Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E15, or What a Stupid Crowd!

The first Jeff Davis show, E7, went really well. This one’s from the same taping, so expectations are high.

Let’s Make a Date: Jeff must choose between Wayne, all the members of the Klump family, Colin, angry neighbor whose relaxing bath keeps getting disturbed, and Ryan, wary bird building its nest being repeatedly frightened away

Drew’s enunciated delivery of “LET’S. MAKE. A DATE.” is one that’s always stuck in my mind for some reason

Also, Drew points out that Jeff “looks so much like Paul McCartney.” Not inclined to disagree.

Wayne’s impression of Eddie’s “Hercules! Hercules” character always cracks me up here.

Colin’s is great, cause it’s just aggressive, repeated mime work and yelling through a window.

Ryan’s, of course, is great. It’s his usual bird gags, like grabbing one of drew’s cards to make a nest, or doing the ‘drinking bird’ mechanism in Wayne’s water pitcher. Also, he holds this pose, which is very funny:
Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 3.52.15 PM.png

And he stays there for the next set of questions. Amazing

I also love Wayne as Buddy Love interacting with the infuriated Colin.

Then, as Wayne keeps alternating characters, Ryan is just moving Wayne’s chair around in the background

I love the ending of Colin’s, where he accidentally slips and falls in the bath.

And then Ryan goes and saves Colin, which is a more successful voyage than trying to save Colin as a melting snowman

Of course, then Colin celebrates by cracking off Ryan’s arm and eating it. Colin’s SFX morbidness made its way into this game.

Drew, trying to help Jeff on Colin’s: “He’s taking a what when he keeps interrupting him.”
Colin, coughed: “BATH!”
Colin, even more deliberate: “BATH.”
Jeff: “TAKE A BATH. Ahh…I was just trying to avoid that visual…”

Ryan, as Jeff gets to him: “GOOD LUCK.”

Drew, making fun of the wordiness of Ryan’s quirk: “I mean, you’d have to be an idiot not to guess that specifically…”

After Drew gives Ryan points: “I mean, I know the points are useless…”
Ryan: “Not to me. I’m saving up, I’m gonna buy that desk…”

A really good LMAD. All three were great at interacting and building off of each other.

Whose Line: Ryan is a heroic gladiator and he’s about to go out and fight for his freedom, and he tries to raise the spirits of his panicking fellow gladiator, Colin

Ryan: [does opening trumpets]
Ryan: “…it’s just me going TA-TUDDA-TA-TUDDA-TA-TAAA…”

Colin: “Oh, we’re gonna DIE!”
Ryan: “We’re not going to die, we’re gladiators.”
Colin: “Oh, look at you, all buff…”

Ryan: “Get on your….metal dress.”
He cracks a little, completely forgetting the terminology.
Colin even does some nice mime work getting the dress on

Ryan: “When we’re done, I want the emperor to look at us and say ‘my name is Bill, and I like tight panties”
Colin holds up a finger, and puts his on. Ryan does as well, realizes his are backwards, then puts them on the right way.

I love the contrasting characterizations Ryan and Colin use- Ryan being the brave, boisterous gladiator, and Colin being timid and unsure.

I did get a kick out of Colin using his 1st line, “give it a squeeze and see if it’s working”, in several different inflections to try out on the battlefield. It nearly breaks Ryan
Ryan: “You think the lions are gonna roll over and have a little giggle at that one?”
Colin, with amazing delivery: “waitwaitWAITWAITWAIT LIONS? WHAT’S WITH THE LIONS?”
Ryan: “Well, who did you think you were fighting today?”
Colin: “…two little guys?”

I got a kick out of Ryan playing in the fanfare again, and going “IT’S NOT ME THIS TIME!”

Colin: “And, if I do die in battle, please tell my mother this simple message: “THE CHICKENS ARE COMING, THE CHICKENS ARE COMING.”

A very solid WL playing. I liked how simple and long-formy this one felt, compared to a lot of other playings of this game. It just felt like they were given the suggestion and went from there and crafted a funny scene, and it worked.

Props: Ryan and Jeff vs. Wayne and Colin

Jeff’s elephant noise was fantastic

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 4.20.34 PM.png
Colin: “Another helping of pig butt?”

Wayne does a rabbi impression, which gets ‘awwww’s from the accident, and cracks up Colin

Jeff and Wayne doing the opening of I Love Lucy is one of my favorite Props suggestions

Colin: “How did I go bald? Well, let’s show on this model:
Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 4.22.36 PM.png

A pretty goofy Props all around

Sound Effects: Two Jedi Knights checking out their spaceship and equipment before going into battle to attack the Death Star

Ryan, noting Kevin’s necklace: “Ooh, Kevin gets a free pass on Survivor apparently…”

Kevin’s first sound effect is “This on?”

Ryan: “Better test out our sabers, make sure they’re on-”
Kevin: “PSSSSH”
Ryan, falling: “Mine went off too early, cut off my leg…”

Colin tries out some buttons, which leads to some happy ‘BOOP’ sounds from Tina
Colin: “…all the boops are fine.”

Ryan tries laser-blasting an asteroid, but no sound comes out
Ryan: “…how could I be out of ammo on a laser-guided ship??”

A little too short, IMO, but…fairly alright. A bit disappointing compared to other playings of this we’ve seen so far.

Duet: Jeff and Wayne sing a gospel number to Timmery, a dental hygenist

Drew asks for someone with a weird job, and while Timmery’s isn’t especially weird, Drew even says “well, you have a weird NAME…”

Jeff’s first move, a brilliant one, is to take some of Drew’s cards and start fanning himself with them

This isn’t a great Duet, especially considering that there are better Jeff-Wayne duets, AND there’s a better Gospel duet this season.

Hoedown: The Beach v2

This is a weird Hoedown, as the entire segment’s pitch is lowered a bit, for a reason that is not known to anyone. It sounds like it’s a record that’s wobbled a bit, or that’s on the wrong speed. And no one knows why.

Wayne’s punchline is pretty good: “When I left, I was as white as him, now I’m a dark man.”

Drew has fun with his, with all these details of people yelling and screaming: “I guess I shouldn’t have worn my tiny thong bikini.”

Colin: “I went to the beach because I’m really pale
I went skinny-dipping with my pet, a great white whale
I was out in the sun too long, I got really sick
Boy it was so horrible, I burnt my Moby Dick.”
HA. HAHAH. Yes, ‘dick is censored’, and even the ‘censor’ noise is downsped.

Ryan: “I went to the beach with Drew, boy was it fun
He took off his shirt and everybody else was done. [HA]
We got a place there, an apartment that we leased
He was being pushed in the water by some guys from Greenpeace.”

I love the detail that right after this one, Ryan starts singing another Hoedown, because this must be his second or third and he’s probably gonna be doing them all night

A really strong Hoedown, better than the first Beach one.

Overall: This show peaked over ‘okay’ a few times, early, but the second segment killed the momentum. I did enjoy Whose Line, Let’s Make a Date and Hoedown, and all three could have fit into E7, but…SFX was too short, and Duet wasn’t a great one. As much as there were some fun interplay moments, it was also a very basic WL. Jeff got the usual fourth-seater treatment, there was a Colin-Ryan emphasis, and it was a show with LMAD, Props, Duet and a Hoedown. Not the most out of the box episode out there, I guess. But not terrible.

Show Winner: Jeff
Best Performer: Ryan took the lead all night, and it was a successful tactic.
Worst Performer: Surprisingly Wayne- Jeff had more moments in Props and Duet to really shine than Wayne.
Best Game: Whose Line felt like a really strong, well-improvised pillar of this season.
Worst Game: Duet fell flat for me.

Coming Up Next: Another second helping (after Thanksgiving, no less), from the taping that gave us the strong E2.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E14, or I’d Rather be a Clown

Onto another Greg show, this one from a new taping shot earlier in Season 3. There’s an episode that comes from this one that I’ve always liked, and I’ve always thought this taping was one of the most loose ones they did to this point, but we’ll start the output of this taping with this show.

Drew’s opening gag is “the points are useless, just like an LA Clippers ticket.”
KD, you got something to say about that?

Superheroes: Too Many Doggy Landmines
Greg: Super Scooper
Ryan: Drill Sergeant Boy
Colin: Wet T-Shirt Contest Boy
Wayne: Gap Ad Kid

Greg seems caught off-guard by his superhero name.

Greg, as if he’d been sitting on this line for years: “In a world of poop, there’s just one Prooper
I’m Greg Proops…the POOPER SCOOPER.”

Ryan starts his…walking into poop
Greg: “Sorry about that, I like to leave one around, just to make things tough.”


Colin, subverting: “Sorry I’m late, I just stepped in a poodle”

Wayne, similar to Colin: “Sorry I’m late, I just stepped in Shih-Tzu”


Wayne doesn’t actually solve the problem…which isn’t a great improv move


Drew: “I’ll give you 1000 points for the zippers on your pants. What’s that about?”
Wayne: “it’s my tribute to MICHAEL.”

Drew: “We should all gets zippers on our pants if Wayne’s gonna-”
Ryan: “They don’t let me near zippers anymore…”

Greg: “Here’s MY tribute to LaToya…”
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 8.05.07 PM.png
Drew DIES at this

Drew: “LaToya’s sitting at home- I think I’ll watch some Whose Line tonight…OHH BOO HOO HOO…”

This looseness is ALL AROUND this taping. And I love it.

Film, TV & Theater Styles: Ryan is an android from the future and he has come back to warn hot dog vendor, Colin, the chosen one, that evil android Wayne is on a mission to kill him

I love Colin and Wayne laughing at “Lucy” being its own genre

Wayne and Colin also giggle at the scene description.

I Love Lucy
He’s going to finish that with “hot dogs into yourself”, but he realizes how that would come off, and cracks

Also, Ryan does a Fred Mertz impression…which confuses the hell out of Colin.


Martial Arts film:
Colin: [rips out Wayne’s still-beating heart]
Ryan: [grabs a hot dog with the same intensity]

Ryan: “Stand aside- I’ll use these wieners as nunchuks!”

Wayne, in the 50s musical style, clearly denotes this as a choice between him and Ryan, and does it while doing a greaser hairstyle. Then he and Ryan start doing West Side Story snaps

A pretty good F&TS. There was a coherent story, and some funny details

Hats: Dating Service Videos

Greg, settler hat: “Yes, little Puritan, you’ll want to give thanks after”

Ryan starts with this, which is perfect:
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 8.16.45 PM.png
Ryan: “Wanna know why they call me the Rock?”

Wayne tries a helmet on, then realizes it’s backwards and it’s covering his eyes, so he starts cracking up
Wayne, finally turning it around: “WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHIN’ AT SOLDIER?”

Colin, fisherman’s hat: “THERE, I BLOW!”

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 8.19.07 PM.pngColin: “…as a police officer from San Francisco…”

Pretty good hats, but a few too many stock answers

Note that in response to Drew’s desk joke, Ryan whistles. He can do it on cue NOW…

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Scoutmaster

Note that Wayne has a handheld mic for this game. Maybe his lov broke?

Colin: “As you know, I grew up on the little island of Jamaica…until I had to leave due to an awful…dreadlock accident”

Wayne’s Jimmy Cliff number is pretty fun. It goes on a little long, but he’s good at it.

Wayne even makes a reference to the suggestion that was almost taken: “I think it’s good, but I’d rather be a clown…”

Ryan’s second song title is “It’s a bear, you’re on your own”

Hell, Wayne’s blues number is pretty cool too, with some very fun, energetic lines, and some good style replication

Ryan: “And none more…is MORE beautiful…”
Colin: “I guess you didn’t get a badge for SPEAKING…”

I love Colin getting away with saying he likes Limp Bizkit

A second consecutive very okay GH. Had some fun moments, but not a higher-tier one for me. Wayne was great though.

World’s Worst: Person to be Stranded on a Desert Island with

Ryan referring to a game that wasn’t played this show: “Okay, one more time, OHHHH AYE-DE-DI-DE-DI-DE…”
This must have been the first taping they played IDS, and Ryan still isn’t used to it yet

Colin, digging: “No, I don’t know where the others are…”

Ryan: “And then I did a movie called Geppetto…”
This counts as, chronologically, the first filmed Geppetto gag.

Not a great WW.

Overall: Another venture into the land of the okay. This one was at least better than last show, and definitely looser, but a lot of the games, including Greatest Hits, Hats and World’s Worst, were just okay. A shame, because the first half was strong- Superheroes was fun, as was F&TS. Honestly, it felt like the editors wanted to get rid of all the longer games by throwing them here so they could make room for the next episode from this taping to have the runner-affiliated games like SFX, 3HBS and Improbable Mission. But here…while it’s alright, it’s not as good as it could have been.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Ryan by a hair.
Worst Performer: Greg again, still feeling like a true fourth-seater.
Best Game: Superheroes. It just felt the most cohesive.
Worst Game: World’s Worst was the lightest

COMING UP NEXT: The first Jeff Davis show went really well. Here’s another one!

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E13, or Excuse Me, Captain Alzheimer?

After a week of being successfully distracted by  Disney+, I’m finally back to doing Whose Line. So, we’re back to Season 3…which means, in essence, that we’re back to Season 2, because this is a Season 2 taping. A for consistency, Dan & Mark.

This is thankfully culled from a great taping, the Africa taping with Greg, and even the second episode from that [which gave us the German Millionaire Show] wasn’t bad. So hopefully this one will be good too.

Drew’s “points don’t matter” joke tonight is one of my favorites: “the points are useless, like Keith Richards to a vampire.”

Let’s Make a Date: Wayne must choose from Greg, Jack Nicholson from the Shining, Colin, World’s Most Annoying Moviegoer, and Ryan, President Colin’s Bodyguard on Assassination Alert

Quite obviously, Greg has this Jack Torrance impression down.

Colin is really great at being intentionally annoying. So many little things here, like him speaking a bit louder than usual, or standing up and getting in Ryan and Greg’s way, or just yelling “THIS SUCKS.”

Wayne: “When I was the darkest child in my village in Sweden growing up…”
The audience loves this line. Wayne even loses it for a moment before going on

Wayne: “What did your ancestors do and how would you emulate them?”
Ryan, stonefaced: “they took a bullet for me.”

I love the struggle between Ryan and Colin, both trying to get in front of each other

In a swift motion, Ryan tries doing CPR on Colin, sees Greg trying to beat him up, then shoots Greg. It happens so damn fast.

Wayne: “What do you love?”
Ryan: “I love a good cigar, just like my #1 guy here…”
Yes, another Lewinsky joke, but…this one was at least a little smarter

Greg, alive again: “Did someone say black leather?”
Ryan: [shoots him again]

I love how, as Wayne is guessing Greg and Colin, Ryan’s still standing up, in character, and looking backstage

A pretty strong game of this, though more lawful than outrageous.

Drew moves us onto the next game: “…Let’s Make a Date, this is for all four of you.”
Drew realizes his mistake, and shakes his head
Greg: “Excuse me, Captain Alzheimer?”

Greg, trying to telepathically connect to Drew: “GO TO THE THIRD CARD, DREW. Go to the THIRD card…”
Drew: “What is…”
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 5.37.25 PM.png
Drew: “…Greg’s next job?”

Now, in terms of Taping Order, as LMAD was the second game played, and as Greg went ‘Captain Alzheimer’, Superheroes must have been the first. Which means Weird Newscasters must have been next, as these were the openers.

Film Dub: Colin, Ryan and Greg- A Marriage in Trouble

As a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, I know this movie well. The Brain that Wouldn’t Die. We start this clip at the part of the film where I still hear, in Trace Beaulieu’s voice, “…I couldn’t fix strudel CAUSE YOU’VE GOT THE PAN!”

Ryan, as Jan in the Pan: “Tell me now where you’ve put the rest of my body.”

Colin finally figures out something to do, as an arm outstretching from behind a door to grab Greg’s character

Colin, as his character grabs Greg’s face: “I’M WORKING MY WAY THROUGH CHOREOGRAPHY SCHOOL!”

I love the little cutbacks to Ryan’s character in the pan, and he only has time to say little things, like “GET IM”, and “OLE!”

After Greg’s arm is torn off
Ryan: “Well now you know how I feel…”
Greg: “Sorry, darling, just…trying to be disarming.”
Ryan even laughs like he shouldn’t be impressed by this, but he is.

Solid game of this. Not my favorite, but solid. Could have gone on a bit longer, though mostly because the scene of Greg’s character in the movie wandering around the house without his arm is hysterical in the MST3K [“Ironically he collapses into an armchair.”]

Film, TV and Theater Styles: Ryan is a speeding motorist and he’s pulled over by Wayne, a motorcycle cop, who discovers Colin tied up in the back

On “Colin tied up in the back”
Wayne: “That’s a friday night!”
Drew: “Yeah, as usual…”

Mexican Soap Opera
Wayne: ‘mi nombre is OFFICER BIG BOB.”
Ryan, knowing considerably less spanish: “…Que?”

Wayne, getting to his limits in spanish: “FREEZE”
Wayne: “…O.”

I love the turn from Gladiator Movie, complete with epic physical moves, to Drew going “porno”
Wayne: [takes his stick back from Ryan”
Ryan: “OHHH!”
Wayne: [turns back to Greg to compose himself]

That style ends on this visual:
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 5.52.17 PM.png
Ryan fights to keep from losing it here
Drew: “Dunno why I’m drawn to this one, but Animal Planet”

Wayne, as Steve Irwin: “I’ve been tracking this guy for the last 5 miles…”

I love Colin sucking his hand back up his shirt after Ryan ‘gnaws it off’

And, in the Star Trek style, Ryan uses a device to restore Colin’s arm.

A very alright F&TS. Nothing too special.

Themed Restaurant: Colin and Wayne are two businessmen having a power lunch. Ryan and Greg serve them, in an Emergency Room themed restaurant.

The “movin’ on to a game called” is recycled from Hats.

I love the detail of Wayne and Colin calling each other from the table they’re sitting at

Ryan inserting wine into Colin via IV is a great gag

Also, Ryan putting the specials up on an X-ray viewer is great too
Greg: “Oh my god, you’ve got a spot on your lung. Quick, get a liver in here!”

Greg: “Here’s your bill, it’s 25,000 dollars.”

This one didn’t do it for me. It felt like Ryan and Greg were incompatible as waiters, and both Colin and Wayne were trying to progress the scene. They’d thankfully do better versions of this game, but this one didn’t work.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Zookeeper

Drew: “Let’s go onto a game called…Song Styles…Greatest Hits…”
Ryan and Colin are in awe. Drew’s cracking up
Greg, flashing back to earlier: “this game’s for all four contestants, WAYNE WILL BE CHOOSING A DATE…BUT THEY’RE NOT EXACTLY WHAT THEY THINK…”

In the taping, this happened right before “Sound…Fects”, that happens in 2×25. But it’s spliced to give us GH

Hell, Ryan has a cheeky reference to 2×23 with his gag: “We’ll return you to your movie Out of Africa in just a second…”
Man, this runner keeps on giving

A classic moment from Ryan, as he, caught off guard by Colin stopping short of a title, goes into the next song…when DISASTER STRIKES:
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 7.28.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 7.28.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 7.29.27 PM.png
Ryan: “Apparently we have a special bonus. It’s one of Drew Carey’s cue cards, which has NEVER BEEN READ!”

Ryan titles the Protest song: “…..PFFFFFFFFF”, like an elephant noise. My favorite part is Colin looking at him curiously, then nodding at the camera

Wayne’s protest song, again a Dylan impression, has some fun lines about a pachyderm, and “Horton Heard a Who”

I love Ryan trying to say Colin’s Polka title in unison with him. Very similar to Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig trying to do Garth and Kat songs.

Polka number isn’t too bad.

The Diana Ross number is pretty fun, and includes a reference to “flingin’ poo” from Wayne.

Not a bad GH. Just kinda underwhelming compared to some recent ones.

Props: Wayne & Colin vs. Drew & Ryan 

This is the first time Drew played Props. Not the first airing, but his first playing. I also think it’s one of the few times the camera stays on the opening pair as they go into their first prop idea. Usually it’s a cutaway

Both pairs have Wizard of Oz references- Wayne uses his prop as the Cowardly Lion’s tail, and Drew uses theirs as the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 7.41.15 PM.png

I love the one where Drew does a vaudeville routine and Ryan uses the other prop to yank him offstage

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 7.42.41 PM.pngRyan, mocking voice: “Titanic’ll NEVER sink, Titanic’ll NEVER sink…”

A pretty solid Props round.

Overall: A few games tried to yank this out of ‘okay’, but this was just a meh show all around. LMAD, Props and GH were fun, but even they’re dwarfed by superior S2-era playings. Themed Restaurant was an early try, F&TS was duller than the end-of-the-season ones, and Film Dub was just okay. The only ways this show succeeded were in the interims of games, especially Drew’s stumbling, and in connections to other tapings, like that one Africa gag. Other than that…not much left.

Show Winner: Ryan, Colin & Wayne
Best Performer: Wayne over Ryan, for ruling GH.
Worst Performer: Greg, though Colin’s Film Dub performance saved him from landing here.
Best Game: Let’s Make a Date had the most to like.
Worst Game: Themed Restaurant was a mess.

COMING UP NEXT: We’re 14 shows into the season, and we finally get a glimpse of the first taping of the season, 301. This is another Greg taping, and it’s one that has a much more famous episode from it coming later, but…this one ain’t bad.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E12, or Who’s Noah, and Who’s Noah’s Wife?

Now back to your regularly scheduled Season 3.

This is a new Chip taping, one that’d bring a personal favorite episode mine in S4, but would just have some strong material overall.

I got a laugh at the sarcastic “yaaaaay dreeeeew” Ryan was doing as Drew sat down. Very Mulaney-esque

Drew: “and the loser has to teach George W. Bush to say ‘subliminal'”
Oh yeah, forgot this taping season was during the heat of the 2000 election. And also note that confirmed Republican Chip Esten is going along with this joke, trying to say ‘subliminal’ himself.

Drew: “Let’s go on, gahhh…SPEAKING OF GUYS WHO CAN’T TALK!”
This must have come after LMAD or Director in the taping order

Superheroes: Out of Paper
Colin: Staple Gun Kid
Ryan: Malfunctioning Robot with an Attitude Boy
Chip: Richard Simmons Kid
Wayne: South Park Kid

For the second Superheroes in a row, Drew asks ‘WHADDAYA GONNA DO?”, and Colin just shrugs, breaks, and shakes his head.


Colin: “There’s no paper! OH….it doesn’t seem that bad, but NO! What will I staple together when I write my script…for Geppetto 2?”
AND I’M GONE! I wasn’t expecting that somehow. Drew grins and bears it, but the audience loves this.

Ryan, angry monotone: “WHAT IS WRONNG WITH YOUR DOOR???”
Colin: “Look, there’s no paper in the world..”

Ryan: “Thank god, the Richard Simmons kid!”
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 4.52.46 PM.png
Ryan has no reaction. Chip eventually turns around, bends, and goes right into ‘BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE ARE FAAAAAAT!” It’s pretty perfect

Chip, to Ryan, mimicking his malfunctioning arm movements: “COME ON, WORK THE ARMS!”

Obviously Wayne’s South Park Kid is great, and Chip works off him pretty well

Wayne has a very weak solution [“why don’t you go down to the store and get some yourself?”], but exits to ‘Blame Canada’, which causes Colin to shoot staples at him as he exits

I love the juxtaposition of Chip doing some running exercises…then dropping it and leaving without a word.

Ryan: [smacks Colin]
Colin: [staples Ryan’s arms to his torso]
As Ryan sadly waddles off, Wayne’s laughing his ass off at this

A really strong Superheroes. All four were working off each other insanely well, Chip especially had some nice bits, and Colin was a fun proctor with his staple-shooting.

Drew: “1000 points to everyone but Colin on that one.”
Audience: “AWWWWWW”
Drew: “I’m gonna give him his points after the show, I’m gonna SING them to you.”
Colin: “…I LOVE YOU…”
Drew: “What? I can’t hear you, your shirt’s too loud.”
Colin, still won over, shakes his head: “What happened to us?”
Drew, as that cut off his intro for Duet, buzzes: “WHAT, SORRY, CAN’T HEAR YA.”
Yes, I know he was spiteful towards Ryan in this taping, but I’d forgotten Drew was so cruel to Colin as well.

Duet: Wayne and Chip sing to Laina, a camp counselor, as the Munchkins

Drew, hearing Laina’s a camp counselor, reveals he had a similar gig in Akron: “Lotta money in that.”
Laina, sarcastically agreeing: “oh, yeeeahh..”

Chip facepalms hearing he has to sing as the Munchkins. Not as good as his Richard Simmons reaction, though


Already, Wayne seems to not be on the same page as Laura and Linda, and them going into the main melody seems to catch him AND Chip very off-guard

So many silly little Wizard of Oz touches, especially Chip leaning over to Wayne’s side and going “IT’S TRUUUE!”, work here.

Drew: “I liked that little tableau at the end. That was two married guys clinging to that last bit of hope..”

A cute number, but…forgive me if I don’t rewatch it as much, since it was just a bit annoying at times. Still a great effort from Chip and Wayne, but…eesh.

Good Cop Bad Cop: Wayne has called Ryan and Colin over to his house to repair the dishwasher

A NEW GAME. ONE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYED MORE OFTEN. Basically a fixed Old Job New Job variant, but a lot sillier

Colin enters and immediately smacks Wayne to the ground. Ryan’s going ‘HEY, HEY, HEY.’ Tonally, we’re there.

I love Colin pacing around like a vulture while Ryan is the calmer, more sensible person. I also love Ryan suggestion Wayne step over away from Colin as he comes around.

Ryan, very understanding: “Between you and me…you don’t think ya might’a overloaded it, do you?”

I also love Ryan coming away after this and letting Colin smack Wayne around

Ryan: “The place where you put your detergent, it closes, it appears to be stuck”
Colin, from across the stage: “WHAT?”

Ryan again comes away and lets Colin go in, which makes me laugh. Colin this time sticks Wayne’s head in the dishwasher, which is a very funny escalation.

The moment of released tension, when Ryan’s pulled Colin away from a crying Wayne, and Colin’s just tilted his head, angry as hell…that is perfect

Ryan asks Wayne if he set it for a short wash, and Wayne, before he goes further, looks over at Colin, knowing what’s about to happen. Colin then comes in and smashes plates over his head.
Wayne: “NO, PLEASE”
Colin: “BIG POT!”
BAM. Wayne goes down. This cracks me up.

Ryan: “Look, when he gets a big pot in his hand, I can’t control him!”

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 5.32.52 PM.png
That is this entire game in a nutshell. Wayne comes as a voice of reason, saying “it shouldn’t be this escalated.” And Colin, the center of escalation, shrugs. Perfect.

I love Ryan walking off after Wayne asks how he should get in the dishwasher, as if even the calm character is sick of this. And Colin, for a great final gag, closes Wayne in, and Wayne tumbles around.

I also love that Colin immediately helps Wayne up, and goes “nice work!” He knows he just put Wayne through the wringer, and that he performed like a pro. This is definitely a sign of Wayne leveling up from just being a choice for a regular…to BEING the spokesman for the show that he is now. Games like this one.

Also, this may be one of my favorite one-time games next to Video Player. So much is bare-bones improv magic in this, and so much is done so well between Ryan, Colin and Wayne. Also, during a later taping, they would play this game again, but with DREW as the straight man with Ryan and Colin. I would have LOVED to see that.

Sound Effects: Ryan is Noah and Colin is Mrs. Noah, they get the message to build and load the ark just before the big storm hits

So far, we’ve done three audience member playings of SFX. One has been classic, the other has been pretty good. This one…is closer to the former.

Aaaah, so I have some notes here about Ashley, who did SFX for Ryan in this game, including, well, the BIG ONE coming late in this game. This is not Ashley’s first WL rodeo. Ashley was sung to by Wayne during a S10 UK episode, the Patrick Bristow show. Ashley, according to a few taping accounts, was described by a few chief early whosers as “one of us”. Yes, folks…we’ve gotten to the point where the fans are directly interacting with the show. Believe me, this trend would continue to this very day (where modern day whosers like Angela and 12Medbe can be plainly spotted in the audience shots of Aisha episodes), but…Ashley here breaks the mold.

Ashley’s not the only original Whoser to do SFX, by the way. Elyse, a supplier of S5-era taping reports, was featured in a game of SFX from the Halloween taping (I think). But Ashley’s one of the few to do SFX AND make it to air. So that’s pretty cool.

Also, how the heck does Wayne not recognize Ashley? That taping was only like 2 years before this one!

Right, right, onto the game. And this is a good one, too.

Drew: “Ryan is Noah, and Colin is…”
Colin, knowing this show: “His wife!”
Drew: “Mrs. Noah, yes..”

Ryan starts the scene looking upward. Ashley, clearly having some improv/comedy knowledge, comes in with a heavenly “aaaAAAAahhh”. That is PERFECT.
Colin: “What was that?”
Ryan: [takes out headphones] “Sorry.”

Ryan: “I’m expecting rain soon.”
Colin: “Why, what have you heard?”
Kimberly, trying to do a thunder noise, just does a low roaring.
Colin, rubbing his stomach: “I’m hungry…”
Ryan: “Well, go cook up one of those goats for us, there’s three of them over there anyway.”
Ryan is really good at justification in scenes involving Noah’s Ark. From the amount of games of Secret, or whatever, involving Noah, he always includes so many fun comedy details just from the basis of there being 2 of every animal.

Colin: [chops]
Kimberly: “MAAA-ffsshh”
Colin: “I hate when they make the noise right as you cut their head off!”

Ryan, realizing he hasn’t yet, tells Colin he needs to build an ark: “and we haven’t got much time left, so I’m gonna build a VERY SMALL ARK.”

Colin goes to cut down a tree. Kimberly makes a sucking noise.

Ryan tries cutting it down, and due to a false start by Ashley, has to pick up the head of the axe. Then, finally:
Ryan: “…I’ve got a crick!”

Colin’s confusion over a mooing noise coming over as he’s about to call the ducks is…priceless.

Ryan: “Was that thunder?”
Colin: “No, I think that was the band next door, practicing…”
Dear god, I love this scene. They’re doing great sound effects, but Colin and Ryan’s justifications are just awesome

Ryan: “I thought I felt a drop of rain…”
Kimberly and Ashley: ‘pspspspspsps”

Colin, now testing them: “OH, HERE COME SOME HIPPOS!”
Kimberly and Ashley do a harsh, cacophony of loud sound
Then this visual happens:
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 5.53.50 PM.png
Which is hysterical
Colin: “…we better get some throat lozenges…”

Ryan: “I don’t have time to build an ark, put ’em on the log, and we’ll get em all on the log.”
Colin: “won’t we need a bigger log?”
Ryan: “…who’s Noah, and who’s Noah’s wife?”
Not only is that a funny line, but it’s also a very meta line from Ryan, saying “he gave me the scene, so we’re doing it this way.” It’s very amusing

Ryan immediately apologizes, and kisses Colin’s character.
Kimberly: [kissing noises]
Colin: “If you notice, I’ve been practicing my ventriloquism so I can talk while we’re kissing!”

Ryan: “Go find two unicorns!”
Ashley: “meeeep”
My god…

Colin calls for thunder once again, and gets a good one from Kimberly, nodding in approval.

Ryan, counting animals, reports under his breath that they’ve got “green alligators and  long necked geese.” Which is a very, VERY obscure Canadian/Irish music reference. Thank you, Youtube comments.

I love the chain of events that leads Colin and Ryan off the log as it floats away. Colin points to ‘THAT”, which leads to a noise that confuses everyone.
Colin: “No, that beside it!”

Ryan: “This is never going to work, I guess we’re going to die.”
Colin: “Well, that seems awfully harsh.”
I got shades of the Alamo scene from that

Ryan, finally: “I guess it’s the way the Lord intended it [looking upward], right, My Lord?”
Ashley, gruff voice: “….yeah!”
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.03.40 PM.png
I love that right when Drew buzzes, Colin and Ryan look right at Ashley, very impressed, but also very confused.

Drew, postmortem: “I especially enjoyed the voice of God.”
Ryan, trying to imitate her: “aaaahh”
Drew, also trying: “HEYYY, WHAT’S GOIN ON DOWN THERE.”
Wayne: “YEH.”
I love that they love this as much as we do. Because it’s pretty great.

So…this is in my Top 3 US Sound Effects playings. Not just because of the YEAH bit. But also because it’s just top to bottom hysterical, with so many great lines and justifications from Colin and Ryan, amidst the surprisingly great SFX work from Kimberly and Ashley. Just…amazing stuff. This show is really impressing me so far.

Irish Drinking Song: Drew Carey

Drew: “…to a game called…I’m just warmin’ ya up, because now ya have to do THE IRISH DRINKING SONG!”

A perfect momentum carrier, even if this is a topic we’ve seen before.

Drew refers to Laura, with her sparkly top, as ‘Liberace’s sister’, which gets a VERY mixed response from the audience. And the closest I’ve ever seen to Laura NOT smiling, which would be a rarity.

I love that someone answered the ‘someone or something you’d really love to be’ prompt with “Drew Carey!”

Drew, setting the four up: “…remembering who signs the checks around here, let’s hear…”

Chip: “I’m handsome as a God!”
Ryan, rhyming: “my face looks like a cod!”
This is what we’re dealing with here, I presume

Wayne: “All the women love me.”
Colin: “Everybody loves me!”
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.12.36 PM.png

Colin: “I’ll make everyone laugh.”
Ryan: “I’ll run around with my clothes off.”
Wayne, without a better line: “.HAHAHAHA HAHA.”

Colin: “Here, all my friends
Ryan: “Come live in my house”
Wayne: “Hey come on, ah, you!”
Chip, putting his arms around Wayne and Colin: “we’re all hung like a mouse!”

It just turns into an IDS about Drew just deciding to be nice to all the cast members, which is very wholesome
Ryan: “I’ll give them all my cars.”
Wayne: “I’ll let them sleep in my beds.”
Chip: “Cause I’m the greatest boss there is.”
Colin: “I’ll rub Colin’s head!”
YES! Such a fun, cute final line to send us off. Not dirty, not regrettable, just very wholesome for a group of people who, snark aside, really enjoy working with, and being friends with Drew.

It’s also very full-circle for a taping, and episode, involving some barbs being shared between Drew and Ryan & Colin. At the end of the day, they still love him, as long as he gets to rub Colin’s head in the end.

Such a fun IDS. I know I’ve been saying that about a lot of them, but just a really fun throughline and payoff.

Props: Chip and Wayne vs. Ryan and Colin

Drew, back to his old self, after declaring Colin the winner: “I dunno what happened either, some kinda mix-up…”

Colin, handing the props out: “I have a hundred ideas for both of them, but oh well!”

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.20.30 PM.pngRyan: “If we were thinner, we’d be dry…”

I kind of love the originality of the waves for Chip and Wayne’s Titanic one

And then this one:
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.21.44 PM.png
Audience: “…”
Ryan, now very clear: “…WHILE I MAKE THE BUT-TEERRR!”
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.22.19 PM.png
Drew loses it here. As do I. Not since Ryan’s UK S2 move of literally yelling “I’M A CONSTRUCTION WORKER!” have I seen Ryan this disgusted by an audience’s inability to get a Props joke

Drew finally does the one I thought of with Ryan and his prop: Bugs Bunny munching on a carrot. Ryan’s even impressed by this one.

I also thought Ryan mounting the prop on top of Drew as he cuts to commercial was pretty cute.

Solid Props round. A lot really worked in this one.

Overall: Season 2 had three 10/10 shows from me in 39 episodes. Season 3 already has three in 12 episodes. There’s definitely been an uptick in quality.

Anyway, this one was phenomenal. Duet sours things only slightly, but…regardless of my annoyance, it wasn’t with anything Wayne or Chip did. Their improv and singing abilities did not sour the game; it was my own personal preference. Literally everything else was top-of-the-line Whose Line, from the memorably strong Superheroes, to Good Cop Bad Cop, which SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYED MORE OFTEN, to a great IDS, to a solid Props, to one of my favorite Sound Effects they ever did. It’s not even the best show of the season, but it’s damn close, especially considering that even if I came in adoring another episode that came from this taping, this felt just as good, and very consistent with that show’s mood. The heights of this show just really impressed me, and made me laugh hard.

Show Winner: Colin
Best Performer: Ryan Stiles. It was nearly Chip, but Ryan was more of a driving force in this one, especially in SFX.
Worst Performer: Wayne Brady, despite GCBC.
Best Game: Sound Effects. You can tell how much I loved that scene by the fact that I loved Good Cop Bad Cop and Superheroes almost as much, and still give SFX the win.
Worst Game: Duet, for annoying me.

COMING UP NEXT: Well, that was a nice S3 show. Back into past tapings we go, as we have a leftover from the Africa taping to cover.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E11, or You Stay in One Spot!

After hopping back to Season 2 for an episode, the WL producers figured it’d be interesting to go to a SEASON ONE taping for Episode 11. It’s a bit odd to me, especially considering how the US WL seemed to disavow S1 right when they got ‘good’ in S2, that they’d just go back here for a show. Like, what was so pressing about this specific show, from the second set of tapings in S1, that it needed to go out NOW, rather than waiting for a DVD release (or S8)?

Well, I guess we’re gonna find out. This is a Greg Proops show, back in his vest days.

Weird seeing Colin with brown hair again.

Let’s Make a Date: Greg must choose between Wayne, movie trailer voiceover, Colin, a terrified turkey just before Thanksgiving, and Ryan, a pair of jealous redneck twins

This is the one where Drew slams Greg in the intro to this game, Greg tells him to fuck off and they have to stop the game.

Wayne sounds SO MUCH like Phil LaMarr in this game

I frigging love Colin’s. Just how anxious he is when we cut to him.

Greg: “I love holidays. My fav-”
Colin: [starts uncontrollably screaming]

Wayne: [does dramatic music]
Colin: [looks behind him]
Dear god, even the little things

Greg: “If you could make a wish-”
Colin: [runs around screaming again]
I frigging love this quirk so much

And of course, this ends with Ryan killing and eating Colin

Drew: “Okay, Greg, you wanna guess who they are?”
Greg, still bitter from pre-game: “NO. I’d rather, uh, go home and have a beer, Drew, if it’s all the same to you..”

Not a bad LMAD. Colin lifts this the most for me, but Greg’s guessing is also a nice reminded of what was cut pre-game.

Multiple Personalities. Ryan, Colin and Greg are lost in the mall:
Map- Elvis
Canteen- John Wayne
Binoculars: Beavis and Butthead

There’s the traditional gag of Colin handing the first prop to Ryan once he realizes who it is.


Also, Ryan’s Elvis is pretty damn good, as it gets applause from the audience.

Ryan’s John Wayne, even on the word ‘directory’, is hysterical.

Greg, John Wayne: “We’re gonna die of thirst unless we get to the Orange Julius..”

I love Ryan’s shrug after his attempt at Beavis and Butthead

Ryan ends up with all three, and smirks his way through it. He gets a line out, somehow combining all 3 voices and a John Wayne walk. This is why Ryan is awesome.

Not much more than baseline for this game.

Drew: “500 sympathy points for Colin and Ryan for doing the worst Beavis and Butthead I’ve ever heard”

Hats: Dating Service Videos

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 6.22.20 PM.pngGreg: “Hi, I’m Drew Carey…”
I love Greg slowly getting the hint to get off…and then getting back on just to spite Drew

Not a great hats

Props: Ryan and Colin vs. Greg and Wayne 

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 6.25.07 PM.pngRyan: “I think that’s the end of the Titanic”

I love the zeal of Greg and Wayne’s Statue of Liberty one

Ryan, hopping in his: “…feels like spring!”

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 6.26.51 PM.pngRyan, without a choice: “well, you’re right…yours is longer…”

Greg cracks at Wayne’s Mr. T.

Drew: “1000 points to Ryan and Colin for just dragging those things around”
Ryan’s response to this is trimmed a bit

A really strong Props.

Dead Bodies: In Braveheart, Ryan’s the wicked lord who’s claimed the right to Braveheart’s wife, Sarah. Greg, as Braveheart, comes to her rescue

Oh, I missed this game

Sarah: [enters]
Ryan: [removes wedding ring]

Colin gives Sarah a look as she pretends to be dead. Perhaps it’s because the first time she tried, she had a very suggestive look with her legs wide open. Greg even went “SECURITY!”

Colin’s already having fun, making Ryan do a very over-the-top “HE WILL DIIIIE.” Colin even makes him repeat it, with an arm-signal

Colin picks Sarah up and tries to bring her over to Ryan, but it just looks like him flailing her about. Colin rolls with it, and just turns it into her dancing. Wayne loves this

I also love Colin trying to bend Greg over, but it just looks like he’s turning around frantically for a few seconds. Colin does this, lifts Greg’s kilt, then puts it back

Colin realizes the difficulty of doing a fight with Ryan and Greg, who he’s carrying, and just gets Ryan to say “I am SO not afraid of you, I will fight sitting down!”

Colin, to signify Ryan’s death, just throws him out of the chair

A pretty fun Dead Bodies. Maybe not as good as the Graduate one, but still great.

Scene to Rap: Beauty Salon

I did not miss Scene to Rap, though

I still don’t like this game, but Wayne and Greg’s chemistry is great here

Colin made me laugh, complaining that “I came in with a big afro”

Colin finishes his verse with a non-rhyming “I’M GONNA KILL YOU…and you too!”

A complete and utter mess. Augh.

Stand Sit Bend: A rival gangster, Drew, has come to make peace with the Godfather, Ryan, and his violent son, Colin

Right after Ryan stands up, Colin and Drew briefly quarrel over who gets to sit down, which is amusing
Colin, to Drew: “YOU STAY IN ONE SPOT.”

Then, once Drew and Ryan realize no one’s sitting down, Ryan and Colin end up sitting on each other for the chair, which puts both of them into action

Drew: [runs to the stool]
Ryan, bending: “…NOW…”
Greg: [chuckles from the desk]

The quick movements between everyone is cracking me up, especially as Colin keeps getting left out. The dialogue is less important, though I love Ryan pointing out “THIS GUN HERE!”

Oh, I didn’t write down everything, but my god I loved this one. Poor Colin. Ryan was clearly in control of the game, and Drew had some  leverage as well, but Colin just kept getting screwed over. And it was so funny to watch.

Overall: A mixed bag with a lot of lawful improv, games that didn’t work, and some definite highlights that feel kind of prototypical. Which is to say, a season 1 show. Look, we had LMAD, Dead Bodies, Props and Stand Sit Lean to bring us some really fun, enjoyable early S1 moments, but the rest of the show just drags this down for me. Multiple Personalities and Hats were so damn okay, and Scene to Rap was painful. Good news is pretty much everybody had a nice night, though this definitely emphasized Colin and Ryan.

Show Winners: Ryan and Colin
Best Performer: Colin gets the edge over Ryan just for his shifty looks in SSL.
Worst Performer: Wayne had a very quiet night.
Best Game: Stand Sit Lean was a delight.
Worst Game: Scene to Rap didn’t help my overall murky opinion of the game in general.

COMING UP NEXT: Alright, back into S3 we go, with another new Chip taping, one that would give us a classic episode eventually, but for now, gives us a pretty solid one.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E10, or I Love it When You Talk Poultry

Well. That was fun. Let’s go back for a bit.

Whose Line figured that despite the glut of tapings they would do, and the material that’d be farmed from these tapings in S3, that they could keep spots open to use material from S2 that was left over. Especially a taping like the one that gave us S02E33, a Chip show that seemed a bit too messy for its own good. So, we’re looking back for this one.

I think, for the first and only time, Drew starts his intro with “Goooood Evening America”, rather than ‘everybody’. Is this an extra-patriotic WL?

There’s an obvious edit in between ‘you don’t wanna hear me’ and Drew introing the first game. A ‘points don’t matter’ comment must have been edited out, but the reaction (a facepalm from Ryan), stayed??

Superheroes: Pit Bulls
Colin: Dog-Catcher Man
Ryan – Body Parts Constantly Falling Asleep Boy
Chip – Captain Cossack
Wayne – Tae Bo Kid

Drew, after 10 seconds of overwhelming audience suggestions: “STOP SHOUTING, I CAN’T TAKE IT!”

The winning suggestion is ‘dog catcher!”
Drew: “…DOG CATCHER….boy.”
Colin: [shakes head]

Note that the audience member, for crisis, yells “PIT BULL”. Singular. Not plural. Which leads me to believe that a time-traveler traveled back to 1999 LA to prevent the rise of Miami pop singer Pitbull.

Colin: “aaah…I dunno…”
Even he admits he has no idea what he’s doing this game

I love the opening of Colin trapping a “little shih tzu”, and putting it on his head as a toupee.

I also love his read on “What’s THIS on the crisis monitor?……..PIT BULLS!”

I love Ryan’s reaction to his superhero name, ‘Body Parts Constantly Falling Asleep Boy’
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 4.41.33 PM.png

Ryan’s physicality is a relative of Captain Bloodloss, but with a bit more of a longing for balance

Chip is very quick to get into his cossack dancing after being named. No large pause, much like a forthcoming Superheroes naming from Ryan.

I also really like the juxtaposition of Chip cossack dancing while Ryan is falling over numb in the background

I got a BIG LAUGH from Wayne whacking Chip in mid-dance, and Chip falling over like a stunned R2D2.

Chip, exiting: “I can’t help much, but I’ll go drink a lot of vodka.”

And as Ryan exits, his hand’s too dumb to get the doorknob, so he just looks at Colin, looking pathetic. Chip has to open the door from offstage.

Drew: “Hey, uh…what kind of light does the commissioner put up when he wants Body Parts Falling Asleep Man?”
The image of this on a batsignal cracked me up, as did Drew

I’d forgotten how strong this Superheroes playing was. Everybody got laughs, all the physical bits intermixed well, and it was just really funny. Matter of fact, all of the Chip Superheroes playings from this taping season were really good, between this, Captain Hair, Cheese Man and Captain Hyperactive Moth

Duet: Chip and Wayne sign to Phyllis, a housewife from Niagara Falls, Canada, as the Bee Gees

I love how Chip and Wayne help Phyllis get downstage, and Ryan and Colin get up to greet her at the stool. I was expecting Ryan’s moose impression for another Canadian, but this is really sweet.

Phyllis has to clarify who the Bee-Gees were
Drew: “The Bee-Gees were a hit rock group when you were 70-IN THE SEVENTIES”
The audience boos Drew here.
Drew, if the Bee Gees count as rock, then Kid Rock is a group of people.

Chip and Wayne: [furious disco dancing]
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 4.54.14 PM.png

In lieu of lyrics, Wayne and Chip start out by harmonizing with really high Bee Gees notes, which crack up Phyllis even more

Wayne seems to have learned from his last bee-gees number, as he’s actually doing high-notes here rather than treating this like a normal disco number

Chip and Wayne are really fun and high-notey through this, and Phyllis is trying to enjoy it, but her embarrassment just keeps cracking her up more and more

However, the big moment that breaks Colin and Ryan, is when Chip gets down and does this:
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 4.57.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 4.57.32 PM.png
Ryan and Colin start DYING in the back
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 4.57.57 PM.png

Not sure what Chip says to Phyllis post-game, but Phyllis is very clear in saying “I LLLOVED IT!”

After she gets back to her seat, Wayne gives her a ‘call-me’ signal

Drew: “ahhh…I have the best job in the world.”

That was an INSANELY fun Duet. I would have gladly taken that over Scene to Rap in the original S2 show. Chip and Wayne were surging, Phyllis was having a ball, and even if it seemed at times like Chip and Wayne didn’t always know what else to work with, just clowning around in high voices with a septuagenarian was enough.

Scenes from a Hat

Pick-up Lines Doomed to Fail:
Colin: “…I play Lewis on the Drew Carey Show”
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 5.02.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 5.02.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 5.02.27 PM.png
“No! NO! NOOO!”
Drew loves this one.

Drew: “Things to say that will always start a fight.”
Ryan, immortally: “…you guys wanna fight?”

The shortest book ever written:
Ryan: “Drew Carey’s Acting Tips…”
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 5.06.07 PM.png
Drew, mockingly: ‘Drew Carey’s acting tips…”
Ryan: “…see?”
Drew: “I hope you like the inside of your trailer…”

What they really talk about in football huddles
Chip, campy, to Wayne: “he’s such a prick, he scratched my eyes out…”
…go steelers?

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 5.09.00 PM.pngRyan: “why do you wear contacts in the first place?”

Drew: “The newspaper headline you’d most like to see”

Not a bad SFAH. S2 had better ones, but this one was a lot of fun, and had a lot of fun moments

Whose Line: Colin is a distraught Maid Marian who tells Robin Hood, that’s Ryan, that she can’t take the strain of their relationship anymore

Ryan, swinging in: “SWEEDLE-DE-DEEDLE-DE-DEEEE”

I love that Ryan’s doing a full-on posh british accent [a la ‘DON’T YOU SEE??”], and Colin’s just…himself

Ryan: “When we started this relationship, I never promised anything. In fact, I remember distinctly saying ‘what time do the girls get here?”

Colin, making sure Ryan listens: “LET’S GET NAKED AND WRESTLE.”
Ryan, after a beat, sighs, and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Colin follows.

I do love the gag of Colin, unbuttoning several layers of clothing, and still going ‘wait…’

Ryan putting ‘there’s more than one way to stuff a turkey’ into his vows produces this reaction from Colin:
Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 5.15.58 PM.png
Very reminiscent of his ‘g-force will rip it right off ya’ reaction

Ryan: “and I’m putting the giblets on your plate.”
Colin: “I love it when you talk poultry.”

Kind of an anticlimactic ending, but this wasn’t a bad Whose Line. Certainly not the best of S2, which is probably why it was reserved for this episode, but still pretty good.

Greatest Hits: Songs of Women

This, by the way, is the first taping to have 2 different Greatest Hits suggestions, rather than just culling from one big one.

I love the universally confused reaction to ‘Songs of Women’

Colin: “We’ll be right back to our Fox premiere of ‘Alien Oddities with ET, the Extra Testicle’, in just a second.”

Colin: “I’m not insecure about my sexual identity! I LOVE WOMEN!”
Pause as Colin darts, insecurely, to Ryan
Colin pulls a ‘SLEEP’ gag on Ryan, making him forget that line ever happened.

I love how Ryan is able to remember his entire intro line, to a t, and recite it again after ‘waking up’.

I kinda find it odd that Ryan specifies this is a 1984 Police hit. For 2 reasons. 1, it’s not like the Police’s sound changed so much from 1977 until 1983 that you’d need to pinpoint which era to emulate. 2, the Police were broken up in 1984.

Also, serendipity- Wayne and Chip both go ‘EEEOOOO’ at the same time. Chip realizes this, and cracks immediately. And they both try to keep the game afloat. I’m not sure if this was filmed before or after the other GH [“PA, YOU’RE CRAZY”], but the will to keep going on makes me think ‘after’.

Chip’s Sting impression isn’t too bad, but…Jim Meskimen’s may be been a bit better

Ryan’s ‘I don’t think there’s a better song’ is recycled twice- it sets up the Police number in an audio splice, and we see it said before the 2nd song
Ryan: “I don’t think there’s a better song that, uh, tells me all what women are about”
Colin: “SLEEP”
Ryan: [cracks while collapsing]
Colin: “When you awake, you will have great diction.”
Ryan, enunciated like mad: “THANNN. THATah. LOUIEEEE. JORDANNNN. SONGGuh….SHE’Sah…ALLLLLluh….MINNNNNEuh”

Chip and Wayne’s Louie Jordan number has the sort of energy and patter that really impresses me in most of their songs

Ryan, trying to hypnotize Colin now: “Chicken”
Colin: ‘…no”
Ryan: “DAMNN!”

Chip and Wayne’s french harmonies in the Zydeco number are really good too

A very strong GH, though I’d give the banter an edge

Three Headed Broadway Star: Drew, Ryan and Wayne sing ‘Don’t Touch My Blowhole’ from the hit musical Killer Whales

As Drew describes the game, Ryan and Wayne are very handsy with him, which cracks him up

Not a lot is lyrically funny so far, though Drew’s penchant of emphasizing words dramatically still works, as is Ryan waiting a measure just to go ‘IT.’

Ryan, after the game: “…is blowhole two words?”
Drew: “No, it’s one.”

Not a great 3HBS. Ryan seemed very out-of-sorts, and nearly lost it towards the end. Not a great deal of laughs.

Overall: Wasn’t expecting much from this one, but I’m pretty impressed. Only 3-Headed was anything short of good, and I’d call Superheroes, Duet and Greatest Hits great games. Considering how messy this taping felt in E33, this episode felt very clean, very fun, and very lawful. Yes, there was still some shakiness, felt mostly in Greatest Hits and 3HBS, but the whole first half was strong. Late games kept it from really impressing me, but I’m glad they aired this one, and it’s not too bad of a dropoff from last episode.

Show Winners: Ryan and Wayne
Best Performer: Ryan came through the most tonight.
Worst Performer: Wayne had a pretty quiet show.
Best Game: Superheroes, just cause I adored all of that game.
Worst Game: 3HBS was a shrug.

COMING UP NEXT: If you can believe it, we go back even further, TO SEASON 1. YEAH. WE’RE DOING A SEASON 1 EPISODE. INSANE, RIGHT?

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E09, or I Have a Career, What the Hell am I Doing?

If I’ve learned anything from my time as a member of the Whose Line fandom, it is that Whosers are terrible at keeping secrets.

The original Whosers, the 7 or 8 people that went to all the tapings from season 3 on, and posted reports online before the shows aired, must have been expecting a normal taping for the 313 one, one of the last ones of the season. Doing the math, they must have been going ‘well, Kathy’s done 3, Greg’s done 3, Chip’s done 3, this must be a Brad show’.

It wasn’t.

Once they found out who’d be the fourth seater in this show, it was a secret they could not keep to themselves. Once the taping reports came out, and the WL community realized who they’d be seeing in an episode…disbelief came through. Were they serious? Was ABC really able to get HIM?

Once the episode aired, it became clear- not only was the booking legit, but it led to one of the most uncontrollably funny Whose Line episodes of all time.

A little more backstory here: when I was growing up, Robin Williams was one of my heroes. I grew up watching him in Aladdin, Jumanji, Flubber, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, all the classics, and I marveled at how effortlessly funny he was in all of them. His talents were the kind that could never fully be extinguished, and his energy inspired me at a very young age.

So to turn on Whose Line on ABC Family one night and see Robin Williams as a fourth seater, sitting next to some of my other comedy heroes…well, that was too much. You’ve already won me over, you don’t really need to do a full show. But they did. And now, after like 4 months of waiting, I finally get to cover it for the blog.

Colin, during the opening credits, is me
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 11.44.14 AM.png

Yep. There he is:
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 11.44.52 AM.png
Robin had dyed his hair blonde due to shooting for a very weird Mark Romanek movie called One Hour Photo. If you like screwed-up, give it a watch. But it’d come out 2 years after this recording.

As Drew sits down, Robin, of course, is a barrel of energy, clasping hands with all 3 performers, and giving Drew a thumbs up

Drew’s ‘points don’t matter’ joke is “the points are like Blair Witch 2”
Robin, running up to the camera: “GET OUT, GET OUT!”

Hollywood Director: Ryan and Robin are two Italian chefs making pizzas when they notice unusually large rodents in the kitchen, Wayne enters later as the exterminator they’ve called to the scene

“Ryan, Robin and Wayne”, god that sounds so damn weird.

I love Drew pointing out the plot hole, as Wayne would have to have been called before the scene, so they’re not exactly discovering him.

The initial moment of angry Italian babbling from Ryan and Robin gets applause from the audience. As it should.

Ryan, noticing the creature, noises provided by Wayne: “…SOMEONE’S RIDIN’ A SMALL-A BIKE!”

Wayne: [enters]

I love Robin’s move of dropping character immediately when Colin comes in and becoming a gayer actor.

Colin: “I’ve seen better character development on the Match Game”
I love Robin’s reaction to this, too

Robin: “Oh, work hard- LAST NIGHT YOU DIDN’T SAY THAT!”
Colin, immediately: “shhh…”
I also love the little make-up hug they have, too

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 12.58.48 PM.png
This is the first of many times that Robin will be thrown by Colin

As hillbillies:
Robin: “Dayum, I cut mahself. Well, we’ll use it as the sauce.”

I also love the detail that Ryan is gonna put velveeta over the sauce anyway, meaning that the quality of the pizzeria has decreased with the style. THAT is a good improv move

Wayne comes in riding a hog-sized rat, which is a nice visual

Colin, entering again: “I don’t understand a single word you’re saying!”

I also love Ryan’s line of ‘Hillbilly’s too close to Italian”
Colin, expanding: “Right, hillbillies and Italians are too close together”
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 1.05.06 PM.png
EVERY TIME Colin does something, Robin just seems impressed

Quite obviously, the Riverdance style is legendary, just from how in sync Ryan and Robin are. I also love the occasional lines of ‘RATS!’. Wayne’s entrance is pretty impressive, too.

They end on this pose:
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 1.07.06 PM.png
Ryan: “At the end that seemed a little too Charlie’s Angels”

Colin: “What I need is you filled with LUST. [to Robin] You remember…”
Brilliant. That is how you bring a joke back

Ryan: “Why don’t you wander over there and get some of that special pepperoni of yours”
Robin: “Why don’t you stay there and let something rise?”

Drew buzzes before Wayne can enter, but I feel like this was an edit. Wayne’s onstage with Robin as they head back to the seats.

Robin, back at the seats: “Now I’m back..”
I feel like he’s referring to something like…he might have said before the show that ‘I dunno if this’ll work, my improv might be rusty’, but that game, clearly the opener, must have brought him back.

Drew: “Been wanting to say this for a long time- 1000 points for Robin”

A really fun start, with a lot of really cool, memorable improv moves. Perhaps the first HD playing to really succeed outside of being a F&TS variant

Duet: Wayne and Robin sing a gospel song to Jeremy the air-traffic controller

Wayne: “Every now and then we ALL have to get up in a good plane…we ALL have to ASCEND…”

The audience members have gotten the message, and are going ‘OH YEAH’ and ‘AMEN!’

Wayne: “Brother Robin, am I correct?”

Wayne: “You better watch out, he’s hungover from last night’s bash
You better watch out for air-traffic controllers, cause your plane’s gonna crash!”

I also love the comedy detail from Robin of ‘whether you’re landing in LA or O’Hare’

Robin: “You hope to God, that he can come through
Jeremy’s the man who can really mess with you!”

Even better, Wayne gets Jeremy up and asks him to ‘guide me home’, leading Wayne, and Robin, right into the audience. Robin even runs right to the top stair of the audience.

Robin is still pretty amazing at getting the audience into his song, and the refrain, that it must impress Wayne

I also love Wayne and Robin doing flight-attendant signals to get Jeremy back to his seat

A truly masterful Duet. Wayne and Robin were pretty much in sync, and got Jeremy out of his shy, hungover-ness and into some energetic, fun moments. An easy highlight of this show.

Right after Drew brings us back from commercial with a Friends joke, Robin does something silly:
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 2.08.53 PM.png
This cracks up Drew

My favorite detail about this is that Robin passes some stools. The next game on the docket seems like it was supposed to be Greatest Hits, or Hats. But we’ll just have to make do with…

Party Quirks: COLIN hosts
Wayne – Sitcom starring Richard Simmons, Charo, and Mr. T as roommate
Robin – Horrified member of the fashion police rounding up citizens for crimes against fashion
Ryan – Thinks people’s butts are Magic 8-Balls

Yes, Colin Mochrie hosts, for the first time since UK S3. He’s not bad, but he’s better as a character.

Someone theorized that Ryan’s quirk was originally meant for Colin, and Robin’s was originally meant for Ryan. I’m not inclined to disagree.

I love Colin’s low-key chicken sacrifice to start the party.

Wayne’s quirk is…so damned silly. I love it so much.

Robin’s is perfect for him. He reacts to Wayne with “OH MY GOD A PUMPKIN HIT PRADA.”


Robin, on Ryan’s tie: “My GOD, look at that, it’s like a witch threw up!”

Colin guesses Ryan’s easily, but I kinda wish I’d seen Robin’s follow-up to Ryan’s shaking of his bum

Colin, to Robin: “And you’re a very…angry…personal fashion consultant.”
Robin, thinking that got it, extends his hand
Drew: ” No, not quite…”
Colin: ‘……that needs decaf…”
Drew: “What do they call ’em, they give them a special name…”
Colin, weakly: “yeah, they do, don’t they?”

Colin: “You know, if I was a bigger celebrity, I’d have someone like you.”

Drew only gives it to Colin once Robin literally stops and says ‘YES!’

I love Wayne going back and forth between the three, once it’s only him left. It’s pretty masterful to watch

Drew literally has to go, as if coughed, “ROOMMATES. ROOMMATES…” in order for Colin to get that one.

A great PQ round. I honestly loved Colin’s hosting, as he knew went to let people interact, and when to guess. I also love how this is one of the few opportunities we got to have Colin really play himself, and drop character completely. There were a lot of fun moments, especially when he was wrong, of just Colin being himself. And aside from that, all 3 quirks were fantastic.

Scenes from a Hat:

Robin, looking in the hat: “What’s the dead rabbit for?”
Drew, chuckling: “My old career…”

As Drew explains the game, Robin’s still making rabbit noises. Other improv people may call him intrusive, I just think he’s a mood-booster. This round is the biggest evidence of that.

Drew: “World’s worst subject for an interpretive dance”
Ryan: “Diarrhea, FLOOOOWS LIKE A RIVER…”
Robin, crouching, with Wayne: “IMPOTENCE IS A HORRIFYING THING.”
Their entire motion upward and then hopping off is hysterical

If Entertainers Worked Funerals:
Ryan: [sticks head inside coffin]
Colin: [twirls body] “A DOG!”
Drew, and I, are GONE.
Then, after Ryan’s ventriloquist act, the whole place is dying

Drew, dying: “Famous film roles as played by Carol Channing”
I love Colin’s move of just patting Ryan on the back, like, ‘all you, buddy’

Ryan…recites the entire speech from Dirty Harry as Carol. It’s INCREDIBLE. Ending, of course, with “you have to ask yourself one question. DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? WELL DO YOU, PUNK?”

Robin goes even deeper, with John Wayne’s sole line from The Greatest Story Ever Told: “WELL SURELY YOU MUST BE THE SON OF GYAAAAAD!”

Ryan, in delivery that will never not crack me up: “I’M Spartacus…”
I’m gone. DONE.
Drew: “Things you don’t expect to hear when you put your ear to a seashell.”
This may have been the hardest I’d laughed at WL as a kid. I was GONE

I’ll never not laugh at Colin’s smile after the “two cokes and some chips” genie one.

Drew: “Inappropriate anecdotes for a celebrity to give on a talk show”
Colin: “So things are tough, i’m a big ho…”
Robin: “So I said ‘get off me grandma, I’m done!”
Wayne: “And then I’m watching through the window, and THERE’S ROBIN AND HIS GRANDMOTHER!”
Ryan, pointing to his ring: “Anyway, long story short, THIS is the stone I passed!”

Drew, smirking: “What Robin Williams is thinking right now”
Robin: “I have a career, what the hell am I doing?”
Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Probably the greatest SFAH ever done. All four are laughing hysterically and supporting each other from the sidelines. Robin’s doing great work, but also SO ARE THE OTHER 3. HE’S BOOSTED THEM. From this point, WL will try to make SFAH a true tentpole game, lengthening it in tapings, and this game shows why- it’s longer than most playings, but so much funnier.

Props: Wayne and Robin vs. Ryan and Drew 

Just as odd as Colin winning this one is the zoom-in shot of Robin trying all the buttons on Drew’s desk, trying to find the buzzer. It’s pretty genius, and I love Colin trying to help. I also love that once Robin figures it out, you just see Wayne double over laughing.

I also love, after the dust has settled, and Drew’s introing Props, Wayne and the audience are still laughing. Just…that giggly-ass dynamic in this show is brilliant

I love Wayne cruelly crushing Robin’s dog.

Robin’s near-censorable cheerleading thing is a holdover from his 70s-era standup. How Wayne didn’t know Robin would pivot and go ‘FIGHT’ is kind of telling. I do love Wayne’s relieved look afterwards, though.

I love that a Ryan-Drew suggestion was intricate enough to warrant a different camera angle:
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 3.57.28 PM.png

I love Robin’s samba-dancing Cuban suddenly turning into Ricky Ricardo

I feel like there was an early cut in Wayne’s ‘shave your back’ one, as Robin was just about to shove the prop near his crotch area and go ‘THAT’S NOTHIN!’

A really nice Props, and a strong ending to an already-strong show.

Overall: Well…holy shit. Looking at this show, which I’ve already grown up loving, from an analytical point of view…yeah, this is still one of the best ones. There wasn’t a single bad game, there wasn’t a single shafted performer, the interplay moments in between games were funny, nobody felt outscreamed or overshadowed, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

A lot of people think that Robin was too strong of a personality for this show, as he apparently came on too strong for some performers, especially Wayne and Colin. I disagree. I think that Robin knew when to go all out, but also when to give his other performers a spotlight. It’s the improv instincts he’d had since toiling in LA. It’s never a one-man show, even if Robin can showboat a lot- he was perfectly able to let Ryan, Colin, Wayne or Drew land a joke. And Colin was the one performer who seemed to crack Robin up the most. Yes, he got along GREAT with Wayne and Ryan, but some of Colin’s moves, especially in Director or SFAH, seemed to challenge Robin, which must have impressed him.

Simply put…this is a perfect episode. It’s just four performers on top of their game, making everybody laugh. Which, at the end of the day, is what Whose Line is supposed to be.

NOTE: This taping only produced one episode, despite a glut of games played that night with Robin. To which I say to the WB people: why the HELL HAVEN’T YOU RELEASED THE EXTRA GAMES? THAT MUST BE HYSTERICAL! There’s a brief clip of Hats they used in a promo, and that was apparently golden. They also played Greatest Hits, LMAD, Weird Newscasters, Questionable Impressions, 3HBS, Action Replay, AND F&TS. That’s 2 more episodes that ABC was too lazy to edit. We NEED those!

Show Winner: Colin
Best Performer: Robin Williams. How can I not?
Worst Performer: Honestly? Colin’s the only one here without a truly great moment. Wayne’s was in Party Quirks, Ryan’s was in SFAH, Robin’s was…well, take your pick. Colin was a great team-player, but I can’t really point to many singular moments that he ruled the show with. I guess “A DOG!” was his biggest? Not to say he was weak, far from it, but…somebody’s got to go here.
Best Game: For me, it’s either Hollywood Director or Scenes from a Hat. Literally either of these is the correct answer. And dammit, I have to go with Hollywood Director. It’s not only the first successful playing of a soon-to-be-classic game…but so many bits of it work, and all four get moments to be hysterical. And because it has that ‘italians and hillbillies’ moment that Robin nearly lost it at.
Worst Game: Props. As the simplest, Props goes here by default.

COMING UP NEXT: I know, we do have to come down from this, but the producers thought ‘well, it’ll be hard to top this show, let’s throw in a S2 taping’. So we’re back to the taping that gave us S02E33, the More Ale Wench episode, and we get some vintage Chip stuff before we go even further back in time.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E08, or There Goes Happy Bob

Episode 1 gave us a nice picture of how things would go, the different direction, and Kathy’s new drive. Hopefully this continues tonight, in another show from that same taping.

Drew’s winner joke: ‘the winner gets to do a little something special with me, and looking at tonight’s cast, brace yourself Kathy Greenwood…”

Film, TV & Theater Styles: Colin is a mad scientist who comes home to find his wife Kathy in bed with Ryan, who is his latest creation

[Huh, guess Hollywood Director wasn’t established til the 303 taping after all..]

Perfect example of Colin and Ryan looking out for the audience- as Drew takes suggestions, there’s a guy on the far end of the audience sections shouting ‘DOCUMENTARY’ with no avail, but after Colin, calmly, and Ryan, yelling “DOCUMENTARY!” repeat it to Drew, they get it in.

One guy legibly yells “Spanish soccer telecast”, which cracks up Drew as he writes it down

After Drew tells Ryan the suggestion, Ryan begins to undo his belt, and goes “…should I?”

Brady Bunch:
Kathy, to Colin: “milk and cookies?”
Colin: “I can’t believe you did this before my big date with Davy Jones!”

Indiana Jones
Colin: “Look, I only had the one giant ball…”

Kathy, eventually: “Well, one giant ball from you is not enough, I’m sorry”
Ryan: [belatedly avoids darts]
Drew: [buzzes again anyway]

Spanish Soccer Telecast
Ryan: “Look…I slept with your wife, I slept with her two times and it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOD.”
Probably the 2nd-best Spanish Soccer Announcer joke we’ll hear this season

Ryan’s Steve Irwin impression cracks me up here.

I also love Ryan and Colin simultaneously doing dramatic turns to the camera during the Melodrama style
Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 7.04.00 PM.png

Colin, who has a gun, to Ryan: “How are you getting out of this predicament?”
Ryan: “What is, a bigger gun?”

Drew, postmortem: “1000 points to Wayne. Hey, Wayne…”
Wayne: “WAZZAAAP.”

A pretty strong F&TS, that definitely kept a plot going throughout, and used the styles as overarching suggestions, which makes this a more successful one than most recent US playings of this.

Song Styles: Wayne sings to Cyrus, a retired Merchant Marine, as Mae West

Cyrus: “I’m retired.”
Drew: “From what?”
Cyrus: “…from lots of things…”

Wayne, immediately: “…hey there big boy..”
The whole plays goes wild, especially Cyrus
Wayne takes a moment to realize what he’s doing and crack a little

There’s a moment where Wayne’s about to start singing, but he’s caught off-guard, either by the main melody or something Cyrus does

I love Wayne’s line of “but he doesn’t remember because he’s retired”

I also love the look on Cyrus’ face when he realizes what Wayne meant by the line “I always love a merchant seaman”

Wayne cracks up the moment he finishes. Again, kind of a strange ask. And Cyrus being insanely stiff about it certainly didn’t help.

A very okay SS. Funnier for mild reactions than for anything lyrical. If Cyrus was a little more receptive, I’d like this a bit more

Narrate: Operating Room

Why does Ryan always exhale before playing this. Is it so much work to do this?

Ryan: “I thought I’d test him out, see if he knew what he was doing.”
Ryan, back downstage: “scalpel.”
Colin: “That’s the pointy thing, right?”
Colin, upstage: “I MADE MY FIRST MISTAKE.”

Ryan: “I now knew he wasn’t who he said he was. When handing a scalpel, you never do it pointy-end first.” [removes from hand]
Great gag, even if it seems like a trunk gag for Ryan

Colin: “What are you operating on?”
Ryan: “…it’s a nose.”
Colin, upstage: “sure, he seemed to know all the jargon…”
The little, simple gags are working in this

Colin, after saying “I know you’re rearranging people’s faces because you want to look better”, he just looks at Ryan with an “I don’t know” smirk.
Ryan, upstage, as Colin shakes his head: “…I HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS TALKIN’ ABOUT..”

Colin, upstage: “I was bluffing.”
Ryan knows Colin has nothing, needs help. So he fashions out an ending, going back upstage: “I could tell by looking at him…I had already worked on him.”

An alright Narrate. About halfway through, you could tell they’d lost it, and there was no getting it back. So they just limped along.

Newsflash: Ryan and Kathy in the studio, Colin in the  field in  front of an old-timey strip joint

Kathy: “Colin, I find it hard to believe you’ve never seen this…”

The place goes wild once the clip cuts to a dancer who can spin her tassels.

Suddenly, we see this:
Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 7.28.06 PM.png
This brings a wave of shock across the audience

Colin: “Well, this all started with the news that Kathie-Lee was leaving.”

The audience is doing most of the work here. Colin’s just jumping around, blocking the clip of smut. I think he knows what it is, and he’s just proud to be in the way

Though, after the sequence where Colin’s just trying to avoid the whiplash of butt tassels, Drew is losing it

I love Kathy explaining to Colin some of the details, like a big ‘cellulite butt’, [or celluloid, if you’re Ryan]
Wayne: “That was wrong on so many levels”

An okay Newsflash.

Motown Group- Colin, Ryan and Wayne- Do the NAVY Seal

First Wayne sings to a Merchant Marine, now we Do the NAVY Seal.

I love how Wayne takes another intro verse just to laugh at Colin and Ryan’s dancing

Hell, halfway through Wayne’s verse, you can see Colin turn his head back to the seats [Kinda like Wayne during the Leigh SS].

Wayne: “You can protect somebody’s life, or end it with a knife, be a seal.”

Colin: “I’m a Navy seal, and I really love my job
Everybody goes ‘look, there goes Happy Bob”

Colin’s ‘boy, I’d really like to be a girl’ punchline is pretty prophetic.

Wayne’s final ‘how you do the Seal’ has some pretty good lines, including “and then you crack somebody’s neck like Steven Seagal does”

A pretty good game of this, though nothing too special

Hoedown: The Lottery

Wayne talks about helping celebrities if he won
“I’d even help one guy who I consider my friend
I’d spend all of my money to make Michael Jackson black again”
I feel as though there’s a better slam in a different Lottery hoedown, but this will do.

Even Drew asks “if you won the lottery, why waste it on Michael Jackson?”

Colin’s is pretty standard, but his punchline is great:
“I’ve never been so happy with someone picking my balls.”
Sadly, ‘balls’ is censored.
Immediately afterward, as the place goes wild, Colin turns around and just shakes his head, clearly not proud of what he’s done

Ryan’s is an obvious rhyme: “I would buy this show and fire Drew Carey”

An alright Hoedown. I feel like the other one is better.

Overall: A very light, very okay show. Not a ton of takeaways from this one, save for F&TS, and some bits of Motown Group and Hoedown. Just a very basic, boilerplate of games. Granted nothing in here was bad, and nobody stunk up the show, but…not a great deal going on is all.

Show Winner: Kathy
Best Performer: Colin was the easy crowd-pleaser.
Worst Performer: Kathy had next-to-nothing to do.
Best Game: Film & Theater Styles had the most to it.
Worst Game: Narrate kinda went wrong, and didn’t really get saved.

COMING UP NEXT: nanu, nanu, motherfuckers.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E07, or And He’s a MARINE.

After 2 seasons when a large amount of effort was used to bring new performers into the Whose Line fold, Season 3 was a lot more subdued in that respect. A repertory company had been established, and not many other new members needed to be introduced. And yet the team went ahead with auditioning people for a fourth male fourth-seater spot, preferably asking for people with some singing ability. I believe this is where Jonathan Mangum and Sean Masterson entered the fold, as they auditioned, but didn’t get the gig…though Drew would rightfully keep their numbers in his rolodex, along with Julie Larsen, Heather Anne Campbell, Kailtin Olson and all the other performers that probably auditioned for WL but didn’t get the gig.

Anyway, people auditioned, didn’t get it, but Jeff Bryan Davis did. Davis, prior to getting the WL gig, was a Groundlings part-time personnel, and was mostly affiliated with indie teams, as well as an early friendship with Dan Harmon that has persisted to this very day. WL was the breakthrough that’d open several other doors for Jeff…a lot of them improv-related, but there ya go.

Anyway, Jeff was fed right into the S3 machine, but over the next 3 seasons would only be used for a sole taping per year. Which isn’t…BAD, but…with someone as awesome as Jeff, you’d think they’d do a few more. Whatever, he’ll get his due in the Aisha era.

Here, we get a very Mulaney-esque Jeff, alongside a sherbert shirt from Colin.

Tonight’s ‘points don’t matter joke’- “the points are like our border with Mexico.”
….2000 was a much simpler time.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Jeff, a horceracing announcer, co-anchors, Wayne, a Jamaican love god reporting live from a bedroom, where he’s on a hot date, does Sports, while Ryan, knows his wife is at home cheating on him, and he’s not gonna take it anymore, does weather

Wayne, after hearing his: “…hi, mom…”

Jeff is very good at not only nailing the style, but translating it to co-anchoring: “in top seed is the policeman…Most Likely to Beat You…”
Man, another joke that’s eerily relevant now
Jeff: “And coming just across the gate from him is I Just Want My Freedom, Darn You”

Yeah, the audience gives him some nice applause from this.

Drew gets a kick out of Colin’s name for Wayne, “Reggae Jackson”

Wayne gets right into the meat of his, talking to “me favorite sport of all. Oh, it’s not baseball, but me use a bat!”

Wayne: “And I only make love to the most beautiful women in the world…like…[motions to Drew] this woman right here…”
Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 5.07.10 PM.png

Drew, not liking how this is going to go, tries to leave the desk, but Wayne corners him. Then, Wayne swings a leg over the desk, straddling it, and eventually balancing on top of it. It’s pretty impressive.

Then, Drew runs off towards the seats, still pursued by Wayne, making this feel like a Jamaican version of Pepe Le Pew.

Like, with a previous Ryan slam, you can just faintly hear Drew go “I’m gonna kill ya” to Wayne.

Wayne: “I just want  you to see…the kiss that I will plant on this lovely woman.
Drew, once again, squirms to get away from him

Wayne goes ahead with it, and kisses the back of Drew’s hand, as he’s holding his mouth. It’s still pretty damn amusing

Colin: “This just in, looks really don’t matter”

Ryan, to camera: “Yeah, I know what’s going on, it better not be that Jamaican guy again, that’s all I’m saying.”
THAT IS A PERFECT MOVE. Not only relating his quirk to Wayne’s, but…he may have also just cast Drew as his wife. Amazing

Ryan grabs a kid in a Marines shirt out of the audience, and puts an arm around him.

Then, suddenly, Wayne comes from behind and starts massaging the marine’s back. At which point Ryan snaps and moves away with him. It’s so well-timed.

A truly masterful Weird Newscasters. Everyone was fantastic, and everything kinda stayed connected, and I love playings like these.

Drew, to Wayne: “I like the desk little thing you did, too.”
Wayne, character voice: “Me been workin’ out.”

Drew here points out, for the first time, that Wayne, Colin and Ryan are all married. “Jeff Davis is single, single, single. He wants everyone to know that.”
This would not be the first Jeff episode that would make light of this fact.

Scenes from a Hat:

Drew: “If famous movies used product plugs”
Jeff: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Spam.”

Ryan: “I’LL BE BACK…to Burger King”

Also, with all the movie-related SFAH suggestions Jeff will do, I wonder if Scenes Cut from a Movie was played at this taping.

Colin: “…rosebud…THE LAST WORD IN SLEDS.”

Drew: “What cows are thinking when being milked.”
Ryan: “I can’t believe they’re gonna drink that crap.”
Jeff: “…that’s right…no, slower…”
Colin, perfect tone: “…first time this guy’s seen a bull?”

Drew: “If you celebrated mundane events as if you scored a touchdown”
Jeff, in delivery that’ll never not make me laugh: ‘IT’S A BOY? YEEEAHH!” [launches downward]

Drew, after picking between two: “Entries in Drew Carey’s diary.”
Ryan: “…Dear diary…Ryan looked at me again today…”
Ryan: “How I wish I were sitting on his lap and not behin-”

Ryan, undeterred: “Dear diary…when will people find out that I’m not a man.”

Drew: “What are audience is thinking right now.”
Ryan: “…wonder if that’s all true.”
Jeez, the timing of all of these is perfect

Unusual Uses for Your Cat is a mundane enough style, but Ryan takes it to the next level by using one as an oven mitt. My god.

Drew flings the hat here, and it actually bonks against a camera. Just a light bonk. In the future, the camera won’t be so lucky.

Awesome SFAH. One of the more complete ones this season.

Party Quirks: Jeff hosts
Wayne – Hopelessly outclassed tag team wrestler
Colin – Posing for Playboy magazine
Ryan – Series of animals crossing thin ice

This is a PQ playing I always forget about,

But I have remembered Jeff’s opening line: “I’ve got the beer, I’ve got the food, I’ve got the baby oil…”

I love Wayne, after getting his ass kicked, begging Jeff to tag back in, then going over and trying to tackle a posing Colin

As Ryan is doing his elephant impression, Wayne tries tackling the trunk, as Ryan has to just soldier on.

Jeff is pretty good at getting all 3, which makes me wonder why his tapings didn’t emphasize his PQ abilities as much

I also love Jeff’s finishing move of finishing his beer, then smashing he can on his head. Very classy.

Solid PQ. A bit more lawful than I’d like, but I loved the little collaborations, especially Wayne’s. And Jeff did well hosting, too.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Taxi Driver

Colin: “Hi, we’ll be back to Rin-Ton-Ton, the dog that ate too much, in just a second…”

Ryan: “I can’t seem to get a cab, Colin.”
Colin: “Well maybe…that’s because we’re in a studio..”

Colin has his hand on Ryan’s leg for a while, eventually going “sorry, didn’t mean to scare you cause you’re a big homophobe…”
Jeff and Wayne have been dying at the banter so far.

I love Ryan chuckling at Colin’s admission that he grew up during the disco era.

Colin’s entire Bee-Gees monologue is one of those things that just comes so close to going off the rails but doesn’t quite, even if he takes an extra second to think of a song title, which is “I Can’t Pronounce the Driver’s Name”

Wayne does this as a traditional Disco song, as…yeah, I can’t imagine him impersonating a Gibb brother either.
Jeff, on the other hand, does a whole falsetto Barry Gibb impression, which helps

Jeff and Wayne have good harmony on the last note

Ryan: “I’m not afraid to admit it, but I’m a child of the 50s” [GLARES AT COLIN]

Jeff and Wayne are really in sync during the 50s rock number, with both sort of swaying in unison, and doing the same type of twang.

Colin: “…you know, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had memories, and one of-”
Perfect line. Glad he leaves a moment for laughter

Jeff and Wayne thankfully seem to be on the same page for this Punk number, with both clearly aping LA punk, which definitely helps. Though, Wayne’s is a little more Black Flag-esque, and Jeff is probably trying to emulate something like X, but…it all fits.

I also love Jeff thrashing around the studio, and nearly running into Colin. Nowhere near as lethal as a future GH moment, but still great.

And it ends on this visual:
Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 5.43.30 PM.png

Really strong GH round. This entire show has been really strong, and this game in particular might be the strongest.

Hoedown: The Beach

Note that this is the Beach Hoedown that DIDN’T have pitch issues. That’s another one.

Wayne has a disgusting verse about making a pearl from sand caught in his thong. Jeff gives him a look from the desk.

Drew has an easy joke: “man doing these hoedowns really is a beach.”

Colin’s verse is pretty good, talking about nearly drowning at the beach, and “next thing I know I was having mouth-to-mouth with David Hasselhoff”

Ryan: “I went to the beach, and boy was the water cold
I got in anyway because I was bold.
When I jumped in, it was colder than I feared.
That’s the day that my penis disappeared.”

Not a bad Hoedown. We’ve had better ones, and arguably there’s a better Beach hoedown coming, but this isn’t bad.

Overall: If Hoedown were a little better, this would be our second 10/10 show of the season, but I guess we’ll have to wait 2 shows for that. To say that Jeff’s impact on the improv proceedings is a positive one is an understatement- the guy was already fitting right in with the big 3, coming into his own, and only missing one game tonight, ironically the weakest one. It was also a game where the tentpoles, SFAH, Weird Newscasters, Party Quirks and Greatest Hits, were all really reliable, strong games. I’d say that future episodes from this taping would have an edge in terms of game selection, but perhaps not with quality and consistency.

Show Winner: Jeff
Best Performer: Ryan Stiles. It was him or Wayne, and Wayne had a few more missteps.
Worst Performer: Honestly? Colin felt the most subdued tonight.
Best Game: Weird Newscasters. That game didn’t have many moments that weren’t funny. No lulls. That takes skill. Also, all four were killing it.
Worst Game: Hoedown was forgettable, save for Ryan’s. The other Beach hoedown is better.

Coming Up Next: Another episode from the taping that gave us E1, with Kathy.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E06 or I Don’t Want Me Freedom

Our first Brad show of S3 comes from a taping whose best episode, arguably, doesn’t air until S5. Until then, we’ll just make do with this one.

Let’s Make a Date: Brad must choose from Wayne, the Wicked Witch of the west and her army of flying monkeys, Colin, a drunk fireman responding to a call, and Ryan, a goldfish in a bowl with a 5-second memory

Okay so obviously Wayne’s Wicked Witch is damned great. Like, he absolutely nails it. But what I always forget is how funny his flying monkey motion is. He just lies on the stool on his stomach, and makes a wicked face at the camera while clapping. That is great

Brad: “…straaaange…”
I still love Brad’s LMAD voice

The image of Colin drunkenly trying to operate a garden hose seems as if it came from an unaired Sound Effects playing. Not to say that an SFX playing from this taping should go unaired. Not at all.

Colin, returning to the seat, finally answering Brad’s food question: “BEEF.”

Ryan’s quirk marks a return for his always-great fish physicality, just bopping around with his hands at his face.

And then Ryan starts swimming up to Colin, who smirks, and starts making mocking faces at him, which is a great bit

Brad, back around: “Bachelor #1. Write me a poem. NOW. NOW.”
Wayne’s poem ends with “I’ll beat your ass and get your red shoes”

Brad, smirking, post more Wayne stuff: “…I can’t IMAGINE who you’d be…”

Brad, cracking a bit: “Ba…hachelor number TWOOO….SAME QUESTION!”
I am loving Brad in this game

The ending is amusing, with Colin causing a fire, then knocking over Ryan’s bowl to put it out.

Brad, guessing: “Wayne was either the Wicked Witch of the West or Barbara Bush.”
Drew: “Wicked…Witch…of the West, commie.”
I don’t know what to make of THAT…

Brad: “And at first I thought Ryan was Ed Sullivan, but I think he was a fish”

Drew: “Why do we even make you guess at the end of that game? It’s like there’s something at stake…”

Great round of this. All three were fun quirks, and I love that Ryan and Colin worked off each other. I also loved Brad’s LMAD voice more than usual tonight.

Duet: Brad and Wayne sing to Kim, a lightbulb salesman, as a Jewish wedding song

Drew’s ‘porch light seems to be out’ joke should have gotten more recognition

Drew announces they’re doing this as a Jewish wedding
Wayne: “Oh, good, cause I’ve been to a lot”

Wayne and Brad’s initial yiddish harmonizing is funny enough in itself

Brad’s line of ‘when I need a lightbulb, I get a new idea’ is cute enough to work

As the song begins to gain tempo, Wayne starts doing some very impressive dancing around the stool, which is very fitting.

Brad and Wayne go back and forth with fast-paced rhyming and witty stuff here, until we get Brad going “you are so effervescent, your lightbulbs are fluorescent…and I AM OUT OF RHYMES.”

A very fun and lively number. Arguably one of the better Brad-Wayne Duets.

Drew premieres one of his ‘combination title’ puns- the four’s new film “is a combination of Coyote Ugly, Scary Movie, and X-Men. It’s called ‘It’s Scary How Ugly Those Men Are”

Infomercial: Cellulite cream

The first of two new games. This one is Home Shopping on steroids.

Ryan: “Everyone’s got celluloid, even a guy like me.”
Colin, confused: “Celluloid? That’s film.”
Ryan takes a moment to realize what he’s done, and crack a bit. Colin and Ryan play this off as a character mistake, as Colin just explains then and there to Ryan what cellulite is, which is VERY funny

Immediately you know how this game works- Ryan pulls out a product, Colin sets him up with, or sticks him with, an explanation, and Ryan struggles to figure out out immediately.
Ryan, still in thought: “YOU KNOW…celluloid is caused-”
The audience and Drew cut him off.
Colin, now just amused: ‘cellulite?”

Colin has a silly explanation for a net, saying it’s used to press up against a thigh, “the cellulite comes out and you iron it away”. His explanations are usually the most fun

Ryan, pulling out another prop: “Where do you get celluloid the most, Col?”
Ryan realizes he’s done it again, and he shakes his head before Colin can start speaking
Colin: “Well, I get celluloid elsewhere…”

Ryan explains the bum attachment: “Now there’s a special nozzle here…where you can get a [breaks] close friend…”

Ryan, near the end of this explanation, says ‘celluloid’ again, but keeps talking so that no one, especially Colin, notices…and then ends his bit with “and I ain’t talking about film.” This runner is just working so damn well.

Colin, for the first time, looks at a prop, realizes he can’t do anything with it, and chucks it away. This time it’s a mop, which Ryan thinks is ‘that bad [ventriloquist[ act’. Brad loves the discarding.

Colin, being a bit too meta: “Why, that looks like some sort of furniture polish with the brand name erased.”
Ryan, knowing he can’t get a bigger laugh that that, chucks that as well: “IT IS, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S DOING THERE!”

Ryan: “This is NOT FOR EVERYONE. These are for people who have a bad case of-”
And instead of saying the word he keeps screwing up, he just points to Colin, who just politely says “cellulite”

Drew screws with Ryan about ‘celluloid’ a few more times before moving on, as he should.

Fantastic debut to this game. Enough silly ideas AS WELL AS Ryan forgetting the central ailment numerous times. One of the better playings of this, though not exactly my favorite.

Scenes cut from a Movie:

Another new game- SFAH, but specifically for movies. Ryan chuckles as he comes downstage for this, as he notoriously don’t see many movies.

The Psycho one is interesting, as two jokes happen at once. Colin, as Bates, can’t get through the door. Wayne, as Marion, is showering with Ryan.

Pulp Fiction:
Ryan: “Know what they call a burrito in China? CHING-NAI-AI-OONG”

The Forrest Gump one is pretty much funny because of Brad and Wayne’s impressions. And Wayne-as-Bubba threatening to beat Brad’s ass through his lip.

Saving Private Ryan:
Wayne: [cries]
Colin: “…bathroom’s free now.”

Ryan, beckoning the other 2 to come in: “AYE. AYE? AYE.”
Brad: “Before we do…I think we shall all TAKE A SHOWER.”
Colin, eventually: “Eh…I doon’t want me freedom…”
AMAZING. Drew has to buzz after this.

Very hit-miss game.

Drew: “1000 points to Colin for sounding like the woman from Chicken Run.”

Irish Drinking Song: Slept with an Ugly Woman

Interesting to note- Candy Girard is here for the only time, and this is the only IDS that has fiddle accompaniment. Which is cool. I just wish it was for more wholesome content than ‘SLEPT WITH AN UGLY WOMAN!’

Wayne: “Once when I was celebratin'”
Brad: “I went to bed.”
Colin: “I had too much to drink.”
Ryan, not even mincing words: “WOKE UP TO AN UGLY HEAD.”
I will never not laugh at that. Just…the visual I get. An ugly head just turning around.

Colin: “I screamed in surprise.”
Ryan: “And I sprayed her with mace!”

Brad: “She chased right after me”
Colin: “She got into her car”
Ryan: “She didn’t get there”
Wayne, without options: “she looked like Jamie Farr”

Wayne: “I used her to scare children away”
Brad, who’s been very self-doubt-y this whole game: “….what the hey.”

And the next line involves taking her to the dog park
Brad, kinda giving Ryan a look for giving him the same rhyme: “said…WHAT THE HEY.”
As they do the refrain, Brad’s losing it a little. They can see it’s going off the rails

Ryan: “I tried to forget it”
Wayne: “I tried to drink a lot.”
Brad: “Because she was so ugly.”
Colin: “She needed an…ink spot.”
Such a random ass line.

For some reason, they end the last line by setting up the day “I’d meet her.” Which is an odd way to close a song
Brad: “I was so scared.”
Colin, who’s very, very lost: “…she looked like someone had beat her…”
Brad has to stop the refrain, and just look at Colin, while cracking up. Colin’s facepalming. Ryan’s thinking this won’t air. Wayne’s trying to keep morale up. Drew is audibly losing it, even if the audience really isn’t.

I like this one. It’s not…perfect…but it’s a favorite. So many little things nearly go wrong, to the point where it’s admirable that this worked in the end. Not exactly PC, but…damn funny.

Foreign Film Dub: Wayne and Drew act out the French film Uh-Huh; Brad and Ryan translate

Wayne’s French is pretty damn good.
Brad, whose French accent ain’t bad: “…I will try to open ze safe, and then we will watch Hogan’s Heroes.”
…isn’t that German, though?

Ryan: “But it’s October, it’s time for me to shower…”

Wayne pulls a Sid Caesar and throws some english in his, ending a line with ‘ALI BABA FORTY THIEVES.’

Ryan: “I can’t move, I’ve had too many croissants.”
Of course

Wayne does an alarm sound in the middle of his.
Brad: “Oh no, I’ve accidentally set off the ‘do the hustle’ alarm!

Drew’s fake French collapses in on him, and turns into polish, which cracks up Wayne

Ryan: “No, I must not do that dance with my clothes on, I shall take them off now.”
Brad: “…okay”
Drew: [is bashful]
Wayne: [unbuttons Drew’s jacket]
Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 10.57.05 PM.png

Drew: [very quickly undoes his jacket and suspenders while speaking mock French]
Colin: [mercy-buzzes]

Very silly round of this. Mostly worked.

Overall: A really nice show. Only one game didn’t work for me, and that was Scenes Cut from a Movie. Everything else was pretty damn good. I always forget what a fun one LMAD is, Duet is an underrated classic, IDS and Infomercial are well-regarded among fans, and I enjoyed FFD. This was also very evenly displaced, as Brad, Colin and Ryan all had an equal amount of fun stuff. It also doesn’t seem like a show where you’re just waiting for something connected to a famous running gag to show up- no ‘WOOOO’ here, but still enough fun to go around.

Show Winner: Colin
Best Performer: Colin, who was in the least amount of games yet…was a highlight in all of them. That takes skill. Would have gone with Brad otherwise.
Worst Performer: Wayne sadly ends up back here after a few consecutive strong shows. Just got overshadowed today.
Best Game: Infomercial. Celluloid/Cellulite is funny enough, but just the amount of creative ideas right off the bat for this game is outstanding.
Worst Game: Scenes Cut from a Movie wasn’t as dominant as I’d remembered.

COMING UP NEXT: Whose Line gets a new fourth-seater, and he’ll be around for quite a while.