Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E25, or LOVE THAT SHIRT.

Thank the gods, we’re back to solely S4 material for the remaining 7 episodes of the season, including a brand new Chip Esten taping. And yes, Chip did some S4 tapings. Of Chip’s two S4 tapings, NOW we’re finally seeing footage from one of them. His S5 tapings were pushed towards the end of the run as well, if I remember correctly. Not like he’s a bad fourth seater or anything.

This is also the first time in a while that we have a huge fashion statement, aside from Ryan’s shoes, which is an ongoing thing. No, Colin decides to pull out the single most eye-catching shirt in the history of the show:
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 4.43.32 PM.png

Superheroes: Loss of loud colors
Colin – Tacky Shirt Man
Ryan – On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Boy
Chip – The Mick Jagger Kid
Wayne – The Junkyard Dog on a Chain Kid

Drew: “…Captain Shirt Man?”
Wayne, who heard the suggestion: “TACKY shirt man..”
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 4.45.35 PM.pngChip: “Good luck!”

Drew: “How can you NOT be funny in that shirt, that’s what I wanna know..”
Colin: “Let’s find out…”

Colin has a very funny sigh at the crisis, as well

Colin: “AWOOOAH. AWOOAH. …i gotta get the alarm fixed…”

Ryan enters and plays the banjo on Colin’s shirt, which is a fun move:
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 4.48.01 PM.png
Ryan ducks away, barely composing himself
Colin: “…go on…”

Ryan’s great at becoming tense over very small things


Ryan, on Chip’s Jagger impression: “…like a chicken! Bu-caaaaaack!”

Wayne: “Sorry I’m late [sees Colin’s shirt] Oooh, DAAAAMN!”
Already, the shirt gags are just killing it

Wayne does some great junkyard dog slapstick here, and he does well against Chip’s swaggering Jagger character.

Wayne leaves without really suggesting a solution, which throws Ryan a bit. Ryan exits, but not before drinking from the bottle on Colin’s shirt, which is a very funny visual. Colin’s just confused as hell. The staredown he gives Ryan  as he leaves the stage is pretty funny, and Ryan seems just as amused by it

A very silly Superheroes, lifted by a very nonplussed Colin

Drew: “I had no idea we were gonna have so much fun with that shirt”
Colin: “And that’s just the first game!”
So this IS top of the show!

Ryan: “Really takes the focus off my shoes…”
They pull back and…yup, the blue shoes made it to this one, too

Sound Effects: Ryan and Colin are two English knights preparing to defend the castle and the demanding queen from an approaching barbaric army

Drew makes a very  easy ‘Alice’ reference at Flo’s name

Note that Carmen’s holding a ribboned, amazing hat, and she passes it to a seatmate when she comes downstage for the game

Flo does a little happy arm-swinging thing with Colin, which is amusing as hell. Ryan looks very concerned, though

Colin: “There’s a horde of…a battalion-”
Carmen starts doing the ‘cavalry’ fanfare thing, which is hysterical
Ryan: “Well, it’s the cavalry, they’re in the wrong era, aren’t they?”

Colin: “Listen, the demanding queen” [opens door]
Carmen: “…Oh my God!”
Ryan: “…apparently the Queen takes offense with your shirt!”
Carmen into her mic anyway: “LOVE THAT SHIRT.”
NOW HANG ON…Is this a line of dialogue from the Queen? Is Carmen or Flo forgetting the game she’s playing and just making a comment about the shirt, forgetting that she is, in fact, A PART OF THIS GAME? CURIOUS.

Also, the thing about giving Flo and Carmen mics, especially Flo, is that you can hear them cackling at any given moment. Who can blame them? This is a funny game

Ryan pulls out a sword.
Flo: “….shh”
Ryan revises, as it’s a very tiny sword

Colin: “I’m gonna try the crossbow.”
Carmen: [slurping noise]
Colin: “I’m so glad they found some velcro, so I could just stick it up there..”

Ryan twirls around a mace, which Flo uses a ‘whirrrlwhirrrlwhirrrl’ noise
Ryan: “They’ll think it’s the police!”

Ryan jumps on the  horse, and Flo adds a small ‘hump’ noise. Ryan, concerned, turns the horse around

Colin: “Well, there’s only two of us and a BUNCH of them.”
Carmen: “uuuuugh”
Colin: “…oh, and one’s sick..”

Ryan suggest they ride towards them screaming, just to get the ladies to do SOMETHING
the noises they come up with: [cavalry theme] “WEEEEEE-HOOOOO, WEEEE-HOOOOO” [more cavalry theme] “WEEEEE-HOOO, WEEEEE-HOOOO!”

You can tell this is a good one, because once it ends, Ryan and Colin are smiling, Wayne and Chip are applauding, Drew’s dying, and Carmen and Flo are laughing their asses off. Everyone’s won over.

Such a funny game. Flo and Carmen not only knew how to do sound effects, but understood humor. Yes, some of it was due to their limitations as old ladies, but they were having a ball, and doing all they could. And Ryan and Colin seemed to have fun screwing around with them.

Back at the seats, literally EVERYONE is doing their impressions of the battle cry, Wayne’s doing the ‘WEEEEE-HOOOO’, Ryan’s doing the canny calvary theme. They all love it.

Drew mentions he’d love to see Colin in Carmen’s hat. AND SO:
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.15.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.15.12 PM.png

Drew, coming back from commercial, does a faux-Chris-Berman ‘welcome BACKBACKBACKBACKBACK’, which amuses Wayne

Newsflash: Ryan and Chip in the studio, Colin in the field in front of horrific sports bloopers and fails

The ‘OH’ing that will make this game classic starts EARLY in this clip. Within the first few biking accidents.

The big shot that gets everyone excited:
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.17.48 PM.png

Colin: “Everything was actually pretty quiet til I showed up. I think the shirt set them off…”

At one point, Ryan chuckles to Chip, and goes “I’m having too much fun watching it…”

After the umpteenth audience reaction, Colin starts overreacting: “OH, WHEN WILL THIS EVER STOP. OH NO!”

Colin: “You know, I dare you to look at this without going ‘OH.”

Colin just starts going ‘OH’ anytime he wants, trying to get the audience in on it, even though he doesn’t know the timing of the crashes. He just seems really amused by it all, and is trying to rub it into the audience, and all the people who CAN see it

After Drew buzzes, Ryan and Chip STILL keep going ‘OH’ at the clips. They can’t stop having fun with this

Colin gets it, and as he runs back he catches a BRIEF GLIMPSE at the monitor, which is a fun choice

Ryan: “I had too much fun watching it”
Chip: “Yeah, we were just going ‘OH’. And then went ‘oh yeah, we’re playing a game..'”

Drew: “Somewhere there’s a guy in another room on crutches, and his friends are going ‘HEY DUDE, YOU’RE ON TV!”

A fun Newsflash, and the first classic ‘let the audience react’ one, though Colin had a lot of fun with it

Scenes from a Hat:

“If actors were completely honest during their award show acceptance speeches”
Wayne: “I’d like to thank the dark one…”
[so Harvey Weinstein?]
Colin: “Man…you don’t know how many butts I’ve had my dick up just to get this.”
Wayne, of course: “It’s been an honor working with Colin Mochrie all these years”

“Circus Acts that didn’t last long”
Chip: [sings circus theme]
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.26.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.26.28 PM.png
[so silly]

Ryan doing Tchaikovsky and then hanging himself is also pretty goofy, although morbid

Drew: “Odd things for a lounge singer to sing about”

Wayne’s “I know your wife…Biblically” gets him cracking up before he can go on much further

Light SFAH, but pretty good for its runtime. I wish they’d have added the ‘Things the WL cast members ask Santa for’ one, just because it fits with the shirt jokes

Hoedown: Backstreet Boys

Chip’s is a fun one:
“Them Backstreet Boys, I think they really stink
It isn’t anything personal, they’re just not N’Sync
This might be kinda weird, it could be a shock
But I’ve still got a poster of the New Kids on the Block”
Perfect nod to the generation gap. My BSB poster is confusing all the BTS fans

Drew comes from a very different perspective:
“Man I hate radio today
They don’t have anything good to play
All they play is junk, they are in a rut
I wish they’d take the Backstreet Boys and shove ’em up their butt”

Colin’s is a fun one  too, talking about how he got back at them:
“I kidnapped them and then I showed them really how to hurt
I made them all wear…a copy of my shirt!”

Ryan’s is a lot more pointed than just a simple dick gag or usual, saying the BSB aren’t for him, and that “ya can’t be a band unless you play an instrument”, which gets some applause

A REALLY STRONG HOEDOWN. One of the best ones in a while, and probably the best one this season.

Overall: A few notches below a 10/10 show for me, but this one was our best show since the one-two-three punch of episodes 8 thru 10. The runner helped things, and Colin was very game with the shirt jokes, but it wasn’t ENTIRELY about those- there was just strong improv all night, especially in games like Sound Effects, Superheroes and Newsflash, and the majority of this show is made up of games most of the WL fandom remembers [Superheroes for the shirt jokes, SFX for Flo and Carmen, Newsflash for the OHing, and Hoedown for just being a solid bash of modern pop. It all flows together really well, and it even uses Chip pretty well, especially in Newsflash and Hoedown. Just a really good portrait of a strong era of WL without being too showy.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin. Drew wasn’t lying when he said you couldn’t not be funny in a shirt like that.
Worst Performer: Chip. In a very Colin-Ryan centric show, he only did what he could.
Best Game: Sound Effects. My god, Carmen and Flo were so funny, while also being lawful and generally alright at the game.
Worst Game: SFAH could have been one suggestion longer and it’d be a little better.

COMING UP NEXT: A new Greg taping. It’s funny, I was remembering the outfits for this one and hoping it was a different episode from this taping, but realizing what one it is…that’s not a bad tradeoff. Anyway, Greatest Hits is a classic.

One thought on “Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E25, or LOVE THAT SHIRT.

  1. Loved Drew’s out-of-nowhere slam on Beirut after the first commercial: “For God’s sakes, turn off your TV and move. I mean, GOD, what do we have to TELL you.”

    I’m trying to decide which Newsflash is better, this one or the skateboarding bloopers one. This had better variety, but the skateboarding one had Ryan’s eyes bug out when the guy almost got run over.

    I love Wayne’s crack up at his own lounge song in SFAH.

    This one was, for some reason, one of the episodes left off the CW Seed site. Is it on HBO Max?

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