Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E04, or What’s With All the Bees??

After relying on Greg Proops for the bulk of the early season 2 tapings, the producers evened things up by only giving Greg 3 tapings in the third season, not counting a S4 taping that’d be introduced into this season. Which is fine. Greg, more than any other fourth seater, could let the other three go without upstaging them much- the producers liked this a lot.

So here’s the first of Greg’s 3 S3 tapings. Not the first chronologically, as…we’ll get to that one in a bit, but the first that made air. Colin’s tacky red shirt always sets this one apart for me.

Weird Newscasters: Greg anchors, Colin, a frat boy cruising in a car with his buddies, co-anchors, Wayne, in a Miss Fitness USA pageant, does sports while Ryan, Inca high priest who must sacrifice a virgin, does weather

I love Colin’s confusion as to his. It’s brief, but it works.

Drew’s entire rundown of Ryan’s makes me laugh: “And Ryan, in an effort to keep you strange, you are an Inca high priest”
Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 3.32.27 PM.png
Drew: “who must sacrifice a virgin. And uh, gotta remind you, if you come near my desk, I’ll kill you.”
HA. Drew knows Ryan.

Colin’s is just goofy enough to work

Greg: “This just in, underage drinking is bad.”

Wayne’s is great, because he keeps throwing in empowering messages to girls watching while doing strenuous physical activity

Colin, post-Wayne: “wow, she’s ugly, BUT LOOK AT THAT BODY!”

Ryan’s is pretty great, consisting of him running into the audience, looking over the crowd and figuring out who he can use.

Eventually, after combing the entire audience, and…not even looking at Drew, he stops and exclaims “WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!”, before running backstage screaming. A pretty fun punchline to that

Greg: “This just in, virginity abolished in Southern California.”
Colin: [gives thumbs up]
of course

I also like the ending of Wayne picking up Colin, which he’s kind of into.

Drew: “Is that what you usually do when you find out we’re all gonna die? Grab the first bald guy you can?”

Wayne: “It’s Billy Black’s Kojak Tae-Bo Diet”
Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 3.43.34 PM.png

Solid round of this, though I could have used a bit more.

Sound Effects: Ryan and Colin are two firemen who are sleeping in the station house when the alarm sounds

The audience members have a different approach, thankfully, than the last two: Colin and Ryan start out sleeping, so they do snoring noises.
Colin: “Huh, thought I heard an alarm.”
Eventually Colin’s comes in with one, which…gets them up.
Colin: “…was that the alarm or just a sick bird?”

I also love how both an alarm and a phone sound bee-like to this audience member. Colin even goes “WHAT’S WITH ALL THE BEES??”

Ryan’s, as he gets his uniform on, does a “wsh-wsh-sh” noise
Ryan: “…better close the windows, there’s a breeze coming in.”
Yeah, they’re just screwing with the ladies doing effects, even if they’re actually doing alright ones

They do the ‘waxing down the poles’ motion from…another SFX from this season, but this one ends in a ‘WHEEEEEW’ noise from the poles as they try again.
Ryan: “Well, not only did we have fun, the poles did too!”

Colin’s also screwing with his, who keeps closing his door until he hears a slamming sound that isn’t “glunk”.
Colin: “DAMN DUCK!”

Ryan’s doesn’t do much better, with his audience member doing a ‘BING’ every time.
Ryan, shaking his head: “…damn Japanese imports…”

After a few noises they can’t do, including a car engine, Colin puts on the siren and his audience member does a really good siren noise. So Colin smiles.

Ryan: “Wait, someone’s screaming for help!”
Audience member: “AIIIIIIIIGH, HELP!”
Ryan, smirking: “it’s an…old Indian woman!”

They set up the trampoline, the lady falls, and the audience member does a screaming sound that just stops.
Colin, looking mortified: “Oh, we should have put something in there…”

A very silly SFX, but as fun as it was, it’s not even a high-tier one for me, tbh

Song Styles: Wayne sings about a coffee grinder in the style of Rocky Horror. Ryan, Colin and Greg backup dance.

With this number, you can tell who’s seen the movie (Greg, Colin), who’s seen the movie at a shadowcast (Wayne), and who’s never seen the movie (Ryan).

Wayne’s Tim Curry impression, including his entrance, is fantastic.

I will say, Greg, Ryan and Colin’s dance moves are pretty damn fun. So maybe Ryan has seen it.

Wayne’s delivery at the line “and then your coffee…STARTS TO ERUPT” is so Tim Curry that I genuinely wonder if he ever was part of a shadowcast in Florida or something.

I also love the detail of Greg, knowing how the Time Warp works, falling to the ground at the end of the song.

Such a fun number. Great tour-de-force from Wayne.

Newsflash: Greg and Ryan in the studio, Colin in the field in front of scantily clad models on the beach

This is the first Newsflash we’re seeing since the Colin one, so I don’t even know how it’ll compare.

Ryan, being Ryan: “Colin, can you keep us abreast of what’s going on there?”

Colin’s first accidental genius moment: “Well, I’m just trying to keep up with them.”

I also love the bits where Colin is standing in front of something that might otherwise be censored.

Colin: “It all started…with a tae-bo Kojak class.”
I forgot about that callback

Greg: “Might you move aside a bit, so that we can see behind you better?”

Greg: “We wish you weren’t there!”
Ryan: “This is one of those stories where you’re just getting in the way, Colin…”
Colin: “Well it’s my job to be here”

Colin’s second accidental genius moment: “I’M GONNA STICK MY NOSE IN THERE-”
Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 4.06.02 PM.png

I love how in the background of Ryan and Greg’s shot, you can see Wayne come back to his seat. Maybe he just got up and went over to Drew, as he was laughing too hard.

A very fun Newsflash.

Greg: “Now, THAT’S what I call a game! I don’t care who you are, that’s good TV. Something for the kids, grandma, everybody..”

Irish Drinking Song: Voted for Ross Perot

Drew, as he does, asks the audience for something ‘that might happen to you that you might want to keep a secret.”
A very smart audience member: “VOTED FOR ROSS PEROT.”
Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 4.09.38 PM.png
That reaction is my second favorite.

Here is my favorite: as Drew explains the game, you can hear Greg emit his trademark cackle. When we cut back to the master, he and Wayne are giggling. According to people at this taping, when Drew announced the suggestion, “voted for Ross Perot”, Wayne turned to Greg and literally went “but I did, though!”. Apparently Wayne voting independent in ’92 was made a bit clearer after the game, or even during. But Greg, seasoned democrat, thought this was fucking hysterical.

Note that this IDS is in its normal key. I’m gonna try to pinpoint this season at one point Laura decided to raise the pitch.

The first verse is great. Colin says he voted for Perot years ago.
Ryan: “He bought me lots of beers.”
But, when Wayne and Greg mention his large sums of money
Ryan, reneging: “He NEVER BOUGHT ME HASH.”
Yes, ‘hash’ is censored, but it’s a great line.

Ryan: “He didn’t get a lot of votes.”
Wayne, honest: “HE GOT ME!”

Wayne: “I went and I cast my ballot”
Greg: “…I laughed along the way”

Colin: “He lost by a landslide”
Ryan: “But I support him so.”
Wayne: “I wonder what he’s doing now.”
Greg, brilliantly: “I heard he lives alone.”

Ryan and Wayne suggests he runs again
Greg: “I hope that when he runs this time”
Colin: “He gets better ears”

Ryan: “Again, he’ll have my vote there
Wayne: “You wait and see”
Greg: “Because there is no one else.”
Colin, lacking options: “…HA HA HA, HEE HEE. OHHH..”
Such a silly closer. This cracks up Ryan and Wayne. And, as Drew buzzes and cuts to commercial, HE’S still cracking up.

A really fun IDS, and one of my favorites of this era of the show. Just the added detail of Wayne having actually voted for him, and the amount of funny lines, makes this a classic.

World’s Worst: Thing to say or do on a Romantic Date

Greg: “I know this is only our second da-I LOOOVE YOU. BE WITH ME!!!”

Drew: “Hey, wanna see a picture of my penis?”
Ryan, with his first suggestion of the round: “Hey, wanna see a picture of Drew Carey’s penis?”

Drew, with the first nod to this we’re getting all season: “Hope you don’t mind, I thought we’d just sit at home and watch Geppetto.”

Greg: “Thanks for inviting me up, Melanie, I….NINTENDO???”
The round is World’s WORST, Greg.

Drew: “Sorry I’m late, me and the wife just had a big fight.”
Ryan, behind the buzzer: “Oh, nice…VERY NICE.”

Not a bad round, but there have been better.

Overall: A solid show, even if the bookends, and the lack of a clear highlight, puts this back a bit for me. Nothing bad in this show, though- SFX, Newsflash and Song Styles are fun favorites, while Irish Drinking Song is a personal favorite of mine. Everyone had a really strong show, with an edge going to Wayne, who killed it in his early games as well as making IDS extra special, and Greg, who finally showed more than just his usual fourth-seater performance.

Also, I know we’re only four shows in, but the quality of material so far has been stronger than the first 2 seasons. There have been less truly bad games, and less merely okay games. Maybe it can be chalked up to this show hitting a groove after S2? Maybe they’re releasing the best material first? Either way, I’m impressed so far.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Wayne, honestly. That WN/Song Styles double-threat couldn’t be beat.
Worst Performer: I’m giving it to Ryan, because in a lot of games tonight, most specifically Newsflash and World’s Worst, he was more lethargic, and went for easier jokes.
Best Game: Irish Drinking Song. I swear, I’m not always gonna give this game the win.
Worst Game: World’s Worst was the most take-it-or-leave-it.

COMING UP NEXT: If you liked this taping, have another episode from it. We never get ’em this conveniently done. This episode features a few games that Dan and Mark figured we should give a shot, with varying results.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E03, or Kiss My Abyss

Now onto a very, very strange Chip Esten taping.

You see, normally when you have an episode with a running gag, you roll that one out first, as it’s easiest to edit, just take the ones with the common thread and isolate those. But…this specific taping does have a notable running gag. You’d have to wait six years after the taping to see it, but the gag happened, and the rest of the taping happened in its wake.

Adding to the strangeness is the fact that the majority of this taping’s material is…just kinda okay. Including this episode, which, despite some notable things, never stood out to me before. Let’s see if that changes at all.

Also, you can tell this came from later in the taping season because Ryan’s hair is browner. The blonde highlights are gone.

Hollywood Director: Colin directs. Chip is a government scientist testing out his new robocop, Ryan, and Wayne is a high-tech thief who breaks in to steal it

Ah yes, a…”new” game debuts. And by ‘new game’, I mean this is a retooled version of Film & Theater Styles, only instead of relying on audience suggestions, Colin Mochrie comes in and adds styles and variations. And by ‘debuts’, I mean they were probably playing this all season, and this happened to be the first one that aired. It’s basically ‘Let’s Make a Date/Dating App’, but with more Colin.

The difference here is that A.) this is directly based on a movie, like in the UK version, and B.) Colin has prepared suggestions, rather than making them up as he goes.

The first go-through is standard- Ryan does the funnier stuff, but most of them don’t really know what to do with it yet.

Colin, after his inaugural CUT CUT CUT: “I was just watching the playback, I’ve seen better film on my mother’s eye.”
This nearly breaks Chip

Hell, Colin doesn’t even go ACTION initially, he just does a befuddled ‘GO!’

Clueless teenaged girls:
Chip: [slaps Ryan]
Ryan: “…LIKE, FREEZE.”

I love Chip’s “I hear something” after Wayne very-obviously comes down. That is a nice touch

Colin, nixing that: “Besides, all your boobs are really small.”
THIS ALSO gets Chip. Man, he’s just gone tonight

The ‘disco’ style is fantastic, with all three doing cheesy dance moves, and Ryan doing ‘the gunshot’, by firing in time with the music.

Also, as Ryan starts doing the gunshot dance for Colin, Colin goes “oh, by the way I can’t see you anymore.” Such a deliciously random, but GREAT line.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.53.24 PM.png

There’s an obvious edit before Wayne can really enter the scene, but they end on a very…VERY steamy close-up of Chip and Ryan. I can only imagine what followed was too hot, even for Season 3.

Not a BAD first playing of this, but…we’d get SO MUCH BETTER.

Duet: Chip and Wayne sing to Maria, a hula instructor, as Van Halen

I love Drew’s excited, double devil-horned reveal of the style. The audience digs it as well

Also…the drumbeat and riff that Laura and Linda ape here isn’t something like one of their Van Halen II hits, something in a darker chord like Janie’s Cryin or You Really Got Me, but a poppier, higher-tempo backing track that sounds ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE ‘HOT FOR TEACHER’. HOW DID VAN HALEN NOT SUE THEM??

Wayne’s David Lee Roth is pretty good, and he not only does a good impression there, but just a great hair-metal voice in general

Chip, who comes in honestly sounding a lot more like Sammy Hagar (no problems here, I liked his run in the band), has some great lines, about how Maria “moves that grass”, and has the energy and zeal that the style deserves

Wayne even throws in a very risque line: “when she goes like this, BOOM goes my volcano.”
That gets a full embarrassed facepalm from Maria

Proof of how in sync Chip and Wayne can be- when Wayne rears up for “she makes me wanna jump”, both he AND Chip jump at the exact same time. Not as scary as a future Police-related moment, but close

This is also one of those playings where Drew buzzes a few times, but the song isn’t done, or Wayne and Chip aren’t done leaping around. That’s a testament to the energy of this game, which is at a high for sure.

Drew, doing an extra fun Hot for Teacher reference: “Hey, I wonder who the hula instructor’s gonna be this year, man! I don’t FEEL tardy. Gimme somethin’ to write on!”
Glad to see he listens to Van Halen in between all the weird shit he plays on Underground Garage. Class dismissed.

SUCH A GOOD DUET. Maybe I’m a little biased because, as I made obvious, I have listened to Van Halen once or twice. But also, Chip and Wayne’s energy, along with Maria’s, made for a really fun one of these. Very impressed.

Narrate: Oval Office

That suggestion though. We know where this is going

I’ve always loved Colin’s opening line, which works if you know the style of opening line he does in other scenes: “…I’d been looking for the man who raised my taxes…”

Ryan: “And I knew how to keep people with secrets quiet…”
He returns to Colin: “cigar?”

Colin: “Wanna go with me to Canada?”

Then, Ryan spills something on Colin, leaving the joke to people’s imagination.
Colin, as Ryan goes upstage, ripping the ambiguity wide open: “…the STAIN!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 10.14.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 10.15.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 10.15.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 10.15.31 PM.png
That is my favorite part of it- Colin looks at Drew, as if to go ‘can we get away with that?’ I’m honestly surprised they did.

Ryan: “…I don’t think I need to say anymore.”

Ryan sees that Colin doesn’t know where to go next, so he professes his love for him:
Ryan, upstage: “I know what you’re thinking…falling in love with another man? He’s better looking than most of the women I’ve slept with…”

A very okay Narrate. I wish it could have gone further than some very on the nose 1998-era jokes.

Themed Restaurant: Wayne and Chip are having a high-powered business lunch, as Colin and Ryan serve, in the Olympic themed restaurant 

This game returns. It’s yet to be turned into a Drew game, though give it time

The first few gags are pretty basic, but Wayne gets an idea, and sets up his and Chip’s chairs as hurtles. Ryan clears them by going further in the background. Colin takes a sillier approach:
Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 10.22.08 PM.png

I do love Ryan and Colin doing a very goofy synchronized swimming routine in the background. It reminds me of one they do in the Baseball round in a few seasons.

Short round, with not too much going on.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Firefighter

Colin: “Hi, we’ll be right back to the Missing Letter Production of When Harry Et Sally, in just a second”
So silly

Ryan: “Hey Col, do you smell something?”
Colin: [nerves intensify]

Ryan: “What do you think of, Colin, when I say beaches and barbecues.”
Colin: “cottage cheese.”
Colin: “Nothin’ like putting cottage cheese on the grill and fryin’ it up…”
Ryan: “You and your Canadian traditions…”

Chip’s Beach Boys voice is a little better than Wayne’s, but that’s mostly because Wayne’s providing cool harmony in the back anyway

Chip’s ‘fall on my…bottom’ is the second time this show he used a misdirect from ‘ass’.

Ryan: “You can have your alternative music, but give me the Beach Boys anyday…”
Colin: “…well, remember the restraining order…”
This leads to a VERY FUNNY pause from both of them.

Colin: “There is nothing better than singing in the shower with Queen.”
Ryan: “She has done SUCH a good job with England.”

Wayne and Chip both get Freddie’s staccato, fast-paced lyrics down. Chip tries to hit some of his higher notes, but the same strain that was holding him back a little in Duet stops him on a few of them here. He’s still got most of the notes down, and is better at it than Wayne

The point where they both shine is where Chip does a ‘bicycle race’-esque run while Wayne does an even faster verse simultaneously. That is VERY Queen.

Also, both of them do a FANTASTIC job with a very long, melodic note. They killed it for that one, man.

Colin: “We’re gonna have to call some firemen to put YOU out.”
Ryan: “Mercury’s rising!”
This gets the response it deserves after a few seconds

Ryan starts introing Latin music
Colin: “And people say Latin is a dead language”
Ryan: “No it’s not…[strategic beat]…IT’S A LANGUAGE TOO??”

Ryan: “Latin pop is a music st…”
He then realizes that’s not a great way of phrasing that, so he just lands on “…it’s music.”

I also love Colin’s ‘keep goin’ after Ryan’s stumbled through a few consecutive lines, as if to denote that he needed a few more seconds to figure a title out.

I get a kick out of Wayne’s extra-breathy guy, but Chip’s is easily the more impressive vocal, and style-aping, performance, but both of them are great at the dancing bit

A really damn good GH. I loved all three Chip-Wayne songs, and I enjoyed the Ryan-Colin banter. I do think this was a rare GH where the musical side won without it turning into a ‘BEAT THAT’, daring sort of playing of this.

Three Headed Broadway Star: Ryan, Wayne & Drew sing ‘Whenever I See Your Teeth’ to Mieko 

Immediately, Wayne has to keep Mieko from getting too nervous. The first line helps:
“Whenever I see your teeth, I love
Ryan gives him a look

Ryan: “Your”
Wayne: “Teeth”
Drew: “Inside”
Ryan: “my”
Drew: “…mouth.”
They have to restate it: “your teeth inside my mouth is”
Drew: “…good.”

They start doing all names of teeth, and when Drew says “incisors”, Ryan comes in too early, and just tries not to buckle, going “…THEEERE…”

“When I look inside your mouth I
Ryan: “Jump”
Wayne: “In”
Drew: “To”
Ryan: “Your”
Wayne: “Abyss”

Wayne ends up having to end ANOTHER line with abyss
Drew: “Then”
Ryan: “You”
Wayne: “Must”
Drew: “Kiss”
Ryan, knowing EXACTLY how the song needs to end now: “my”
Wayne, weakly: “…abyss…”

A very goofy 3HBS, one that nearly went off the rails SEVERAL times, and rebounded beautifully, even with that ‘abyss’ line.

Overall: For the first time, honestly, the singing games outweigh all else. Duet and Greatest Hits were phenomenal, and Three-Headed was fun too. Everything else was very dull and forgettable. So, the three singing games have to hold the rest of the show up, and…they sort of do. This was a fun, if uneven show, and I’ll certainly remember Duet and Greatest Hits. But I can’t make promises about the rest of this one. You also had a few games, like Narrate and Themed Restaurant, that centered around too many lowest-common-denominator jokes, when they could have tried a bit harder. So, not a bad show, but disappointing apart from the singing games.

Show Winner: Colin
Best Performer: Ryan, for leading the most games, though Chip came very close.
Worst Performer: Honestly? I didn’t see a lot of ace stuff from Colin tonight, save for Director, and the cottage cheese line.
Best Game: Greatest Hits, as there was a little more to it than Duet
Worst Game: Themed Restaurant was a bit too thin for me.

Coming Up Next: Well this is just fitting. This next one, a Greg episode with some fun moments, is actually a perfect one to watch on the eve of Halloween, considering what Song Styles is a reference to.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E02, or A Very Quiet Group of 100 or so..

One of the things about the, for lack of a better term, domestication of Whose Line in S3 is that…Chip Esten’s tapings are going to become less special. In S2, 3 out of 4 of his tapings are considered legendary because of the fresh energy he was able to instill. In S3, his 3 tapings are a little more normal, perhaps due to the S3-ness of them all. I will say there’s one that sort of stands out for me, but we won’t hit it for a little while.

Still, this one’s not a bad Chip show to start him off in this season with. This is from the wildly-colored one with Colin wearing pink, Ryan wearing blue, and Chip wearing neon green, and not for the only time this season.

I’m going Seed for this one- thankfully Seed has all the S3 episodes on there, albeit in a wrong order, save for one. Save for…the only one you SHOULD have on a WL database from S3.

Let’s Make a Date: Chip must choose from Wayne, evil horror movie doll Chucky, Colin, cowardly old bystander in a Western, and Ryan, bounty hunter rounding up the ‘infamous bald men gang’

This is one of the first times where they write the quirks deliberately to screw with each other, especially Colin. They’d go back to this well A LOT over the next 3 seasons.

Drew: “boy, I can’t wait to see Ryan..”
Ryan’s pursing his lip a bit.

After going mostly southern in S2, Chip goes European with his accents, going with a French one in this playing.
Chip: “I love love…and, I…love to love love.”

Wayne: “Why don’t tell me the last time you grappled with 6 inches of plastic.”
And then Wayne realizes what he’s done:
Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 12.00.30 PM.png
Wayne, after Colin gives him a look: “I MEAN MY HEIGHT. MY HEIGHT.”
Chip, perfectly timed: “…we are metric where i am from…”

Colin has seen enough 40s westerns to get the patter and craziness down.

And now, perfection:
Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 12.04.43 PM.png
Ryan: “chick-chick”

Then, after he gets Colin on the ground…with the most perfect timing, he looks into the audience right at someone he’s been looking at since the start of the game, and goes “GET DOWN HERE”. We go into the audience to see that, yes, in fact, this is a big bald guy.

Then, after he’s gotten the bald guy tied up, he makes eye contact with another bald guy in the audience, points, and sort of motions “you’re next”

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 12.58.54 PM.pngWe just go on with this visual. Kinda like the NMTB that kept going on with the dead crewmember lying on the ground. Like nothing’s different
I also love Ryan’s ‘DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT MOVING’. The guy must have gone ‘am I done now?’, quietly

I also love Wayne quietly cracking as he realizes what he’s gonna do to the guy, eventually coming down and stabbing him repeatedly

Colin, FINALLY realizing Ryan has a gun, SPRINTS into the audience, which is one of the first of MANY times that the players utilize the full audience in this game. Offscreen, Ryan shoots him, at which point Colin does the most overdramatic, drawn-out death, running up and down the stairs until he eventually falls back down next to the other guy.

Then, Ryan rounds up a bunch more bald guys from the audience. One guy with hair thinks Ryan was calling him down, and begins to run back, only for Ryan to grab him and go “NOT YOU, YOU GO BACK!”

And this is how we end:
Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 1.05.44 PM.png
dear lord, this show sometimes

Right as Drew buzzes, and Colin gets back up, Ryan drops and goes “thank you guys, thanks a lot”, to all the audience members, which is a very classy improv gesture.

Drew: “Can I just ask- what’s your name- Larry? Nice ass, Larry.”

Chip: “Well before I guess, I choose Larry.”

I do love that Chip immediately knows Chucky, as…I wouldn’t pick him as a horror movie buff. Then again, he knew The Exorcist, so…who knows. Country western and horror go hand in hand, I guess.

I also love Chip saying Colin is “one of the cast members from deliverance”, which is a fun guess.

I also love Chip’s realization as he says “he’s…rounding up GUYS THAT ARE BALD.”
Ryan even cracks at this.

Chip, back to Colin: “and you…are a bald guy.”
Drew: “YES!”

Chip’s post-game move of bowing for the audience, then touching his toes, is a very fun one.

Ryan points out his favorite part of that game: “A guy with hair was starting to come down…”, and he does an impression of how gleeful he was to be a part of that scene.

A phenomenal LMAD, bringing the standard of collaboration to a high in this game. Lord that was so funny.

Scene with an Audience Member: Two surgeons competing for the attention of Giselle, their attractive nurse

This once-played S2 game returns, as one of two showcases for Colin and Ryan to respond to audience members, since they’re probably not gonna do much Moving People this year as they’re both over 40.

As Drew gets Giselle, Ryan realizes that Drew doesn’t have a mic for her, so he tells Colin to get the one from Drew’s desk, only for Drew to give Giselle his own mic. By the time they get back down, Colin is confused about which mic to give her, or if they should switch
Ryan: “It’s like the beginning of the olympics!”

I also love that Ryan introduces himself as “Dave” to Giselle. I find this very ironic, as someone named Dave moonlights for Ryan on Whose Live shows these days.

The game has been improved, as instead of saying whatever they wanted, the audience member must read lines from a ‘joke page’.

This is actually kind of clever- Ryan or Colin prompt the audience member to read a line, rather than her doing them whenever.
Ryan: “Giselle, what’s wrong with the patient.”
Giselle: “That’s a bad shade of lipstick for you.”
Ryan: “well, it’s just in case she wakes up, I don’t want her to be frightened.”
This is basically Whose Line lite.

Giselle: “I need a hug”
Colin: [immediately hugs Giselle]
I kind of love that in both Audience Member scenes we’ve done, a hug has been a crucial physical point in lieu of something more sinister. It definitely worked in Margie’s and it works here.

Colin is about to make an incision, and responds to Giselle doing nothing: “I’ll pick up my own stuff, you just stand there”

Giselle: “Why aren’t you wearing any pants?”

Colin: “If I want to operate without my pants, I shall. It worked for me in Geneva!”
Such a goofy comedy detail

Ryan: “Giselle and I have something to say. Honey?”
Giselle, barely making it through: “Boy, was I drunk last night!”

I love the confusion between Ryan saying they’re engaged, Colin leaping to “why’d you get married, I thought I had something here”, and Ryan, smirkingly, going, “No, we’re ENGAGED, not married!”
Colin: “I’m sorry, I’ve got my pants off, it’s hard to hear!”

Colin: “I thought we had something special, Giselle.”
Giselle: “You’re uglier than him.”
Colin: [sighs]
Giselle: [points to the page, apologetically, mouthing ‘I’m sorry’]
Ryan, over on the other side: [smirks]

Once the game ends, Wayne stands and applauds Giselle, which is a classy move. As Giselle heads back to the seats, you can hear Ryan go “what a perfect line.”

I do think the ‘cut to commercial’ is a bit abrupt. Knowing this taping, I feel as though Drew had a crack about Ryan’s big feet not mattering anyway.

Such a fun one. Honestly, maybe a little better than the Margie one. This is definitely turning into a more strategic improv scene for Ryan and Colin, playing more with the expectation of lines, as well as playing off of Giselle’s actions, or lack thereof.

Sound Effects: Two buddy cops relaxing in their squad car just before being called to an incident

I do find it odd initially that this episode has two games, nearly back-to-back, involving Ryan and Colin responding to audience members. On one hand, the structure is a little warped, as this means Chip’s only in 2 games tonight. On the other hand…knowing this game, and knowing that this would be the first aired ‘SFX with Audience Members’, I can kinda see why they wanted it to go first.

This is, as I just said, the first time SFX would be played as a scene with dialogue. Perhaps not the VERY first, as that may have been in the 302 taping, but…definitely the first or second. They didn’t play it this way in the first taping of the season, Greg’s 301 taping, because they didn’t think they needed to yet, but…I’m being led to believe they stopped playing it as a Ryan provides for Colin game because Ryan couldn’t whistle on cue.

Colin and Ryan crack a bit getting up for this. Ryan says something to Chip before he gets up, perhaps referring to how well this went ‘last time’, but Chip responds with an ‘aw, man’. Maybe Ryan said “yeah, we’re doing it this way cause I can’t whistle on cue”

Once Drew explains to the audience members what they’ll be doing, one of them shakes their head.

Colin and Ryan start out eating donuts, as one does. No sound.
Colin: “…these donuts aren’t as crispy as they used to be.”

Lynn finally turns to Gail and they have a look of ‘maybe we should do something’, so they do chewing noises
Ryan: “Look, I can chew with my mouth open and you don’t hear a thing.”

When Ryan checks if anything’s on the radio, Gail starts doing some ‘woo-woooo’ noise. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY TIME THIS TAPING SEASON SOMEONE WILL RESORT TO THIS METHOD.

Ryan: “Oh, the antennae’s not screwed in.”

Ryan has a good move- if they’re not gonna get direction from the radio, the action will come to them. He points to someone running a red light, and asks Colin to put on the siren
Lynn: “…rare rare?”
Colin, confused, hits it a few times
Lynn and Gail do more barking, woo-ing ones
Colin: “It’s one of those silent ones, that…really irritates dogs”

Ryan tries to floor it, but…again, only mild wooing sounds happen.
Ryan: “We must be out of gas, let’s push it!”

Even funnier, when Colin and Ryan try cocking their guns, and Gail and Lynn just do mild clicking noises, which just frustrate them.
Ryan: “NOTHIN!”

Colin: “I have a feeling there’s terrorists behind that door.”
Ryan, knowing what they’re up against: “…I hope they’re loud terrorists.”
Colin, realistic: “Wouldn’t surprise me if it were a very quiet group of 100 or so.”
Drew loses it. For the rest of the scene, he’s pretty much gone.

I love Ryan’s ‘let’s get this straight’ to Colin, as he’s also kind of talking to the audience members.

Ryan: “You…are gonna kick in the door…VERY LOUDLY.”
Colin: “Okay”
Ryan: “i’m gonna run in behind ya, make a sound like a duck to confuse ’em.”
Colin at this point wonders if they can even do that: “Okay, lemme hear the duck, just so I know.”
The audience, rightfully, applauds.
Ryan: “If you’ll notice…that wasn’t just one duck, that was the whole flock!”

Colin gets the idea here to test if they can do more than just a duck. Because now we know what they CAN DO, so Colin’s gonna screw with them:
Colin: “You know what? While you do the duck, I’m gonna do the elephant!”
Ryan immediately tries to cover this by saying he did his by mistake, but the audience roars over this. Drew is DYING laughing. He is physically hurting. This is one of the funniest things he’s seen on the show to this point.

Ryan, meanwhile, is barely cracking a smile. I have no idea how, but he’s got it down.

Colin kicks in the door
Lynn: “BANG!”
Colin: [acts like his gun accidentally went off]
Ryan: [collapses like it hit him]
Gail and Lynn, undeterred: “QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK”

Ryan makes it a point to shake both hands, then make it back to the seats…THEN start laughing. Colin’s already gone, but Ryan just finally breaks.

Drew, on the other hand, is still losing it. The man is CRYING. Good lord.
Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 1.59.11 PM.png

Drew, still gone: “…Oh, I’m gonna do an elephant, QUACK QUACK QUACK…”

Drew, recovering, to Gail and Lynn: “You guys are on the party list from now on…”

Drew: “They were so excited about making a noise, that, “oh, we can do quack!”
[Mark Lamarr, probably: “Just say no to quack.”]

Obviously a classic. Just so damn funny, from the audience members to Ryan and Colin dealing with them. Too damn funny.

Motown Group: Sewer Worker

I love Wayne’s line of “sometimes I like to get in the sewer like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle”

Wayne: “My job makes me 10 times smellier than you
All day long, all I do is swim in poo!”

Chip goes down a similar route, saying “all I saw was #2, and #1, that’s pee”

I love Ryan taking his place as the ‘bass man’, though that’d be more of a Colin thing in Doo-Wop

Ryan treats this like a Hoedown, though: “I gotta admit, it’s kinda scary
Everyone thinks I smell like Drew Carey”

Another case of unnecessary censorship: Wayne has a line: “man, is that piss? You’re standing knee-deep in it.” The word ‘piss’ is censored. COME ON, ABC.

A really fun and concise number. All three seemed like they were on the same page, and all three had funny lines, even if they were a bit lowbrow.

Three-Headed Broadway Star: Ryan, Wayne and Drew sing ‘You are my Butterstick’ to Chrissy

The structuring in this show is weird. Two Ryan-Colin reaction games, followed by two three-person singing games. At least they’re all, like, GOOD in this one.

Also, they’re doing this game towards an audience member for the first time, clinging to the theme of this show that everything has to be audience-centric. And by the time we cut back from commercial, she’s already been selected and is onstage.

The random line of “let me…WIPE you”, from mostly Ryan, is so bizarre, especially following a poo-centric game like Motown Group

Ryan has a great reaction after Drew says ‘butterstick’ two go-rounds in a row.
Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 2.13.47 PM.png

Wayne: “WHEN”
Drew: “I”
Ryan: “AND”
Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 2.14.35 PM.png
Wayne: “…myself.”
Drew, losing it: “…toast.”
Ryan, now realizing he’s drawn himself into a corner: “…ooooooooOOOooooohhh..”
Drew and Wayne, barely holding it together, join in. Chrissie’s gone.

I love Ryan’s light delivery of “paaancakes” in this

Ryan: “You”
Wayne: “are”
Drew, briefly forgetting: “half the- HALF”
Ryan, smirking: “THE”
Wayne, confused: “…man”
Drew, cracking: “I…”
Ryan, kinda cracking: “am?”
I also love that Ryan has to go to Chrissie here and whisper “it’s okay”.

Wayne now ALSO FORGETS WHAT GAME HE’S IN: “Butter…oh my-”
Drew and Ryan break again
Drew: “oh…”
Ryan, at his wit’s end: “..MY…”

Once the game ends, on a very clumsy final note, Ryan IMMEDIATELY goes to Chrissie and says “don’t go anywhere!”, implying they might have to do this one again. Thankfully, they did not.

So, here’s why this one’s better than You’ve Got Sole. Because for most of it, it’s pretty good, lawfully funny, and goofy enough in its breaks. When all hell DOES eventually break loose, once Drew and Wayne make mistakes, the game has built up enough goodwill that it’s allowed, and it doesn’t seem really sad. Ryan is the one thing holding this game together, and I love how annoyed he gets towards the end when everyone’s boofing their cues. I don’t feel as bad for Drew, or anybody, and even if Ryan seems like he’s apologizing, this is honestly a much better THBS than that one, and it’s a really fun one to start off this new trend of THBS with audience members.

Overall: Going in, I knew I’d be enjoying one game, and that I didn’t really know the rest. Imagine my surprise that this is not only a strong, hysterical show…but arguably one of the most deserving ‘classic-status’ shows that never really got one. I honestly put this with 2×09, as a show that’s really damn funny, and doesn’t get discussed enough as one of the greats. Because this was fantastic. Aside from SFX, which is obviously hysterical, you have a really, REALLY good LMAD, which just got funnier and funnier as it went on. You have Scene with an Audience Member, which was a solid improvement on the last one. You have a great Motown Group, and a LAWFULLY silly Three Headed. I’m not thinking many things are wrong with this one. Really, it’s just the editor in me that wishes there was more callback jokes to either the bald men gag or the quacking elephants. Maybe there was, but it happened in games that weren’t in this episode, like SFAH or Hoedown.

A trend I’m noticing, especially after E1, is even more emphasis on Ryan and Colin. An entire chunk of tonight dealt solely with that duo. Wayne felt like an afterthought tonight, even if he had a resurgence during the last third. Chip was barely in the show at all, and was fourth-seater-ed more than he was in S2. It was just all Ryan-Colin action for most of the show, and interestingly enough, Ryan was the only person in every game tonight. And thank god, the big man delivered in nearly all of them.

Show Winner: Colin
Best Performer: Ryan Stiles. If they ever do a ‘best of’ specifically for Ryan, this one needs to be on it. He owned this damn show.
Worst Performer: Chip was only in 2 games, and proctored one. Not a great showing.
Best Game: Now…you’d think I’d go with SFX, seeing as it’s the one everyone remembers. But I’m gonna say Let’s Make a Date, cause I think it’s funnier, more collaborative, more elaborate, and…yeah, better.
Worst Game: It’s a shame I have to put Motown Group here, because it was so good this episode, but I can take a highlight from every game in this show [the guy with hair getting called back, Colin’s pantslessness, the quackening, Wayne blowing the last line] EXCEPT for Motown Group. So here it stays.

Coming Up Next: Another Chip taping, and suffice to say we’ll be talking about this one for a while. This one has an important game debut, though.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E01, or Excellent, a Sub!

Onto a new season of Whose Line, perhaps with a little more to prove than S2. S2 had to cement themselves as an event show that could BE must-see TV. S3 needs to prove that S2 wasn’t a fluke. If I recall correctly, it wasn’t.

This season has another 39-episode run, though only 32 of them come from this season’s batch of tapings- 7 shows are leftover from Seasons 2 and, surprisingly, 1. These 32 episodes are divided into 13 genuine Season 3 tapings, with 2 that technically came from the Season 4 tapings (we’ll get there). Of the 13 S3 tapings, three belong to Kathy Greenwood, three belong to Chip Esten, three belong to Greg Proops, and TWO (!) belong to Brad Sherwood. Yes, Brad sees a third taping in this season, and Greg sees a fourth, but both are technically S4 tapings.

That makes 11 of 13. The other two are filled by newcomers to Whose Line. One’s a young, quick, nimble young thing who will become a fixture in this rep company until this very day. The other is a very, VERY strange case that we will get to in five or eight episodes. To say I’m excited to talk about that one is an understatement of the highest degree.

We start out with a Kathy Greenwood taping, and to say the producers put a lot of trust in Kathy this year is also an understatement. Not only does she appear in more tapings than Brad Sherwood, who once rivaled Wayne for a regular spot, but this taping is the first to have FOUR culled from it.

So, we start with this colorful lineup from Kathy and the regulars. Let’s also note that for the majority of this season, Ryan is sporting blonde highlights. To this day, no one is sure why.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Kathy, Colin’s nagging, overbearing wife, co-anchors, Wayne, the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz, does sports, while Ryan, shows why he’s known as Mr. Sexual Harassment, does weather

Ryan’s quirk would NOT FLY in 2019

First of all, every time I watch this game I absolutely love Kathy’s retrained, glaring look as Colin does his top story. It’s the biggest no-sell.

Colin: “Disaster struck a ceiling fan convention when the scheduled entertainment, Dr. Linguini and his Trampolining Sheep, hit the floor. According to one eyewitness, everything was fine until one extremely high bounce and then the sheep hit the fan.”

Kathy is GREAT here, especially her sudden pivot of “…DON’T LOOK AT ME THAT WAAAYY…”
I also love Colin’s embarrassed mumbling as she goes on

Wayne’s is your basic Wayne WN round, though his munchkin impression is one he rolls out a lot more as we go.

Colin, post-Wayne: “This just in, helium prices…up.”
Kathy, of course: “WELL AT LEAST SOMETHING IS.”
Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 10.38.19 PM.png

Ryan: [extends pointer]
Kathy: [rolls eyes]

Ryan’s is pretty broad, but Kathy’s annoyed motioning to it all is selling this for me. I don’t know why, but she’s really impressing me so far

Hell, there’s an extra beat of tension between Kathy and Colin, plus an extra pervy Ryan moment, before Colin signs off. I’m glad they worked in enough air into this one.

Relatively solid WN. Mostly lawful, but little things, like the Kathy-Colin duo, stood out

Song Styles: Wayne sings to Maureen, the editor of Teen Style magazine, as Sisqo

Drew, laughing at an audience member as he ascends the stairs: “She’s just looking around, going ‘oh, I wonder where Drew went- AAH, there he is'”

I love the reaction from both Maureen AND Wayne when Drew announces he’s doing a Sisqo song. And remember, it’s 2000, so Sisqo is still kinda in. Though Drew does have to clarify what song he’s famous for. Odd, he didn’t do that for the Gipsy Kings.

For a music act that did not last, Wayne does a really nice job of a stereotypical cheesy-steamy Sisqo track, with the moving around, the lyric patter, and the resemblance to the verse scheme OF Thong Song.

Halfway through, he quickly adds in “can you introduce me to NSync?”
Dude, wait long enough and 2 members of NSync are gonna just come to this show.

A pretty nice Song Styles. Wayne definitely got it down, though the humor came more from likeness than lyrical cleverness.

Scenes from a Hat:

With this season, you’ll see SFAH get a little more fleshed out, and get played for a lot longer.

Bad Things to do During an Earthquake
Colin: “…a vasectomy doesn’t hurt.”

The reaction to “graffiti found in the White House restroom”
Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 10.50.05 PM.png

Ryan, still riding the scandal high: “There’s nothin…like a Cuban…”

Drew: “Rejected names for bras”
Kathy, the expert: “Flat’n’flappy”
Ryan, with the perfect delivery: “…PULLY-BOYS.”
Colin: “The new Wonder-PBBBBBB”
Ryan, again perfectly: “MILK DUDS.”

Unfortunate Wedding Night Confessions:
Wayne, putting on glasses: “I’m Drew Carey”
Drew: [exhales]

Wayne, bashfully: “…sorry”
Drew: “Hey…good luck with your new show, man…”

Inappropriate Compliments to Give your Mother
Ryan, to Wayne: “…are you wearin’ a Milk Duds?”

Drew: “…I’m gonna get you all for this, ‘What Drew Carey is thinking right now”
Ryan: “…wish Ryan was standin’ on this side so I could look at his ASS…”

Strong SFAH round. Again, this is a solid-show so far.

What are you Trying to Say: Colin is being fitted for a suit by Ryan

A new game, and one that would sadly only see air once. Which is a shame, because it’s such a good Colin-Ryan showcase.

Ryan has a very taken-aback reaction to this one. As it’s a bit tricky

Colin, after Ryan says it might take a week to do: “…so what are you trying to say? You trying to say that I’m so BIG, my BUM is so BIG, that you need to order to various countries far away to get enough material TO MAKE A PAIR OF PANTS SO I CAN FIT MY INCREDIBLY OBESE BUTTOCKS INTO A SPECIALLY MADE PAIR OF YOUR LITTLE SUIT?”
Ryan: “…no, I mean I’m the only one working here this week.”
Colin: “Oh, okay.”
THAT is the name of the game.

Ryan gets taken aback by Colin’s color remark, “what, I was just some unemployed guy that came in off the street corner, and they threw me in here to try to fit people? You don’t think I know anything about suits, or what looks good in that color? IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE SAYING?”
Colin: “…ya think the dark, then?”
Ryan, normal: “well, I think the dark would…”
Again, this game works because of the contrast, and the shifting emotions.

Ryan, matter-of-fact: “well I thought we’d put a double-breasted on you cause it would look nicer.”
Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 11.03.01 PM.png
I love this expression. He’s just rearing up.

Colin: “Are you saying…double-breasted because I should be wearing some MILK DUDS OR SOMETHING?”
Oh, I am glad they brought that gag back

I also love the detail from Colin that “my breasts flap…like TWO LARGE WIND…SOCKS…FLAPPING IN THE WIND EVEN THOUGH THERE’S NO WIND..”

Ryan, finally: “…no, I’m just saying they’re on sale this week.”
The improv rationalizations in this game are just so…basic improv that they work here

Ryan’s final rant isn’t as good as the other three, but I always love that he specifies “out of a cartoon, out of a WARNER BROTHERS”, as if he knows who’s studio he’s on.
Colin has the perfect ending line, though: “…yeah, actually I was…”

A strong enough game, but I feel like it was very proof-of-concept. I would have loved to see this more, and see if they could really flesh it out, and play with it more than just…name-of-the-game back and forth. This is still a fun round, but it could have been a lot more.

Drew: “Man, I laughed so hard, I almost bust out of my milk duds!”

Party Quirks: Kathy hosts
Wayne: island tribal chief and his interpreter
Colin: thinks people’s butts are sandwiches
Ryan: drag queen sporting a major attitude

Both Colin AND Ryan audibly facepalm while reading theirs

Wayne’s is his usual ‘lots of grandiose things’, though I liked his grounding line, as the interpreter, of “his majesty enjoys your two-bedroom apartment”

The audience goes wild at Colin’s quirk. As they should. To this point, it’s one of the more out-there ones they’ve done

Colin, going towards Wayne: “Excellent, got some cheese to go with the ham?”
I also love Wayne’s confused, stoic reaction as Colin takes a bite

I also like Wayne’s worried, angered reaction once he realized that part of his butt isn’t there. It’s very goofy, and good collaboration from Wayne

Ryan: “Oh…someone’s worn the same thing I have.”
And…yeah, he’s nailing this

Colin, going towards Ryan: “EXCELLENT- A SUB!”

I forgot how good this one was!

Wayne: [says something in a dialect]
Ryan, near-breaking: “…you’re speaking my lingo, big man…”

I will say, as this is one of Kathy’s first PQ playings, that she’s definitely letting the three of them interact without doing much. She does eventually get to guessing people, even if she’s wrong

Wayne, to Kathy: “In our country, they do not wear Milk Duds, you should let yours free…”

I love how when Kathy FINALLY gets Colin, he puts an arm around her and apologizes.

A very silly, very collaborative Party Quirks. And yes, Kathy got the hang of it by the end. Which is good, because the next time she’d play this game, she’d need a lot of help.

Irish Drinking Song: Drew Carey

Our second new game, and one that’s definitely withstood the test of time.

The proof is they didn’t know how to really get a suggestion for this yet, so, as it’s the second time they’re playing this, Drew just asks, by applause, who the audience wants them to sing about. Of course, Drew wins, though it would have been Colin had it not been for Drew throwing himself in there.

Also, since it’s early S3, it’s in a different key from when we’d normally hear it in.

Wayne: “He has short hair and glasses”
Drew: “…ANNNNND other things that aren’t so short!”

Ryan: “The tall guy on his show is funny!”
Wayne: “…and the black guy is really swell.”
I love that Ryan was talking about the DCS, but Wayne made it about Whose Line, so Drew has to go “but let’s not forget his bald friend”, which is a sweet gesture.

Also, Wayne has a great rhyme line of “you’ll never catch him in the hood”, which goes back to the Run For Your Life gag from last season

Ryan: “He’s got lots of cash”
Wayne: “And if you go over to his place”
Drew: “He’ll kick you in the ash.”

I also love Drew’s attempt at a final rhyme line, as he has “there”, and he can’t think of anything, so he goes “…at the Lilith Fair”, which is the most 2000 thing you could say.

Ryan, trying to end: “But he’s a very good guy now”
Drew, knowing he’s not making much sense: “and he can fly through the airpl-oh shoot…”
Colin, doing his first great ender line: “He’s worn a thong for hours!”

Note that this ender gets Drew and Wayne giggling, but they all end the song pretty cleanly. This isn’t a trend.

A strong, fun IDS to start us off. The first of many fun ones.

Overall: I liked this one. Something about it just felt very fun and cohesive, even in a lower-key, more lawful way. I honestly think everything from Scenes from a Hat on reflects the stronger material- as good as WN was, it was honestly more lawful than funny, and that goes for Song Styles as well. Still, SFAH, What are you Trying to Say, Party Quirks and IDS were all very strong, fun games to watch. I also liked how Kathy is still pretty prevalent, and has some moments to shine, like in WN and SFAH. This isn’t exactly her show, but she’s showing improvement.

Show Winner: Kathy
Best Performer: Colin, just for the last two games. The show was pretty even otherwise.
Worst Performer: Despite WN, Kathy still didn’t factor into several games tonight, which is sad but…normal for her.
Best Game: …fine, Irish Drinking Song. Any other day I’d put Party Quirks or SFAH, but that IDS was so fun.
Worst Game: Weird Newscasters was the most basic, even if it was still good.

COMING UP NEXT: Our first Chip taping of the season. Expect quacking.

Playing Editor: Whose Line US Season 2

I’ve been having fun thinking about the editing, packaging possibilities of WL Season 2, especially considering the breadth of output we got in this season. I do find it kind of odd that this is one of the more under-reported US taping seasons we’ve gotten, as the tapings for S1, S3, S4 and S5 were all over-attended by the Whosers of that period. So, when doing this sort of taping analysis exercise, I’m gonna have to make a lot of assumptions, but…enough stayed the same in S2 tapings that assumptions may be close to reality.

So, here’s what I’m gonna do- Taping by Taping, I’m gonna go through what was played, and analyze what wasn’t played, as well as what games connect and intersect within tapings. If there’s a taping with 3 episodes that didn’t deserve it, I’ll reassemble them into only two shows. Or, in one or two cases, I’ll reassemble two into one.

Also, once I cover later S2-era episodes placed into later seasons, I’ll add them into these equations.

Taping 201: Greg Proops
E4 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Film Dub, Three-Headed Broadway Star, Film, TV & Theater Styles, Greatest Hits, World’s Worst
E27 Games: Weird Newscasters, Song Styles, Sound Effects, Number of Words, Party Quirks, Scene to Rap, Hoedown
S06E05 Games: Superheroes, Questionable Impressions, Props, Song Styles V2, Moving People, Hats, Hoedown v2
Missing Games: Scenes from a Hat definitely. Possibly Newsflash. We’re definitely missing another Drew game, so maybe Foreign Film Dub or 90-Second Alphabet. Possibly Narrate or Whose Line?

Taping 202: Brad Sherwood
E7 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Superheroes, Ballad, If You Know What I Mean, Greatest Hits, 90 Second Alphabet
E9 Games: Song Titles, Gangsta Rap, Scenes from a Hat, Weird Newscasters, Three-Headed Broadway Star, Hoedown
Missing Games: Props we have evidence of, thanks to some shots from the Best Of special. It’s honestly very odd to me that a Props round didn’t air. Sound Effects and Sportscasters made appearances in the Newsflash from E39, so they got played. Also, Party Quirks is missing from this lineup, as is Whose Line, Film, TV & Theater Styles, Scene to Rap and Newsflash. Possibly Questionable Impressions, too. It’s also odd we don’t have a gimmick-free singing game, as Gangsta Rap and Ballad replaced those. As for Drew games, World’s Worst, Questions Only or Foreign Film Dub might have been used.

Taping 203: Denny Siegel
E6 Games: Weird Newscasters, Song Styles, Scenes from a Hat, Newsflash, Three Headed Broadway Star, Hoedown
E31 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Sound Effects, Props, Moving People, Hoedown, Helping Hands
S06E09 Games: Questions Only, Narrate, Film and Theater Styles, Party Quirks, Greatest Hits, Hoedown v2
Combined Episode as 31 wasn’t great: Weird Newscasters, Song Styles, Scenes from a Hat, Moving People, [Greatest Hits], Hoedown v1
Missing Games: Not a great deal, tbh, though we’ve seen a bit of Scene to Rap in Best of. Really, it’s just Drew games- perhaps 90-Second Alphabet and World’s Worst were played here?

Taping 204: Greg Proops
E10 Games: Superheroes, Song Styles, Newsflash, Questionable Impressions, Hats, Three-Headed Broadway Star
E16 Games: Change of Cast, Song Styles v2, Props, Weird Newscasters, Moving People, Hoedown, 90-Second Alphabet
S06E04 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Scene to Rap, Sound Effects, Film Dub, Greatest Hits, Hoedown v2
Combined Episode, as most of these were shoddy: Let’s Make a Date, Sound Effects, Questionable Impressions, Film Dub, Moving People, Three-Headed Broadway Star
Missing Games: Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks or Whose Line. African Chant perhaps. Drew might have played World’s Worst. Not much left from this one, it seems.

Taping 205: Brad Sherwood
E2 Games: Weird Newscasters, Duet, Newsflash, Party Quirks, Scenes from a Hat, Hoedown
E18 Games: Superheroes, Film, TV and Theater Styles, Song Titles, Sound Effects, Telethon, Three-Headed Broadway Star
E26 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Scene to Rap, Props, Moving People, Greatest Hits, Questions Only
Combined Episode, as this one wasn’t great: Weird Newscasters, Sound Effects, Scene to Rap, Party Quirks, Telethon, Questions Only
Missing Games: Whose Line is the only substantial middle game I can think of here. Drew might have played 90-Second Alphabet or World’s Worst.

Taping 206: Greg Proops
E3 Games: Weird Newscasters, African Chant, Scenes from a Hat, Change Emotion, Greatest Hits, Hoedown
E11 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Film & Theatre Styles, Props, Party Quirks, Song Styles, World’s Worst
Combined Episode due to both shows being meh: Let’s Make a Date, African Chant, Props, Party Quirks, Greatest Hits, World’s Worst. You see, THAT’S a better show.
Missing Games: Best Of clips make me think they did Fashion Models at this taping.  But also, you can infer Superheroes, Newsflash, Sound Effects, Hats, Scene to Rap, Narrate/Whose Line, Questionable Impressions, Moving People, and, with Drew, 90-Second Alphabet. Also, Three-Headed Broadway star was either played in regulation or with Drew. I think that’s enough for a third episode from this.

Taping 207: Denny Siegel
E15 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Song Styles, Narrate, Weird Newscasters, Scene to Rap, Hoedown
E38 Games: Questions Only, Film and Theater Styles, Scenes from a Hat, Old Job New Job, Greatest Hits, Hoedown v2
Missing Games: Song Styles to audience member, Newsflash, Party Quirks, Sound Effects, Three-Headed Broadway Star at some point, PROPS, Moving People, and with Drew, World’s Worst and 90-Second Alphabet

Taping 208: Brad Sherwood
E17 Games: Weird Newscasters, Duet, Whose Line, Party Quirks, Scenes from a Hat, Hoedown
E30 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Film and Theater Styles, Props, Newsflash, Greatest Hits, World’s Worst
Missing Games: Superheroes, Three-Headed Broadway Star at some point, Newsflash, Sound Effects, Questionable Impressions/Questions Only, Scene to Rap, Song Titles, Moving People. Drew maybe did 3-Headed, QO, or 90-Second Alphabet

Taping 209: Chip Esten
E1 Games: Let’s Make a Date, 3-Headed Broadway Star, Props, Stand Sit Lie, Greatest Hits, Hoedown
E5 Games: Weird Newscasters, Duet, Scenes from a Hat, Whose Line, Hoedown v2, Questions Only
E21 Games: Superheroes, Film and Theater Styles, Newsflash, Duet v2, Party Quirks, 90-Second Alphabet
Continuity Notes: Props in E1 came after Weird Newscasters [“NOOO I LOVE WOMEN”]
Missing Games: According to…everything, Sound Effects was DEFINITELY played at this taping. Why it didn’t air is beyond me. Song Titles, Scene to Rap and World’s Worst probably got played as well, but…yeah, not enough for a 3rd taping. I will say that I would have replaced maayyybe the Connie Duet with the SFX playing though.

Taping 210: Greg Proops
E19 Games: Weird Newscasters, Questionable Impressions, Scenes from a Hat, Whose Line, Three Headed Broadway Star, Hoedown
E29 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Song Styles, Party Quirks, Improbable Mission, Three Headed Broadway Star v2
Missing Games: The riding happened in either Film & Theater Styles or, honestly, it could have been Superheroes. Either of them could have been played. I’d also list Greatest Hits, PROPS, Sound Effects, Newsflash, Hats, Narrate, Scene to Rap, African Chant or, with Drew, World’s Worst or 90-Second Alphabet

Taping 211: Chip Esten
E12 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Duet, Props, Party Quirks, Hoedown, Three-Headed Broadway Star
E24 Games: Superheroes, Title Sequence, Scenes from a Hat, Narrate, Greatest Hits, 90-Second Alphabet
S03E36 Games: Weird Newscasters, Sound Effects, Song Titles, Film and Theater Styles, Motown Group, Hoedown
Missing Games: Song Titles, Scene to Rap, Whose Line, and with Drew, Questions Only, and World’s Worst

Taping 212: Josie Lawrence
E8 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Film and Theater Styles, Newsflash, Weird Newscasters, Duet, Foreign Film Dub
E13 Games: Questions Only, Whose Line, Props, Scenes from a Hat, Greatest Hits, Hoedown
Missing Games: Superheroes was played, at least according to the Best Of show. I also think they’d do another Duet, because you have Josie anyway. Three-Headed Broadway Star, Scene to Rap, Sound Effects, Narrate, possibly Title Sequence, and maybe more SFAH suggestions are left in there. Drew must have played 90-Second Alphabet and World’s Worst. I also think they could have used Josie for old UK games like Stand Sit Bend, Old Job New Job, and, yes, BARTENDER.

Taping 213: Brad Sherwood
E14 Games: Superheroes, Film and Theater Styles, Props, Motown Group, Millionaire Show, Hoedown
E35 Games: Weird Newscasters, Film Dub, Questionable Impressions, Narrate, Greatest Hits, 90-Second Alphabet
S04E07 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Title Sequence, Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks, Three-Headed Broadway Star, Hoedown v2
Missing Games: Sound Effects, Whose Line, Song Titles, Newsflash, DUET FOR GOD’S SAKES, Foreign Film Dub, World’s Worst.

Taping 214: Chip Esten
E33 Games: Weird Newscasters, Scene to Rap, Props, Newsflash, Greatest Hits, Questions Only
S03E10 Games: Superheroes, Duet, Scenes from a Hat, Whose Line, Greatest Hits v2, Three-Headed Broadway Star
Missing Games: Let’s Make a Date, HOEDOWN, Sound Effects, Song Titles, Motown Group, Title Sequence, Narrate, PARTY QUIRKS, Film and Theater Styles. Drew could have played Hoedown, World’s Worst, Foreign Film Dub or 90-Second Alphabet.

Taping 215: Kathy Greenwood
E20 Games: Questions Only, Sound Effects, Props, Newsflash, Greatest Hits, Foreign Film Dub
E22 Games: Weird Newscasters, Song Styles, Themed Restaurant, Narrate, Scenes from a Hat, Hoedown
S03E34 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Film and Theater Styles, Motown Group, Party Quirks, 3-Headed Broadway Star, 90-Second Alphabet
Missing Games: Whose Line is the most glaring absence in regulation. Everything else (Film Dub? Millionaire Show? Moving People?) is educated guesses. Drew could have played World’s Worst or Helping Hands.

Taping 216: Greg Proops
E23 Games: Weird Newscasters, African Chant, Scenes from a Hat, Scene with an Audience Member, Hats, 90-Second Alphabet
E25 Games: Superheroes, Sound Effects, Song Styles, Millionaire Show, Hoedown
S03E13 Games: Let’s Make a Date, Film Dub, Film and Theater Styles, Themed Restaurant, Greatest Hits, Props
Continuity Notes: Song Styles came before African Chant, or else Greg would have called out Wayne instead. “if you’re a geographer” makes more sense knowing Song Styles
Missing Games: Questionable Impressions, Whose Line/Narrate, Newsflash, Three-Headed Broadway Star, Scene to Rap, and with Drew, World’s Worst or Foreign Film Dub

Taping 217: Karen Maruyama
E28 Games: Questions Only, Song Styles, Sound Effects, Newsflash, Scenes From A Hat, Motown Group, and Foreign Film Dub
E32 Games: Film TV and Theatre Styles, Weird Newscasters, Song Styles v2, Party Quirks, The Millionaire Show, and Hoedown
Missing Games: Let’s Make a Date, PROPS, GREATEST HITS- Man, the big guns did NOT make this show at all. Narrate/Whose Line, Themed Restaurant, Three-Headed Broadway Star, and with Drew, World’s Worst, 90-Second Alphabet or maybe Props/3-Headed went here.

Taping 218: Brad Sherwood
E34 Games: Let’s Make A Date, Newsflash, Title Sequence, Whose Line, Scenes From A Hat, and Hoedown
E37 Games: Film TV and Theatre Styles, Film Dub, Quick Change, Motown Group, If You Know What I Mean, Greatest Hits, and Props
Missing Games: Superheroes is the missing opener. DUET is missing, which is odd. Questionable Impressions, Title Sequence and Millionaire Show and Three-Headed Broadway Star are good guesses. Sound Effects, Song Titles and Narrate aren’t here either. Party Quirks is missing too. Man, if any show deserved a third episode, it might have been this one. And in terms of Drew games, 3HBS, World’s Worst, Foreign Film Dub or  90-Second Alphabet

Taping 219: Chip Esten
E36 Games: Superheroes, Let’s Make A Date, Duet, Whose Line, Scenes From A Hat, Props
E39 Games: Film TV and Theatre Styles, Duet v2, Song Titles, Newsflash, Hoedown, and Foreign Film Dub
S06E03 Games: Weird Newscasters, Sound Effects, Title Sequence, Dubbing With an Audience Member, Greatest Hits, and Questions Only
Continuity Notes: Film and Theater Styles came between Superheroes and LMAD, hence the Captain Hair intro. Newsflash also mentions Captain Hair. Newsflash also came after Greatest Hits, as Ryan’s still explaining his Kid Rock thought to Chip.
Missing Games: Narrate, Party Quirks, Motown Group, Scene to Rap, Three-Headed Broadway Star, and with Drew, Hoedown v2, World’s Worst or 90-Second Alphabet. You’d think there’d be a small bit left after 3 episodes, but this taping’s a gold-mine, I’d surmise.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E39, or I Said the Bald Joke Thing, Too..

Well, after a very long and very strong 38 episodes, it’s time to put Season 2 of Whose Line in the US to bed.

I honestly think that this season is perhaps the best full, compact picture of Whose Line in a season view. Everything was culled from the same season of tapings, There’s about 8 or 9 surefire classics, 15 more shows that I would describe as ‘pretty good’, and 16 shows that are okay-to-bad. But, and I’ll make this clear- even bad Whose Line is still kinda okay in this era. I can only say I disliked 3 shows in this era, and I’ll be clear about that when I rank episodes, but it’s not really because the regulars weren’t trying, or because of any crimes committed against improv. Sometimes you’re on, sometimes you’re not, and…thankfully this show was on more often that not in Season 2.

So, as we wind down, let’s look back on the last show of Season 2, a Chip episode from the taping that gave us Captain Hair, my favorite episode of the season. This show doesn’t do a lot to hide what taping it’s from, either.

Like ‘the cat’, this one is so good that it needs Seed quality screencaps

Drew: “The points don’t mean a thing, just like when I say “I love you” when I’m drunk”
Wayne: “NOO!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 6.01.33 PM.png
Chip gives a comforting hand to Wayne
Drew: “…I know this is a bad time to tell ya…”

Oh, and THIS SHOW has Drew’s show explanation. So…there?

Film, TV & Theatre Styles: Colin and Ryan, who are stealing dinosaur bones from an exhibit, are interrupted by the night watchman, Wayne

Immediately, we can tell where this game came in the taping: “This is for Ryan, Captain Hair and Wayne”
Yeah, clearly Drew was still thinking he could use LMAD as an opener for another taping, so he just assumed F&TS would go after Superheroes in the Captain Hair show, not knowing it’d be a monolithic runner

Also, they edited in the “that’s our new little nickname for Colin, he LOVES it” gag from LMAD, but…it fits so shoddily in this without Colin’s sarcastic reaction

Also, the Colin “thinking” reaction to the lifted LMAD line probably came after Drew’s admission that he watches workout videos with the volume down, “thinking” ‘gee, I wonder what he’s referring to there’. To paraphrase Dara O’Briain, ‘an edict has been passed down by the way that the Captain Hair jokes are making it difficult to edit the show’

This has a very goofy start, with Ryan lifting the bone and reciting the “knee bone’s connected to the…” song in his head, as Colin joins in.

After Wayne enters from offstage to see Colin and Ryan
Colin, being very literal: “I TOLD YOU we were too close to the night watchman!”

Good slapstick moment where Colin knocks Wayne out with one of the bones, possibly knowing Keystone Kops is coming up in Drew’s styles
Ryan: [bonks Colin with a bone]
Colin: ‘what was THAT?”
Ryan: “I’m sorry, I got carried away!”

In Chick Flick, Ryan and Colin make a for a Thelma and Louise style getaway, which Wayne helps hammer home with some good trailing running

The Keystone Kops style is perfect, with Wayne nailing the ‘running round a corner’ thing, and too many silly slapstick bits from all 3

For Workout Video, Colin gets all three to do a ‘pick up the bones’ exercise
Wayne, to camera: “And for those of you at home who can’t pick up the bones all the way, just pick up the bones at chest level.”

Drew’s cry of ‘PORN!’ actually catches Wayne off guard, which is funny.

Ryan: “Here, lemme help you with that bone.”
Colin nonchalantly constructs a pole out of the poles, and pole-dances.

The porn style ends up with Wayne showing his ass to Ryan and Colin
Drew, after holding for just the right amount of time: “…golf show”
Colin: “Let’s go for the hole in one.”
As Ryan and Colin size up their shots, Chip flat-out facepalms in the background. I don’t blame him.

Really good F&TS round. Probably one of the best ones we’ve had this season. I’ll have to check if it’s better than the Karen one.

Also, I love Ryan’s ‘Richard Simmons’ pool boy’ bit at the seats.

Duet: Chip and Wayne sing a boy-band number to Katie, who works at Hoagie Yogi.

Remember, they did 2 games of Duet in this taping. I honestly think this is the better one, but I also think they were right to save it for this episode

Katie’s very innocent answer of “I work at Hoagie Yogi” is still a classic. Not just “i work at a sandwich place”, just…the NAME OF THE PLACE. EVEN IF IT’S NOT A FRANCHISE.

Drew: “And I’m sure it’s not a national chain, so I can mention it…”
There’s probably a plaque there now.

Drew: “Do you work behind the counter? In front of the counter?”
Katie: “Behind”
Ryan, and some audience members, start laughing
Ryan: “In front of the counter…that’d be a CUSTOMER, Drew…”
I love how his mic is on, but he’s out of focus in the shot where he says this, behind Katie. And eventually in the master. Like, they didn’t cut to Ryan in good qual for that, you just hear his voice.

This is a perfect contrast, as Wayne and Chip are very lively and dancing and singing essentially right on top of Katie, and Katie is this very shy, reserved young woman who’s just bashfully letting the game happen around her.

Wayne: “I got a little something special going out to the girl who gave me a hoagie last week”
Katie loves that one

Wayne even throws in: “It’s not a national chain, so we can say Hoagie Oagie”

Hell, Chip even throws in a line about Katie working “behind the counter”, so they’re spread a little thin material-wise, but they’re still doing what they can

Both really sprint into high gear around the bridge, where Wayne lists off all the things he can put on a hoagie, and Chip goes right into a fast-paced rap about sandwiches. They’re just on fire

Hell, in Chip’s dancing off Katie’s stool, he accidentally tips it over and falls back, getting Katie to almost completely crack up and/or panic.

A really fun SS playing, with great stuff from both performers, and a lot of funny details throughout.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.39.10 PM.png
Drew: “…game’s over, man, you can relax..”

Drew: “Something tells me Katie’s gonna be making 6.FIFTY AN HOUR…”

Song Titles: At a beach party

Wayne’s already facepalming by the time he has to get to the stage.

Wayne: “…don’t be a hero.”
Drew, under his breath: “BILLY don’t be a hero…”
Wayne, looking back at him: “…BILLY, DON’T BE A HERO…”
Drew: [shrugs]

Great moment where Chip clearly has nothing, and Wayne just motions to him and Chip and goes “EBONY AND IVORY”. He sort of nods at Chip after that, as if to say “I’ve got your back”

Ryan, pointing at Wayne: “…itsy bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini…”
Wayne, pointing at Ryan: “One-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater…”
That’s funny enough. There’s one more exchange here [“hair.” “SHAFT”] that the censors wouldn’t run

Wayne starts a bizarre trend in accidentally going to the wrong side of the stage when he’s buzzed out. At one point, everyone’s just alternating off the right side. Chip eventually walks over, trying to go to the other side of the stage, but just going into the scene

Then, as Chip and Colin do their scene, you can just see Wayne pouting, walking behind the chairs to get to Colin’s side.

Chip, pulling a fast one on Colin: “…theme from Jaws?”
Colin, forgetting and suddenly remembering what game he’s in: “….I’LL GET A HARPOON…LA LA LA LA?”

This ends shoddily, but it was a fun enough Song Titles. Not as good as one or two others we’ve seen this season, but good enough

Okay, so…we’re back from commercial, everything is fine, and this show’s strong enough so far, but nothing classic yet. Well…here we go…

Newsflash: Ryan and Chip in the studio, Colin in the field in front of…clips of Colin.

Drew is giggling a little as he sets up the game. I have a feeling he read the card and knew which one this is WELL in advance

Yes, as he throws to Ryan and Chip, he’s BARELY holding in his laughter. He KNOWS this is gonna be huge.

My favorite note about this game is Ryan’s aside to Chip, “well, I thought it was a whole GROUP of people but apparently it’s not”, makes it clear that this was done in pickups, after Greatest Hits. Because, Greatest Hits, which we’ll see in S6, is the one where Ryan forgets that Kid Rock is just one person. So he’s explaining to Chip what’s going on. Also, I feel like the original intro to this game might have been chucked because the second Ryan and Chip looked in the monitors, they must have burst out laughing. Here, that’s not happening. The initial reaction isn’t there. Chip very calmly throws to Colin, who’s…here:
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.53.22 PM.png
[from: E27 Scene to Rap]

The audience, nevertheless, goes absolutely WILD here

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.54.32 PM.png
[Unaired Sound Effects playing from 202 taping]

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.56.46 PM.png
[Unaired Sound Effects from 209]

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.58.20 PM.png[The one everyone remembers- Unaired Sportscasters, 202 taping.]

The audience is still going crazy, even if Ryan’s barely said anything yet

Chip: “It’s a sad, sad sight indeed, Colin.”
Colin: “It certainly is.”
Chip” “How did it all start.”
And then…serendipity:
Colin: “…it all started with a badly-timed bald joke!”
THE PLACE GOES WILD. Never had there been a more perfectly timed crack from Colin. The fact that, as he later admits, he had no idea when he said it, makes it even funnier.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.00.46 PM.png
[from the Let’s Make a Date in E7. Man, a lot from the 202 taping here]

I love how, when Ryan asks if there’s any plan “to get rid of this thing”, Colin can be seen cracking a smile. He’s not sure yet, but he knows SOMETHING is up

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.02.00 PM.png[from Weird Newscasters in E6]

Colin: “Well, there have been some scientists who’ve been working on a formula that…”
And then the audience bursts out laughing again at more Colin tomfoolery

I also love the juxtaposition of a goofy Colin face from the 202 Sportscasters as Colin yells “DUCK AND COVER”

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.04.43 PM.png[from E18’s Sound Effects]

I also love this juxtapositon:
Ryan: “Are these things capable of reproducing?”
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.06.00 PM.png
[…he’s getting SOMETHING there]
[Also, this is from an unaired Sound Effects from the 206 taping]

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.07.32 PM.png“…maybe.”
[from E26’s Let’s Make a Date]

Chip, after deferring to Ryan for most of the game, finally goes for the jugular: “…now, I notice you’re not wearing sunglasses to help you with that horrible shine”
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.08.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.08.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.09.08 PM.png
PRICELESS. Chip and Ryan are cracking up at this

Colin, finally: “…although many people are, because of the incredible beauty of what is happening behind me…”
The audience erupts again. Ryan and Chip love this as well
Colin: “It’s so beautiful. Many artists have come down just to take a rendering of it, and…oh my god, it’s…OH, THE BEAUTY…THE BEAUTY…”

Drew buzzes, the place applauds like hell…then once the applause dies down, the audience starts laughing again at the sheer act of what’s gone on.

Drew finally asks Colin what’s behind him
Colin: “…I hope it’s me with my clothes ON…”
Drew: “YES!”

The part that not enough people remember- once Drew ends the game, Chip’s finger is seen on Drew’s camera feed, looking right at Colin. He’s pointing right at the monitor which shows the clip playback, and he’s saying to Colin, essentially, “just come and look at this.” Colin’s just shaking his head, facepalming, and he has no desire to. He’s a tiny bit embarrassed, I might go so far as to say.

Drew: “I can’t wait for months from now for you to be home and watch it. I hope you’re drunk in a bar somewhere, and you look up and go ‘OH MY GOD”
Colin: “Will it EVER END???”

Suddenly, Colin starts laughing. He turns to Chip, and goes “oh, I said the bald joke thing, too…” Meaning the ‘badly timed bald joke’ is confirmed to be a COMPLETE coincidence. Which makes it all funnier
Ryan: “You did, you were right on it. It was freaky.”
Drew, bringing back the central theme: “It’s why they call you Captain Hair!”
I feel like Drew somehow thought this would fit into E36. There was no room, hun.

Yeah, like I need to sum this game up- it’s a fucking classic, top to bottom.

Hoedown: Plastic Surgery

I also love that this game is a ‘reward’ for doing so well in Newsflash, meaning it’s a total leadin. So maybe this was taped after Greatest Hits? There’s a late-taping feel to Newsflash, anyway.

Everyone but Colin jumps up at top energy to the step for this one, possibly on Keith’s orders

Drew, to the sarcastic four: “You keep that spirit alive, baby!”

Wayne and Chip both go with Michael Jackson jokes- Wayne compares him to Macaulay Culkin, Chip’s, which is even cleverer, compares him to Diana Ross. Hell, Chip, in between Wayne’s and his, even goes “I was gonna do that”, regroups, goes ‘ALRIGHT’, and does his anyway

And yes, “Instead of one Michael Jackson now there’s two Diana Ross” is still a great line

Colin: “The plastic surgery didn’t work, I must confess
Now my face is now one big fat mess
Here’s a little hint if any of you go
Make sure your Doctor isn’t Dr. Picasso”
GREAT one from Colin

Ryan’s is low-hanging fruit, saying he looks like a grown-up Doogie Houser.

Strong Hoedown, though. Everyone had funny stuff.

Foreign Film Dub: Wayne and Drew act out the Canadian film “Out and About”, dubbed by Colin and Ryan 

I love the reactions from the Canadians to ‘Canadian’. Colin’s cracking up. Ryan’s just confused as hell. He knows there’s no language there

I love how after Wayne’s first Canadian line, Drew just turns back to the dubbers, sort of expecting them to be stumped.
Colin: “…boy this is good”

Drew does a line that’s basically Swedish
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.31.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.32.04 PM.png
I love the reactions here
This one gets Drew as well

Drew does another line that’s just “ya do hoser en da icebox, eh eh”
Ryan, fighting back: “We don’t even have a football team, but I bet we can beat Cleveland”
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.33.55 PM.png
Drew flips Ryan off under his jacket

Drew’s next line includes the very english phrase “three minute penalty”
Ryan, continuing to screw with Drew: “I better help you like all Canadians do by SUCKING THE BULLET OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.”
Drew looks at Ryan for a moment, then kneels down. Wayne immediately gets up, proclaiming that he’s okay. Classic.

While the improv wasn’t great, this was still insanely funny just as a tug of war between Ryan and Drew, and just to see everyone cracking up at how much they can screw each other over. I used to dislike this one, but now I get why it’s funny. In a show that already had a very goofy mood throughout it, this one just works here.

Overall: A pretty strong way to end the season. Only Song Titles really stood out as unspectacular, while everything else ranged from really good to classic. And yes, that Newsflash is a series highlight, but you also have the Duet, which is fun for both the performers and for Katie, F&TS as a cohesive round of that for the US, and Foreign Film Dub as a round of abuse from Drew and Ryan. Plus, even with the cliffnotes of E36 denoting some of the beats, it still stood alone as a strong episode of its own, even if having seen the Captain Hair show does help a little. It’s a bit like the Africa episode supplanting E25 a little bit. But still, this show is more than just its central game, and is another fun, rewatchable S2 show…to add to the several.

Show Winner: Ryan, Colin & Wayne
Best Performer: There’s a reason those 3 won the show, cause all three are neck and neck for me in terms of quality. But I am going with Ryan solely because he had a fuller ratio of games he was in to games he was excellent in. Wayne and Colin were further into the background than Ryan this show for the most part.
Worst Performer: Chip, for not appearing in a lot of the better moments of the show.
Best Game:  see below
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.58.20 PM.png
Worst Game: Song Titles, honestly.

Yep, it’s time for SEASON 2 SUPERLATIVES

Best Episode: E36, the infamous Captain Hair episode. Call it an easy pick, but I don’t think any other show this season comes close in terms of consistent quality. Almost every game was a 10/10, save for maybe Props. It was that good.
2nd Best Episode: E12, the Melissa episode, for being less about Wayne Brady pulling some girl’s pants down, but more about some other great games, including a great LMAD, a great Duet, and a very sweet 3HBS. And yeah, the Melissa game happens, but it happens in a relatively safe, funny way.
3rd Best Episode: E5, the Ryan’s Not Gay episode. It’s it funny that the top 3 are all Chip shows? This one’s great because of a low-key running gag with Ryan’s sexuality in question, boosted by a PHENOMENAL Whose Line and a really good Hoedown. It’s also one of the first instances of Chip’s presence in a show just boosting the mood by osmosis.
Worst Episode: E15. Every game felt diluted and flawed, even a trying-to-be-funny Narrate. Denny’s sloppier improv didn’t help here.
Episode Most Worthy of Another Look: E27. I just remember this one being really light and really fun, and not much else other than Scene to Rap.
Taping We Wish We Saw More From: To be honest, the 210 taping, that gave us E19 and E29. I have a feeling some more gems were hiding in there. I’m not just saying this because there’s a guy on twitter spamming all the whosers with tweets about a shot of Greg riding Ryan taken from an outtake of this taping. If that guy wants finality, then so do we!
Best Taping: The 219 taping, which gave us E36 and E39, two classics, and will give us a Season 6 episode that ain’t half bad either. Also, I kinda wanna see what else they played at Josie’s taping. That must have been a blast.
Best Regular: Colin Mochrie. The man had 20 show wins over a 39 episode season, which means he dominated HALF OF SEASON 2. And this isn’t counting the shows where I could have gone with him but Ryan or Wayne had one more good game than him. Colin was on FIRE for all of the 1999 taping season, in a way unrivaled by anyone else, even Ryan.
Best Recurring Guest: Brad Sherwood, who had the most show wins of any recurring guest this season. This either means his tapings were great, which they were for the most part, or he was able to overcome the fourth-seater crutch the most over his appearances (which Greg would learn to do over time).
Worst Recurring Guest: Denny Siegel. Regardless of her season 1 mojo, Denny’s material felt less congruent to the other three’s. She felt like she was playing her own game a lot of the time, and it showed.
Best Guest Taping: Josie Lawrence, from E8 and E13. Man, the fun that shone through both of those shows, especially E8, was just too infectious. I really wish Josie would have come back for more shows after this.
Non-Josie Performer We Wish Wasn’t Done After This Season: Karen Maruyama. She felt really strong in her taping, especially in E32, where she was right up there with Ryan and Colin in F&TS. Unfortunately, ABC wanted more from Kathy Greenwood instead.
Episodes Ranked: See my Twitter, @WLIIAWatchdown, for that.

COMING UP NEXT: Whose Line enters the new millennium, with tapings from the year 2000. The first episode up to bat is, in my opinion, a pretty strong one, with the first of two S3 tapings from Kathy Greenwood. Considering what’s come out about Kathy’s WL tenure, I find it very ironic that the central running gag in this episode has to do with bras.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E38, or They Call me Jerry, the Exposition

We’ve reached the penultimate episode of S2, and seeing as the producers MUST HAVE known that they needed to end the season with a great one, they reached back into the annals of the season and grabbed an episode that didn’t have a second episode yet…which also happens to be the single worst episode of the season so far, E15, the ‘Denny damn near ruins the show’ episode. Possibly one of my least favorites as far as WL is concerned, going back to the Colbert show from S1.

But now we have a second taping from it, which makes this Denny Siegel’s last episode. What can I say about her? Her tapings in S1 were fantastic, and made up some of the highlights of the season. By S2, her schedule was less relaxed, and her material during these tapings wasn’t anywhere near as good, leading to far-less memorable shows. I am thinking this may be a better one, though.

Yes, dating this taping is the inclusion of Drew’s show explanation

Questions Only: In the Produce Section of a Supermarket on Singles Night

The scene description confuses Colin
Drew: “You know, I’ve always heard about that but I’ve never seen it…”

Denny begins with a return to her S1 dominance, by asking Wayne: “Could you squeeze this?”
[this gets some ‘wooo’s]
Wayne: “…those melons?”

Wayne: “Have you ever grabbed a banana sideways?”
And then he sticks one in his mouth

Colin: “Can you help me?”
Denny: “Does it look like I work here?”
Colin: “…does the nametag mean that you do?”
Denny: “Can’t you read above it and below it, it says ‘lose weight now, ask me how’?”

Ryan, with an AMAZING pick-up line: “…can I get a price-check on the stud in aisle four?”
Colin, after he lets people applaud: “Would you like paper or plastic?”
Ryan nearly breaks at that

Denny: “How many women walk out of her alone on a friday night”
Colin, very cutely, smiles trying to think of an answer, then just walks off.

Wayne: “Can you do it right here on the celery?”
Then Wayne takes off his clothes and starts rubbing vegetables over himself. Drew, not only BUZZES REPEATEDLY, but audibly yells “STOP! STOP! STOP!” Which is always a fun way to end a scene.

A pretty solid round to start the show, even if I can name some better Denny Questions rounds.

Film, TV & Theater Styles: Ryan and Wayne are two guys in a sauna, Colin, a mob hit man, finally catches up with them

[I find it very funny that after sparsely populating most of the season, the last three shows of S2 all have F&TS in them]

Drew, on the obligatory ‘porno’ callout from the audience: “It’s like…’B7′. ‘PORNO!”

Drew: “70s hippie flick. I don’t know what that is, so we’ll…I mean, THEY do…so…”

Drew, as he’s about to read the scene description, does a full-on ‘uhhhhhhhh’, before he realizes he was writing on the card with the description the whole time, which he allows people to laugh at.
Drew: “Wow, what a week I had…”

Colin, being himself: “FINALLY I CAUGHT UP TO YOU. I’m a MOB HITMAN.”
And then, of course: “They call me Jerry, the Exposition”
I love Colin so much

Game Show:
Ryan: “Danger is the CORRECT ANSWER, for 50 dollars”
Colin: “Now you get to choose the way you’d like to die- PISTOL, POISON, STRANGULATION, OR SURPRISE!”
And then the universal reaction when the ‘wheel’ lands on ‘surprise’ is fantastic

Ryan’s very high monologue from Hippie Flick does work really well, but I don’t see why he suddenly took out the amyl nitrate and turned into Dennis Hopper from Blue Velvet. That’s neither a 70s movie NOR is it a hippie flick.

The cartoon style even features a welcome appearance from Colin’s Elmer Fudd impression

And Colin has a great gag in Porno, where the sauna ‘shrinks’ his gun.

More substantial than a lot of other recent F&TS scenes. I enjoyed this one.

Scenes from a Hat:

Ah yes, the sole reason most people remember this episode

For Songs That Kill the Romance, I’ve always loved the randomness of Ryan’s “I’VE…GOT…A CIGAAAAAR.”
Drew loves this one, as does Wayne, due to the topicalness of it all (I *THINK* it’s a Lewinsky scandal reference)

Drew: “Confusing Battle Cries”
Wayne, meekly: “…HURT YOU!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 5.01.14 PM.png

Of course, Colin’s one-two punch here is known the world over:
and then he goes back up, with:
Pfffff. Drew absolutely loves this one, as does the audience

Drew: “Albums doomed to be flops”
Wayne, bringing out an impression from an earlier Denny taping: “OOOH, JAR-JAR BINKS SING BLUES!”
Drew: “Least likely to win the 2000 Presidential race”
THAT is how you do a callback

Drew: “The Stupidity Award Show”
Denny: “I’d like to accept this award on behalf of the WHOLE cast of Beverly Hills 90210!”

Drew: “Inopportune Times to Laugh Hysterically”
Denny: “no, Dr. Glickman, you’re a good gynecologist…”
[I kinda like that a joke like that can get on the air amidst all the obvious penis jokes]
Ryan: “HAHAHAHA. HAHAHA. Heh…oh, I’m sorry, I do.”

A pretty strong SFAH. Denny’s a very underrated SFAH player, as she’s led more scenes than Kathy and Karen are known for.

Old Job New Job: Colin and Denny are getting married, and Ryan, who used to be a NYC cop, is the minister

Damn, we haven’t seen this one in the US yet. Glad we’ve finally seen it.

Colin and Denny have great chemistry in the first bit of this, with Denny commenting that she’s never seen Colin so sweaty, and Colin replying “get used to it”

Ryan: “Are you ready to proceed? Up against the wall.”
Yeah, Ryan certainly hasn’t lost his touch at this game

After Ryan yells at Denny, Colin: “Hey, that’s my…future bride!”
Ryan: “Your future bride? Where were you on the night of July 25th?”
Denny, with a perfect move: “YEAH, where WERE you on the night of july 25th?”
Unfortunately, this doesn’t lead to much of a conflict, as Denny marries him anyway

Ryan: “You may now frisk the bride.”
The audience responds well when Colin frisks Denny, and Ryan didn’t expect Denny to frisk Colin

A pretty solid, if…not very showy, rendition of this.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Private Eye

Colin: “We’ll return you to our nature documentary, “Hood, the Circumsized Cobra”, in just a second.”
Drew, as do I, loses it at this

Colin handles the most vicious intro to a song in quite a while: “You know…so many artists were clamoring to play on this CD. Well…usually the ones that were bankrupt, and that’s why we’ve come up with MC Hammer’s newest private eye-”
The audience reaction to this is priceless. Almost universal ‘OHHHHH’s. Colin just pauses for that reaction, and kind of soaks it in, before continuing.
Colin, cracking a little: “…song…”

Wayne does the number justice, though he does throw in some ‘too bankrupt for this job’ that Colin graciously gifted him with

Wayne has a clumsy finish, as he finishes his verse while Laura and Linda still have another bar or two to go, so he just stands there and shrugs.
Colin, postmortem: “One of those songs ya think is never gonna end…”

Wayne’s blues number is also pretty strong, as he’s done Blues on the show before, so we know what to expect. He does have some fun lyrics about losing his sense of smell, though

Colin’s Ricky Martin song title, “Opening a Door That’s Locked-A”, gets a very nice stifled-grin response from Ryan. Wayne, however, doesn’t even try to hide his amusement

And Wayne’s Ricky Martin number is…pretty alright.

Not a bad Greatest Hits, though we’ve certainly had better this season. Very Wayne-centric

Hoedown: Game Show Hosts 

Wayne’s punchline is very…very Wayne: “If they had a game show in South Central LA, it’d be called Run For Your Life”

Drew has a very, very funny verse about going on a date with Chuck Barris’ daughter:
“When we went to make love, she did something that’s wrong
I took off my pants, and she gave me the gong.”

I’m already amused by Colin’s throwaway line that he’s “in Jeopardy”
And, of course, his punchline: “I hang out with prostitutes because The Price is Right”
which is a VERY, VERY ironic line in retrospect
I also love how Drew congratulates him for that joke, and Colin’s got his head down, clearly not proud of it

Ryan has an odd ender verse where he sets up an expectation for a penis rhyme, only to end with a buzzer noise.

Not a bad Hoedown, though it peaked around Drew’s.

Overall: Another very, very okay show. Honestly, I’d just call this one forgettable. There are two good games, F&TS and SFAH, but they’re not even the best playings of those this season. And there are some okay games here, but nothing bad enough to drag this one down to where the other show from this taping is. It’s just…a very inoffensive, middle-of-the-road S2 taping. Which is fine, but considering how popular this SFAH game is, I was expecting more from this show. Thankfully Denny had a much better show than the other one from this taping, and ended on a slightly better note. But Karen was honestly more active in both of her shows this season than Denny in any of her four. So I can see why they didn’t go with her for S3, instead doubling down on Kathy Greenwood.

Show Winner: Denny
Best Performer: Wayne Brady, who FINALLY had a banner night after a lot of consecutively weak shows.
Worst Performer: Denny Siegel, but to be fair this was better than some of her other S2 appearances.
Best Game: Scenes from a Hat is well-remembered for a reason.
Worst Game: Honestly, this one’s tough. I’m going with Hoedown solely because I really, REALLY don’t wanna give it to Old Job New Job.

COMING UP NEXT: Season 2 of Whose Line comes to a close with a Chip episode, from the Captain Hair taping. And man, if you thought this taping got all their classic games out in one show, you are DEAD wrong.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E37, or Why Does Your Horse Have a Door?

After a series landmark, we go back to the taping that brought us E34, a very alright Brad show, and go right back into things. Seeing as some of the bigger guns, like SFAH, Hoedown and LMAD got played last time, I imagine this will be made up of more commonplace games, like maybe Greatest Hits or Weird Newscasters or the like.

Film & Theater Styles: Ryan and Wayne are two lumberjacks clearing a forest to make way for a new freeway when they’re confronted by a protester, Colin, who has chained himself to a tree

Someone suggests ‘after school special’, and Wayne gives them a big thumbs up.

Drew brings back a joke from S1: “you guys are gonna start out normally, hehehe”

So many silly details in the first part of the scene- Wayne attempting to cut down a tree with his teeth, Colin’s kind-of-meek ‘SAVE THE TREES’ yell, and Ryan just cutting down the tree anyway with Colin attached.

They’ve done the ‘high school play’ before, but it hits extra hard tonight, with Wayne making faces behind Colin, or Colin just coming upstage despite being chained to a tree.

Colin has a funny bit in the Xena style, when he retaliates simply against Wayne after he has a convoluted attack, but Ryan gets the big laugh by running across with big boobs.

After School Special:
Wayne: “Dude, I’ve been shot!”
Ryan: “You wanna know why, man? Cause you’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowd…”

The mime bit is funny too- Colin wriggles out of the chains, picks up the tree and runs around.

And then the Performance Art style is just bizarre enough to end us on the right foot, with random bell-ringing, Ryan and Colin doing odd poses, and Ryan eventually coming through Colin’s legs for a final point.

Not a bad F&TS at all, though the laughs came from goofier moments rather than scene based choices, perhaps foreshadowing this game’s transition into becoming Hollywood Director.

Film Dub: Ryan, Colin and Brad are waiting for the call to action

Brad, laying down: “Hey, look…something’s wrong with my legs!”
[I love his read of this. It’s very Kung Pow-esque]
Ryan, to Colin: “You don’t tell him his legs are gone, and I won’t either”

Colin: “Look, I’ve got something to replace the leg!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 4.12.26 PM.png

Colin, to Brad: “Look what I’ve got, a leg! And if you get hungry, you can have a bit!”
[Colin’s character starts cutting into it]
Colin: “…why don’t we ALL have a bit?”

Brad: “I don’t want any! Whatever you do, don’t give me any, cause I just won’t-”
Colin, as his character passes him some: “No, have some toes!”

Brad, with an immortal line: “mmm, tastes like me!”

Ryan, finally: “We’re gonna make his other leg out of THIS!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 4.14.40 PM.png

Such a good Film Dub. One of my favorites from this era.

Quick Change: Ryan is the President who is meeting with Brad, an Army general, in a crisis situation, Colin is the President’s wife who comes in- Wayne calls change.

Yay, Brad’s own game makes it to the US!

Drew: “Colin is the president’s…”
Colin: “Girlfriend?”
Drew: “Wife.”
Colin: “Ohhh…”
It makes me wonder if this one was filmed before or after Whose Line, because there’s the whole threadline of Colin always playing the woman. More likely it’s before, but you never know.

I like that Wayne doesn’t just go by rule of threes, and needles Brad until he gets a funny enough line- this is what he eventually lands on to start the scene
Brad: “I’ve laminated a large picture of a postage stamp- what you might look like when you’re old and dead!”

Ryan: “I don’t need a general, what I need is a strategist!”
Ryan: “I don’t need a general, what I need is a masseuse.”
Ryan: “I don’t need a general, what I need is Gary Coleman.”

Colin, already reaching: “Honey, what’s happening, I…heard the ruckus all-”
Wayne: “Change”
Colin: “…what’s going on?”

Colin: “That’s alright, I was in the Lincoln bedroom, just…writing a book.”
Colin, stammering again: “I…was in the Lincoln…bedroom-”
Wayne, smartly: “change”
Colin: “I was outside pruning.”

I do love the natural patter in this game, especially between Brad and Ryan, like Brad’s ‘WHY NOT?’ after Ryan says he can’t release this plan to the general public.
Ryan: “Well, it’s full of flaws- look, this army is attacking Hawaii!”
Wayne, cracking up: “cha…”
Ryan: “why, the salvation army is attacking a restaurant!”
Wayne: “CHANGE.”
Ryan: “Why, uh, this is ME…GOIN’ AFTER RICHARD SIMMONS.”
[smirks in dramatic irony]

[good lord this scene]

Ryan gets 4 different tries to produce a “plan of my own”, eventually deciding to call a fanfare and call in horses. Ryan then does a motion to get off the horse and get a plan.
Colin: “We don’t need horses.”
Brad, still stuck on Ryan’s motion: “Why does your horse have a door??”
Ryan smirks, as I crack at this, and goes for a funnier line: “…IT’S A PINTO!”
Brad: “Oh…”
[yes, this gets Brad in return]
Wayne: “Change”
Ryan, still not entirely back: “It’s a, uh, COUGAR!”
Brad, also changing his sound: “EEE!”
Wayne, now cracking: “Cha..ange..”
Ryan: “It’s a MUSTANG.”

Just when you think the scene’s dying down, Wayne gets Colin a few times about his plan for peace, not even stopping at ‘kumbaya’
Colin: “Why can’t we make a nice felt marker out of twigs and a popular cola?”
Wayne: “Change”
Colin, at his breaking point: “Why can’t we just…walk in a circle, quack like a duck and pretend it’s-”
Wayne: “Change!”
Colin: “Hey…I’m staying out of this!”

Dear lord, that game was too funny. How do so many Whosers overlook this one? So many great little moments and exchanges, and so many big laughs, like Colin getting needled, or Ryan’s horse door. My lord.

Motown Group: Brad, Ryan and Wayne sing ‘Do the Lumberjack’

When this game is announced, Colin holds his mouth, realizing he doesn’t have to do this one, and smiles as Ryan trudges up.

Very funny that two different games this episode involve Lumberjacks. I’d half expect Michael Palin to trudge in at the third.

Ryan’s is a fun verse, saying that “no one needs all those trees”, and remarking that he loves chopping down trees “cause I’m Canadian”

Brad’s verse is really fun, but I feel like there should have been one more with all three to wrap up. Maybe there was and there was an audio edit, cause the immediate cut to the audience is a BIT suspicious. Plus, when they cut back, Wayne’s in the center spot, where Brad formerly was. Maybe a verse was cut for time? I mean, that’s likely, as 4 games have been shoved into the first act.

If You Know What I Mean: Ryan, Colin and Brad are ‘back to school’

The tone of the game is established immediately- Brad does a cliche that makes sense. Colin does one of his own: “I’m gonna go clap my brushes.”
Then gives it time to breathe, and get little to no response, before he cracks and polishes it with “if you know what I mean…”

Ryan: “Hey, sorry I’m late, I had to let the kids off for recess if you know what I mean.”
Brad: “Well, your term’s almost up if you know what I mean?”
Ryan, after a beat: “…No, I don’t know what you mean…”

Colin tries again, saying there’s a dance coming up: “That way I’m gonna get a grainy picture of the Loch Ness Monster if you know what I mean…”
Again, barely any response. Drew loves it though. Colin’s just shaking his head

Ryan: “Later I might go down to the cafeteria and stuff the ol’ butterball if you know what I mean…”

Ryan: “Someone likes to put hollandaise on their asparagus if-”
Brad: “WHAT???”
Colin, with a perfect read: “Hey, why are you getting your nosehairs in a burning trajectory over Moscow?”
Ryan: “Yeah, there’s no reason to choke the nun if you know what I mean..”

Colin: “Hey, let’s not make a Fox special.”
He, AGAIN, lets this set, and lets some audience members react. And after a pause, he comes back again: “…if you know what I mean”, cracking YET AGAIN, and taking Ryan with him

Funnier than last playing of this, by a mile. Still kinda flawed though. Poor Colin.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Wrestler

Colin: “As long as there’s been men in tight-TIGHTS…”
Ryan, hearing the slip-up, tries fixing his lip makeup
Colin, rebounding perfectly: “Sorry, I was just picturing it.”

Colin’s semi-endless opening stanza is just goofy enough to get me, especially his line “from the early days of Greece…to the later days of Pompeii”
I also love that he does a pause to let the audience laugh, stares blankly at the camera, and goes “AND EVEN NOW…”
Man, the pauses Colin’s been doing ALL NIGHT have been killing me

Ryan, finally: “YOU MIND IF I JUST SELL THE CD?”
Colin, okay
Ryan: “Apparently our movie is OVER NOW.”
I always loved this detail. It’s one of the only times anyone’s ever mentioned the opening movie again.

Wayne’s reggae verses are pretty nice, and Brad’s honestly right there with there, in terms of staying in time and lyrical staccato. Really good one.

Colin: “And if you order right now…[another great pause] you will get the entire CD collection yesterday through a process we don’t quite understand yet.”
Ryan: “It’s very hush-hush.”
Colin: “Very…very…hush…hush.”

Ryan: “You know, Colin, this CD set is not just popular here in the United States, and when I say here in the United States, I’m counting Canada.”
Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 4.55.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 4.55.43 PM.pngColin just…silently shakes his head here. I’m just gonna update the Best Performer category now. Nobody else is coming close.

I love the detail of Wayne and Brad starting their Italian number on a gondola, and Brad just casually bonks his head on the side of a tunnel.

Wayne’s zeal here is wonderful. Brad and Wayne’s on-top-of-each-other harmony during the final verse is pretty fantastic, too

Colin: “Well, as our regular viewers know, I’m right on the edge of hip.”
Colin: “Or maybe just right on the edge of hip replacement.”
Ryan animatedly laughs at this, only to turn back, dismayed, towards the camera

I find it interesting that Ryan intro’d all the songs in this playing, even as Colin got ready to do one there.

Brad’s fast-paced lyrics in this one are fantastic, even as Wayne dances around trying to do all the moves at the same tempo.

A really good Greatest Hits, even though the end felt a bit manipulated.

Props: Brad and Colin vs. Ryan and Drew

Ryan starts with a very topical reference for 1999:
Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 5.02.51 PM.png
Ryan: “We’ll make the movie ourselves. It’s about witches, and this’ll be our symbol.”

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 5.03.40 PM.pngRyan: “The Wicked Chicken of the East is dead!”
PFFF. Yeah, Ryan and Drew have some of my favorite Props suggestions ever in this round

For Drew’s ‘cheapest puppet show’ one, Drew snaps the two firm outer handles on one of the props to make them hang more downward. It’s not to the level of Paul Merton accidentally ripping a prop, but it’s…close.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 5.05.16 PM.pngColin: “I was hoping the hairs would be a little smaller.”

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 5.05.44 PM.png[this one ALWAYS cracks me up]

Hell, even the ‘olympic torch’ gag is funny here because of the flimsiness of the prop.

And, one of my all-time favorites:
Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 5.08.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 5.09.26 PM.png

Such a funny Props round. Even if Brad and Colin’s were a little more commonplace.

Overall: I was not expecting this to be so solid. Honestly, this is one of the more underlooked strong shows of the season, like a lot of other Brad shows. Maybe it’s because of Colin’s unabashed dominance throughout the whole show, leaning on pauses like it’s his job. Maybe it was Brad’s influence getting some rarer games like Quick Change and IYKWIM back into the rotation, and making them work. Maybe it was just a generally goofy undercurrent going through everything. Only Motown Group felt underrealized, and even lighter games like F&TS and If You Know What I Mean really worked tonight. Also, the games you don’t usually expect to soar in an episode, like Film Dub and Props, were on FIRE tonight. So many things worked that I’m honestly pretty impressed.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin Mochrie. I did this during Greatest Hits. This man’s running away with the back half of the season.
Worst Performer: Wayne, once again, did the least amount here.
Best Game: Quick Change. So damned funny.
Worst Game: Motown Group was very take-it-or-leave-it.

COMING UP NEXT: In the midst of the Season 2.5 shows, we take one last dip into Season 2 proper to finish up Denny Siegel’s WL career.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E36, or Slightly Balding Superhero

So let’s, briefly, examine Season 2 of Whose Line as it is. We’ve done 35 episodes to this point. Easily, I can say this has been one of the strongest WL seasons yet, solely because we’ve gotten more from different tapings, and we’ve seen more variety, and…we’ve just plain gotten MORE.

If the season ended today, this would be my top 10:

  1. E12, the Melissa Show, ft. Chip
  2. E5, the Ryan Isn’t Gay show, ft. Chip
  3. E9, the Colin is a Nudist WN show, ft. Brad
  4. E24, the Cheese Man/Satan and the Schoolgirl Show, ft. Chip
  5. E22, the Maltese Burger Show, ft. Kathy
  6. E23, the Africa show, ft. Greg
  7. E17, the You Remind Me of Julia Show, ft. Brad
  8. E4, the Drew Trips Over the World’s Worst Step Show, ft. Greg
  9. E8, the LOVE BITCH Show, ft. Josie
  10. E19, the Ryan Forgets His WN Quirk Show, ft. Greg

Now…that is a solid Top 10. All of those are really good, rewatchable episodes. The first six are absolute classics. Both Brad shows should be talked about a TON more. And episodes that would end up in this Top 10 in a lesser season, like E29 (THE CAT) or E10 (You’ve Got Sole), don’t.

So if ABC decided to end the season at 35, it still would have been a strong season, and still one of the best.

However…we have four episodes left. I can confirm that two of them will probably land in this Top 10. Maybe three, I forget the quality of the other two, but we’re approaching two classics. They both come from the same taping…they’re both Chip episodes, and one of them is up at bat.

And my god…I have been waiting MONTHS to cover this one. Not only is this one of my favorite episodes, but it HAS to be one of the best shows in WL history. So much of how the show is edited now, especially when a show has a running gag, comes back to this show. It’s so important, and so beloved…and I can’t wait to dip into it, so here we go.

Drew’s ‘points don’t matter’ joke says they’re “like a condom to a Trekkie”
Wayne, an unabashed Trekker, gives a vulcan salute, glaring

Again…no Drew explanation. No time for it.

Superheroes: No More Rogaine
Colin: Captain Hair
Ryan: Totally Insane Old Man
Chip: The Chippendale Kid
Wayne: Captain Frat Boy

Drew slips and says we go “on to” this game, then corrects himself and says this is the first game of the night. So…WAS this the first game of the taping? I’d always assumed it was

Drew asks for an unlikely superhero name for Colin, and after a few minutes, a very clear voice from the back shouts “CAPTAIN HAIR!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 5.43.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 5.43.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 5.43.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 5.44.50 PM.png

Drew: “I like when the audience comes here, and they’re ready to go!”

The crisis comes just as naturally: Drew is writing down ‘no more rogaine’ the second the lady yells it, as if this all has come naturally. Colin’s biting his lip, very used to this

Drew: “Man, is Colin getting slammed tonight…”

Despite Colin’s general…disgust, he still nails the first part of this: he tries combing his hair out, realizes there’s no Rogaine, and sends out a “head beam”, lifting up his toup. Not until Disco Kid will we get such a contrast between Colin hearing the suggestion and then going headfirst into it

And of course, Ryan enters and is nearly blinded by the shine. Which is NOT, for the record, the last time this taping that someone will make this joke.

Ryan as totally insane old man…is a treat. So much goofiness in this character.

I’ve noticed with Chip that normally he takes a moment to let Ryan’s suggestion sink in during this game, and then eventually goes with it in full force. It’s a lot more evident when he’s the ‘Richard Simmons kid’ in a few seasons. But as the Chippendale kid, he’s still pretty great

Hell, Chip even goes into the audience and near-lapdances towards an audience member. At least he’s not pulling their pants down

The moment that doesn’t get enough respect is Chip saying he uses all his Rogaine on his chest…and Colin shaving it and making a new toupee out of it anyway.

The best part of Wayne’s Captain Frat Boy is him high-fiving Ryan and Ryan falling right over. PERFECT timing.

Wayne’s solution is…bizarre, but still one of his better ones.

Ryan, leaving: “I’m gonna buy some green bananas, because by the time I get home, they’ll be ripe.”


Even if this was a standalone gag, this would still be an insanely fun, and collaborative, Superheroes round. So many gags working off each other. Thankfully the gag grew legs from here, but alone it’s pretty damn funny

Drew: “Thanks, Captain Hair! That’s what I’m gonna call you from now on! ‘ring!’ “h’lo?’ “HEY, IS CAPTAIN HAIR THERE!”
Ryan, not helping: “You know what he’s be in German? HERR HAIR!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 5.55.24 PM.png
[he’s going HOW COULD YOU?]

Drew, as Colonel Klink: “HOOOOOOGAN, THAT IS NOT SO FUNNY”
THIS gets Colin to break

Let’s Make a Date: Chip must choose from Wayne, possessed girl from the Exorcist, Colin, cantankerous snowman who is melting, and Ryan, destructive toddler learning to walk and talk

So, let’s go over this: Let’s Make a Date is typically a show-opener. If you’re doing 3 shows from a taping, you wanna start with LMAD, Superheroes and Weird Newscasters, and possibly something like Questions of F&TS if you’re strapped. And if you’re an editor or producer, you want those three games to go on completely autonomously of each other, or else you have to eat the first block of your show with three starter games, and barely have time for much else in the next two segments.

So typically, you really don’t want gags from your first opener showing up in another opener, or else you have to use that one in the same show. I’m just saying this for no reason at all.

Hell, Drew even audibly says ‘Colin’, rather than ‘Captain Hair’, meaning he is trying to farm this game to start another episode. He doesn’t do this with F&TS in E39, exactly.

Chip’s accent is definitely more of a Georgia/Alabama type of deep, strong Southern accent.

Wayne’s physicality is unbelievable in this one, making the switch seamless between characters. I’ve always really enjoyed his performance here.


Chip: “Finish this rhyme- roses are red, violets are blue..”
Colin: “OH, SHUT UP.”

Colin has a great move in just popping off his nose and starting to eat it.

Ryan essentially does a reprise of his Baby Learning to Walk routine from UK S6, but…it’s still hella funny here, especially with Ryan’s facial expressions, and his eventual falling back down.
Wayne just starts devilishly laughing at this

Ryan: [babbles]
Well…Colin, Ryan would wet himself, and Wayne’s covered in vomit, so ALL THREE, REALLY..

Wayne: “I probably would TAKE YOU DOWN TO THE DEPTHS”
Chip, with perfect delivery: “…I imagine that’s some sort of bar I’m not familiar with, but okay”

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.08.54 PM.pngChip: “Bachelor #2, how you doing over there?”

Colin: “I know how the Wicked Witch felt…”

And then:
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.09.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.10.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.10.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.10.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.10.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.11.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.11.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.11.47 PM.png
[The audience is howling at this, by the way]

Chip: “Bachelor #3, when you reach heaven, what do you hope the good lord says to you?”
And Ryan, knowing the only thing he CAN SAY at something like this, babbles for a bit, then says clearly: “…CAPTAIN HAAAIIIR…”
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.13.03 PM.png
[My favorite part of this shot is you can see Colin, trying to be immobile, just shaking his head.]

After Drew buzzes, he tries to cover for the fact that this might still end up in another episode (it won’t), by saying “Captain Hair, that’s our new little nickname for Colin. He loves it! Don’cha, Colin?”
Colin, weakly: “yeeahh…”

Chip’s guess for Colin is even “#2 is Captain Hair, and Captain Hair is melting!”
I’ve always loved that, too. Not a snowman, or another character. Just…just Captain Hair.

Chip gets ’em all pretty spot on, which is a nice ending. Chip bows, and then turns around and realizes that the other 3 have already put away their stools, which Ryan orders him, playfully, to do.

Drew tells a really bad pun, which gets groans from the audience. He celebrates by ripping up the card he had it on.

A really, REALLY good LMAD. Everyone had something great to do, and with each other, and goddamn this is the 2nd 10/10 game in a row, isn’t it?

Duet: Chip and Wayne sing a 1940s tap number about a funnel

Right. So Chip and Wayne played 2 Duets this taping, which was smart. One was this, back to the old ‘song about a household object’ trope from the UK, and the other was a traditional ‘song to an audience member’, seeing as the producers rightfully thought they needed more Wayne-Chip singing games.

Already, I recognize this song tune from a later Chip-Wayne duet, a much better one about a household object, featuring a very sick Ryan Stiles.

This is still a really fun number, as Chip and Wayne match the singing style, and the dancing fun, of the style, while keeping in sync with each other.

Hell, Wayne even gives Chip a tap-dance break, which…unlike Archie Hahn, is not only warranted, but spontaneous, and Chip COMPLETELY DELIVERS, giving some really good tap-dancing moves. Wayne’s are less rehearsed, but he nails the swinging-arms sort of goofiness the style offers

A surprisingly awesome, and…fine, I guess we’re at 3/3 perfect games. I guess this is where we’re headed.

Whose Line: Colin is Davy Crockett, and Ryan is Jim Bowie, and they’re about to make their last stand at the Alamo and Colin is losing his nerve

…and we’re about to make it four. Hell, if I could give a game 11/10, I’d give it to this one.

Drew: “The scene is, Colin is Davy Crockett.”
Colin: [nods]
Drew, smirking: “…Captain FUR Hair.”
Ryan, gesturally: “STOP IT. STOP IT.”

Colin begins the scene with one of my all-time favorite ‘casually quoting the scene description’ moments:
Colin, to Ryan: “I’m losing my nerve.”

Hell, his next line is even more under-appreciated: “Can you relax me by singing ‘Let’s Dance’ again?”
Oh, Colin…you KNOW there are like 40 David Bowie songs that are better than that one, right? I’ll name them, if I have to.

Colin: “Well, I’d feel much better wrasslin’ a bar!”
Ryan, with a much thicker accent: “…A BAR?”
Colin, just dropping his: “…well, a bear.”

Ryan: “Look, chances are we’re not gonna make it through this, chances are we’re gonna die…there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell ya after all these years. You know, we were young boys when we started together.”
Colin: [casually fires a gunshot]
Ryan: [pauses, trying not to crack at that]
Drew, however, audibly laughs at that

Ryan gets to his first line: “LAY A WET ONE ON ME, BIG GUY”
And as he closes it up and discards it, he’s so pleased with himself
Ryan: “COME ON!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.08.39 PM.png
Colin, under applause: “NO NO NO!”

Colin: [looks]
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.09.54 PM.png

Colin, recovering: “Here, have some pie….OOH, Remember the Alamode!”

Colin: “Remember our motto- ‘Why are you dressed like a french maid?”
Ryan takes this as himself, and goes with it: “TO CONFUSE THE ENEMY!”
[I’ve always loved how nonsensical that line is]

Ryan: “They’re expectin’ us to be wearin’ buckskins and carryin’ guns but [walks across] WHO’S EXPECTIN’ THIS?”
Absolutely masterful. Especially how he just casually shoots people, and laughs. This is…as if it was scripted

Colin: “The least you could do is actually wear fishnet stockings instead of…stapling pickerel to your legs?”
He realizes that one got away from him, nearly cracks, and goes back to shooting.
Chip and Wayne are losing it in the back

Ryan, trying to set up his next lines: “I don’t want people to say as we went down as cowards. I want from from generations now, when people talk about the-”
AND THEN…TRAGEDY STRIKES. Instead of saying ‘Alamo’, Ryan slips and says “the Alimony”, then immediately tries to cover, but…as people are laughing, repeats “the alimony”
THE PLACE GOES CRAZY. Colin immediately grabs him and goes “WHOA! WE’RE NOT MARRIED ANYMORE!”
Ryan’s now losing it, as are Chip, Wayne and Drew. Colin’s still mostly holding it together.
Ryan, now doubling-down: “I WANT THEM TO SAY REMEMBER THE ALIMONY!”
Colin, trying to get Ryan back to his line: “No…WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO SAY! Forget the alimony. That marriage isn’t legal in this state!”
Everyone applauds Colin here. He was just doing damage control, not trying to get a laugh, but it’s an amazing line.

Ryan, FINALLY getting to it: “When we’re dead, I want people to wake up tomorrow morning and read that headline in that paper that says… [and I absolutely love how he reads this]: “…IT’S TIME…FOR YOUR SPONGE BATH!”
Colin…just gives him a stoic, head-shaking look here, which says, effectively, “I got nothin'”
Ryan: “I want them to feel so dirty about this that they have to clean themselves!”

After this, Ryan goes back to walking in the french maid outfit and shooting people, which now works like a well-timed jazz motif.
Colin: “Now you’re just…makin’ em mad.”

Colin realizes he’s out of ammo. Ryan checks his…only to shoot Colin, THEN run out of ammo. It’s a genius move from Ryan, tbh.
Colin, as if he’s in Multiple Personalities: “Well, THAT’s nice, isn’t it? THANK YOU! THAAANK…YOU.”
Ryan, running again: “Lemme get you a towel!”
Dear lord. Hell, I think this is my new favorite gag. The game had gone on so long that this callback to the french maid’s outfit works even more.

Colin, out of ammo, tells Ryan to get his knife
Ryan, realizing he’s still wearing the outfit: “…turn away”
And he reaches into a naughty spot and grabs it.

I also just love the randomness of Colin taking Ryan’s knife and having him wield a rock.

Colin: “Let’s run, and we’ll shout the most terrifying battle cry these guys have ever heard!”
So, they read Colin’s last line together…and it’s a classic:
Then they run out and get shot at by everyone, and…that’s the scene.

Hell, Chip and Wayne STAND AND APPLAUD as Colin and Ryan come back to their seats. THEY KNOW what just went down.

I was not lying earlier when I said this game was perfection. Perhaps the most perfect WL game in the show’s history. Every beat hit perfectly, the running gags strengthened to the end, and even the most spontaneous shit, like ‘Remember the Alimony’, led to the duo recovering and making the game stronger. This might be my favorite WL game of all time. Yeah. That good.

Scenes from a Hat:

Oh yeah, we’re playing this game, and we already have a running gag on the docket. This’ll be fun

Bad Game Show Concepts
Colin, smiling a bit too wide: “WHEEL! OF! MUCUS!”

Colin: “I’ll take what’s behind Whore #1”
Wayne must have gotten an idea from this one

Things you never want to hear your grandmother say:
Wayne, matter-of-factly: “…honey? Grandma’s changing pimps.”
Colin: “…your grandpa and I would make love like two ferrets goin’ at it…”

Drew: “Personal ads that won’t get many responses”
Ryan: “…single…white…question mark…”
Colin, of course: “…Slightly Balding Superhero…”
Drew, cracking: “heh…SLIGHTLY…”
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.31.58 PM.png
[I forgot that ‘Ryan holding Colin back’ was a runner in this]
Drew, finally: “..and I’m SLIGHTLY overweight…”

Drew: “People you’ll never see on the cover of Playboy”
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.33.19 PM.png
[I will never NOT laugh at this gag]

Drew: “Modern Additions to the 10 Commandments”
Ryan: “…Thou Shalt Not Joke About Bald People”
Colin: [fives Ryan upon returning]

Favorite Pranks of ER Doctors
Ryan: [sneaks in, shoves hand up corpse]: “WELLL IT’S A PLEASURE TO BE HERE TODAY”
Oh man…

Yeah, a really strong SFAH as well. This show can do no wrong.

Props: Wayne & Colin vs. Drew and Ryan

For the first time, Props becomes a Drew game. They tried this out during season 2.5, as we’ll see next episode, and this would eventually replace 90-Second Alphabet as one of the primary Drew games.

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.37.38 PM.pngColin: “…Pamela Lee didn’t want them anymore…”

Wayne’s delayed reaction on coming out as a genie is enough to crack up Colin

Drew: “ARR MATEY!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.38.50 PM.png
Ryan loses it here

And…of course…
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.39.31 PM.png
Wayne: “So, Colin, I-”
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.39.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.40.07 PM.png
“…OH, oh, Colin, I…”
The audience realizes what’s going on, and loses it.
This is Colin’s reaction:
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.40.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.41.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.41.25 PM.pngRyan: “…HEY, IT’S ME, THE ANOREXIC TIN MAN!”

Yeah, even PROPS is good in this show. Drew even had a nice showing.

Credit Reading: Colin IS Captain Hair

Yeah, you better believe I’m covering the credit reading.

Colin’s reaction to who he’s reading as:
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.43.44 PM.png

Of course, he goes right into it: “ALRIGHT DREW CAREY, REMOVE THAT TOUPEE RIGHT NOW.”
Here, Wayne gets the idea to run up behind him, as do everyone else
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.44.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.44.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.45.27 PM.png
[Colin is having an absolute ball here]

And, finally:
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.45.56 PM.png
Colin: “All I am saying is give my piece a chance!”
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.46.17 PM.png
Heh…heh…oh, man

Overall: Well, there’s no denying it. This is a career high for the show thus far. I’m keeping my bias out of this, and I tried to grade each of these games seriously…but only Props came below a 10/10 for me this show, and even then, that’s a hard 9. Superheroes, Let’s Make a Date and Whose Line are all classic, all-time-great WL games. Duet and Scenes from a Hat are surprise, underrated classics. And even this Props is better than most other Props I’ve seen this season. What happened? Why is THIS the best one? It may have been the gag happening RIGHT at the top of the show, and that may have helped imbue so much hysterical energy into the rest of it, even taking an LMAD that could have started another episode and making it part of this one, and even requiring Whose Line, which could have been a standout in another show, be placed into this one. So much magic happened over the course of one show that I’m even more impressed, especially considering that we’ve still got another winner from this taping coming up.

Show Winner: Chip
Best Performer: I have to give this to Colin. Not only was most of the show essentially about him, but he carried out the proceedings with professionalism and grace…while still being frigging hilarious.
Worst Performer: Wayne. Other than his Linda Blair, there’s not a whole lot in this show that rose above the rest. Even Chip was a little better in Duet.
Best Game: In an episode with so many candidates…I still have to give this to Whose Line. Solely because I don’t think any other WL games in history, even The Cat, come close to this one.
Worst Game: Props, but it’s still a great Props. All I’m saying is thank god they didn’t close this show with Foreign Film Dub.

COMING UP NEXT: How the hell do we top this one? Well…one last Brad show for the road?

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S02E35, or Can’t You Do Anyone From the Last 10 Years?

After a more recent Brad episode, we dip back to an earlier Brad taping, the one that game us Episode 14, or the Jar of Almonds taping. This is a taping that we’ll see a third episode from in Season 3, a privilege that only a few other S2 tapings (Melissa taping, Maltese Burger taping, Cleveland Browns 3 taping) will get.

Weird Newscasters: Brad anchors, Colin, the world’s most tactless man, co-anchors, Wayne, RuPaul, does sports, while Ryan, has uncontrollable hots for a different person every 10 seconds

Brad: “Our top story tonight, rumors are speculating that Madeline Albright is actually a monkey. When asked to comment, she shimmied up a tree and flung poo at the press.”
Anytime Brad does a joke involving a primate, it’s always funny. Also, Drew’s HOWLING a this one

Colin: “There was a big accident, some people got decapitated, here are their names…”

Wayne’s Ru is very standard, especially since her renaissance in the 2010s, but she becomes the second person to dig Brad over his shirt.

Colin, to Wayne: “hey, ya got a booger.”
Wayne: [runs away]

Ryan’s is pretty great. First he falls for Colin, which is funny enough. Then he moves to Brad. Brad has the best reactions to this, eventually whispering, panicked, into his earpiece.

Also, briefly, we cut back to Wayne, who KNOWS what’s about to happen, and is freshening up and changing clothes to prep for Ryan coming over. Then, when Ryan looks at Wayne, he’s taken aback and horrified, having to punch Wayne out

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 6.14.54 PM.png
[I’m gone]

As he gets closer to the camera, Wayne keeps grabbing onto Ryan, now seeming less RuPaul and more Miss Piggy

Then, he looks over to behind the keyboards, where production sits…and goes “WHO’S THAT”, going RIGHT OVER to Keith, the director, and faking a smooch, which Keith loves. Then, as he goes back, he hits his head on a low-hanging piece of equipment.

As Brad wraps up, you can hear, very clearly, Ryan cracking up because he legitimately just bonked his head on a camera leg.

Ryan, as he goes back, says to Wayne “I DIDN’T SEE YOU…” I can’t make out the rest. Colin is very clear in saying “that was the scariest thing..” Not sure if he’s referring to Ryan and Wayne, or Ryan kissing Keith.

A suitably mad WN. Glad it all built to that finale.

Film Dub: Ryan, Colin & Brad are planning a child’s birthday party

I love how Drew hesitates in calling people to this one. Ryan’s astonished once Drew actually finishes

This works pretty well initially, as the Brad-Ryan office confrontation is even funnier when it’s audibly about a clown.

Brad: “I need a clown, PRONTO….no, not NAMED Pronto”
Not enough people caught that, but I love that line

Not the GREATEST Film Dub, but mildly amusing.

Questionable Impressions: on a freeway

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 7.16.26 PM.png…yeah, that says it all

Wayne: “This’ll be fast”

Once Drew confirms “freeway”, Brad starts in with his Jimmy Stewart impression only to stop when Drew has one more line of setup. His gestural struggle here cracks up Ryan and Wayne

Drew: “I hope they’re good, I can’t wait for this one”
Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 7.18.25 PM.png

So at the start, Brad is Jimmy Stewart, and Wayne is…I believe ‘Doc’ from Gunsmoke. I was NOT KIDDING earlier when I said that Wayne’s TV-history is insanely far-reaching.

Ryan, as Charles Nelson Reilly: “Do you know which way it is to PomoNAMMHMHMHHMHMMM?”
Brad: “Aren’t you on your way to Lidsville?”
Ryan, motioning that it’s not worth it, walks off

Wayne does an EVEN MORE OBSCURE ONE, As Floyd from Andy Griffith: “OOH. OOH. ANDY CAN I GET INTO YOUR LANE?”
Drew: “OHHH MAN.”
Brad: “…who are you, Magilla Gorilla?”
Wayne, now breaking as well: “OOOH, OOH, DON’T YOU RECOGNIZE..FLOYD??”

Now Colin rivals them ALL in terms of age, with a Peter Lorre impression: “Could you PLEEEASE PULL OVER?”

Colin’s “DO YOU KNOW HOW FAST you were GOOOING?” as Peter Lorre will never not crack me up.
Wayne, not topping that: “…noooo…”

Ryan holds his own as Elvis for a bit, until Colin goes “WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MY *BADGEEE*?”
Ryan cracks at this, and leaves

Wayne returns as Ed Wynn, which is possibly the least obscure one Wayne has done tonight.
Colin: “…Can’t you do anyone from the last ten years?”

Funny, even though this game is still fundamentally flawed

Narrate: Barbershop

Colin, immediately upstage: “He fit the description of the man I was looking for. 6 foot 5. 4 foot 2 naked.”
Colin: “Well, when he was naked, he stood like this…”
Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 7.28.53 PM.png

Colin: “I was gonna go undercover. I was gonna try and look like I needed a haircut.”
Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 7.29.40 PM.png
That is the PERFECT look from Colin. The most meta bit. He knows the audience knew it was coming, and was just daring them to laugh. Like, “this IS what you wanted…”

Ryan: “I knew he wasn’t here for a haircut. And even if he was…it wasn’t gonna take long.”
Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 7.31.21 PM.png

Ryan gives a tense moment, pulling a knife to Colin’s throat
Colin, upstage: “…as he cut my artery, I felt something was wrong…lucky, using my telekinesis, I could make my blood clot in order to finish my job.”
Silly moves like that are reasons why Colin is so damn good at improv

Colin: “I’ve been chasing you over…five continents and two boroughs.”

Ryan: “Say, before we go…how about a shot of the green stuff I keep the combs in.”
And THAT is a classic Ryan move. Fantastic.

Colin, upstage: “He didn’t know I’d been drinking the stuff since I was three.”

Colin: “But I knew he had loose lips…that really has no relevance to what’s going on now, but…I notice things.”

Ryan’s final beat is to spin Colin to Switzerland using the barber’s chair. However, once Ryan spins Colin…Colin spites him by turning the other way, THEN finally turning the way Ryan spun him, which throws Ryan for the right kind of loop.

A sentimental favorite Narrate. Maybe not one of the best ones, but just a really damn fun one that I enjoy whenever I watch it.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Plumber

Colin: “Hi, we’ll be right back to the Friar’s Club Roast of Nelson Mandela in just a second…”
Dear lord.

Colin has a great reaction to the camera, very confused, to Ryan’s opening spiel. He then starts mimicking Ryan with his mouth, culminating in Ryan yelling “I CAN SEE YOU OUT OF THE CORNER OF MY EYE!”

Colin: “I’m sorry, you just explain things too long.”
Ryan, pissed: “…SIX SONGS, THREE CDS.”

Colin: “One of the great bands of yore is the Rolling Stones, who are now actually as old as most stones on earth…”

Colin: “And one of their greatest plumber-related songs, is of course that…GREAT SONG, THAT…I’M NOT STALLING, I’M GONNA TELL YA WHAT IT IS”
Ryan just smiles and nods. He just went through this with Colin earlier this season
Colin: “The name of that song is…Sympathy for the Roto-Rooter.”
Unlike a future Rolling Stones song title that Colin takes forever to think of, Ryan doesn’t absolute die laughing at this one.

Wayne’s Mick impression is pretty good (Brad’s is better), but Brad is doing a nice job of just being Keith in the background

Generally solid Stones song from them, though

Ryan: “Well let me go on and talk TOO MUCH about some of the other songs that are on this CD set…”

I love Wayne and Brad repeating the German drinking song title to each other, bewildered (“Who’s Unclogging?”) before going onto sing it. It’s a very goofy, and very fun, number though

This is the first time Brad accidentally says an f-bomb in the midst of saying a gibberish lyric during Greatest Hits. The next one happens during a Bloodhound Gang number.

Colin, after the umpteenth catty Ryan comment: “…what happened to you?”

Brad and Wayne’s 90’s R&B number is pretty awesome too. Man, we’ve just had a lot of really nice Greatest Hits playings lately.

Really nice GH. Arguably one of the highlights of the show

90-Second Alphabet: Colin, Ryan and Drew are three roommates watching the lottery numbers come on TV, starting with letter X.

Already, all three are bouncing right off each other, doing really natural reads. It helps they got the tougher letters out of the way first.

A great move, in Colin using his B to name Drew’s character Barry, then at E he goes “ERIC, i mean BARRY.”

After Colin gets the names wrong again
Drew: “Jeepers, can’t you remember our names?”

Drew completely skips the letter L. The letter that ‘lottery’ begins with. Sigh..

This has a slightly clumsy ending, but overall I really enjoyed this one. Better than most Drew playings of this.

Overall: A surprisingly solid show. Only Film Dub wasn’t a 9/10 or above for me. I’d call this one inoffensively good, to be honest, as everything was really nice, and all four were on top of things, but nothing was good enough to put this into classic territory. Which…is fine, I mean, not every show can be a classic, and we’re getting a classic immediately next. But I still liked this one, and I’ll come back to WN, Questionable Impressions, Narrate and Greatest Hits in the future. I also like that this was improvement over E14, even if E14 had the big new game WL was trying to push. Good stuff in general.

Show Winners: Ryan and Colin
Best Performer: Colin dominated again tonight.
Worst Performer: Brad was a lot quieter this show, and was edited like most fourth seaters.
Best Game: This was a two-horse race between Narrate and Greatest Hits…but ultimately, I went with Narrate, because it had the funniest overall core.
Worst Game: Film Dub was expendable.

COMING UP NEXT: One more S2 taping that hasn’t been seen yet, a Chip taping, and so we’re gonna burn off two shows from it in the final 4 S2 shows. ‘Burn off’ implies that they didn’t know what else to do with these shows, but that’s clearly not the case. I have a feeling they wanted to finish Season 2 strong, and saved them for sweeps. Which is likely, because next episode is one of my all-time favorites.