About Jordan

Jordan is a dude. I should probably start with that, just so Jordan doesn’t get hit on by the wrong people. Jordan is a senior in high school, and he goes to college somewhere outside of New York City, in the U.S., to clarify for any U.K. residents who thought he wrote like one of you. Sorry mates. Cheers.
Jordan is a tall, geeky, generally awesome guy who writes all the time and barely does anything else. Jordan has Asperger’s, and he’s totally fine with telling you all this.
Jordan still gets bullied, and he’s beginning to not give a shit about it. Jordan realizes that some of these aforementioned bullies are probably gonna find this blog and read it like it’s some sort of a joke, similar to finding his nonexistent Soundcloud or his nonexistent secret Youtube channel. These aforementioned bullies probably do not know what the word “aforementioned” means, and are now in pain from that epic burn.
Jordan is absolutely hysterical, and I’m not just saying this because I’m him. Jordan has a sharp ability to come up with witty things to say about just about anything, fueled by years of Whose Line is it Anyway reruns, which happen to be reruns of his favorite show. Yes. Jordan is a whoser. He’s also a Sherlockian, but that’s besides the point entirely. He’s sadly not a Whovian, but the “Sherlockian’ part already checks off the ‘frequently pissed off by Stephen Moffat’ box.
Jordan is writing this blog for his own personal merit, and Jordan hasn’t decided whether or not he’s actually going to share this blog with anybody. He assumes that people will just end up stalking him, finding it, and spoiling it for everyone else, though he’d prefer that his girlfriend find this page on her own. And if she has, CONGRATULATIONS!
Right now, Jordan is only using this blog for write-ups and recaps of episodes of QI, but whenever he wants to write about something important, like his Asperger’s, he totally will, and you won’t be able to stop him. Even with a pair of shears.
Jordan doesn’t know what else to write, so he’s just going to end it here, although he’s probably going to come back and write more sometime later.

3 thoughts on “About Jordan

  1. Hey there. I have the missing episode of NMTB (series 6 episode 9) if you want to download it. This is a conversion from my own tapes – zippyshare.com/v/Q3azYccs/file.html

  2. Having familiarised myself thoroughly with your NMTB and QI pages – I have to ask which other website you put your MTW reviews on?

    • I actually didn’t do write ups of MTW. I watched that, and rewatched that, well before I got the idea to do write ups as I go for QI it whichever. Also, lot harder to do a Watchdown of a topical quiz show, as you can’t justify all the jokes. But rest assured that I’ve seen every episode, and I like what I’ve seen.

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