Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E21, or THIS Is How You Got Two Shows…

Considering my rave reviews on E8, you’re probably expecting me to really enjoy its sister show, 4×21…which I do, but for different reasons.

There aren’t many mentions of the tape recorder, or head-licking, or other events from this taping. There’s an equally good runner, some great games, and it exists fully autonomously in relation to the other, HUGE one it came from.

But yeah. Also, it uses Kathy a lot. Which helps.

Meet the Family: Wayne meets fiancee’s parents Colin, Rain Man, and Ryan, a dominatrix

A NEW GAME that would only be broadcast once. This comes off the heels of the big hit movie Meet the Parents, and has little more than its sole concept

I love Colin’s smile when he realizes he’s not playing the woman

By the time Kathy opens the door, Ryan’s already twisting Colin’s nipple. We’re off to a great start

Wayne, awkwardly, to Ryan: “May I take your, uh..rubber?”

Ryan is clearly having fun with his, thinking of all sort of ways to tie up or whip Wayne

Then, Ryan takes the central cake and licks it off of Colin, because…sure.

AND THAT’S THE SCENE. My gosh is this concept thin. That’s probably why they didn’t play it very often, as it’s very hard to establish a so what when it’s so based around ‘you, do your thing for a bit’

Ryan, awkwardly: “I don’t really know what dominatrixes do…IF they hook electricity up to people’s nipples, I wouldn’t know about that sort of thing…”

Wayne: “We should do that scene again…”
I know he’s probably joking because of all that Ryan put him through, but THEY REALLY SHOULD HAVE. I have no idea why they aired that. That scene just blew up.

Song Styles: Wayne sings a song about Goats in the style of West Side Story- the other 3 do backup

Thank god, a game I have GOOD things to say about.

Wayne has a ‘HA-HA’ when the other 3 come up for backup.

The opening visual, of everyone doing goat impressions and wandering around the stage, is VERY funny

Wayne’s lyrics in this are WAY better than the bank teller ones:
“When you’re a goat, you can eat anything you want
When you’re a goat, you’ve got two horns you can flaunt!”

Colin and Ryan are doing a great job with silent support- Ryan’s running around the back, Colin’s helping Wayne with some motions. Kathy’s just wandering around with her head down

Wayne: “When you’re a goat, the barnyard is your place
You’ve got 2 nubby things, and a little mustache on your face”

Suddenly, Kathy gets the idea to just start running her head into Colin. Which the audience slowly begins to respond to, but which IMMEDIATELY confuses Colin.
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.01.35 PM.png
Wayne sees this, and…
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.01.46 PM.png
Yeeeah, he realizes what’s up…

Also, I love that THIS is where Ryan is at the end of the game:
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.02.25 PM.png

As they head back to the seats, Wayne is hysterically laughing at what Kathy ended up doing, even going “YOU CAN’T AIR THAT…”

Wayne: “What kind of goatlike behavior was that?”
Kathy: “I was ramming, and then I realized, no…”
Wayne, nodding: “you were ramming…”

Drew keeps bringing up the ‘lift one leg up’ goat motion Kathy was doing.

A very silly, and very well-done Song Styles. Wayne actually held his own here before Kathy brought the house down.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Kathy, a clueless teenage girl on the  phone with her friends, co-anchors, Wayne, a haitian man who’s been unfaithful and is now the victim of a voodoo attack, does sports while Ryan, discovers the weather map covers the gates of hell and is desperate to keep them shut, does weather

This is my cousin Dylan’s FAVORITE-EVER Whose Line game. #1, all time.

After Drew makes a swipe at Kathy, he responds by repeating the ‘lift one leg’ gag from last game. SO NOW WE KNOW WHAT THIS CAME AFTER.

Drew: “Wayne, you’re a Haitian man who’s been unfaithful and is now the victim of a voodoo attack”
Okay, maybe ONE callback from 4×08 made it in here..
Wayne: “Ross? Chandler? Call me..”

Drew: “Ryan, you discover your weather map covers the gates of hell”
Ryan, for like 5 seconds:
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.11.58 PM.png
Drew: “and…’why does my weathermap always have to cover the gates of hell..”

As Drew finishes the intro, and says “let’s get on with this sad news”, Wayne is still cracking up

Colin reprises his ‘all pooped out’ joke from an earlier WN.

Kathy’s is one of her finest moments. She gets off the stool, and lies on the floor with her feet up on the stool, acting perfectly like a teenager on the phone. She has the Cali inflection down, she has the angst, and it’s just funny.
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.34.04 PM.png
Kathy: “You know, sometimes I just wish I was a goat…”

Kathy, finally: “hey…people are lookin’ at me…”

Colin: “This just in, hiring policies taken a close look at.”

Wayne begins this voodoo attack very subtly, just indirectly twitching an arm muscle, then full-fledged hitting himself in the head. It turns into him flailing his arms and running around, then going right over Drew’s desk and smooching him, which Drew isn’t exactly prepared for

This continues as Wayne just starts chasing Drew around. Does this count as the umpteenth ‘Wayne messes with Drew’ WN? Kind of?

Colin intros Ryan as: “Guther…Dosomethingamusing, GUNTHER…”
Ryan: [bites lip]
Ryan does a very funny pointer-extending move looking at Colin, which Drew loves

Ryan’s is classic, though. In the middle of his, he realizes the gates can be opened next to him, making a very funny ‘CLAAAAAAGH’ sound.
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.39.37 PM.png


Ryan wandering around in hell is great, with choice lines like “FRIENDS, CAN’T STOP WATCHING FRIENDS”, and “SOMEONE TURN OFF THE MICHAEL BOLTON MUSIC!” It’s hysterical

Ryan, stopping at Drew’s desk: “…THIS is how you got two shows…”
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 6.41.33 PM.png
This standoff is fantastic

A pretty legendary WN. Maybe not QUITE as pristine as I’d remembered, but Ryan’s is still great, and I appreciated Kathy’s more tonight as just a character piece.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Teacher

Ryan: “You know, I grew up on the sandy shores of British Columbia…”

Wayne’s surf rock song is cool, and he definitely has the snarl of the genre down, but  he stumbles towards the end

Colin says something very passionate
Ryan, wiping Colin’s eye: “…is that a tear?”
Colin, as Ryan missed a bit: “…it is NOW…”

And then Colin continues his song intro while keeping his right eye closed, which is a very funny  visual, cause he’s acting like nothing else is different:
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.26.47 PM.png

Wayne, for his Sting song, channels 1999-era Sting, complete with his new spiritual and middle-eastern influence, starting with a Desert Rose-esque vocal hook. Pretty good song, ending with “My name is Gordon, I actually was a teacher before I joined the Police, that’s a bit of general knowledge”.

After this, Ryan makes sure Colin’s eye is okay, and Colin fixes it.
Ryan: “I can see why you cried over that one..”

I do like the recurring hook of Ryan and Colin promising something, and then turning back and cracking up

Ryan zings Colin good by saying he’s old enough to remember Big Band. When Ryan says “I’ve read a lot of books about it”, Colin has a very sarcastic “OH!”  that just makes me laugh

Wayne’s big band number is pretty good, though his big finish is pretty great.

A very solid GH, but far from the best we’ve seen from this game lately. Kind of quieter in both departments.

Foreign Film Dub: Drew and Kathy act out the Vietnamese film The Rice Paddy- Ryan and Colin translate

Drew starts out by throwing in ‘YOU NUMBER ONE’ into his Vietnamese.
Ryan: “You said you were gonna be back soon. Go Yankees Go.”

Ryan: “The rice takes longer to cook than I do.”
Colin, very MST3K-esque: “Get your hands off of me before I cook your fingers”
Drew: [yelps in pain]
Ryan: “You make me feel like a young goat.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.41.48 PM.png
Drew, of course:
Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.42.09 PM.png

And that’s where we lead to. Kathy and Drew both doing the leg-up goat dance.

Drew starts going back to back with Kathy, still prancing around
Ryan: “…look at the size of my butt compared to yours!”
Wayne has to call it there

Very funny FFD. Kinda short, but goofy enough in bringing back the goat gag for another use.

Overall: As fondly as I remembered this one, it was kind of a mixed bag, though at its core it was still very fun. The runner stuff, with Song Styles, Weird Newscasters and Foreign Film dub have the environment of a very enjoyable taping with so many fun attitudes. WN is still one of my favorites, too, in everything that goes down. Greatest Hits is less ironclad, especially in comparison to the other tentpole, and Meet the Family is a disappointment. But it’s still a sentimental favorite, even if it’s not THE best. Kathy had a lot more to do tonight, and felt like she contributed more than usual.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: It was close between Ryan and Wayne, but I’m giving it to Ryan just for that final line in FFD.
Worst Performer: Honestly? Colin took a very defensive approach in his games. He never felt like the primary aggressor in anything tonight, even GH. I’m also kinda glad Kathy’s not in this spot for once.
Best Game: Has to be Weird Newscasters. Masterful stuff.
Worst Game: Meet the Family was a rare gutterball of a game for Whose Line.

COMING UP NEXT: Another Kathy episode, this one a dispatch from the 405 taping, and is a lot cleaner than the crotch-grabbing show. Actually there’s a fun Colin-related runner in this.

3 thoughts on “Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E21, or THIS Is How You Got Two Shows…

  1. You will notice that in each taping Kathy gets more to do – they let her play Helping Hands, Number of Words, Film Dub and even Dead Bodies by her final taping for Season 5 in addition to her usual games. (Dead Bodies will actually come in a Season 4 taping, of which we’ll see some of its fruits in eight episodes time.)

    Next Up…
    Wayne: Look what we got here, Sam – looks like we got ourselves a Coca-Cola! 😁

    • Duh, forgot to mention that playing of Dead Bodies was aired in Season 7. Apologies for that oversight.

  2. Love this bit in “Greatest Hits”, continuing the running gag of Colin’s eye “injury”:

    Ryan: “Make me cry…”
    Colin: (half-heartedly raises his left hand but abandons the idea) “Oh ho.”

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