Whose Offseason: Trust Us With Your Life Episode 5, or If This Doesn’t Give You Material, You’re Finished!

To quote Jon Bon Jovi…’whoa……we’re halfway there’.

Trust Us With Your Life is halfway done, and I am 4 episodes away from hopefully never having to watch any more of this blasted show. What’s surprised me the most so far is how competent Fred Willard has been as an interviewer and off-the-cuff personality. True, his ineptness at hosting an improv program has not been exaggerated, but he’s not…entirely terrible.

This show features Brad’s 2nd and final fourth seater appearance, and his last appearance since CW S10. The guest star is someone who’s done this sort of thing before in US S5, talk-show host and former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer. Hopefully this show won’t be  as loose as his S5 taping.

I am getting very tired of Fred constantly going ‘and they said we’ll never get them’ when every guest star arrives.

Shorter and Shorter: Colin is Jerry’s expectant mother, Brad is Jerry’s dad, Jonathan is the midwife, and Wayne will join them as various other people in the underground station

A new game, also known  as Catastrophe Compression, and a low-key improv standard

Fred: “Colin, you  are Jerry’s expectant mother.”
Jerry: ‘…oh my…THAT’S WHO YOU LOOK LIKE!”
Unsurprisingly, Jerry Springer is great on this show

Jerry makes a good point: “what makes you think Wayne can’t be my mom or dad?”
This is a genuinely great point, and it points out the candid racism of a lot of these shows, especially considering that Wayne has played Kelly Osbourne and Ricky Gervais recently.
The audience agrees. And Wayne and Jonathan start a full ‘JER-RY’ chant. THE FIRST GAME HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET

Brad: “Hold on, lovely, let’s see if  we can get to placenta circle.”
Brad gets behind a wheel, and Colin, curiously, grabs a subway bar, pivoting Brad
Brad: “I dunno why they have me driving the train, but someone’s gotta do it…”

Jonathan enters and slips: “YOUR WATER BROKE!”

Wayne, owing to his earlier comment, bursts into the scene as the baby popping under Colin’s legs.

Wayne then goes over and plays a confused bystander, then goes back to being the baby. WAYNE  1, PRODUCERS 0.


Colin: “He must be hungry”
Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 3.29.51 PM.png
THE LOOK ON JONATHAN’S FACE HERE. He’s going “…really?”

On 30 seconds, Wayne’s confused line as the passerby is resorted to “BLIMEY, BABY”, which is so goofy.

The ending is a ONE-SECOND SCENE, so Jonathan  and Wayne run on frantically  and Colin screams as Wayne  sprints under Colin’s legs. SO FUNNY. He leans up and knocks right up against his…um, undercarriage, and both Wayne and Colin have a moment of “…oh.”
Wayne just remains on the floor for a few seconds after everyone leaves, finally going “…that was not his chest”

Really good playing of this. Not only was the initial scene funny, but the numerous other iterations knew which funny bits to keep, and how to get laughs from speeding through  things.

Dramatic Episode: Colin is Jerry, Brad is a madame, Wayne and Jonathan are the girls who are introduced late

Jerry’s storytelling is really good, and he does a good job of really setting the scene. This is why Dan and Mark held onto their rolodex- having people familiar with improv, and with how the show works, HELPS. And I like him talking about these fraternity people taking him down to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I’ve been  to Bourbon Street, it’s…a very sketchy place.

Jerry, on the swimming pool of beautiful women: ‘…I became a man.”
And then he  turns to the improvisers and goes “AND IF THIS DOESN’T GIVE YOU MATERIAL, YOU’RE FINISHED.”
Jerry might be the best fit yet for this show.

Fred, handing over the bell: “if the material is going  well, just give a little tinkle…to show-”
Fred: “we’ll get into that, uh, in  another show.”
Why is this  show working so well??

Brad does his character with a very fun N’awlins accent
Colin: “is this where they keep all the schoolbooks?”
Jerry: [ding!]

Colin: “I’m looking forward to learning quite a bit”
Brad, motioning to Wayne and Jonathan: “Here’s some ANATOMY COURSES RIGHT OVAH HEAAAHHHHH…”

Jonathan: “Look at that new guy, he must work out six days a week”
Jonathan: “look at BAGEL-BELLY”

Colin, who’s straight man stuff here is really fun: “I don’t want to alarm you, but I think someone has stolen their clothes!”

Colin: “They look very cold, I better jump in and warm them up”

This has a very innocent ending- Colin puts his arms around Jonathan and Wayne, then goes “I’m done” and gets out.

A pretty fun Dramatic Episode. Unlike Mark Cuban’s, I was fine with the lewd subject matter because it was bawdy, but it was also knowingly so. It’s New Orleans. Sex is nearly in the town’s slogan. So this worked for me, especially the way Colin and Brad played this.

Face the Music: David mimes to Eye of the Tiger by Survivor


Jerry doesn’t get the connection either. Fred reminds him that he fought a bear for charity  when he was mayor
Jerry: “Do you want a litany of all the stupid things I’ve done in my life?”

Sideways Scene: Wayne is an aggressive drill sergeant putting the raw recruit Jonathan through the paces, and Colin, who plays Jerry, arrives late

Wayne and Jonathan’s energy at the top of the scene is well accounted for. Jonathan tries doing pushups on his side, which is amusing as hell

This is definitely a Wayne-centric scene, as his flips and energy throughout pushes him to the front of the action, which is nice after 2 support scenes from him

Jonathan has a great move in the horror style just in getting sucked towards the top of the screen.

A broader scene, but not bad.

Putting Words Into Your Mouth: Jerry, voice by Brad, is waiting impatiently in his car for his girlfriend Wayne, voice by Colin, to come out, Jonathan is the angry father who comes out to the car to see how everything went

I love Colin adding noises for Wayne’s eating and drinking pre-date

This is a very  funny scene, because we all know what’s coming, and in that  respect Colin and Wayne can draw it out and play with expectations, because he know vomit will play into it.

Brad: “I just got this new sports car, let me take you on the WINDIEST ROAD IN CINCINNATI.”

The only thing funnier than Colin’s vomiting noises is Wayne gyrating and convulsing as he does it. This is funnier than just keeling over- Wayne overplays this so much it becomes even funnier, even falling off his chair and hanging onto Jerry.

Colin, after a good 15 seconds of vomiting: “…you better pull over.”

Brad, again going back to the runner: “Cecily, how much cilantro did you eat?”

Jonathan has a fun move by popping out from behind them: “it’s me, your father, I was in the trunk the whole time…”

Jonathan: “my daughter and I have a lot of things in common-” [vomiting noise]

And that’s how we end the scene. Look, Wayne and Jonathan found the game of the scene and kept making the vomiting funny, I have to hand it to them.

Credits: Messages from Random Acquaintances 

Wayne: “Hi, Jerry, I had a great ti-BLLEEEAHHHH”

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.30.19 PM
[where were you during the Mark Cuban episode, then?]

Brad: “Hola, Jerry, I am cilantro. Sorry!”

Wayne: “TIS I, SATAN…see ya soon.”
Low blow, but still works

Colin: “I am the head of the Cilantro Growers of the United States…Give us a TRY!! ONE TRY!!!”
God bless Colin and his random volume

Jonathan: “Jerry, it is I, Darth Vader…thank you for allowing ME to tell Luke that I was his father.”
YES. Great joke to end it!

Overall: Last show was the closest we could get to a normal, good WL show. This one felt like a GREAT WL episode. Yes, Fred and David Armand were still here to dial it down a  bit, but Shorter and Shorter, Dramatic Episode, Dubbing and even the ending quickfire round were so funny. Having Jerry Springer here not only aided the games, cause he’s a great storyteller, but also enhanced the improv because Jerry knows these guys and is used to what they do. The next two episodes will have  similar feels probably, because we’re in the territory of ‘people who the WL cast has worked with before’, and that tends to help. I laughed very hard at this one, and enjoyed it even more than last show. Not perfect, but a lot of fun.

Best Performer: Wayne impressed me the most tonight.
Worst Performer: I’m not putting Jonathan here because even as the odd person out a lot of the time, he still had some great lines. So, hell with it, David Armand.
Best Game: Shorter and Shorter. So much was good about the initial scene, and it kept getting funnier with every compression.
Worst Game: Face the Music
Guest Star Rating: 9/10. Jerry had a very nice time, knew the performers and the gig, and even  came off well in  Dubbing. Glad he finally did an episode of one of these that  actually worked.

COMING  UP NEXT: A return for Craig Cackowski, as well as, in my opinion, the single most successful WL Guest Star ever.

Whose Offseason: Trust Us With Your Life Episode 3, or Hi, I’m Craig T. Nelson

Episode 3 brings in two bright ideas from America- Brad Sherwood joins the crew as fourth-seater, which should give a bit more versatility than the fourth seater just coming in later and doing support [I HOPE]. Our guest star is Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of ABC’s Shark Tank, who definitely has proven he can make fun of himself.

Fred seems even more off than he was in the last two shows. His prompter reading is woodier than usual, and his pronunciation of ‘entrepreneur’ [On Tropanoor] is…while not the funniest mispronunciation of that word I’ve heard, very much up there.

Forward Rewind: Wayne plays Mark as a bouncer at a bar, Jonathan is a flirtatious girl who is stopped and frisked by Mark as she goes into the bar, Colin is the drunk man who threatens Mark, and Brad is the policeman who arrives to arrest the drunk

I am uncomfortable with Mark’s fist-pump once Fred says the phrase ‘stop and frisk’

Wayne and Jonathan do a unison “OH OH OH OH OHHH”. Wayne seems to have  gotten better at making reads specific for this game

Colin, of course great at playing drunks, stumbles in impressively.

There’s a funny bit where Colin gets the knife wrong  and accidentally keeps mauling his own body, but it’s hard to do in this game, which involves recreating things

Though, replaying Colin’s “GEDDOUTADAWAYYY” with  Jonathan’s screaming is still very funny

Brad entering: “what’s with all the blood?”
Colin: [accidentally shoots self in neck]
Yeah, this is goofy as hell

Wayne chucks Colin’s gun away, but Colin…randomly pulls out a lightsaber.

They rewind all the way back, and when it comes time for Jonathan to remember his elaborate name, he…stumbles, forgetting most of it, and spits something out anyway

An alright playing of this. Definitely more silly than substantial, and for the record there are substantial playings of this game.

Dramatic Episode: Colin is Mark and Brad is his cornbread roommate getting ready to entertain, two girls played by Wayne and Jonathan arrive at the door

Okay so we need to address this. Mark’s story about his roommates picking up some ladies has a punchline of A.) the ladies being transgender [“oh my god, it’s a guy”], and B.) the bros still being into it. Which is at least a good ending, because hooray for still sleeping with someone after you realize they’re trans, but…the way Mark frames it, it comes off very homophobic, at least for the frat bros who ‘don’t stop’.
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 1.45.11 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-07-10 at 1.45.45 PM.png
Note that this is 2011, a few years before Colin’s kid would come out as trans, and they still cringe over it. AS AM I.

Brad, playing against type: “I say, Mark, I can’t wait to meet these lovely ladies.”
Brad: “I’m wearin’ my favorite cologne- CORN.”
HAHAHAHA. Dear god, an actual chuckle from this damn show

Jonathan, at the door: “DING DONG…one of us has a DING-DONG…”
Ohhhhhhhh boy.
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 1.59.21 PM
You said it, Fred.

Wayne even has his character speak in a deep voice. EVEN FOR 2011 THIS IS HORRIBLY DATED.

Brad: “I like the girl with  the bumpy neck”


That…was genuinely terrible. Brad maybe had a few good jokes, but the whole premise of this scene is ‘hey, let’s laugh at trans women’, which…NO. You don’t do jokes about trans people where them being trans and having non-affirming genitalia is the punchline. When is society going to move beyond ‘chick with a dick’ jokes? Cause they’re not funny anymore.

I will note…the only person onstage who doesn’t make a transphobic joke? You guessed it. Colin Mochrie.

Putting Words Into Your Mouth: Mark, Colin’s voice, is living with a female flight attendant with acting ambitions played by Wayne, joined by Jonathan, Brad’s voice, as Mark’s acting coach

Mark mentions he had two “very attractive flight attendants move in as my roommates.”
Fred: “…is this a movie you saw???”
Every once in a while, Fred surprises me.

Wayne: “Do you wanna rehearse that scene?”
Colin: “Absolutely, let me get the bananas and cream.”

Colin doing a FIREY, PASSIONATE MONOLOGUE and Mark doing his best to do it justice did make me laugh

Brad, as Jonathan, comes in yelling ‘CRAP CRAP CRAP’, which I always thought  was more of a Colin thing, but Jonathan helps it by motioning to his  ass

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 2.24.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 2.24.53 PM.png

Brad mentions they need to ‘start the scene with a passionate kiss’. YES, CAUSE THE LAST SCENE WENT SO WELL WITH CANDID HOMOPHOBIA. Wayne, to his credit, brings back his bottom-lip/tongue trick as he did a lot on the ABC version.

Colin: “Oh, this so reminds me of something I went through in college.”

A little better than last game, mostly for performances, but that ending left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

Wayne, as Mark goes back to his seat: “sorry, he made me…”

Face the Music: David acts out We Are the Champions


Yeah, nothing really to report here. Other than the  realization that the versions of these songs they get are cheap covers so they don’t have to pay rights. Wow.

Sideways Scene: Jonathan is a Mavericks basketball player who has been fouled by Wayne his defender, Colin is playing Mark who runs onto the court to defend his player

Wayne and Jonathan’s initial quarreling is pretty funny, as is this eventual goofiness:
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 2.33.09 PM

The gags that have been hitting in this game [Colin shuffling in, Colin climbing over Jonathan] work here

Colin’s overacting and yelling is giving me a smile or two here

The Harry Potter style ends with Colin struggling to fit through the hoop, which is a goofy visual

An alright Sideways Scene.

Credits: Messages from Random Acquaintances 

Brad: “Hello Mark, this is Dirk Novitzki, thank you for plucking me from ze German forest vhere I was working as a German Sasquatch”

Jonathan, as Mark’s doctor: “I’m so glad I could prescribe you that little blue pill so you don’t have anymore Cuban Missile crisis”

Colin, with nothing: “…Hi, I’m Craig T. Nelson….I don’t really know you-”
HAHAHAHA. This was probably my  biggest laugh from the episode, because Colin is just riffing with nothing on his mind, and he even laughs at the eventual buzz.

Brad: “Hi Mark, it’s your proctologist, you left this horseshoe last time you were in.”

Overall: Another bad show. The sad part is, there were more individual laughs here than in the last  two games, so this was technically the funniest show yet, but no games were better than ‘meh’, and Dramatic Episode plummeted this episode’s goodwill down like an anvil. So much of this show felt cringey and dated, and Mark’s casual homophobia and misogyny didn’t help at all. This is definitely a guest bit more in line with the 2001-era bro-y bookings. Good news is the panel was a little more balanced, and Brad did some good stuff. But…MAN, this show just keeps disappointing me in new and different ways every show.

Best Performer: Brad Sherwood nailed most of his material tonight.
Worst Performer: Jonathan was mostly a supporting  player tonight.
Best Game: Dubbing did the most right, imo.
Worst Game: Dramatic Episode was one of the worst scenes I’ve had to watch on this blog. Not because it was badly done, but because nearly every joke was horribly unfunny and in horrible taste…and yet the audience, and Mark, laughed.
Guest Star Rating: 6/10. Eesh. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but there was a bro-y, locker-room esque aura to this whole show, and Mark added to that.

COMING UP NEXT: Greg Proops returns, and our guest star is someone who is probably super-comfortable around comedians.

Whose Offseason: Colin & Brad: Two-Man Group (2011), or I’m Not Finished With the Duck

As this is technically a project based on history and accurately telling the Whose Line story, I made sure recently that I’d be exhausting all of my options before dipping into Trust Us With Your Life, which…I am not at all looking forward to. I sent feelers out, checked for other WL-related improv projects in this era, and made it a point that they needed to be officially released tapings. No youtube rips.

On a whim, a reader brought me towards one such account that was easily accessible by way of Amazon Prime. Colin & Brad: Two-Man Group, from 2011

What fun! I get to cover a Colin and Brad show that I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

[And it sort of counts as a movie so I can also log it on Letterboxd!]

To refresh you all, Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, after the success of Whose Line,  the All-Stars tours, and GSS, came up with the idea to do a two-man improv show across the country. Unlike two-person improv, like what you’d see in Middleditch and Schwartz or in improv theatres across the land, they’d still do short-form material, and do a lot of WL-esque games, but they’d do different material that’d accommodate a two-man team with…nobody else in the wings. Beginning in the mid-2000s, Colin and Brad’s tours became fan-favorites quickly, as they would tour on-and-off for the next  15 or so years, up until the present day, where Colin has alternated his Brad shows with Hyprov shows [somewhere, Spence 12Medbe seethes].

Now, as I’ve mentioned here, I’ve seen Colin and Brad live before, back in 2016 at the Purchase Performing Arts Center in Westchester County, NY, and talked to them before the show. I know what the Colin-and-Brad show was like in 2016, and ironically  the bill had the same title as this special, Two-Man Group. I do not know how/if it differs in form and gameload from the 2016 show I saw. In fact, I don’t know anything at all about this special, other than it exists, and this was shot in Milwaukee. Which makes me wonder if this is the same place they shot Jeff Dunham’s Christmas Special.

[I know. I know. 2009 was a year I regret]

Right, we’re diving right in. I’m honestly interested to see what kind of quality we’re looking at here.

Already, something about the graphics, the announcing, the music, the way the stage is lit, just screams late-2000s for me, even though I know it’s from 2011.

Colin, for his opening spiel, asks the audience if anyone thinks improv has any hidden tricks so it’s not entirely made up, and a few people cheer
Colin: ‘alright. You people are bastards.”

Colin, as this is technically a family recording, changes his and Brad’s usual catchphrase to ‘let’s make up some crap’.

Moving Bodies: Belgium, chicken, and spiders

Colin, to Amy and Joe: “We are going to play a game that is very easy…uh, for Brad and I.”

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 3.45.53 PM.pngColin: “so, Amy, because you and Brad are almost the same height, you’ll move him…”

Colin brings back the ‘if you  want him to come home with you, there’s a good area’ joke, which we’ve seen on IAG
Colin: “You’ll never find it, don’t worry…”

Colin, getting Belgium: “however popular, one of our better dialects…”

Colin: “and an  usual object…A CHICKEN!”
Brad: [cautious thumbs up]
Colin: ‘…that’s WACKY!”

Colin: “So, we have Belgium, chicken, spiders…pretty much writes itself…”

So Brad goes to the other side of the stage, and Amy DOESN’T GET THE MESSAGE THAT SHE SHOULD GO OVER THERE TOO. She’s still standing  near Colin. Joe’s even trying to motion to her.

Joe and Amy are already doing a great job having them gesture along with their dialogue.

Colin: “Up in my attic I have a pantry.”
Brad: “Oh…you keep chickens in  your attic?”
Colin: ‘…doesn’t everyone?”

I love Colin’s confused, surprised reaction  as Joe twists his body  almost the entire way  around without moving his legs.
Colin: “First I must crush my testicles…for no reason.”
And just the ensuing  motion afterwards, of Joe and Amy moving Colin and Brad across the stage as if they’re some sort of conga line

Colin challenges the movers to have them go up a spiral staircase, and…yeah, it works pretty well

Joe: [lifts Colin’s arm potentially to turn on a  lightswitch”
Colin: “…hmm, I wonder what that was I just did…OH, I WAS PUSHING ZE ATTIC DOOR UP.”
Brad: “yes, EVEN I KNEW ZAT.”

Joe for a moment forgets how to move Colin forward, going as so far to lift Colin, which again confuses the  hell out of him
Colin: “everytime I walk up that staircase I get a tingling in my  buttocks!”

Joe is at least very helpful to Amy, sort of motioning that she should move Brad’s head as well. This is why you get movers who know each other

Colin, as Brad goes over to the cooler box: “…I’m still squeezing my testicles.”
Joe: [moves Colin’s right leg]
Colin: “AAAAHHH”
Joe even has Colin wipe his brow. HE’S GOOD.

The last bit of this is very funny, because Brad and Colin have to yell things several times [like Brad yelling ‘RUN AWAY’ and Colin yelling ‘I WILL GRAB THE CHICKEN’], and because several things are happening at once, both movers take a bit to realize it’s a command
Joe even moves Colin towards the staircase as he’s still going “I WILL GRAB THE CHICKEN”. It’s so silly. AND HE KEEPS DOING IT AS JOE HAS HIM GO DOWN THE STAIRCASE.
Brad, as he’s clearly being moved in a different direction than Colin: “How many different spiral staircases do you have here?”
Colin: “I DON’T KNOW”

A very  silly Moving People, and one  that got insanely funny towards the end, as it got more complicated. The movers did their best, but I’m glad Colin and Brad could continue to screw with them

Sound Effects: white-water rafting

I find it funny that Colin asks “who thinks they would be  good at the sound effects game?”. Sharing the knowledge with the audience. He did this at our show, and a friend of mine got picked to do SFX, and did a bang-up job.

This is the way they do SFX on the road- one eager person does all of Colin’s, while an entire row of audience members does all of Brad’s. It works pretty well, on experience

Also, odd that  Colin pronounces the word ‘serpentEEN’, when I thought it was made clear that Colin pronounced it 20SerpenTINE

Jeff’s SFX are pretty  good in the demo round, although it may be because he’s a Green Bay Packers fan and he’s been asked to imitate the sound of opening a beer. [Hey, if only there was a Mystery Science Theater reference for that…]
Colin makes the joke for me: “I think Jeff KNOWS that sound..”
Welcome to Wisconsin, Colin

Colin: “I have my bear-repellent call”
Colin: ‘they are very disturbed by foghorns’

Brad has a rifle cocked, and gets a ‘KA-BLAWWAWAWAW”
Brad: “you see…this one shoots a small duck…it launches a bear, distracting the duck, the bear eats the duck, we get away”
Why is Brad always funny when he’s talking about animals??

Brad’s sprinkler noise is a bit too errant: “it works kind of like a lawn sprinkler”

As Brad pushes off, Jeff throws in a “wSSHHHHHHHHH”
Brad: “Oh, I think I just tore my pants..”

We get to Colin…stapling Brad’s pants together.
Brad: “…didn’t feel a thing, I took an Ambien earlier”

Colin and Brad paddle, and Jeff does a “PFFFFF” noise
Colin: “I’m just paddling in mud”

Brad: “is that  the one with the crow in its mouth?”

As they get to the rapids, Jeff does these really good sounds of the waters
Brad: “will you patch  that hole in the raft?”
Colin: “Should I use the stapler.”
Brad: “NO.”

Brad: “…he looks confused. Use your bear repellent car.”
Brad: “they really hate vintage cars!”

Colin: “He’s coming into the water, he’s coming after us”
Jeff: [rustling noises]

Brad: “I’ve got my duck gun.”

The concept of Colin needing to do CPR on a duck, and Jeff doing hyperventilating noises…
Colin just gives Jeff a look. I don’t blame him
Colin, not believing this: ‘wait…I’m not finished with the duck…”
Colin continues, and Jeff does the noise
Brad: “WAITWAITWAIT…he’s upside down!”

Then, as Colin shoves the duck into the gun, Brad is very close to breaking himself

The kid who eventually does Brad’s SFX for the gun: “…BQUAAAPP”

Brad: “That  duck had quite a smile on his lips”
And as they continue rowing, Colin and Brad just let what  just happened with the duck wash over them and try to regain composure

As they head for a waterfall, Jeff emits another confusing noise
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 5.33.37 PMBrad: “…d’you hear my stomach growling?”

Colin gets an idea to put “an outboard motor on the front and go back…I knew this would come in handy with a raft…”

Jeff eventually starts a motor noise…and Colin watches it as it takes off autonomously
Colin: “I DIDN’T KNOW!”

Brad tells Colin to stuck his butt in the  hole in the raft to plug it. Colin, knowingly, places a single finger into the whole: “a butt will not plug anything.”
Brad seems to like this line

Colin, after drinking a beer, gets a truly great burping noise courtesy  of Jeff, which he helps by doing horrified facial expressions as he keeps going

Brad: “I’ll show you a burp, watch this”
Audience member, not prepared: [high pitched giggle]
Colin: “you okay?”
Brad: “I thought of a really funny joke while I was about to drink…”

Brad’s audience member also has an impressively long burping noise

A very silly, and very impressive SFX game. The entire duck bit felt classic, and I’m glad Colin went back to that

Sideways Scene: Dog Pooped on the Lawn; kung-fu soap opera

WAIT A MINUTE. I thought that Sideways Scene started with Fast and Loose, or even TUWYL, but here it is in 2011 on the Ryan and Colin tour. I am shocked. And…I’m glad I did this before TUWYL

Brad asks for a reason two neighbors might be mad at each other: ‘DOG POOPED ON THE LAWN? Okay, I cleaned that up a little bit…”

Here’s what we’re looking at:
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 5.50.46 PM.png
This looks a lot different from the TUWYL sideways scene, and even the CW one, because it’s not red, and it has props and a scene set up ready to go. Also, they’re going in with a style of ‘soap opera kung fu’, rather than having someone yell them out in progress, as that just seems needlessly complicated, especially when Fred Willard does it

I love Brad’s struggle to get the door closed, saying the door’s being blown open by the wind, accounting for gravity

Brad: “I am tired of cleaning up the CACA…OF YOUR SHITZU!”
Again, Brad is just so clever with these

One of the things I love about this game is how it makes physicality a lot more cartoony and easier to muster, like here:
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 7.34.19 PM

Plus, Brad doing a kung-fu flip involves him nearly crawling onto the set and nudging his way to the other side of Colin

A lot of the rest of this scene is admittedly a lot of broad kung fu movements and physical gags. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m missing the extra styles

There’s a nice bit where they try pouring a glass of wine sideways, and it ends up spilling onto the ‘wall’

Brad’s spilled so much over by Colin that Colin just starts flicking the empty bottle towards Brad to try  and soak him a bit

As Brad goes to leave, the door nearly falls on top of him

Not a great Sideways Scene, as things would be  retooled a bit once we get to Dan&Mark productions

Two Headed Expert:

This one we don’t get an intro for, we just get right in- Colin and Brad sitting next to each other, and doing a presentation with every other word. “If you have any  questions, feel free to ask them of”
Colin: ‘…us”

There is actually an explanation- Colin and Brad are an expert on love and relationships, and they’ve opened it up to the audience to ask them things, speaking one word at a time. Clever.

The first guy has a good one: “is it better to be right, or is it better to be  happy”
Brad: “being”
Colin: “right”
Brad: “is”
Colin: “overrated”

Another guy asks for pick-up lines for a girl in his class.
Brad: “HEY…”
Colin: “you.”

Audience member: “going bald is kind of a hereditary thing in my family, is balding really a bad thing for the ladies?”
Brad: “Balding
Colin: “is
Brad: “terrible….
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 7.47.44 PM.png
This is why I love their working relationship
Colin: “if”
Brad: ‘you”
Colin: “are”

Audience member: “what’s a good way to come out of the closet?”
Brad, of course: “open”
Colin: “the”
Brad: “door”

This one has aged well: “what if my partner wants to add a third person to the mix?”
“Have a wild time with them both, because variety is the spice of life, and three’s not company, it’s
Colin: “FUN”

Guy: “Around how much is it gonna cost for a night with both of you?”
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 7.55.11 PM
Brad: “we”
Colin: “are”
Brad: “absolutely”
Colin: ‘free.”
Random Audience member, when that applause dies down: “TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS”
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 7.59.29 PM.png

Some smartass: “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck…could chuck…wood?”
Brad: “I’VE”
Colin: ‘got”
Brad: “wood.”
What makes this game work so well is they can mind-meld and figure out the punchline each of them are going for

Finally, some guy: “does the female g-spot truly exist?”
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 8.02.45 PM
“To a normal person, finding the g-spot may be difficult, but if you have a GPS, then you are likely to find it”

A really, REALLY fun round of that, and a great testament to how good Colin and Brad are at working with each other.

Dubbing Jeopardy

Colin: “Can we have you two right there…no, both of you, nice try…NICE TRY SELLING OUT THE HUSBAND”

Colin explains that as they do this game show scene, Jennifer and Mike can move their lips as much as they want, “you’re just screwing Brad and I”

Once they set up the premise…OH DAMN, IT’S JEOPARDY. THEY’RE DOING JEOPARDY. Only they have audience members as the other two contestants, and Colin and Brad are dubbing them. This…seems tricky, but it could work

Jennifer, not entirely getting the game, once Brad starts talking, honks her horn. “OH, YOU SCARED ME, ALEX. I’M AFRAID OF GAME SHOW HOSTS…”

Jennifer, not believing this, buckles a bit

Brad, as Jennifer: “Well, I’m a part-time martial arts instructor, and a FULL TIME exotic dancer…”
Colin: “d’you ever get the two mixed up”
Brad: “Not really, well, one time there were a lot of bruises after a lap dance…”

Mike, as Brad does his for #2, moves his lips, thinking he’s up
Colin: “Excuse me, contestant #3, why are you moving YOUR lips?”

Brad, in a very Russian accent: “My name is…Grabsack Turnandcough”
Mike: [moves away from Brad]

Colin, as Mike, is a gruff-voiced ‘alphabet interpreter’, which is a very Colin idea. “I go to schools and teach children the alphabet by using my body to make the shapes of the letters”, and Mike does a bunch of them
Brad: “He just spelled out ‘Syracuse'”

Unlike IAG Jeopardy, the categories are on  cards, rather than contestants making them up, cause…y’only have two people really and it’s better to not really know each other’s go-tos

Ironically, the first  category Colin has is ‘elements of the periodic table’, which was Drew’s stand-by category in every single IAG Jeopardy

Brad also makes a nod to Drew/Kathy, for his answer for Nitrogen: “what is the opposite of Daytrogen”

I love the runner of Colin  consistently getting Jennifer, as Joseephus’, name wrong, and Brad always calling him out on it in his squawky voice

Brad has a similar one for bratwurst: “what is far inferior to brat-BEST”

I find it very  funny that Colin pronounces it ‘E-Mew’, rather than Emu, as E-Mew I always thought was the European pronunciation.

For Emu, nobody seems to have anything, and Brad decides to honk in FOR MIKE, screwing over Colin. As Colin  goes over to Mike, he mutters ‘oh, great”
Colin’s answer for Emu doesn’t seem like he should have been worried: “how do cows communicate on the internet?”

Brad, for Zeus: “where do they keep all the animals?”

Once again, for Chippewa, Brad honks and points to Mike, screwing over Colin. Mike jokingly checks his honker. Colin takes a while, and goes “WHAT…DOESN’T RHYME…WITH VERTICAL.”
…good ol Colin and his confusing logic
Colin: “well, technically that is correct…”
Brad: “That seems like cheating to me…”

Colin chuckles at ‘things associated with outer space’: “…popular one, Uranus”
Brad: “Where is the worst place to hide your car-keys?”

The answer for Monet was one I kinda saw coming, but Colin does it well: “what do french people pay with?”

Colin: “WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH- well, that sound I just made means we have no budget, and it’s time for Final Jeopardy”
Good variation on that SFX gag from IAG that rarely worked for me

Brad, as Jennifer: “I’m gonna bid both of my points, and…a lap dance.”
Colin: “Okay, we’ll I’m pulling for ya…”

Colin, getting his for anatomical terms, shakes his head, and goes “okay…”, goes back over to Jennifer, and reveals “the answer is penis”
Of course it is
Jennifer: [honk]
Colin: “WELL DONE”

Brad, as Jennifer, for penis: “what shows up everytime I do a lap dance”
Of course

Colin screws over Mike by making him spell out ‘Reginald’ with his body…twice.
Brad: “…he spelled Syracuse again”

Colin, for Octopus, gives a dated joke that  also is kind of amazing, for Mike: “where did all of the Octomom’s children come from?”
Then, as the audience responds, Colin just points to Mike, sort of saying ‘wasn’t me’

Brad: “I am going to wager all of my points, and a painting that I did, of Red Skelton as a buffalo”
Colin just shakes his head. A rare moment of someone throwing Colin

For ‘spices and herbs’, Colin gets ‘cumin’, for Brad. WE ALL KNOW WHAT’S COMING.
Brad, thankfully, subverts and goes for “what will she be doin’ round the mountain?”

A really strong  Jeopardy, with a lot of really nice answers, and without IAG’s editing mishaps.

Job Interpretation:

I don’t know this one, but Brad will be interviewing Kevin the mall-cop, and “Colin will be interpreting for the hearing impaired”

Brad: “Good evening and welcome to All Types of Cops”
Colin: [mimes chomping on a donut]

Brad gets him to explain Victoria’s Secret stores so Colin has to mime all that
Brad: “D’you know if they sell crotchless panties there?”
Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.49.26 AM.png

Colin’s mime for ‘velcro crotchless panties’ is pretty great

Kevin: “Sometimes I accidentally fall down  the escalator, it’s kind of painful”
Colin: [mimes smoking a joint and getting on the segway, and then riding a segway down an escalator]

Brad, of course, keeps explaining this so Colin has to do the mime again

Kevin mentions walking cane stores in the mall
Brad: “and what kind of people show up at the walking cane store?”
Kevin: “people who usually can’t walk”
Colin: [falls over]

I do love the revelation that they also sell segways here, so Colin just brings back the segway mime, which I really like

Brad says ‘electric chair’, and Colin mimes ‘the electric chair’, and Brad clarifies that he means more of a recliner or heating chair and not “a chair that executes prisoners, because that would be inhumane”

A goofy round, but there wasn’t much to this one.

Torture Round: Questions/If You Know What I Mean/Letter Substitution [S is now K]; Coal Miners

This takes a lot of explanation, but it’s like Options, only at Freeze, the scene takes on a different limit, like Questions Only, Only Euphemisms, or Change Letter. It’s…very interesting

Colin asks Brad to cover his shift: “It’s my 30th anniversary, and I wasn’t going to invite you so I just figured you could take my shift…’

The Questions Only portion works because it lets them get into specificity over this shift-covering, and it also gives them some emotion and nuance. And the speed at which Brad and Colin do this is genuinely impressive, the type of speed that works BECAUSE they’re all warmed up and into the game, rather than using QO as a warm-up like on WL.

Colin: “Did that shaft seem longer than usual…if you know what I mean?”
Brad: “The shaft gets longer all the time if you know what I mean. Some days you just can’t believe how long the shaft is if you know what I mean…Sometimes a shaft seems colder if you know what I mean…”
Colin: “Sometimes I worry, cause we really should have a back entrance…[PALPABLE PAUSE] if you know what  I mean”

Brad: “I’d be happy to go through your rear entrance if we need to get away from the large shaft, if you know what I mean.”
Brad is so good at this

Brad mentions making a hole
Colin: “What if there’s a river on the other side of the hole? I don’t want water squirting out of my hole all over our shaft.”

Colin, after a moment of not thinking of any more, sighs, looks at Emma and goes ‘FREEZE’.

Brad is definitely having some trouble with letter substitution, because so many words use ‘s’
Colin at least edges around the letter, saying “I got my wife…a diamond ring”. I love the moments where they realize what words are okay  to use.

Brad: “…khe will be in  for QUITE A K-HOCK”
Emma loses it

Colin: “I love to French Kikk her”

The rest of that  section is basic, and has some good modified dialogue, and Colin and Brad know where the funny is with this

Colin, on his sister: “HER NAME IK…PRIKKY”
Brad: “PRIKKY?”
Brad: “…Prikcilla?”
Even this works

There is some good escalation, including the detail that Brad has to go to a ‘koccer game’, and it leads to some good modified cursing [Colin throwing in an ‘akkhole’]. Brad finishes it off with a long streak of cursing and skillfully done substitutions, and it ends on a fun note.

Not perfect, but amusing.

Mousetraps: Someone Has Taken Someone Else’s Mail: Starting with Q

As Brad explains this, two go off, one on Colin and one on a  stagehand
Brad: “…248…LIVE MOUSETRAPS…2 not so live”
Of course

Brad explains that they’ll be doing this game as Alphabet, making it trickier on them for the improv. They’ve used this in future shows, and it works

UNLIKE future shows, Brad explains this scene will be in the style of an opera, meaning everything will be sung. Wow.

Even worse, 21 mousetraps will be  suspended in mid-air. This is an element that I believe was not present at my show, and this is kinda impressive

Already, the fight-or-flight from both is present as they get towards each other. Colin’s doing a line ‘IT SEEMS THAT I AM MISSING’ and steps right on  one, then frantically jumps out of the way and finishes the line ‘SOME MAIL’. He then flails his arms slightly to make sure none of the hanging ones hit him.

Poor Colin

Colin, as he keeps moving, just keeps running into all the suspended ones.

Brad has a funny read where he backs right onto one and yelps in pain in the middle of a line.

Also, Brad is the most mischievous in this game, but I love when he swings a mousetrap towards Colin, it misses him and swings back towards Brad, HITTING him.

There’s a few seconds of incoherent babbling, then Brad FINALLY hits Colin with one

Colin, in response, a few seconds later, hurls a hanging one towards Brad’s crotch. It bounces harmlessly off

Colin, who’s been flailing around for 30 seconds, hitting too many, hasn’t said the next line yet.
Brad: “Don’t you have something to say?”
Colin: “Eat me.”

Colin gets a  few and flings them at Brad, again getting a direct hit low

Colin: “I see it sticking out of your shirt pocket”
Brad, knowing this could be a trap, very carefully places his hand there, as Colin is in flinging distance.

Colin tries getting a line out while tangled in like 4 or 5 hanging ones, and he’s BARELY holding onto composure

Brad: “You are to blame for several things, including skipping letters of the alphabet…”

By the end, Colin’s flipped up his goggles and just grabs a few and flings them at Colin.

Some audience member: “HIS GOGGLES ARE OFF”
Brad: [lifts up his]
Colin: [lifts his down acting like nothing  happened]

A haphazard but alright Mousetraps. Not as good as some of the ones we’ve seen, but alright.

Overall: Yeah, that was a Colin  and Brad show. I can see why they retired some of these games from the lineup, as Sideways Scene, Job Interpretation and Torture Round weren’t as good as some of the other, stronger games, like Jeopardy, SFX, and Two-Headed Expert. Still a pretty fun special, and the bulk of it was made up of memorable lines and moments. It just petered off a bit towards the end.

Best Game: Sound Effects, an undeniable classic
Worst Game: Sideways Scene, but it’d be better in the studio.
Who Had the Better Night?: Brad was stronger in several games.


COMING UP NEXT: I’ve prolonged it enough. We head to the UK for a reunion with Dan and Mark and…a very perplexing 8-show series.

Whose Offseason: Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza Episode 39, or Is Everything You Say a Premise??

This episode marks the last of 6 shows from the purple tapings, giving us the last IAG appearances of Colin and Brad, who’ve had nice showings here, and will be missed…for the .5 seconds I’m not covering them in between this and TUWYL. Brad doesn’t appear at all in this show, as has already essentially bowed out, which is sad.

Greatest Hits: Colin and Kathy sell Songs of the Gas Pumper, sung by Chip and Jeff

KATHY presents? Again, score for switching things up

Colin, in another very prophetic joke: “we’ll return you to your movie about transsexual chariot drivers in Been Her, in  just a second…”

Kathy and Colin cast themselves as that ‘great singing duo, Donny and Dinny’
Colin: “We had great hits like…OOOH…and EEE…AND?”
Kathy: “aaah”
Colin: “…sometimes y.”

Colin: “I’m a big fan of the 80s, of course, I guess because I was born then…”
Jeff: “…1880s…”
Colin, smirking: “…I’m also a big fan…of Pat Boone music-”
Jeff: [dies]
Chip: “80s is good…”

Colin takes an extra few seconds to get the title: “…WIPE THE WINDOW…HANG THE FRESHENER….LET’S GO.”
Chip, as Bob starts up, is still sounding out the title, looking at Colin: “…WIPE THE WINDOW…”

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.56.26 PM.png

From one opening singing of the title, they have the style down…and once they get to ‘let’s go’, Chip cracks up

Just the silly walk Jeff is doing, just sort of strutting over while keeping his torso straight, is so funny

For 80s numbers, you can see these two go into specific impressions- Jeff always does Simon Le Bon, Chip always does Robert Smith from the Cure, and they’re both great here


Jeff and Chip just keep rolling out the chorus, playing to the cameras. Jeff even slides onto the floor, yelling “AAAGHH, FLOOR BURNS, GAAHHHH”

As Jeff gets up, both Chip and Jeff look at each other and try  to start a new verse, but neither is the same, and they both sort of stop and are taken aback.
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 10.43.32 AM.pngSo they just recreate the shortened, unison noise, ‘OUGHHH’, a few more times

Chip gets insanely worked up for the last part of this song and he’s dancing back and forth and the audience is completely loving it, as Jeff sings the chorus. It’s a  very cool, very well-done musical moment

SUCH A GOOD GREATEST HITS. That song is probably Jeff and Chip’s best work on the program period. Colin and Kathy had really funny banter. One of the best GHs on the show in a while.

Sentences: Colin and Jeff, from the soap opera Like, Seriously, I don’t Know

Last playing of this til CWLIIA.

Jeff: “I thought you were let go after the…terrible things that happened yesterday.”
Colin: “I was let go, but then they forgot and I came back”

Colin: “Lesson 1, every doctor should say, right before an operation, “that looks like Einstein with an afro”

Colin has an explosive arm gesture towards Jeff during a line
Jeff, mimicking it: “DO NOT DO THIS TO ME WHEN YOU TALK”
Colin, now flailing both arms: “SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY I WILL, I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT I WILL.”
He suddenly stops: “oh, nipples.”
Then continues as if nothing’s happened. This is why I love Colin

Jeff: “We have a lot in common, you know…I’m [without a better idea]…having sex with your wife…”
Jeff: “Not right now, but EARLIER I was…”

Colin speaks of making mad, passionate love last  night, “and right in the middle she screamed out “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND, HIS NAME IS PAUL!”
Jeff gives Colin a moment to bask in that, then fires: “…she used to call MY little friend Paul…”
Colin: ‘…’s more like a Ringo.”

Jeff: “As the philosopher once wrote…’Gandhi and Joe Pesci in…”

Colin: “But if you look at this x-ray, you’ll see that won’t happen-”
Jeff, taking his pronunciation literally: “A SEX RAY?? YOU INVENTED A SEX RAY???”
Colin: “yes, it’s…an x-ray of your sex parts, and as you can see from this low front coming down….’quick, take a video of me shooting a laser beam out of my ass and put it all over youtube’
Colin: “WAIT…let me put on the lead curtain.”
This scene has embraced bizarreness SO WELL.

Jeff: “I’m afraid it’s too late, doctor, I’ve irradiated your sex parts.”
Colin gives him a very confused look. YES, A RARE CASE OF SOMEONE THROWING COLIN. It’s interesting- you get Jeff and Ryan in a scene, Ryan gets thrown, you do a Jeff-Colin in a scene, Colin gets thrown. So who throws Jeff??

Jeff: “You’ll go on fine, but you’ll be sex-part-less”
Colin: “I don’t use them”
Jeff: “…I know, that’s what your wife said!”

We cut off slightly early, and I would have loved to see the actual ending, but this was still a pretty good scene. Not perfect, as there were some early parts that weren’t as funny, but once we got going it was really funny, and Jeff and Colin worked really well with each other.

Options: Chip and Colin; embroidering; Jeff calls

Last playing of this as Options, which is a shame, as I loved this version

Colin: “Your last batch of hats have all been returned. They all say SAP RANCISCO. SAP. RANCISCO.”

Chip: “I told you, I’m not a good spellerer.”
Western style

Colin, silently, tries to do a John Wayne walk towards Chip, but it comes off very awkward and goofy

Colin keeps the scene going, and says Black Bart’s game requested those hats
Chip: “He hated when I spelled his name with an F…”
Okay, that’s funny
Colin: “…FLACK FART.”

Jeff: “ANOTHER STYLE OF FILM….HORROR….at least I think it was horror, not porn. Horror.”

Chip and Colin’s overdramatic horror movie acting is really good.

Colin: “What you are about to face is the most horrible of all deaths.”
Jeff: “Freeze, horror porn.”
Of course
Colin, putting on gloves: “YOU ARE GOING TO HATE THIS.”
Chip: [runs away]
Jeff: “FREEZE, that’s all I want to see of that…”

Both Chip AND Colin knock the romantic Shakespeare style out of the park. Especially Chip.

An alright Options. It never got anywhere, but it was pretty good.

Sound Effects: Chip and Drew: Oil field mechanics; Hilan and Brandon

Jeff asks Hilan where she’s from, and she’s in from  Israel. For good measure, he also asks Brandon if he’s from anywhere exotic: “Halifax, Nova Scotia”
COLIN GIVES THE LOUDEST CHEER FOR THIS. A BIG “YEEEAHHHH”. I love how passionately Canadian he is.

Brandon gets the concept of the game, and throws in a fart noise AS JEFF IS EXPLAINING THE GAME.
Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 11.24.14 AM
Chip is the most consistent reaction supplier of this run
Chip: “NOT YET!”

Brandon  and Hilan’s demonstration rounds are both very weak.
He then goes to Drew, who has to work with Brandon, and goes “you’re screwed, bro”

Brandon, opening up Drew’s toolbox, does a “WOWWWWW”
Drew: “I also have a lot of ACME equipment”
Brad, in the back, literally turns around to crack up

Yeah, both SFX people aren’t very good, and just throw in random noises and words every once in a while, and Drew and Chip are trying their best.

Chip gets out a megaphone so he can warn  people to clear the area
Hilan: [high pitched woo]
Chip: “That was for the dogs…now I’m gonna warn the PEOPLE…WITH WORDS.”

On the third try to get Hilan to do a megaphone noise, Chip just sinks to the ground and gives up

Not a great SFX. And badly edited, too.

Overall: Nothing in this episode could top that amazing Greatest Hits at the top, so everything else sort of slid downhill after. We had some good two-person scenes in the middle, and Sentences was pretty funny, but this show just got progressively worse as it went on, and it was a meh affair by the end, despite Greatest Hits being awesome. Good news is it was a fitting sendoff to Colin, and had a lot of great Chip material. Bad news is we barely saw Brad, Kathy or Drew.

Best Performer: Chip Esten, who was strong in all three games he appeared in tonight.
Worst Performer: Brad was not in this show.
Best Game: Greatest Hits. A classic number, by far.
Worst Game: Sound Effects was just a big pile of nothing.
Best Dynamic: Colin and Jeff, Sentences. The moment where Jeff throws Colin is phenomenal.
Best Host: Jeff proctored both games in the second half and was great

COMING UP NEXT: We’ve sadly made it to the last episode of Improv-a-Ganza, which will be a sendoff for multiple members of this troupe on the blog. It is also a send-off for two classic Vegas games, First Date and Sentences, and we end with a bang.

Whose Offseason: Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza Episode 36, or Nuremberg: Birthplace of Flight?

Back to the purple taping for some games we’ve seen twice already from this taping. I’m not saying it’s overkill, I’m just saying it’s odd.

Duet: Jeff and Brad sing an R&B ballad to Mary, who does customer service

Colin: “Customer service for where?”
Mary, not sure if she’s allowed to say it on TV: “…a…company?”
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 5.44.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 5.44.48 PM.png
Two shows after the Colin mini double-take, we now have this, which is the closest we can get to a true ‘you guys seein’ this?’ look.

Colin: “You don’t have to name the actual company, but what does this company do?”
Mary: “…many things.”
Mary: “…distribute product.”
Colin: “Distribute product, so you’re a drug dealer.”

Colin: “Tim, d’you  have any pet names for Mary?”
Colin: “You do love your wife, don’t you?”

Colin, still probing: “HUN. IT TOOK YOU THAT LOOK TO THINK OF ‘HUN’?”
I love Colin


These, so far, are some pretty basic lyrics done very  goofily by Brad and Jeff.

Jeff: “I don’t know what you distribute but I’ll take whatever you’ve got…”
Brad: “That’s true, I know it’s a shock but I’d like to back up to your LOADED DOCK.”
Okay, they’re getting better

Hell, even  doing a rhyme that ends in ‘Tim’ is goofy as hell, because y’all know the rhyme is coming, and Jeff and Brad are doing  so much funny buildup and soulful hits.

The song just turns into Brad and Jeff convincing  Mary to dump Tim
Jeff: “I hear Tim has an electrical short, WELL I HAVE AN ELECTRICAL LONG…”

A really fun song, and a great use of the rare Brad-Jeff duo. Yes, the lyrics weren’t as strong as the form, but…I still had fun.

New Choice: Drew and Kathy; construction

On a run, Kathy suggests “I ran over a little boy at a school crossing”, and Brad cracks a little, but still calls New Choice

Kathy gets whittled down to “getting beamed up to be an exotic dancer…yeah, on MARS.”
Drew: “You think that’s the first time I ever heard that story?”

Drew: “Let’s get to work, what are you sawing things there?”
Brad: “new choice”
Drew: ‘what are you, hammering things there?”
Brad: “new choice”
Drew: “it’s my first day, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing”
This…contradicts his earlier line establishing  himself as Kathy’s boss, but…sure

Drew: “Hey wait a minute, since we’re in the construction business, why don’t we take 10 minutes off and go get high?”
I thought Greg wasn’t on this show…
Brad: “new choice”
Drew: “Since we’re in the construction business, why don’t we take a 10 minute break and have a beer.”
Brad: “new choice”
Drew: “Since we’re in the construction business, why don’t we take the afternoon off.”
Drew has gotten much better at this game

Brad pulls a ‘combination of all 3 previous choices’ on Kathy for her hobbies, leading to “I have knitted you a sweater out of mud and I think we should drink some hot chocolate about now…”

Drew, on a NC run, stumbles a bit more, which is kinda normal at this point, I guess. He lands on: “…FUCK THIS IS GOOD.”
As has become the norm with reactions lately, we cut to Chip:
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.13.04 PMBrad: “NEW REACTION”
Oh, from Drew!
Drew: [vomits]

Brad even calls ‘new sound effect’ from Drew, until he gets to…for some reason, a Bonanza ‘BUMPITY-BUMPITY-BUMPITY’ noise. WHERE’D YOU GET THAT?
Brad, still: “NEW SOUND EFFECT”
Drew just does a mime bit, meaning it didn’t make a sound. Brad cracks up at this

Kathy has a nice detail of ‘flying that chocolate in from Nuremberg for you”
Not only is that a great line, but you can catch Chip still facepalming in the back.
Brad: “New choice”
Drew: “NUREMBERG? Birthplace of flight?”
Brad: “new choice”
Drew: “Nuremberg…where all the…gold coins are, that I hide in my safe?”
Brad, losing it: “NEW CHOICE..”
Drew, with a chuckle: “NUREMBERG? Never heard of it.”

An alright NC. Toward the middle it had some phenomenal laughs and great runs, but the improv itself was a little wonky, really just owing to Drew’s improv abilities and Kathy’s minimalist notions. Still, great calling  from Brad

Freeze Tag: Tippy-toes Headstand Chip, Stretching Brad

Kathy asks for a position for Chip: “On his tippy-toes”
Jeff: “I heard on his head.”
Kathy: “Yeah, I heard on his head, too…alright, on his head with his tippy-toes.”
Chip, realizing they’re going with that: “WAIT, WHAT?”
Kathy: “You can figure it out…”

Brad, getting his: “Oh, I’ve gotta STRETCH?”
Chip, coming towards the lady in the audience: “AND I GET HEADSTAND, RIGHT MA’AM? THANK YOU.”

Chip, sure enough:
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.24.38 PM.png

Jeff, entering: “Sesame Street  is brought to you, tonight, by the letters I and T.”

Once Jeff uses Brad, with his arm up, as a slot machine, YOU CAN HEAR SEVERAL DRUNKS IN THE CROWD CHEER.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.29.39 PMColin: “You’re right, Mr. Johnson, the Viagra SHOULDN’T do that…”
Brad: “The good news is my condom fits like a glove.”
[Ryan as Tonto voice: “OLDEST TRICK IN BOOK, KIMOSABE”]

Btw, we cut to the audience:
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.31.22 PM.png
RANDY COUTURE. Wrestling  dude and friend of the show Randy Couture, in the audience. Like Joey Fatone, he’d end up onstage with the WL guys eventually

This is why  I love this game: Jeff comes in and gets in a pitcher’s stance. Brad, as the catcher, starts signaling to him. Chip runs in as a batter. Colin runs in as a fan in the stands
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.32.49 PM
Drew has to come in as the ump. And it’s this whole tense, drawn out, silent scene with these baseball characters, and it’s really funny

Then, as Chip charges the mound, Jeff AND BRAD pull out handguns and it turns into a slow-mo Tarantino mexican stand-off

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.37.40 PM
Brad:Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.37.58 PM

Jeff brings back ‘Cirque du SoGay’ for these two.

This goes on for a good 30 seconds because the other 4 are just watching Chip and Brad

A pretty fun Freeze. We seem to be back on the right track with games of these.

Two-Headed Expert: Brad and Colin interview Jeff and Drew about kangaroos

Brad and Colin: “Good evening, and welcome to STUFF ABOUT KANGAROOS.”

Jeff IMMEDIATELY FORGETS THE UNISON THING, and just goes ahead and says ‘well’, forgetting he has to wait for Drew. He then remembers, and kicks right back in with Drew

Jeff and Drew, Drew leading: “WE WERE…ATTACKED…ATTACKED I TELL YOU.”
At least Drew has a handle on what works in this game

Jeff and Drew: “kangaroos usually carry  a…..knife.”

Drew and Jeff struggle immensely to say the word ‘book’, and have to try 3 or 4 times to say it in unison…’A BOOK ABOUT KNIVES.”
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.47.50 PM.png

Brad and Colin: “does that mean the kangaroo is…..”
Colin: “….literate?”


Colin  and Brad ask what a person can learn about this
Jeff and Drew: “NOTHING.”

A pretty funny round of this, and good uses of A.) a good pairing, and B.) a less-put-together, funny pairing.

Overall: Far from a perfect show, but better than last show on the basis that good improv moves happened more consistently…but at the same time, nothing here is as memorable or as funny as ‘PUDDING’ or ‘IT LEADS ME TO WAAANDER’ from last show. So yes, this show pissed me off less, and also had some more good improv, especially in games like Freeze, Duet and New Choice, but…I can’t say I’ll remember some playings here more than better playings all season, even if Expert was pretty good.  This also had a few improv mistakes from Drew, and, surprisingly, Jeff.

Best Performer: Brad impressed me the most tonight.
Worst Performer: Drew made the most mistakes.
Best Game: Freeze Tag had the most going on
Worst Game: New Choice was a little incompatible
Best Dynamic:  Brad and Jeff, Duet. I wish they’d done more Duets together.
Best Host: Colin, Duet, for screwing with Mary

COMING UP NEXT: Back to the white taping, and we get the last, and arguably best, Question This

Whose Offseason: Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza Episode 34, or Sorry, I Had the Poo Beans

Finishing off the fourth of four consecutive shows from the purple tapings, and hopefully this one is as strong as the first three, because we’ve been on  something of a hot streak at this point in the watch. Granted, this show is really good, and the majority of the show is just a hot streak [there’s only been like 7 meh-to-bad shows so far], but the fact that we’re late in the series and it’s still good says a lot.

Song Styles: Chip, Jeff and Brad sing a doo-wop number to Kristi, a mom of quadruplets

Colin: “I’m just going out into the audience here because…I’m tired of being onstage..”

Colin: “Can we have a seat here for our lovely lady-OH. IT BLENDS IN WITH THE STAGE!”
Jeff: “Yes, let’s give the woman with a short skirt on a NICE HIGH STOOL.”
Colin: “Boy, I didn’t plan that well.”
Jeff: “There’s a whole different show going on in the first  couple rows…”

Kristi says she had 4 kids in 5 minutes.
Colin: “I would just be swearing and…my ass would be  around my ankles…”

Colin: “what is it that first attracts you  to a man?”
Kristi: “I like handsome men?”
Colin, perfectly: “right, and anything less shallow?”
Kristi: “You know what, I love bald men-”

Kristi, who seems really comfortable talking to Colin, says she always wanted to be ‘one of those Coyote Ugly girls”

Of course, the opening harmonies are great

Jeff: “I hear you had 4 children in 5 minutes…[to her husband] 5 minutes ain’t that long…”
And later: “If you could have them all in five minutes, I guess there was no foreplay..”

Brad: “I know that you’re in job placement
I have a job  I’d like to do with you in my basement”

I love how everyone keeps playing with the 5 minutes comment, Chip adding “almost a basketball team”, and Jeff doing “you give me 5 minutes, I’ll give you 9”

Brad FINALLY throws in a coyote ugly joke: “I’d like to see you in faded jeans dancing on top of a bar”

Jeff: “and I know tonight you probably  wish that you had worn some pants”

A pretty good number. Towards the end, all three had different ideas about how to end the song and it sort of conflicted with Bob’s actual ending, but it was still a charming and funny number.

First Date: Kathy and Drew, with the rest of the troupe, act out the first date of Sharon and Matt

So this is my favorite First Date. Just forewarning you.

Jeff, on the restaurant: “was it a regular hang-out for you?”
Matt: “It’s cheap.”
Jeff laughs at this. Hey, I’ll have you know that cheap first dates are totally normal. Not everyone has the porterhouse on the first date, some people go to a burger joint across the street from the movie theater and still turn out fine.

Sharon reveals that Matt came to the date in uniform
Jeff: “Oh, you were in uniform? YOU OLD SMOOTHIE. Oldest trick in the book”

Matt: “We drove separate, cause…in case it didn’t work out…I could just kinda take off”
Jeff, in a delivery that has never left my  mind: “Yeah, HOP IN A C130 AND GET THE HELL BACK TO DJIBOUTI.”
Matt: “Exactly”
Jeff just randomly knows air force lingo. Sure!

Jeff: “Did you like the food?”
Sharon: “Yeah, the beans looked like poop…”
Jeff: “THE BEANS LOOKED LIKE POOP. That’s sounds like a nice place- EL SIR’S IN TUSCON, EVERYBODY, THE BEEEANS…[chef’s kiss] LOOK LIKE POOP.”
Sharon and Matt: “THEY TASTE GOOD THOUGH!”

Drew, on his keyboard: “Hi, Sharon, it’s Matt.”
Matt: [multiple dings]
Drew just gives a thumbs up to the audience. Like, ‘okay, we got THAT RIGHT’

Kathy: “I’m not wearing any clothes.”
Sharon: [reaches for bell]
Audience member, audibly: “OHHH!”
Sharon: [grabs horn and honks before that can sink in]
Drew, miming: “…me neither.”
Matt: [dingdingding]

Drew: “Well, I don’t have a lot of money, let’s go to this cheap mexican restaurant I know…”
Matt: [honks]
Drew: “…but i’m not sure if I’m gonna like her or believe anything you say, so LET’S WAIT IN OUR CARS FIRST.”
Kathy: “I tell you what, when you get there, you text me, and if you’re handsome, I’ll get out of the car.”
Sharon: [ding]

Drew: “You look alright”
Kathy: “I don’t mind you either.”
Kathy: “You’re wearing a uniform, you’re makin’ me hot already.”
Sharon: [multiple dings]

Drew: “We’ll have the poo beans…and two chimichangas”
Colin: “Ah, poo beans, good choice.”
Can y’all tell how much  I love the fact that they brought the poo beans into the game. It’s such a goofy detail

Drew: “now that that’s out of the way” [jumps Kathy]
Matt: [honks repeatedly]
Kathy: “I’m sorry, I only do that online”
That line doesn’t get enough love because BRAD, JEFF AND CHIP SPRING IN AS A MARIACHI BAND, COMPLETE WITH BOB BACKING THEM, then are shooed away when Matt and Sharon both honk. Jeff shrugs and sits back down. The music abruptly cuts out.

Jeff, as a friend of Drew’s: “I’ve never seen you with a girl before!”
Matt: [HONKS]

There’s an audible cut here, because you  can hear a fragment of Jeff yelling ‘POO BEANS’, and then he goes into “I’m sorry, we’ve never met, have we?”

Jeff: “And I can see…that this woman is very much in love with you, and hopes-”
Sharon: [honks]
Jeff: “….sorry, I-I had the poo beans, I’ll be back…”

Kathy talks about being  popular and going on the website “because I was curious”
Drew: “Well, I’m not that popular, that’s why I was on the website to begin with”
Matt: [honks]
Sharon: [DINGS MATT’S]
I really hope this marriage lasted

A fantastic playing of this, and still probably my favorite one. Drew and Kathy surprisingly brought a lot to this one, and Kathy had a lot of great lines, but Jeff came in with the assist towards the end. The poo beans runner is just…so good.

Freeze Tag: Brad baseball stance, Chip the letter C

Chip and Brad hold their opening stances and are about  to start when Drew freezes. I’m glad Greg wasn’t starting or else he’d get mad.

Jeff, to a hunched-over Kathy: “Quasimodo…it’s almost 9:30, RING THE BELL FOR GOD’S SAKES…”
Kathy does the repeated motion, as Bob simulates the bell noise
Jeff: “You’re fired.”

Colin: [does this motion]
Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 8.17.41 PM.png
Colin: “…YAHTZEE!”
Jeff, barely in character: “thank god, I thought you were doing something COMPLETELY different…”

I kinda like how this scene progresses, as Colin, the Yahtzee champion, gets beaten at slap-hands by Jeff.
Jeff: “I WIN AGAIN.”
Colin: “OH, DAMN YOU.”

Chip, with Colin pointing: “SEND IN THE KING’S NOSE-PICKER.”
Colin  sighs, and readies his finger: “I’m sorry, sir, the Queen had a bit of a booger.”
Chip tries starting another sentence and that line does him in. He just stands there, mad at that line
Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 8.22.30 PM

I love the scene with Kathy as Brad’s ‘trained hunting parakeet’. It’s such a  goofy Brad animal idea.

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 8.34.15 PM.pngJeff: “Hey, guys, seriously, where’s Roosevelt?”

Second consecutive ‘meh’ Freeze. Again, there are highlights, but there were long stretches of meh.

New Choice: Colin and Kathy; beauticians; Jeff calls

[we are beauticians, and we will bury you!]

Colin: “Hello, make me beautiful, ya got 10 minutes.”
First 5 minutes, now 10…

Kathy, after a NC run: “I’m gonna do it, but it’s gonna take 11 and a half minutes.”
Colin: “Oh, that’s good. I just need it really quick because I’m the grand marshal of the rose parade”
Jeff: “new choice”
Colin: “I’m the…semi-mediocre captain of the…turnip…guide.”
Kathy: “…I’ve heard of you.”

Kathy: “We’re gonna give you some tips and…possibly a perm.”
Colin, after staring for 5 seconds: “…good luck to you.”

Kathy: “I can’t help but notice you have claw hands.”
Colin: [dramatically turns]

Colin: “Don’t ever mention my claw hands. I got them when I was involved in a terrible thresher accident.”
Jeff: “new choice”
Colin: “I got my claw hands from a renegade chicken.”
Jeff: [keels over]
Colin: “DON’T ASK.”

Colin: “I want you to give me a complete makeover with rosy cheeks.”
Jeff: “new choice”
Colin: “I want you to give me broader shoulders and a nice full-”
Jeff: “new choice”
Colin, possibly referencing Options: “I WANT YOU TO THINK OF A NUMBER BETWEEN ONE AND THIRTY.”
Jeff: “new choice”
Colin: “I WANT YOU.”
Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 9.41.06 PM

Kathy: [unbuttons shirt]
Colin: “That was easier than I thought”

Kathy: “wait a minute, you were in here last week.”
Jeff: “new choice”
Kathy: “…okay, you can have me right here.”
Colin’s reaction:

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 9.47.21 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-27 at 9.47.28 PMThat double-take. So subtle.

Colin: “Jeez, Louise, I’m trying to make the relationship exciting! I’m gonna take off the pirate costume now!”

Colin: “I don’t know what to do with you anymore, Louise.”
Jeff: “new choice”
Colin: ‘…I know EXACTLY what to do with you, Louise.”
Yes, the logical antithesis
Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 9.52.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 10.00.45 PM

Jeff does a few more, and then an ‘all of those choices together’, which Kathy easily does
Colin: “OH. MY GOD.”
Jeff: “new choice”
Colin: “…YIPPEE-YI-YAY.”
Jeff: “new choice”

Such a funny New Choice, more than made up for its runtime, and brought out the best in Colin and KATHY. OH MAN WAS SHE QUICK.

Overall: Fifth strong show in a row. This one was an improvement over last show for not having any truly bad shows, just Freeze being meh, but it also didn’t have the insane height of Options, instead having a classic First Date and a hysterical New Choice. Very similar in format to last show, but also last show’s Duet might have been better.  This was Kathy Kinney’s best show yet after a slowly ascending ramp up over the past few shows, and had strong moves by Colin, Drew and Jeff.

Best Performer: Kathy Kinney. All the haters can shut up.
Worst Performer: Chip lands here again for, once more, doing a lot of backup and not standing out as much.
Best Game: First Date, a personal favorite of mine.
Worst Game: Once again, New Choice was kinda weak.
Best Dynamic: Colin and Kathy, New Choice. I…kinda love all the scenes they’ve done together.
Best Host: Jeff in First Date and New Choice.

COMING UP NEXT: With 6 shows to go before the end, we finally get to our final taping, bringing back Greg and Ryan, and fitting in five games and a truly inspired Jeff accent.

Whose Offseason: Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza Episode 33, or I’d Like to Apologize to your Grandparents

Right back into the thick of the purple taping, which has been giving considerable output for the past two shows. I hope they keep it up

Duet: Jeff and Chip sing a disco ballad to Jan, a tax professional

Kathy, once again, proves why she’s excellent at getting audience members: “don’t be frightened…[to Jan] YOU should be very scared though, cause I’ve chosen you..”

Jan mentions she’s from Minnesota
Kathy, fully into her accent: “Oh, I’m right from that neighboring state, Wisconsin…”
Chip: “HERE WE GO…”

Bob and Jan are insanely cute. We find out that Bob’s nickname for Jan is ‘Shortcake’
Chip: “That is SO BOB.”
Jeff and Chip are just riffing on ‘classic Bob’, so they’re in a good mood

Chip: “and what is your nickname for Bob”
Jan: “…Bobby”
Chip, to Bob: “You worked a LOT harder than she did…”

Chip, in a nice move, literally skates into the scene

Jeff: “You fill out tax forms all day long that’s true
But after you get home, I’d like to fill out you”

Jeff and Chip are doing this number pretty well, with the right amount of energy and soulfulness for this style

Jeff: “I love shortcake, but you have to realize
That when I get a bite of you, you go straight to my thighs…”

Hell, Chip even throws in a split for the second time this run. THEN JEFF TRIES ONE. And after about a good stretch, he just calls it off. Obviously his legs aren’t as flexible as his fingers…and before you ask, yes when we get to that CWLIIA episode, I will be providing screenshots

Jan is really into it, too, doing some dancing and bopping with  Jeff and Chip

A truly delightful and really fun duet, made better just for how much fun all 3 were having, and how genuinely wholesome Jan and Bob seemed.

Options: Kathy and Colin: The strange life of a woman named Marnie who lives in New York but spends most of her time in North Carolina doing nothing; Jeff calls

Jeff, to Marnie: “new york, and what do you do there….YOU DO NOTHING…AND YOU LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA?…That’s a strange thing to do in New York.”
Jeff just decides to give Colin and Kathy that exactly

Colin is smart about this: “did you feel that Earthquake?”
Colin: “…honey, I wasn’t BLAMING YOU for the earthquake…”

Kathy: “I’m so bored here in North Carolina”
PFFF. Such a good move

Kathy mentions a shootout at the OK Corral, and Colin almost immediately draws back from a gunshot. Jeff loves this move

Jeff: “FREEZE. THEATER! [beat] FORD’S THEATRE? No-NOT A SPECIFIC THEATRE. [once again, going with it] ALRIGHT, CONTINUE IN FORD’S THEATER, let’s see a little Our American Cousin, maybe a president will get assassinated, it’s gonna be very awesome..THANK YOU, SIR, FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE SPECIFICITY.”
This is why I love Jeff. He screws with audience members and the scene at the same time

Kathy: “Look up in the box, it’s President Abraham Lincoln”
Colin, drawing back from another gunshot: “COME ON!”

Jeff: “Let’s try this again, can I get a genre that might take PLACE in a theater…”

Kathy: “I would like to go anon to the village square and look for young men by pushing my bosom up high in my dress!”
Colin, who has been cast as the nurse: “Aye, I did same as you when I was young, I pushed my bosom well beyond my chest and now it does lay by my bottom.”

Colin, as they do some really good Shakespearean lines: “the blood is leaving my body like a man that does not want to pay his bar check!”

Jeff, from an audience member’s grandparents, has them continue in Mexico. As a fluent spanish speaker, Jeff pronounces with the h, perhaps with high expectations for this scene:
Kathy: “…Hola…I cannot help but see you have a gunshot wound in ze shoulder.”
Jeff, as this sounds more Swedish, cracks up
Jeff, to Kathy: “MEXICO. ME…HEE..CO”
Kathy, smirkingly: “ME..HE..CO..”
Colin, however, takes a different approach, SCOTTISH ACCENT: “oh aye, I got shot RIGHT IN THE ARRM. DID YE SEE THAT?”
PERFECT. Colin randomly doing a scottish accent is a staple of WL, so I’m glad it shows up here.

Jeff: [dies]
Colin: “Ya know…I’ve only been in Mexico for 3 minutes…I THINK I’MIGHT SETTLE DOOOON”

Jeff, to the audience member: “I’d like to apologize to your grandparents…”

Jeff: “Kathy, you may only speak in sentences containing 3 words and 3 words alone, Colin, 17 words.”
Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 12.04.10 PM.png
Jeff: “and I’d like to continue in that bizarre part of Mexico that you guys were both from.”

Colin: “ACH I know you want a boyfriend, and I’ll do what i can for you, if you actually want one yeah.”
Colin, that’s 21.
Kathy: “…Oh, I do”
Kathy, looking to the audience for help: “LOVE YOUR ACCENT.”
Jeff thankfully calls it there

SUCH A FUNNY SCENE. Colin and Kathy did their best keeping the scene, but this was all about accents and  gunshots and Colin being an absolute goof while keeping the integrity of the scene.

Freeze Tag: Jeff squatting, Chip with one leg and one arm up

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 1.54.09 PMChip: “This casino has weird urinals.”
Jeff: “I’ll tell you this, I wish they had doors on these stalls…”

I like Drew’s ‘we open in a week’ initiation, but I like Jeff’s hunched-over attempts at the kicks.

Drew has another one with Jeff in this position, pulling something out of Jeff’s ass: “…B5.”
Jeff: [shakes ass like there are more balls in there]

Jeff and Kathy’s scene turns into a really tender character study, but nobody’s tagging in because they’re in such normal positions

Jeff comes in as a Steve Irwin type setting up Drew and Kathy as ‘the mating of the great white panda’. Within seconds, Kathy is humping Drew. Again, why do people not like Kathy?

Colin…for some reason, takes Kathy’s position and starts shaking Drew from there.
Colin: “…you’re right, I do feel warmer!”

Drew: [pole dances off Colin]
Colin: [very faintly sighs]

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 2.04.02 PM.pngBrad: “well, Mr. Carey, your x-ray  shows that you’ve got a Colin stuck to your ass…”

Jeff: “The Venetian hotel proudly presents…WHITE MAN GROUP.”
Colin, Drew and Brad do some amusing musical miming tricks.

An alright Freeze, not one  of the better ones but still amusing enough.

New Choice: Drew and Brad; a doctor and patient somewhere near a lake; Chip calls

Brad goes on with his procedure, a detailed line
Chip: “new choice”
Brad: “Listen, if you put some clothes on, you’ll be warmer..”

Drew stumbles a bit on a NC-run, but has the inspired idea to put on a bear suit.

Drew: “Do I look like a bear?”
Brad, perfectly: “…not really.”
Chip: “new choice”
Brad: “a little bit”
Chip: “new choice”
Brad: “I’ve never seen a bear with glasses and a soul patch.”
Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 2.21.40 PM
Brad: “But there’s probably some jazz bears around…”
Bob: [comes in with jazz music]
Drew, Louie Armstrong impression: “GOTTA FIND DAT PIC-A-NIC BASKET [scats]
Right after losing me a bit, Drew wins me back
Drew, same voice: “…Watch out for the ranger, bay-beehhhh”
Chip: [loses it] “stop that choice.”

I also love that during Brad’s next line, “now I know your insurance covers an entire hunting expedition while getting your physical”, Drew just props his bear hands back up again, casually. It’s a small, goofy move, but it’s cracking me up

Brad gets NC’d on what outdoor event to do next, landing on  “I think we should get on our cross-country skis and wait for it to snow!”
Chip cracks at this one
Drew: “alright, you’re the doctor.”

Drew follows that with another great move: “hey, how do I know you’re a real doctor? This is the most unusual exam I’ve ever had in my life.”
Brad: “Well, I have a diploma laminated to the inside of my parka.”
Chip: “new choice”
Brad: “well, I have a stethoscope and a tattoo of, uh, wings and snakes going  around like that…”
Drew composes himself, then has another great move: “wings and snakes! I used to play that when I was a kid!”
Brad: “They’re great as long as they don’t get on a plane.”

Brad, after a NC: “So, I’ve done your blood work, and I think you’ve been eating too many danishes…”

Chip finishes by making Brad do all 4 choices from a run, and he does so admirably. This is why we love Brad in this game.

It was shaky in points, but this was still a very funny NC scene, and Drew had a lot of good moves and lines, though…still no match for Brad at this game.

Overall: Another strong show, maybe down a few pegs from the last two but still really good, thanks to fun games like Duet and New Choice, and that genuinely hilarious Options. Our streak of seeing Brad, Drew and Kathy ace games continues, as well as seeing the usual standouts like Jeff and Colin give good work. I can see why this taping is so consistent, as this is a very solid chunk of the All-Stars crew that had been working together for years.

Best Performer: Jeff Davis, winning multiple games for me, and making Options even better.
Worst Performer: Once again, there’s five people I simply cannot put here, and that leaves the guy who did backup in Duet and didn’t stand out much else tonight, Chip Esten.
Best Game: Options. So many funny moments, and Jeff’s calling in this was superior. A lesser caller would let some of these bits go.
Worst Game: Freeze, but I still enjoyed it, cause it’s Freeze.
Best Dynamic: Chip and Jeff, Duet.
Best Host: Gotta be Jeff for Options. He schooled everybody.

COMING UP NEXT: One last purple taping show that looks very similar to this one, with another Duet, another Freeze Tag, another New Choice and another Colin-Kathy scene. Luckily there’s a personal favorite First Date to break the monotony

Whose Offseason: Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza Episode 32, or Never Challenge a Banjo-Wielding Velociraptor

In the middle of four straight shows from the purple taping, we get another…if I remember correctly, sharp show with  this matchup. I loved E31, and this one has some good bits.

Greatest Hits: Jeff and Colin present ‘Songs of the Steelworker’, sung by Chip and Brad

Another odd pairing, Jeff presenting rather than singing.

Jeff: “I’m Taylor Swift”
Colin: “And I’m Swift Taylor”
Of course

Within seconds of Chip and Brad starting the mambo number, ‘our love is like hot rivets in the pants’, Jeff starts cracking up

Chip has some trouble staying on tempo, and once he gets to the title line, “your love makes me feel like rivet-fire pants”, he buckles.

Brad is honestly the stronger of the duo in this mambo number, and has more of a handle on the genre in general, and comes off as very confident on it.

Chip, recovering with good lyrics: “I’ve got a five-alarm down in my 501s”

Chip: [high note]
Brad: [rolls r’s and AY-YI-YI]
Chip: [breaks again]
Jeff, once again, is cracking up basically over Colin’s lap. Maybe he’s just relieved he doesn’t have to take part in this one.

I love how many details Jeff and Colin give to set up the 70s rock number, that it’s set in Pittsburgh and everything.

Brad has done his Springsteen on WL a ton of times, so of course he can do a number like this. Chip also does a really good 70s Bruce, which gets Jeff laughing for the umpteenth time this game

Chip, mid-chorus, Bruce-esque: “SHA-LA-LA-LAAAHHH”
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.37.46 PM.png

Chip does a slide towards the camera, perhaps recreating this, and Jeff goes down once again in the background.

A really strong, well-done, well-fleshed-out GH, with great work from all four. Perhaps the closest we’re gonna get to a WL Greatest Hits playing.

Sentences: Jeff and Chip, Colin eventually enters; the soap opera My Revolving World

Jeff, in charge of collecting sentences, holds up a slip of paper: “Somebody’s receipt…ooh, a credit card number..”

Same taping as 31, but these guys pocket their sentences instead of putting them all on a  stool.

Chip: [enters]
Jeff: “…Amantha.”
Chip: “…Teven.”

Jeff: “You left me for the TSA? It used to be only me who you would grope unnecessarily…”


Chip: “Every time I did, I thought of you, and I thought to myself…”what the heck is that smell?”

Jeff: “I’ve taken a new lover.”
Chip, sipping on a drink madly: “IS IT TAN? I KNOW IT’S TAN.”
I…love these two working together in scenes.
Jeff: “No, it’s…Tephanie. [reads] ‘…will you pay our bar bill?”

Chip: “I laid awake nights thinking to myself…THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS!”
Not the first Sentences where that line has showed up
Jeff, stepping away as Chip composes himself: “yes…you’d curl up between my butt-cheeks and fall fast asleep.”
PERFECT. This and sex-butt coming within two shows of each other was not by chance.
Chip, without flinching: “that’s what sent me to the TSA.”

Jeff: “I did a little needlepoint and put it up over the bar.”
Chip: “Darling…’you know I love you  but that really is ghastly!”
Chip: “OH, GO KNIT IT.”

Jeff just starts frantically knitting and playing right off Chip as he does it. This game is damn near masterful, and I’m loving that it still holds up.

Chip reads Jeff’s scarf for him: “My son is a velociraptor who plays the banjo.”
Jeff: “YES.”
Chip: “OUR SON…”
Jeff: [does some great prop work getting under the bar and back to Chip]
Jeff: “OUR SON is a velociraptor…”
Chip: [does dinosaur arms]

As Jeff goes on monologuing…Brad gets an idea:
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.58.11 PM
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.58.56 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.59.04 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.59.14 PM
Colin:Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.59.22 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.59.34 PM
It is that simple for Colin. He goes right into his trademark dinosaur impression and it just fits, even though it’s a two-person sentences. It’s a combination of Brad’s genius for doing this and Colin’s genius for knowing what Brad was needing him for

Hell, Bob even throws some music in as Colin mimes playing the banjo and Chip dances

Jeff: “Don’t move, his visual acuity is based on movement, he’ll eat you ALIVE”
Chip: “Wait a minute…HE LOOKS LIKE BURNOOSE.”

Chip, coming towards Colin and Jeff: “I AM DOCTOR NAPKINFACE, OH YEAH, COME ON.”
Colin: […]
Chip: “…I probably shouldn’t challenge him like that…”
Jeff: ‘Never challenge a banjo-wielding velociraptor, it’s suicide, Amantha!”

Jeff hands Colin his ‘first words’, and Colin has to readjust the line “I KNOW YOU THINK…YOU LOOK GOOD BUT YOU REALLY NEED TO WORK ON THAT HAIR.”
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.13.14 PM.png
That’s a very transparent expression, just impressed the hair slam isn’t directed at him for once

Colin follows this up with some great velociraptor noises:
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.14.11 PM
Bob loves this
Jeff: [feeds Colin a fish]

Jeff, as Chip is doing a passionate exiting speech:
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.15.56 PM.png
[‘can you believe this?’]

Chip, with his final line: “you think losing weight is hard for a man? Try being a woman…where the fat stays!”

As they wrap up, Jeff gives Colin a big, long look, which Colin now returns, amused by that scene, and Jeff, for the umpteenth time this show, breaks

Phenomenal. Not only was this an awesome Jeff-Chip duo scene, but it got so much funnier as it went on, and having Colin and his dinosaur impression thrown in late only helped matters. One of the best scenes of this show’s run.

Bob’s Call: Colin and Kathy are on a gondola


Kathy, with a fantastic initiating line: “Get in, Everett, I’ve had two lessons and I’m feeling pretty confident”
Again…I kept waiting for Kathy Kinney to piss me off over the course of this series, and it hasn’t really happened. Some of y’all are just sexist.

Kathy: “And here’s the thingy that makes the whirly-giggy-go, and-”
Colin: “WHAT KIND OF GONDOLA IS THIS? [remembering the other audience suggestion] this is the best helicopter gondola I’ve ever seen…”
Kathy: “And this is the best anniversary I’ve ever had with somebody I’m not really married to…”

Colin: “In my family, we don’t go for diamond rings, because we’re notoriously cheap, so I have this hard bagel.”
Colin: “It’s as hard as a diamond”

Bob goes in with a fast-paced russian-style song, and Colin, who starts with some ‘AAAROOOOO’s,…I’m just gonna put the lyrics here:
Colin: “In my family we like bagels, put them on the finger
Then we find out that their love surely will linger
We like bread it’s really hard, we stuff it in our mouth
It doesn’t marry [matter] if we marry here or in the south”
And then, as the chorus comes in, instead of doing more lyrics, he just pulls a show-stopping number move and descends into complete gibberish while dancing: “KEE-TY-YA-TA-TO-TEY-YA-TA-”
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.30.10 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.30.17 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.30.24 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.30.34 PM
This will never not make me laugh. It’s so damned funny. What’s even funnier is the only person that doesn’t laugh at this is Kathy, who takes this as an opportunity to dance with Colin. That is a show of professionalism.

Kathy: [Hits long, high note]
Colin: [cleans out ears]

As Kathy does this heartfelt number about regret and love, Colin has these…insanely funny gestures and expressions
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.35.51 PM.png
Kathy: “And that man that I love….is my brother.”
Colin: [cleans out ears again]

Colin, bringing back the location: “I threw away the pole…you upset me with the brother thing, I just let it go…”
Kathy, now wobbling to keep the location
Colin, taking this literally: “NO, DON’T DO *THAT*”

Colin: “…now I’ll have no one.”
Bob: [comes in with bouncy music]
Colin: [sports a grin suddenly]

Colin, singing: “second best is good enough for me
Unless of course you’re a urinal, have to pee!”

A really fun, insanely silly number that both Colin and Kathy were able to keep going, and keep about character and relationship.

Moving Bodies: Drew and Brad; something involving the ocean

We end with Moving People and begin with GH. Curiouser and curiouser.

Kathy, as I’ve discovered recently, is just really good with interacting with the audience: “oh, you’re trying to not look at me? YOU’VE been chosen…”

Kathy tries demonstrating the ‘move Drew’s arm and it’ll stay in place’ thing, but Drew accidentally forget this and has to hastily re-raise his arm

Drew starts by pointing at a ship
Mark moves Brad’s arm, and not his head
Brad, with a fun accent: “in my peripheral vision, I see where you’re pointing”
Mark: [tilts Brad’s torso]

As Brad asks Drew to steer the boat, Terry just moves Drew’s arms up and down, like it’s more of a dance move than actually steering a boat.
Terry: [puts Drew’s arms at his sides]

Brad, as Mark keeps moving his shoulders, and just swaying him: “…this part of the boat moves a little more than that part…”

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.47.07 PMBrad: “I’ve taken two spyglasses and taped them together…I call them ‘double-noculars…”
Mark puts Brad’s arms down, as Brad goes “Oh, I’ve ripped them apart”
Mark now bends Brad over, and Brad just makes a vomiting noise. This is really funny

Mark, here, forgets to move Brad’s legs as well as his top half:
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.49.26 PM.png
Brad: “OHHHHHHHH”Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.49.34 PM.png

Brad, muffled by the floor: “YOU KNOW, WHAT I NOTICED IS I FORGOT TO USE MY LEGS…”

Terry  has to get Drew up, then over to where Brad is, which is goofily haphazard for Terry

Mark is trying to get Brad up, but ONCE AGAIN he’s not tapping his legs and just focusing on his torso. Brad just goes “SOMEHOW I’LL JUST *FLOAT* UP! IF ONLY I CAN FIGURE OUT A WAY TO PUT MY WEIGHT ON MAYBE ONE LEG WITH THE MUSCLES IN IT…”

Mark CONTINUES TO TRY HIS TORSO, AND NOT HIS LEGS. Brad just keeps making grunting noises.
The game ends as Mark finally figures out how to get Brad back up, which is as triumphant as, say Tony Wright finally getting an Intro right on Buzzcocks.

A really, really funny Moving People. More of a struggle than a substantial game, but a really funny struggle.

As we end the show, we get a shot of the audience, and- WAIT A MINUTE:
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 4.54.51 PM
THAT’S JOEY FATONE. DON’T TRY TO HIDE JOEY FATONE FROM US, EDITORS. He may have jumped onstage for a game, and we may never know, GSN. Jeez!

Overall: An outstanding show, no doubt. I knew I’d be enjoying Sentences and Bob’s Call, but Greatest Hits was pretty consistently awesome, and Moving People cracked me up just in Brad TRYING DESPERATELY to get Mark to move his legs. This was also a great one for good improv moves, especially in the middle scene games with Chip, Jeff, Colin and Kathy. Definitely one of the highlights of the entire run.

Best Performer: It came down to Colin and Brad for me. But despite Bob’s Call, I’m giving it to Brad for the second show in a row. Not only did he excel in Greatest Hits and Moving People, but he also had the idea to bring Colin into Sentences, which was a genius move. Brad is making up for his spotty first 30 shows quickly.
Worst Performer: Drew was only in Moving People, and didn’t do much that impressed me in that one.
Best Game: Sentences. Jeff’s second classic playing of this in a row.
Worst Game: Greatest Hits is the most ‘normal’ of these, but is still really good.
Best Dynamic: Jeff and Chip, Sentences. So much of the joy of this scene comes from these two working off each other.
Best Host: Kathy, as we’re gonna find out in this part of the run, is so good at getting suggestions, and performers, from the audience, and she made this clear in Moving People and GH.

COMING UP NEXT: More from this taping. We had two of Colin’s standbys in this show, and this one has a third.

Whose Offseason: Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza Episode 31, or THE PRICE IS WRONG.

Now, with 10 episodes to go before the end of the run on GSN, we switch things up a bit.

The last 10 shows consist of material from the first two ‘two-per-night’ tapings, as opposed to the glut of Heather shows that started off the run. We have the purple taping, consisting of Colin, Brad, Kathy, Chip and Jeff, and the white taping, consisting of Ryan, Greg, Kathy, Chip and Jeff. The purple taping, which we pick from tonight, is the only one that Ryan Stiles is absent from, again owing to this show’s ensemble format- anyone can show up, any variation of the rep company can be there.

And so we head into the purple taping for the first time.

Greatest Hits: Colin and Chip present Songs of the Lawyer, sung by Jeff and Brad.

This is an intriguing combo. Chip presents?? Cool.

Drew: “And Colin and…uh…CHIP…are gonna make up the names of songs”
Jeff: [doubles over] “You’re doin’ great, Drew!”
Drew: “…I’ve never introduced anything in my life…”

Drew, continuing: “…Brad and Chip are gonna make up songs-”
Jeff: “I’M JEFF.”
Drew: ‘…Colin and Chip..”
Colin and Chip: [cracking up]

Colin: “Studies show that [this time of night] is when you’re at your weakest”

Chip: “I’m glad to be here with the grandaddy of rock and roll, the original pioneer, YOU TELL ‘EM YOUR NAME.”
Colin: “…PHIL.”
I love this, and I love how Chip frames this as an interview with “Phil”, who still buys albums

Colin: “We have collected over 15,000 songs about lawyers, because songs can’t always be about nice things.”

Colin: “You know, back in the 60s I belonged to a folk group called ‘Happy Granola and the Birkenstock 3.”
Colin is too damn good at this. And he just improvises a random silly folk song

I love how echoey Jeff’s mic is for this number, just like the old reggae songs

Brad and Jeff’s reggae number is really good, and they have the sense of dirty, bare-bones reggae that’s really needed here, especially when Jeff talks about legalized weed

Brad: “I don’t know what to do
I want some 420, but it’s 4:22
So it’s past the time that I like to get my stone on
And then I see a girl I want to get my bone on.”
Brad is just killing it

Pretty strong number, but, as usual, I wish I could have seen more from this game, more from the Jeff-Brad combo AND the Colin-Chip dynamic. As is, this is still pretty good

Sound Effects: Colin and Brad are lumberjacks; Diane and Zack do SFX

Sooooo…Diane is a very important whoser because her taping reports were vital to the early understanding of this show. So it’s genuinely cool to see her show up in a game

I am saddened that Jeff didn’t see the immediate joke with these two audience members, and start singing a little ditty about Zack and Diane…

Jeff, to clearly-freaking-out-Diane: “…pay attention, Diane, don’t panic…”

Zack’s prelim soda-shake noise has a little ‘WOOOWWWUUU’ at the end
Jeff: “…at a rock-concert…”
Brad: “with a wah-wah pedal”

Zack and Diane both start with rooster noises
Brad: “I can’t wait to cut down all these trees and displace these annoying birds!”

Brad mentions his chainsaw, and Zack already starts doing really good chainsaw noises
Brad, quickly: “…it’s self-starting!”

Diane’s wolverine noises are…INSANELY good. Zack cracks up. Bob applauds. I’m impressed as hell.
Colin: “alright, just…calm down!”
Diane, wolverine voice: “…okay.”

Colin: “TIMBER”
Diane: “….FFP.”
Brad: “I like the way the tree landed on that throw pillow!”

Brad uses his chainsaw, and Zack adds some high-pitched noises to it
Brad: “Oh, apparently this tree was full of birds…”

Colin, on Diane’s beeping noise for his truck: “Usually it beeps, but I just attached my truck to an old Pong game…”

There’s a nice turn after a Diane noise, when Colin and Brad run into some mystical creatures
Colin: “We must be cutting down their home!”
Brad, in a line that just…works for me: “…OH, CRAP!”

After Zack and Diane make more little creature noises
Brad: “I have two firearms. I know it’s [crack] politically incorrect, but I think it’s our only consequence at this point…”

After some gun noises and cries in  pain, Colin: “…thank god those 4 were standing one behind the other, I got all of them..”
Brad: “It was kind of like a bullet shish-ka-dwarf”
This is why I’m glad Colin and Brad did all their IAG shows together

As Colin digs with a shovel, Zack comes back in with the shouting creature
Colin: “oh, GOD, THIS ONE!” [whacks repeatedly]

Brad, summing up the scene perfectly: “I like how we started out as just lumberjacks and now we’re eco-terrorists and mass murderers.”
Thank you, Brad.

Brad: “Would you  care for some heroin?” [injects]

Colin picks some ‘magic pixie dust’ to bring the creature back to life, and the creature noises return.
Colin: “…oh, no, it was CUMIN.”

Brad: “We’ll back away slowly…towards this hill, you just keep cumin round the mountain”

EXCELLENT SFX. Diane and Zack were both really good in this game, and this central trust led Colin and Brad to take this scene in weirder directions because of that. Some really funny stuff from both of them, especially Brad.

Sentences: Drew and Kathy act out the soap opera “Slept with my boss”

Chip, getting the title suggestion: “…SLEPT WITH MY BAAHHSS…she tells America…”

Unlike later games, all the lines are on a stool, rather than pocketed

Drew, surprisingly starting the scene off on a good foot, comes out of the shower as the boss, and says “I always like to lather myself up in the shower and say ‘how do you make a woman happy?”
All good character stuff

Kathy says she’ll never forget what Drew said last night: “what the hell are you?”

I do absolutely love Drew and Kathy’s back and forth in this game. Obviously they still have great chemistry from TDCS, but also their minimalist improv experience kind of brings out the best in each other

Drew: “Like…Cecil, down at reception. She might say “If I had more confidence, I wouldn’t have gotten this…penile implant…”
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.26.49 AM.png
Kathy: “That’s why she never changed her name…”
Yeah, she’s good at picking up on little things like that

Kathy: “In fact, many nights in my  diary, I’ve written: “…is that a banana in your pocket..”

Drew: “It is in fact…an apple.”
A weird reply that gets weirder the more you think about it. Chip literally drops his head at that.

Drew: “If anybody asks any questions, I’m just gonna say: ‘..what the hell is up with these LEAVES?”
And he sells that by just looking around, confused. I’m genuinely enjoying this game, and this pairing.

Kathy: “Standing here, still in my bathrobe, the thing that I most want to say to you is “I smell cheese”
Drew: “…After sex, I often smell like cheese…”

Drew: “And if you don’t like the way I smell, then [opens note, has a brief moment of ‘oh come on’, then] THE PRICE IS WRONG.”

We cut off before the ending, but this is a pretty strong, well-improvised game with some great chemistry from Drew and Kathy. Not always ha-ha funny, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Two-Headed Expert: Jeff and Drew interview Kathy and Chip in a science class.

For some reason, Colin’s audience question of ‘where would be the worst place to escape to after a prison break’ gets Drew and Jeff laughing
Colin, with that unforgettable Colin delivery: “…a science classroom. THANK YOU MA’AM.”

Chip and Kathy, in one of their first few lines of dialogue, crack up midway through, kinda losing their own bit.

Like Jeff’s last playing, Jeff is doing a specific voice while Drew is sort of doing his usual voice, so there’s a slight disparity.

Jeff pulls this face after a line:
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.36.56 AM
Good lord.

This is the second Kathy-Drew game in a  row involving cheese, which Kathy drops as an exclamation, and Jeff and Drew respond with: “DID YOU JUST CALL ME CHEESE???”

I love Jeff’s reaction to this, saying  ‘WELL’ with Drew, and just walking to the other side of the stage angrily…and not saying anything else

After another line from Chip and Kathy involving the window
Jeff, a la Kathy: “JEEZ.”

Chip and Kathy: “I’m thinking of you……”

Chip and Kathy: “WAIT…I want to tell you a joke.”
The second Kathy says this, she realizes how hard it’s gonna be to tell a joke like this
Jeff and Drew: “OH BOY!”
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.41.56 AM.png
AUDIBLE BONK. Yes, thank god the mic picked up the sound of Jeff’s head clanging against Drew’s glasses. He has to literally  take them off and fix them, getting away from Jeff for a moment to recollect.
Jeff, getting  Drew’s attention to say it in unison: “SORRY”
Also, Colin and Brad are LOSING IT FROM STOOL CITY.

Chip: ‘WHAT”
Kathy: “Does”
Chip: “difference”
Kathy and Chip both look confused here
Kathy: “between”
Chip: ‘a”
Kathy: “RABBI”
Chip: “and”
Kathy: “…AN IRISH.”
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.51.37 AM
This goddamned game…
Chip: “…WINDOW.”

Jeff loves this move
Chip, with an even better move: “NO, NO…”
Kathy, getting it: “YOU”
Chip: “tell”
Kathy: “US”
Jeff, and Drew: “…ASSHOOOLE…”
The bleeps are even funnier in this game because it’s longer words so it’s a drawn out bleep.

Drew punctuates a line with this silly hand motion that cracks up Colin and Brad as they start the punchline

Jeff, leading Drew: “One…is a pane of glass…and the other is…a…..Jew.”

Good god

Chip: “Don’t”
Kathy: “you”
Chip: “tell him…OH.”

Kathy  and Chip: “I’ll call your name at…[Kathy is confused]….work.”
Jeff and Drew, leaving: “YOU’RE DRUNK.”

SO GOOD. SO FUNNY AND RIDICULOUS AND SO GOOD. SO MANY LITTLE MOMENTS. So many fun lines and moments of throwing each other. The infamous Drew glasses bonk. Oh my gosh, how did I forget about this one?

Overall: A surprisingly strong show to kick off the purple taping. No games really angered me, or even underwhelmed me, and only GH’s length really caught my ire. This was a great show for guys like Kathy, Drew and Brad who’ve been on backup duty for the past 30 shows, and all 3 got to shine in numerous parts of the show. SFX was a really good one, and Two-Headed Expert was phenomenal as well as goofy. Plus, Sentences is a really underrated character/scene-based round that didn’t go too far on shock or gross-out value. A lot of the best games banked on great pre-existing duos, like Colin and Brad and Kathy and Drew. Just a strong, genuinely overlooked show to kick off the last 2 weeks of IAG.

Best Performer: BRAD SHERWOOD FINALLY GETS HIS FIRST SHOW-WIN OF THE RUN. Deservingly so, as he DOMINATED the first half.
Worst Performer: I don’t wanna put anybody here. I really don’t. But honestly, Chip made more mistakes tonight than anybody.
Best Game: Two-Headed Expert. I completely reverse my  preconceived notion about this game. Because this was a fun one.
Worst Game: I liked Greatest Hits, but it felt shorter than it needed to be.
Best Dynamic: Kathy and Drew, Sentences, barely edging out Colin and Brad. I knew Colin and Brad would deliver a great SFX together. I wasn’t sure about Kathy and Drew’s. More of a net win.
Best Host: Jeff, SFX. Best audience-screwing.

COMING  UP NEXT: This one, also from the purple taping, has two games I’m looking forward to covering.

Whose Offseason: Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza Episode 30, or Wanna Have Sex-Butt?

We end the final episode of the third 2-week-stretch of shows, and the final episode before the editors switch things up, by going back to the teal taping one last time. We’ve seen a lot from this taping recently, some of it has been good, some of it hasn’t.

Sentences: Jeff and Ryan in the soap opera ‘Airports’

Ryan’s opening motion is just nonchalantly bringing planes in

Ryan: “You must carry a lot of clout…’once you pop, you can’t stop’

I do like Jeff’s pseudo-Sam-Elliott pilot voice, just emphasizing his top lip and having this faint twang to it

Jeff: “They made an announcement at the airport: “I LOVE SEX, BUT….”
He then just works with this, makes lemonade out of the lemons, and goes “…I love sex-butt”
Ryan: [walks away]
Ryan: “I told you once before I will not have sex-butt with you. OR ANY OTHER MAN.”
It feels like the IAG equivalent of ‘remember the alimony’

Ryan: “You know, the first time you ever ASKED me to have sex-buff…”
Jeff, realizing Ryan is, in fact, going with this, breaks
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 5.33.48 PMScreen Shot 2020-06-23 at 5.33.58 PM
Ryan’s barely hanging on himself.

Jeff, still recovering: “Oh Tamberlyn…if my wife ever found out about the love…we’ve shared.”
Ryan: “We’ve never shared love, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Jeff: “Sometimes the love that’s deep and never shows its face is stronger than the love that DO…”
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 5.36.53 PM
Jeff, waiting  for that line to sink in: “……wanna have sex-butt?”
This is too damn funny

Ryan: “We’ve never had sex-butt, we don’t even KNOW EACH OTHER, REALLY.”
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 5.38.29 PM
I don’t blame either of them

Ryan, getting a line: “those aren’t pillows.”
Jeff: ‘comes nearer”
Ryan, knowing where he’s going: “No, that is not an invitation…”

Jeff, with the slogan for the airline: “Mommy loves her baby’- THAT TURN YOU ON WHEN I’M YOUR MOMMY?”
Ryan, again clenching himself: “STOPPIT”
Jeff: “You wanna breastfeed?”

Ryan, filling out a form: “what we have here is a failure to communicate.”
This fits, just like the ‘there can only be one’ one from last show

Jeff, pulling out a locket: “Still bares the inscription you gave me…[smirk] when you were an engraver.”

Jeff: “My half was ‘I forgot to manscape, you might not wanna look down there…”
The whole audience, and Ryan need a second after that one
Ryan: “and mine says ‘…and he spiked me, give me a chicken salad sandwich…”
Jeff: [loses it]

MASTERFUL. Not only was it a great Jeff-Ryan scene, but that sex-butt moment kept them on edge for the ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME, leading them to so many funny moments and exchanges. I love this one so much.

First Date: Kathy and Brad, and Ryan, act out the first date of Callie and John

Callie and John’s story is pretty damn cute- they’re both Beatles fans, Callie got the cheapest thing on the menu, then changed it once John was getting the steak and lobster. Wholesome stuff. None of that stalker mentality from the E5 one.

Kathy: “I didn’t know you didn’t have the car, I like the cable truck.”
Callie: [multiple dings]
Kathy: [nods]

Kathy: “I like HELP”
Kathy: “I like all the stuff on Abbey Road”
hoking, but I laughed

Brad: “Peaking at your little blue eyes under your bandana…your like a sexy little pirate.”
John: [too many dings]
Kathy: “I’m glad you like it, I was just having a [turns to Callie] BAD HAIR DAY.”

Brad: “I thought I’d take you to my favorite restaurant, called Affordable Fish.”
I love this movie. That’s also such a Brad title.
John honks, Callie dings

Brad: “Let me get your door for you, that one sticks, I ran into a telephone pole.”
I do like how they’re grounding this with a very slice-of-life tone

Kathy: “I’ve never been in a restaurant made out of seashells and cement blocks before.”

Brad: “I’ll have the 14 australian lobster tails and HALF A KOBE COW.”
Ryan, after Kathy gets that as well: “Two…Sam and Ella’s…”

John: [multiple dings]

A very sweet and fun First Date. Not my favorite, but very close.

Sound Effects: Colin and Drew are zookeepers; John and Barbara do SFX

Brad has John practice for Colin with a hammer-and-nail, and John responds with a cork-opening. Brad pats Colin on the back.
Brad: ‘Good luck to you Colin’ [glances worriedly at the audience]

John is actually very clever at SFX. As Colin hoses down the elephant, John throws in a  shorting noise, and Colin goes “…oh, I’m standing on the hose!”

Colin: “I’ll just unlock the [lion’s] cage”
Colin: ‘…hey, why don’t YOU go?”

I do love the selective moments John  and Barbara do SFX, like Drew thinking the lion’s dead, and kicking him, but John eventually coming in with an angry lion noise

Drew kneels down to extract the lion’s tooth. Colin, screwing with him, goes “hey, the teeth’s at the other end!”

I also love Barbara’s innovation of an elephant doing an Elvis impression

A bit too short, but pretty fun.

Greatest Hits: Ryan and Drew present Songs of the Gold Miner, sung by Chip and Jeff

Drew: “Welcome to songs of the gold miner, a job that doesn’t exist anymore. That’s right, we’re ALL OUT OF GOLD.”

Another GH song with mic stands, and there’s some great energy coming from these two.

I love both Chip and Jeff in  this number, they complement each other perfectly, and it sounds like a really fun, competent Motown number, and different from Laura’s Motown Group backing as well

Chip and Jeff even end with some James-Brown-esque “TWO TIMES! “THREE TIMES!” that Bob gladly returns

A truly fun, and energetic number, to end the show.

Overall: The content was strong, and the editing of the last half nearly foiled it. We started this show with two awesome games that were longer, and I would have gladly taken only 3 games than have the fragments of SFX and GH crammed in there. Both games were good, but I feel like they were edited too thinly, and without room to breathe. This doesn’t take too much away from my overall opinion of the show, as I still really like  this one, but if it had been a longer GH, or SFX, it would have been a lot better.

Best Performer: Jeff wins his second straight for ruling the bookends.
Worst Performer: Drew goes here for not doing much in either of his games.
Best Game: I can’t not go with Sentences. It felt masterful.
Worst Game: Sound Effects, but I still love John’s tiger noises.
Best Dynamic: Ryan and Jeff, Sentences, OF COURSE.
Best Host: Chip, for introing First Date and carrying out that interview.

COMING UP NEXT: For the last ten shows of the run we see material from, ironically, two of the first tapings of the series. We start the purple taping with a game featuring a Whoser whose coverage is very important to this series.