Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E32, or That’s Almost Like Humor

The 305 taping, which has been admittedly a mixed bag, was at least a testing ground for some new games. A few we’ve seen, like Survival Show and Reunion, never got played again, and we get another one of those here. A lot of new games introduced this season where meant to emphasize Greg’s role, and like Appraisal (which never aired), none of these really caught on. I give them credit for trying, but the way to let Greg shine could have just been pairing him with Ryan or Colin in scene games, not having him proctor a bunch of times.

Superheroes: No More Shampoo
Greg: Captain Dandruff
Ryan: Elvis Kid
Colin: Captain Bondage
Wayne: Trick Tap-Dancing Kid

Two people begin by yelling, as loud as they can, “CAPTAIN FLATULENCE!”
Drew: “…we did it already!”
[So does that mean this was the Superheroes cut from either the 203 taping or the 210 taping?]

Drew: “No more shampoo, Captain Dandruff, what are you gonna do?”
Greg, in a very Greg way: “…stand by for the next episode.”

Greg: “Hmm, I wonder, was Captain Flatulence just here?”

Greg, continuing a trend from last show: “GREAT LEAPING…SNOWY FLAKES OF DEAD SKIN!”

Ryan: “Sorry I’m late, it was snowin’ outside”

Ryan, as the Elvis kid, notes “I gotta give Cilla a call”. Yes, this means Priscilla, but as a Whose Line fan I immediately thought he meant Cilla Black

Greg, also continuing a trend, to Colin: “Wow, how d’you do that, no flakes at all!”
Colin gives him a look, and possibly mutters something
Colin, blunt: “who cares?”

Wayne’s solution is a simple “I’m gonna go to the store.” Ugh

Greg, after Wayne leaves: “Who was that man, I wanted to spank him!”

A pretty light Superheroes. Greg tried, but the jokes were kinda self-contained

Film, TV & Theater Styles: Three soldiers wading through a dangerous river on a mission to blow up an enemy bridge, Colin is the tough sergeant, and Ryan and Wayne are two rookies who have reached their breaking point

Colin’s first line is unintelligible gruff nonsense. 10/10

Ryan: “I’ve reached my breaking point.”
Colin: [hits with gun]

By the time Drew adds styles, Wayne hasn’t said a line yet. Almost like we really don’t need 3-person F&TS or something. Although there is a cut, so maybe something happened?

After getting bigger guns in Anime, Drew calls Charlie’s Angels, and they do silly poses with them.

The Spanish Soap Opera style is funny because none of them really know spanish. Wayne mutters ‘Maria Conchito Alonso”, and Greg starts howling in the back
Ryan, knowing the audience, mutters ‘West Covina’

Ryan prompting everyone to dance around the stage in Burlesque got a laugh out of me, but it shouldn’t really have taken this long

Not a great F&TS. The scene never got going, the styles didn’t help, and it was kind of a mess.

Wedding: Kristen, from the audience, who stresses like you wouldn’t believe, is marrying Colin. Greg officiates, Ryan’s the drunken relative, Wayne’s the entertainer

This does give us a new aspect of improv, using a real-life couple and their story/characteristics in the improv. They’d do this a lot better in First Date during Improv-A-Ganza [“I’m sorry, I had the poo beans”], but here Drew interviews a couple about what the wife does that can be used in the scene. And he promptly nearly falls into the next row of audience members.
Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 3.00.22 PM.png
Drew: “Man, 200 crew guys just yelled ‘MY MORTGAGE!”
Greg: “We were just watching our career pass before our eyes”

This is basically an excuse for Greg to take the reins of the show, and improvise his way through this whole thing like a Vegas show. Which is nice, because until the Vegas shows, we wouldn’t get many opportunities to see that

Colin says Kristen’s the most beautiful person he’s ever seen.
Greg: “Is she better than your last 3 wives, you think?”
Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 3.03.46 PM.png

Ryan enters as ‘Uncle Bob’, and gives Kristen a hug…and promptly gives her another one. This is clearly going on Sid Caesar-esque ‘repeat/milk if funny’ logic.

Greg: “Now Uncle Bob, you used to take Colin for walks, didn’t ya?”
Ryan discloses here that he “thought I was Kristen’s uncle”, as Greg sort of lapped himself in family logic, but Ryan rolls with it anyway. This can be the problem with Greg handling a scene, as he’ll make little lapses like this.
Ryan: “Well, I’m actually both their uncles, which is very odd”

Colin introduces Wayne as James Brown’s brother, Wayne Brown. Which is a very nice improv gift to give Wayne

And, of course, Wayne’s James Brown is routinely great

Greg, as Wayne’s in mid-song, drapes his jacket over Wayne, which Wayne throws off after like a second

This is a pretty interesting scene. It’s loose enough, allows everyone to do something fun throughout the scene, has a musical component, involves an audience member’s story, and is one of the few glimpses of a longer-form improv game in this show. The only issue is that this playing was very okay, and didn’t work as well as it could have, which means any future playing had to be really thought about. This is a very complicated game to play, and I wish they would have done it at a future taping to see if it had legs, but i see why they stopped at one.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Safari v2:

I love the audience turning on Ryan’s ‘safari so good’ joke, and Colin taking full advantage by going, with a big smile, “WHY, RYAN…That’s almost like humor!”
Ryan has to limit himself to a single hurt glance at Colin without breaking the facade

Colin, on being a chorus member on Broadway: “I didn’t get very far, and I broke my hip 15 times”

Wayne spends an extra few seconds laughing at “there’s a pygmy in my pocket and a rhino on my tail”

Wayne is clearly aping Chicago in his musicality and patter. Him throwing in random animal sounds helps

Colin’s exclamation that this show won “15 Tonys and a Jeff” gets a very long, drawn out audience reaction

Colin tries to do a “IF YOU CALL RIGHT NOW” gag
Ryan: “You can’t call right now, the lines are busy
Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 3.30.02 PM.png
he just holds this
[The laughs have been very few this show, but this was a good one]

Colin: “And we will send you absolutely free…the packaging…it comes in.”

Ryan, innocently enough, asks Colin what he likes “on your burritos, or taco chips”
Colin knows what he must NOT say: “Whyyyy…a little bit…of PAPER.”
[Drew and Greg start absolutely losing it. This kind of refusal to say the style on the card is pretty hysterical.]
Ryan, still trying: “Say the paper you’re eating is kind of BLAND. What would you put on the PAPER to make it more exciting.”
Colin: “SALT.”
Ryan, still trying: “…SA. SALSA.”
Dear god

Ryan does a ‘simply titled’ one for this salsa song: [LOUD ELEPHANT NOISE]

Somehow makes a salsa song with this title work really damn well, which is a testament to his musical improv skills

Not as good as the other GH from this taping, but still strong, and that Salsa banter is classic.

Three-Headed Broadway Star: Wayne, Ryan and Drew sing ‘B-Block Wife’, from the Musical ‘Doin’ Time’, to Michelle

We’re still getting the SHOW for this song, for some reason, but okay. It’s early, I’ll be fine with it.

This is a pretty standard song, but I love Wayne’s move to end the sentence “come to my cell late” with “…TEEERR…”

I love Wayne’s horror in what’s happening with the “Shower with me” line, followed with a well sung “Don’t drop the SOOOOAP”. Wayne is shaking his head

I love that Drew forgets to cut to commercial until after sending Michelle back to her seat. Ryan basically has to remind him.

Pretty limp 3HBS.

Overall: Not a lot stood out to me at all. Only Greatest Hits worked, and even that one had some flaws early. Wedding was a nice experiment that could have worked better, and both F&TS and 3HBS just didn’t have the laughs I wanted. This may be the second consecutive season that some of the weakest shows are Greg shows, and while it’s not exactly his fault, his style of proctoring isn’t the most open-ended, and a lot of times he makes concrete decisions that negate other people’s.

Show Winner: Greg
Best Performer: Ryan over Wayne for making them do a Drop the Soap joke in 3HBS.
Worst Performer: Greg made more faux pas’ tonight, sadly.
Best Game: Greatest Hits by default.
Worst Game: 3 Headed Broadway Star had like 2 funny lines.

COMING UP NEXT: It’s been like 10 shows since we’ve seen Chip Esten. Let’s go back to the 303 taping to see if there’s any more zaniness hiding there.

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