Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E24, or Hey, it’s Theater!

And now, we move into S5 one last time to introduce the next phase of Whose Line’s identity…the guest star episode

It’s one thing to have a big SUPERSTAR GUEST take the fourth seat and do improv to get ratings. It’s another thing entirely to use a BIG SUPERSTAR GUEST as a ratings hook by centering games around them, having them be props in Living Scenery or sung to in Song Styles, without them ever having to the ‘hard part’ of improv.

Essentially, Guest Star episodes take the anonymity of asking a member of the audience to help out and replace that with having someone you vaguely know or is good at things to help out just to get different viewerships. If you can see a few problems with that, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re smarter than a television producer.

Pretty much every taping in S5 had at least one guest star hanging around that played one or two games and would still allow for unaccompanied material to make its own show. This one, from a Brad Sherwood taping that had another guest star as well, featured Playboy icon Hugh Hefner and two of his playmates, Ava Fabian and Victoria Fuller. The other one from this taping is a little more useful to improv but…the producers didn’t care in the least.

Again, you can tell this is a S5 taping because of Drew’s brown corduroy suit jacket and gelled, combed-over hair.

Drew: “the points are just like…J.Lo’s husband’s name”
Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony and Alex Rodriguez would like a word with you…

Award Show: Brad and Wayne present the Obnoxious Drunks award to Ryan and Colin

Brad: “You know, every type of party needs its own…boisterous, lampshade-wearing fool…”
Ryan, from the audience: “WE CAN’T HEEEEAR YOOOOU!”

Wayne and Brad are great at doing some easy prompter-reading jokes

I still love the audience members that get roped into being nominees.

I also love Wayne dubbing this the “HAAAAAEEEENNGH Award”

I love the over-excited audience member wanting a high five from Ryan, which he gladly does

Ryan also hugs two of the losing nominees, which is a fun gesture. Colin goes towards the stage, and Ryan, caught in a hug with one of them, begs him to go on without him

Colin and Ryan’s drunk camaraderie is pretty nice, as they’re just hanging off each other

Colin: “we would like to thank the makers of alcohol…”

Ryan: “…when we started drinking…we never thought something like this would happen…”
[the way he says this and gets serious makes this even funnier]

Ryan: “I don’t feel so good”
Ryan: [cracks]

A pretty amusing Award Show, but not much more than a surface playing of this.

Drew: “1000 points to Colin and Ryan for doing such great Colin and Ryan impressions…”

Duet: Brad and Wayne sing a swing number to Hugh Hefner, Ava Fabian and Victoria Fuller

Drew, before he intros this, says “I can’t wait, this is gonna be great”
Brad and Wayne, knowing the game but not knowing why he’s excited, go “oh” nervously

Once Hugh comes out, COLIN OF ALL PEOPLE GIVES HIM A STANDING O. That’s right, Colin Mochrie, champion of queer people everywhere, is the first to applaud noted polygamist Hugh Hefner.

Of course, Colin and Ryan do their bit of coming upstage to say hello to the pretty ladies

Brad even comes down and does a bowing motion towards Hugh
Hugh, cleverly: “thank you, my son…”

Drew just seems very surprised that Hef accepted the booking, and I can kind of see why. During this GUEST STAR season, there are a few bookings where I can say ‘I see how they got them’, and I’m thinking of Florence Henderson, Chyna, Jerry Springer, and then unknowns like Jane the Bodybuilder and Neena & Veena. But Hef is definitely a huge get, as he’s a very big media and pop culture figure. I’d say he even dwarfs an even more famous WL get coming next season

I love Drew pointing out the cleverness of them doing ‘swing music’ to the world’s most famous swinger.

Brad: “I’m grinning ear to ear, I didn’t even notice Hef was here”

Wayne’s “I’m gonna call you later to see how you can keep it up” line doesn’t get a very kind reaction from Hugh.

Brad adding that his diet “consists of bunny tails” is the kind of renegade dirty joke that I am surprised the censors allowed. Even Hugh’s impressed with that one

The censor DOES HOWEVER censor Wayne line of “give me two wolf ears because I love to eat bunnies.”
SO. Insinuating that Hugh Hefner eats a lot of ass- GOOD. Insisting WAYNE BRADY eats a lot of pussy- BAD.

A very bawdy number that Brad and Wayne tried their best with, but I couldn’t shake a bit of awkwardness both from the talent just sitting there AND from Wayne and Brad trying to gauge what will and won’t get them killed. Amusing enough, though

As the three of them leave, Brad and Wayne start to follow them…then Brad reneges the joke. Wayne looks at the camera…and follows them off anyway

Scenes from a Hat:

Ryan: “What d’you got there, Drew?”
Brad cracks, as Ryan walked right into it
Ryan: “I say, my brotha, that’s a fine lookin’ hat…”

“Superman’s Secret Inner Thoughts”
Colin: “…wonder if Batman’s shorts ride up..”

The shot of Wayne squeezing a lump of coal in his ass is pretty funny

Drew: “Things you did as a child that aren’t as cute when you’re an adult”
Brad, with a great read: “…I went poopy in my pants…”
Colin: [mimes sucking on a tit]

Drew: “If celebrities had been the first people to walk on the moon”
Brad: “…ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN…and one giant step for ME, BRAD SHERWOOD!”
Drew: “…I’m sorry, I said ‘celebrities'”
OOOOOH. The audience makes him regret this one
Brad, mockingly: “THAT WAS MEEEAN!”

Ryan, as Carol Channing: “…WELL THIS IS DRY AND BARREN AS *I* AM!”
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 4.54.52 PM.png

A pretty okay SFAH. Not a ton stood out from this one, save for the moon one.

Drew calls this show one for the whole family
Ryan: “…playboy bunnies…”
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 7.56.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 7.56.32 PM.png

Living Scenery: Ryan and Colin are two treasure hunters canoeing down the Amazon decide to pitch their tents by the river, when they come under attack from the natives
Ava and Victoria are the props

Now here comes the other game that most Guest Star shows are gonna take advantage of

Drew intros Ryan and Colin as ‘the luckiest guys in the world’. Ryan apologizes to Wayne and Brad as he goes up with Ava and Victoria

Although, like last game, Wayne and Brad come up and try to drag Ryan and Colin away

Drew, to the Bunnies: “You guys are both looking great.”
Ryan: “Thank you.”

Drew, as he explains the game, to Ava and Victoria: “I know, it’s kinda creepy, huh?”

Drew reads the scene description, and around ‘decide to pitch their tents’, he completely cracks up. Ryan’s gone too

Even funnier- the shared sigh between Ryan and Colin right before they start the scene. An implied ‘ohhh boy’.

Ryan and Colin first use the girls as backpacks

Colin, with a beautiful woman wrapping his arms over him, cracks in suggesting they set up camp here
Ryan: “Having a tough time speaking, aren’t ya?”

Both girls have a different idea about how they’re gonna canoe. Ryan picks up his and uses her as an oar. Colin’s just moves him as part of the canoe, just wiggling his arms up and down
Ryan, seeing this: “What are you doing?”
Colin: “DON’T EVEN ASK.”

Once Colin suggests they pitch a tent:
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.03.52 PM.png
Colin: “…I love those self-doing…tents…”

Once Colin and Ryan get in the tent, Colin asks if Ryan heard anything…then comes back with nothing. Translation- we are staying here as long as possible. This reminds me of a future playing of this involving a sleeping bag.

I love Ryan repeating ‘MONKEYS ATTACKING US’ to Ava and Victoria when they don’t immediately do anything

This leads to both girls jumping on Ryan and Colin. While Ryan fells his easily, Colin exclaims “ANOTHER HOUR AND I’LL HAVE THIS ONE-” before Ryan pulls him away. Very Castle Anthrax logic here.

There’s a point where Ryan nearly runs out of things for them to do, and he’s in sort of mid-cracking mode for the rest of the scene, just spitballing to have them do more stuff. His shaky delivery of “wanna roast some marshmallows” is pretty great

Colin and Ryan pick up the girls to use as guns, which is amusing enough.
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.09.13 PM.png

Colin: “Hey, I’m gonna load mine..”
Victoria cracks up at this
Colin: “Okay, both barrels are full”

Ryan, AGAIN running out of ideas, suggests jetpacks
Colin, fumbling around his: “where are the controls”

Drew buzzes, Colin and Ryan congratulate Victoria and Ava for doing a good job, which they did, and Ryan just shakes his head back to the seats. That was a pretty funny  Living Scenery, but you can tell exactly when it ran out of steam and when it became Ryan thinking of more pervy things for them to do

Colin, pointing out Ryan’s hanging mic: “you’re droopin'”

Brad: “d’you think Wayne and I can  try that game?”
Drew: “nope”
Ryan, taking this the other way: “I don’t think I can lift you..”

Props: Ryan and Drew vs. Brad and Wayne

Wayne, doing podiums: “I’ll take famous bald people for 500, Alex”
Colin: [buzzes]

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.14.32 PM.pngRyan: “YA, BEAVER, YAAAAHH!”
Oh yeah, that gag doesn’t show up til next season..

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.15.15 PM.pngBrad: “I’d say your elephant has a hernia.”
The audience groans. Brad groans at them.

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.16.22 PM.pngBrad: “Hey Wayne, would you take Ryan’s shoes to his dressing room?”

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.16.57 PM.pngRyan: “…Hi, we’re unicorns for Rogaine.”

As Drew signs off, Ryan’s still riding the beaver.

A very good Props round. Lots of new, original answers.

Overall: A very weird show. Nothing was truly bad here, but maybe the presence of Hugh Hefner brought a very odd, bro-y mood to the show that hasn’t aged very well. I mean, say  what you will about Hef’s presence in popular culture, but his entire thing was sleeping with lots of women. And you bring that to Whose Line, which was trying to appeal to a wide audience, but also to kids. That’s not gonna go well. Living Scenery was a good enough game, but there were several moments where I felt ‘should I be enjoying this?’ Ryan clearly goes more for the ‘toxic male’ angle than Colin in games like these where they just have two pretty women to move around, but even if it is all a guise, the fact that Ryan turned Living Scenery into an excuse to do bawdy things with two Playmates doesn’t sit well with me. The rest of the show, by design, paled in comparison to the bits with guest stars. SFAH was light, Award Show was very basic, and only Props really impressed me. Also, even if the games split the rep company in usage, I still can’t say Brad Sherwood did a great deal, and I can barely say that Wayne did much more.

Show Winner: Colin
Best Performer: Ryan did the heavy lifting all night. Even if he did so in Living Scenery, he knew where the jokes would come from, and he was a driving force.
Worst Performer: Brad was damn near shut out of the show. At least he had good stuff in Props.
Best Game: Props. That’s right, Props. Because it was the only game that didn’t disappoint me tonight.
Worst Game: Award Show. Almost went with Duet, but that got a laugh or two from me.
Guest Star Rating: Hugh seemed chuffed to be there, but it was hard to tell if he was enjoying the song. Ava and Victoria were happy to help out in Living Scenery, but you could tell that it made them a little uncomfortable. They didn’t bring much to the table at all. I’m giving them all a 5 out of 10.

COMING UP NEXT: Last show, a lot was said about Ryan’s shoes. Next show, a lot is going to be said about a shirt, a hat, and some crotches

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E23, or By the Way, We’re Not a Couple

Finally a new Greg taping, one that has a nice amount of cohesive material that we’ll be getting to in 7 shows, but still enough to make this one pretty  good as well.

Superheroes: Too Many Blue Shoes
Greg – Quick Rick
Ryan – Faking Injury for Sympathy Man
Colin – Captain Coward
Wayne – Show-Stopping Number Boy

Points to the audience members who thinks the crisis is ‘BLUE SHOES!’. They must have been in the studio for less than an hour and still managed to see Ryan’s shoes.

Greg: “Goodness, people are wearing blue shoes! What a fashion faux pas…unless you’re in France!”

Ryan, running on: “THEY GOT ME, THEY GOT ME!”
That is a great move

Ryan, as Faking Injury for Sympathy Man: “AH, CRAMP! IT MUST BE THESE BLUE SHOES!”

Ryan, suddenly: “oh…KIDNEY!”
He’s nailing this

Colin does his usual entry line, but adds the fun line of “but I had to cheer up my shoes, they were very blue…”
Colin’s the best, man

Upon being named, Colin immediately hides underneath the piano

Wayne enters, sees Ryan’s shoes and panics. Good that they’re all playing  with the suggestion rather than just doing their normal thing

Wayne’s Show-Stopping Number is pretty fantastically performed, and he’s hitting some nice notes for early in the taping

I kinda like how Greg rationalizes that Wayne’s number made them feel good about blue shoes so it’s not a problem anymore.

Ryan, leaving, pulls his groin
Greg: “I’ll get the door for you- I’VE GOT IT.”
Ryan cracks as he exits

A pretty good Superheroes, as the crisis brought out the best in all four. Not the best with this arrangement, though

Multiple Personalities: Greg, Ryan and Wayne; a car breaks down in the forest in the middle of the night
Gas can – Richard Simmons

Map – John Wayne
Flashlight – Scooby-Doo

Ah yes, more of this game’s S4 resurgence, though WAYNE gets to play instead of Colin. Perhaps Colin couldn’t do an impression of any of these three?

Ryan bites his lip HARD when he realizes he’s holding the Richard Simmons item

Greg, with his pretty-good Scooby: “WHY ARE WE DRIVING A CAR IN THE FOREST?”

Wayne tries his John Wayne, and you can see Colin shaking his head in the background, mostly because he doesn’t have to do his, but also because Wayne’s even much better. Wayne even repeats a word to barely remain composed.

This is a strong playing because, with the exception of Wayne’s…Wayne, everybody else can do all the impressions pretty well. Greg’s Simmons is great, Wayne’s Scooby is great, and Ryan’s John Wayne…OF COURSE is great:
And he includes the world-famous John Wayne walk

Ryan, to Greg: “Fancy dance moves make me….
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.41.02 PM.png

Ryan has some very good Scooby wailing
Greg, as John Wayne: “you calm down sissy boy…”

Finally, Greg hands Ryan the map, and he still has the flashlight…so he proceeds to do the perfect amalgamation of Scooby Doo and John Wayne, doing a full Wayne line, but in Scooby-language. It’s so goddamned funny

For me, this is probably the best playing of this one. All the impressions are pretty good, everyone gets a chance to be every character, the dynamic is great, and the scene, while an afterthought, is at least explored a little more. Just a good example of how this game SHOULD be done

Drew, to Ryan: “no, seriously, it’s like you stepped in an airplane toilet and came to work..”
Ryan: “just keep signing the checks, you can say annnything you want…”
Drew: “DON’T I KNOW IT!”

Drew: “1000 points to JOHN WAYNE BRADY.”
Wayne: “I’m a big John Wayne fan”
Drew: “Hey, it was as good as any of Colin’s impressions…”
Colin is unsure how to react. The fast cut to Drew makes me think he did a ‘lightning rod of hate’ signal

Scenes from a Hat:

“Times when it would be nice to have the ability to be beamed up”
Wayne: “It’s time for my John Wayne impression…”

Drew: “What really made the kids in Blair Witch  run off screaming”
Wayne, to the camera: “His shoes, THEY’RE SO BLUE!”
Colin, to the camera: “THERE’S GONNA BE A CRAPPY SEQUEL!”
YES! Blair Witch 2 was pretty awful

“What members of the Whose Line cast say to their therapists”
Ryan, perfectly summing up the gag: “…I mean, I don’t get it, it’s the color of SKY and WATER…”
Wayne: “and then he invites me over to his desk…and he says ‘HEY, YOU’RE THE WINNER’…[sobs]
I love Drew and Ryan’s reactions

“Outtakes from the Hillbilly National Theatre’s Shakespeare Festival”
Wayne does one that gets no response, and just says ‘READ A BOOK, PEOPLE!’

Greg, to Wayne: “Look, Othello, we don’t mind you moving here, I just don’t want you datin’ MY SISTER NO MORE.”

“How the Naked Fridays Policy Worked Out at your Office”
Greg, tracing a dong onto the stage: “…Colin?”
Colin, from offstage, casually: “…hi.”

Ryan, to an offstage Colin: “My boss will see you now.”
Colin, still offstage: “…well, take your finger off my dick”
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.56.18 PM.png
And he just…carries it back to Colin and throws it over his shoulder

Pretty good SFAH, though a tad light

Drew, as usual, throws his hat at the camera, WHEN SUDDENLY:
Drew: “OH SHIT!”
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.57.44 PM.png
Yep…for the first time, instead of ‘hitting’ a camera, he knocks the damn thing over.
Colin, who’s back at the seat, points and laughs: “Did you see that? A camera just fell”

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.58.33 PM.pngDrew: “…holy shit.”

Drew: “For the thousands of you who’ve written in, NO, COLIN AND RYAN ARE NOT A COUPLE.”
Ryan and Colin have some very awkward reactions to this, before just pointing to their wedding rings

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Doctor

Ryan: “Hi, we’ll return you to the blue shoes diaries in just a moment…”

Ryan, after Colin’s intro line: “BY THE WAY, WE’RE NOT A COUPLE.”
Colin: “…when did that happen?”
Ryan: “shutup”

Ryan intros a mambo hit: “Do you know which one I’m talking about”
Colin, not helping him: “NOT A CLUE.”

Wayne has some fun lines in the mambo number, about showing butts, and “please don’t faint, here’s my needle.”

A pretty fun, strong number overall, that ends right when Wayne wants to so he can add a quick ‘sorry’ right at the end.

The ‘Colin and Ryan broke up’ gag continues after Ryan’s fake laughing only pisses off Colin, then rebuffs Colin getting him into an intro [“don’t laugh, cause I’m not laughing with you”]

Colin has a nice move in naming the Marilyn Monroe number ‘gallstones are a girl’s worst friend’

This one has the second consecutive butt reference, as Wayne says “I’ll shoot it out my rear end”, cracking a bit

Wayne: “Understand I won’t be alone
………..I’m trying to pass a stone.”

Colin, post-stumbly Wayne number: “I’m glad I didn’t go with the Seven Year Itch”

Ryan: “The BRITISH call it stadium rock.”
Colin confusedly looks at the camera here
Colin: “I wish I had a chart just so we could show”
Once Ryan reacts glumly, Colin brings back the fake-laughing

Wayne: “And every time I turn around, I TURN MY ASS TO THE DOC”

Wayne seemed to have a problem with ending this one, but it was pretty good.

Solid GH, boosted by the Ryan-Colin banter and the ass references, but not much different from the norm.

Sportscasters: Ryan and Colin are two rival pizza makers trying to impress a female customer- Greg and Drew commentate

This game returns for the first time since S1. I was never a HUGE fan of this game, but ya never know

The oddest part of the reaction to the suggestion is that it shows a neutral Colin-Ryan reaction, but you can hear Ryan’s ‘huh-huh-huh’ laugh. So they must have refilmed a pickup.

Ryan has a fun move in shoving the dough over Colin’s face, while Colin cuts a hole so he can breathe

Colin shoving a pepperoni in Ryan’s ear is a very fun move, and I love Drew’s covering of it, too
Greg, blowing dust off the old Star Wars line: “I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE, That has GOT to hurt a little”

Ryan shoving Colin’s head in the oven seems like a very old-school WL move.

And, also similar to a S1 sportscasters, Colin goes right for an itchy-and-scratchy move and just cuts Ryan’s hand off.

Ryan then tries shoveling in a pie with one hand and the other nub…sort of helping
Drew: “How is he handling that rod with one hand missing?”

Drew mentions Colin’s ‘bad back injury’, which is clearly a reference to Action Replay

Instead of cutting back to Drew, we fade out on a shot of Ryan cutting Colin in half with the pizza slicer.

Honestly…I kinda enjoyed that round. It brought me back to the older eras of this game, and it was self-contained and goofy enough to work. Greg and Drew were also pretty good together.

Overall: Everything in this show was really solid, even if there were a few games that could have been bigger. I laughed at a lot of the games here, and everything really worked, as well as just feeling like a picture of a really cohesive group. Ryan had a big night, but Greg and Wayne were also nice, and Greg had a lot more opportunities than usual to shine, especially in Multiple Personalities and Sportscasters. Multiple Personalities was the highlight for me, but Superheroes, Greatest Hits and SFAH all were solid.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Ryan had the strongest stuff in these games.
Worst Performer: Colin deferred to Ryan and the rest most of the night.
Best Game: Multiple Personalities was just a complete affirmation of its concept, which is a feeling I haven’t had about that game either in a while or ever.
Worst Game: Sportscasters brings up the rear, but it’s still a nice one.

COMING UP NEXT: For the last time, we jump into the future for a S5 Brad taping, and who better to rush a guest star episode for than Hugh Hefner and two Playmates? I can think of several. Still, this will be the first official guest star taping of the series, and I’ll detail how I’m gonna judge the guest stars AS WELL as the performers, because them wanting to be there is a big factor in this.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E22, or Have You Read My Headlines?

From one Kathy show from a heralded taping to another. This one comes from the same taping as Episodes 2 (where Kathy didn’t say anything) and Episode 6 (where Kathy says things and Colin grabs everyone’s privates).

Drew highlights a headline he got from ‘Desert TV News’, which is a front page newspaper insert from some west coast paper, that’s a BIG photo of Colin, saying “zany host of the clear, clever and witty British game show WL”, which catches Colin off-guard. Obviously they got some details wrong, and Drew’s just screwing with their exposure. Also kind of a fun portrait of the era.

Questions Only: Tensions rise in the cottage where Snow White and the Seven Dwarves live

Drew, introing the first game, has to leaf through nine different cards on his desk looking for the right one, finally getting to ‘Questions Only’

Wayne: “You using my toothbrush?”
Kathy: “Aren’t you supposed to be HAPPY?”
Kathy has been growing on me lately

After Kathy has a crude remark
Wayne: “Have you ever had your butt kicked by 6 other dwarves?”
And then Wayne just stacks the rest of them up, which is a very fun visual

Wayne, after another Kathy line: “do you WANT an apple stuffed in your trachea?”
Kathy: “What are you, some kind of witch?”
Wayne, saving himself after a few seconds: “…did you know…La Bruja is witch in Spanish?”
Kathy, nearly losing it herself: “…are you being condescending?”
Wayne: “was that ALMOST a question?”
Kathy: “…damn!”
That was some awesome back-and-forth. Wayne fives the six stacked dwarves, which is a fun touch

Wayne listing off a bunch of rejected dwarves [“…pegleg…hairlip”] before realizing he’s not doing a question is still pretty funny

Ryan has a fun move in naming Colin ‘Groupie’, in the spirit of other dwarves
Colin: “d’you know anyone else who can get a band together like THAT?”
Ryan, perfectly delivered: “…YOU’RE *THAT* GROUPIE?”
Colin, back to the opening: “…have you read my headlines?”

Colin: “Why are you so insulting to me?”
Ryan: “…why are you asking so many questions?”
Colin: “Do I have to teach  you a lesson?”
Ryan: “Would you?”
Colin: “do we have the same idea in mind?”
Ryan: “…heh heh heh…”

Obviously an extra round of this was cut, but this was STRONG, man. Wayne and Kathy were awesome together, and Ryan and Colin were awesome together. Just funny, impressive stuff

Hollywood Director: A 1950s teenage couple, Kathy and Ryan, are kissing passionately in their car, motorcycle cop Wayne rides in because he suspects they’re dangerous criminals who are carrying concealed weapons

Drew: “…NOW…let’s go onto-”
Ryan, under him, in a very deep voice: “AND NOWWWW…”
My god, we’re so goofy in this episode. I love it.

Drew: “And they’re kissing passionately in their car…cause they’re both married and they wanna cheat on TV.”
Ryan: [pops a mint]

Ryan, as Wayne pulls up: “…quick, I’ve had a Coke, get behind the wheel.”

Wayne has a clever blocking move as Kathy steps out of the car, which is right near where he pulled up, going “…don’t hit the bike.”

Wayne, in the trunk: “Well, look what we got here. We got ourselves a Coca-Cola!”
Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 6.09.07 PM.png
PERFECT. Like a Wayne’s World moment

Ryan: “It’s hard for me to get the reality of the scene. Unlike you, I wasn’t alive in the 50s.”
Colin just…stares at him. Doesn’t say anything. Then, finally, mutters “good one.”

Colin: “We need something that appeals to the masses.”
Ryan: “YES!”
Colin: “…don’t agree with me.”
Wayne, smirking: “NO.”

The AFV style is very similar to the Paul Merton slapstick routine, with various things hitting all 3. Wayne pops the trunk and it hits him in the face, which got a nice reaction from me


For the Peckinpah style, I love the reveal of Kathy unhooking from Ryan’s braces to find that he’s slumped over dead.

The slow-mo action that Kathy and Wayne do is pretty great, too

Kathy and Ryan trying to kiss while numb from novocaine is a very silly visual

And Ryan’s novocaine mumbling is always gonna make me laugh

The ending is even funnier with mushmouths- Wayne puts up the Coke, and instead of just him turning to the camera, ALL THREE OF THEM DO, WITH MUMBLING. It’s so damn goofy
Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 6.16.38 PM.png

Very funny HD. I got a lot from all of the styles, and it feels like Colin’s becoming more confident in this role.

Drew: “1000 points to everyone, especially you, Colin.”
Ryan: “He’s the best host we’ve ever had!”

Song Styles: Wayne sings to Joe, the pool guy, as Eminem

Wayne does a very strong rap, and I do like that it’s not 100% Eminem, mostly because Eminem is kinda bad. His flow is pretty nice though, and his lyrics are smart enough to keep things going.

Wayne: “And when he’s finished, man don’t break it
Joe takes off and swims butt-naked”

Wayne even has the audience help him out on the chorus, which is the sign of a strong performer. Surprised he hasn’t needed them too much lately

A very fun number, and some strong stuff from Wayne

Number of Words: From Titanic, Colin is Jack and Kathy is Rose and they’re making out on the deck when Wayne, her horrified fiancee, and Ryan, the ship’s captain, come to tell them that the boat has hit an iceberg
Colin – 5 words
Kathy – 2 words
Wayne – 4 words
Ryan – 3 words

Kathy: “Oh, Jack”
Colin, being very literal: “ROSE ROSE ROSE ROSE ROSE.”

Wayne, entering: “Rose…what the hell?”
Colin: “Oh, no, your disgruntled fiance.”

Ryan: “I’M SO DRUNK.”
How is Ryan taking the passé character and making THAT funny?

Colin: “SHE WANTS TO BE WITH…” [points to self]

Colin: “Riches don’t matter to her.”
Kathy, choosing Wayne: “…oh yeah.”
They all dance to avoid the rats. So goofy

Wayne, making the most of his allotment: “QUICKLY, ROSE…..TO BOATS.”

Ryan: “Captain goes first.”
Colin: “Captain goes down with ship!”
Ryan: “…who says so?”
Colin: “…the Captain’s book right here…”
Ryan: “…don’t follow that!”

Colin, distracting Wayne: “LOOK BEHIND YOU, A BIG ELEPHANT.”
[…counts on fingers]

Ryan, without a better ending: “…I’m so drunk.”
Okay, so in lieu of a better ending line, the editors definitely went back to the FIRST TIME he said that and used a different angle. Which is kinda lazy

A bit clumsy, but still a fun round of this.

Helping Hands: Kathy is a frustrated customer trying to get through the express line at a supermarket, Ryan, hands by Colin, is the loud-mouthed, busybody checker

Ryan, almost immediately, into his mic: “PRICE CHECK ON PEACH PLEASE.”

I like that Kathy and Ryan are establishing a backstory and characters in the midst of the obvious food uses.

Ryan, with twinkies: “I would never be caught dead eating any of these [smirk]…but just to prove a point…”

Ryan: “Hmm, they’re better than I thought, they have a soft, creamy filling.”
Ryan: [eats more]

Ryan, mouth full: “OH. I’M PHORRY. I’M EATING YOUR FOOD.”
and…he spits it out

An  ID Dispute leads to Ryan shaking up a can of beer, knowing full well what’s going  to happen
Wayne and Drew:
Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 7.13.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 7.14.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 7.14.40 PM.png

The eventual fizz is light, but the foam spills all over the floor towards Kathy

Ryan has a sip from the beer…and then spits it into the paper bag

Ryan has a very nice suggestive look at Kathy once he pulls out the cucumber. He snaps it in half, and Colin just rubs the ends on his shirt, which is a fun move

Colin has a grab at Kathy’s shirt which makes Ryan crack up, as he’s perhaps flashing back to Party Quirks.

Ryan: “my mouth is so dry…I COULD USE ANOTHER TASTY BEER.”

We end on the visual of Ryan trying to brush his teeth using only Colin’s finger.

A pretty fun Helping Hands. A lot more substantial in terms of character, and with some fun stuff from Kathy in support, but man, Ryan went through the ringer. Colin’s finger, too.

Props: Wayne & Colin vs. Ryan & Drew

Colin, prop on head: “I see a tall, dark stranger…”
Wayne: “dude, that’s ME.”

I love Drew’s goofy yell after being caught in a bear trap

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 7.34.20 PM.pngColin: “I am your MOTHER, Luke Skywalker”
I laughed my ass off at this one as a kid

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 7.35.21 PM.pngColin: “What causes impotence? Let’s go to the model…”

A pretty good props round, though the better ideas came from Colin and Wayne

Overall: I really liked this one. It wasn’t too showy, and it was just a strong assortment of games from a group that seemed really on all night. Questions Only, Director and Helping Hands were my favorites, but there was enough charm in the rest of it as well, especially minor stuff like Number of Words and Song Styles. I also like that, again, we’re seeing more of Kathy, and she’s having more cool moments in Questions, Director and HH. Wayne also had a big night, coming in huge during the first half.

Show Winner: Kathy
Best Performer: Wayne barely squeezes by Ryan and Colin just for how good he was in Director and Song Styles.
Worst Performer: I’m giving it to Kathy only because the other 3 were deadlocked for first.
Best Game: Director. I nearly gave it to Questions, but Director was really fully-formed tonight.
Worst Game: Props, by default.

COMING UP NEXT: A new Greg taping appears, which is nice, because he did 3 tapings this season and so far we’ve only seen one of them. This one is a prelude to a much more famous episode coming in 7 shows, but it still has some fun moments.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E21, or THIS Is How You Got Two Shows…

Considering my rave reviews on E8, you’re probably expecting me to really enjoy its sister show, 4×21…which I do, but for different reasons.

There aren’t many mentions of the tape recorder, or head-licking, or other events from this taping. There’s an equally good runner, some great games, and it exists fully autonomously in relation to the other, HUGE one it came from.

But yeah. Also, it uses Kathy a lot. Which helps.

Meet the Family: Wayne meets fiancee’s parents Colin, Rain Man, and Ryan, a dominatrix

A NEW GAME that would only be broadcast once. This comes off the heels of the big hit movie Meet the Parents, and has little more than its sole concept

I love Colin’s smile when he realizes he’s not playing the woman

By the time Kathy opens the door, Ryan’s already twisting Colin’s nipple. We’re off to a great start

Wayne, awkwardly, to Ryan: “May I take your, uh..rubber?”

Ryan is clearly having fun with his, thinking of all sort of ways to tie up or whip Wayne

Then, Ryan takes the central cake and licks it off of Colin, because…sure.

AND THAT’S THE SCENE. My gosh is this concept thin. That’s probably why they didn’t play it very often, as it’s very hard to establish a so what when it’s so based around ‘you, do your thing for a bit’

Ryan, awkwardly: “I don’t really know what dominatrixes do…IF they hook electricity up to people’s nipples, I wouldn’t know about that sort of thing…”

Wayne: “We should do that scene again…”
I know he’s probably joking because of all that Ryan put him through, but THEY REALLY SHOULD HAVE. I have no idea why they aired that. That scene just blew up.

Song Styles: Wayne sings a song about Goats in the style of West Side Story- the other 3 do backup

Thank god, a game I have GOOD things to say about.

Wayne has a ‘HA-HA’ when the other 3 come up for backup.

The opening visual, of everyone doing goat impressions and wandering around the stage, is VERY funny

Wayne’s lyrics in this are WAY better than the bank teller ones:
“When you’re a goat, you can eat anything you want
When you’re a goat, you’ve got two horns you can flaunt!”

Colin and Ryan are doing a great job with silent support- Ryan’s running around the back, Colin’s helping Wayne with some motions. Kathy’s just wandering around with her head down

Wayne: “When you’re a goat, the barnyard is your place
You’ve got 2 nubby things, and a little mustache on your face”

Suddenly, Kathy gets the idea to just start running her head into Colin. Which the audience slowly begins to respond to, but which IMMEDIATELY confuses Colin.
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.01.35 PM.png
Wayne sees this, and…
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.01.46 PM.png
Yeeeah, he realizes what’s up…

Also, I love that THIS is where Ryan is at the end of the game:
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.02.25 PM.png

As they head back to the seats, Wayne is hysterically laughing at what Kathy ended up doing, even going “YOU CAN’T AIR THAT…”

Wayne: “What kind of goatlike behavior was that?”
Kathy: “I was ramming, and then I realized, no…”
Wayne, nodding: “you were ramming…”

Drew keeps bringing up the ‘lift one leg up’ goat motion Kathy was doing.

A very silly, and very well-done Song Styles. Wayne actually held his own here before Kathy brought the house down.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Kathy, a clueless teenage girl on the  phone with her friends, co-anchors, Wayne, a haitian man who’s been unfaithful and is now the victim of a voodoo attack, does sports while Ryan, discovers the weather map covers the gates of hell and is desperate to keep them shut, does weather

This is my cousin Dylan’s FAVORITE-EVER Whose Line game. #1, all time.

After Drew makes a swipe at Kathy, he responds by repeating the ‘lift one leg’ gag from last game. SO NOW WE KNOW WHAT THIS CAME AFTER.

Drew: “Wayne, you’re a Haitian man who’s been unfaithful and is now the victim of a voodoo attack”
Okay, maybe ONE callback from 4×08 made it in here..
Wayne: “Ross? Chandler? Call me..”

Drew: “Ryan, you discover your weather map covers the gates of hell”
Ryan, for like 5 seconds:
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.11.58 PM.png
Drew: “and…’why does my weathermap always have to cover the gates of hell..”

As Drew finishes the intro, and says “let’s get on with this sad news”, Wayne is still cracking up

Colin reprises his ‘all pooped out’ joke from an earlier WN.

Kathy’s is one of her finest moments. She gets off the stool, and lies on the floor with her feet up on the stool, acting perfectly like a teenager on the phone. She has the Cali inflection down, she has the angst, and it’s just funny.
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.34.04 PM.png
Kathy: “You know, sometimes I just wish I was a goat…”

Kathy, finally: “hey…people are lookin’ at me…”

Colin: “This just in, hiring policies taken a close look at.”

Wayne begins this voodoo attack very subtly, just indirectly twitching an arm muscle, then full-fledged hitting himself in the head. It turns into him flailing his arms and running around, then going right over Drew’s desk and smooching him, which Drew isn’t exactly prepared for

This continues as Wayne just starts chasing Drew around. Does this count as the umpteenth ‘Wayne messes with Drew’ WN? Kind of?

Colin intros Ryan as: “Guther…Dosomethingamusing, GUNTHER…”
Ryan: [bites lip]
Ryan does a very funny pointer-extending move looking at Colin, which Drew loves

Ryan’s is classic, though. In the middle of his, he realizes the gates can be opened next to him, making a very funny ‘CLAAAAAAGH’ sound.
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.39.37 PM.png


Ryan wandering around in hell is great, with choice lines like “FRIENDS, CAN’T STOP WATCHING FRIENDS”, and “SOMEONE TURN OFF THE MICHAEL BOLTON MUSIC!” It’s hysterical

Ryan, stopping at Drew’s desk: “…THIS is how you got two shows…”
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.41.33 PM.png
This standoff is fantastic

A pretty legendary WN. Maybe not QUITE as pristine as I’d remembered, but Ryan’s is still great, and I appreciated Kathy’s more tonight as just a character piece.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Teacher

Ryan: “You know, I grew up on the sandy shores of British Columbia…”

Wayne’s surf rock song is cool, and he definitely has the snarl of the genre down, but  he stumbles towards the end

Colin says something very passionate
Ryan, wiping Colin’s eye: “…is that a tear?”
Colin, as Ryan missed a bit: “…it is NOW…”

And then Colin continues his song intro while keeping his right eye closed, which is a very funny  visual, cause he’s acting like nothing else is different:
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.26.47 PM.png

Wayne, for his Sting song, channels 1999-era Sting, complete with his new spiritual and middle-eastern influence, starting with a Desert Rose-esque vocal hook. Pretty good song, ending with “My name is Gordon, I actually was a teacher before I joined the Police, that’s a bit of general knowledge”.

After this, Ryan makes sure Colin’s eye is okay, and Colin fixes it.
Ryan: “I can see why you cried over that one..”

I do like the recurring hook of Ryan and Colin promising something, and then turning back and cracking up

Ryan zings Colin good by saying he’s old enough to remember Big Band. When Ryan says “I’ve read a lot of books about it”, Colin has a very sarcastic “OH!”  that just makes me laugh

Wayne’s big band number is pretty good, though his big finish is pretty great.

A very solid GH, but far from the best we’ve seen from this game lately. Kind of quieter in both departments.

Foreign Film Dub: Drew and Kathy act out the Vietnamese film The Rice Paddy- Ryan and Colin translate

Drew starts out by throwing in ‘YOU NUMBER ONE’ into his Vietnamese.
Ryan: “You said you were gonna be back soon. Go Yankees Go.”

Ryan: “The rice takes longer to cook than I do.”
Colin, very MST3K-esque: “Get your hands off of me before I cook your fingers”
Drew: [yelps in pain]
Ryan: “You make me feel like a young goat.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.41.48 PM.png
Drew, of course:
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.42.09 PM.png

And that’s where we lead to. Kathy and Drew both doing the leg-up goat dance.

Drew starts going back to back with Kathy, still prancing around
Ryan: “…look at the size of my butt compared to yours!”
Wayne has to call it there

Very funny FFD. Kinda short, but goofy enough in bringing back the goat gag for another use.

Overall: As fondly as I remembered this one, it was kind of a mixed bag, though at its core it was still very fun. The runner stuff, with Song Styles, Weird Newscasters and Foreign Film dub have the environment of a very enjoyable taping with so many fun attitudes. WN is still one of my favorites, too, in everything that goes down. Greatest Hits is less ironclad, especially in comparison to the other tentpole, and Meet the Family is a disappointment. But it’s still a sentimental favorite, even if it’s not THE best. Kathy had a lot more to do tonight, and felt like she contributed more than usual.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: It was close between Ryan and Wayne, but I’m giving it to Ryan just for that final line in FFD.
Worst Performer: Honestly? Colin took a very defensive approach in his games. He never felt like the primary aggressor in anything tonight, even GH. I’m also kinda glad Kathy’s not in this spot for once.
Best Game: Has to be Weird Newscasters. Masterful stuff.
Worst Game: Meet the Family was a rare gutterball of a game for Whose Line.

COMING UP NEXT: Another Kathy episode, this one a dispatch from the 405 taping, and is a lot cleaner than the crotch-grabbing show. Actually there’s a fun Colin-related runner in this.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E20, or WE USE A FRIEND NAMED BILLY.


We’ve got solely Season 4 (&5) tapings for the remaining 12 episodes of S4. This one comes from a Brad taping that’s become notorious, seeing as we’ll later find out that someone in the studio turned up the air conditioning all the way, leaving EVERYONE to freeze their asses off. Will there be any residue from this during this tamer show? We’ll find out.

Hollywood Director: Wayne is a store detective and he’s in a pet shop and he suspects Ryan of shoplifting, Brad is the police officer who’s been called to the scene
Colin directs

Ryan, of course, starts out by conspicuously swallowing some goldfish. Classic.

Wayne has a nice move by handing Ryan has gun while he calls the authorities.

And then Brad comes in as the officer and immediately beats up Wayne. All easy moves, but they work

Ryan: “I caught him stealing a bunch of fish!”
Wayne: “No, I’m the store detective!”

Colin: “William Shakespeare said ‘all the world’s a stage’, I say ‘YOU ARE CRAP'”

Ryan uses his Elvis impression to do a very lively guppy-tossing.

Both Wayne AND Ryan doing dueling Elvis impressions is pretty great, as they’re both doing different eras of Elvis.

Colin, breaking the Elvis scene, to Ryan: “you slipped into John Wayne, there..”
Ryan: “I wasn’t sure if you meant Elvis Costello, or…”

I love the energy Colin puts into going “DO THE WHOLE SCENE BACKWARDS.” It’s the first time they’ve tried this in Director.

Brad beating Ryan and Wayne backwards is pretty fun

Then, the motion becomes Ryan REGURGITATING guppies, which is honestly funnier than the original

Colin, smirking: “…I didn’t think ya’d really DO IT…ACTORS ARE SO STUPID…”

As Catty Vegas Showgirls
Ryan: “Honey, I was shopping in this pet store YEARS before you were born.”
Wayne, motioning to Ryan’s body: “i KNOWWW..”

This is how Brad enters:
Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 2.57.31 PM.png

An okay HD. Very lawful, didn’t have many live moments

Infomercial: Acne

Ryan introduces himself, and then Colin as “my friend Billy.”

I do love them using a plunger as a model for a blackhead, and then keeping it on the side of the table as they do more props.

Colin uses a scrubbing device on his own head. Then, as Ryan asks him if they charge extra, Colin removes it and realizes it’s a lot more coarse than he thought, answering ‘..NO..’ while clutching his face.

Ryan: “You wanna show ’em again?”
Colin: “No, that’s fine!”

Then, with the next prop:
Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 3.04.35 PM.png
Ryan: “As you can see, we’re starting to make progress!”

Colin, waving a yellow flag: “HIP HIP HOORAY, WE’RE ALMOST THERE.”

As Ryan moves ahead, Colin uses a star-shaped pillow to help alleviate the pain from a few props ago. Colin explains it’s for ‘sucking out all the oil’
Ryan…dismissively throws it in the box

Then, they try attaching jumper cables to Colin’s shirt.
Colin: “…my nipples aren’t cold enough.”

Ryan explains from NOT using a battery, and throws it over to Colin
I love the simplicity of that line, and the wholesomeness

Ryan displays the next stage of the model:
Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 3.08.45 PM.png
Unfortunately this one is not stationary, so Ryan has to keep holding it up

The final image of the game is…pretty great:
Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 3.09.54 PM.png

A pretty good Infomercial. I liked how they had a set structure for it, and it felt like a very complete story. Also, Colin accidentally hurting his forehead

Party Quirks: Brad hosts
Wayne – Family coming to blows on The Jerry Springer Show
Colin – Synchronized swimming teammate of the others

Ryan – Series of animals spotting and charging the cameras

Brad’s intro is a fun one- his shower is interrupted by the doorbell, checking the time, and realizing that daylight savings happened, placing this taping around April 2001.

I love how cheery Colin is as he imitates Brad and Wayne

Ryan’s…is a staple. Ryan comes in as a moose and runs towards the camera, flanked by a similarly moose-eared Colin

Then, Ryan and Colin going up as elephants is equally amusing, especially Ryan’s pause after glancing at the camera

As Wayne starts arguing as three different people, Ryan lets out a screech and begins to angrily flap towards the camera. The contrast is killing me

And then, the succession of Ryan hitting the camera, Colin hitting Ryan hitting the camera, and Wayne yelling at Ryan, Colin AND the camera, is pretty great

Wayne, entering again: “I’m the grandmama, I’m sleeping with him too!”

After Wayne leaves, Ryan begins to stalk the camera slowly, as a turtle. Colin, holding his nose, follows

I also love Ryan getting closer and closer to the camera the more Brad guesses incorrectly. Once Brad finally gets it, Ryan’s like an inch from hitting the camera.

Very lawful, again. There were laughs, but mostly from visual stuff.

Title Sequence: Ryan and Colin act out ‘George Washington & The Ventriloquist’- Brad and Wayne sing the theme

Drew makes sure to get a famous person AND a profession. So that people don’t shout out something like ‘Hitler’. This came after the other Brad taping

This suggestion is perfect for Ryan, who’s been doing ventriloquism jokes for the last 8 years

Wayne: “One of them can throw his voice good
The other had teeth made of wood”
Colin demonstrates this, taking them out and chattering them

I also love Colin getting Ryan on the boat to cross the Delaware, just for…how ridiculous that looks. Then, Ryan suddenly loses his dummy over the side of the boat, thinks for a moment…then sticks his hand up COLIN’s ass. The way Colin chatters his mouth after this is hysterical, simultaneously looking pained

A very silly Title Sequence, but…given the theme of the night, kinda light and visual-based

Helping Hands: The bad-tempered owner of an ice cream parlor, Ryan (hands by Colin), is teaching his new soda jerk Drew how to make the ultimate ice cream sundae

Helping Hands is back as a Drew game? Well, the one in E8 was so good that I don’t especially mind

Wayne: “Ryan is the bad-temper- BAD-TEMPERED.”

Ryan, to Drew: “I used to watch your show, should have saved some money.”
Drew nervously laughs this off

I love Colin, as Ryan says he’s ‘ill-tempered’, waving his arm angrily for a beat.

Colin ends up throwing ice cream in the bowl by hand, and Ryan tastes some of it. I do like the moment where Ryan is surprisingly impressed with the quality of one of the flavors.

Colin pelts the sundae with sprinkles
Ryan: “looks like Walt Disney threw up, doesn’t it?”

Colin throws chocolate sauce on the sundae…then throws the bottle in Ryan’s mouth.

Then, Colin just…doesn’t stop putting whipped cream on there. He just holds it down for a WHILE.

Then, obviously, Ryan has some whipped cream. I love his surprised expression there too.
Ryan: “GUESS WHAT, DREW? I didn’t get any foam, but I got a  LOT OF AIR.”

Drew, after spitting out some of the whipped cream, rears back with the sundae
Ryan, barely holding it together: “Oh, you better think twice about that, my friend..”
Drew, after some intimidation from Ryan, just puts the bowl down on the table.

A good enough Helping Hands, but kind of simple compared to 4×08.

Overall: Back into the valley of the meh. The tentpoles, like Director, Party Quirks and Helping Hands, let me down, and even Infomercial, which I liked, didn’t feel as good as other recent playings. This was also a very visual, gestural show, where a lot of the jokes were very simple and broad rather than dialogue-based or sophisticated, meaning this was sort of an opposite of E17, which was almost entirely witty improv. Not saying it’s bad to rely on visual gags so much, but it felt like most of the show did.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Ryan was on top of things tonight, even when he was in danger, like in Helping Hands.
Worst Performer: Brad felt shut out tonight.
Best Game: Infomercial. Strongest stuff came from here.
Worst Game: Director honestly was the thinnest.

COMING UP NEXT: I’ve discussed that 4×08 is one of my all-time favorite Whose Line episodes. So here’s the sequel. Same taping, same energy, and OTHER things go wrong. This time involving Kathy.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E19, or FREDZILLA!

And for the LAST TIME THIS SEASON, we have a Season 3 taping episode in the middle of Season 4. THEN, FINALLY, we can get back to the good, strong S4 material. I’m not saying the S3 stuff we’ve gotten is bad, but it hasn’t been giving the really good S4 stuff time to breathe on its own.

So here’s some dispatches from the Chip taping 309, which we’ve already seen this season for some trumpeting and Drew-Ryan stuff back in E3. There’s still a small amount left to cover here.

Let’s Make a Date: Chip must choose from Wayne, power crazed Southern state trooper, Colin, joined at the butt to Ryan but desperate for his own career in showbiz, and Ryan, bragging motorcycle rider taking on even greater challenges

Chip, in lieu of an accent, does a traditional valley girl voice

Wayne spends Chip’s first question reading the speed gauge and waiting. He finally reads a fast one, and goes “AW HELL YEAH.”

This is what we start out with for Colin:
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 3.41.35 PM.png

He then tapdances

I love Colin getting into a quiet disagreement with Ryan, and then draping a cape over Ryan. Ryan loves this

I do love Ryan trying to get out of his stool while Colin is still attached to him, and stifling laughter as Colin stays around and keeps by his ass. He has to stop his motorcycle for a second to catch his breath, and figure out how he’s gonna do this WITH Colin

Plus, once Ryan DOES the jump, Wayne starts cycling after him

Then, Ryan sits down, and Colin is STILL attached to him. Ryan can’t help but start laughing, and emit a ‘Jesus…’. I bet he had no idea Colin would do that this round

Chip: “what is the biggest lie you’ve ever told.”
Wayne: “…that you’ll be out by 6:00 tomorrow morning…”

Chip asks Colin where he’d take him on their honeymoon. Colin, who has an obstacle preventing this, shakes his head and cracks a little

Ryan tries another stunt, with Colin, going into the audience, but he rams into the piano chest first.

The second Drew buzzes, you can audibly hear Ryan go ‘WERE YOU ATTACHED TO MY BUTT?”

Chip guesses Wayne, then moves on: “…this next one’s a two-part answer”

Drew has to read out Colin’s
Ryan: “makes MINE a little rough, doesn’t it?”

Drew: “Ryan, could have been worse. Could have been a PORN STAR…joined at the butt to Colin”
Colin: “First time we’d make money from it…”

Pretty good LMAD. The whole Colin-Ryan struggle was amusing as hell

Motown Group: Wayne, Chip and Ryan Do the Hockey Player

Once Drew morphs the title into ‘Do the Hockey Player’, Wayne reacts in awe…and emits a ‘BAP-BA-DA-BAAAAA’. Which means we know what THIS came after.

Chip has some fun rhymes and gags in his verse, though I thought his rhyme with ‘suck’ was gonna be an Anaheim Ducks jab rather than ‘I don’t give a puck’

A lot of obvious hockey gags here, but…fine as a game.

Song Titles: In the Army

Ryan, coming downstage for this one: “…oh NO.”

Wayne and Chip’s opening scene is good for making song titles into thematic elements: Wayne uses ‘I Am Woman’ as a way of getting out of it, and Chip uses ‘Get Down Tonight’ as a request for push-ups, continuing ’25, OR 6 TO 4′

Ryan, saluting Colin as he comes in: “Sgt. Pepper!”
Wayne, from the sidelines: “AWWW…”
Somebody should have thought of that…

Colin: “Happiness is a warm gun.”
Ryan: [clenches up]

Colin tries making up a word to respond to Chip. This doesn’t work

When Chip does ‘Free Bird’, there seems to be a cry of pain from the audience.

Ryan and Wayne’s back-and-forth here is great:
Ryan: “Tonight’s the night.”
Wayne: “Route 66”
Ryan: “North to Alaska”
Wayne: “…Westward Ho.”
Ryan: “OOOHHH, Canada…”
Perfect delivery

Not a bad round, but we’ve definitely seen better

Scenes from a Hat: 

Chip debuts his Snagglepuss in the ‘When Cartoon Characters Go On Dates’ category

Colin, as Elmer Fudd: “…I’m vewwy uninhibited in bed..”

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.10.00 PM.png
Ryan, gravely: “I JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.09.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.10.34 PM.png
Drew, as Foghorn Leghorn: “Y’AL-I SAY Y’ALMOST LOST ‘IM.”
Wayne and Ryan do an ‘aaaAAAh’, as he’s got that one in his repertoire

First Drafts of Famous Movie Lines:
Ryan: “…Frankly, Scarlett…I don’t give a LAMB.”
Ryan, Clint voice: “GO AHEAD…MAKE A CAKE.”
Chip, in a CALM Arnold voice: “…I’ll be back in a couple minutes, there are some things I’ve gotta do…”
Sentimental favorite

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.14.05 PM.pngRyan is cracking at this as Colin comes back, repeating in awe, “…Fredzilla…”

Drew: “World’s worst person to be stuck with at a party”
Colin, lower-energy: “…Fredzilla!”

Chip has a pair of fun ones for ‘Trivial Reasons for Holding a News Conference”
Chip: “I’ve asked you all here to announce this news conference..”
Chip: “…got a new podium!”

And then Wayne has a nice one: “I’d now like to announce UPN’s fall season.”
This gets a big reaction from the audience, AND CHIP

‘Color Commentators on their day off’ is a fun one, but Colin sells it without saying a word. As Wayne details everything he did wrong with dinner, he just wordlessly cocks a gun.

Drew, with a big smile: “Get out your pens, everybody…it’s ‘Things You Can Say to Your Dog, but Not Your Girlfriend'”
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.19.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.20.04 PM.png

Ryan: “WHAT DID YOU JUST DO? WHAT DID YOU JUST DO? Am I gonna have to rub your nose in that?”
Colin, immortally: “…come.”


Other Things Dorothy and her friends asked the Wizard for:
Wayne, with Colin: “Oh, Mr. Wizard…I’d love some hair for my friend…”
Colin just stares at Wayne as the game ends and Ryan heads back. He does not move. Wayne eventually blows him a kiss, but Colin does a ‘talk to the hand’

A very strong SFAH, long enough to give everyone some great stuff

Hoedown: Body Odor

Drew and Chip’s are kinda baseline.

Colin has a very fun punchline with some buildup about a great question:
“Dinosaurs had BO, now they’re all exSTINKED.”

We get to Ryan…and he has NOTHING. NO THING. He even says “everybody wanna go to the bathroom for a while…come back in…”
Chip yodels for time. Ryan just sits down, absolutely defeated. You have to think that he must have done a few that didn’t make it, and he was drained. This was also late in the taping.
Ryan just says to Colin and Drew: “I’m faced out…I can’t fuckin’ think…”
Drew: “I’ve got one…”
Ryan, getting an idea: “Do it…come over here…stand behind me and sing it…”
So, this is what we get:
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.27.38 PM.png
Drew, as Ryan: “I went on a date last night, it really didn’t end well
She said she wouldn’t kiss me cause I had a weird smell
I said come on baby, why don’t you have a heart
Sure I might have BO, but at least  I didn’t fart..”

A clumsy hoedown, but that ending at least was nice.

Overall: As expected, not much left from this taping. LMAD and SFAH were the highlights, but the rest of the show paled in comparison. Some games were kinda empty, like Song Titles and Motown Group, and some, like Hoedown, barely held together. One of those ‘skip through most of it’ kind of shows, but not exactly bad.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin, barely coming ahead of Chip
Worst Performer: As evidenced by that Hoedown, Ryan was pretty beat tonight.
Best Game: Scenes from a Hat is a classic, and its length was fully worth it.
Worst Game: Motown Group was very blah.

COMING UP NEXT: Finally, we get a nice chunk of S4 stuff, starting with a brand new Brad taping that we’ll be hearing about for a while. Of the taping’s material, this one seems to be the most tame assortment, but it still is a good assortment, it seems.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E18, or We’re All Just People.

This one, from the 303 ‘Quacking elephants’ taping with Chip, is an episode that I happened upon on ABC Family reruns as a kid, and became a favorite of mine despite not being, like, a classic. The fact that so much of it seemed new and unspoken-about made me really appreciate a lot of the content, especially considering the strong runner throughout. So it’ll be fun to cover it here.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Chip, singing Italian gondolier whose boat springs a leak, co-anchors, Wayne, excited Japanese tourist, does sports while Ryan, bigfoot caught on camera, desperate to escape being filmed, does weather

I will always laugh at Ryan’s extended reaction to being told he has to play bigfoot:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.02.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.02.31 PM.png

Chip gives us another inspired WN opening:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.03.05 PM.png
Colin, of course, has to permeate this: “I’m your anchor, Gay Apparel.”

Colin’s punchline of an elderly man getting a harassment charge as “assault with a dead weapon”, gets a nod from Chip

Chip does a very operatic rendition of ‘O Sole Mio’, with different, news-related words, including, glancing at Colin, ‘CHRRROME-A-DOME-YYY..”

Chip, once he realizing the boat is sinking, does some very good sinking motions, singing as he goes down, then comes back up for a gag and comes down.

And, for the rest of the game, we’re left with this two-shot:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.06.07 PM.png

Wayne’s very excited “KOOOOOONICHIWA” already has me laughing

Of course, for the SIXTH TIME in the last 20 episodes, Wayne goes right to Drew, snapping pictures furiously and running after him.

I do love Wayne throwing “…uh MIMIIII” into his Japanese babbling

And then Wayne mistakes Colin for Mount Rushmore, which is a nice enough gag, though he could have been meaner

Colin: “This just in, we’re all just people.”
A lot of modern WL fans seem to forget this occasionally..

THIS is how Ryan begins the scene:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.09.27 PM.png
and as if this couldn’t get funnier, we pan out…and:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.09.51 PM.png

Once Ryan starts moving and doing Bigfoot noises, IMMEDIATELY I can tell he’s trying not to laugh. He doesn’t have much further to take this, and just going ‘URROROOOOOUUGH’ and flailing around is all he’s got. But he continues to do it every time he notices a camera in front of him, which is amusing

Then, he runs off behind the green sceen, and is gone for a few seconds…followed by my favorite instance of someone running behind the chairs:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.12.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.12.19 PM.png
The camera angle, in addition to Ryan’s continued arm flailing, makes this work

…and then Wayne follows him to try and take more pictures

And Colin signs off here:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.13.11 PM.png
Wayne looks so amused

Ryan, as he returns from his end-of-scene departure, has a plate of food from the craft services table in hand. This is SO Ryan..

Drew: “1000 points, and, uh, hey, why do they call ya bigfoot?”
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.14.34 PM.png

Because Ryan has his blue flame shoes, Drew does a ‘your shoes are too loud’ joke, which Ryan responds with by fake-laughing…and flipping him off

Strong WN round, very sentimental, though dwarfed by last show. Loved Ryan and Wayne’s.

Title Sequence: Chip and Wayne sing the theme to ‘The Bea Arthur and Brad Pitt Show’, while Ryan and Colin act it out

Oh yeah, they still play this game. Nearly forgot.

To signify that he’s playing Brad Pitt, Ryan immediately drops to his knees.

Colin does not need to do much in order to do a good Bea Arthur impression:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.17.33 PM.png

You can tell they don’t have a TON to work with here, but Ryan and Colin do an extended verse where they’re about to kiss but turn away

Chip: “They’re all crazy, that’s the way it’s been
since he left Jennifer Aniston”

Drew jokingly asks who was playing who after the game.

Before they go on, Ryan asks Colin to do his Bea face one more time:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.20.12 PM.png

Ryan: “now watch, I’ll do my Brad face”

A fun enough Title Sequence, but kind of light

Scenes from a Hat:

Drew HAS THE HAT IN HIS HAND and is STILL wanting more of Colin’s Bea. Good news is you can PLAINLY place these two together in the taping order. Drew even compares it to his Clark Gable, which confuses Colin

Drew: “What your wife is saying right now”
Ryan: “I’m happy he has big feet.”

Chip: “Is that Ryan or Brad Pitt?”

Colin, being himself: “…can that man make love…”

Wayne, in a line that hasn’t entirely aged well: “I love my husband Wayne Brady.”
Drew: [gags]
Ryan: “I LOVE her husband Wayne Brady..”

Boy Scout Badges we’ve Never Heard of:
Colin, again being himself: “ANIMAL GYNECOLOGY!”

The punchline to ‘Diet Books That Didn’t Exactly Fly Off the Shelves’ is obvious as soon as Ryan comes down: “Lose Weight, by Drew Carey.”
Chip, however, has a great rebuttal: “Eat Yourself Smart, by Ryan Stiles”
Drew does a little raise-the-roof motion and high-fives Chip
Ryan, taking this well: “why don’t you two get a hotel…”

Strange 900 Numbers has some good ones:
Wayne: “Hi, you’ve reached the Animal Gynecology hotline”
Wayne hands the phone to Colin
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.28.20 PM.png

Colin: “So you need more bald jokes….DREW…CAREY…here are some more bald jokes for you….DREW….CAREY.”
His automated voice impression is amazing here

Bad Racehorse names to call in a race

Pretty good SFAH. We’ve definitely seen better recently, though

Improbable Mission: Washing the Car (Wayne on tape)

Great opening gag- the tape is actually a 78 record, so Ryan starts cranking it…and Wayne starts playing ‘pop goes the weasel’. Very clever

Wayne’s intro is pretty amusing, especially when he specifies ‘your teammates’, “that means you, the big guy and the bald guy”
Colin: [twitches]
Wayne: “You will be acclaimed, but you will be disavowed, AND I’LL LAUGH AT’CHA ASS.”

Ryan: “Wait a minute, we’ve got to take it, bring it back here, wash it and bring it back?”
Wayne, from the stopped record: “that’s what I said”
Ryan: [chucks record out the window]

Colin, starting the scene off with a bold choice: “we’re going to have to use my jet-propelled butt!”

Colin takes off, and Ryan, with his privates right on Colin’s engine, yells “IT BURNS!”

I love Ryan and Colin going inside the limo, and Ryan deciding to go in the hot tub rather than start cleaning it.

Colin: “You know I can’t go in there cause of my butt pack.”

Ryan makes Colin repeat ‘NO WATER’ three times, to the point where Colin has to come over and smack him on the head with the hose head. Ryan, in a wise move…tries turning on the spout.

Ryan revealing that his pants still have suds in them leads to the visual of Colin sliding Ryan along the car, and back and forth across the stage.

Colin, as they run out of water: “QUICK…USE YOUR…EXTRA SALIVA PILLS.”

Ryan then tries to move onto waxing.
Colin: “A TURTLE!”
He then snaps it open and waxes the car with the shell. Only Colin. Ryan has to stop and hide his face in order to crack at that

Ryan causes a similar reaction in Colin by suggesting he buff the car with his hairy  chest

Sadly Drew ends it there, which robs the scene of a truly good final beat, but it’s still a pretty fun IM scene.

Drew asks for Ryan’s ‘why I oughta’ face again
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 7.39.11 PM.png
Ryan: ‘…oh, that’s my Bea Arthur!”

Irish Drinking Song: Hair Transplant

Only the second or third playing of this, so it’s still got the original tone

Colin: “He put some implants in.”
Ryan: “Then I wore his shoe”

Chip’s first line, as this is a hair transplant one, is “I LOOKED LIKE COLIN MOCHRIE.”

There are some fun comedy details, especially about the actual hair transplant procedure.

This is a pretty wholesome one, about how good they look now
Chip: “and when I come into the room”
Colin: “my pants fall on the floor!”

A cute, if uneventful, IDS.

I also love Drew cutting to commercial with “while Colin picks up his pants, we’re gonna see a commercial..”

Props: Wayne and Colin vs. Drew and Wayne

Wayne seems to have an extreme reaction to any prop that is a skin tone that isn’t his own. For instance, his prop in 4×08 was beige, and he and Ryan had reactions. And also, here:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 11.01.07 PM.png

Wayne, using his as a shield: “Spartacus!”
Colin: ‘…Phil!”

Drew and Ryan’s ‘snot’ one is really well-timed

Kind of a weak props.

Overall: Charming, but uneven. A lot of games in this one have always made me smile, even if, in the case of Title Sequence and IDS, they’re not quite as good as I remember. The bulk of this show, which means Weird Newscasters, SFAH and Improbable Mission, is still strong, with enough good runner material and scene work to keep things pretty strong across the board. It just stinks that there’s a lot of thinner games, including Props, to dilute the good stuff here. This is still a great show, and a sentimental favorite, but I have to overlook a bit.

Show Winners: Everyone but Chip
Best Performer: Colin ran away with this one, giving the most bizarre material in nearly every game.
Worst Performer: Chip didn’t have much to do at all tonight, despite some clever work in SFAH.
Best Game: Weird Newscasters was another in a line of great ones this season.
Worst Game: Props was, as discussed, kinda weak.

COMING UP NEXT: Another holdover from S3 with Chip. This comes from the same taping as E3 of this season, and there is definitely some wild, unhinged moments still to come from it.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E17, or IT’S AN ELECTION THING.

Onto a new, S4-set Brad Sherwood taping. In about 10 shows we’ll see the most censored WL in years come from this taping, but for now, here’s a relatively manageable load of games.

Weird Newscasters: Brad anchors, Colin, who has just found his boyfriend Brad is having an affair with someone else on the show (and he wants to know who it is), co-anchors, Wayne, farm boy defending his title in the finals of the National Greased Pig Roundup, does sports, while Ryan, First-time mother going from conception to birth

Colin, on hearing his “boyfriend Brad”, shakes his head. As if the last 20 years have shaken off any doubt that the two of them have other spouses.

Drew explains to Wayne that he is “defending his title in the finals of the National Greased Pig roundup. …and RYAN-”
Ryan: “PLEASE don’t say that I’m the greased pig.”
I love Ryan
Drew, reading ahead: “…no, it’s the most beautiful of God’s gifts…”

Brad tries his hand at a Colin-esque setup and pun gag: “Veteran rockers Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle broke into an animal hospital today and set free all the Doberman Pinchers. Police say they now have proof that The Who let the dogs out.”

Colin is stuck glaring at Brad, for character reasons. Brad double takes toward Colin, and smirks, thinking Colin’s glaring at Brad due to the quality of the joke.

Brad: “Please welcome Barney Smallpants”
Colin: [glares at Brad further]

Colin’s is great, with his bitterness towards Brad, and then pointing at someone in the audience who might have done it, then calling him a harlot.

Colin: “That’s the last  time you’ll be getting any fresh headlines..”

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 7.57.09 PM.png

I just did a tally of all the Weird Newscasters from this season, and out of the five we’ve seen so far, including this very one, FOUR have seen Wayne going over to Drew and making him be a part of the fun. FIVE if you count the last leg of S3, as he did one in E38 of that one. So he’s going to this well a LOT. But I guess it’s the fault of the producers for constantly writing quirks like these?

Drew, to his credit, does eventually wander onstage and eventually gets easily rounded up by Wayne, just…lying on the floor in front of Ryan  for a while.

Wayne: “I WIN!”
Drew is shaking his head, completely embarrassed
Wayne, reneging: “But…maybe later on, we’ll see that I really lost…”

Brad, to Colin: “By the way, you might have LEARNED something from that little behavior…”
As the audience responds, Brad’s little smirk returns
Colin, not done, sniffs Brad again: “WHY DO YOU SMELL LIKE PORK?”
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.03.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.03.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.03.58 PM.pngBrad: “…it is the other white meat…”
YES. Brad is killing this. And again, that confident little smirk comes back

Brad, composing himself to move on: “LE-HEETT’S FIND OUT ABOUT THE WEATHER…it’s been cold in HERE, that’s for sure…”

Ryan’s entire routine is a masterclass in storytelling, and going through all the stages of pregnancy without taking a breath. It’s a fantastic quirk, and he absolutely nails it.

Of course, when it’s time for Ryan to have the baby [“SCREW THE LAMAZE, GIVE ME THE EPIDURAL”], Wayne pops out from under his legs and does it. Which causes Ryan to immediately shove Wayne back in there. It’s amusing as hell

Ryan eventually hands the baby over to Colin, leading to this amazing visual:
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.09.00 PM.png

Ryan, once the game ends, immediately stretches his arms and back. Apparently going down that quickly might have hurt a little. Colin immediately asks if he’s okay, which he is.

Drew: “Great game, 1000 points to Ryan, 1000 points to Colin, 1000 points to Brad…[strategic pause]…ANNNND 1000 points to WHATSHISNAME. You know, that guy who used to do stuff on Whose Lin-YEAH, THAT GUY.”

Wayne, after some applause on his side, gets up: “I’m going to UPN…’

SUCH a strong WN. Everything fit together in a way that even outdid other recent WN highlights. Everyone was so funny, EVEN Brad, who usually takes the straight man role in this game. Insanely impressed right off the bat

Two-Line Vocabulary: Submarine commander Captain Colin is questioning two seamen (Ryan and Brad) because he suspects one of them of being a spy
Brad must say: “Says who?” and “What the hell is that?”
Ryan must say: “That can’t be good” and “When’s lunch?”

Drew: “Submarine commander Captain Colin.”
Colin, astonished: “I’M NOT A WOMAN?”
Ryan: “IT COULD be a woman…what are you saying?”
Drew: “Actually, you’re the WIFE of a submarine commander…”

Drew: “Is questioning two seamen, Ryan and Brad”
Colin, of course:
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.16.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.17.00 PM.pngRyan, to the hollering audience: “…come on…”

Drew: “Cause he suspects that one of ’em, that’d be SEAMEN RYAN OR SEAMEN BRAD…”
Brad, with no choice now: “HEE HEE HEE…”

Colin, responding to Brad: “…the surface is the area above the water.”
Ryan: “that can’t be good.”

Ryan’s timing his ‘that can’t be good’ pretty damn well- his utterance of it once Colin mentions that someone here is a spy is pretty fun.

There’s a fantastic pause after Colin says a line, and Ryan just has his arms down as well as Colin does. Something about this pause is so damn funny, and I can’t quite explain why.
Ryan, finally permeating it, whispers: “…when’s lunch?”

Colin mentions an eventual buffet: “Cook has a greased pig, and oh, it’s gonna be good.”
Ryan, disgusted: “That CAN’T be good.”

Colin, testing Brad: “WHO WON THE WORLD SERIES?”
Brad: “…what the hell is that?”
[Anyone else wondering if COLIN knows who won the World Series? Didn’t see him as a baseball guy. But he probably just assumes the Yankees won it again, and they did.]

Brad: “SAYS WHO?”
Brad is so damn good at this game. Hell, they all are.

Again, there’s a good few minutes where every back-and-forth line between all three just works so well, and it’s in the sense of an old comedy routine. These three are FLUID playing this, and by the time Colin’s directing them to the buttons, it feels like a well-oiled machine

Brad, taking something off his button: “What the hell is that?”
Ryan: [sulks]

Instead of on a button, Brad’s hand is sort of…grabbing underneath one. I love Colin’s very confused: “…what are YOU doing?”
Ryan, drawing back: “THAT CAN’T BE GOOD.”

I’m honestly surprised Drew didn’t call Brad out on that. Maybe he did and it referenced something from elsewhere in the taping.

Anyway, really good Two-Line. Reminds me how good these three are at this scene. So many fantastic exchanges.

Quick Change: Outlaw Brad is giving Miss Kitty, Colin, a hard time in the saloon when Sheriff Ryan enters to sort things out- Wayne calls change

The response to Colin being the woman [“every time”] makes me think this might have been filmed BEFORE Two-Line?

Colin: “Look, I’m a very strong woman”
Wayne: “Change”
Colin: “Look, I’m an orangutan in a dress.”

Brad shoots for Colin to dance
Colin: “I’m a very strong woman, I don’t need to do anything a man says”
Wayne: “Change”
Colin: [dances]
Colin is great at this game. He gets what fundamentally makes it good

Ryan, entering: “SQUEAKY.”
Wayne: “Change”
Ryan: “DING-DONG.”
Wayne: “Change”
Ryan: [foghorn/fart-noise]

Brad: “I’m not gonna leave town cause you don’t scare me.”
Wayne: “Change”
Brad: “Which way’s outta town.”
And yes, since Brad invented the game, he’s pretty awesome at this too

Ryan says the exit is “right past the OK Corral.”
Brad, in a line made funnier by his gruff delivery: “OK.”

Brad gets through a few ‘BEFORE I GO’ lines before Wayne has him go “Before I go I’m gonna ride you like a greased pig.” I’d forgotten the greased pig gag went through MULTIPLE scenes.
Colin: ‘Hey, this town ain’t big enough for the two of us-”

Ryan: “Ya see this badge? That means I’m the sheriff.”
Wayne: “Change”
Wayne: “…CHANGE.”
Ryan: [chuckles] “you see these sandals? That means someone stole my boots.”

Ryan: “I guess it’s time for us to take 5 steps backwards and draw our guns.”
Wayne: “Change”
Ryan: “i guess it’s time for us to walk right up there and Riverdance.”
I love the slow look when Ryan realizes Wayne’s not gonna call that, and he shrugs and gets up there. I imagine that was a throwaway line in between a better one, but because this game isn’t exclusively ‘rule of threes’, it can go like that.

Ryan eventually draws back in pain
Brad, with a great callback: “That’s what you get for riverdancing in a thong!”

Another GENIUS round of this. I really wish Brad would have pushed to play this game more often, because it was always really damn fun whenever they did. Brad, Ryan AND Colin are all great at this, there were so many great lines, and moves.

Scenes from a Hat:

Ah yes, one of two playings of SFAH from this taping. This is, if you can believe it, the safer one.

Drew doesn’t seem too pleased to read out “Latin American Soccer Announcers on their day off.” Maybe the joke is too obvious?
Ryan: “I’ll have a cheeseburger, some fries, and a COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE.”
I feel like someone else went in between here, but Ryan comes back
Ryan: “….you forgot my COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE.”
And I’m sure that there was NO GAP between these next two, because the audience reacts like they know what’s coming
This cracked me up as a kid

For ‘weird things to find beautiful’, Colin just…does what he’s told:
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.47.49 PM.png

Ryan: [sneezes, then looks in awe]
Brad: “Goodbye, beautiful! FLUUUSH.”
Brad welcomes the disgusted audience reaction
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.49.34 PM.png

“Weird things for your grandmother to give you for Christmas”
Colin, shaking a box: “…it’s grandpa.”

Ryan: [sneezes, then looks in awe…then wraps it up for Christmas]
Such a silly gag

“What politicians’ wives are really thinking as they smile and wave from the podium.”
Brad: “…who’s that girl under the podium?”
Ryan: “…if I was his wife, I’d be Tipper Bush.”
Brad. along the same lines: “I sure hope my husband licks bush tonight.”
HA. HAHAHAHA. The audience reacts with fervor, and Brad has to yell “IT’S AN ELECTION THING.” Tonight’s show is proving that Bad Boy Brad from S1 never really left

A pretty good SFAH, though slightly truncated. 4×27’s would explain why.

Irish Drinking Song: Graduation

No Drew game for this one, as it’s hard to do a Drew game without mentioning Hitler apparently.

For a ‘major life event’, someone yells out ‘BIKINI WAX’, which gets Ryan and Colin cracking up.
Drew: “Not a major DAY event…”

Brad immediately gets Ryan to have to rhyme with diploma, which he, worriedly, rhymes with “I’ll move right to Pomona.”

Like the Divorce Hoedown, Ryan’s set up to rhyme with ‘rich’, by Brad, and covers for it by self-censoring: “I’ll leave that old-OHHHHHHH”

Brad adds in the line “I had a bikini wax.”
Colin, too busy to react fully: “I feel so proud.”
Ryan: “I’ve got no more hair there.”
Wayne, pivoting back: “MY MOM’S YELLIN’ REAL LOUD.”

Ryan: “I’ve got a great  job now”
Wayne: “Now I can drive a truck”
Brad: “And because I’m a truck driver”
Colin, without ideas: “…and I transport ducks…”

The final rhyme of this is Wayne begging Colin to rhyme with ‘cash’, and so he does: “SITTING ON MY ASH.”
Which is an inoffensive but still very silly ender line.

Not a bad IDS. We’ve had better ones, but it was still fun, and had a good amount of silly moments going around from all 4.

Overall: I figured this one would be good, but this was a few points away from being a 10/10 type. And while this one isn’t exactly a classic, the strength of the games, including ALL THREE of the first 3, impressed me. Just getting people out there and improvising off each other, especially if Brad is out there with them, makes this show great. I was just talking about how Wayne is only excelling in shows if there’s an emphasized performance element, and there wasn’t really one in this show, so WN aside he didn’t have a lot to do. But just from an improv standpoint, we had a ton of good work all night, especially considering those first three games, and the runner-based mindset of SFAH.

Show Winners: Everyone
Best Performer: Brad Sherwood. The guy seemed to dominate this show, appearing in every game and providing some very funny, challenging stuff all night. Proves how valuable he’s been since coming onto the US run.
Worst Performer: Wayne was sort of left behind here.
Best Game: Weird Newscasters was stellar across the board. When even the anchor gets some great lines in, you know it’s a good one.
Worst Game: IDS was a letdown after the first 4.

COMING UP NEXT: [sigh] back into Season 3 tapings we go, but this Chip episode has always been a sentimental favorite of mine, coming from the 303 taping (QUACK QUACK QUACK). It’s got some self-contained runners, and has some pretty fun energy that seems to have been lost to the majority of fans.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E16, or A Long Way to Go For That One, Huh?

We’re back to actual Season 4 tapings with this Jeff episode, same taping as 401. We do have a few S3 stowaways left in a few, but after then it’s all pretty much S4 stuff for the rest of the season. I will add that Season 7 is a pretty good continuation of the S4 tapings, and that someone should just restructure the ABC seasons based on when they were taped.

But anyway. Jeff show.

All of Drew’s contestant intros are Eagles song titles. I put them below The Beatles and ABBA, but sure, Drew

Questions Only: It’s a bawdy Saturday night in a frontier town at the height of the gold rush

Wayne, confused by a certain word in the intro: “IS IT AWFULLY *BAWDY* TO YOU?”

Jeff and Wayne’s intro scene is great, as they’re both well into the scene.
Jeff: “Have ya ever seen 10 gallon pants before?”
Wayne: “have you seen a 4-gallon butt before?”

Wayne: “Where’s the sheriff when you need him?”
Jeff: “…….OVER THERE.”

Drew mistakenly buzzes Wayne on an actual question

Ryan brings back his piano-player character from whenever there’s a western-set QO: “WHEEERE HAVE ALL THE BUFFALO GONE…”
Colin: “Don’t you know any other songs?”
Ryan: “What would you like to hear?”
Colin, taking Ryan’s usual: “…do you know the way to San Jose?”
Ryan, figuring out something: “WHO LET THE DOGS OOOUT?”
YES. Not only does this place this taping in early 2001, but it’s a very silly move from Ryan

Ryan: “Haven’t ya heard Black Bart’s out to get ya?”
Colin: “why?”
Ryan, not expecting that: “…uhh, I dunno…”

Jeff, to Wayne: “…so why DO they call you Black Bart?”
Wayne: “have you seen my home videos?”

Wayne and Colin end up confusing each other about whether Wayne’s really Colin’s father, and Colin asking “shouldn’t you know, cause you’re the donor whose sperm…”

A very good, very substantial QO playing, with great work from all 4.

Oh yeah, this is the $100 bill taping. So when Drew awards 1000 points, Ryan, wanting money, goes “…points don’t really mean anything…”

Infomercial: excessive arm hair


Ryan promises that this will get rid of hair “IN 30 DAYS, OR YOUR MONEY…well, it stays with us, but we’ll…”
Colin: “WE’LL SEND AN APOLOGY. A nice note…”

Ryan first uses a clip apparatus on Colin’s actual armhair, and doesn’t hurt Colin until he begins to yank it back a little. Then, Ryan rips it away and Colin visibly winces.

Colin: “we wanna come up with a PAINLESS WAY, DON’T WE?”
He then pinches Ryan’s arm in retribution

Colin pulls out a ‘Betty wig’
Colin: “As you know, Betty is the god of armhair…”

Colin tries the wig on, and:
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 2.57.30 PM.png
Yeah, that’s a great visual

Ryan, to Colin in the wig: “FIVE MINUTES, MISS RENO.”

Ryan gets another object to attack Colin’s armhair with
Colin: “Can I tell you right now how sorry I am I wore short sleeves?”

The ‘plucker’ device that Colin pulls out made me happy as a kid, as I had that exact grabber toy as a kid. So I could say I owned something that was used on Whose Line

Colin pulls a dove out from under the desk as a magic trick. Ryan responds with, apparently, a Tippi Hedren impression. Such a goofy reference

Colin, explaining the ‘suction’ device, and handing the top half to Ryan: “get someone who…can really suck…”
Ryan, after a bit of that, coughs up a hairball

A very fun Infomercial, one where it seemed like Ryan and Colin were right there with each other, and even if Ryan got to screw with Colin more than the inverse, Colin had enough fun things to do

Two Line Vocabulary: Colin’s a jungle expedition leader desperately trying to get his colleagues to set up camp before darkness
Ryan’s lines: “should I use my gun?” and “what was that?”

Jeff’s lines: “I resent that” and “Oh my god, that’s enormous”

Ryan, patting Colin on the back: “YOU GET TO PLAY A GUY!”
I’m guessing this taped after Sound Effects

Ryan: “Should I use my gun?”
Colin: “No, he’s just tired. Don’t shoot him, we’ve lost 5 guys already!”
Jeff, going over to Ryan’s gun: “OH MY GOD, THAT’S ENORMOUS.”
Ryan, confused: “…should I shoot my gun?”

I love the whole round of Colin trying to convince Ryan and Jeff to shoot at an airplane.

I love how after Colin mentions this idol weighs 15 tons, Ryan does a lifting motion and asks “should I use my gun?” That’s a nice, inspired way of putting that
Colin: “…how would that help?”

Jeff, noticing Colin’s arms:”Oh my god…that’s enormous…”

The scene really gets good when a poisonous snake arrives, and Colin has to convince Ryan to shoot at it. There’s so much good back and forth there.
Colin: “AGH. Okay, you took too long.”

I didn’t write everything down, because the best moments here were done really quickly, but that was a really good Two-Line. Jeff’s great at this game, as he’d later be great at Mixed Messages. And Colin’s great at bouncing off these guys.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Motorcycle

This is the cleaner of the two playings of this.

The intro to this game CLEARLY happened in the wake of the other playing’s incident, as Ryan and Colin are still cracking a bit as Colin, with nothing, interrupts “Humpty Dumpty…the early years…”

Ryan: “This CD is loaded with songs about motorcycles.”
Ryan: “…apparently Colin’s never ridden one.”

As Ryan intros Liberace, Colin, as an aside, goes “you knew him better than I did…” Which is a very sneaky joke, but it works

Ryan has the perfect segue: “But I think a style I like even more is done by his sister Mary. AND MARIACHI MUSIC…”
Colin just sinks in defeat. THAT is a great pun

Wayne and Jeff’s harmonies, and Jeff’s fluency in Spanish, makes the mariachi one an amusing one.

Ryan: “You’ll notice she was backed up by her brother George in that song.”
Colin: “…George Achi?”
Ryan, sotto: “doesn’t really work, does it?”
Colin: “no, it doesn’t work at all…”

Wayne, in his excellent Bob Dylan: “Tell me what happens, sing this song
What happens when you ride a motorcycle in a thong..”

Jeff, similar Dylan: “I fell down on the highway
now I got a bunch of gravel stuck in my ass..”

That protest number is my new favorite of theirs, just cause it’s a fun style to do, and they both nailed it. It’s very close to ‘Knock Knock, Hello, Slam’ for me.

Ryan: “When I’m feeling romantic to- WITH the wife, OR TO THE WIFE…SOMETIMES SHE’S SLEEPING…”
Both of them are so on edge from the ‘animal porn’ incident that they’re just doing so much funny stuff.

Ryan: “I’ll pour some champagne, I’ll light some candles…and I’ll put on some thrash…”

And Ryan, who named all the songs in this one, does another ‘simply titled’ one: “HHNNNGG-NG-NG-NG-NGGGNNN”

Wayne’s deep-voiced calm metal vocals is always really good in these

Wayne and Jeff are pretty damn in sync when they sing ‘vroom’ repeatedly in each other’s faces

A very strong GH. The banter was funny, and Wayne and Jeff are an awesome singing duo. No complaints at all here

World’s Worst: Neighbor

Drew: “goes up”
Wayne: BUZZ

Colin, summing up the whole taping: “…here’s 100 bucks, do a Hoedown.”

Ryan: “I got a new stereo. Hope ya like Michael Bolton.”


Ryan, with one of my favorite ever World’s Worst suggestions: “I’m naked, and I’m going to point out all the knots in your fence:”
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.32.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.32.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.33.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.33.08 PM.png

Drew: “…Oh, me? I’m a jackhammer tester.”
audience: “…”
Drew: “…that’d be a bad guy to live next door to, huh?”
Drew: “Cause when he plays his jackha-HE’S USING HIS JACKHAMMER ALL GODDAMNED DAY.”

A pretty fun World’s Worst, though a little light in points.

Overall: After several consecutive ‘okay’ shows, we finally get another great one courtesy of that awesome 401 taping. Every game tonight was solid and above, and every game stressed how compatible these four were, and how well Jeff fit into the group despite his youth. Questions Only, Greatest Hits and Two-Line were all great uses of Jeff as an integrating force. This was also a good show because Greatest Hits, Infomercial and Two-Line were all insanely strong, and it didn’t even feel too much in the shadow of 4×01, or even  the Animal Porn show that’s coming next season. It just felt like a solid, likable show, which is all we could have asked for.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin Mochrie, barely beating Ryan just for his bizarreness keeping hold over Ryan’s lack of composure. [I point to “get someone who…can really suck…”]
Worst Performer: Wayne, though it was tough, was shut out of a lot of the show.
Best Game: Greatest Hits had everyone on the same page AND killing it.
Worst Game: World’s Worst is weak compared to the rest of them.

COMING UP NEXT: Hey, you know what we haven’t had in a while? A Season 4-era Brad show. Here’s the first appearance of a taping that will lead to a HUGE show later in S4.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E15, or My Pants Are Filled With ‘Em

Going into Season 5 tapings, the producers decided that, in order to secure bigger ratings, they would allow for more ‘event’ episodes. This could mean one of three things

  1. Episodes with a central theme, usually around a holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day), or something like that
  2. Episodes with a guest star, who would come in as a guest around Song Styles, and take part in a few other games across the night
  3. Sometimes, both

This way, the show would intersperse SPECIAL episodes in between their regulation shows of usual material. As tapings were long enough, they could even have enough games for a theme show AND a guest show, OR two guest shows, as well as untouched content. It’s a taping model that has persisted to this very day.

Perhaps our first inkling of this S5 taping model came in mid-S4, with this pushed-up episode from the fall 2001 tapings- A SALUTE TO AMERICAN TELEVISION. The kind of themed show that works BECAUSE it fellates the very medium they exist on.

With this theme, this episode, a Brad show, is not only branded with various references to classic TV shows, but there’s also 2 LEGENDARY TV icons as special guests. A lot went into this show (and, as has become clear, this taping), so let’s see how they did it.

Questionable Impressions from Television: In an Emergency Room

Yes, this game shows up for S5, but it’s in a version where all the impressions have to be people from TV. Which is cool, as Wayne and Brad especially watched a ton of old TV

Brad, proving how much TV he’s watched, comes in as Mr. Mooney from The Lucy Show
Wayne, as Scooby-Doo: “Ruh-oh, I have to use the bathroom.”
Wayne: “RUH-OH? I *HAVE* to use the bathroom?”

Brad here switches to a Yogi Bear impression: “Hey, BooBoo, when d’ya think she’s gonna be due?”
Brad, falling into the same pitfall Wayne fell into: “I’m smarter than the average- uh oh…”

Colin, as Colonel Klink: “…what seems to be the PROBLEEMMM???”
Ryan cannot keep contained, and I do not blame him. He exits

Wayne, getting on his knees: “WHACHU TALKIN’ BOUT, DOCTOR?”
Wayne: “Can you help me get taller?”
Colin: [gives up]

Brad has a smart move coming in as Jim Backus, as he was like 5 different classic TV characters. Of course, he once again forgets what game he’s playing and doesn’t last long

Colin goes to one of his standbys, Peter Graves: “Did ya see me on this week’s…Biography?”
Wayne’s just in awe, so he just shrugs and leaves

Ryan comes in with his topical reference for the taping, and one that may not have made sense outside of Fall 2001 (so I’m glad they worked it in here): “Do you mind if I say you are the Weakest Doctor, goodbye?”
That is an Anne Robinson impression, and it was only really big in that exact point in September 2001, because the Weakest Link was big in the US for that fleeting year, really, before going back to the UK. And it breaks up the whole crowd.
Also, apparently at this taping, Ryan was trying to put his Anne Robinson impression into more scenes, ending with World’s Worst. None of the other ones made air, sadly

Not a bad playing of this, but they’ve done better.

Duet: Wayne & Brad sing a country song to Lassie. YES, THAT LASSIE.

I love Brad’s insanely wholesome impression once Lassie starts bounding onto the stage. Wayne and Brad are petting her. Ryan, in the back, is really happy about this as well.

Lassie starts barking at the audience
Brad, of course: “WHAT? JIMMY’S IN THE WELL?”

Right as the song starts, Lassie’s looking out at the audience, a bit far
Wayne: “…Lassie, where you goin’, girl?”

Wayne: “I’ve seen her all across the nation
On, TV LAND, if you’ve got syndication”

I love the point where Wayne and Brad start howling like Lassie, and just end up petting her. I don’t think either of them can believe they get to sing to an adorable TV dog. It’s a jackpot moment, I think

As Lassie starts barking and looking away from Wayne and Brad
Wayne: “Oh, Lassie, I’ll be your man
but obviously Lassie has a bad attention span..”

As they end, Wayne crawls offstage with Lassie, which is a very fun ending to a very fun song. Not terribly substantial, but still very fun

I also love Brad, just in case, cleaning  up the spot where Lassie was with one of Drew’s old cards

Wayne: “we get the FINEST chicks on Whose Line, bro…”

At this point, the repeated ‘SAAALUTE’ utterings have gone into Hee-Haw territory

Film Dub: All four are two street gangs arguing over territory

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.05.09 AM.pngBrad: “Listen, we’re the beige shirt gang! My beige shirt is dirty so I had to wear this dark one!”

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.06.00 AM.pngColin: “You think it’s easy for us? Wearing diaphragms on our head all day?”

Ryan: “I suggest we all settle down and order some lattes…”

As the table of aliens gets up, all Ryan can muster is “ohhh…ah, well, ah, uh…”

Supposedly that’s not the only time during the S5 tapings that Ryan blew an ending cue during Film Dub

An okay playing of this

Drew: “I love how the one gang at the end made Ryan’s getting out of bed noise..”
Ryan: “How do you know?”
Brad: “I TOLD HIM, i mean..”

Sound Effects: Ryan is one of Charlie’s Angels and Colin is Bosley, and they’ve received instructions from Charlie to infiltrate a criminal mastermind’s jungle headquarters, where his militia has kidnapped the other two Angels

What’s new this season is right before this game, the stagehands set up a BLACK BAR for the SFX girls to lean against so they don’t fall off.
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.10.21 AM.png

Drew, as he tells them who they’re doing SFX for: “Colin’s the bald one.”
Ryan, checking his watch: “ANNNND MARK.”

Ryan, entering with boobs: “Sorry I’m late, Charlie.”
Colin, for the first of many times: “I’M BOSLEY.”

Colin: “They’re being held captive by some mad dictator.”
Ryan: “WHO IS?”
Colin: ‘…the other angels.”

Right as Ryan’s gonna open the door to the ‘private angel plane’, there’s a ‘WHOOOSH’ noise.
Ryan: “…I’ve deflated them for travel.”

Ryan: “What’s that island look like, Charlie?”
Colin: “…I’m BOSLEY.”
Ryan: “sorry..”

Colin puts on his parachute, and we hear a ‘CLUMP CLUMP CLUMP”
Colin: ‘…mine’s made of bamboo”

Colin: “I’m gonna open the door.”
Karen: “CRRUNCH”
Colin: “…who left this cereal here??”
Ryan: “Sorry, it’s all I eat.”
i am loving Ryan’s dim characterization, especially compared to Colin’s gruff Charlie Bosley.

Once they jump from the plane, both ladies do ‘WOOOOOOO’ noises
Ryan: “I hope we don’t land in that pack of wolves!”

Julie and Karen start making monkey noises

Ryan: “I didn’t bring any weapons.”
Colin: “…my pants are filled with ’em.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.27.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.27.20 AM.png
Colin just shrugs, as if he had nothing, and motions like they should move past it

Both ladies are great at SFX, and when Ryan does his slashing with the machete, they time it right to when he does his last one.

Ryan: “I’m scared, Charlie.”
Colin, now having enough: “I’M BOSLEY!


Ryan, getting back at Colin for his earlier comment: “Quick, shoot something out of your pants that we can get over the wall…”

A really fun SFX, even if I can name some better ones. I liked the character work Ryan and Colin did, and the escalation of gags. I also thought the SFX ladies were really good, and definitely had the hang of things by the end.

Foreign Film Dub: Drew and SKETCH COMEDY LEGEND SID CAESAR act out the multi-lingual film Escargot; Ryan and Colin translate, Wayne switches languages.

Drew intros Sid as “who I think is the greatest TV star of all time”. I’m not inclined to disagree. About half of modern comedy can be stemmed directly to people or things that came from Your Show of Show’s or Caesar’s Hour. Sid Caesar’s a legend, and I’m glad he was able to come on the show.

They cut some of this standing O for Sid, because it apparently lasted too long. I also love Sid’s ‘really?’ reaction to the applause. Even at 79, he still had some of his timing.

Drew explains that they’ll start out doing a French spy film, “and to make it more difficult…for me, anyway…”
Sid loves this. After all, Sid’s the master at faking languages.

Sid goes in with the French, and…yeah, his language faking is ACE. He goes on for a bit in fake French, and it’s captivating.
So far, Colin and Ryan are playing this pretty straight

Sid, taking a page from an old character of his, slips the word ‘garlic’ into his French, but keeping everything else in that language.
Colin: “A lot of information I get from a newspaper, made by the Garlic Press.”
Sid loves this pun. AS DOES THE AUDIENCE. And why shouldn’t they- Sid gave Colin a tough one, and Colin eased out of it like a pro.
I do love his little nod for Sid after that, like a ‘thank you’. Colin just made comedy pioneer Sid Caesar laugh, and he’s sticking with it

Wayne calls for German, and Sid, like nothing, goes right into German. Perfectly. He goes into a full thing about the snail, mentioning ‘Poland und Czechoslovakia”
Colin: “Take a large lemon…from somewhere near Poland and Czechoslovakia…”

Drew’s shaking his head through the German, as he’s not great at that one, ending with “…Berlin!”
Sid AND Drew love that one

Sid’s Japanese is surprisingly great, too, and he drops “Honda…Honda and Toyota”, as well as ending with a very Mel-Brooks-y “mix’em’up’an’do’a’little…”
Colin: “Where do any of us get our courage from? Liquor. Liquor, liquor and more liquor.”
This line feels out of context, as two languages, Arabic and Italian, were cut in between German and Japanese

Colin’s doubling over laughing, Ryan’s just smirking
Ryan: “I think I’m still stuck in the French thing”

Sid’s Russian is great as well. And, at the end, he looks at Drew and goes, again very similar to Mel Brooks’ Yiddish accent [that’s probably where Mel got it from], “that’s some borscht!”
Colin: “I want you to go up to the giant snail now, look him straight in the eyes and make a soup reference.”
Sid nods at Colin. Man, I kinda love how impressed Sid is with these guys

Drew ends the game out of frustration of having to follow Sid Caesar in a language-faking game. I don’t blame him.

A very strong, very DIFFERENT FFD. The humor in this game came from how proficient Sid was at language-faking, as well as the dissonance between him and Drew. The sort of ‘game’ of the scene turned into being about how seriously the translations were in comparison to how goofy Sid was. It played off like an early Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker film, like Airplane.

Also, the kind of humor in this scene is a bit more sophisticated than other scenes, in that is comes from prowess, character lines, and more fundamental joke elements. Caesar knew how to make that scene work, and by god, it worked, despite it only nominally following a scene.

Overall: Aside from Foreign Film Dub and Sound Effects, this is a little weaker than I’d have liked. The way a lot of this show worked is that some games worked because of the nostalgia factor, like Questionable Impressions and Song Styles, but neither did anything with the nostalgia other than presenting it. Then you have scenes like Sound Effects and Foreign Film Dub, which are great, and present more than just ‘here is something you love’. SFX worked because of the characterizations, and because it was a game of SFX. FFD worked because Sid Caesar is a comedic genius. And then you have Film Dub, which I would have sacrificed for more FFD, or maybe World’s Worst.

This was not a perfect show, and if it had used better games it’d be remembered a bit more positively, but…as it is, it’s a fine show with some very cool moments.

Show Winner: Brad (and also technically Sid Caesar)
Best Performer: Ryan came in the furthest tonight, between Anne Robinson, forgetting Bosley’s name, FEELINGS, and his grunting in Film Dub.
Worst Performer: Brad was absent from most of the show after Film Dub.
Best Game: Sound Effects narrowly beats Foreign Film Dub because it’s the more traditional WL experience.
Worst Game: Film Dub.

COMING UP NEXT: We finally, FINALLY go back to the Jeff Davis S4 taping that gave us the wonderful E1. This assortment proves there was still some funny still waiting around this taping. Maybe not TOO HOT levels of funny (that comes in S5), but funny nonetheless.