Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E25, or LOVE THAT SHIRT.

Thank the gods, we’re back to solely S4 material for the remaining 7 episodes of the season, including a brand new Chip Esten taping. And yes, Chip did some S4 tapings. Of Chip’s two S4 tapings, NOW we’re finally seeing footage from one of them. His S5 tapings were pushed towards the end of the run as well, if I remember correctly. Not like he’s a bad fourth seater or anything.

This is also the first time in a while that we have a huge fashion statement, aside from Ryan’s shoes, which is an ongoing thing. No, Colin decides to pull out the single most eye-catching shirt in the history of the show:
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 4.43.32 PM.png

Superheroes: Loss of loud colors
Colin – Tacky Shirt Man
Ryan – On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Boy
Chip – The Mick Jagger Kid
Wayne – The Junkyard Dog on a Chain Kid

Drew: “…Captain Shirt Man?”
Wayne, who heard the suggestion: “TACKY shirt man..”
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 4.45.35 PM.pngChip: “Good luck!”

Drew: “How can you NOT be funny in that shirt, that’s what I wanna know..”
Colin: “Let’s find out…”

Colin has a very funny sigh at the crisis, as well

Colin: “AWOOOAH. AWOOAH. …i gotta get the alarm fixed…”

Ryan enters and plays the banjo on Colin’s shirt, which is a fun move:
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 4.48.01 PM.png
Ryan ducks away, barely composing himself
Colin: “…go on…”

Ryan’s great at becoming tense over very small things


Ryan, on Chip’s Jagger impression: “…like a chicken! Bu-caaaaaack!”

Wayne: “Sorry I’m late [sees Colin’s shirt] Oooh, DAAAAMN!”
Already, the shirt gags are just killing it

Wayne does some great junkyard dog slapstick here, and he does well against Chip’s swaggering Jagger character.

Wayne leaves without really suggesting a solution, which throws Ryan a bit. Ryan exits, but not before drinking from the bottle on Colin’s shirt, which is a very funny visual. Colin’s just confused as hell. The staredown he gives Ryan  as he leaves the stage is pretty funny, and Ryan seems just as amused by it

A very silly Superheroes, lifted by a very nonplussed Colin

Drew: “I had no idea we were gonna have so much fun with that shirt”
Colin: “And that’s just the first game!”
So this IS top of the show!

Ryan: “Really takes the focus off my shoes…”
They pull back and…yup, the blue shoes made it to this one, too

Sound Effects: Ryan and Colin are two English knights preparing to defend the castle and the demanding queen from an approaching barbaric army

Drew makes a very  easy ‘Alice’ reference at Flo’s name

Note that Carmen’s holding a ribboned, amazing hat, and she passes it to a seatmate when she comes downstage for the game

Flo does a little happy arm-swinging thing with Colin, which is amusing as hell. Ryan looks very concerned, though

Colin: “There’s a horde of…a battalion-”
Carmen starts doing the ‘cavalry’ fanfare thing, which is hysterical
Ryan: “Well, it’s the cavalry, they’re in the wrong era, aren’t they?”

Colin: “Listen, the demanding queen” [opens door]
Carmen: “…Oh my God!”
Ryan: “…apparently the Queen takes offense with your shirt!”
Carmen into her mic anyway: “LOVE THAT SHIRT.”
NOW HANG ON…Is this a line of dialogue from the Queen? Is Carmen or Flo forgetting the game she’s playing and just making a comment about the shirt, forgetting that she is, in fact, A PART OF THIS GAME? CURIOUS.

Also, the thing about giving Flo and Carmen mics, especially Flo, is that you can hear them cackling at any given moment. Who can blame them? This is a funny game

Ryan pulls out a sword.
Flo: “….shh”
Ryan revises, as it’s a very tiny sword

Colin: “I’m gonna try the crossbow.”
Carmen: [slurping noise]
Colin: “I’m so glad they found some velcro, so I could just stick it up there..”

Ryan twirls around a mace, which Flo uses a ‘whirrrlwhirrrlwhirrrl’ noise
Ryan: “They’ll think it’s the police!”

Ryan jumps on the  horse, and Flo adds a small ‘hump’ noise. Ryan, concerned, turns the horse around

Colin: “Well, there’s only two of us and a BUNCH of them.”
Carmen: “uuuuugh”
Colin: “…oh, and one’s sick..”

Ryan suggest they ride towards them screaming, just to get the ladies to do SOMETHING
the noises they come up with: [cavalry theme] “WEEEEEE-HOOOOO, WEEEE-HOOOOO” [more cavalry theme] “WEEEEE-HOOO, WEEEEE-HOOOO!”

You can tell this is a good one, because once it ends, Ryan and Colin are smiling, Wayne and Chip are applauding, Drew’s dying, and Carmen and Flo are laughing their asses off. Everyone’s won over.

Such a funny game. Flo and Carmen not only knew how to do sound effects, but understood humor. Yes, some of it was due to their limitations as old ladies, but they were having a ball, and doing all they could. And Ryan and Colin seemed to have fun screwing around with them.

Back at the seats, literally EVERYONE is doing their impressions of the battle cry, Wayne’s doing the ‘WEEEEE-HOOOO’, Ryan’s doing the canny calvary theme. They all love it.

Drew mentions he’d love to see Colin in Carmen’s hat. AND SO:
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.15.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.15.12 PM.png

Drew, coming back from commercial, does a faux-Chris-Berman ‘welcome BACKBACKBACKBACKBACK’, which amuses Wayne

Newsflash: Ryan and Chip in the studio, Colin in the field in front of horrific sports bloopers and fails

The ‘OH’ing that will make this game classic starts EARLY in this clip. Within the first few biking accidents.

The big shot that gets everyone excited:
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.17.48 PM.png

Colin: “Everything was actually pretty quiet til I showed up. I think the shirt set them off…”

At one point, Ryan chuckles to Chip, and goes “I’m having too much fun watching it…”

After the umpteenth audience reaction, Colin starts overreacting: “OH, WHEN WILL THIS EVER STOP. OH NO!”

Colin: “You know, I dare you to look at this without going ‘OH.”

Colin just starts going ‘OH’ anytime he wants, trying to get the audience in on it, even though he doesn’t know the timing of the crashes. He just seems really amused by it all, and is trying to rub it into the audience, and all the people who CAN see it

After Drew buzzes, Ryan and Chip STILL keep going ‘OH’ at the clips. They can’t stop having fun with this

Colin gets it, and as he runs back he catches a BRIEF GLIMPSE at the monitor, which is a fun choice

Ryan: “I had too much fun watching it”
Chip: “Yeah, we were just going ‘OH’. And then went ‘oh yeah, we’re playing a game..'”

Drew: “Somewhere there’s a guy in another room on crutches, and his friends are going ‘HEY DUDE, YOU’RE ON TV!”

A fun Newsflash, and the first classic ‘let the audience react’ one, though Colin had a lot of fun with it

Scenes from a Hat:

“If actors were completely honest during their award show acceptance speeches”
Wayne: “I’d like to thank the dark one…”
[so Harvey Weinstein?]
Colin: “Man…you don’t know how many butts I’ve had my dick up just to get this.”
Wayne, of course: “It’s been an honor working with Colin Mochrie all these years”

“Circus Acts that didn’t last long”
Chip: [sings circus theme]
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.26.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.26.28 PM.png
[so silly]

Ryan doing Tchaikovsky and then hanging himself is also pretty goofy, although morbid

Drew: “Odd things for a lounge singer to sing about”

Wayne’s “I know your wife…Biblically” gets him cracking up before he can go on much further

Light SFAH, but pretty good for its runtime. I wish they’d have added the ‘Things the WL cast members ask Santa for’ one, just because it fits with the shirt jokes

Hoedown: Backstreet Boys

Chip’s is a fun one:
“Them Backstreet Boys, I think they really stink
It isn’t anything personal, they’re just not N’Sync
This might be kinda weird, it could be a shock
But I’ve still got a poster of the New Kids on the Block”
Perfect nod to the generation gap. My BSB poster is confusing all the BTS fans

Drew comes from a very different perspective:
“Man I hate radio today
They don’t have anything good to play
All they play is junk, they are in a rut
I wish they’d take the Backstreet Boys and shove ’em up their butt”

Colin’s is a fun one  too, talking about how he got back at them:
“I kidnapped them and then I showed them really how to hurt
I made them all wear…a copy of my shirt!”

Ryan’s is a lot more pointed than just a simple dick gag or usual, saying the BSB aren’t for him, and that “ya can’t be a band unless you play an instrument”, which gets some applause

A REALLY STRONG HOEDOWN. One of the best ones in a while, and probably the best one this season.

Overall: A few notches below a 10/10 show for me, but this one was our best show since the one-two-three punch of episodes 8 thru 10. The runner helped things, and Colin was very game with the shirt jokes, but it wasn’t ENTIRELY about those- there was just strong improv all night, especially in games like Sound Effects, Superheroes and Newsflash, and the majority of this show is made up of games most of the WL fandom remembers [Superheroes for the shirt jokes, SFX for Flo and Carmen, Newsflash for the OHing, and Hoedown for just being a solid bash of modern pop. It all flows together really well, and it even uses Chip pretty well, especially in Newsflash and Hoedown. Just a really good portrait of a strong era of WL without being too showy.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin. Drew wasn’t lying when he said you couldn’t not be funny in a shirt like that.
Worst Performer: Chip. In a very Colin-Ryan centric show, he only did what he could.
Best Game: Sound Effects. My god, Carmen and Flo were so funny, while also being lawful and generally alright at the game.
Worst Game: SFAH could have been one suggestion longer and it’d be a little better.

COMING UP NEXT: A new Greg taping. It’s funny, I was remembering the outfits for this one and hoping it was a different episode from this taping, but realizing what one it is…that’s not a bad tradeoff. Anyway, Greatest Hits is a classic.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E19, or FREDZILLA!

And for the LAST TIME THIS SEASON, we have a Season 3 taping episode in the middle of Season 4. THEN, FINALLY, we can get back to the good, strong S4 material. I’m not saying the S3 stuff we’ve gotten is bad, but it hasn’t been giving the really good S4 stuff time to breathe on its own.

So here’s some dispatches from the Chip taping 309, which we’ve already seen this season for some trumpeting and Drew-Ryan stuff back in E3. There’s still a small amount left to cover here.

Let’s Make a Date: Chip must choose from Wayne, power crazed Southern state trooper, Colin, joined at the butt to Ryan but desperate for his own career in showbiz, and Ryan, bragging motorcycle rider taking on even greater challenges

Chip, in lieu of an accent, does a traditional valley girl voice

Wayne spends Chip’s first question reading the speed gauge and waiting. He finally reads a fast one, and goes “AW HELL YEAH.”

This is what we start out with for Colin:
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 3.41.35 PM.png

He then tapdances

I love Colin getting into a quiet disagreement with Ryan, and then draping a cape over Ryan. Ryan loves this

I do love Ryan trying to get out of his stool while Colin is still attached to him, and stifling laughter as Colin stays around and keeps by his ass. He has to stop his motorcycle for a second to catch his breath, and figure out how he’s gonna do this WITH Colin

Plus, once Ryan DOES the jump, Wayne starts cycling after him

Then, Ryan sits down, and Colin is STILL attached to him. Ryan can’t help but start laughing, and emit a ‘Jesus…’. I bet he had no idea Colin would do that this round

Chip: “what is the biggest lie you’ve ever told.”
Wayne: “…that you’ll be out by 6:00 tomorrow morning…”

Chip asks Colin where he’d take him on their honeymoon. Colin, who has an obstacle preventing this, shakes his head and cracks a little

Ryan tries another stunt, with Colin, going into the audience, but he rams into the piano chest first.

The second Drew buzzes, you can audibly hear Ryan go ‘WERE YOU ATTACHED TO MY BUTT?”

Chip guesses Wayne, then moves on: “…this next one’s a two-part answer”

Drew has to read out Colin’s
Ryan: “makes MINE a little rough, doesn’t it?”

Drew: “Ryan, could have been worse. Could have been a PORN STAR…joined at the butt to Colin”
Colin: “First time we’d make money from it…”

Pretty good LMAD. The whole Colin-Ryan struggle was amusing as hell

Motown Group: Wayne, Chip and Ryan Do the Hockey Player

Once Drew morphs the title into ‘Do the Hockey Player’, Wayne reacts in awe…and emits a ‘BAP-BA-DA-BAAAAA’. Which means we know what THIS came after.

Chip has some fun rhymes and gags in his verse, though I thought his rhyme with ‘suck’ was gonna be an Anaheim Ducks jab rather than ‘I don’t give a puck’

A lot of obvious hockey gags here, but…fine as a game.

Song Titles: In the Army

Ryan, coming downstage for this one: “…oh NO.”

Wayne and Chip’s opening scene is good for making song titles into thematic elements: Wayne uses ‘I Am Woman’ as a way of getting out of it, and Chip uses ‘Get Down Tonight’ as a request for push-ups, continuing ’25, OR 6 TO 4′

Ryan, saluting Colin as he comes in: “Sgt. Pepper!”
Wayne, from the sidelines: “AWWW…”
Somebody should have thought of that…

Colin: “Happiness is a warm gun.”
Ryan: [clenches up]

Colin tries making up a word to respond to Chip. This doesn’t work

When Chip does ‘Free Bird’, there seems to be a cry of pain from the audience.

Ryan and Wayne’s back-and-forth here is great:
Ryan: “Tonight’s the night.”
Wayne: “Route 66”
Ryan: “North to Alaska”
Wayne: “…Westward Ho.”
Ryan: “OOOHHH, Canada…”
Perfect delivery

Not a bad round, but we’ve definitely seen better

Scenes from a Hat: 

Chip debuts his Snagglepuss in the ‘When Cartoon Characters Go On Dates’ category

Colin, as Elmer Fudd: “…I’m vewwy uninhibited in bed..”

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.10.00 PM.png
Ryan, gravely: “I JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.09.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.10.34 PM.png
Drew, as Foghorn Leghorn: “Y’AL-I SAY Y’ALMOST LOST ‘IM.”
Wayne and Ryan do an ‘aaaAAAh’, as he’s got that one in his repertoire

First Drafts of Famous Movie Lines:
Ryan: “…Frankly, Scarlett…I don’t give a LAMB.”
Ryan, Clint voice: “GO AHEAD…MAKE A CAKE.”
Chip, in a CALM Arnold voice: “…I’ll be back in a couple minutes, there are some things I’ve gotta do…”
Sentimental favorite

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.14.05 PM.pngRyan is cracking at this as Colin comes back, repeating in awe, “…Fredzilla…”

Drew: “World’s worst person to be stuck with at a party”
Colin, lower-energy: “…Fredzilla!”

Chip has a pair of fun ones for ‘Trivial Reasons for Holding a News Conference”
Chip: “I’ve asked you all here to announce this news conference..”
Chip: “…got a new podium!”

And then Wayne has a nice one: “I’d now like to announce UPN’s fall season.”
This gets a big reaction from the audience, AND CHIP

‘Color Commentators on their day off’ is a fun one, but Colin sells it without saying a word. As Wayne details everything he did wrong with dinner, he just wordlessly cocks a gun.

Drew, with a big smile: “Get out your pens, everybody…it’s ‘Things You Can Say to Your Dog, but Not Your Girlfriend'”
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.19.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.20.04 PM.png

Ryan: “WHAT DID YOU JUST DO? WHAT DID YOU JUST DO? Am I gonna have to rub your nose in that?”
Colin, immortally: “…come.”


Other Things Dorothy and her friends asked the Wizard for:
Wayne, with Colin: “Oh, Mr. Wizard…I’d love some hair for my friend…”
Colin just stares at Wayne as the game ends and Ryan heads back. He does not move. Wayne eventually blows him a kiss, but Colin does a ‘talk to the hand’

A very strong SFAH, long enough to give everyone some great stuff

Hoedown: Body Odor

Drew and Chip’s are kinda baseline.

Colin has a very fun punchline with some buildup about a great question:
“Dinosaurs had BO, now they’re all exSTINKED.”

We get to Ryan…and he has NOTHING. NO THING. He even says “everybody wanna go to the bathroom for a while…come back in…”
Chip yodels for time. Ryan just sits down, absolutely defeated. You have to think that he must have done a few that didn’t make it, and he was drained. This was also late in the taping.
Ryan just says to Colin and Drew: “I’m faced out…I can’t fuckin’ think…”
Drew: “I’ve got one…”
Ryan, getting an idea: “Do it…come over here…stand behind me and sing it…”
So, this is what we get:
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.27.38 PM.png
Drew, as Ryan: “I went on a date last night, it really didn’t end well
She said she wouldn’t kiss me cause I had a weird smell
I said come on baby, why don’t you have a heart
Sure I might have BO, but at least  I didn’t fart..”

A clumsy hoedown, but that ending at least was nice.

Overall: As expected, not much left from this taping. LMAD and SFAH were the highlights, but the rest of the show paled in comparison. Some games were kinda empty, like Song Titles and Motown Group, and some, like Hoedown, barely held together. One of those ‘skip through most of it’ kind of shows, but not exactly bad.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin, barely coming ahead of Chip
Worst Performer: As evidenced by that Hoedown, Ryan was pretty beat tonight.
Best Game: Scenes from a Hat is a classic, and its length was fully worth it.
Worst Game: Motown Group was very blah.

COMING UP NEXT: Finally, we get a nice chunk of S4 stuff, starting with a brand new Brad taping that we’ll be hearing about for a while. Of the taping’s material, this one seems to be the most tame assortment, but it still is a good assortment, it seems.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E18, or We’re All Just People.

This one, from the 303 ‘Quacking elephants’ taping with Chip, is an episode that I happened upon on ABC Family reruns as a kid, and became a favorite of mine despite not being, like, a classic. The fact that so much of it seemed new and unspoken-about made me really appreciate a lot of the content, especially considering the strong runner throughout. So it’ll be fun to cover it here.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Chip, singing Italian gondolier whose boat springs a leak, co-anchors, Wayne, excited Japanese tourist, does sports while Ryan, bigfoot caught on camera, desperate to escape being filmed, does weather

I will always laugh at Ryan’s extended reaction to being told he has to play bigfoot:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.02.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.02.31 PM.png

Chip gives us another inspired WN opening:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.03.05 PM.png
Colin, of course, has to permeate this: “I’m your anchor, Gay Apparel.”

Colin’s punchline of an elderly man getting a harassment charge as “assault with a dead weapon”, gets a nod from Chip

Chip does a very operatic rendition of ‘O Sole Mio’, with different, news-related words, including, glancing at Colin, ‘CHRRROME-A-DOME-YYY..”

Chip, once he realizing the boat is sinking, does some very good sinking motions, singing as he goes down, then comes back up for a gag and comes down.

And, for the rest of the game, we’re left with this two-shot:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.06.07 PM.png

Wayne’s very excited “KOOOOOONICHIWA” already has me laughing

Of course, for the SIXTH TIME in the last 20 episodes, Wayne goes right to Drew, snapping pictures furiously and running after him.

I do love Wayne throwing “…uh MIMIIII” into his Japanese babbling

And then Wayne mistakes Colin for Mount Rushmore, which is a nice enough gag, though he could have been meaner

Colin: “This just in, we’re all just people.”
A lot of modern WL fans seem to forget this occasionally..

THIS is how Ryan begins the scene:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.09.27 PM.png
and as if this couldn’t get funnier, we pan out…and:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.09.51 PM.png

Once Ryan starts moving and doing Bigfoot noises, IMMEDIATELY I can tell he’s trying not to laugh. He doesn’t have much further to take this, and just going ‘URROROOOOOUUGH’ and flailing around is all he’s got. But he continues to do it every time he notices a camera in front of him, which is amusing

Then, he runs off behind the green sceen, and is gone for a few seconds…followed by my favorite instance of someone running behind the chairs:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.12.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.12.19 PM.png
The camera angle, in addition to Ryan’s continued arm flailing, makes this work

…and then Wayne follows him to try and take more pictures

And Colin signs off here:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.13.11 PM.png
Wayne looks so amused

Ryan, as he returns from his end-of-scene departure, has a plate of food from the craft services table in hand. This is SO Ryan..

Drew: “1000 points, and, uh, hey, why do they call ya bigfoot?”
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.14.34 PM.png

Because Ryan has his blue flame shoes, Drew does a ‘your shoes are too loud’ joke, which Ryan responds with by fake-laughing…and flipping him off

Strong WN round, very sentimental, though dwarfed by last show. Loved Ryan and Wayne’s.

Title Sequence: Chip and Wayne sing the theme to ‘The Bea Arthur and Brad Pitt Show’, while Ryan and Colin act it out

Oh yeah, they still play this game. Nearly forgot.

To signify that he’s playing Brad Pitt, Ryan immediately drops to his knees.

Colin does not need to do much in order to do a good Bea Arthur impression:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.17.33 PM.png

You can tell they don’t have a TON to work with here, but Ryan and Colin do an extended verse where they’re about to kiss but turn away

Chip: “They’re all crazy, that’s the way it’s been
since he left Jennifer Aniston”

Drew jokingly asks who was playing who after the game.

Before they go on, Ryan asks Colin to do his Bea face one more time:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.20.12 PM.png

Ryan: “now watch, I’ll do my Brad face”

A fun enough Title Sequence, but kind of light

Scenes from a Hat:

Drew HAS THE HAT IN HIS HAND and is STILL wanting more of Colin’s Bea. Good news is you can PLAINLY place these two together in the taping order. Drew even compares it to his Clark Gable, which confuses Colin

Drew: “What your wife is saying right now”
Ryan: “I’m happy he has big feet.”

Chip: “Is that Ryan or Brad Pitt?”

Colin, being himself: “…can that man make love…”

Wayne, in a line that hasn’t entirely aged well: “I love my husband Wayne Brady.”
Drew: [gags]
Ryan: “I LOVE her husband Wayne Brady..”

Boy Scout Badges we’ve Never Heard of:
Colin, again being himself: “ANIMAL GYNECOLOGY!”

The punchline to ‘Diet Books That Didn’t Exactly Fly Off the Shelves’ is obvious as soon as Ryan comes down: “Lose Weight, by Drew Carey.”
Chip, however, has a great rebuttal: “Eat Yourself Smart, by Ryan Stiles”
Drew does a little raise-the-roof motion and high-fives Chip
Ryan, taking this well: “why don’t you two get a hotel…”

Strange 900 Numbers has some good ones:
Wayne: “Hi, you’ve reached the Animal Gynecology hotline”
Wayne hands the phone to Colin
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.28.20 PM.png

Colin: “So you need more bald jokes….DREW…CAREY…here are some more bald jokes for you….DREW….CAREY.”
His automated voice impression is amazing here

Bad Racehorse names to call in a race

Pretty good SFAH. We’ve definitely seen better recently, though

Improbable Mission: Washing the Car (Wayne on tape)

Great opening gag- the tape is actually a 78 record, so Ryan starts cranking it…and Wayne starts playing ‘pop goes the weasel’. Very clever

Wayne’s intro is pretty amusing, especially when he specifies ‘your teammates’, “that means you, the big guy and the bald guy”
Colin: [twitches]
Wayne: “You will be acclaimed, but you will be disavowed, AND I’LL LAUGH AT’CHA ASS.”

Ryan: “Wait a minute, we’ve got to take it, bring it back here, wash it and bring it back?”
Wayne, from the stopped record: “that’s what I said”
Ryan: [chucks record out the window]

Colin, starting the scene off with a bold choice: “we’re going to have to use my jet-propelled butt!”

Colin takes off, and Ryan, with his privates right on Colin’s engine, yells “IT BURNS!”

I love Ryan and Colin going inside the limo, and Ryan deciding to go in the hot tub rather than start cleaning it.

Colin: “You know I can’t go in there cause of my butt pack.”

Ryan makes Colin repeat ‘NO WATER’ three times, to the point where Colin has to come over and smack him on the head with the hose head. Ryan, in a wise move…tries turning on the spout.

Ryan revealing that his pants still have suds in them leads to the visual of Colin sliding Ryan along the car, and back and forth across the stage.

Colin, as they run out of water: “QUICK…USE YOUR…EXTRA SALIVA PILLS.”

Ryan then tries to move onto waxing.
Colin: “A TURTLE!”
He then snaps it open and waxes the car with the shell. Only Colin. Ryan has to stop and hide his face in order to crack at that

Ryan causes a similar reaction in Colin by suggesting he buff the car with his hairy  chest

Sadly Drew ends it there, which robs the scene of a truly good final beat, but it’s still a pretty fun IM scene.

Drew asks for Ryan’s ‘why I oughta’ face again
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 7.39.11 PM.png
Ryan: ‘…oh, that’s my Bea Arthur!”

Irish Drinking Song: Hair Transplant

Only the second or third playing of this, so it’s still got the original tone

Colin: “He put some implants in.”
Ryan: “Then I wore his shoe”

Chip’s first line, as this is a hair transplant one, is “I LOOKED LIKE COLIN MOCHRIE.”

There are some fun comedy details, especially about the actual hair transplant procedure.

This is a pretty wholesome one, about how good they look now
Chip: “and when I come into the room”
Colin: “my pants fall on the floor!”

A cute, if uneventful, IDS.

I also love Drew cutting to commercial with “while Colin picks up his pants, we’re gonna see a commercial..”

Props: Wayne and Colin vs. Drew and Wayne

Wayne seems to have an extreme reaction to any prop that is a skin tone that isn’t his own. For instance, his prop in 4×08 was beige, and he and Ryan had reactions. And also, here:
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 11.01.07 PM.png

Wayne, using his as a shield: “Spartacus!”
Colin: ‘…Phil!”

Drew and Ryan’s ‘snot’ one is really well-timed

Kind of a weak props.

Overall: Charming, but uneven. A lot of games in this one have always made me smile, even if, in the case of Title Sequence and IDS, they’re not quite as good as I remember. The bulk of this show, which means Weird Newscasters, SFAH and Improbable Mission, is still strong, with enough good runner material and scene work to keep things pretty strong across the board. It just stinks that there’s a lot of thinner games, including Props, to dilute the good stuff here. This is still a great show, and a sentimental favorite, but I have to overlook a bit.

Show Winners: Everyone but Chip
Best Performer: Colin ran away with this one, giving the most bizarre material in nearly every game.
Worst Performer: Chip didn’t have much to do at all tonight, despite some clever work in SFAH.
Best Game: Weird Newscasters was another in a line of great ones this season.
Worst Game: Props was, as discussed, kinda weak.

COMING UP NEXT: Another holdover from S3 with Chip. This comes from the same taping as E3 of this season, and there is definitely some wild, unhinged moments still to come from it.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E09, or Faster, Faster, You Fool, You Fool!

So, as we’re gonna find out, sometimes tapings get held over and pushed to the next season, regardless of when they tape. Several S4 tapings aren’t going to premiere until S5, and they’ll inadvertently be lumped into S5’s taping schedule, which is too minimal to account for several of them (I’ll get to this rant next season).

One S3 taping was held over into S4, the last of the S3 sessions, and once details emerged, it became obvious why- halfway through the taping, Ryan Stiles fell ill, and it became clear to many audience members, and the producers, that he just wasn’t himself. He was very sick, and some of his performance was suffering. The reason why we won’t see a TON from this taping, and most will be held til like S6 and beyond, is because a lot of the material made it obvious that Ryan was sick, and probably wasn’t usable.

So, we’re left with 3 shows worth of material, the latter 2 not coming til S6 &7.

But we do have this one. Oh my…do we have this one.

Not only is this our second TOO HOT episode, but this one packed in so many running gags that I’m honestly impressed. This is another one of the classics, and I’m very excited to cover this one.

Hollywood Director: Ryan is an incompetent waiter who spills something on temperamental supermodel Wayne, Chip is her angry husband who comes in to confront Ryan

So, right off the bat, we get what might be the most famous game of the show.

Drew, after reading the first two characters: “It’s really amazing how the producers get to know the cast throughout the season”
[That is a very end-of-taping-season kind of line]
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 2.21.19 PM.png

Wayne’s angry eyebrows impress me here.
Ryan: “That’s pudding, that’s gonna be extra hard to get out…”

Wayne sashays downstage going “WHAT’S YOUR NAAAME?”. My god, he’s got this perfectly on

Chip enters with a Cali bro accent, and Ryan immediately spills something on him as well
Ryan: “That’s pleather, man…”

I’ve always loved the dramatic turn we take after this, with Ryan saying “I’m not much of a waiter, I’M INCOMPETENT.”
Wayne: “But you do have a certain bone structure. You ought to be a model.”
If this were any game other than Director, I’d love to see where that goes. But of course Colin cuts here

Ryan, for the second time this season, proves he’s never seen the Exorcist. Colin tells him to be the mother but he does the ‘head-turning-round’ thing. He still thinks the mother is the one that got possessed.

This is a good use of Wayne’s Regan voice, which is just crazy enough.

Ryan, after Colin comes in, admits he didn’t know who he was. Colin reminds him he was the mother, and Ryan cracks a little. This is the first sign that maybe Ryan’s not 100% on his stuff this week.

The ‘out of control moving walkway’ version is pretty great, as [ironically] all three handle physical work really well here

I love the gag of, because of the walkway, Ryan missing hitting Wayne with the tray, then going past him, looking back, and flinging it at Wayne, hitting him. GREAT physical work

Both Ryan and Chip end up walking around the foyer near Drew’s desk

Wayne being trampled back and forth on the ground is a fantastic visual, especially as apologetic Ryan keeps passing from different sides

Ryan: “I was still playing the mother…”
Colin: “Yes, you WERE still playing the mother, that was a nice choice..”

Colin asks them to do it as rodeo riders, so the physical work will continue:
So, Wayne and Ryan do brief rodeo bits. Then Chip comes in, sees Ryan throwing something at Wayne, and:
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 2.35.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 2.35.22 PM.png
[here you can hear Ryan go ‘GET OFF!’]
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 2.35.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 2.35.35 PM.png

So…in improv, if you have a problem with some sort of physical interaction, you say ‘hold’, tell the person to not do that, or move them, and continue like nothing happened. Ryan went so far past back pain that he literally mutters “get the fuck off me” to Chip. It comes off as just a pained wordless babbling on the capture, but he does say to Chip “get the fuck off”, which they censor, and Chip does get down right with Colin comes in.
But still…the act of Chip just hopping on Ryan’s back is hysterical, and the audience, and Wayne, are amused as hell.

Colin has the BEST reaction: “MY GOD. HE’S OVER FORTY.”
Wayne’s losing it. Chip looks a little embarrassed, but it reminds me of when he nearly pokes Ryan’s eye out in UK 24, where he’s a little apologetic but mostly amused. Ryan’s clutching his lower back. This did NOT help him.
Colin: “…you okay?”
Ryan, very shaken: “UH-HUHH!”
Colin, finally to Chip: “You know, we don’t have the insurance!”

Colin tells them to do it like “a porn movie, but with exercise instructors”

The relieved ‘AAHHHH’ Ryan lets out when he lies down is priceless

Once Drew buzzes, Chip immediately checks if Ryan’s okay, which he is, if shaken still.

A very funny Director. Enough gold from the initial suggestion carried into the rest of the scene, and there was some really funny stuff in there, even up to the fatal back-riding

Ryan, upon sitting down: “Hey, that disk popped right back in…”
Chip: “I broke Ryan…”

Drew gives the first utterance of what he thought Ryan was uttering with Chip on his back: “Faster, faster, you fool, you fool…”
Ryan: “That’s quite a sensation when those vertebrae rub against each other”

Drew: “That was really hilarious, I’ll give ya 100 bucks to do it again later on…”

Drew’s about to go to the next game, then pivots and asks Ryan “how’s your back, really?”
Ryan: “GOOD.”
Drew: “Cause I saw you going-” [does an impression of the wordless mouthing Ryan did]
Ryan, candidly: “No, I was actually saying ‘GET THE FUCK OFF, GET THE FUCK OFF.”
THAT blows the place wide open. It’s already a funny enough thing with Chip riding Ryan, but this permeates the quiet, calm-seeming incident into something funnier.
Ryan: “…I dunno if we can AIR that or not, but that’s what I was saying…”

Chip’s follow-up is perfect: “I wasn’t sure what he meant by that…”
Drew: “And here I thought you were yelling ‘faster, faster, you fool, you fool…”

Duet: Chip & Wayne sing a speed metal to Shauna, an exotic animal handler

Shauna came to two different tapings in S4, and got sung to in Three-Headed Broadway Star from the 310 taping, as well as this one. Suffice to say she got to enjoy two top-tier WL tapings.

Colin has a very underrated move here- when Shauna comes downstage, he immediately does what Ryan usually does whenever there’s a pretty girl for Duet, and comes down to introduce himself. The fact that it’s Colin clues in that A.) Ryan’s having an off night, and B.) Colin’s glad to work double duty to do things that’d normally be done by Ryan. It’s the kind of move that works because the show’s been on a while and we know these people

Drew: “Shauna says she’s an exotic animal handler…you’re not just a stripper with a snake act, you actually have to…”
Shauna, to her credit, laughs at this

Wayne, IMMEDIATELY: “Why don’t you come and handle my anaconda!”
And he goes in with “why don’t you come and train my boa”
Glad he’s getting the easy ones out of the way early

Chip keeps the song in the same sort of silly rhyme-scheme, going onto “handle my iguana”

I love Wayne acting like a chimp towards the end, so Shauna can whip him back. Also, Wayne sort of waddling with her towards the audience is great

The ‘handling Wayne’ but goes right up until Shauna motions for him to go back to the stage, then he runs in and Chip starts handling him, and:
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 3.33.55 PM.png

Kind of an easy one for Chip and Wayne, but still alright.

I’m sad we go to commercial after that, because you know Drew would have said something about that vs. Director

Song Titles: At the police station on a busy Saturday night

This game’s mention elicits a groan from Ryan AND Colin

Chip doesn’t have one for a bit, and continues to cuff Wayne. In lieu of a song title, he just goes ‘there we go’, and exits

Ryan, to Wayne: “Janie’s got a gun”
Wayne: “…really?”

Colin: “Another Saturday Night.”
IMMEDIATELY you can tell Ryan has nothing. He just grimaces, puts his hands in his pockets, goes “Ah…”…and leaves.

Chip, entering: “Theme from SWAT.”
Colin: “Oops, I did it again…”

After a good run with Chip, Colin just looks at him, goes “YIPEE-YI-OHHH”, laughs, and exits.

I love Drew’s impressed ‘aaahhh’ after Chip uses ‘Dig a Pony’
Wayne: “Theme from Shaft!”
Chip, reaching down: “Jailhouse Rock.”

The Chip/Wayne back-and-forth is pretty coherent and fun here, better than most rounds of this

Wayne: “Mrs. Jones”
Drew, rightfully buzzing: “it’s ME and Mrs. Jones.”
Wayne, taking it: “…alright, well it’s us then…”

And so Colin enters
Ryan: “What’s New, Pussycat?”
Colin, like it’s a code: “When You Wish Upon a Star”
Ryan: ah, Blue Suede Shoes”
So Colin has nothing for that. He knows the game needs to end, and he has nothing, and he can’t just walk out on that or else it’ll keep going. So he looks at Ryan, like he just looked at him, and goes: “…nice pants.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 3.43.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 3.43.40 PM.png
Wayne comes up to keep it going, but he’s laughing too hard, AND Ryan’s laughing too hard
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 3.44.22 PM.png

Back at the seats, Wayne and Chip start doing a full on Elvis-style ‘Nice Pants’ song. Ryan goes for more of a lounge-singer ‘Nice PAAAAANTS…”

A surprisingly strong Song Titles, with a lot of good moments between players, a lot of funny tagouts, and…nice pants.

Scenes from a Hat:

As everyone comes down for SFAH, Ryan, like before Song Titles, takes an extra few seconds to make his way down. He’s still very lethargic and very sick-feeling

Drew chuckles, knowing exactly what’s about to happen: “Times when you’d like to say ‘let’s see that again in slow motion'”
Of course:
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.05.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.05.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.05.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.06.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.06.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.06.21 PM.png
As Ryan gets back to his step, he mouths his “GET THE FUCK OFF’ in slow-mo as well

Bad Times To Ask For Sex
Ryan: “You were fantastic, you really were [to someone else] say, would ya like to have sex?”

Wayne: “I’m awfully sorry about your loss, Mr. Jenkins”
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.08.03 PM.png
[Chip is having a hell of a show]

Bad Names for Perfume:
Wayne: “I call it ‘Like Ass'”
Colin, inevitably: “…Nice Pants, the smell of corduroy…”

WL is amazing at subverting expectations. Drew reads out a suggestion of ‘what your dogs think and do when you leave them alone in the house’, and there are some audible voices of concern from the audience, thinking this’ll go dirty. Colin has the single most wholesome, funny joke: shuffling the deck, going “okay, 2s are wild…”
Yes, Dogs Playing Poker. Because screw being dirty, just do a fun little gag instead

Unusual Cases for the FBI is also a good one for subversion, because you have two different types of inoffensive humor
Wayne, to Chip: “So you’re saying the cat AND the fiddle ran away, TOGETHER?”
That’s funny because it’s childlike, and goes back to nursery rhymes and innocence.

Ryan and Colin’s is funny because it’s relatable and downscaled: “…so your pizza took longer than 30 minutes?”
Colin’s outrage makes this even funnier

Drew: “World’s Worst Catchphrases”
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.13.30 PM.png
The reaction to this is insane:
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.14.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.14.18 PM.png

“If People Broke Into Song in Real Life” has so many good ones:
Chip and Wayne come up with Colin, and do another rendition of ‘NIIIIIICE PAAANTS!” The exuberance Chip puts in, and also the arm-wavy commitment Colin puts in, makes me laugh

Wayne’s ‘who farted’ song is great two
Chip, melodically: “Not meee…must have been him” [pointing to Colin]
Dear god

And then Colin goes up alone, unassumingly, and sings, somberly: “…I lost my erection.”
Ryan, taking him literally:
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.21.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.22.22 PM.png

Drew: “Difficult questions for Mommy to answer.”
[BTW, as Drew cracks up through this, I am 90% sure you can hear Chip mutter ‘ah, shit’. SO YOU CENSOR ‘ERECTION’ BUT NOT THAT??? This might be the second unbleeped curse in two shows. How are they not catching these?]
Wayne has trepidations about him until Chip, with finality, just goes “NO. LET’S SEE IT.”
Wayne: “…mommy, how come no one looks like me on Friends?”

Colin, following in Wayne’s shoes: “…Mommy, how come no one looks like ME on Friends?”
THAT is how you do it.

Drew: “If you were paying attention, I said DIFFICULT questions…”
Colin, as the audience AAAWs: “I’m adorable.”
And as the audience gets back on  Colin’s side, Ryan does maybe one of his best improv moves of a very sick evening, quickly muttering: “ya looked better before you lost your erection…”

SUCH A STRONG SFAH. One of the better, more complete ones of the S3 sessions, cause a lot of scenes went by, and several had GREAT material. And the Nice Pants runner, and the Ryan’s back runner, kept going

Hoedown: Drunk Mother

Drew asks for something you might want to keep a secret

Chip begins by taking the offensive, BIG TIME:
“Well I knew Colin’s mother, yes I must tell the truth
When she was nursing Colin, her milk was 90 proof
She had to kick the habit, she didn’t know what to do
But if your baby looked like that then you’d be drinking too.”
OW. First Drew and now this. Why’s everyone going after Colin tonight?
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.30.08 PM.pngWayne gets up from behind the desk and high-fives Chip. Oh man.

Drew comes to Colin’s aid, singing about how his mother drank
“Now I shouldn’t let this secret slip
But my mama started drinking when she married Chip.”
Chip takes this well

Colin, however, has the mega-rebuttal
“My mother drinks a lot, I know that’s really strange
But her behavior…gets really strange
She acts as though she’s from somewhere else, maybe like Venus
Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 4.32.58 PM.png
Again, Chip takes this one pretty well

Ryan, who is still very, very drained, does what he can for this Hoedown:
“Oh this Hoedown is taking mighty long
I am so sick of this bloody song
Wayne sits there and he gets to rest
His penis is large, that’s why he’s behind the desk”
Slightly cop-out-y, but still funny, especially considering Ryan’s night in general

I love that as Drew signs off, Chip goes over to apologize to Colin and they do a whole Jerry Springer-esque fight bit. Chip’s punching out Colin as they fade out

A really good Hoedown. Every verse was funny and built off each other, and the show.

Overall: For a show where one out of four performers is sick and injured, this one really turned out like a charm. Chip, Wayne and Colin made up for Ryan’s down-ness by all having phenomenal showings, and schooling games all night. Colin had the most obvious gags [NICE PANTS, the erection], but Chip was the most fearless all night [as evident in Director], and had some of the best little gags. He was just having a ball this taping, even compared to other S3 tapings. Wayne was also great, if slightly diminished compared to the other 3. And the game-load here was pretty fantastic too. Only Duet was short of phenomenal, and everything else was strongly-performed AND really funny. Even Hoedown worked. EVEN SONG TITLES WORKED. There were enough runners and enough things going on to power the four of them through, even with Ryan visibly a little off. As far as classics go, this one is a few steps from perfect, but it deserves its status as a classic.

Was it Really Too Hot for TV?: Two moments really made this a ‘Too Hot’ episode- the ‘GET THE FUCK OFF’ from Ryan, and Colin’s ‘I lost my erection’. Now…you can say ‘erection’ on TV now, and they actually got away with using the word in early airings. But since the ABC family days, the word has been scrubbed. I personally think the only thing making it ‘TOO HOT’ for 8:30 was the repeated f-bombs, but even then it depends on your preference for censored f-bombs.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin Mochrie. Nice Pants.
Worst Performer: Poor Ryan. I wish he’d been a bit more up to things tonight.
Best Game: Scenes from a Hat was like a breeding tank for great gags, and almost all of them hit.
Worst Game: Duet was merely okay, but even that one had some strong stuff from Wayne, so it’s not a total loss.

COMING UP NEXT: Our third-of-three consecutive classics. This one comes from a Brad taping teased in 3×39, and features perhaps the greatest piece of evidence that Colin Mochrie really shouldn’t play If You Know What I Mean.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E05 or GREENE GO…YO.

We’ve seen 2 shows from this Chip S3 taping so far (3×03 and 3×22), and now we have this one. We won’t see this taping again until Season 8, at which time we’ll see the big running gag of that taping. But first, we’ve got this one.

Drew’s ‘sex-line caller’ voice in the intro is…unsettling.

Let’s Make a Date: Chip must choose from
Wayne – Members of *NSYNC fighting amongst themselves during a video shoot,
Colin – An insult comic reincarnated as a ravenous blood-sucking leech
Ryan – Bride going through her progressively worsening wedding day with husband Colin

Colin does an easy-to-mouth-read ‘WHAT?’ at his quirk. I bet Ron West wrote that one.

Chip, instead of some accent of some sort, gives his character a very throaty, three-pack-a-day smoker voice, which is a fun change of pace

Chip: “If I was a drink, I believe I’d be a margarita because [somehow morphing into John Mulaney] I am tall…salty, and…always have tequila in me.”

Colin gives the audience an extra 5 seconds to react to his

Colin: “I’m sorry, it’s really hard talking to ya, your face looks like a collapsed lung”

Colin, to Wayne: “You know, I kid, but we’re all brothers underneath.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 5.53.22 PM.png
Wayne acts shocked. Ryan BARELY keeps it together

Chip: “I believe that truth is overrated. When I’m at midnight and wearing a negligee, I want my man to lie.”

Ryan, to Colin: “What are you doing? Don’t look at me! You shouldn’t be here!”
Colin: “Believe me, I WISH I wasn’t lookin at ya…”

Colin: “I’m not saying you’re ugly, but I’ve seen better looking faces on the bottom of a shoe.”
I love how he sort of slows down through the last bit of that

Colin, after sucking Ryan: “…you’re not my type.”

Chip takes a beat before going into a very basic question for Wayne. His smirk makes me think he genuinely ran out of funny lines.

Also, Wayne made ‘hey girl’ a thing before Ryan Gosling came along. His quirk is great because he has to be 5 people squabbling at once and he nails it

Chip’s 2nd question for Colin is a stronger one, as he knows pretty much who he is: “My favorite celebrity is Drew Carey- if you ran into Drew Carey, what sorta things would you say to him?”
Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 6.00.08 PM.pngColin: “…Drew Carey happens to be my very best friend, which is-PFFHAHA CAN BARELY SAY THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.”

Colin, to Wayne: “And by the way, it’s not really singing.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 6.08.46 PM.png
Oh man

Chip’s line about Olympic fever dates this taping back to August 2000.

I love Ryan flinging the wedding ring at Colin and making a ‘TING’ sound right as Drew buzzes

Chip guesses Colin as “Don Rickles as a thoracic surgeon”
Colin, chuckling: “…so close”

Chip is stuck on whose wife Ryan is
Drew: “You know the points don’t matter, right?”
Chip, chuckling: “Alright, is it Darva Conger?”

Ryan has to do a subtle nose-finger-point to Colin, which Chip doesn’t get.

A very funny LMAD. So many little things between contestants, and Chip’s awesome characterization.

Drew makes it a point to clarify what the finger-under-nose clue was.
Chip: “Adolf Hitler?”

Duet: Chip & Wayne sing to Anna, a sign language interpreter, as Rod Stewart and Tina Turner

Chip, right before the song, covertly goes “I’ll be Rod”, as if there was any doubt

Wayne makes a Helen Keller reference early. HOW WAS THIS ONE NOT ‘TOO HOT’?

Chip’s near-hoarse Rod Stewart is pretty funny.
“She’s always doing siiiiigns to me
Especially that one you can’t do on TV”
Man, they are just BAITING the censor tonight

Wayne: “Anna does sign language that I don’t understand
And part time she causes planes to land.”

I do love Anna excitedly signing stuff to Chip as he does a refrain. This is a lot more wholesome than another sign-language-related Duet we’d get in a bit.

A very fun, and enjoyable, Duet number.

I do love the realization that Anna’s directly behind Drew’s seating after she returns.

One of Drew’s desk jokes mentions the first season of Big Brother, and how drawn-out and annoying it was then. Thankfully, since then, they’ve fixed the formula and the annoyance comes from the contestants.

Scene to Rap: Dracula

After some extreme overplay for this game, we’re down to one playing per season from here til S8. Which is nice.

Someone, when asked for their favorite horror movie, shouts out “HENRY! THE KILLER!” He’s perhaps referring to ‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer”, but Ryan just thinks he’s doing Herman’s Hermits: “I’m Henry the Killer!”

Some charming moments early on, with Chip ending a rhyme with “It’s….VLAD.”, Wayne’s pseudo-European accent, and going “What’s up, blood!” before scratching some records

Ryan enters WANTING to be attacked by Wayne, as “I’m from the Red Cross”

Colin: “Well, I’ve got something, I’ve got a stake
Oh, it’s a t-bone…my mistake.”

Little things are amusing me here, like Ryan’s bat-hands mime, and Chip rhyming ‘plasma’ and Wayne knowing he was gonna go there

Drew: “I love that game just to hear Colin rap.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 7.10.58 PM.png

Drew: “You know what we’ve made you on this show? The most famous Canadian rapper”
Ryan: “well, there’s Lorne Greene.”
Colin, trying: “GREENE GO…YO.”

A pretty good Scene to Rap, especially early on, but the ending  tackiness was expected

Party Quirks: Chip hosts
Wayne – Attending a college keg party from sober to passed out in 30 seconds
Colin – Overly dramatic private investigator finding ridiculous clues to a murder
Ryan – Panicking, trapped bird who keeps mistaking the cameras for open windows

Chip’s opening line was cut. My guess: it’s a wrestler/professor reference.

The audience is laughing before Colin says anything, just from how goofy he’s being already

Chip is briefly caught off guard by Ryan’s overactive bird schtick

Also, Ryan absentmindedly running into cameras is always funny

Colin, inspecting more clues: “It’s all starting to…make sense.”
Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 7.25.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 7.25.53 PM.png
Chip, perfectly delivered: “…no it’s not.”

Like the Melissa playing of this, Chip lets everyone collaborate, then bangs out all three of ’em one by one, getting Wayne, then…struggling to get Ryan and Colin.

Drew has to pull a Clive and hand Chip the card with Colin’s. And then he guesses Colin’s verbatim

A pretty good Party Quirks…but not quite as good as I remembered. Maybe Ryan’s was funnier to me as a kid.

Doo-Wop: Wayne, Chip and Ryan sing about Cheryl, who died in a freak knitting accident

Colin goes up for this one…only to realize Ryan’s playing and not him, so he awkwardly turns around and sits down. Chip and Ryan chuckle at this

Also interesting that Ryan has his arms around Chip and Wayne like it’s a Three-Headed playing

Chip, in a perfect Doo-Wop voice: “I feel kinda guilty, cause I’m her man
She was making me a big afghan”

This one ends clumsily, and Chip accidentally calls her Carol.
1. This would be the second time this taping that Chip had a freudian slip and got some names confused.
2. Confusing the names Cheryl and Carol sounds like something from Archer. MAN, IF ONLY WHOSE LINE AND ARCHER HAD A CONNECTION..

An okay Doo-Wop.

Props: Wayne & Chip vs. Drew & Ryan 

Chip flinging the prop at Wayne as ‘mixed nuts’ was fun as hell

Ryan’s funeral gags are frequent, but this one made me laugh:
Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 7.41.56 PM.png
Ryan: “…today we bury Bonko the Clown”

Chip has some really fun ones- throwing the prop on his head as a Charlie’s Angel, then around his neck as Mr. T.

Ryan has a truly ingenious one:
Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 7.43.49 PM.png
Ryan: “He tried to get out the porthole and his ass got stuck…”

A pretty good props.

Overall: Like last show, strong start and messier finish, but I feel like this show was a little better than E4. You had a lot of small, inspired moments throughout, like Colin nailing Party Quirks, then forgetting he’s not in Doo-Wop, Chip’s props round and his LMAD voice, that very fun Duet, and the desk interplay. I’ll say that it feels like between this one and 8×02, it feels like this one’s the ‘rejects’ episode, rather than that one. I always thought 8×02 would have fit more in S4 if they’d known how to edit it, as a lot of elements of that show (SFAH especially) felt finished. This one was fine, but felt like lesser material.

Show Winner: Colin
Best Performer: CHIP ESTEN. The dude won this show by a landslide, acing 4 different games. Something about Chip’s material felt fun and fresh all night, and I love it.
Worst Performer: Wayne somehow ends up here. In both guessing games his was the simplest, and in both singing games he was the most generic.
Best Game: Let’s Make a Date was pretty fantastic. Colin’s quirk brought out the best in everybody, and Chip was very funny.
Worst Game: Doo-Wop was clumsy.

COMING UP NEXT: The very first, if not then one of the first, Whose Line episode to be labeled TOO HOT FOR TV, as the censors wanted to warn prudes to stay away from certain shows that got more lewd than they wanted. And since this one, a Kathy episode from the 405 taping where she DOES have lines, has milk spurting out of a guy’s eye, Ryan’s John Wayne impression, and Colin grabbing everyone’s genitalia, I can see why.

A Very Special Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E03, or I’m Going to Get my Gun.

Here’s another stowaway from S3, our first one. This came from the same taping as E12, which I genuinely enjoyed due to some fantastic games (including Sound Effects). But this one might be a bit more cohesive, with several running gags flowing through here.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Chip, a young cowboy rodeo star, co-anchors, Wayne, entire US synchronized swimming team, does sports while Ryan, rapidly descending the evolutionary scale, does weather

Colin: “I’m your anchor, Puffy Don’tNeedCombs”
Chip completely loses it while on his bronco. Wayne is bent over, laughing. This is the first joke of the show, and this is how it’s hitting

Colin, stumbling through his top story: “An entire cult of…dead killer bees were found…DEAD…they are thought to have committed insecticide.”

Chip is wild as hell on the stool, bucking around before being thrown off.

Wayne doing an entire synchronized swimming routine on the floor is definitely a feat not everyone can do, as he’s making it convincing, and smiling the whole time

Colin: “This just in, it’s still not really a sport”
Wayne has a pained reaction to this

Ryan’s is as classic as it is vicious: he starts his normal before breaking the weather stick and trying to make fire as a neanderthal…then a monkey…then crouching, sitting down, buzzing and becoming Drew: “You each get 1000 points, let’s go on to party quirks…”
Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 7.08.00 PM.png
Drew doesn’t do his usual face. This time he seems genuinely put off by this.

A relatively solid WN, but it became electric at that Ryan moment.

Drew, by the time Ryan gets back to the seats, uses the desk phone
Ryan: “Alright, I’ll just leave now…”
Drew: “That was the Ringling brothers, they want their shoes back…”
Ryan nods this one off

Drew: “Alright, just to be a big man, 1000 points apiece..”
Ryan: ‘yes!”
I kinda love that Ryan is just basking in it. He knows he and Drew are close enough that it’ll pass
Drew: “I can take it, doesn’t bother me…ya tall, big nosed freak you…”

Narrate: Bike Shop

You can tell this one came DIRECTLY after WN, because Drew’s holding the same card as he was at the end of that, and intros this game with “Narrate, this is for Colin and the freak!”
Ryan, now realizing Drew’s serious, gets up going ‘OH, MAN…”

Drew: “Bike shop…not the best suggestion, but…for the freak, he can make anything funny. Right, freak?”
And you can just hear Drew mutter “I’m gonna kill you.”
Ryan’s still smiling it off, as he’s clearly heard worse, and goes “you just have to forget now..”
Right after Drew promises to, Ryan goes back into the monkey impression.

Ryan starts the scene doing a pumping motion.
Colin, with an immortal opening line: “15 years ago, someone stole my Schwinn.”

Colin, before he goes in, plays with Ryan’s pumping, by saying “I noticed the owner was blowing up a zeppelin.”
Ryan has about 1 second to tilt his head upward.

Colin tells Ryan he’s looking for a Schwinn, “has a banana seat and an I Love Canada sticker”
I love Colin so much. I know I say it a lot, but that’s such a fun detail

Ryan: “He asked for a banana seat…I WONDER WHY.”

Colin: “Having been blinded by his tie, it took me a while to see…”
Yeah, you can tell this is early in the taping.
Colin: “…but he actually had a banana seat sticking out the top of his pants.”

Colin’s next move is to grab the seat and angrily confront Ryan about it.
Ryan’s next move always cracks me up. He has no idea how to react to Colin, so he just goes around him and upstage, and goes “I’m going to get my gun.”
I love that. No flowering, no descriptive text. Just ‘I’m going to get my gun’. Fantastic

Colin: “As he was going for his gun, several emotions ran past my face: fear, happiness, sadness…I knew I was going for an Emmy and would never get one.”
[lol, Wayne has one..]

Colin has another fantastic move as Ryan  points the gun at him- as Ryan goes upstage for a monologue, Colin politely reaches out and says “I’ll hold that”, which is an inversion of the way Ryan usually steals Colin’s gun in this game.
Ryan: “At this point, I thought…maybe I shouldn’t have given him the gun…”

Colin ends this with a Firestone tires jab before Ryan can admit he’s got nothing, but it’s a great, fun ending to one of my favorite Narrates. So many great improv moves, so many little jokes. Ryan and Colin were just giving each other the ropes, and it was fun to watch.

Drew, somberly: “10,000 points to Ryan, sorry I called ya a freak…”
Ryan, after an audience ‘AWWWW’: [monkey noise]
Drew: “You’re not a freak, you’re my friend, I shouldn’t have called you a freak on National TV…”
After some more good response, Ryan goes “AND…”
Drew, finally: “…I love you.”
Wayne, perfectly-delivered: “A very special Whose Line is it Anyway…”

Drew admits he felt bad the whole Narrate scene
Ryan, being himself: “I felt GREAT when I was doing that monkey thing…”

As seemingly-tense as it felt, the Drew-Ryan arc of this episode works because of what we’ve learned thus far about Ryan and Drew. How Ryan acts is so characteristic of who he is, and how he takes humor, while Drew wears his heart on his sleeve and this is the first insult to really hurt him. I’m very glad they kept this in, though, as it strengthens both games, especially Narrate

Duet: Chip and Wayne sing to Marilee, a pet photographer, as Aerosmith & Run-DMC

Drew does not limit himself to keeping away from an obvious pun, saying “Nobody Doesn’t Like Marilee”. Ohhh man.

You can tell how masterful Wayne is as Darryl, and how unhinged Chip is as Steven Tyler

Chip has Tyler’s rasp and cadence down, doing it exactly like Walk This Way, and impressing the heck out of Marilee

So many great rhymes in this song, from Chip mentioning a Schnauzer, and Wayne saying “she just took a picture of Scruffy”

A really fun Duet. Not really as substantial as other Chip-Wayne duets, but still a lot of fun

Drew explains that the way to join the cast is to “take a naked polaroid of yourself and send it to ‘I wanna be on whose line'”
Chip: “That’s how I got on..”

Infomercial: Hair Removal products

Colin has a minimal reaction to the suggestion, but Ryan gives him a look, already figuring out how he’s gonna start, and makes sure he’s alright with it.

Drew, AGAIN biting the hand that feeds him: “wonder how good they work!”

Ryan, starting with a bang: “Hi there, we’re the Phillips twins. Notice anything…different about us?”
Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 7.49.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 7.49.18 PM.png
What follows this is one of the single HARDEST Drew Carey laughs I have ever heard. It sounds like he nearly chokes. I cannot describe it, but it sounds like it hurts.

Ryan: “That’s right, one of us has lots of hair, the other has SOME HAIR.”
Colin, being Colin: “BECAUSE THE CHICKS LOVE IT.”

Colin goes right into plugging their process “that makes you 10 times sexier than anyone with hair and a big nose.”

Colin’s read of “what have we got here first, brother?” gets a chuckle out of Ryan. I feel like Colin’s saying to him here that if he intends to keep that gag going, Colin will keep screwing with him as well.

Right at the start, Colin forgets the name of a turkey baster. Ryan has to remind him, and Colin responds with “I didn’t wanna lose anyone with any technical terms.” So already he’s on edge. This can only mean good things

This begins the gag of Ryan sucking a random hair off Colin’s neck and applying it to himself as a mustache.

Colin, explaining a prop: “you know, if you’re gonna be an olympic swimmer someday, or just someone with no chest hair…”

I also love Colin ‘very gently’ ripping the prop from Ryan’s chest, basically waxing him, and Ryan yelping in pain…and then grabbing the hairs and making more mustache.

Colin grabs this one next:
Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 7.57.41 PM.png
Colin, eventually: “you know…after the hair is removed, there’s nothing like a good buff…”
I love how Ryan lackadaisically chucks this one in the bin.

I love Colin’s annoyed, beleaguered expression as Ryan pumps air into his mouth with a prop.

Ryan, setting up Colin: “And if you act by tomorrow, we’ll throw in THIS special gift…”
Colin has nothing, so he just picks up the first thing he sees:
Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 8.00.47 PM.png
Colin, immortally: “DOOT-DOO-DOO-DOOOOO! I HAVE NO HAIR!”
So Ryan immediately bends down to hide his reaction. Cause that’s just funny. Chip in the background is dying. Drew’s losing it. Ryan pulls out the next prop and tries to wait for the audience to recover…only to realize he hasn’t especially recovered either. And he just repeats it to Colin “boop-bo-do-boooo!”, and Colin repeats the exclamation. As the whole place is still losing it.

Also, by the time Ryan’s going into the next explanation, Drew is STILL audibly laughing.

One of my favorite Infomercials. Ryan and Colin just kept going back and forth off each other the whole time, and the I HAVE NO HAIR line just made it even funnier.

Once everyone gets back to the seats, everyone’s saying it. Wayne’s cracking up saying it.
Drew: “We interrupt this show for a special announcement- BUP-BA-DA-BAAAAA! I HAVE NO HAIR!”
Colin: “You’d LISTEN if people did that, though…”

Drew: “I wish people knew how to make every announcement about their shortcomings like that. BA-BA-DA-BAAAAA…RYAN’S SHOES ARE TOO LOUD!”
[I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that Spence Medbe is gonna tell me that they spliced ‘Ryan’s shoes are too loud’ in. It doesn’t sound like it was naturally said in that tone. But the editors wanted it to work this way]

Hoedown: Blind Date

Wayne’s is fairly literal: “I opened up the door, and there was Stevie Wonder.”

Chip, as the rest of the show has had attacks, throws one of his own into the mix:
“Once I had a blind date, I really like to small
He was very tall though, his name was Ryan Stiles
I went right on through it, that date was pretty rough
Sure it was a blind date, but I wasn’t blind enough!”

Colin talks about a date that’s going really well
“And what happened next, I tell you it is true
When I went and kissed her, she went ‘DOOT-DOO-DOO-DOOT-DOOT-DOOOOO!”

Ryan does this improv with an ear to the music, trying to stay in key, and has a punchline of “what really got her hot was all my fancy shoes.”
So some shoe ribbing did happen this taping.

Pretty great Hoedown.

Three-Headed Broadway Star: Ryan, Drew & Wayne sing ‘I Love You For Your Shoes’ to Kim

The first line: “Shoes are full of
Drew: “FEET.”

Ryan gets a laugh out of me from dragging out a “BABYYYYYYYY” to the end of the measure

Now, Drew’s chuckling through this run of title-drop lines, but still doing the work

Ryan gets another one, just throwing in ‘LOLLYGAG’ just cause he can

Plus, on a rest, Drew and Ryan just start jiggling around rhythmically. At least they’re having fun

The highlight for me is when they get towards the end, and Drew and Ryan have a disagreement over whether ‘anymore’ is one word or two, so when both get stuck on ‘more’ together, it’s hysterical
Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 8.19.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 8.20.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 8.20.37 PM.png
Wayne, all class, tries to get them to all do an ‘anymore’ to end it, but Drew and Ryan are laughing too hard.

A very goofy 3HBS. Very, very goofy.

Overall: Not exactly an ironclad classic, as the majority of games were more solid than exemplary, but still a strong, runner-based episode that deserves to be rewatched. The WN-into-Narrate banter is strong as hell, making both games stronger with it. Infomercial is a classic, even before the trumpet gag. But aside from that, you got Duet, Hoedown and 3HBS which are all good, but not great, and dull the point of the show.

Show Winners: Colin & Chip
Best Performer: Colin did the comedic heavy lifting in the two big games of the night, had the best Hoedown verse and cracked the most people up.
Worst Performer: Wayne didn’t do much other than lawfully bop by.
Best Game: It’s between Infomercial and Narrate, so that’s tough, but…honestly, it’s gonna be Infomercial. Wholly and fully hysterical, and with so much Ryan-Colin back-and-forth
Worst Game: Up until that last snafu, I was getting NOTHING from that Three-Headed Broadway Star.

COMING UP NEXT: Another S3 holdover, from the 308 taping with Kathy, a relatively standard game listing that promises MORE LINES FOR KATHY.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E36, or Are Those Your FINAL Points?

So as you can tell, I’ve been burning off a lot of these in the last few days, but I’m not disrespecting this stretch of S3. Overall, things have been alright- there have been downers, but nothing in S3 can really be described as abhorrently BAD. But I’m burning through these because right after this one we get two CLASSICS back-to-back. And I am very excited to cover both of them.

Not to disparage this one, which is our last S2 holdover of Season 3, and it’s from the Melissa taping, which has given us rock-solid material thus far. Plus, it’s the last Chip episode of S3. Good news is he’s all over S4.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Chip, surfer dude looking for the ultimate ride, co-anchors, Wayne, being sucked into a black hole in the camera, does sports while Ryan, shipwrecked survivor spotting a possible rescue plane, does weather

I love Wayne coming over, confused, and asking to read the card after Drew tells him his quirk. He reads it, sees it’s legit, and mouths ‘DAMN’.

Ryan rolls his eyes at his
Drew: “Hey, would you rather be sucked into a black hole in the camera?”
Ryan, smirking: “…we’ll talk about that later…”

Chip starts the game like this:
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.06.21 PM.pngColin, with one of my favorite name readings: “It’s the 6:00 news, I’m your anchor…LARS LARS PANTSONFARS.”
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.07.30 PM.png
[He’s breaking as much as allowed]

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.07.55 PM.png
Drew slams the table LOUDLY he’s laughing so hard.
Chip is laughing so hard he has to get back onto the stool.
Colin hasn’t moved

Colin does his top story while everyone’s still cracking up: “Today, a man who was swallowed by a whale escaped today by running as hard as he could til he was all pooped out.”
Drew TRIES to recover, but starts laughing again.

Colin, after Chip’s pretty good but egg-headed report: “…hey, I can hear the ocean.”

Colin dubs Wayne “Bubba Dubba” in handing it over to him. Wayne, who must have watched Zoom, cracks a little

Wayne’s is all physicality, and it’s all him running against a current, and of course he nails it.

Chip, as the wave approaches:
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.14.54 PM.pngI also love him doing some goofy tricks on the ‘surfboard’

I love Ryan’s anguished desperation interrupted by Chip running by on a surfboard

Ryan, spelling letters in the sand: “HEP…HEP…”
He then realizes he’s gotten something wrong, adds an L: “HELP”
That is the kind of goofy stuff Ryan can throw out whenever he wants

A pretty good WN. I liked that Chip kept his character going through everyone’s.

Sound Effects: Noah, Colin, is told that he must build an ark before the storm hits- Ryan does SFX

It’s kinda nice to see two-person SFX in the era of audience member SFX.

Colin: [waves]
Ryan must have gotten this bit from an old Bill Cosby routine.

Ryan gives him a full phone call, with gibberish words and suddenly ‘STORM HITS’. He also ends this call with a random ‘HOOOOOOHHH’, which Colin has no idea how to respond to, so he hangs up. Ryan cracks at this

Colin, after cutting down a tree, is trying to yell TIMBER, but Ryan doesn’t get this. After a few tries, Colin gives up

This becomes a pretty funny one, with Colin trying to build an ark out of the trees, then Ryan throwing in the torrential downpour. Colin attempts to throw the water out of the boat as he’s building it

A very silly SFX. There were a few gags I didn’t get, and there was some obvious dissonance between Ryan and Colin, but I laughed.

Song Titles: On a road trip across America

Ryan and Wayne are shaking their heads as they head up for this
Drew: “Yeeeah, they love this game..”

Wayne, putting an arm around Chip: “I got you, babe”
Chip: “…don’t stand so close to me..”

I love Chip’s physical reaction to not thinking of one in time, and Wayne’s physical reaction to beating him

Colin, pointing: “…Oklahoma.”
Wayne lets this rest for a bit
Colin: “Do you KNOW the way to San Jose?”
Wayne, taking a long beat: “…I gotta pee..”

Funny in short spurts, but kinda empty overall.

Film, TV & Theater Styles: Two security guards in a nuclear power plant are alarmed when they see that a suspicious stranger, Colin, has gained entry to a highly-secured area.

Awful late for F&TS..

I love Wayne’s little thumbs-up at Australian Soap Opera…and then Drew trying to pronounce it in the accent.

Audience member: “DISASTER!”
Ryan: “Ohhh, it’ll BE a disaster…”

I love the connotation that Wayne and Ryan are drunk on the job

Melodrama style, Colin raises his eyebrows at the camera and twirls his mustache

Melodrama ends on this visual:
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.36.31 PM.png
Drew, in a delivery I’ll always love: “…just for the heck of it…Australian Soap Opera…”

Ryan cracks at the barrage of bad Australian accents going on here.

Drew, after several CRIKEYs, buzzes: “Oh, I’ve heard enough…”

Wayne: “My lord, what sayest thou shalt we do about this stranger of the clean palate-an head”
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.38.29 PM.png

In the middle of Religious Channel, Ryan starts doing Tammy Faye eyelashes with his hands, which cracks up Chip. He literally has to explain to a very confused Colin “I was doing eyelashes”.

Spaghetti Western
Colin: “I can’t believe we’re going to die like this: [turning to Wayne and Ryan] good, bad and ugly…”
Ryan stays exactly still as Drew buzzes, shaking his head finally. This is a precursor to the sort of ‘you started it’ game they play.

This was a really good F&TS, one of the better ones since the game devolved midway through UK version. Also because there was funny stuff in pretty much all the styles.

Drew gives out 2 billion points just to challenge Regis Philbin
Ryan: “Drew, are those your…FINAL points?”
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.46.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.46.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.46.57 PM.png
The whole cast loves this motion

Motown Group: Wayne, Chip & Ryan ‘Do the Shower’

We’ve seen lots of clips from this game from the clip montage from the Best Of special.

Ryan, as Drew announces this game: “ohhh…OHHHH…”
Drew: “Oh, when I think of Motown, I think of Ryan Stiles…”
Ryan, not loving this: “aaaahh…”

Ryan even does a praying signal as Drew explains the game

Ryan’s verse is pretty good, saying “Every time I turn, I break the glass”

Chip has the strongest verse here, and he has the energy to pull it off

There’s a cut before Wayne’s end verse.

Not much to say about this one. Okay playing of this.

Hoedown: Talk Shows

Ah yes, a hoedown without any mention of Melissa so they can air it.

Chip stumbles through his punchline about his “transvestite gay lesbian…second aunt”

Drew’s is a great verse- he’s died, and hell is appearing on Regis and Kathie Lee every day

Colin’s came from the censorship hoedown from this taping:
“I play at the stadium of baseball games
I once got censored- that’s my claim to fame
It really was done by the censor named Morgan
when I told the crowd I love to play with my organ”
This cracks up Ryan and Wayne

Ryan’s verse ends in his usual Drew slam.

Alright Hoedown.

Overall: So…not much was left in this taping evidently, other than a good Weird Newscasters and a strong Film & Theater Styles. It was good to see this taping’s dynamic again, and there were some fun moments of Ryan or whoever screwing around in between games, but most of these games weren’t very memorable or very good, which is a shame.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin runs away with it again.
Worst Performer: Honestly, Ryan’s best work was between games.
Best Game: Film, TV & Theater Styles was the most consistent.
Worst Game: Motown Group was weak.

COMING UP NEXT: The Whose Line producers cannot count. The next episode is the 94th episode of the American run. And yet this one is billed as the 100th Episode Special. So, the producers can’t count, Wayne can’t spell, the keyboards can’t keep time, and the censors can’t keep up. Sure to be a classic.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E33, or Did You Hear the Nose-THE NEWS?

The Chip shows in S3 have honestly been more similar to the ones in S2 than I’d thought- there’s fewer of them than other fourth-seaters, a lot of them are significantly better than other tapings, and Chip’s utilized pretty well. The reason there’s so few this season is because the third Chip taping of S3 was pushed to S4 due to concerns over A.) censorship and B.) Ryan falling ill mid-taping, and showing it.

This Chip taping gave us a gem in episode 2, and a solid, if middling, show in E16. And now we see what the taping had left, keeping in mind that we’ve still got a great runner-based show coming next season from this taping.

Superheroes: No More Bee-Gees
Colin: Disco Boy
Ryan: Captain Hummingbird
Chip: The Lap Dance Kid
Wayne: The Barroom Brawler

1000 points to the quick-thinking audience member who shouted ‘No More Bee-Gees’. Ryan was even impressed by that, as was Drew, who wrote it down almost immediately

Drew slightly alters his intro, saying “each guy will try to screw the other guy by naming them-”
Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.15.23 AM.png

Colin has his first genius move immediately. He notices the light’s out, and:
Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.16.33 AM.png
Yes, he unscrews a lightbulb while disco dancing. The applause that follows is warranted. Gotta love Colin. Even the other 3, and Drew, stand and applaud.

Then, to subvert, he moves forward using a walker. Haaah.


I always get a kick out of Ryan blowing a line: “Did you hear the noise-THE NEWS?”, and then trying to do a Gibb-esque high note.

I also love Ryan’s very confused expression when Colin names him Captain Hummingbird.
Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.19.36 AM.png
And Colin just has this shrug which also kills me. At which point Ryan goes right into his hyperactive bird schtick

The image of Ryan fluttering all over the stage and Colin subtly boogieing while trying to think of something is ALSO fantastic

Then, as Chip leaps in, he does so in a motion that startles Ryan and hurts Colin’s leg. Everything in this scene is working. EVERYTHING

Then, Chip lap-dancing against Colin as he does more 70s dance moves. Oh man.

Then, Chip does a direct callback/insult to Ryan: “DID YOU HEAR THE NOSE- THE NEWS?
Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.22.35 AM.png

I also love the dynamic of Wayne, trying to kick everyone’s ass, while Chip is trying to grind against Wayne

Wayne has another astonishingly simple solution. Because of course.

After getting 20 dollars from Colin, Chip leaps off in the exact same way he leapt on

Ryan, at the edge of cracking: “I’m gonna go just because my arms are tired..”

Drew: “…Colin, all the points go to you for that one. When COLIN starts a game out physical, all the others are goin ‘uh oh..”

Probably one of my favorite Superheroes playings ever. The littlest parts of this, like Colin’s shrug, Chip slamming Ryan, and Colin’s old-person switch, elevate even the broad stuff that everyone’s gonna laugh at anyway.

Duet: Chip and Wayne sing a line-dancing song to Kris, an accountant’s assistant

Wayne gets the twang down, and has fun lines like “she likes to assist cause she can’t count for herself”

Chip OBVIOUSLY has this style down, and has some little Georgia Satellites yodel-singing in there as well.

This is an okay Duet, but I feel like Kris dragged it down a bit by being so neutral about the whole thing.

Scenes Cut from a Movie:

The Braveheart scene is a nice experiment in long-form improv- Colin is just unsure about how this is gonna work, and his sort of Scottish reluctance contrasts greatly with the film, and Wayne’s character. It’s one of those where the funny isn’t evident immediately.
Colin: “Okay, okay…I’m not runnin’ anywhere naked…IT’S BLOODY COLD OUT THERE. MAH CABER’LL SHRIVEL UP FASTER THAN…”
Wayne: “It’s alright, I’ll protect Nessie.”

The Exorcist one is much sooner to the point- Wayne’s puking, and Colin’s the angry janitor, going “I’M QUITTING THIS JOB.”

Free Willy also takes a while to get to the joke, as Wayne and Chip take a while getting to a punchline [they cook the whale and sell it for free], so Drew buzzes multiple times.

The Star Wars one is literally just an excuse to do impressions, but they’re good impressions- Wayne’s Lando is always solid, and Chip debuts his spot-on C3P0. Colin’s Chewie is silly enough, and Ryan just comes in for a gag as R2.

Not a great one to finish this game’s run with. Not a lot worked here at all. But Drew’s still doing Billy Dee as they go back to the seats.
Drew: “Hey, Colt 45, gets ’em every time..”
Wayne, as Lando: “One of the galaxy’s FINEST malt beverages…”

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Cowboy v2

Ryan: “Hey, Colin, what’s another name for Cow-poke?”
Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.44.14 AM.pngRyan thankfully clears up that it’s Cowboy: “Besides, you’ve done your time…”

Colin: “Well, as our regular viewers know, I have 8 children, although only three of them are actually mine…[glares at Ryan]”
That silence says it all. I just love their dynamic in this game

I love Colin’s Hanson song title: “MMMMMMMMMM…ooooo.”

Wayne and Chip’s Hanson number is pretty fun, and a good taste of 90s-era teen pop.

I love Wayne unbuttoning his shirt for the grunge number, and keeping his head down

I also love Chip’s Cobain-esque grunty “I HAVEN’T EATEN IN TWO WEEKS” to start the song
Also…damn this one is awesome. Chip has the 90s Seattle grunge bit down, and Laura and Linda have a very Soundgarden/Alice-in-Chains-esque backing track in there

Chip keeps it going, too, leaping off the stage and towards the cameras, and doing some long, Layne-Staley-esque yells

I do think it’s funny that Ryan offered up the title “That Horse Looks Good” as a sort of sexual inclination, but Wayne and Chip took it as ‘we wanna eat the horse’

Colin, post-song: “…I just realized, it wasn’t grunge I was into…”

I love Ryan screwing up and saying it’s a Ballad after already introing a Doo-Wop song, then combining it as a ‘Doo-Wop Ballad’

Chip and Wayne’s doo-wop ballad is a career high for them in this game, I think. It sounds like something they would have put out in that era, and the lyrics are so smartly done. Hell, Wayne even uses the phrase “bustin’ a cap in his ass”, and it still comes off as earnest.

Cut from the same cloth as the GH from E16, quality-wise as well, but They Shot My Pa is a classic number.

Hoedown: Plastic Surgery v2

Like the last version of this, Drew goes for a slam in his verse, saying “at least when he got done with me I didn’t look like Ryan”

Colin’s is about his mother getting so much plastic surgery “her bum is at her neck.”
And immediately after, he just shakes his head and shrugs. He had nothing

Ryan’s, of course, is a rebuttal verse- he gets surgery, “I thought that I might shoot myself because I looked like Drew”

Not as good as the other one from this taping.

Overall: A very, very okay selection of games, with a lot failing to really get a reaction out of me…and, alternatively, an AMAZING Superheroes and that awesome Doo-Wop number in GH. So…a very mixed bag, and the quality is stretched in two different directions. I did like that Chip was in every game tonight, which is rare for him.

Show Winners: Everybody
Best Performer: …hell, I’m giving it to Chip Esten. He boosted the singing games, he was high-energy all night, and his Hoedown was better than Colin’s IMO.
Worst Performer: Wayne was in, and did, the least tonight.
Best Game: HAS to be Superheroes. That one was masterful.
Worst Game: Duet was very average.

COMING UP NEXT: In the essence of…I don’t know what, we go back to Season 2 and take a look at some extra games from Kathy’s first taping, featuring…a LANDMARK Three-Headed Broadway Star

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E22, or Who Needs to be a Big Tinker?

Onto another Chip Esten show- this is from the same taping as the relatively good E3, which had strong singing games and little else. This one has at least one memorable singing game in here too.

Superheroes: No Teleprompters
Colin: Presidential Candidate Man
Ryan – Toddler Doing Everything for the First Time Boy
Chip – The Mosh Pit Kid
Wayne – Can’t Control His Stallion Man

Colin’s first move as Presidential Candidate man is putting on a toup. Of course.
Colin, crossing fingers: “I…WILL CUT TAXES.”

I love Colin’s horror after finding out the crisis. His…speechless horror.

Ryan can do his quirk in his sleep, so he just holds his wide-eyed expression towards Colin, as he politely goes “AWW..”

Chip moshing against Ryan and knocking him over gave me my first big laugh of the show. Then, when Colin confronts him, Chip punches him in the face.

I feel like it’s always the Chip playings of this that are really good with interactions, as Chip and Wayne are physically running into everyone.

Colin, as Wayne leaves: “DAMN, I REALLY NEEDED HIS VOTE!”

I also love Chip trying to do a stage dive by running into a section of the audience predominantly made up of older women.

And before Ryan leaves:
Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 4.31.33 PM.png

Drew: “That one kinda backfired on ya, didn’t it Colin?”
Colin, still shaken by Ryan sucking his tit, nods

A pretty solid Superheroes playing. Not one of the better ones with this matchup, but still had some fun moments.

Sound Effects: Ship’s captain Ryan and his new bride Colin are getting romantic in their cabin on the Titanic moments before it hits the iceberg

I love Colin’s resigned look after finding out he’s playing the woman again.

Colin: “Why don’t I just open the porthole for a little air?”
Melissa: “WSSSHHHH”
Colin: “Oh, it’s already open!”

Ryan: “We should be hearing the sound any minute of the twelve-o-clock horn.”
Ryan, as the audience reacts to this, goes over to the porthole: “LOOK, SEALS!”
And then Colin and Ryan do their impressions of the seal, and Trish’s noise, as everyone keeps dying laughing

Ryan realizes they’re about to hit the iceberg.
Both SFX girls: “AIIEEEEEEE”
Melissa: “AAIIIEEEEE!”
Colin, confused: “…boy, we were just.”
Ryan, determined: “NO, WE’RE GONNA HIT IT! HERE IT COMES.”

Eventually someone does come in with a loud noise
Ryan: “That’s odd, we hit it AND I think we blew a tire…”

Trish adds some impressive footsteps as Ryan and Colin head downstairs
Colin: “Boy, the echo in this stairwell is…strange”

Ryan: [opens door valve]
Trish: “REE! REE!”
Ryan: “RATS!”

Ryan notices the band’s still here.
Colin: “What’s that song they’re playing”
Melissa: [looks to Drew for help]

Ryan gives Colin a token of his appreciation.
Colin: “…a piccolo?”
[I can hear Trish, or Melissa, audibly say ‘NO..’, for the umpteenth time, before Colin’s piccolo solo]

Ryan: “I’ll ring the horn, let everybody know you’re coming”
Trish: “DING!”
Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 4.43.11 PM.png

Such a fun SFX! Trish and Melissa got the hang of it over time, and there were a TON of fun SFX reactions, especially that ending one.

Three Headed Broadway Star: Colin, Wayne and CHIP sing “You’ve Got a Beautiful Bald Spot” to Allie

After Brad’s turn at this game in S2, Chip gets his turn to replace Ryan, which is a nice change of pace.

Ryan does his usual ‘say hello to the pretty girl despite not being in the game’ schtick. Chip, this time, has to coax him away, which is pretty funny

I love Colin’s restrained little head-shake upon hearing the suggestion Drew is going with. He’s numb to it.

Chip has a very melodic way of going about his one-words, which is nice.

The first big line for me is “When I look into it, I can see
Colin: “YOWZA.”

As they start to come up with comparisons, Colin brings up “Brilliant”
Wayne: ‘as”
Chip: “a”
Colin: “…PROFESSOR!”
Chip chuckles at this, knowing it’d come sooner or later. Wayne looks at Chip and smiles. We all know what game THIS came after in the taping.

I also love the late-on-time delivery of “your bald spot can
Chip: “…reflect…”
Colin: “LASERS.”

A very underrated, and very sweet 3HBS, with just the right amount of silliness.

Whose Line: With the Philistine army approaching, Samson, Colin, is furious with Delilah, Ryan, for cutting off his hair

This game has a great callback to SFX, and…really any game where Colin plays the woman.
Drew, reading the scene description: “SAMSON…..COLIN!”
Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 4.59.15 PM.pngDrew: “Not so fast. Is furious with Delilah, Ryan-”
Colin, knowing where this goes: “FOR CUTTING OFF HIS HAAAIR…”

Colin, with a strong opening line: “You know, I just wanted a little off the top.”

Ryan: “Why when you walk down the street, people go “THERE’S SAMSON, ‘Hold me close and call me Ginger.'”
Colin, sighing:
Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 5.02.01 PM.pngColin: “Ginger ginger ginger.”
Ryan: “Oh, you know how much I love that!”
Colin: “Agh, you smell like paprika.”

Colin: “I don’t know what to do…’Aren’t you hot in that wetsuit?”
Ryan: “No, not at all. It’s the only way I’ll let you hug me…”

I like how this is progressing like a game of Secret, once Ryan confesses that he gave Colin’s hair to “Jim the Tinker”

I do love Colin’s response: “WHO NEEDS TO BE A BIG TINKER! HE’S A TINKER! Ya tinker, ya don’t TINKER!”
Ryan: “Why does everything you say sound sexual?”
Colin: “…it’s just the way I do things.”

This does have a great improv detail of Ryan having super-strength because of the extensions. And the character dynamic here is so great, because Ryan says he could fight the Philistines “if I wanted to, but I don’t FEEEL like it today.”

Colin convinces Ryan with those little words, which end up being “Hop on, and I’ll show you what this baby can do.”

An underrated Whose Line playing. I don’t see this one talked about too often, which is a shame, as Colin and Ryan treat this like a more traditional two-person improv scene, with some good long-form strategies. Really impressive stuff.

Irish Drinking Song: Got Mugged

And now we get to the first time that IDS becomes must-see TV.

So, first verse, normal so far, they sing about getting into a fight. Chip says he ‘ran away so fast’
Colin: “I started crying.”
Ryan, with no other ideas: “…at a stone I passed!”
Wayne loses it. Chip’s close. Ryan, as they’re not back together yet, initiates a second refrain so Wayne can calm down, which is a classy move. But this is a great moment, and the bigger moment probably wouldn’t have happened without it.

I’ve always thought Wayne’s detail that after chasing him, “he beat me in front of a crowd”. Like, it just gets worse for this guy!

Chip also adds the great comedy detail of naming the character Tim after the mugger has already been named Tim. So they have the same name!

Ryan: “I still hear from him.”
Wayne: “From…often.”
Chip, not knowing how Colin’s gonna rhyme that: “he writes a little letter…”
Colin: “…it’s as soft as cotton.”

Before the big moment, I wanna point out that I love the details that now they’re not only best friends, but pen pals. Dude mugged you and beat you, and you wanna be pen pals? Such a goofy mood.

But, since Wayne ended with ‘friend’, and Colin’s not coming up with any wise ideas, he ends on a classic: “HE PUT MY STONE BACK IN MY END!”
Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 5.14.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 5.15.06 PM.png

Colin is the only one to get through the final refrain without laughing. Chip, Ryan and Wayne are all gone.

As Drew, who’s crying, buzzes, Wayne and Chip are still dying laughing.

Ryan, still very amused back at the seats: “PUT MY STONE BACK IN MY END. OOOOHHH”
Wayne: “Now THAT is a good friend…”

Colin, right before fade-out: “Try doing that, Cole Porter.”
I’m still not entirely sure what this is referencing. Perhaps a GH bit?

A great IDS, even if the middle was a bit more normal. Those bookend lines slay me every time, especially Colin’s ending, which is pretty much the first ‘oh my god’ ending Colin comes up with.

Helping Hands: Ryan is an angry football coach trying to inspire his quarterback, Drew, at halftime

I’m glad that after this game’s overexposure, we’ve limited ourselves to only seeing it every once in a while.


Ryan tries to show Drew a diagram on the board, but Colin picks up some action figures instead

Drew: “Hey, you better watch your tone, remember what happened to Bobby Knight?”
I love that, as Ryan apologizes, Colin’s hands are just spread out, calmly.

I love how elaborate Colin’s board-drawing is, and how Ryan goes along with it like nothing.

Also, Drew having a helmet on is a source for comedy by itself, as you can’t see most of his face, and just seeing him hunched shoulders without a facial expression is funny enough, as you just imagine one. It’s like how stormtroopers doing anything is funny, because they have no visible facial expression, and you just assume they’re serious under there.

Colin gets back to his old tricks, shoving both halves of a banana in Ryan’s face. I also love Colin having a hand under Ryan’s chin, KNOWING he’s gonna spit something out…and yes, eventually he does, which the audience reacts to.

Ryan, after trying to eat an orange shoved in his face: “…WAIT TIL THEY’RE RIPE!”

A pretty funny Helping Hands, with a lot of fun Drew-Ryan dynamic moments, and some good Colin screwing. Perhaps the distance from last HH has made me softer on this game. I’m not looking forward to seeing all 10 million Aisha-era playings of this, though

Overall: Another really strong Chip episode. I didn’t dislike any games, I thought 2 were classic, and I enjoyed everything else. This show had a lack of showcases for Wayne or Chip (unless you count 3HBS), so it was a lot of Ryan and Colin games, but they were definitely up for it. Sound Effects and Whose Line were both really good, and Helping Hands was a pretty fun one, as maybe that game is better when spread apart more. Also, for a game known for one moment (IDS), the highlights were pretty evenly spread out, and there was time for cute moments (3HBS), great improv (Whose Line), and great audience participation (SFX) right before the big ‘everybody cracks up moment’. So I think this one was a success.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Ryan had the most time to shine, especially in games like SFX and Helping Hands.
Worst Performer: Wayne did the least tonight.
Best Game: Whose Line. Most people say Sound Effects, but Whose Line was the fuller game.
Worst Game: Superheroes was very take-it-or-leave-it tonight.

Coming Up Next: One more episode from the taping that gave us two consecutive Greg episodes, E4 &E5. This one features one of my favorite Greg LMAD performances.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E16, or Oh, Some Nuts!

This taping brought us a classic like E2 of this season, so let’s get another one, also featuring Chip Esten. I’ve noted that the Chip shows have been among the best so far this season. I have also noted that we’ve been slumping since the last one.

Film TV & Theater Styles: Colin is a witch hunter and he’s about to burn Ryan at the stake for being a witch, Ryan being a young woman, Wayne is her boyfriend, a farmer who has come to plead for her life

The audience applauds for Drew writing down ‘crocodile hunter’. Did they not know they’d done like 2 scenes with a Steve Irwin impression before this one?

Colin: “Are you ready to die for your crimes?”
Ryan: “I don’t know why you tied me around a piece of meat.”

Real world:
Colin: “Perhaps if she picked up her laundry, I would not be burning her…”
Wayne, walking up to camera: “IT’S LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME.”
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 7.25.05 PM.png

Also, as Wayne comes back, Colin and Ryan are just in the pool, casually.

This is a pretty cohesive scene, and bringing it to Masterpiece Theatre allows the scene to stay strong, as it’s close enough to the original style. However, once Drew goes in with Latin American Game Show, Wayne snaps right into that character perfectly. When this game works, it just flies like this

Heck, Ryan comes in with his boobs out, just as a nice gag. It also kinda works with the witchcraft theme as well.

Colin: [starts setting Wayne on fire]

As Wayne’s on the floor, Drew goes with Croc Hunter
And he just swoops down and eventually tackles Wayne, who’s cracked as Drew calls the scene.

Honestly, a pretty good F&TS. The scene stayed intact, and everyone had things to bring to the styles, though Wayne and Ryan took more of the offensive.

Duet: Chip and Wayne sing a jitterbug number about a dishwasher

Notice that Wayne brings the stool out, then as Drew calls for an appliance, he puts it back, realizing it’s not an audience member duet.

Chip and Wayne’s opening dancing is pretty in sync.

Wayne: “Those clothes are DIIIIRTY”
Wayne, as Chip laughs: “NO, CAT, YOU’RE TALKIN’ CRAZY NOW…”

Chip keeps making a similar mistake, talking about throwing his clothes in…the dishwasher. This isn’t wrestler/professor bad, but it’s odd.

Wayne and Chip do some physical stuff, like Wayne lifting Chip and throwing him under his legs. Colin ends up cracking up at this somehow.

Then, Chip jumps over Wayne from the step, which is a fun trick.

A very energetic Duet that gets a lot of applause…but I didn’t get the dishwasher/laundry machine disambiguation. Eventually Chip just says you can wash clothes in the dishwasher. Can you?

Wayne, as they head back to the seats, realizes his mistake, and cracks along with Chip: “It’s a dishwasher, not a washing machine…”

Drew: “1000 points a piece for finally catching on that you said ‘clothes’ in the dishwasher…”

Song Titles: Emergency Room

Drew: “Let’s go onto a game called Song Titles”
Ryan, at the seats: “no…nonononono…”

Chip, on his intercom: “Su? Susudio?”

Wayne, in pain: “Dr. Feelgood”
Chip, taking a moment: “…ACHY BREAKY HEART???”

Drew buzzes Wayne out for ‘Back to Life’. That is definitely a song title, but Drew buzzes him out because he pulled it out of his ass.

Colin, taking a knife out of himself: “…OOPS, I did it again…”

Wayne, putting on gloves: “…Yellow submarine???”
Ryan, holding his hand out: “I only have eyes for you.”

Not a great Song Titles. They all felt like they were struggling at different points.

Party Quirks: Chip hosts
Wayne – Scene-stealing extra showing he can play the other parts better
Colin – Has brought a date covered in chocolate body paint and he’s licking it off
Ryan – Baseball player trying to steal his way home

Wayne has a great move in repeating most of Chip’s opening line, then looking at the camera all cool-like.

I love the audience’s initial reaction to Colin’s. Some audible ‘OHHHHs’

Colin: “I don’t know if you’ve met Coco”

Colin takes a long lick, looks at Chip, cracks a bit, then continues. Even HE can’t believe what he’s doing

Eventually, Wayne wanders off:
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 7.46.21 PM.png

Colin: “OH, SOME NUTS!” [pours all over date]
This is right there with the sandwiches one. Gooood lord.

I also love Colin’s ‘clooooose’ motion once Chip guesses if he’s dating a chocolate bunny. He even turns sort of to Drew, kinda going ‘he kinda has it’

Chip gets ’em all pretty spot on, though I like that Ryan doesn’t let him go back until he guesses the specific base.

Not a bad Party Quirks. More lawful than out-there, but Colin’s made it for me.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Cowboy

Colin: “From the early days of the American west…well pretty much only then, we had Cowboys!”

Colin goes on, and saying this whole thing about music about these people “doing what they did best- being boys around cows.”
Ryan, giving Colin a look: “THEY’RE SONGS ABOUT COWBOYS.”

Ryan does another ‘simply titled’ one, which is the sound of something landing in a spitoon: “HPP PTT DING!”

The Chip and Wayne combo has been ruling this show, even in the opening moments of the vaudeville number, where them shouldering each other out is funny

Hell, this vaudeville number is just charming enough to work, with Chip rhyming ‘wacky’ with ‘tobaccy’


Colin: “You know, I’m a child of the 60s”
Ryan: “heh…”
Colin: “No, really.”
Ryan: “Oh.”

Chip and Wayne even make the Simon & Garfunkel song work, just by being deadpan enough in harmonies.

Chip, walking off post-song: “I’m going solo…”

Colin’s RUN-DMC title is classic: “You yellow-bellied, lily-livered, OOOOOOH MOTHER.”
[as this is ABC, ‘mother’ is censored]

Wayne in the Run-DMC number is pristine. He’s got that style down to a T. Chip does a bit more generic rap, but he’s trying his best.

Also, this number, featuring some remixing and Chip going ‘YEEEEAHHH BOOOOIIIIII’ a lot, features a rare cut back to Ryan and Colin watching. Ryan completely cracks.

A very nice GH, with some great work from Chip and Wayne.

Hoedown: Plastic Surgery

This is a suggestion we’ve had before, and Chip reminds us of this by pulling a Wayne and making Michael Jackson the punchline of his.

Drew: “Before I got my face done, I used to look like him.”
And he points to Colin.
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 8.08.08 PM.png

Colin, of course, serves up a legendary clapback verse:
“My plastic surgeon gave me a face that is so new
And he even threw in a hair transplant…too!
Oh, it’s really wonderful, though people made a crack
Because they got all the hair from Drew Carey’s back.”
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 8.09.35 PM.pngAnd they shake and hug it out after that

Ryan, clearly drained, has a verse about a doctor taking some height from his feet “and put ’em on my penis”. Nothing if not consistent

Pretty good hoedown tbh, but nothing without that central slam

Overall: A few good games, a few okay games, and a sole clunker, but this has been better than the quality we’ve been getting recently. The quality of singing games lifted this one for me, as Duet and Greatest Hits were so fun, and Wayne and Chip were really on it tonight. I also really enjoyed Film, TV and Theater styles, and Colin’s hoedown slam is a classic. Everything else I can take or leave.

Show Winners: EVERYBODY
Best Performer: Wayne was strong both in singing games and in scene games.
Worst Performer: Ryan had a very quiet night.
Best Game: Greatest Hits was the more consistent one for me.
Worst Game: Song Titles couldn’t get going.

COMING UP NEXT: A third episode from the Milk Duds taping, and after its non-noteworthy second show, we need something with some meat on it. So…this one has a game where Ryan admits he doesn’t watch movies?