Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E16, or A Long Way to Go For That One, Huh?

We’re back to actual Season 4 tapings with this Jeff episode, same taping as 401. We do have a few S3 stowaways left in a few, but after then it’s all pretty much S4 stuff for the rest of the season. I will add that Season 7 is a pretty good continuation of the S4 tapings, and that someone should just restructure the ABC seasons based on when they were taped.

But anyway. Jeff show.

All of Drew’s contestant intros are Eagles song titles. I put them below The Beatles and ABBA, but sure, Drew

Questions Only: It’s a bawdy Saturday night in a frontier town at the height of the gold rush

Wayne, confused by a certain word in the intro: “IS IT AWFULLY *BAWDY* TO YOU?”

Jeff and Wayne’s intro scene is great, as they’re both well into the scene.
Jeff: “Have ya ever seen 10 gallon pants before?”
Wayne: “have you seen a 4-gallon butt before?”

Wayne: “Where’s the sheriff when you need him?”
Jeff: “…….OVER THERE.”

Drew mistakenly buzzes Wayne on an actual question

Ryan brings back his piano-player character from whenever there’s a western-set QO: “WHEEERE HAVE ALL THE BUFFALO GONE…”
Colin: “Don’t you know any other songs?”
Ryan: “What would you like to hear?”
Colin, taking Ryan’s usual: “…do you know the way to San Jose?”
Ryan, figuring out something: “WHO LET THE DOGS OOOUT?”
YES. Not only does this place this taping in early 2001, but it’s a very silly move from Ryan

Ryan: “Haven’t ya heard Black Bart’s out to get ya?”
Colin: “why?”
Ryan, not expecting that: “…uhh, I dunno…”

Jeff, to Wayne: “…so why DO they call you Black Bart?”
Wayne: “have you seen my home videos?”

Wayne and Colin end up confusing each other about whether Wayne’s really Colin’s father, and Colin asking “shouldn’t you know, cause you’re the donor whose sperm…”

A very good, very substantial QO playing, with great work from all 4.

Oh yeah, this is the $100 bill taping. So when Drew awards 1000 points, Ryan, wanting money, goes “…points don’t really mean anything…”

Infomercial: excessive arm hair


Ryan promises that this will get rid of hair “IN 30 DAYS, OR YOUR MONEY…well, it stays with us, but we’ll…”
Colin: “WE’LL SEND AN APOLOGY. A nice note…”

Ryan first uses a clip apparatus on Colin’s actual armhair, and doesn’t hurt Colin until he begins to yank it back a little. Then, Ryan rips it away and Colin visibly winces.

Colin: “we wanna come up with a PAINLESS WAY, DON’T WE?”
He then pinches Ryan’s arm in retribution

Colin pulls out a ‘Betty wig’
Colin: “As you know, Betty is the god of armhair…”

Colin tries the wig on, and:
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 2.57.30 PM.png
Yeah, that’s a great visual

Ryan, to Colin in the wig: “FIVE MINUTES, MISS RENO.”

Ryan gets another object to attack Colin’s armhair with
Colin: “Can I tell you right now how sorry I am I wore short sleeves?”

The ‘plucker’ device that Colin pulls out made me happy as a kid, as I had that exact grabber toy as a kid. So I could say I owned something that was used on Whose Line

Colin pulls a dove out from under the desk as a magic trick. Ryan responds with, apparently, a Tippi Hedren impression. Such a goofy reference

Colin, explaining the ‘suction’ device, and handing the top half to Ryan: “get someone who…can really suck…”
Ryan, after a bit of that, coughs up a hairball

A very fun Infomercial, one where it seemed like Ryan and Colin were right there with each other, and even if Ryan got to screw with Colin more than the inverse, Colin had enough fun things to do

Two Line Vocabulary: Colin’s a jungle expedition leader desperately trying to get his colleagues to set up camp before darkness
Ryan’s lines: “should I use my gun?” and “what was that?”

Jeff’s lines: “I resent that” and “Oh my god, that’s enormous”

Ryan, patting Colin on the back: “YOU GET TO PLAY A GUY!”
I’m guessing this taped after Sound Effects

Ryan: “Should I use my gun?”
Colin: “No, he’s just tired. Don’t shoot him, we’ve lost 5 guys already!”
Jeff, going over to Ryan’s gun: “OH MY GOD, THAT’S ENORMOUS.”
Ryan, confused: “…should I shoot my gun?”

I love the whole round of Colin trying to convince Ryan and Jeff to shoot at an airplane.

I love how after Colin mentions this idol weighs 15 tons, Ryan does a lifting motion and asks “should I use my gun?” That’s a nice, inspired way of putting that
Colin: “…how would that help?”

Jeff, noticing Colin’s arms:”Oh my god…that’s enormous…”

The scene really gets good when a poisonous snake arrives, and Colin has to convince Ryan to shoot at it. There’s so much good back and forth there.
Colin: “AGH. Okay, you took too long.”

I didn’t write everything down, because the best moments here were done really quickly, but that was a really good Two-Line. Jeff’s great at this game, as he’d later be great at Mixed Messages. And Colin’s great at bouncing off these guys.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Motorcycle

This is the cleaner of the two playings of this.

The intro to this game CLEARLY happened in the wake of the other playing’s incident, as Ryan and Colin are still cracking a bit as Colin, with nothing, interrupts “Humpty Dumpty…the early years…”

Ryan: “This CD is loaded with songs about motorcycles.”
Ryan: “…apparently Colin’s never ridden one.”

As Ryan intros Liberace, Colin, as an aside, goes “you knew him better than I did…” Which is a very sneaky joke, but it works

Ryan has the perfect segue: “But I think a style I like even more is done by his sister Mary. AND MARIACHI MUSIC…”
Colin just sinks in defeat. THAT is a great pun

Wayne and Jeff’s harmonies, and Jeff’s fluency in Spanish, makes the mariachi one an amusing one.

Ryan: “You’ll notice she was backed up by her brother George in that song.”
Colin: “…George Achi?”
Ryan, sotto: “doesn’t really work, does it?”
Colin: “no, it doesn’t work at all…”

Wayne, in his excellent Bob Dylan: “Tell me what happens, sing this song
What happens when you ride a motorcycle in a thong..”

Jeff, similar Dylan: “I fell down on the highway
now I got a bunch of gravel stuck in my ass..”

That protest number is my new favorite of theirs, just cause it’s a fun style to do, and they both nailed it. It’s very close to ‘Knock Knock, Hello, Slam’ for me.

Ryan: “When I’m feeling romantic to- WITH the wife, OR TO THE WIFE…SOMETIMES SHE’S SLEEPING…”
Both of them are so on edge from the ‘animal porn’ incident that they’re just doing so much funny stuff.

Ryan: “I’ll pour some champagne, I’ll light some candles…and I’ll put on some thrash…”

And Ryan, who named all the songs in this one, does another ‘simply titled’ one: “HHNNNGG-NG-NG-NG-NGGGNNN”

Wayne’s deep-voiced calm metal vocals is always really good in these

Wayne and Jeff are pretty damn in sync when they sing ‘vroom’ repeatedly in each other’s faces

A very strong GH. The banter was funny, and Wayne and Jeff are an awesome singing duo. No complaints at all here

World’s Worst: Neighbor

Drew: “goes up”
Wayne: BUZZ

Colin, summing up the whole taping: “…here’s 100 bucks, do a Hoedown.”

Ryan: “I got a new stereo. Hope ya like Michael Bolton.”


Ryan, with one of my favorite ever World’s Worst suggestions: “I’m naked, and I’m going to point out all the knots in your fence:”
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.32.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.32.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.33.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 3.33.08 PM.png

Drew: “…Oh, me? I’m a jackhammer tester.”
audience: “…”
Drew: “…that’d be a bad guy to live next door to, huh?”
Drew: “Cause when he plays his jackha-HE’S USING HIS JACKHAMMER ALL GODDAMNED DAY.”

A pretty fun World’s Worst, though a little light in points.

Overall: After several consecutive ‘okay’ shows, we finally get another great one courtesy of that awesome 401 taping. Every game tonight was solid and above, and every game stressed how compatible these four were, and how well Jeff fit into the group despite his youth. Questions Only, Greatest Hits and Two-Line were all great uses of Jeff as an integrating force. This was also a good show because Greatest Hits, Infomercial and Two-Line were all insanely strong, and it didn’t even feel too much in the shadow of 4×01, or even  the Animal Porn show that’s coming next season. It just felt like a solid, likable show, which is all we could have asked for.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin Mochrie, barely beating Ryan just for his bizarreness keeping hold over Ryan’s lack of composure. [I point to “get someone who…can really suck…”]
Worst Performer: Wayne, though it was tough, was shut out of a lot of the show.
Best Game: Greatest Hits had everyone on the same page AND killing it.
Worst Game: World’s Worst is weak compared to the rest of them.

COMING UP NEXT: Hey, you know what we haven’t had in a while? A Season 4-era Brad show. Here’s the first appearance of a taping that will lead to a HUGE show later in S4.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S04E01, or What a Friendly Seagull!

The year 2019 is about to end, and I still wanna fit in one more Whose Line. Because it’s a really damn good one.

Season 4 is another strong one in terms of Whose Line, as it’s really the last one before the producers would bank wholeheartedly on guest stars and gimmicks for shows. Like S3, it relied upon a small bank of fourth seaters- Greg got 3 tapings, Kathy got 4 (including 1 that airs in S5), Chip got 3 (including a carryover from S3 and a carryover TO S5), Brad got 3, and Jeff got 1. Since there’s a lot of S3 carryover (like one whole Chip taping), some S4 tapings wouldn’t get their material shown until S5, where they’d sort of be passed off as S5 tapings. Also, we’d get a few S5 episodes thrown onto this season in advance. So…very complicated stuff going on.

Still, the producers of Whose Line definitely wanted to put their best foot forward at the beginning of Season 4, because S3 was so damn strong, and it ended even stronger than they thought, so they wanted to start with something that good…and they picked the right one. This episode, featuring the welcome return of Jeff Davis, comes from a pretty great taping, and features pretty much the absolute best material from it (not counting an Infomercial here or a Greatest Hits there). This one was one of the few non-guest-star additions to WB’s Best of Whose Line DVD from last decade, and I can definitely see why it’s on there.

Note that as Drew sits down, Jeff is doing his ‘audience controlling’ hand signals

Remote Control: Chicken
Wayne: South Park
Jeff: Televangelist
Colin: Game Show Network
Ryan: Jerry Springer show

A GAME WE HAVEN’T SEEN SINCE THE UK ERA, and one that always seemed to be an amusing deviation from Authors.

Wayne starts right in as Cartman.
Wayne: “I like chicken, but chicken don’t make me fat, chicken make me big-boned.”

Ryan: “So you figure it’s okay to go out and get laid, is that what you’re saying?”
[this would have been censored a year ago..]

I love Jeff trying to do a healing ritual on a chicken, and then:
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 3.59.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 3.59.18 PM.png

Colin’s in this round are just simple and quick, like “I’m sorry, you didn’t cluck in the form of a question…”

Wayne throws in Chef, Garrison and Mr. Hand. The guy knows his stuff

Jeff, reaching: “Open your books to…chicke-miah, chapter two…”
And then he finally happens on a good pun: “AND THE LORD SAID unto the chickens of Israel, THOU HAS BE-FOWLED THE EARTH.”

Ryan: “Jerry, I’ve been plucking that chicken for two years now, and my wife didn’t know about it…”

Drew cuts Colin off here, and is losing it as he passes off to Ryan
Ryan: “and now for my final thought [pensive chicken noises]

Wayne is given the last spot, and does, as Cartman, as many chicken-related products as he can. Drew just keeps him going, and doesn’t buzz. Once Wayne starts to run out of steam, he realizes what’ll get Drew to buzz, and goes into a rendition of Kyle’s Mom that just BARELY wedges a curse: “BECAUSE KYLE’S MOM IS A BIIIIG…SHE’S A BIG FAT-”

Then, once they head back to the seats, you just hear Drew waving his arms broadway style and doing more of Kyle’s Mom. It’s like Ryan going ‘BIIIIIIRDMAN’. You forget what these guys are into

A really fun Remote Control round. Everyone had fun lines.

After this game, Drew announces “of course you know, this is not a game show, the points don’t matter, but tonight…100 dollar bills, anyone who wins a game. Wayne, you’re the winner..”
And so commences the taping’s runner- Drew just hands Wayne a 100 dollar bill, and Wayne’s absolutely in awe of it, going “IT’S REAL!”

Ryan asks to see it, Wayne hands it over, Ryan looks at it…and pockets it, muttering “that’s not a REAL 100 dollar bill..”
Of course, he throws it back after a beat

Let’s Make a Date: Jeff must choose from Wayne, a novelty singing bass fish, Colin, a temperamental actor having to do take after take of his big kissing scene with Wayne & Ryan, and Ryan, a series of death row inmates in a crowded jail cell welcoming new arrival Colin.

Odd that they don’t start with LMAD.

Drew: “yes, I cannot wait for you, Colin…”
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.09.54 PM.png

I love Colin’s casual ‘oh, hi’ as Jeff starts. Colin couldn’t be less excited for this game

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.11.18 PM.png
This is a classic. And it gets like 10 seconds of audience reaction.

Wayne interrupts Jeff’s 1st question and breaks into song, then goes right back to that same pose. He is SO damn good at this

Colin gives the audience a second to get his, then kneels down to Wayne. I love how the camera slowly zooms in on Colin and Wayne as Wayne smiles a little

Of course:
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.16.43 PM.png
I love the detail of the quirk card flying off the stool as he does this.
Also, why the stain on his side? Was there a water incident in an earlier game?

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.17.57 PM.png

Then, Colin gets up and looks at Ryan. And Ryan is staying stern, but has this small little head-shake no. Like, quietly, “please no”. And Colin kisses him anyway.
Colin, to an unnerved Ryan, “CAN I GET SOMETHING HERE?”

Colin exits to his trailer, which makes it awkward for Ryan, as his quirk involves Colin being there. So he’s trying to stay alert
Jeff: “I don’t like #2, because on our first date he’s going to kiss other men”

Ryan begins the question: “I’m not gonna take YOU-”
Then he hears Colin come back in from behind him, and buckles: “oh, you’re back, are ya?”

I love all the characters Ryan has in there, like the guy with the shower mirrors, the old guy, the crazy guy, and back to the mirror guy. He then opens the cell door and does a kissing noise.
Ryan: “I enjoyed the kiss.”
Colin: [does nothing]
Ryan: [slams door, denied, cracking a bit]


Jeff: “Bachelor #2?”
Colin: “I’m not looking forward to scene 51…”
He then eyes Ryan, still lusting over him, and sighs

Colin then suddenly kisses Ryan, who isn’t any more prepared or okay with it. Then, as Colin kisses Wayne again, Ryan hangs himself.

Once the scene ends, Wayne breaks, gets back up on his stool and puts an arm around Colin

Then, for one of the first times [if not THE first time], Drew offers Altoid mints to anyone who just got kissed, and Ryan takes a few.

As Jeff guesses, Wayne and Colin collect some altoids themselves

Drew gives Colin the 100 dollar bill, and throws in a smooch as well.
Wayne barely stays in his seat after this.
Ryan: “That’s just dirty money, now…”
Drew, tauntingly: “How bad d’you want it, Mochrie? C’mon, get your dirty money…”

Wayne: “He kissed really nice…for a DUDE.”
Ryan: “I don’t think the TONGUE was necessary…”
Wayne, singing: “I’m in love with a Canadian maaan…”

Drew: “Just when you thought Will & Grace was the gayest show on TV…along comes Whose Line is it Anyway…”
Ryan makes a point that he’s got a wedding band, as do Colin and Wayne (at the time). Jeff and Drew do not. Once Ryan sees Jeff without one, he points and laughs.
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.32.28 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.32.35 PM.png
This is arguably one of the first Jeff moments where we can see the kind of performer he’d turn out to be- daring, fearless, and damn funny.

A really strong LMAD. All the quirks led to some good interactions, Wayne and Colin did top-tier work, and there was a ton of funny moments.

Drew sums up this show: “the points don’t matter, but the 100 dollar bills sure do…”

Sound Effects: Ryan is a husband and Colin is his heavily-pregnant wife at an amusement park when Colin suddenly goes into labor and has to get to the hospital

Michelle comes down and hugs Colin, and lets out a very audible ‘AAAAIIIIE YEEEAHHHHH!”
Ryan hugs Michelle, then goes to hug Colin but they awkwardly don’t. Heheh

I love Colin’s resigned headshake towards playing a woman again

The first part is Ryan and Colin doing the shooting range, and Michelle and Charlene can’t do the noises right. Either the silencer’s on or “there’s gum in there!”

Ryan: “Let’s go on the roller-coaster, that’ll get the baby going.”
Colin: “Let’s go on the big Scream-a-Whirl-a-Noise!”
Charlene: “WOOOOOO”
Colin: “It’s the loudest roller-coaster in the world!”

Ryan: [opens roller coaster apparatus]
Michelle: [ker-chip]
Ryan: “excuse me”

Ryan and Colin have to close the bar a few times to get a noise out of them. I love Michelle’s confused ‘C-CLICK?”

Michelle: “SSSSHHHHHHH bum.”
Ryan, thinking it’s over, starts to lift up his bar: “Okay”

Ryan: “And we’re stuck at the top, what a time for your water to break!”

I love Ryan trying to put on the gloves, and Charlene doing feeble sound effects so he just keeps trying to get them to stay on
Colin: “You brought the laughing gloves!”

Ryan: “Alright, we’re gonna need hot water, but we’re on top of a-”
Charlene, randomly: “SHHHHHHH”
Ryan, taking it: “OH, THAT WAS HANDY. THANK YOU!”
This cracks Ryan up, but he has to keep with it

Ryan: “Wait, I think I see the head!”
Charlene and Michelle: “…BRAAAAAAHHHHH”
Colin: “Oh, isn’t it smart?”
HAHA. I love this one so much. Colin’s just shaking his head, not believing it either

Ryan asks Colin to push, and Michelle throws in this VERY CLOSE TO THE MIC breathing which cracks everyone up

Ryan: “IT’S COMING!”
Charlene: “AAAAAAAAAAH.”
Colin, not sure:
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.44.34 PM.png
Ryan, with a line that will never not send me into hysterics: “IT’S THE COPS!”
And Ryan just shoots at them.
Colin: “NO, DON’T SHOOT!”
Drew is dying at this point. I don’t blame him

Somehow, it’s Colin who has the most genius move. As they’re still up on the rollercoaster, he realizes they should actually get to the hospital, and says “Oh, there’s a ladder, why don’t we climb down?”
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.46.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.46.34 PM.png
And Ryan…not only cracks, but gets ANGRY
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.46.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.46.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.47.45 PM.png
And believe me, I know why he gets so mad- I’ve been in a scene where my scene partner has done something so stupid and GOOD that it makes you mad that they thought of it and got away with it. So I get that face.
I also get Drew’s:
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 4.47.53 PM.png

They get down the ladder, and Ryan’s still kinda gone, looking at Colin with a mixture of scorn and jealousy

Ryan: “TAXI!”
Michelle” “AIIIIIGH”
Ryan: “…they’re SCREAMING at you with a baby hanging out of you like that, TAXI!!”

Charlene throws in a screeching noise, and Ryan and Colin are very confused what that means.

They get into the taxi
Michelle: “JAM!”
Ryan: “…you sat on a cockatoo!”
I love the randomness of that line.

Ryan: “Alright, take us to the hospital, quick!”
Both Michelle and Charlene start doing screeching and near-animal noises. I love Ryan’s tired, exhausted reaction.

Then, as they get out of the taxi, Charlene throws in a ‘BAM!’
Ryan, without a better idea, clutches his side, yelling “SOMEONE SHOT ME!”
Dear lord.
As the audience applauds, you just hear Ryan go “WHY WOULD SOMEONE SHOOT ME?”
Then, as he has a moment, Ryan remembers the other part of the scene and pushes the baby back up Colin, because we needed one more of those.

The scene ends, and…that was hysterical. One of the funniest SFX playings in the show’s history, and one of the few where some of the humor came from the strength of the SFX, and some came from just Colin and Ryan making each other laugh. It felt very advanced, and a lot stronger than some other ‘we react’ scenes. One of my favorites for sure.

Drew passes Ryan and Colin a 100 each, and Ryan immediately goes “let’s give it to the girls”, so they go up into the audience and give them to Michelle and Charlene.

We cut to Drew and he looks very awkward.
Ryan: “Oh, I’m sorry, did you want that back at the end of the show??”
Drew: “No, you just saved me $200 dollars, I was about to do that and now I don’t have to..”
Colin: “…hey, that was our money!”

Doo-Wop: Jeff, Wayne and Colin sing about Peggy, who died in a freak taxidermy accident

This is the first playing of this by the new rules- Drew asks for a woman’s name and a hobby, and they use those.

Wayne: “She would read all of the books from the shelf
I remember the day she stuffed herself.”

Jeff: “Ooh, Peggy, I remember when she died
I opened her up and I reached up inside
I stuffed that girl, arms and legs and head and all
Now that girl sits up on my wall.”
Fantastic verse from Jeff

Colin debuts his drastic bass voice for his verses

Colin mentions: “I didn’t have the chance to slip you the tongue.”
And his punchline: “next time you stuff a tiger make sure that he’s dead.”

Then, as Wayne goes back up, Colin debuts his bass ‘buh-buh-buh-buh’, which he’s kept using to this day

Jeff gets the dollar there, which he deserves

Drew: “Thanks Colin, I love the way your cheeks go [imitates the buh-buh-buh bit]
Ryan: “You should have seen from behind, they were around the sides of his head…I’M SAYING IT’S A GIFT.”
Colin: “yeah…”

Colin’s fine without the 100 (this must have been late in the show), so Drew throws it into the audience
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 5.08.01 PM.png

A really damn good Doo-Wop, and a great standard for future playings.

Props: Wayne & Colin vs. Ryan & Drew

Jeff is controlling the audience response at the desk, telling them when to start and stop the applause. He’s a NATURAL.

Wayne starts with a favorite:
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 5.11.30 PM.png

This is such an energetic round of this: even mundane ones, like ‘the clean and jerk’ or ‘wrestling belts’ are coming off as fun. Also, this probably the best ‘King Kong on the Empire State Building’ one.

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 5.13.53 PM.pngColin: “I’m an out of work Dr. Seuss character…I will work for money, I will work for honey, I will work for you…doodle-loodle-loo.”
I love Colin, man

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 5.15.36 PM.pngColin: “This was a hard stone to pass…”
Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 5.15.59 PM.png
Ryan: “Lemme tell ya, this is a hard stone to pass…”

Drew, as he sends off, is spitting out bits of a prop.

A really strong Props, one of the better ones we’ve had. It’s always nice when they’ve got enough energy to make even the mundane ones fun.

Overall: Last season we had to wait 2 shows for our first 10/10. We don’t even have to wait that long this season, because MAN is this good. Two games are classics, the other three are among the best playings of that specific game. The $100 bill runner is a classic, and carries into the other shows from this taping. Jeff had more moments where you can see how important he’s gonna be to later seasons of WL. The looseness of S3 carried over to here, where lots of fun things happened between games, the Altoids came out, and it felt like a really fun environment. And plus, you have the hook of that Let’s Make a Date, and the hilarity of that Sound Effects, to have people coming back for years anyway. A personal favorite episode, and one that seems to be remembered fondly by the fanbase as well.

Show Winner: Jeff
Best Performer: Colin juuust beats Wayne for those Props moments. The most live moments of the show (Colin grabbing Wayne, pushing up the baby) came from him.
Worst Performer: Ryan had solid moments, but felt like a bystander in many games.
Best Game: Sound Effects. It’s very close to my heart, but I can’t say it’s worse than anything else here.
Worst Game: Uhhh…GOD THIS IS TOUGH. Nothing here is even remotely bad. Let’s just say Remote Control cause it’s the most self-contained? But even that one’s awesome.

COMING UP NEXT: First Kathy episode of the season, and suffice to say they do her dirty. Luckily there’s a new game and a classic SFAH moment.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E20, or MY GOD, A PERUVIAN MIME!

We’ve had two episode from the Jeff Davis taping thus far. One, E7, has been great. One, E15, has been very, very okay. So this one at least looks like it’ll be somewhere in the middle.

Questionable Impressions: Kitchen

Let it be known that, in my opinion, this is one of the few playings of this game that actually works.

Ryan grimaces once he hears what game is up. Wayne starts quietly giggling.

It does help that they’re doing this with an actual impressionist, like Jeff. He starts up with his IMPECCABLE Christopher Walken, and gets the whole place applauding.
Wayne parries with a Bill Cosby impression, which in 2000 wasn’t a bad move.

Jeff, perfectly Walken: “Why don’t YOU try looking for…YOURSELF?”
Jeff, cracking: “…I’m gonna LEAVE…”

Ryan goes up, sees Wayne still eating jello, cracks, tries to go into his impression, and cracks again.

Ryan, finally: “DO I LOOK LIKE A COOK?”
Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 3.49.47 PM.png
Wayne: “Have you been putting a tap on mommy’s phone lines again?”
That’s a great line from Wayne I’d always overlooked

Now it’s Colin’s turn to screw up an impression. And he goes into his arsenal and pulls out a very bad Humphrey Bogart: “D’you WANNA HILL OF BEANS?”
Colin, biting his lip: “What’s with the schmart mouth?”
Ryan: [leaves]

Jeff, entering with a great Ahnuld: “AAAAH, CAN’T YOU SEE ZE KITCHEN IS ON FIRE? GET OUT!”
Colin, cracking, does so

Wayne, as Billy Dee Williams: “Have you seen the….Colt Malt Liquor?”
I LOVE this impression. Jeff literally stops to laugh out loud.
Jeff, barely holding onto Arnold: “D’YOU WANT TO LIVE?”
Wayne: “Calm down, buddy. Why you so mad? TRY THIS!”
Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 4.02.15 PM.pngDrew buzzes Wayne out for ending in a statement, but I love that impression

Colin FINALLY figures out a strategy in this game. He goes up, speaks in his normal voice, and goes “do you have anything for Craig T. Nelson?”
It’s perfect, because he already sounds like him. And Jeff loses it here, and divebombs. Wayne and Ryan crack on the sidelines. They’re probably thinking “he’s done it, he’s broken the game!”

Ryan goes up, not confident
Colin: “D’you know I was in Coach?”
Ryan, as John Wayne: “I THINK THAT POT-”
Ryan then realizes he’s not doing a question, emits an ‘awwww’ and goes back to the step preemptively.

Jeff comes in as Jeff Goldblum, which is a fine impression but not his strongest. He does nail the ‘um’-ing and the inflection, which gets Colin out. [Colin just goes “I don’t know…”]

And Wayne finishes off as Redd Foxx: “WHERE THE EGGS, YOU BIG DUMMY???”

Drew: “1000 points to Colin for his masterful impression of Craig T. Nelson”

A really strong QI [heh] round, with all four at least giving more heft and variety than most games of this. Jeff had the strongest impressions, though Wayne had some nice ones as well.

Film, TV & Theater Styles: Ryan and Colin are two fisherman landing and gutting fish on a trawler, when Wayne, the captain, spots the storm of the century approaching

Audience member: “Drew Carey Show!”
Drew: “…I’ll see what happens…”

Immediately, Ryan and Colin nail the instability of the ship, as they both rock in sync. Colin vomits over the side.

[jeff, in the back, loses it here.]
Colin: “What, Captain?”

Colin: “The storm of a century. Once every 100 years does it come.”

Colin: “Oh, fowl wind that doth blow and waves that do crest!”
Wayne: “Oh, sorry.”

Colin, Fellini style: “I-A WANT A FAT PROSTITUTE.”
They just start running around and playing with overlapping, which is more Bergman

Drew: “Woody Allen”
Colin and Wayne, who are on top of each other: “heheheheh…”

Wayne does a random line as Woody Allen about “taking my life and leaving you”, but the impression is really bad:
Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 4.17.34 PM.png

Drew: “Horror movie”
Ryan: “My god, that was a horrible impression…”

A very okay F&TS. Wayne was kinda wonky all over.

Drew: “The impressions ability on this cast is great!”
Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 4.19.50 PM.png
[I love how his go-to is Christopher Lloyd]

Drew: “I think Craig T. Nelson and Woody Allen ought to do a movie together…”
Maybe not now..

Irish Drinking Song: Lobotomy

Ryan’s reaction:
Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 4.21.50 PM.png

Colin: “They took away half my brain”
Ryan: “Now I eat cigarette butts”

Colin: “I am really stupid”

This is a mildly amusing IDS, though Jeff has a good line about marrying a lawn gnome in there.

I also love Jeff’s irish accent on “But I can’t never find nothing”

Jeff: “If you want someone who’s nuts”
Colin: “BE A HOST ON TV!”
WOW. Drew loves this one though.

A fairly amusing IDS with a great final verse, but not much else.

Duet: Jeff and Wayne sing a Rat Pack number to Jill, who sells tickets at Dodger Stadium

Only reason Duet is this late in the show is because Drew grabs the mic during his desk joke, possibly to set up SFX, and they still had a spare Duet game where Drew starts with the mic in his hand, so match-cut

Wayne, referencing Jill’s looks: “I’ve never seen Daryl Hannah as a ticket seller..”

Jeff, in a GREAT Dean Martin: “Oh, baby, where do I begin
I’d love to see you but the Dodgers don’t ever win.”
[This was 2000, when they were horrible, so yeeeahhh]

Wayne throws in his Sammy, which is uniformly great

This is a great number, and Jeff and Wayne are great at overlapping lyrics. Then, as Jeff’s in the middle of a lyric about putting mustard on his hot dog when Laura fades the song out. Jeff is CONFUSED AS HELL when the song finishes, as he thought they had one more measure. Perhaps it was bad communication, or maybe Laura pressed the wrong button, but it made for a clumsy ending

Drew calls Jeff out over looking so lost when the song cut out
Jeff: “That was one of the outtakes…”

Newsflash: Jeff and Ryan in the studio, Colin in the field in front of cockroaches (from Joe’s Apartment!)

This is some pretty grisly fodder for the green screen, but it’s at least INVENTIVE ways to gross the audience out

Colin: “This all apparently started when…there was a rumor that Kathie Lee was coming back!”

Ryan: “What have you done to protect yourself in there?”
Colin: “…SARAN WRAP.”

I like that Jeff is taking the heavy lifting in clueing Colin in, but maybe it’s because Ryan’s holding his mouth

Colin eventually gets it, and starts stamping behind him.

Not a bad Newsflash, just kinda light.

Hoedown: Astronaut

Drew calls this as “H…..oedown.” Like, he coughs it.

Ryan comes down very awkwardly, very reluctantly

These are some fairly standard verses from everybody, with fairly simple space puns. I know everyone talks this show because it had an IDS AND Hoedown, but this Hoedown didn’t need to be shown. These jokes had been told before.

Foreign Film Dub: Jeff and Drew act out the spanish film El Donkey, dubbed by Colin and Ryan

Jeff’s fluent in Spanish, so he’s actually doing the language and speaking coherent lines in this one, as opposed to Drew who’s basically doing Italian

Ryan: “Thank you very much, have you seen my ass?”

Jeff: “Tambien no tengo pantalones.”
[That itself is funny, because it makes sense in Spanish]

Drew, middle of a line, goes into Norwegian, then just says “I can’t speak Spanish”, and cracks and ends the line.
Jeff: “Otro ves?”
Drew: [does more of a line]
Ryan: “Excuse me, I will sell you my, AHAHAH, I will sell you my, AHAHAHA”
Colin: “Excuse me?”
Ryan: “I will sell you…OH, I’M NOT SPANISH AT ALL.”
Jeff plays this perfectly- he reacts in horror, and takes a wig and mustache off of Drew. He rolls off a LONG string of Spanish, ending in “BIEN!”
Drew, of course, does some mime moves.
Ryan: “…I have an outie belly-button and I live in a small house.”

Well, a haphazard game, but it was really funny, and Jeff was great in balancing out Drew’s disfunction.

Overall: This was our ‘hot mess show’ for S3. A lot of the games played here were bogged down with mistakes, like Duet ending early, Wayne’s impression falling off in F&TS, Drew’s lack of Spanish, and everyone but Jeff’s inability to do good impressions in Questionable Impressions. So this was kinda similar to 2×10 last year, which had entertaining games but sloppy improv. And I was definitely entertained by this one, as I enjoyed games like Questionable Impressions, Duet, FFD, IDS and Newsflash that may have been felled by sloppy choices. I must commend Jeff’s ability to keep the show held together, as his prowess in QI, Duet, Newsflash and FFD impressed me in a way that wasn’t apparent in his previous 2 episodes.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: JEFF BRYAN DAVIS. This man had the strongest material tonight, and refused to falter when the other 3 had signs of sloppiness.
Worst Performer: Wayne, to be honest, made the most mistakes tonight.
Best Game: Questionable Impressions was the funniest.
Worst Game: Hoedown gave me NOTHING tonight. NOTHING.

COMING UP NEXT: Last episode’s taping wasn’t too bad, so here’s another episode from it, complete with a new game, and Colin saying something regrettable about female genitalia.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E15, or What a Stupid Crowd!

The first Jeff Davis show, E7, went really well. This one’s from the same taping, so expectations are high.

Let’s Make a Date: Jeff must choose between Wayne, all the members of the Klump family, Colin, angry neighbor whose relaxing bath keeps getting disturbed, and Ryan, wary bird building its nest being repeatedly frightened away

Drew’s enunciated delivery of “LET’S. MAKE. A DATE.” is one that’s always stuck in my mind for some reason

Also, Drew points out that Jeff “looks so much like Paul McCartney.” Not inclined to disagree.

Wayne’s impression of Eddie’s “Hercules! Hercules” character always cracks me up here.

Colin’s is great, cause it’s just aggressive, repeated mime work and yelling through a window.

Ryan’s, of course, is great. It’s his usual bird gags, like grabbing one of drew’s cards to make a nest, or doing the ‘drinking bird’ mechanism in Wayne’s water pitcher. Also, he holds this pose, which is very funny:
Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 3.52.15 PM.png

And he stays there for the next set of questions. Amazing

I also love Wayne as Buddy Love interacting with the infuriated Colin.

Then, as Wayne keeps alternating characters, Ryan is just moving Wayne’s chair around in the background

I love the ending of Colin’s, where he accidentally slips and falls in the bath.

And then Ryan goes and saves Colin, which is a more successful voyage than trying to save Colin as a melting snowman

Of course, then Colin celebrates by cracking off Ryan’s arm and eating it. Colin’s SFX morbidness made its way into this game.

Drew, trying to help Jeff on Colin’s: “He’s taking a what when he keeps interrupting him.”
Colin, coughed: “BATH!”
Colin, even more deliberate: “BATH.”
Jeff: “TAKE A BATH. Ahh…I was just trying to avoid that visual…”

Ryan, as Jeff gets to him: “GOOD LUCK.”

Drew, making fun of the wordiness of Ryan’s quirk: “I mean, you’d have to be an idiot not to guess that specifically…”

After Drew gives Ryan points: “I mean, I know the points are useless…”
Ryan: “Not to me. I’m saving up, I’m gonna buy that desk…”

A really good LMAD. All three were great at interacting and building off of each other.

Whose Line: Ryan is a heroic gladiator and he’s about to go out and fight for his freedom, and he tries to raise the spirits of his panicking fellow gladiator, Colin

Ryan: [does opening trumpets]
Ryan: “…it’s just me going TA-TUDDA-TA-TUDDA-TA-TAAA…”

Colin: “Oh, we’re gonna DIE!”
Ryan: “We’re not going to die, we’re gladiators.”
Colin: “Oh, look at you, all buff…”

Ryan: “Get on your….metal dress.”
He cracks a little, completely forgetting the terminology.
Colin even does some nice mime work getting the dress on

Ryan: “When we’re done, I want the emperor to look at us and say ‘my name is Bill, and I like tight panties”
Colin holds up a finger, and puts his on. Ryan does as well, realizes his are backwards, then puts them on the right way.

I love the contrasting characterizations Ryan and Colin use- Ryan being the brave, boisterous gladiator, and Colin being timid and unsure.

I did get a kick out of Colin using his 1st line, “give it a squeeze and see if it’s working”, in several different inflections to try out on the battlefield. It nearly breaks Ryan
Ryan: “You think the lions are gonna roll over and have a little giggle at that one?”
Colin, with amazing delivery: “waitwaitWAITWAITWAIT LIONS? WHAT’S WITH THE LIONS?”
Ryan: “Well, who did you think you were fighting today?”
Colin: “…two little guys?”

I got a kick out of Ryan playing in the fanfare again, and going “IT’S NOT ME THIS TIME!”

Colin: “And, if I do die in battle, please tell my mother this simple message: “THE CHICKENS ARE COMING, THE CHICKENS ARE COMING.”

A very solid WL playing. I liked how simple and long-formy this one felt, compared to a lot of other playings of this game. It just felt like they were given the suggestion and went from there and crafted a funny scene, and it worked.

Props: Ryan and Jeff vs. Wayne and Colin

Jeff’s elephant noise was fantastic

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 4.20.34 PM.png
Colin: “Another helping of pig butt?”

Wayne does a rabbi impression, which gets ‘awwww’s from the accident, and cracks up Colin

Jeff and Wayne doing the opening of I Love Lucy is one of my favorite Props suggestions

Colin: “How did I go bald? Well, let’s show on this model:
Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 4.22.36 PM.png

A pretty goofy Props all around

Sound Effects: Two Jedi Knights checking out their spaceship and equipment before going into battle to attack the Death Star

Ryan, noting Kevin’s necklace: “Ooh, Kevin gets a free pass on Survivor apparently…”

Kevin’s first sound effect is “This on?”

Ryan: “Better test out our sabers, make sure they’re on-”
Kevin: “PSSSSH”
Ryan, falling: “Mine went off too early, cut off my leg…”

Colin tries out some buttons, which leads to some happy ‘BOOP’ sounds from Tina
Colin: “…all the boops are fine.”

Ryan tries laser-blasting an asteroid, but no sound comes out
Ryan: “…how could I be out of ammo on a laser-guided ship??”

A little too short, IMO, but…fairly alright. A bit disappointing compared to other playings of this we’ve seen so far.

Duet: Jeff and Wayne sing a gospel number to Timmery, a dental hygenist

Drew asks for someone with a weird job, and while Timmery’s isn’t especially weird, Drew even says “well, you have a weird NAME…”

Jeff’s first move, a brilliant one, is to take some of Drew’s cards and start fanning himself with them

This isn’t a great Duet, especially considering that there are better Jeff-Wayne duets, AND there’s a better Gospel duet this season.

Hoedown: The Beach v2

This is a weird Hoedown, as the entire segment’s pitch is lowered a bit, for a reason that is not known to anyone. It sounds like it’s a record that’s wobbled a bit, or that’s on the wrong speed. And no one knows why.

Wayne’s punchline is pretty good: “When I left, I was as white as him, now I’m a dark man.”

Drew has fun with his, with all these details of people yelling and screaming: “I guess I shouldn’t have worn my tiny thong bikini.”

Colin: “I went to the beach because I’m really pale
I went skinny-dipping with my pet, a great white whale
I was out in the sun too long, I got really sick
Boy it was so horrible, I burnt my Moby Dick.”
HA. HAHAH. Yes, ‘dick is censored’, and even the ‘censor’ noise is downsped.

Ryan: “I went to the beach with Drew, boy was it fun
He took off his shirt and everybody else was done. [HA]
We got a place there, an apartment that we leased
He was being pushed in the water by some guys from Greenpeace.”

I love the detail that right after this one, Ryan starts singing another Hoedown, because this must be his second or third and he’s probably gonna be doing them all night

A really strong Hoedown, better than the first Beach one.

Overall: This show peaked over ‘okay’ a few times, early, but the second segment killed the momentum. I did enjoy Whose Line, Let’s Make a Date and Hoedown, and all three could have fit into E7, but…SFX was too short, and Duet wasn’t a great one. As much as there were some fun interplay moments, it was also a very basic WL. Jeff got the usual fourth-seater treatment, there was a Colin-Ryan emphasis, and it was a show with LMAD, Props, Duet and a Hoedown. Not the most out of the box episode out there, I guess. But not terrible.

Show Winner: Jeff
Best Performer: Ryan took the lead all night, and it was a successful tactic.
Worst Performer: Surprisingly Wayne- Jeff had more moments in Props and Duet to really shine than Wayne.
Best Game: Whose Line felt like a really strong, well-improvised pillar of this season.
Worst Game: Duet fell flat for me.

Coming Up Next: Another second helping (after Thanksgiving, no less), from the taping that gave us the strong E2.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S03E07, or And He’s a MARINE.

After 2 seasons when a large amount of effort was used to bring new performers into the Whose Line fold, Season 3 was a lot more subdued in that respect. A repertory company had been established, and not many other new members needed to be introduced. And yet the team went ahead with auditioning people for a fourth male fourth-seater spot, preferably asking for people with some singing ability. I believe this is where Jonathan Mangum and Sean Masterson entered the fold, as they auditioned, but didn’t get the gig…though Drew would rightfully keep their numbers in his rolodex, along with Julie Larsen, Heather Anne Campbell, Kailtin Olson and all the other performers that probably auditioned for WL but didn’t get the gig.

Anyway, people auditioned, didn’t get it, but Jeff Bryan Davis did. Davis, prior to getting the WL gig, was a Groundlings part-time personnel, and was mostly affiliated with indie teams, as well as an early friendship with Dan Harmon that has persisted to this very day. WL was the breakthrough that’d open several other doors for Jeff…a lot of them improv-related, but there ya go.

Anyway, Jeff was fed right into the S3 machine, but over the next 3 seasons would only be used for a sole taping per year. Which isn’t…BAD, but…with someone as awesome as Jeff, you’d think they’d do a few more. Whatever, he’ll get his due in the Aisha era.

Here, we get a very Mulaney-esque Jeff, alongside a sherbert shirt from Colin.

Tonight’s ‘points don’t matter joke’- “the points are like our border with Mexico.”
….2000 was a much simpler time.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Jeff, a horceracing announcer, co-anchors, Wayne, a Jamaican love god reporting live from a bedroom, where he’s on a hot date, does Sports, while Ryan, knows his wife is at home cheating on him, and he’s not gonna take it anymore, does weather

Wayne, after hearing his: “…hi, mom…”

Jeff is very good at not only nailing the style, but translating it to co-anchoring: “in top seed is the policeman…Most Likely to Beat You…”
Man, another joke that’s eerily relevant now
Jeff: “And coming just across the gate from him is I Just Want My Freedom, Darn You”

Yeah, the audience gives him some nice applause from this.

Drew gets a kick out of Colin’s name for Wayne, “Reggae Jackson”

Wayne gets right into the meat of his, talking to “me favorite sport of all. Oh, it’s not baseball, but me use a bat!”

Wayne: “And I only make love to the most beautiful women in the world…like…[motions to Drew] this woman right here…”
Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 5.07.10 PM.png

Drew, not liking how this is going to go, tries to leave the desk, but Wayne corners him. Then, Wayne swings a leg over the desk, straddling it, and eventually balancing on top of it. It’s pretty impressive.

Then, Drew runs off towards the seats, still pursued by Wayne, making this feel like a Jamaican version of Pepe Le Pew.

Like, with a previous Ryan slam, you can just faintly hear Drew go “I’m gonna kill ya” to Wayne.

Wayne: “I just want  you to see…the kiss that I will plant on this lovely woman.
Drew, once again, squirms to get away from him

Wayne goes ahead with it, and kisses the back of Drew’s hand, as he’s holding his mouth. It’s still pretty damn amusing

Colin: “This just in, looks really don’t matter”

Ryan, to camera: “Yeah, I know what’s going on, it better not be that Jamaican guy again, that’s all I’m saying.”
THAT IS A PERFECT MOVE. Not only relating his quirk to Wayne’s, but…he may have also just cast Drew as his wife. Amazing

Ryan grabs a kid in a Marines shirt out of the audience, and puts an arm around him.

Then, suddenly, Wayne comes from behind and starts massaging the marine’s back. At which point Ryan snaps and moves away with him. It’s so well-timed.

A truly masterful Weird Newscasters. Everyone was fantastic, and everything kinda stayed connected, and I love playings like these.

Drew, to Wayne: “I like the desk little thing you did, too.”
Wayne, character voice: “Me been workin’ out.”

Drew here points out, for the first time, that Wayne, Colin and Ryan are all married. “Jeff Davis is single, single, single. He wants everyone to know that.”
This would not be the first Jeff episode that would make light of this fact.

Scenes from a Hat:

Drew: “If famous movies used product plugs”
Jeff: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Spam.”

Ryan: “I’LL BE BACK…to Burger King”

Also, with all the movie-related SFAH suggestions Jeff will do, I wonder if Scenes Cut from a Movie was played at this taping.

Colin: “…rosebud…THE LAST WORD IN SLEDS.”

Drew: “What cows are thinking when being milked.”
Ryan: “I can’t believe they’re gonna drink that crap.”
Jeff: “…that’s right…no, slower…”
Colin, perfect tone: “…first time this guy’s seen a bull?”

Drew: “If you celebrated mundane events as if you scored a touchdown”
Jeff, in delivery that’ll never not make me laugh: ‘IT’S A BOY? YEEEAHH!” [launches downward]

Drew, after picking between two: “Entries in Drew Carey’s diary.”
Ryan: “…Dear diary…Ryan looked at me again today…”
Ryan: “How I wish I were sitting on his lap and not behin-”

Ryan, undeterred: “Dear diary…when will people find out that I’m not a man.”

Drew: “What are audience is thinking right now.”
Ryan: “…wonder if that’s all true.”
Jeez, the timing of all of these is perfect

Unusual Uses for Your Cat is a mundane enough style, but Ryan takes it to the next level by using one as an oven mitt. My god.

Drew flings the hat here, and it actually bonks against a camera. Just a light bonk. In the future, the camera won’t be so lucky.

Awesome SFAH. One of the more complete ones this season.

Party Quirks: Jeff hosts
Wayne – Hopelessly outclassed tag team wrestler
Colin – Posing for Playboy magazine
Ryan – Series of animals crossing thin ice

This is a PQ playing I always forget about,

But I have remembered Jeff’s opening line: “I’ve got the beer, I’ve got the food, I’ve got the baby oil…”

I love Wayne, after getting his ass kicked, begging Jeff to tag back in, then going over and trying to tackle a posing Colin

As Ryan is doing his elephant impression, Wayne tries tackling the trunk, as Ryan has to just soldier on.

Jeff is pretty good at getting all 3, which makes me wonder why his tapings didn’t emphasize his PQ abilities as much

I also love Jeff’s finishing move of finishing his beer, then smashing he can on his head. Very classy.

Solid PQ. A bit more lawful than I’d like, but I loved the little collaborations, especially Wayne’s. And Jeff did well hosting, too.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Taxi Driver

Colin: “Hi, we’ll be back to Rin-Ton-Ton, the dog that ate too much, in just a second…”

Ryan: “I can’t seem to get a cab, Colin.”
Colin: “Well maybe…that’s because we’re in a studio..”

Colin has his hand on Ryan’s leg for a while, eventually going “sorry, didn’t mean to scare you cause you’re a big homophobe…”
Jeff and Wayne have been dying at the banter so far.

I love Ryan chuckling at Colin’s admission that he grew up during the disco era.

Colin’s entire Bee-Gees monologue is one of those things that just comes so close to going off the rails but doesn’t quite, even if he takes an extra second to think of a song title, which is “I Can’t Pronounce the Driver’s Name”

Wayne does this as a traditional Disco song, as…yeah, I can’t imagine him impersonating a Gibb brother either.
Jeff, on the other hand, does a whole falsetto Barry Gibb impression, which helps

Jeff and Wayne have good harmony on the last note

Ryan: “I’m not afraid to admit it, but I’m a child of the 50s” [GLARES AT COLIN]

Jeff and Wayne are really in sync during the 50s rock number, with both sort of swaying in unison, and doing the same type of twang.

Colin: “…you know, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had memories, and one of-”
Perfect line. Glad he leaves a moment for laughter

Jeff and Wayne thankfully seem to be on the same page for this Punk number, with both clearly aping LA punk, which definitely helps. Though, Wayne’s is a little more Black Flag-esque, and Jeff is probably trying to emulate something like X, but…it all fits.

I also love Jeff thrashing around the studio, and nearly running into Colin. Nowhere near as lethal as a future GH moment, but still great.

And it ends on this visual:
Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 5.43.30 PM.png

Really strong GH round. This entire show has been really strong, and this game in particular might be the strongest.

Hoedown: The Beach

Note that this is the Beach Hoedown that DIDN’T have pitch issues. That’s another one.

Wayne has a disgusting verse about making a pearl from sand caught in his thong. Jeff gives him a look from the desk.

Drew has an easy joke: “man doing these hoedowns really is a beach.”

Colin’s verse is pretty good, talking about nearly drowning at the beach, and “next thing I know I was having mouth-to-mouth with David Hasselhoff”

Ryan: “I went to the beach, and boy was the water cold
I got in anyway because I was bold.
When I jumped in, it was colder than I feared.
That’s the day that my penis disappeared.”

Not a bad Hoedown. We’ve had better ones, and arguably there’s a better Beach hoedown coming, but this isn’t bad.

Overall: If Hoedown were a little better, this would be our second 10/10 show of the season, but I guess we’ll have to wait 2 shows for that. To say that Jeff’s impact on the improv proceedings is a positive one is an understatement- the guy was already fitting right in with the big 3, coming into his own, and only missing one game tonight, ironically the weakest one. It was also a game where the tentpoles, SFAH, Weird Newscasters, Party Quirks and Greatest Hits, were all really reliable, strong games. I’d say that future episodes from this taping would have an edge in terms of game selection, but perhaps not with quality and consistency.

Show Winner: Jeff
Best Performer: Ryan Stiles. It was him or Wayne, and Wayne had a few more missteps.
Worst Performer: Honestly? Colin felt the most subdued tonight.
Best Game: Weird Newscasters. That game didn’t have many moments that weren’t funny. No lulls. That takes skill. Also, all four were killing it.
Worst Game: Hoedown was forgettable, save for Ryan’s. The other Beach hoedown is better.

Coming Up Next: Another episode from the taping that gave us E1, with Kathy.