Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E36, or Are Those Your FINAL Points?

So as you can tell, I’ve been burning off a lot of these in the last few days, but I’m not disrespecting this stretch of S3. Overall, things have been alright- there have been downers, but nothing in S3 can really be described as abhorrently BAD. But I’m burning through these because right after this one we get two CLASSICS back-to-back. And I am very excited to cover both of them.

Not to disparage this one, which is our last S2 holdover of Season 3, and it’s from the Melissa taping, which has given us rock-solid material thus far. Plus, it’s the last Chip episode of S3. Good news is he’s all over S4.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Chip, surfer dude looking for the ultimate ride, co-anchors, Wayne, being sucked into a black hole in the camera, does sports while Ryan, shipwrecked survivor spotting a possible rescue plane, does weather

I love Wayne coming over, confused, and asking to read the card after Drew tells him his quirk. He reads it, sees it’s legit, and mouths ‘DAMN’.

Ryan rolls his eyes at his
Drew: “Hey, would you rather be sucked into a black hole in the camera?”
Ryan, smirking: “…we’ll talk about that later…”

Chip starts the game like this:
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.06.21 PM.pngColin, with one of my favorite name readings: “It’s the 6:00 news, I’m your anchor…LARS LARS PANTSONFARS.”
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.07.30 PM.png
[He’s breaking as much as allowed]

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.07.55 PM.png
Drew slams the table LOUDLY he’s laughing so hard.
Chip is laughing so hard he has to get back onto the stool.
Colin hasn’t moved

Colin does his top story while everyone’s still cracking up: “Today, a man who was swallowed by a whale escaped today by running as hard as he could til he was all pooped out.”
Drew TRIES to recover, but starts laughing again.

Colin, after Chip’s pretty good but egg-headed report: “…hey, I can hear the ocean.”

Colin dubs Wayne “Bubba Dubba” in handing it over to him. Wayne, who must have watched Zoom, cracks a little

Wayne’s is all physicality, and it’s all him running against a current, and of course he nails it.

Chip, as the wave approaches:
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.14.54 PM.pngI also love him doing some goofy tricks on the ‘surfboard’

I love Ryan’s anguished desperation interrupted by Chip running by on a surfboard

Ryan, spelling letters in the sand: “HEP…HEP…”
He then realizes he’s gotten something wrong, adds an L: “HELP”
That is the kind of goofy stuff Ryan can throw out whenever he wants

A pretty good WN. I liked that Chip kept his character going through everyone’s.

Sound Effects: Noah, Colin, is told that he must build an ark before the storm hits- Ryan does SFX

It’s kinda nice to see two-person SFX in the era of audience member SFX.

Colin: [waves]
Ryan must have gotten this bit from an old Bill Cosby routine.

Ryan gives him a full phone call, with gibberish words and suddenly ‘STORM HITS’. He also ends this call with a random ‘HOOOOOOHHH’, which Colin has no idea how to respond to, so he hangs up. Ryan cracks at this

Colin, after cutting down a tree, is trying to yell TIMBER, but Ryan doesn’t get this. After a few tries, Colin gives up

This becomes a pretty funny one, with Colin trying to build an ark out of the trees, then Ryan throwing in the torrential downpour. Colin attempts to throw the water out of the boat as he’s building it

A very silly SFX. There were a few gags I didn’t get, and there was some obvious dissonance between Ryan and Colin, but I laughed.

Song Titles: On a road trip across America

Ryan and Wayne are shaking their heads as they head up for this
Drew: “Yeeeah, they love this game..”

Wayne, putting an arm around Chip: “I got you, babe”
Chip: “…don’t stand so close to me..”

I love Chip’s physical reaction to not thinking of one in time, and Wayne’s physical reaction to beating him

Colin, pointing: “…Oklahoma.”
Wayne lets this rest for a bit
Colin: “Do you KNOW the way to San Jose?”
Wayne, taking a long beat: “…I gotta pee..”

Funny in short spurts, but kinda empty overall.

Film, TV & Theater Styles: Two security guards in a nuclear power plant are alarmed when they see that a suspicious stranger, Colin, has gained entry to a highly-secured area.

Awful late for F&TS..

I love Wayne’s little thumbs-up at Australian Soap Opera…and then Drew trying to pronounce it in the accent.

Audience member: “DISASTER!”
Ryan: “Ohhh, it’ll BE a disaster…”

I love the connotation that Wayne and Ryan are drunk on the job

Melodrama style, Colin raises his eyebrows at the camera and twirls his mustache

Melodrama ends on this visual:
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.36.31 PM.png
Drew, in a delivery I’ll always love: “…just for the heck of it…Australian Soap Opera…”

Ryan cracks at the barrage of bad Australian accents going on here.

Drew, after several CRIKEYs, buzzes: “Oh, I’ve heard enough…”

Wayne: “My lord, what sayest thou shalt we do about this stranger of the clean palate-an head”
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.38.29 PM.png

In the middle of Religious Channel, Ryan starts doing Tammy Faye eyelashes with his hands, which cracks up Chip. He literally has to explain to a very confused Colin “I was doing eyelashes”.

Spaghetti Western
Colin: “I can’t believe we’re going to die like this: [turning to Wayne and Ryan] good, bad and ugly…”
Ryan stays exactly still as Drew buzzes, shaking his head finally. This is a precursor to the sort of ‘you started it’ game they play.

This was a really good F&TS, one of the better ones since the game devolved midway through UK version. Also because there was funny stuff in pretty much all the styles.

Drew gives out 2 billion points just to challenge Regis Philbin
Ryan: “Drew, are those your…FINAL points?”
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.46.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.46.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.46.57 PM.png
The whole cast loves this motion

Motown Group: Wayne, Chip & Ryan ‘Do the Shower’

We’ve seen lots of clips from this game from the clip montage from the Best Of special.

Ryan, as Drew announces this game: “ohhh…OHHHH…”
Drew: “Oh, when I think of Motown, I think of Ryan Stiles…”
Ryan, not loving this: “aaaahh…”

Ryan even does a praying signal as Drew explains the game

Ryan’s verse is pretty good, saying “Every time I turn, I break the glass”

Chip has the strongest verse here, and he has the energy to pull it off

There’s a cut before Wayne’s end verse.

Not much to say about this one. Okay playing of this.

Hoedown: Talk Shows

Ah yes, a hoedown without any mention of Melissa so they can air it.

Chip stumbles through his punchline about his “transvestite gay lesbian…second aunt”

Drew’s is a great verse- he’s died, and hell is appearing on Regis and Kathie Lee every day

Colin’s came from the censorship hoedown from this taping:
“I play at the stadium of baseball games
I once got censored- that’s my claim to fame
It really was done by the censor named Morgan
when I told the crowd I love to play with my organ”
This cracks up Ryan and Wayne

Ryan’s verse ends in his usual Drew slam.

Alright Hoedown.

Overall: So…not much was left in this taping evidently, other than a good Weird Newscasters and a strong Film & Theater Styles. It was good to see this taping’s dynamic again, and there were some fun moments of Ryan or whoever screwing around in between games, but most of these games weren’t very memorable or very good, which is a shame.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin runs away with it again.
Worst Performer: Honestly, Ryan’s best work was between games.
Best Game: Film, TV & Theater Styles was the most consistent.
Worst Game: Motown Group was weak.

COMING UP NEXT: The Whose Line producers cannot count. The next episode is the 94th episode of the American run. And yet this one is billed as the 100th Episode Special. So, the producers can’t count, Wayne can’t spell, the keyboards can’t keep time, and the censors can’t keep up. Sure to be a classic.

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