the pizza place one.

Ryan: “I knew what he wanted…he wanted Big Wing Boy…but I hadn’t done that for years…”
Ryan stands there and waits for the audience to get the joke
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 10.04.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 10.04.26 PM.png

Ryan: “Only flight we have is at 7:30. It’s going to Pomona”
[regional joke hits]
Colin, upstage: “…Pomona…how ironic, that’s where I’d been running FROM…”
THAT is a great joke

Ryan: “Fresno, eh? That’s a lovely town.”
He then begins to come upstage, and the audience, the CALIFORNIA audience, already start giggling, knowing the punchline
Ryan: “…it wasn’t.”

Ryan: “Why don’t you see if your carry-on fits through the hole there”
Colin, upstage: “…make up your own joke here”

Ryan, upstage: “I knew he’d had that metal plate installed 3 years ago. That’s where all the hair had gone.”
Colin, as the audience OHHHHs, bites his lip

And then Ryan, knowing what he just opened himself up to, goes back upstage to remind the audience that Colin got him first: “Take it from me- BIG WING BOY.”
THAT gets Drew laughing. So many levels going on in that line

Colin: “I’d realized that when I set off the metal detector, it was just Big Wind Boy [note- Colin got it wrong!!] Going ‘DOOTDOOTDOOTDOOTDOOT’, but I thought I’d humor him. After all, he looked like someone who had never had any humor in his life.”

Then, when Colin pulls a gun on Ryan, Ryan, for the first of many times in Narrate, grabs the gun from him in a single motion. Colin sighs

Unfortunately we end there, so sadly we don’t get to see Colin try and bend Ryan’s gun (like he will in S8), but…still a pretty funny Narrate. After a bit it became less about the scene and more about personal abuse, but…I still laughed a lot

Weird Newscasters: Denny anchors, Colin, who has been injected with dinosaur DNA, co-anchors, Wayne, Jerry Lewis, does sports, while Ryan, cornered criminal looking to take a hostage, does weather

So a hijacker joke isn’t okay, but a hostage joke is?? Jesus, these censors…

Denny: “Our top story tonight is interestingly enough, NOT about a top but a dreidel.”

This is a slow build into Colin’s impeccable dinosaur impression, which gets a ton of applause as he starts prowling around the stage, and towards the cameras

Wayne’s Jerry Lewis is just silly enough

Denny, post-Wayne: “On behalf of everyone, I would like to apologize to everyone except the French”

Ryan, pointing a gun at Colin: “BACK OFF OR THE LIZARD GETS IT!”
Colin: [bites Ryan’s hand off]

Very okay playing of this.

Scene to Rap: Brain Surgery

Ugh, as if this show could get any more meh…

I’m not even gonna quote anything from this one, because this is probably the worst Scene to Rap. I don’t like Denny’s opening verse, I don’t like Wayne’s idiot acting or anything around it, and I don’t like how convenient it is that Ryan just gives Wayne his brain back. I also don’t like that Wayne rushes an ending by relieving Colin of his verse. Colin loves it, because he doesn’t have to rap, but…not good. I don’t like this game, and I basically DESPISE this playing.

Hoedown: Movie Ushers

Drew’s has a good punchline: “Never go to the movies and do an impression of Pee-Wee Herman”

Ryan gives the easy ‘pirate movie- rated AARRR’ joke, which is proof he had absolutely nothing at this point.

Very weak Hoedown.

Overall: A new low for S2. Only one game worked, and even then it sort of didn’t work in points. A really bad Scene to Rap, a bad Hoedown, a misfiring Song Styles, and a nondescript Weird Newscasters.

Show Winner: Denny
Best Performer: Colin, I guess. Had the most obvious moments.
Worst Performer: Denny, who took a step backward with this show.
Best Game: Narrate. No other competition.
Worst Game: Scene to Rap. May it burn.

COMING UP NEXT: Another show from the taping that gave us ‘You’ve got Sole’

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway US: S02E14, or A JAR OF ALMONDS!

Onto an episode that aired the day before my fourth birthday…yeah, I’m a friggin infant, here’s a Brad Sherwood show. This taping would cross into S3, and arguably the better, or more memorable, games got pushed to S3. But still, considering Brad’s hot streak this season, shouldn’t be too bad.

Superheroes: Tight Underwear
Brad: Suicide Boy
Ryan: Yodeling Pogo Stick Boy
Colin: Captain Bloodloss
Wayne: Cowboy Stunt Rider

SO…RIGHT OFF THE BAT…Let’s go over a few starting Superheroes names that didn’t make it to air: Blind Jim! Cross-Dressing Man! Last episode, a SFAH suggestion was cut due to Columbine. AND NOW…’Suicide Boy’ is the one that the censors are alright with??? Suicide is a lot worse than blindness, cross-dressing, and…okay the jury is still out on whether a suicide is worse than a mass shooting (and don’t ask Congress that question). But this is a VERY ballsy take from the censors.

Drew, post-suggestion: “They want it so bad, I hate to deny ’em…they were on the bus, going ‘we’re gonna do ‘Suicide Boy'”

At least Brad knows to keep this silly, like using a propane tank rather than, like…something triggering.

Brad, eventually: “This isn’t working, it’s an electric stove!”

Ryan, entering: “Ah, you’re still here! I thought I’d come over and grab your stereo, but you’re still alive!”

I love Ryan’s slow reaction when Brad gives him ‘Yodeling Pogo Stick man’

Brad: “Everyone’s underwear is too tight in the world, including mine!”
Ryan: “I thought you were just happy to see me, [continues yodeling]”

COLIN’S…will never cease to crack me up. It’s just a simple facial expression, and an occasional loss of balance, but…it’s just so silly and morbid, even more than Brad’s
Brad, as Colin gets on his knees: “That’s really depressing…I wish I were brave enough to do it that way…”

Wayne’s is all energy. I love when he attempts to ride Colin, but Colin just lands limply on the floor

Then, as Wayne goes offstage, he goes over to Drew’s desk, and…
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 5.54.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 5.54.34 PM.png

Brad’s final line doesn’t make it on…so it’s nice the censors had SOME standards.

Despite the obvious stigma, still a very funny scene. Colin’s quirk was hysterical, and Drew seems to agree: “It’s good to know that when trouble rears its ugly head, Captain Bloodloss will be there”
Colin: [throws head back]

Film, TV & Theater Styles:Ryan and Colin are two high-strung poodle owners competing against each other in a national dog show

After several 3-person playings of this, we’re back to 2!

I love how they make fun of the guy who goes ‘SCARY MOVIE’. Like, a very naturally goofy voice. Ryan’s doing a little Paul-Lynde-ing

Ryan: [does growling noises]
Colin: [stomps]
I can see they’re starting this taping’s output off with some very family-friendly shows

Ryan: “My poodle is…WAS grand champion!”

Cheech and Chong:
Colin: [chomps dog, then is horrified]

Richard Simmons:

Romper Room
Ryan: “And THAT’s how we move in different directions”
Colin: “Well, it’s time to see who’s out there to judge our dogs…”
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 6.03.25 PM.png

Very okay playing of this. Not a lot to it.

Props: Ryan & Colin vs. Brad & Wayne

This was one of the first Props playings on Youtube.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 6.04.59 PM.pngRyan: “I am a smoker, how’d you know that?”

If I’m not mistaken, this is Ryan’s first ‘Wilson from Home Improvement’ gag in Props.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 6.07.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 6.07.07 PM.png

A few clever ones, but not much else.

Motown Group: Brad, Ryan and Wayne sing ‘Do the Toothbrush’

The first of two new games.

Immediately, Ryan doesn’t seem to happy to be playing this one, staying at the chairs. However, Wayne goes “COME ON RYAN!”, and that…sort of helps.

This is basically a less-morbid version of Doo-Wop, and a rare singing game for Ryan.

Wayne: “Gingivitis might make you sick
So I think you oughta use a Waterpik”
[Man, that’s some Chip-esque lyrics

Ryan, on his teeth: “Sometimes I think, why do I bother
I keep ’em in a big glass of water, they ain’t real!”

This is a very fun number, and I love how Wayne gets the whole audience, and Drew, in on the fun.

Really fun debut for this game, and even stuff from all three, though Wayne seemed to be leading the pack

Millionaire Show: Ryan’s Sex Life- Brad hosts, Ryan’s the contestant, Colin’s on the phone, Wayne’s in the audience

Another game premiere, this one in direct response to a HUGE ABC hit from the time, Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This game would steal its structure right from there…which was okay, as they aired on the same channel. Not sure how CBS would feel about its reality show staple being made into a game next season.

Brad already has the Regis-esque ‘DOLLAHS’ pronunciation down

Ryan: “I’m Jim Phillips, and I have multiple personalities, I’m also a skin diver, a puppeteer, and I was the tenth president of the United States”

Brad: “Alright, I have lots of amphetamines rushing through my system!”

Brad: “I’m just so thrilled to be anywhere without Kathie Lee Crosby”
[Ryan whispers that it’s Gifford]
[oh man…Brad has no idea what’s coming his way in 15 years…]
Brad: “No it’s not!”

Brad’s ‘which teletubby’ options are : A.) Tinky Winky, B.) RICHARD NIXON, C.) THOR, GOD OF THUNDER, or D.) A Jar of Almonds!”
Brad was perfect for this game

There’s a fantastic bit of timing with Ryan and Brad, especially in the repetition of Brad’s ‘is that your FINAL ansah’ getting Ryan to somehow change his answer to the correct one’

Brad also nails Regis’ misdirect whenever there’s a correct answer

Ryan is at the brink of losing it at Brad’s ‘the first thing you use in the bedroom’ options. Once he brings back ‘C. …RICHARD NIXON’, he’s basically gone.
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 6.55.31 PM.png

Ryan: “I need help, I’m going with the almonds again unless you talk me out of it”
[I love that line]

Ryan: “Hey, wait a minute, what do YOU USE in the bedroom?”
Wayne, like he should know: “…Richard Nixon!”
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 6.56.35 PM.png

Brad: “Here is the question…IT’S A TRICK QUESTION…Is the answer to this question…A.) B…B.) C…C). A, or D.) D?”

Colin’s ‘phone a friend’ bit works because A.) it’s done through a mic that makes it sound like a phone, and B.) halfway through Ryan’s call, he goes “who is this?”

Ryan: “Have you been studying your MATH and your [smirk] letters?”
Colin: “For god’s sakes, dad, I’m 34.”

Brad: “I had to cut you off because I was tired of listening to you talk!”

Brad: “You can also go off the board for your fifth answer, which is of course, E.) a jar of almonds.”
Dear lord, Brad…

Brad starts cracking up as Ryan starts picking answers, as this turns essentially into a Who’s on First again.
Ryan, eventually: “Which one was the jar of almonds again?”

Ryan wins, Brad yells and they collapse into making out. Pretty much what I expected.

On one hand, this is far from a perfect game setup, and has a few points for lulls. But Brad made this work tonight with his characterization and his random answers. I’m saying this one really worked tonight, despite some flaws. And the ending, with random answers and Who’s on First logic, made me laugh very hard.

Hoedown: Family Reunions

Brad: “Every family reunion is such an awful night
It’s my entire family getting in a fight
Then later on they try and do a dance
But it’s not a family reunion til my uncle drops his pants”
Very true

Drew ends his with a sincere question: “Am I adopted, cause the rest of my family’s black”
Wayne gets up from behind the desk and hugs Drew

I love the way Colin composes his first two lines:
“A family reunion, of which I’m about to sing
Strange thing are…always…happening”

Ironic that Colin makes a transitioning joke here.

Not a bad Hoedown, but a little uneven.

Overall: A middle-of-the-road show with only a few highlights, namely Superheroes and Millionaire Show, separating it from the pack. As fun as Millionaire Show was, it jeopardized the rest of the episode because it’s a long-ass game, and it’s hard to do a show with similar jokes and threadlines if you have that mammoth game to edit around. I guess that’s why we have better shows coming from this one, but that’s not to say this show was bad.

Show Winner: Ryan, Colin & Brad
Best Performer: Colin had the wackier moves tonight, as much as I want to give another one to Brad.
Worst Performer: Honestly? Ryan again. I feel like I’m more surprised that Ryan’s having down nights, because the show was balancing on his back in the UK, but…sometimes he doesn’t have it. Thankfully he can give it to Wayne or Colin every once in a while.
Best Game: Millionaire Show, despite its problems, was still hella funny.
Worst Game: Props, once again, brings up the rear

COMING UP NEXT: Another appearance from Denny Siegel!

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway US: S02E13, or Oh, Have a Coffee..

After a season high, and a pulled-down skirt, we hit our second, and to date final, Josie Lawrence episode on Whose Line. Josie had the longest tenure of any UK-based performer on the show, and outlived her country’s own version. I’ve been liking her episodes on the US version, and she’s proving how excellent she is at improv even when she’s slightly out of her comfort zone, like here, where she’s playing some newer games.

Questions Only: in a lingerie section of a department store on Valentine’s Day

Drew, with this game, begins his recurring line of “this is also a great party game, if you’re ever at a party with no booze…”

Josie: “Wouldn’t you prefer those in pink, sir?”
Wayne: “Oh, d’you have raspberry?”

Wayne has a nice cross-dresser gag, which gets applause from the audience, but…Josie, at a pleasing angle to the censors, flashes Wayne, which gets even MORE applause.
Wayne: “What are those?”
Josie: “I don’t know, you tell me…”
Drew: “…nice try…”
Josie cackles at that

Colin: “Is this okay?”
Wayne: “does Victoria have a secret?”
Colin: [breaks]

Ryan, to Josie: “Are you the salesgirl who’s showing her breasts to everyone?”
Josie, after letting the audience react, gives up
Colin enters, then flashes Ryan
Ryan: “YOU’RE the salesgirl??”

Not a bad round of this, but I’ve seen better

Whose Line: Zorro, played by Ryan, catches up with the leader of the Mexican guard, played by Colin

Ryan comes in making a horse noise.
Colin: “…what are you doing on my exercise machine?”

Colin, after a few lines of his bad Mexican accent: “I bet you’re wondering what part of Mexico I’m from.”
Ryan cracks a bit.
Colin: “I was educated in Oxford!”
Ryan, in a similarly bad accent: “You must come back with me, you have committed many crimes. [beat] Apparently I’m from the same neighborhood..”

Ryan going ‘HEEEEERE’S JOHNNY’ in his bad Mexican accent is great
Ryan: “I wanted to change my name from Zorro to Johnny, but the J is so hard to carve in the wall…it takes 2 motions, rather than just a Z.”
Colin: “…I’m sorry, I was amused by your accent”

Ryan: “And as I hang you, I will look up and say…”LET ME BE YOUR LOVE MONKEY.”
Perfect. And there are great reactions from both Colin and Ryan, leaving enough of a beat on this to make the timing on Ryan’s eventual ‘PERHAPS I’VE SAID TOO MUCH’ even funnier

Ryan: “…I want you to come live with me…”
Colin: “…..okay”
Ryan, smirking: “Just that easy?”
Colin: “Well, if it’s between hanging from the highest yard-arm, or…living with a man with a nice hat and a mask…”

Colin: “…are you sure?”
Ryan: “YES!”
Colin: [goes to get line]
Colin: “…I WI-[trails off in laughter]”

Colin: “Here the words I’ve wanted to say to you ever since you followed me on horseback…’seeing you naked changed my life'”

Drew, as they’ve headed back: “…it certainly changed MY life…”

Drew: “Thousand points to those of us who’ve seen Ryan naked”
Wayne: [raises hand]
Drew: “it’s like everybody in America…”
Ryan: [starts counting audience members]

Drew: “Lot of people forget that on the Drew Carey show, Ryan and I have been totally naked.”
Ryan: “Of course, SOME OF US needed a wide-angle lens.”
Drew, smirking: “…and some of us needed a zoom…”

A good round of WL, but it definitely got better as it went on.

Props: Ryan & Josie vs. Colin & Wayne

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 3.08.45 PM.pngColin: “Aye, it’s the two-headed Loch Ness Monster!”

Not much to this props round. Kinda short, and a lot of the suggestions were pretty basic

Scenes from a Hat:

Note: this is one of the few SFAH playings to have had a scene revoked after its first airing, and never re-aired again. Many listings of this game include the now-lost suggestion of ‘odd hijacker demands’, and my guess is that somebody complained to ABC that it didn’t make sense to be getting humor from hijackers 6 months after the Columbine shooting. However, thanks to the internet, here’s what ‘Odd Hijacker Demands’ consisted of:

WAYNE: All right, all right, you get over, and you Riverdance. (buzz)
COLIN: Make a left! (buzz)
RYAN:  Take me to Cuba Gooding Jr.!

So…not much to it, though I’m interested about Colin’s delivery, and how Ryan’s went over.

But hey, if you like censorship that actually STAYS in the finish product, you’ll love this next bit:

Rejected Themes Restaurants:
[Not only is ‘pussy’ censored, but…so is ‘cats’. Damn, ABC, you just keep me guessing]
Wayne is dying, the audience universal loves this, Ryan and Colin are giggling…and we cut back to Josie, and she’s kinda thinking…’are we gonna get away with that on US TV?”
Drew: “I don’t know if they told you, but in America we can only get away with that if you pronounce it ‘puss-ay'”
Josie: “I’m so sorry-”
Drew: “AIN’T NOTHIN’ WRONG WITH IT, BABY…I ain’t saying there’s something wrong with it, I’m just saying you can’t SAY IT…”
Ryan, pointing to the censors: “THEY don’t like it…”

Videotapes that didn’t sell out at Blockbuster
Drew, putting on sunblock: “Oh, hi there! I’m Drew Carey!”

Drew: “The wrong thing to say when she says ‘I love you'”
I am gonna miss her.

Drew: “Messages delivered a little late.”
Ryan: “Custer, stay where you are!”
Colin: “Mr. Lincoln, the play got bad reviews!”

Solid round of this. Lots of funny bits all around, especially from Josie who brought it in this game.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Chiropractor

Ryan: “And not just songs from here in America, but songs all- FROM ALL over the world. Almost missed a word there!”
Colin: “That’s because you’re DRUNK!”
[I’ll always love that delivery]
Ryan, putting a hand on Colin’s shoulder: “sshhh!”
Colin: “Don’t touch me!”

Josie and Wayne have great chemistry in this tango number, taking turns doing a dance move and cracking the other’s back. Both are in such good harmony, especially in the final note, that it reminded me…this is the only time Wayne’s Song Styles/Greatest Hits partner has been a woman. Nobody else dueted with Wayne other than Josie. And it’s a duet combo that wishes he’d done more, or that Josie had come on more often.

Colin: “Songs of the chiropac-practor is something-”
The reactions here are amazing: Ryan smiles, knowing it’s karma for getting him earlier, and Colin just throws his arms up.
Colin: “I knew I should have taken a nip…”
Colin takes about 10 seconds to readjust his face before Ryan spurns him on to keep going

Ryan: “Songs of the chiropractor go back many a many years…”
Colin: “Do they?”
Ryan: “Yes, they were…”
Colin gives him a confused look. They’re basically trading off who gets to be drunk. Drew’s cracking
Ryan: “And I remember as a young, black child growing up in the Bronx…
Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 3.34.50 PM.png

Ryan’s song title for this, “is that a bulging disc or are you just happy to see me?” is pretty hysterical

Ryan, keeping his drunkenness going without meaning to: “How many songs are on this 2-D-CD-set?- 2-D-CD SET!”
Colin, post-laughing: “I mentioned it earlier, you weren’t listening, TOUGH.”

Ryan gives Colin another look
Colin: “Oh, have a coffee…”

Annnnd Wayne & Josie’s Gilbert and Sullivan song is pretty fantastic. I did not expect Wayne to do the amount of patter and rapid lyrics to nail this, but he’s fitting right in.

Wayne and Josie give each other a big hug at the end of this game, and they deserve it: they both nailed it, and worked so damn well together.

A fantastic GH playing, in both the music and in the banter, which was at an all-time high.

Hoedown: Children

As a bait-and-switch, Wayne sits at the desk, and Drew says that everybody BUT Wayne has won. Drew just goes “HA’ a few times, and Ryan’s just making fun of him as Wayne looks betrayed at the desk

Josie’s is a fun one, about her husband saying they should have kids, “but why do I need children when I’ve already got him?”

Drew sings a jovial song about not paying child support or alimony
“I get to keep all the money that I’m paid
How can you have any children, if you never ever get laid?”
A fun verse. And yes, ABC bleeped ‘laid’.

Ryan’s is funny two, about having their umpteenth kid:
“How she had another, I just can’t see
Cause just two years ago, I got a vasectomy.”

Not a bad Hoedown, but not too memorable either.

Overall: Not as good as Josie’s first show in the US, but still pretty funny in points. Really, the bulk of tonight’s games were fairly okay, including Hoedown, Questions Only, Props and the first half of Whose Line, and our highlights, as typical this series, were SFAH and Greatest Hits. No crimes were committed, and Josie certainly wasn’t misused, but it was just very boilerplate for most of its runtime. Don’t get me wrong, there are worse shows in S2, but…I wish Josie would have ended her run on a better note.

Show Winners: Ryan, Colin & Josie
Best Performer: I had to work hard to separate Ryan and Josie, but ultimately Ryan gets it for having bigger game-clinching moments tonight.
Worst Performer: Honestly Wayne, who only really stood out in Greatest Hits and Questions.
Best Game: Greatest Hits. One of the best ones we’ve had.
Worst Game: Props, once again in S2, was very meh.

COMING UP NEXT: Another Brad show, this one from a rare taping this season where he’s wearing one solid color.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway US: S02E12, or You Don’t See THAT on Friends!

So…this one was a big deal.

One of the reasons Whose Line’s popularity grew over time is because slowly, the show would become very running-gag based, where people would rewatch episodes because all the games would be connected by a running gag. The show’s popularity also grew because…if something wild would happen in an episode, it would become must-see TV.

This episode is Whose Line US’s first ‘must-see TV’ show, and the funny part is…for the first half, it seems like any other show. This is the first sampling of Chip Esten’s 2nd US taping (of 4 this season), and if you were to turn it off after the first half, you wouldn’t think it were must-see TV, which I’d also say about another ‘classic’ show this season (coming in about 10 or so episodes).

But…because of a game that happens late in this show, WL would have its first ‘oh my god’ show. And we’re gonna examine it…20 years later.

Let’s Make a Date: Chip must choose from Wayne, female American Gladiator, Colin, makes animal sounds when turned on, and Ryan, angry farmer looking for the person who slept with his daughter

Chip’s contestant voice is definitely southern, though a bit more of an ‘eastern-shore gayer’ southern perhaps?

Colin’s quirk gets some laughs, as does his eventual ‘baaah-ing’. Plus, for the SECOND EPISODE IN A ROW, Colin ends an LMAD round by smoking a cigarette

Ryan’s looking around, first at Colin, and eventually at Drew, with a look of scorn

Chip: “If you were one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be?”
Colin: [makes dog noise]
Wayne: [elbows him in the face]

Chip, who must know something, asks Colin what a romantic evening with him begin with. Colin has a great reaction:
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.00.58 PM.png
Colin: “…well, we’d quickly disrobe…and [elephant noise]”

Ryan, after an obvious cut: “Do me a favor and make that sheep sound again?”
Colin: ‘baaaah’
Ryan: [puts hand on his leg]

If you wanna talk about serendipity…when Ryan goes to punch out the audience member who slept with his daughter…LOOK WHO’S THREE SEATS DOWN:
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.03.45 PM.png
Yeah, her, on the end. This is NOT the last we’ll be seeing of her.

Ryan, as he’s back with Colin, who’s woofing like mad: “BARK, BABY, BARK!”

Chip: “…I’m gonna pick 2, but I want 3 to be there also”

Chip can’t remember the name of the show Wayne’s doing, initially thinking ‘Battle…star Galactica’

I love Chip’s slow realization of Colin’s…and Colin’s eventual reaction to the correct guess:
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.07.51 PM.png

Chip also cracked me up by guessing Ryan as ‘the farmer’s daughter’s father.”
Drew: “…yeah, the FARMER!”

Drew, still not over it: “…the farmer’s daughter’s father…”
Chip: “…nephew’s uncle…”
Drew: “In other words, the farmer.”
Drew: “No…”
Ryan: “In other words, her brother.”
The audience OHHHHHs at this
Ryan, trying to defend himself: “LOOK WHAT THEY MADE ME DO!”

Funny round of this to start off. Definitely built as it went on, but surprisingly Colin was the funniest guy here. Usually Ryan builds off of Colin’s so that HE’s the funniest, but he didn’t do AS MUCH of that this time

Duet: Chip and Wayne sing to Derek, a diesel worker, in the style of the Village People

Drew even says that usually he picks the cute girl, but tonight he’s picking Derek, or “Jerry” as he first thinks

Drew: “Regular Whose Line viewers are probably going ‘hey, why didn’t he pick the cute chick like he always does? [looks at style suggestion] HERE’S WHY…”

First of all, I’m glad Laura and Linda could do a Village People number without wrecking a keyboard. Second of all:
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.16.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.16.47 PM.png
Ohhhh man

Wayne: “Derek, he’s really fast
Derek, he deals in diesel, NOT GAS
Derek…he’s really terrific
Even though his job description isn’t specific”
Yeah, probably lampshading why he and Chip are having difficulty so far

Then, when Chip and Wayne do the ‘spell his name’ bit, this goes…slightly better than a later one. Chip thinks his name’s spelled ‘Derrick’, while Wayne opts for ‘Derek’. But this makes the spelling bit last a bit longer

I love how scared Derek looks about halfway through, especially when Wayne and Chip start dancing around with him. Then he gets up, and they do a kickline thing with him, so thank god he didn’t look miserable the whole way through.

This had a slightly clumsy ending note, but…still a fantastic, really fun song game. Derek seemed to be having a ball by the end, too. Probably not the best Village People song styles in the show’s history, but…close.

Derek’s facepalming as he heads back to the seats. I don’t blame him

Wayne: “Hey, Derek, you want a job, dude?”
Drew: “Hey, Derek, how many points should we give ’em”
Derek: “…2 billion?”
The cast cracks up. Wayne and Chip go crazy
Derek: [does ‘call me’ sign]
Drew, weakly: “…2 billion points for Derek”

Props: Ryan and Chip vs. Colin & Wayne

Chip starts swinging his prop like nunchuks, and it legitimately scares Ryan

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.31.30 PM.pngColin: “I’m not sure what bathroom this is, guys or girls?”

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.32.17 PM.pngChip: “COME ON IN, BELLE, BE OUR GUEST!”
[I kinda love this one]

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.33.04 PM.pngWayne: “Ladies and gentlemen, Elton John and friend!”

Very fun Props round. Like in the UK version, Chip showed how good he is at this game.

So, once again. Up until this point, this is a very solid show. I’d probably be ranking this highly no matter what came next. And to any whoser watching, this didn’t seem like a ‘big moment’ for anybody. But…after the break…

Party Quirks: Chip hosts
Wayne: early film footage of Godzilla vs. King Kong
Colin: has a personal vendetta against the downstairs neighbors
Ryan: series of crunching football tackles in slow motion

Chip, on the phone: “I know, I didn’t invite you…well, frankly you’re not quirky enough”

I’ve always thought that Wayne’s first Godzilla roar sounded like Whoopi Goldberg

Colin, stomping loudly as he walks in: “HOW’S THAT???”
He then drills a hole in the floor and starts shooting at them. Dear god.
Chip: “So I’ve got some roaches, it’s not a problem…”

I always thought that as the camera was on Ryan tackling Chip here, Wayne started scouting audience members, and he tried to remember the guy Ryan screwed with earlier on, and not to do him. So he fixed his eyes three seats down at someone he thought he could pick up.

There’s an underrated moment when all 3 are onstage, and as Chip asks Colin if he likes the stereo, Ryan stiff-arms Chip so that he’s nearly clotheslined. All of this is standard PQ fare, and nothing groundbreaking has happened yet.

HOWEVER…WAYNE GOES INTO THE AUDIENCE…and picks up the petite woman he must have spotted earlier, and begins to carry her to the stage
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.40.30 PM.png
Notice that the guy Ryan beat up earlier is loving this.
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.41.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.41.25 PM.png
And the audience keeps cheering, and Wayne keeps going on
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.42.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.42.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.42.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.42.56 PM.png
In all the fuss, neither of them noticed that Wayne had been pulling the poor woman’s skirt up, revealing…some things. Now Wayne is immediately embarrassed, as is the woman, and…Drew starts losing it.
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.44.06 PM.png
And now, Wayne’s trying to act like nothing happened, and trying to continue the quirk
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.44.15 PM.png
Meanwhile, Ryan gets the hint that he should be over there
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.45.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.45.16 PM.png
And now CHIP has to intervene:
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.45.49 PM.png
Meanwhile, Drew, Wayne and this poor audience member are cracking up. He also gets Wayne away from her, goes “I’m sorry”, and lets her go back to her seat. The audience applauds, still laughing, and…now Chip has to guess everyone

The game goes on, and Wayne is struggling to stay in character, still cracking at the absurdity of it all. Colin’s screaming at the downstairs, just BEGGING to be guessed. We cut back to Drew, and he’s ABSOLUTELY gone, mostly because of Wayne’s embarrassment. This is, to date, the hardest Drew has laughed at WL.

Now, Wayne, still as King Kong, is trying to motion that he’s sorry to Melissa from the stage, doing some sign-language/grunting thing. Melissa loses it AGAIN. And Chip, for the 7th time, tries to get everyone under control enough to guess.

And then, in a span of FIFTEEN SECONDS, Chip guesses Wayne, then Colin, and finally Ryan as he tackles him one more time, in such an artful display of guessing that it really makes you marvel at Chip’s abilities. I also love him in this because he was tasked to keep order, and he was essentially the liaison between Wayne and Ryan & Melissa, making sure nobody attacked anybody from the audience

So then…they head back to the audience, and Drew’s still laughing. You know he can’t keep this stone unturned. Wayne is completely facepalmed


Drew, turning: “Good thing you listened to your mother, huh?”

Drew: “It’s like a bad high school dream…”
Chip: “Or a good one!”

Drew, finally: “What’s your name? Melissa?”

And Ryan brings it back to the main theme of this season: “You don’t see THAT on Friends…”

I’ll note that Melissa took this in the best ways, not being too embarrassed, and taking everything in stride, even if Wayne was extremely apologetic about everything. She seemed to have a great sense of humor about it all, which helps.

Now, the Party Quirks game…was good! All three quirks were funny! Chip was fantastic as host! And the eventual major incident was funny because Wayne, Chip and Ryan still continued to stay in character despite the chaos surrounding them. They actually used this live moment to spring more improv off of, without breaking the fourth wall too much and going ‘isn’t this funny?’. It was insanely professional, and the exact opposite of ‘You Got Sole’. I don’t feel bad laughing at the Melissa game, because it’s an embarrassing moment for Wayne, he apologizes like 20 times, and…he’s honestly the butt of the joke. Not Melissa, who the scandalous thing happened to, but Wayne, for making the scandalous thing happen in the first place. So it’s not a sexist scene to me, and it’s not hard to watch in 2019. It’s just unfortunate, and IMMEDIATELY the entire cast takes an unfortunate moment and makes it lawfully funny and respectfully silly. And I have a lot of respect for that.

Hoedown: Cop Shows

Oh yeah, so Hoedown happened DIRECTLY AFTER PQ. So the eventual folklore of Ryan’s verses make sense because of it what it came immediately after.

Wayne: “Now that show Cops, I think that it’s the bomb
Until I turn it on and say ‘damn, that’s my mom!”

Chip’s is just a really well-worded one about having a bunch of policeman break into his home and “then they confiscated everything inside my trailer”

Colin talks about a cop show he really hated: “It had Abe Vigoda and Erik Estrada, it was called Fish and CHIPs.”

Ryan: “Oh boy those cop shows, they give me such a fright
And it seems like they are on every single night
Sure you can watch ’em if you really want a scare
Thursdays at 8 you can see Melissa’s underwear!”
AND THE PLACE GOES WILD. We do get a Melissa reaction shot, and she’s losing it. Again, great sense of humor.

Good Hoedown. Everyone had solid verses, and that Ryan callback joke was the cherry on top.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that they filmed two other Hoedowns, in the case that if they did other episodes, that they could get verses that didn’t tie into the runner and could be packaged with any show. Ryan did not comply with this: in the ‘censorship’ hoedown, he hoped “they don’t cut Melissa’s nice tight booty”, and in a Traffic hoedown, done at the VERY END OF THE NIGHT, since he had absolutely nothing, he ended with “ah, once again I gotta mention Melissa’s ass”

Three-Headed Broadway Star: Ryan, Wayne and Drew sing ‘You Know how to Wiggle’ from the musical ‘Worms’

I always thought Hoedown was the last game of this, but NO! There’s an unconnected Drew game in here. What fun!

Oh yeah, this one was done after Drew had done a few games of this. Thank god.

This one’s actually coming off as a really competent song. Thanks to the lack of Colin, the lyrics actually make sense, which…kinda helps this one imo

Ryan, whispered: “Touching”
Wayne, also whispered: “Squirming”
Ryan: “You”
Wayne: “Standing”
Drew, without ideas: “WIIIIIIIGGLING”

Man, Drew really stepped up on this one, having an insanely melodic, loud “FREEEEEE” lyric in here. Talk about taking You’ve got Sole and learning from it.

Ryan tries to one up him, by taking a ‘NEED’ melodic line and trying to go another octave mid-note with it, but comically failing. Drew loves this one

The smile on Drew’s face when they finish…I love that. He’d failed on his first try, and this must have been his 2nd or 3rd, because he feels so accomplished after this one. I love that. Chip even gets up and applauds them. I don’t blame him: this was an insanely fun song that worked because A.) it was a good song, and B.) Drew had already shown so much improvement from his last 3HBS. Plus, like Melissa, it was insanely lawful, and nobody got embarrassed (that didn’t deserve it).

Overall: I was kind of expecting this to be like the Neon Love Chicken episode, one that I’d thought was beloved growing up but turned out to only be one game. NOT THE CASE AT ALL. This was honestly the strongest show of the season thus far, beating out Episode 5, solely because there wasn’t even an OKAY game in the bunch. The first half still has a great LMAD, an insanely funny Song Styles that rightfully became a production favorite, and a great Props round. The back half has a sharp Hoedown and a remarkably impressive 3HBS, one of the best ones since Timber. And Party Quirks…not only is it a great improv game, but it’s funny in a kind of ridiculous way. It’s funny enough seeing Wayne doing this King Kong impression, and trying to pick up Melissa, but…it’s even funnier trying to keep the King Kong character on while trying to apologize to her from across the stage. He laughs, but he doesn’t let this break the game open, and tries to make it less ‘Wayne pulled up a girl’s skirt’, but more ‘King Kong pulled up a girl’s skirt’.

I’ll use an analogy from another show I obsess over, and that’s Saturday Night Live. On an episode from 2018 hosted by Sam Rockwell, the Oscar-Winner played a Mr. Wizard-esque Science Show host trying to carry two idiot kids through some science experiments. Halfway through the sketch, Rockwell commits a cardinal sin: he drops the f-word on live television, saying “you can’t be this fucking stupid’. Now, he’s immediately apologetic, and realizes that he just pulled a no-no, but…in the context of the sketch, where he’s losing his nerve with these idiotic kids, it makes perfect sense. Of course he would curse in front of these kids. And to their credit, the actors playing the kids, Mikey Day and Cecily Strong, both gave the single best improvised reactions, acting like the kids didn’t know that was coming [Strong even held her ears]. Instead of blowing the scene open and struggling to keep from laughing, or stopping the scene to keep referencing the horrible thing that just happened, the three performers…took it, used it, and enhanced the scene by yes-anding the ridiculous thing that just happened, rather than no-but-ing by laughing, or acting like it was completely out of their control.

And that’s why the Melissa thing works. It obviously wasn’t meant to happen, and in a more decent world wouldn’t have, but damn if Chip, Ryan, and ESPECIALLY Wayne didn’t try to make the best of what would have otherwise been an embarrassing, painful-to-watch moment. Because that’s what comedy is- taking something painful and making it funny.

Phenomenal show, all the way through. And I can confirm that this isn’t even the best show of S2. Or even the best Chip show.

Show Winner: Wayne and Ryan
Best Performer: Wayne Brady. Like it or not, this show happened to him. And he had one of his strongest showings by ruling tonight’s proceedings, especially Song Styles.
Worst Performer: Colin Mochrie. Other than LMAD, there weren’t a lot of moments for Colin to really take the spotlight tonight, despite some really good work all around from him.
Best Game: Party Quirks. A more cultured writer would go with LMAD, Song Styles or 3HBS, and this show does have that many options, but…this game had so much to it. Not just the faux-pas, but Ryan and Chip making it part of the game, and Wayne trying to apologize as Kong. A highlight for all the right reasons.
Worst Game: Props, but Props is still a 9/10. That’s how good this show is.

COMING UP NEXT: The second of two Josie Lawrence shows. If you liked the first one, you will probably like this one as well.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway US: S02E11, or Let HIM Say it!

We’re coming off of a…well, let’s just say weaker Greg Proops episode. I may come back and say it’s a triumph, but for now, let’s say E10 was a slight misstep. So we go to E11, which came from the same taping as E3, a…fairly weak assortment of games.

Drew: “That’s right, the points don’t mean a thing, just like the host of an improv show”
at least you realize that now, Drew

Let’s Make a Date: Greg must choose from Wayne, temperamental rock star in his hotel room, Colin, gets turned on by danger, and Ryan, ravenous boa constrictor

Colin gives Drew a look after reading his
Drew: “Yeah, I saw it”

Greg: “Are you drunk?”
Wayne: “Ey, wot gave it away?”
[…Wayne is playing Russell Brand in this round, isn’t he?]

Wayne: “Ey, why don’t you give me 15 green M&Ms and spank my rump?”
[shit, actually he might be Donny Tourette]

Greg: “I like a man who’s a tiger, how about you?”
Colin, as his quirk gets read by the audience: “…a tiger…that’d be interesting…”

Colin cracks me up, describing how these tigers would be stuck with him covered with hams, and…how into it he gets. Then, afterwards, he smokes a cigarette. Beautiful.

Ryan’s is his usual animal physicality amped up, and the audience is applauding almost immediately.

But then…Ryan sees Colin…and the two quirks just come together. Ryan just brushes up against Colin as Colin basically melts.

Then, after another moment of sexual tension where Ryan comes within a few inches of Colin’s face, tongue waggling.
Greg, with perfect delivery: “…alright…”

Greg: “Bachelor #2”
Colin: [plays russian roulette, smiles when the cartridge is empty]
dear god

Then he shoots an arrow into the air, and as it falls, not harming him, he melts again. AND THEN RYAN SPRINGS BACK INTO ACTION, coming back around him. Good lord this scene.

Then Ryan eats Colin…waits about 15 seconds, and as Colin tries smoking from inside Ryan, he throws him up again. Colin is still smoking.

Ryan does a ‘YE-ES?’, that even cracks him up.

I imagine Ryan had an actual answer to Greg’s 2nd question that was cut, because we eventually get this:
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 3.36.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 3.36.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 3.36.50 PM.png
Ryan cracks and turns back away. Drew and Greg can’t believe what they almost just saw

Drew: “…Ryan, Colin, wake up, time for school…”

Greg: “I am having the weirdest dream right now…”

Greg gets the first two right, though Drew kids him for leaving out the word ‘temperamental’

Greg: “And…Ryan is just someone I’d like to know better. I…thought he swallowed Colin for a moment there…”
Drew: “Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that…”

That round was ridiculous. So much going on, especially to Ryan and Colin. Probably the most perfect combination of quirks out there.

Drew: “And I wanna give an extra 500 points to Mrs. Stiles and Mrs. Mochrie, who are gonna be having a long talk with their husbands when they get home…”

Film, TV & Theater Styles: Ryan and Greg are two rival bikers challenging each other to a game of “Chicken”, racing towards the edge of a cliff, Colin is the anxious girlfriend who doesn’t want them to do it

I love Colin’s embarrassed reaction to having to play the woman. Poor guy.

Ryan, to Greg: “Nice hog.”
Colin, subverting: “HEY!”

Drew: “Soap opera”
Colin, to Greg: “Rip, I’m carrying your child, good luck”
Greg: “But Betty…we haven’t made love yet.”
Colin: “I always think ahead”

Greg: “Leave Shady Acres forever? But…this is where I’ve got my…Marmot Ranch”
…Greg surprises me sometimes

Ryan, Greg and Colin do some great I Love Lucy impressions as they go.

Marx Brothers is arguably funnier: Greg goes for Groucho, Colin, as usual, goes for Chico, and Ryan decides early on he’s just gonna do Harpo and honk his horn

Greg: “I can hold you closer, if I was any closer I’d be on the throttle”

Not a lot to this one, but not bad

Props: Ryan & Colin vs. Greg and Wayne

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 3.49.28 PM.png
Colin: “the wall fell on…pipe cleaner man before he had a chance to react…”

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 3.51.05 PM.pngWayne: “This is the symbol of the Artist Formerly Known as Gumby”

Funny moment: Ryan curls up his props and slaps them on Colin as handcuffs, only for one of the props to uncurl and whack Colin in the face, knocking his character out. Ryan’s immediately apologetic, but Colin’s taking it and running

A very okay Props round.

Party Quirks: Greg hosts
Wayne: a chicken with attitude
Colin: auditioning for all the roles in a slasher film
Ryan: excited by ugliness and searching for the perfect specimen

Greg, calling back to E4: “…NO…NO…I’m just saying no to rugs”

Colin’s is goofy: he comes in, screams, does another scream, then tries to do the masked killer. It works because Colin trying to be intimidating is kinda silly in itself

Greg, guessing Wayne: “…he’s a chicken on the springer show…”
Drew: “Close enough, he’s a chicken with an attitude-”
Greg, dumbfounded: “A CHICKEN WITH AN ATTITUDE???”

Ryan is doing quiet work the whole time, as Greg guesses the other two…and then he sees Drew. And Drew, who must have known it was coming, shakes his head. They cut back between Ryan, getting aroused, and Drew, throwing down his pen and looking away from Ryan, not believing this crap

Ryan: “I don’t believe I’ve met your other friend”
Greg: “Well, this is Drew, he sits behind a desk and makes a lot more than us…”

Greg is trying to guess Ryan, and he’s very wrong on a lot of them, so after a bit, Ryan stops Greg, looks at Drew and goes “LET *HIM* SAY IT”. It’s a genius move, because he knows it’s funnier if Drew has to grit his teeth through the quirk
Drew, holding back tears: “Well IT SAYS HERE…he’s excited by UGLINESS.”

This one honestly didn’t get good until Ryan and Greg were alone onstage. Funny enough, but took a slow build.

Ryan, in solidarity with Drew, tears the suggestion card in half.
Colin, with a great punchline: “HEY, THAT’S MINE!”

Song Styles: Wayne sings about a toaster in the style of an entire gospel choir

The placement, like in E8, is odd. This should be a pre-1st-commercial game, but because it’s not a ‘Wayne sings to an audience member’ game, it’s being played late. This goes back to the old Josie songs about household appliances

This is a vibrant, energetic number from Wayne, doing all these church characters, and doing all these spirited verses about toast. It makes me wonder if this was the jolt he needed, just doing some simple, appliance-related SS rounds.

A definite morale-raiser, and a good use of Wayne’s talents.

World’s Worst: Television Program

Wayne snickers upon reading the suggestion, perhaps knowing the easy joke.
Drew, starting with said easy joke: “…Mimi, shut up ya fatso…”

Ryan: “Welcome to a very special 3-hour Hoedown.”

Greg, going up to the camera: “Hi, and welcome back to YOU’RE SITTING TOO CLOSE!”
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 4.08.28 PM.png

Drew, taking his cue: “Hello, and welcome to another episode of ‘what’s up my nose?”
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 4.09.01 PM.png

Colin: “What’s gonna happen today on ‘Things your cat can’t swallow’?”
Wayne loses it at this one


Pretty funny round of this.

Overall: Saying this is better than E3 isn’t…saying much…especially considering that this one isn’t great either. Other than LMAD, Party Quirks and Song Styles, a lot of tonight’s material was pretty forgettable. I honestly think the taping wasn’t a great one, unless there’s stuff hidden in the outtakes that…let’s face it, will probably never be released.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Ryan, honestly. Would have gone with Wayne if he did a little more, but Ryan just had the biggest moments, especially in LMAD and PQ.
Worst Performer: Greg. He was in a lot more of this episode than usual, but I can’t give it to Colin.
Best Game: Let’s Make a Date. One of the best Ryan-Colin duo scenes
Worst Game: Props. No bad games in this one, but this was honestly the least memorable one.

COMING UP NEXT: Chip Esten’s second taping of the season, and…let’s just say this one’s another memorable show. It’s a lot more lawful than last show, but it may contain the single most embarrassing audience participation moment in the show’s history.