Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S05E23, or The Points Suddenly Matter

One more S4 taping before we go back even further. This episode comes from the same Kathy taping that gave us the very strong episode 13. It is also our last Kathy Greenwood show until Season 7. Hopefully the good luck keeps up.

Number of Words: The deleted scene from The Wizard of Oz: Kathy is Dorothy and she has just arrived in Munchkinland where she’s met by Wayne, who’s a munchkin, and Colin, who’s Glinda the Good Witch, Ryan is the Wicked Witch of the West
Kathy – 3 words
Wayne – 5 words
Colin – 2 words
Ryan – 4 words

Wayne is lucky enough that  “We represent the Lollipop Guild” is 5 words. Just played right into his hands.

Colin’s Billie Burke voice [“IIIIN MUNCHKINLAND!”] gets laughs from Drew. Colin nonchalantly coughs right after that.

Wayne does another line, “Oh no, it’s the witch”, then counts and makes sure he’s good. Wayne’s doing little things, but they’re working

Ryan, getting out of the scene: “Oh, no, I’M MELTING”
Colin, rationalizing: “it’s hot!”

Kathy, to Colin: “Take me home!”
Colin, with nothing: “….no room.”
Wayne: “I’ve got a car….outside!”
Colin, shaking his head: “On probation”

Ryan: “You drive a Cadillac?”
Wayne, struggling: ‘….yeah….I just…got it!”

Wayne starts operating the blow-up tires that bop his car back and forth. Ryan tries doing the same thing with his broom. Once Drew buzzes, he says to Kathy and Colin “that’s not what you think it is!”
Colin: “I know, but STILL.”

A very clumsy playing of this. It got better towards the end when it focused more on  goofy comedy details than story beats of the original.

The gimmick in this show is that Drew’s actually tallying the points up. Possibly coming off the 401 taping with the 100 dollar bills.

Infomercial: Hairy Chests

Drew: “Lot of people have huge chest hair, want to get rid of it”
Colin: [confusedly motions back to Drew]

Colin: “Does it look like your chest is eating a…dog?”

I love the detail of Ryan accidentally getting hypnotized by a disco ball prop, snapping out of it, then  starting the game over again: “HI, IT’S FOUR-O-CLOCK-”
Also, while he does this, Colin pulls out a pink slip, then uses Ryan’s gag as a cover to discard it.

Ryan, repeatedly slapping the table: “What happens if you take off too much hair? In case that happens, we’ll give you decoy hair!”
Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 6.22.47 PM.png

I also love Colin’s little yelp when Ryan takes the hair prop away

Colin: “Well, of course, sometimes plucking doesn’t help-”
Ryan: “I’m sorry?”
Colin: “PLUCKING.”
This gets a big laugh. Not from me, from the audience. What gets a big laugh from me is, once the audience dies down, Colin and Ryan doing a communal head nod to go right back into it

Colin: “What CAN help…is massive sucking.”
Ryan, eventually: “and as we all know, there’s no sucking like MASSIVE sucking.”

Colin has a net prop that will collect the chest hair at half-level, “and through the night, hopefully, will migrate towards the top of my head”

Not one of my favorite Infomercials. I got the feeling that they never really got going, and that none of the jokes really caught fire, and got momentum going.

Song Styles: Wayne sings to Carly, who works in the bankruptcy department of a mortgage company, as Prince.

Once the Let’s Go Crazy organ comes in, Wayne cackles.

Wayne, nailing that song opening: “…in this little thing…that we call…bankruptcy.”

Wayne: “I used to have a house. Don’t have it no more
Ever since Carly and the cops keep knock-knock-knockin’ at my door”

Wayne, unlike his last S1 Prince song, has more of a handle on his Prince yelps, and spaces them out a bit more.

Wayne: “You might be good lookin, but she’ll kick you out if you ain’t got no money, OWWW.”
Yeah, he’s got this down

Not a bad song from Wayne. It did peter off towards the end, but I did like all his lyrical tricks, and his usually-strong Prince impression.

The points are like “Everything else when you own a Porsche.”
Ryan: “None of us would know, Drew.”

Scenes from a Hat:

“Times when you don’t want a spotlight on you”
Kathy: “I’ll just try on these bikinis in here, I guess.”
Wayne, deep voice: “I’ll just try on these bikinis in here, I guess.”
Colin: “man…that was one bad burrito.”

“Unlikely Famous Movie Scenes to be done Nude”
[Kathy’s kinda killing it this SFAH]
I also love Wayne’s Star Wars one, where Colin feels around nonexistent pockets for his lightsaber

“The wrong thing to say when your girlfriend is trying on clothes”
Ryan: “You…are so…gorgeous….[to someone else] Yeah, looks good!”
Wayne: “…it’d look better on Colin…”

Another light SFAH. That’s what happens when you do like 40 per season.

Newsflash: Ryan and Kathy in the studio, Colin in the field in front of lizards

Lot of Newsflash recently. Just an observation.

Once again, Ryan leaves space for Kathy to intro Colin, and she doesn’t take the hint.

A lizard suddenly yanks a fly out of mid-air
Ryan: “…and I’ve seen that somewhere before, by the way”

On a lizard with an extending mane, Ryan: “Now what’s that one called?”
Colin: “That one’s called…Charlie.”

I do love the shot of Colin running in time with the lizard with its mouth open behind him

Not a great Newsflash.

World’s Worst: Thing to say or do during or after making love

Colin, back to Infomercial: “D’you ever think about that chest hair removal thing?”
Ryan: [sound of deflating]
Wayne: “You know, I’d give you 1000 points, but the points don’t matter…”

Yeah, even that one wasn’t great. Like they took the suggestion more literally than it needed to be.

Overall: Barely anything worked here. Really the only game I liked in this was Song Styles, and that one had a worse 2nd half. Number of Words failed, Infomercial and Newsflash couldn’t get momentum going, SFAH and World’s Worst were too light. Nothing…worked in this one. You could honestly see this one more at home in S7, but this taping already has two S7 episodes.

Show Winner; Kathy
Best Performer: Colin was strong tonight.
Worst Performer: Kathy only really had SFAH.
Best Game: Song Styles, by default.
Worst Game: Number of Words didn’t work too well tonight.

COMING UP NEXT: We go back to SEASON 3, with a Brad taping we’ve seen a few times. Here, we have some material that somehow didn’t make it on 2 seasons ago, involving a CLASSIC game of Sound Effects

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