QI Watchdown: I3 (Imbroglio), or MAY CONTAIN NUTS.

Two people that have never been on before, and Sean Lock. Well then.

I’d be more worried about this show if one of the newbies wasn’t Frank Skinner. He’s wound up on the majority of the shows I watch- he worked really well on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and he didn’t work very well at all on Mock the Week. He’ll probably be great here. He’s joined by John Bishop, who’s like Mark Steel, but scarier-looking, and with a thicker accent- I didn’t love him on his MTW episode, but…then again, Susan Calman bomber her MTW and is great on QI, so who am I to judge?

The buzzers are nice tonight- John’s is an annoying fly that goes on for 10 seconds…which causes a prolonged wince from John. Frank’s is a high-pitched barking that goes on for…what, 20 seconds? He nearly cracks up.
John: “Can I ask- how long is this show?”
Stephen: “…it depends on how often you use the buzzer…”

Sean’s is an insanely loud baby scream, which causes him to grow concerned. Alan’s is…an automatic klaxon.

Stephen brings up the Nobody Knows card for John and Frank…which makes me wonder if this episode taped after a later Sean Lock episode, as the rule doesn’t need to be explained to him.

Frank, on the Nobody Knows card: “It looks like if they had Strictly Come Dancing one night, and someone had a dance that was so experimental that the judges…”
Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.12.05 PM.pngFrank is already perfect for this show.

Sean gets the first klaxon of the night right off the bat for guessing that ‘double entendre’ is french for Innuendo.
Sean: “…oh, I’ve just remembered that double entendre is actually french for ‘big tits’, isn’t it?’

Stephen: “You could say double entente, which is-”
Sean: “Two-man tent.”

John, summing up the whole thing surprisingly well: “So it’s a french phrase that the french don’t use…so it’s not french.”

Stephen asks for what they’d shout if you want more at a concert.
Alan: “ENCORE!”
Stephen: “Right. What do they say in France?”
Alan: “…MORE!”

Stephen: “No, they shout a LATIN word, which means twice.”
Alan, after a beat of nothing: “…anyone?”

John: “Ya’d HATE to do a show where everyone in the crowd goes ‘BIIIIIIIIIIISSSS!’ It’s like that:
John’s buzzer: “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”

John: “Do they at least use ‘bidet’?”
Stephen: “Bidet they do indeed have, though it’s easier, really, to do a handstand in the shower, to be honest….”
The whole room takes a second to recover.
Stephen: “If you’re as NIMBLE AS I AM!”
Sean: “I’d pay good money to see that! NO, I SEE YOU, with a camera, like that, going ‘tweet this!'”

Frank: “There’s a greek phrase…the greeks say catytrius diephtica (the spelling’s probably nowhere near that), and it means ‘who gives a shit?’. But LITERALLY it means ‘There is trouble in the Gypsy Village.”

There’s a very nice moment where Frank reveals he has a wealth of knowledge about George Formby, as he’s a huge fan. Stephen hands him a banjalele, in the hopes that he’ll play some on the spot.

Frank, tuning the banjalele: “My dog has fleas is what you need to remember. [tuning the strings] My dog has fl- [one of them’s really out of tune]…actually this dog has distemper..”

Frank actually does a few ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’ lyrics, because he can, and because he’s been given the opportunity, which is a pretty nice moment.

Stephen gets everyone in the room to shout their favorite color. Then he asks Frank what John shouted.
John: “…I was mainly listening to me, there…”
Stephen: “John, d’you know what Frank shouted?”
John, looking Frank over: “…pink?”

Alan, on teamwork professions: “The one I like where people come ’round to your house and tell you what to do so it’ll sell.”
Sean: “Yeah, ‘specially when you don’t want to sell it…”
Alan: “Went in the toilet, put the toilet seat down, went “…Lid down when showing…”
Stephen: “Really? So…no floating solids?”
Alan: “Yeah, ya got to flush it first…”
John: “I’d stop my family from doin’ handstands in the shower…”

Frank, on the interrobang: “And what happens if it’s an exclamation point done upside down?”
John: “…it means someone’s in the shower?”
(This is the QI equivalent of Rob Beckett’s dad in the bath, I think.)

Frank has a very nice, David Mitchell-esque rant on the semi-colon getting preferential treatment on the keyboard.
Frank: “If I was a colon, I’d think ‘surely I take precedence in this…you are merely a SEMI version of me. I should be the one that only gets one key.”
Sean: “…I share your pain, Frank….I’ve stayed up til DAWN, with whiskey, going ‘WHY???”

Stephen introduces a round called ‘HOW IRONIC IS THAT’, where the panelists have to judge if scenarios are ironic or not.
Frank: “Are we judging on a scale from 1 to 100? I was just worried about how we grade the irony…”
Sean: “i’d say ‘SHINY’…down to ‘RUSTY’.”

Stephen: “I say this because people seem to be using the term ‘ironically’ incorrectly, like ‘IRONICALLY, HE WASN’T THERE”…which-”
Frank: “The Invisible Man!”

Frank even quotes a line from Richard III in regards to dramatic irony.
Sean: “Ladies and gentlemen, an all-around entertainer!”

Frank talks of an argument he had with David Baddiel, about whether or not Peter Falk’s glass eye played the part of a real eye during Columbo.
Sean: “How did this argument go on for so long?”
Frank: “David wasn’t having it!”
Sean: “Were you wrestling naked in front of a fire?”

Stephen brings up the old ‘Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theater, and Kennedy was shot in a Ford Lincoln’ fact, but he dismisses it as coincidence.
Sean: “Reagan was shot in Washington, and Washington was shot with a ray-gun…”
Stephen: “IF ONLY THAT WERE TRUE! It would almost be worth inventing a time machine, AND GOING BACK WITH A RAY-GUN JUST TO DO THAT!”

Stephen brings up the fact that brazil nut allergies are transmittable through sex.
Sean: “Boy, that’s a good murder plot, isn’t it?”
John: “I feel as if I’m on an episode of House. Who found that out?”
Alan: “Surely the woman would FEEL the brazil nut…”
(And I’m gone.)
Stephen: “I think you may have slightly misunderstood-”
Alan: “The man would too…”
Stephen, motioning to his crotch: “MAY CONTAIN NUTS.”

Stephen: “Does anyone know why, in a packet of nuts, the brazils always rise to the top?”
Alan, fetching his ? card and cracking up: “Surely nobody knows…”
Stephen: “YOU’RE RIGHT!”

Stephen: “What do the signal bars on your phone mean?”
Alan, cautiously trying to avoid a klaxon: “Well, it means…how much…signal you can…”

Stephen: “What’s the use of an inflatable anchor?”
John: “Is it for hot-air balloons?”
Frank: “Is it to stop submarines…from going too low?”
The audience applauds, and Stephen even goes “that’s so sweet…”

Stephen: “There were lions [during Richard III’s reign] all over Africa.”
Sean: “They were bloody everywhere. Y’ad a picnic in those days? Not wasps. LIONS. EVERYWHERE. “GET OFF ME SANDWICH!”

Frank, of course, talks about he and Baddiel doing Three Lions for the ’96 Euro, and Germany adopting the song as their own after their victory.
John: “THAT…is irony.”

Stephen talks of a distinguished council member and fan of Clint Eastwood, who emblazoned a motto of the latin translation of ‘Go Ahead, Make My Day’.
Frank: “On my coat of arms it says ‘catytrius diephtica’….’There is Trouble in the Gypsy Village’…”

Stephen: “Name an animal whose scientific name is the same as its regular name.”
Frank: “Isn’t a gorilla called ‘Gorilla Gorilla’?”
Stephen: “yes, but-”

Stephen says that bananas are radioactive, as they have a ton of potassium…and so, evidently, are certain private parts.
Frank: “Is that why they’re shaped like bananas?”
Frank: “I’m waiting for mine to stop being green…”

Stephen: “And finally, an easy one, which country is the world’s largest supplier of Brazil nuts?”
Stephen: “…no.”
Sean: “oh, well…BRAZIL.”
Stephen: “NOOO!”

Stephen: “Well, we have a TIE for first place”
Alan: ‘FIGHT!”
Stephen: “…We’re not Harry Hill here…”

Overall: Another fantastic episode, though slightly below the caliber of the last two. All four panelists were on tonight. I was really amused by John, even if he was a bit quieter than the rest- his material was very sly, and really nice. Frank had a great night, proved he was definitely a great fit for this show. Sean probably had the best night out of everyone, just in doing Sean Lock things and building off of other people’s stories. The dynamic was definitely there, and there were a ton of really nice moments.

MVP: Sean
Best Guest: Frank
Show Winners: Frank and John
Best QI Fact: Radioactive Brazil Nuts
Best Runner: Upside Down in the Shower.


Nevermind Watchdown: S23E05, or You’re Getting Taller Every Minute

This season was going so well until Jack Whitehall showed up. Quick, we need someone legitimately funny who’s been known to rule this show in the past!

WONDERFUL! Frank Skinner’s here! That’ll make a nice enough show!

The panel doesn’t look too shabby either. Future 8 out of 10 standout Jon Richardson is here, alongside pop producer and remixer Calvin Harris, ubiquitous presenter Fearne Cotton, and rapper Tinchy Stryder

Already, just from Frank’s opening standup, he proves he can host a show, be funny and be fresh enough given the previous talent. 0/3 Whitehall.

Phill does a fantastic impression of Mika trying to round up a bunch of pigs, just as this incredibly gay guy running after pigs. The dynamic on Phill’s side is already nice, esp with Jon and Phill

Frank: “I had a friend once who had a fully-physical relationship with a donut.”
Phill: “I hesitate to ask, Frank, but ring or jam?”
Frank: “Well…for three weeks, it was ring…”
The audience takes 10 seconds to respond. Phill’s already gone- you can see he loves having Frank around. Fearne’s just trying to expunge it from her memory.

Noel: “You saw Bono once, right?”
Fearne: “Only in a magazine! No, I-”
Frank: “That’s not a very good anecdote, is it?”

Tinchy’s great. Noel and Fearne are talking about Bono and stuff, and Tinchy goes “I dunno how you’re talking about U2 when Shakira’s right there…”

Frank reports that Tinchy’s had so many knickers thrown at him during shows that, quoting him, “I could open a shop.”
Noel: “What’d you do with ’em, Tinchy?”
Tinchy, in his accent: “de knickaz?”
NoeL: “Yeah, d’you try any of ’em on?”

Tinchy: “I really think it’s U2, but I wanna pick Shakira.”
Noel: “…you ever played a quiz before?”

Frank, on Bono and the Edge writing songs for the Spiderman Musical: “Bono himself can relate to the story of Peter Parker: when he was younger, he was bitten by a radioactive twat.”
THAT is why I love Frank Skinner.

Jon says he loves Phill and Calvin’s intro, but he has no idea what instruments they were trying. So, Phill and Calvin do an INCREDIBLY SARCASTIC version, with Phill sarcastically strumming guitar notes, and Calvin slowly pounding on a keyboard.

After Frank brings up Tinchy’s height again.
Frank: “Is there such a thing as height-ist comedy? Like, if you were a registered dwarf we wouldn’t even mention it. It’s only because you’re borderline…”

Tinchy: “Shall I drum out on the table?”
Noel: “Tinchy, you can use anything you want. Use Frank’s face if you’d like.”
Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.59.23 AM.png

Frank: “D’you want to use my face? You know, I never thought I’d be asking Tinchy Stryder that.”

Tinchy: “It’s alright, I’ll use this. Your face is alright.”
Frank: “I really appreciate that. You’re getting taller every minute.”

Noel: “Actually, first time I ever saw your name on a poster, I thought “Wow, Tinchy Stryder, what kind of super-powers does he got?”

On the accusation that Calvin only drinks Red Bull.
Phill: “He was hovering three feet above the ground earlier…before Tinchy pulled him down.”
Calvin: “He tried pulling’ me down, but he was only…”
Tinchy recoils into his hood.
Noel: “The thing is…someone calls you short, the best idea wouldn’t be to put your hood up, because then the whole hobbit thing comes up…”
(I also like the fact that Noel continues Bill’s trend of mentioning Lord of the Rings.)

Next Lines:
Frank: “Like a virgin.”
Jon: “Touched for the very first time.”
Frank: “Right, Madonna. Finished with my woman.”
Jon: “…touched for the very last time.”

Perhaps the greatest culmination of a gag in Buzzcocks history. Throughout all of Intros, all Jon is able to guess for songs is ‘Winds of Change’, by The Scorpions- as if it’s all he knows. And it’s always wrong, whenever he guesses.
So, in Next Lines, the very last one they give to Phill’s team is, in fact, a line from Winds of Change…AND JON GETS IT WRONG. He collapses in absolute defeat and everything.

Overall: Not perfect, but a nice show. kind of quiet considering the panel, but at least some nice moments came from Tinchy and Jon. Frank was a wonderful guest host, perhaps the best one so far, and he was great at keeping the game, and conversations, going, in the spirit of Mark Lamarr.

Guest Host Rating: 9/10. Frank should be commended.
Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Jon
Best Runner: Winds of Change.


Well, we’ve got Frank Skinner as our Guest Bill, and we also have a genuine Spice Girl, Mel C, in the building, as well as a bunch of people I don’t know. So…good stuff.

James Rushent sang lead for Does it Offend You, Yeah, a rock group. Lil Chris is a TV personality, like Simon for the 2008 age, I guess. Richard Herring’s a comedian and comedy partner of Stewart Lee.

James: “Can we just give the answer right away and spare us the jokes?”
Simon: “D’you like jokes?”
James: “I like FUNNY jokes.”
Simon: “Go on…I like *famous* bands…”
Simon’s gotten a ton of shit from me on this blog, but he still had some powers of bringing heat that could not be denied.

Frank: “…don’t rile him too early…”

Frank: “I was actually watching An Audience with Rod Stewart-”
Mel: “Was that the one where Emma sang with him?”
Frank: “Yeah. Gorgeous, what a voice *she’s* got…”
Mel peers over at him, semi-insulted.

James: “I’ve actually, uh, kind of got a man crush on him…”
Frank: “…On ROD?”
James: “Yeah”
Frank: “…what kind of a band IS THIS, that you’re in?”

After James says his two man-crushes are Stewart and Sean Connery
Simon: “I mean, both your male crushes are…old men!”
In an instant, Frank raises a hand, wanting to know more. He’s been fantastic tonight, like usual when he’s on this show.

Frank: “D’you know Mike Skinner?”
James: “I met him once, and I did a thing for him…recently…”
The audience gets the exact wrong idea, makes the connection, and laughs.
Simon: “…but he’s so YOUNG!”

Simon: “So, Mel C…Spice Girls…when can we expect the reunion?”
Mel: “Spice Girls jokes…you’re wearing thin, aren’t you?”
Simon: “Well, this is a new one, about the reunion…”

Mel C, who’s clearly used to Spice Girls jokes on this program, is actually doing really well with Simon and holding her own, as well as still looking like she’s having fun.

Frank: “Can I just say something? Usually on this show, people interrupt each other, but Lil Chris RAISED HIS HAND…that’s so sweet…”

After Chris says he always liked Geri
James: “No, me, I always fancied Sporty…”
Mel: “…me, Sean Connery, Rod Stewart…”
Yeah, this show’s elevating from the usual tension Simon creates, because Mel and Frank look like they’re having so much fun.

Simon: “Chris, you’ve had so many celebrities on your show, who’s your favorite”
Chris: “…Ulp.”
Simon: “Did, uh, did a little poop come out just now? Or would it be Lil Poop? Maybe that’s your sidekick, then…”

I do like how Simon talks to Chris, because Chris is essentially doing what Simon used to, like, top of the decade, and I imagine Simon sees a lot of himself in Chris, so his questions and jokes at Chris’ expense probably aren’t that hostile- even the Lil Poop one is in good nature.

Richard: “I think the mistake on that one was not having Melanie do the singing. You’re a great singer!”
Mel: “Oh, thanks. Nobody’s ever said that to me on this show.”
Richard: “Well, compared to Frank Skinner…”
Frank just has this look of bitter dejection.

Chris, reading his first intro: “Oh, I love this one!”
Richard: “Oh, so I’m guessing it’s more modern-”
As it turns out, Chris and Phill do a  really nice version of the Ghostbusters theme.
Richard: “…wait, it could be a trick, it could be Ghostbusters 2…”

Great moment- Chris talks about how his mum hadn’t washed any of his clothes after holiday and the only underpants he had left were bright blue. So, Mel wants to see them, as they can’t be that embarrassing, but Chris won’t budge.
Chris eventually goes over there, and shows them to Mel.
Simon: “…what has this show become???”
Phill: “Oh, I saw James leaning over for a look…”

Once the ‘how it should have sounded’ clip from I Fought the Law comes on, Phill starts lip synching it with enthusiasm. He realizes they can see him, and goes “oh, I’m old…”
(To be fair, this is a guy that screamed in agony when he realized he’d be hearing Bank Robber in the very first episode- he’s gotta be very passionate about his punk rock.

Chris, after Simon asks Mel if she’s only here for dinner at Geri’s afterwards: “Was there ever a point where you and Geri, you know…”
Mel: “oh, we’ve all snogged each other…”
Chris: ‘YES!!”
Simon: “What happened to your obsession with old men?”
Frank: “When you snogged Victoria, did you find her face a bit sharp?”

Overall: Fell off slightly towards the end, but still a great episode with a panel of people that were really into it- plus, Simon didn’t seem to faze anybody. Richard had the least to do, but his requisite comedian status at least gave him some good jokes. James and Chris were pretty great with their own running gags, but Mel C had a ton of fun on the show, and she was herself, which was fantastic. Plus, Frank was a really, really nice guest host, not only doing well with the format, but still being his own self and giving some of the best lines of the show.

Guest Host Rating: 9/10. Frank’s one of the better ones we’ve had so far.
Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Mel
Best Runner: James’ old man fetish.

Nevermind Watchdown: S6E8, or Shave Your Back, Ass-Face


Good news is we’ve got people I’ve actually heard of, including Frank Skinner, Goldie, famed rapper and Bond henchman, and Les McKeown, lead singer of the Bay City Rollers. Martine McCutcheon is also here, and she was on EastEnders and was in Love, Actually.

Les, on Elton John and Roy Wood: “Is it, a Wizard makes things appear with a poof, and Elton often disappears with a po-”
Mark: “HANG ON!!! I couldn’t allow the end of that sentence to be broadcast.”

Frank: “D’you know Roy Wood?”
Mark: “Uh, yeah.”
Frank: “No, the response is..no, but thanks for the tip.”
Mark: “Alright, we’ll try it again.”
Frank: “D’you know Roy Wood?”
Mark: “Yeah, he’s been on- oh, sorry.”
Frank: “It works with Vanessa May, too. ‘D’you know Tom Waits? Not many men do?’ Bill Withers, it works wit-”
Mark: “Oh, shut up…”
Frank: “Stevie Nicks. Well, don’t let ‘er in your house.”

Mark later has a joke about Max Factor.
Frank: “D’you know Max Factor?”
Mark, into his mic: “CAN WE BRING IN MY CROSSBOW?”

For the Intros round, they have all the tunes, instead of being performed by panelists, they bring in Rick Wakeman and Bill Bailey, in costume. Man, I love how both of them, at this point, were thought of as NMTB MVPs.

This is great. They’re just doing Christmas carols on a guitar and a piano. It’s also fun to watch Bill’s expressions.

Mark, on Rick: “I’ve never seen a man dressed so badly look so happy.”
Rick, flashing Mark: “WANNA KNOW WHY?”
Mark: “Oh, he’s had a tattoo done.”

Mark: “Ram Jam consisted of drummer Pete Charles, guitarist Bill Bartlett, and singer Arthur Blovelt. No one knows what happened to the rest of the band, but Blovelt was last seen living in a hollowed out volcano plotting world domination.”
Okay…THAT was good.

In the middle of a really good ‘Sunshine of your love’ Bill and Rick just randomly make a key change and go back into Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It’s actually pretty hysterical.

Les and Mark have this argument about whether or not the third Intro is ABBA, as Mark already confirmed it’s Mike Oldfield.
Les: “Was he in ABBA?”
Phill, just wanting it to end: “YES, LES. HE WAS.”

Mark: “Mike Oldfield suffers from claustrophobia, agoraphobia and vertigo. He only found this out when he was stuck in a ski-lift.”

After a joke doesn’t get any response, and the next one ends in ‘Bender’ gets a ton of response, he just starts inserting the word Bender in random jokes. He then goes “Man, Bender in a ski-lift’ sounds like a good song. [to Rick and Bill] sing that one!”

In ID Parade, one of the puppets falls off the stand right after being introduced.
Mark: “I’m not sure, but I think Goldie pushed him…”

Frank: “D’you think Orville looks like Natalie Imbruglia?”

Frank: “Last time I saw Pinky and Perky, they were wrapped ’round a scotch egg.”
And then the two pig puppets look over at him like ‘you wanna go?’

Mark tells Keith Harris he’d like to hear Orville say some dirty words. Goldie does start objecting, and Keith, as Orville, goes “‘EY! BALDIE! SHUT IT!”

Mark: “I think we’re all a bit curious. Does Orville know the word ‘cunt’?”
Orville: ‘TE-HE! I’M LOOKIN’ AT ONE!”

The other ID Parade is asking which, on cardboard cutouts of rappers, hasn’t been shot. And then the object is for someone to shoot them, “so he feels like a success.” Very dark, but very clever.

Phill, with his gun: “If anyone has seen the new James Bond film, Robbie Coltrane is in it”, and then he strikes a pose, looking a hell of a lot like Robbie Coltrane.
Yeah, but…uh…there’s a bloke on your panel who was ALSO in the new James Bond film, Phill.

Overall: A very fun, very off-kilter Christmas show, ruled by some great Frank Skinner moments, and appearances by Bill and Rick. Goldie and Les were funny, if quieter, and Martine didn’t do a bloody thing. Also, this is the last show of the 90’s, which means we’re onto the 2000’s next!

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Frank
Best Runner: Frank’s dive-bombing jokes.

Nevermind Watchdown: S5E3, or LET’S STARE #5 OUT!!

Episode 2 was something to be beheld- it wasn’t a COMPLETE classic, but once Athelston Williams showed up the place went wild. Hopefully that momentum will carry over to this one, my first Frank Skinner episode.

Plus, this also marks the return of Rick Wakeman, whose gonzo-ness last time made any appearance of his welcome. So I’m kind of optimistic.

Paul Godfrey was a member of Morcheeba, and Leeroy Thornhill is the keyboardist for the Prodigy. Late-90’s ELECTRO-POP FIIIIIGGGHHHTT!

Rick, on Jarvis Cocker and Annie Lennox: “Is the connection Sgt. Bilko? Because he’s saluting, like that private doberman did, and she looks like she’s got a doberman in her privates.”
Sean: “You’ve got a 12-year-old son, haven’t ya? They’re gonna be so proud of you, watching this. ‘DAD’S DONE THE FUCKING DOBERMAN JOKE! School’s gonna be a blast tomorrow!'”

Mark: “I’m gonna pass it over.”
Phill: “They were, uh, a little chef, just outside catering. Yeah, they both worked in it, and they were both employees of the month, two months running.”
Mark: “Phill, you could just say ‘no, I don’t know’…”
Phill: “I’d like to have a go! It was a long shot, but just think of how proud I’d have felt if I nailed it!”

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.25.04 PM.pngLeeroy: “Personally, I thought the pictures were taken at the same time, one from the side and one from the front.”

Mark: “I mean, her face does imply that Jimmy Savile’s in the room SOMEWHERE..”

Frank: “Is it true that his hairdresser was so famous that they wrote an opera about him?”
(No response)
Frank: “AND THAT’S THIS WEEK’S VIEWER’S QUESTION. WHAT WOULD THAT OPERA BE CALLED? And the prize? My dressing room key at the BBC, ladies and gentlemen! Any offers?”
Mark: “No entrance.”
Audience Member: “The Barber of Savile!”

Phill doing an impression of Jimmy Savile in a porno…I mean, my gosh. There is never an unfunny Savile joke, I think.

Frank and Mark have a great rapport, especially in Intros, where, whenever Frank gets the song, he’ll just start doing the vocals, and Mark will start yelling for him to stop.

Great moment- Phill and Leeroy do a pretty nice rendition of ‘I Don’t Want to Go to Chelsea’. Within an instant, Frank mimes putting on glasses and doing a PITCH PERFECT ELVIS COSTELLO IMPRESSION. 

Here we go. Phill’s ID Parade is Junior Giscombe’s ‘Mother Used to Say’. HOWEVER…NUMBER FIVE IS AN OLD FRIEND..

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.34.09 PM.png

“Or Number five…NUMBER THREE!”

Heck, Athelston even gets some recognition applause from the folks that were here last week. It’s fantastic.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.35.22 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.35.47 PM.png

Mark: “Is he following a star?”

After that, complete pandaemonium breaks loose. Phill and Mark get up and start hypnotically walking around the set.
Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.36.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.37.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.37.47 PM.png
Phill then bows down to the staring guy, and goes “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US??”

Frank: “We’re all gonna be really embarrassed if #5 is Junior…”
Phill: “Well, ‘Mama would say’ nothing. Mama would have shot him at birth.”
Mark: “I think if it was #5 he would dress up as mum and live in the loft…”
Phill: “He moves less than the bloke in the John Smith adverts…”
Leeroy: “So does John Lennon.”
Mark: “It’s probably a clue that mmmaaaaybe it’s not #5.”
Phill: “I guess it just goes to prove what happens if you do take too much viagra. ME WHOLE BODY ERECT!”

Next Lines: “Ring and a ring and a ring and a ring.”
Phill, as Jimmy Savile, harkening back to earlier: “Jewelry jewelry JEWELRY!”
Frank: “Is it George Michael’s autobiography?”

Mark: “Sean’s team, you need 15 points to win, and as you’ve got Rick on your side, it ain’t gonna happen.”

As Sean’s team begins to do Next Lines, Rick picks up a children’s coloring book and starts doodling. It’s kind of amusing, albeit kind of staged.

Rick, after getting a point: “D’I GET ONE?”
Mark: “Yeah, but you’re still gonna lose…”

After Sean’s team gets wiped out in Next Lines, Mark: “SO, IT’S TIEBREAK TIME!” He then smiles, and nods no.

Overall: This was a show that became ELECTRIC right when ID Parade started. I think this show wouldn’t have been as successful if it weren’t for Athelston, even though there was some pretty okay stuff before then. Frank and Rick were characteristically funny in this one, and while Leeroy and Paul had a good line or two, they weren’t complete standouts.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Frank
Best Runner: screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-2-35-47-pm