Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E29, or You’re From Canada, Aren’t You?

Last Kathy Greenwood show of the season, and the first of a new taping we’ll see more material from in S7, which says a lot about the producers’ faith in this taping, tbh. Good news is, a lot of the best material is getting out here.

Hollywood Director: Fiendish Spanish colonel Ryan rides in to kidnap beautiful Mexican girl Kathy, Zorro, who is Wayne, arrives to rescue her

Ryan has a panicked reaction when he realizes he’ll be playing a Spaniard, eventually going “let me just say this Spanish guy has some Italian in him.” Ryan’s still not a pro at accents, but at least he’s aware of it

Kathy has a very Carol Burnett-esque “YOU KNOW…I DO NOT DANCE FOR THE LIKES OF YEOOUUU…”
And she just sort of nods. Ryan raises his eyebrows a little. Wayne cracks entirely
Ryan: “…you’re from Canada, aren’t you?”
[like 3/4ths of the cast is!]
Kathy: “…yes, and my mother’s from Sweden”

Ryan emits a very silly “ZORRROOOOOOOOOOOOOO” when Wayne eventually enters. Perhaps a cousin of his Latin American soccer announcer
Wayne: “…si si?”

Wayne, in a very GOOD accent: “Let go of the girls- I SAY GIRLS, I MEAN GIRL.”
Ryan, smirking: “…funny how we ALL come from a different part of Spain.”
I love this. It’s a funny enough scene, but they’re all poking fun at their accents because they can

Colin enters and throws them ALL for a loop by doing an even better, and thicker, Spanish accent: “JOO KNOW…when I first come to dis country with nothing but a hammer and a powerful laxative…”
Ryan, not thinking he was gonna go there, turns to Wayne and cracks.

Ryan: “I’m sorry, it’s a Spanish piece”
Colin: “…SSPAHNISH?”
His delivery of that will never not crack me up

Colin, after a pause, to Ryan: “…PLEH on you”
Ryan, wiping the spit from his eyes, struggles to keep composure


Colin’s delivery of ‘1950’s MUUUUsical’, in that accent, continues to crack up Ryan.

The entire 50s Musical portion is really good, with Kathy doing some great, peppy work [“Another Spanish day in Spain, or is it Mexico”], and Ryan doing a very dramatic song to Kathy all of the sudden

Wayne, in a fun number: “Oh my goodness, I’m in a box
Did you know that Zorro is Spanish for fox?”
[meanwhile, the producers of Masked Singer begin to take notes]

Hell, Ryan and Wayne even make their sword fight have musical motifs. So silly

Colin gets another laugh by saying ‘perfect DOHRK’, and having to pull an Inspector Kemp and slightly break out of his accent to clarify [“DARK. NO LIGHT.”]

Ryan is so good at this that he can get a laugh by doing the same opening position he’s done in the first 2 iterations, watching Kathy dance, and do it facing the other side of the stage. THAT is great

Then, Ryan trying to feel around for Kathy and accidentally walking into her and nearly knocking her over. It’s simple, physical comedy, but it’s very funny

Then, in an even better move, Wayne appears on the scene, but somehow he’s ended up in the area behind the chairs, and is wandering around there.

Drew: “By the way, Colin’s wife LOVES that accent.”
Wayne: “I know!”

Such a funny scene. The accent roulette is funny enough, but it actually works both in the initial scene, and as a HD scene. And Colin’s accent was too damn funny

Song Styles: Wayne sings a James Bond theme to Doug, a chemistry professor; the other 3 do backup

As usual, Ryan is the last to come down for backup

Drew, referring to HD: “Another chance to see that Kathy Greenwood dancin’ magic..”

Doug is so up for all of this. Wayne starts the song by pointing a gun at Doug, and Doug, concerned, moves out of the way. Wayne even does a ‘oh no, we’re cool’ gesture for Doug.

Wayne does make a fun generalization of “he had not one date for prom, I bet.”

Ryan’s in the back of a Doug close-up when he starts bouncing his boobs for a gag.

Such a fun number. I don’t know if it tops the other Bond number Wayne did [for Bob the pastor], but the backup element was very fun, and Doug got a kick out of it all

Drew, foreshadowing a famous AMC drama: “He says he’s a chemistry professor, he actually owns a meth lab in Van Nuys.”
Doug, to his credit, laughs at this
Drew: “They call him ‘The Professor'”

Newsflash: Ryan and Kathy in the studio, Colin in the field in front of Bats

I love Colin bouncing around a little as a bat comes out to lick near Colin.

Kathy: “How are you handling this?”
Colin: “I…uh, I took a muscle relaxant…”

I love Colin spastically jumping around at clips of bats carrying away frogs. This is a very light Newsflash, but Colin moving around is still working

Then, the quick pivot from Colin screaming “ARE THEY IN MY HAIR” to him suddenly being alert again:
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 1.43.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 1.43.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 1.43.33 PM.png

Not much too this one, but Colin saves it with some silliness.

Living Scenery: Ryan and Colin arrive at the beach to sunbathe and surf- Kathy and Wayne are their props

The lack of applause, and the Drew intro, makes me think that this was the first time the four of them played this game. And yeah, this playing comes chronologically before the the other Kathy tapings from this season, so it probably is the first playing.

Colin does his first LS jab at Kathy’s chest, taking a beer out of the ‘cooler’, which warrants a stifled smirk from Kathy

Wayne and Kathy are already great at this game, though the pattern is that Wayne is more active, especially as a bottle of suntan lotion, and Kathy is more passive, as she’s yanked over Ryan as a towel

Colin does point out that Ryan put the suntan lotion in his hair, and looks at him strangely for it

Wayne running up and playing the waves is a fun move

Colin, putting his ear to Kathy: “I can hear the ocean!”

Ryan and Colin finally decide to surf a little, and both grab the other 2 as surfboards. Ryan’s decision to wax Kathy gets a laugh from the audience.
Colin: “Boy, my board has a big bump on the back…”
Wayne has a big smile. Ryan cracks. Drew loses it.

Once the game ends, Wayne’s still shaking his head back at the seats.

A pretty good Living Scenery, though not as good as the other Kathy ones from this season.

Scenes from a Hat:

Drew: “Difficult things to say with a straight face”
Wayne calls up Colin, and already has trouble with this one: “you really should comb it forward more.”

Colin gets his revenge on Wayne: “…I didn’t mean the thing about the big bump on my ass earlier…”
They hug it out, now even

Drew gets a kick out of ‘Announcements Made over Hell’s PA System”. And he should get a kick out of it, as it’s a great suggestion:
Wayne: “Tickets for Yanni, on sale in the main room…”
Colin, scaling back: “…clean up on aisle five”

Rejected Ideas the Wise Men Considered is one that gets a ton of hits from all 4
Wayne: “Mary, we have brought this, a Playstation 2 for the young one”
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 1.57.54 PM.png

Ryan, to Colin: “…you can’t give him a PORK ROAST.”
I love this one. Just the tone Ryan uses.

Colin, with a truly smart one: “…water skis.”
It takes the audience a moment, but it’s a nice one

Ryan: “They call it…A THONG.”

Like last show’s, very light, quick, and similar to a CW round. I’m liking these shorter ones, even if it’s harder for them to really be knockout playings.

World’s Worst: TV Advertisement¬†

Drew and Wayne do the easy ones themselves:
Drew: “Hi, I’m Drew Carey for Slimfast.”
Wayne: “Hi, I’m Wayne Brady for the DarkRight2000 Tanning Bed”
Drew has fun with Wayne’s little pointing stance there, and they do it together. Two Masked Singer contestants pointing like mad.

Colin: “It’s a breathmint…AND A SUPPOSITORY!”
Oh, Colin..

Ryan: “And if you act by midnight, we’ll throw in one of Drew Carey’s people’s choice awards!”
[Why does this sound like a line he’d use in GH?]

Colin: “Aluminum- the condom you can trust!”

Ryan: “Is your penis too small. Well let ya-…AH SHIT.”
Wayne, saving Ryan’s: “Is your penis too small?” [bursts out laughing]

Wayne: “Do you have problems with dialects? Order Colin Mochrie’s guide to dialects in different countries!”
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 2.07.17 PM.png
Wayne: “You get French, ‘HELLOOO’, Spanish, ‘HELLOOO’, Indonesian, “HELLOOO!”
I always laugh at the Indonesian one just being louder and angrier than the other 2

Colin finally gets Wayne back tho: “The Wayne Brady surfboard, with a bump big enough to sit on!”
Wayne loves this one, and Drew and Colin high-five

A VERY STRONG World’s Worst, with some great material from all 4, even Colin, who’s usually quieter at this game.

Overall: A solid show with one or two great-if-not-classic moments. Newsflash was the only game I didn’t really like, and I can definitely say I’ll remember Director, Living Scenery and World’s Worst from this one. There was a runner, and I do like how it brought out some escalated ribbing from Wayne and Colin, but it didn’t happen til halfway through, which gave the first half some time to breathe. Also, Colin and Wayne had the best showings tonight, giving fun performances and lots of energy to a show that would have been standard in another case. Kathy’s still being under-edited, but what else is new?

Show Winner: Kathy
Best Performer: Colin. From HD on, he was slaying this show.
Worst Performer: Kathy didn’t have much to do other than HD.
Best Game: Hollywood Director. All four were thinking of hysterical stuff at every moment, and the accent thing only added to it all.
Worst Game: Newsflash was light.

COMING UP NEXT: For our penultimate S4 show, we get a Greg episode from a taping that already impressed me in episode 23. This episode has more things going on, more runners, and so much more funny energy.

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