Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E17, or Look at the Little British Man Cry

After sixteen episodes over 2006, ABC Family stopped producing new episodes of Whose Line. After 8×16, it was presumed to be the end of the road for the beloved show.

And then suddenly it wasn’t.

From overseas, reports came of five ‘lost’ episodes going into circulation, airing in markets like Australia and such, that counted as Season 8 material. Some of it was, like most of S8, Season 1 stuff, but there were a few exceptions. And as clips from these episodes hit Youtube [thanks again, Spence], one of those exceptions, which was incidentally the first to hit ABC Family, was a Season 3 taping.

In December 2007, a year after the last S8 episode aired, these episodes started airing on ABC Family. I was already a fan by this point, and I watched these episodes as the clips came on youtube. Even from the first one, I knew that we were privileged to be getting these at all.

And that’s where we are. A Kathy Greenwood taping from Season 3, notably giving us 3×38 with Ryan’s fateful neon light accident, and some other lesser shows. And now we’re seeing its last gasp, as well as the last aired episode from Kathy Greenwood on Whose Line. I’ve spoken at length about her legacy, about how neither the fans nor the editors seem to give her any modicum of respect. I hope after reading all these you feel a little better about Kathy’s place in Whose Line history.

For the record, the desk is lit when Drew comes down.

Let’s Make a Date: Kathy must choose from Wayne, Rocky training for a fight, Colin, Shapeshifting Terminator who becomes an evil version of whoever he touches, and Ryan, Turning into a protective mother penguin catching food for her young

Wayne’s Stallone isn’t bad. It’s not GREAT, but  he  gets some parts right
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 5.35.17 PM

Colin absorbs Wayne, leading to his marginally-better Stallone, and goofier motions

Ryan waddles over to Drew and starts drinking  from his mug. I dunno, the second he goes over to that desk, I get worried, both  for the safety of Ryan AND the desk..

We don’t get an official 2nd round, we just cut to Colin absorbing Ryan  and murdering Wayne

I love the bit where Ryan and Colin  start nuzzling each other and feeing each other. Very silly.

An okay LMAD.

Drew: “I’d like another soda please…since Ryan stuck his NOSE in mine…”

Whose Line: Peter Pan, Ryan, has flown into Wendy’s, Colin,  bedroom for the first time to ask her for her help in NeverNeverLand

Drew: “Ryan is Peter Pan, and Colin is…”
Colin, knowing this show: “…WENDY?”
Drew: “Colin knows just what we think of him ’round here…”

Colin’s initial british accent [‘sorry peetuh’] cracks up Wayne instantly

Ryan: “I got a message from you earlier that said ‘Dear Peter…”say hello to Little Elvis”

Colin, sighing and going with his gut: “…little Elvis visits me once a month.”

Colin: “Mother explained the facts of life to me, did you know…’here’s a trick I picked up in the Navy”

Ryan: “When they ask ‘why didn’t Wendy come with you’, I’m gonna look at them and I’m gonna say  ‘You don’t sweat much for a fat girl.”
Ryan: “Is it because of Little Elvis.”
Colin has a little head-shake here, remembering that he did that bit, and not being too pleased with it.

Colin has some good details that save this for me, like pointed out that the last time they flew, she forgot fairy dust ‘and I plummeted’, and then stopping Ryan from flying by remembering how they set up the room, going ‘THAT’S THE WALL’, and turning him around.

I also love Ryan, who built the ending around Colin’s 2nd line, going, smirkingly, “I HOPE IT’S GOOD.”

Colin’s final rebel yell: “SPANK ME HARD AND CALL ME REGIS.”

Not the best WL scene, but Colin helped lift it towards the end.

Props: Ryan and Kathy vs. Colin and Wayne

Some of the ones so far are ideas we’ve seen before, but presented in a fun way. Ryan and Kathy are having a really good time thinking up theirs together.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 5.51.53 PMWayne: “WEEEEEE….REPRESENT…”
Colin, gruff voice: “THHEEE LOLLY…”
Wayne: [gives him a look]
Colin, gruff voice: “I’VE BEEN TAKING HORMONES.”
Wayne: [scurries away]
I kinda love that one

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 5.53.13 PMRyan: “I’M EXTINCT?”

For the ‘banjo playing’ one, Wayne brings back his ‘ugly hillbilly’ face from 3×38’s Weird Newscasters

Wayne, with the props as a wheelchair: “I’M IRONSIDE.”
Colin: “…….I’M MARK.”

A fun Props, just from the mood they all seemed to be in.

Ryan teases Drew with the prop before finally throwing it to him. Again, goofy  mood. This must have been pre-light-breakage

Greatest Hits: Songs of James Bond v2

Colin sets up an early 50s rock song
Ryan, as usual: “I wasn’t here like you, but I’ve heard about it…”

Wayne’s Chuck Berry song is pretty basic, but he has some good flair to it.

Colin has a setup for a long winded story about roadie-ing, but as Ryan checks his watch, Colin goes “ah screw it” and cuts it short

Wayne’s Aerosmith number is pretty basic too, honestly

Colin talks about dating a lot of female rockstars, “like Sheena Easton, and…oh, Boy George, but that was a misunderstanding..”

It’s actually funny that they have Tina Turner on this one, as she did a GREAT Bond theme in Goldeneye.

Wayne’s Tina Turner number is his best one, as he has the voice, energy, and some really funny Bond-villain lyrics going on [“look at the little british man cry”]

A weaker GH, but not completely without merit.

Foreign Film Dub: Drew and Kathy act out the Hebrew film Meshugganah!; Ryan and Colin dub

If only Mira were here

From Drew’s opening line, which is just a lot of phlegm, it seems he’s mistaken Hebrew and Klingon.
Ryan: “I’m a little stuffed up.”
Kathy: [confused fake hebrew]
Colin: “For a second I thought you were phlegm-ish”

Both Drew and Kathy are shrugging through their layman’s knowledge of hebrew jibberish. Kathy even goes into Polish, and cracks up when she realizes

Drew: “UHHHH…[chuckles]…OY VEY.”
Ryan: “oh, I blew out the  candles without  making a wish!”

Kathy goes into almost a prayer recitation, sing-song, with extra phlegm on the end
Colin: “…why do birds suddenly appear…”
This cracks up Drew and Kathy

Kathy: [does another phlegm-filled line]
Colin: “…as my Scottish mother used to say…”
HA. Oh good lord, at least they’re having fun with this

Drew, absolutely out of fake-Hebrew: “…VELL, I GUESS DAT’S IT DEN.”
Ryan, without options, does his line in fake Hebrew. THAT is a fun idea I’ve always loved.

Okay, not a GREAT round, but this was very  funny, and I love that the patheticness of the fake Hebrew factored into the scene in general.

Overall: Very okay. Nothing truly bombed, but nothing truly succeeded, either. At least games like Props, Whose Line and Foreign Film Dub were amusing in  how much fun the performers were having despite the quality not being up. A weak sendoff for Kathy, though she did well in the small roles she was given.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin pulled away in FFD. Wayne was very close.
Worst Performer: Kathy came up short for me.
Best Game: Foreign Film Dub got the most laughs out of me.
Worst Game: Greatest Hits disappointed me the most.
Should This Have Aired in S3?: Not really, no.

COMING UP NEXT: One more Season 4 taping, if you can believe it. There a bit more from Jeff Davis’ second taping of those sessions. Thankfully, I don’t have to say goodbye to Jeff for very long after this one.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E05, or Calm Down, Jennifer!

Back to Season 4, which  we just excavated a lot of in Season 7, to an episode that has  two cousins in  S7, the Kathy taping that brought us 7×13 and 7×23, both really good shows. It also gave us 5×06, another favorite. And now we have this one…which is the fourth, and may not have much left.

Let’s Make a Date: Kathy must choose from Wayne, E.T.’s manic frat boy brother who has come to Earth to party, Colin, the world’s most nervous first-time flier using an airplane restroom when a violent storm hits, and Ryan, talking fierce bald eagle hatching her egg Colin and preparing him for life outside the nest

Kathy: “Bachelor #1, how does your presence here on earth make the world a better place?”
Wayne smirks, as the way she worded that plays RIGHT into Wayne’s hand

Wayne: “I came 40 million lightyears for BOOTY.”

Wayne…continues to screw with Colin:
Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 7.07.03 PM


Colin starts vomiting repeatedly, which Wayne loves and starts imitating

Ryan’s bird physicality is great, and he just starts sitting on Colin and working on the egg, and it comes off as really accurate

The contrast in physicality between Colin stumbling around, Wayne copying him, and Ryan panicking in fear for Colin, is really damn  good

Kathy: “If we broke up and had a really nasty fight, how would you make up  with me?”
Ryan: “I’d eat you.”
I love Kathy’s reaction to this

A pretty good LMAD. Not one of the best, but the interplay between all three.

Drew: “And if it were Colin, it would have been  a BALD eagle”
The audience boos this

Sound Effects: Two high-tech American thieves break into Buckingham Palace to steal the Queen of England’s jewels and they must escape when they are detected

As Ryan and Colin climb up the wall, Marcy and Jess add extra heaving and tension noises
Colin: “…think I ripped my  pants…”

Ryan and Colin jump down
Marcy  and Jess: ‘…BUM.”
Colin: “…landed on the Corgi”

Colin gets his grappling hook gun out  and shoots
Marcy: “…PEW.”
Ryan, annoyedly, steps a few feet forward and hands it back to him. This is a joke they do often, but it works really well here

Colin spends a lot of time trying to activate the winch [Ryan: “NOT THE WITCH, THE WINCH”]. Eventually  he gives up: “LOOK, THAT DOOR’S OPEN.”

Ryan and Colin try the ‘fog the glass and cut it’ trick, but Jess adds a ‘sssssssssss’ noise
Colin, to Ryan: “I told you  to go before the mission.”

Ryan throws the glass piece away
Jess: [whistling noise]
Ryan, impressed: “LOOK AT THAT FLY!”

Not a great SFX. Some amusing moments, but not as funny as it could have been.

Two Line Vocabulary: Commander Colin leads gung-ho space marines Ryan and Wayne on a mission down to the planet to seek and destroy the dreaded aliens
Ryan’s lines: ‘Why is this happening?’ and ‘Can I get one of those?”

Wayne’s lines: ‘What’s this for?’ and ‘do you expect me to believe that?”

Wayne repeats his lines clearly when  Drew says them. This is important

Wayne: “What’s this for?”
Colin: “…that’s my hat”
Wayne: “…….why’s that happening?”
SO….WAYNE FORGOT HIS OTHER LINE. And is now stealing Ryan’s.

Wayne, grabbing a whip: “ey, WHAT’S THIS FOR?”

Once more, Wayne goes ‘why is this happening’, genuinely forgetting his line. Drew spring into action, giving him the card and letting Wayne come over.

Colin, to Wayne: “I expect you  to believe this, try  and  CONCENTRATE for god’s sake”

Colin, yelling at Wayne: “IT’S SCIENCE. IT IS SCIENCE. IT WILL WORK.”
Ryan, motioning  to Colin and Wayne: “…why is  THIS happening?”

Ryan: “…can I get one of those?”
I love Colin  in this game.

Colin: “You see anything?”
Wayne: “You expect me to believe that?”
Colin: “….what the hell does that mean, I just ask you if you’ve seen anything! What is wrong  with you?”

Wayne has a very more angry lines.
Colin: “Hey…CALM DOWN, Jennifer…”
Wayne buckles. THAT is a great gift

Wayne, upstage, gears up for a line

A really good Two-Line. Right after Wayne’s mishap, it got really funny  and really tight between  all 3

Party Quirks: Kathy hosts
Wayne – On a TV game show where the more audience members he gets to swap clothes with each other, the more money he wins
Colin – Excited teen at an amusement park who thinks everyone on the show is a thrill ride
Ryan – Dog obedience trainer who thinks everyone on the show is a misbehaving pooch

Wayne actually gets some audience members to swap shirts. They’re all into it

Colin runs in and uses Kathy as a roller coaster. Very clever

Then, Colin uses Wayne as a carousel horse, which Wayne seems amused by

Ryan, to Kathy, immediately: “NO. NNNNO. NO.”

Ryan, pointing to Colin: “WHAT  DID YOU DO?”
Colin, grabbing Ryan’s finger and spinning: “I WANT TO GO FASTERRRRR”

Colin, going near Ryan’s butt and ducking: “Ohhh, the tunnel of love!”

A very nondescript PQ. Not much to these.

Themed Restaurant: Kathy and Drew dine at a circus-themed restaurant; Ryan and Colin are waiters

Last  playing of this til well into the CW version.

Colin comes on as a unicyclist and gets hounded by Drew and Kathy about menus
Colin, at his wit’s end: “I’M ON A UNICYCLE.”
Drew: “Oh, I thought you were walking a tightrope”
Colin: “No, that’d be DIFFERENT.”

Colin comes out as the sword swallower, removes his sword, and then “Appetizers?”
Drew: “Mmm, they’re phlegm-covered!”

Ryan brings on Colin as an elephant for water, and he sprays a bunch out of his trunk. This is a very  clever one

I love Ryan and Colin  pulling in and piling  out of the clown car as an  assortment of different clowns. It’s Ryan’s usual ‘running around and doing different characters’ face while doing  clown music, but I love Colin honking his nose as well. So silly.
Colin, left alone  onstage: “……my car!”

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 9.17.27 PM

A very fun Themed Restaurant. Lots of silly little details that made me smile.

Overall: Considering that the first three episodes made me think there wasn’t much left from this taping, this outdid my expectations a little. The cooperation in LMAD, most of Two-Line, and the fun details of Themed Restaurant were still valid additions to this canon, and I’m glad they were put out  there. Party Quirks and Sound Effects weren’t great, but they didn’t stink up the episode beyond all recognition. This episode was more charming than anything, but it wasn’t bad.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin had a clean sweep tonight.
Worst Performer: I’m putting Kathy here solely because she didn’t have many funny things to do tonight.
Best Game: Two-Line Vocabulary felt really magical, and really strong, even after Wayne’s foresight.
Worst Game: Party Quirks was limp.
Should This Have Aired in S4?: Uh…maybe not, but I’d have taken this in S7.

COMING UP NEXT: One [sigh] last trip to Season 5. Just in time for the holidays.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S07E25, or Time to Vomit

I’ll start this one off with a music metaphor.

The My Chemical Romance album ‘Danger Days’ has a sort of bookend thing going, where it starts with this radio broadcast that sort of pops up throughout the album, and then reappears at the end. And by the law of bookends, you think that’s the end of the record, it’ll fade out, leave you as it. But no. Right after that last radio bit at the end, the band rips into a song called ‘Vampire Money’ that is enough to bring down any house in America. MAN does that song rock.

I bring this up because 7×25 is the Vampire Money of Whose Line.

S7 began with an episode from the 412 taping, and it should have ended with an episode from the 412 taping. Because that’s how bookends work. But no, we have one more show after the bookend, 7×25, a Kathy Greenwood show from the same taping as 7×06 AND 4×29, two great shows. And that’s how we play off this season, not the safe bookend.

I’m ready. This may be the last ‘normal’ episode of Whose Line before the show goes back to the future in Season 8, so let’s do this.

Questions Only: A very passionate honeymooning couple, Wayne and Kathy, stumble across Frankenstein’s castle one stormy night

A sequel to the Bates Motel one of these, and a sentimental favorite playing of mine

Also…is this a Rocky Horror-inspired scene? If so, AWESOME

Wayne and Kathy’s opening scene, like the Bates one, is seamless, with some effortless back-and-forth

Wayne: “D’you want to go in?”
Kathy: “Shouldn’t you  go first?”
Wayne, like usual: “WHY A  BROTHER GOTTA GO FIRST? Don’t you watch horror movies?”

Drew buzzes Wayne out either for stuttering or for being up too long.
Kathy: “WAYNE???”
THAT is great

Colin, entering, nonplussed: “d’you have a reservation?”
Kathy: “What did you do with my husband?”
Colin, with  the BEST, still nonplussed, read: “…wouldn’t YOU like to know?”
This is why I love Colin

Kathy: “What kind of a place is this?”
Colin: “….can I tell you it’s not  Disneyland.”
I love how he’s playing this

Ryan comes in as Frankenstein, and already is stifling a break. He tries to go on with just indecipherable moans, but Colin reminds him what game their playing, and Ryan has to mold it into a question: “AUUUUUUGH…..AUUUUUUGHHHH???”
It’s so damned funny

Ryan: “Why  did you  do this to me?”
Colin: “Why not?”

Ryan’s voice ends up cracking up Colin, he blows a line and just gives up

Wayne, entering wisely: “What kind of bookcase was that?”
I love how they’re actually playing with  the functions of the game with this scene

I love Ryan’s sinister character who’s faux-surprised at the phone not working, Wayne realizing he’s trapped

Ryan: “Would you like to stay the night?….”
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 6.09.16 PM
I fucking love that  motion

Wayne  ends up tied up in  a chair. Ryan, out of moves…switches on some music.
Wayne, cracking  up: “Are those magic fingers?”
Ryan: “…I think it’s time for me to leave now…”

Kathy  comes in ‘transformed’ somehow
Wayne: “Are you gonna try and suck my blood or something?”
Kathy: “Is that what you want?”
Wayne…cooler read: “…are you  gonna try and suck my  blood or something?”

Because of how everyone’s moving around the stage,  Wayne exits to Ryan’s side, which is not the side of the stage  he started on. So Ryan goes up to do a scene with  Kathy, who he usually swaps with. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just interesting

Ryan, entering: “Are you the girl who sucks blood?”

SUCH A GOOD QUESTIONS ONLY. Rightfully one of my favorites. Every scene felt like a contained, different scene, so well improvised and everything.

Sound Effects: A bad-tempered Santa, Ryan, and panicky elf Colin are late loading up the sleigh to start their round of deliveries

Drew: “And Colin, guess who you are?”
Colin, knowing this show: “his wife?”
Drew: “NO”
Ryan, knowing this show even better: “AN ELF.”

I love the detail that the elves have a union, which is a great world detail to start us off

Colin: “I just  have to finish hammering this train”
Karen: “DOOT-DOOT”
Colin: “oh, it did it by itself”
Karen: [facepalms]

Ryan opens the door to get  the reindeer, and Julie doesn’t add a sound
Ryan: “…I forgot, I took  that door off last week…”

Due to some very small sounds, Ryan’s reindeer end up being pint-sized: “HAVE  YOU BEEN FEEDING THE REINDEER??? FEED. THE REINDEER. We’re never gonna get this sleigh off the ground with these guys”

Colin opens up the cabinet

Ryan: “Lemme get in the sleigh back here:

Ryan hands Colin the special horn
Colin: “lemme just test it”
Karen: “…AWOOGA.”
Colin: “…dyou want a smaller awooga?”
Karen, higher-pitched: “…awooga!”

Not the best SFX. Took a while to get going, and ended right as it did.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Kathy, hideous old crone coming onto all the men, co-anchors, Wayne, his body is being controlled by a  prankster in the audience, does sports while Ryan, high-tech thief on a mission to steal the amazingly lifelike Kathy Greenwood statue, does weather

Ryan has a slowburn crackup reaction to his

Colin: “Rockstar Prince has changed his name again. After changing long-distance carriers, Prince, the Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, will now be known as the Artist Who Formerly Phoned With Sprint”
Wayne has to literally turn away  from the camera to hide his breaking-up

Kathy adds “a hair from the bald man”, and she actually goes and plucks one from Colin’s head. Colin reacts  with actual pain. This is Kathy going that extra mile

I do love Kathy’s desperate, cloying performance.

Colin: “and now…”
Kathy: [plucks another hair]
Colin, genuine: “…STOP THAT.”
Kathy [plucks a chest hair]
Colin: [confusedly puts it back, giving her a look]
Kathy squeaks out a little ‘sorry’, but I still love her performance.
As Colin throws to sports, he even feels a little beaten down

Wayne is his usual uncontrollable high energy schtick, but it builds as it goes on, as he eventually starts ‘reluctantly’ slapping  Drew’s ass

As Wayne repeatedly does more lewd acts  by his desk  while also repeatedly yelling ‘I’M SORRY! IT’S NOT ME’, Drew can only crumple and laugh

I love Ryan’s little spy movie music as he gets his heist stuff on.

As Ryan’s trying to get over to Kathy, Wayne does some wise scene support and does the voice of some barking dogs. Ryan just fires a gun offscreen

Ryan now tries to do an effect where he’s above Kathy and Colin by standing on the stools:
Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 10.44.48 AM
…and then realizes this isn’t going to work:
Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 10.44.54 AM
I love Colin here. ‘Nice try.’

Ryan eventually  figures it out:
Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 10.46.23 AM

Ryan airlifts Colin out of the scene, gets out, rubs his eyes…sees it’s Colin instead of Kathy, and screams.

Ryan ends the scene putting Colin back. I don’t know why he doesn’t go with Kathy at all. Maybe he wasn’t sure about how comfortable she was being lifted out of the scene?

An okay WN. Had some good moments, but not the best one of these I’ve seen lately

Drew: “…FIVE THOUSAND POINTS TO WAYNE. Oooh, baby, you know how to treat a man right.”

Scenes from a Hat:

“If Statues Could Speak”
Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 10.49.29 AM
I love his voice here: “…UH OH……NO DOO-DOO, PLEASE…”

Ryan: “…..little closerrrrrrr and I’m peein on ya!”

Colin: “Hey, come on baby, statues stay harder longer.”
Ryan, once Colin gets back to the step: “took it for granite?”

Drew…loses it with this next one: “We could go all night with this…THINGS…You don’t want to see old people doing.”
Kathy and Wayne…do one that cracks me up to this day:

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 10.52.35 AM

Wayne just squirms a bit at the step.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 10.55.06 AM

Wayne, with a truly dark one, putting on a headset: “911? WHAT?”
Drew: [buzzes]
Wayne: “HUH?”

“Outtakes from the Whose Line soap opera”
Colin, shaving his sides: “man, I should have read my contract”
Drew, miming eating: “man, I shoulda read MY contract…”
[Not an official SFAH entry  like Aisha would do, but it’s pretty close]

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 11.01.44 AMWayne: “…DREW CAREY’S MY DADDY.”

Colin, to Ryan: “I can’t keep this secret any longer. D’you know why they always pick me to be the woman?”
Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 11.02.57 AM
PERFECT. AND it goes back to the runner from 7×06.

A really, really good SFAH.

Helping Hands: With Martha Stewart away, her bad-tempered stand-in, Ryan, holds a master class for Kathy, giving her tips on preparing for the holiday season

No Drew game, but this works, I guess.

Also, I’m noting that there are TWO different Christmas-related games tonight. Were Dan and Mark prepping for an Xmas special BEFORE S5?

Colin gives the wig to Kathy, thinking she’s playing the standin…but it’s actually Ryan
Drew: “Finally, Colin gets his sweet revenge…”
I love this extended Colin as the woman runner this show.

I already like how tense Ryan’s making it, and  how Colin just grabs Kathy’s face several times

Ryan has to walk Colin through getting the icing: “If I use my OTHER hand I can reach it a LOOOOOT easier”

There’s a huge spill involving eggnog and alcohol, but Ryan eventually gets a sip of this concoction

Not a great Helping Hands

Overall: A mixed bag to finish us off. Questions Only and Scenes from a Hat are definite highlights. Weird Newscasters is also a pretty good one, despite the occasional meh-ness. But SFX and Helping Hands just didn’t match up to previous playings for me. This was an alright show with nice moments, but none of the real heavy games really impressed me.

Show Winner: N/A
Best Performer: Ryan dominated tonight.
Worst Performer: Kathy, despite strong character work, didn’t exactly win games for me.
Best Game: Questions Only. Masterful.
Worst Game: Helping Hands was just the same schtick from this game in a different wrapper.
Should it Have Aired in S4?: Uh…it could have, and it’d be a lower tier one, but SFAH and QO are worth it.

Best Episode: E22, the show cut from the same taping as 4×08, one of my favorites, and was capable of delivering a worthy runner, several great games, and one of the best Scenes from a Hat rounds in ages.
2nd Best Episode: E13, from the S4 433 taping, another Kathy Greenwood show, that managed to cram a lot of really fun material, including an awesome Director, one of my favorite Three-Headed Broadway Stars, and a terrific Helping Hands, into a second-helping show.
3rd Best Episode: E2, from the also prevalent-in-S7 408 taping with Kathy [huh, isn’t it funny that all the best shows  of the season are Kathy episodes?] . I just loved the dynamic of this show, and the energy behind making passe games like Film Dub and Themed Restaurant into generally fun  playings.
Worst Episode: E4. A Chip show from  a S4 taping where the good material had already aired. This felt very dead, sadly.
Episode Most Worthy of Another Look: E1. This one got more overshadowed as we went on, but I’ve always loved Brad’s performance as Tom Arnold, and I still love that 3HBS. Just a fun, light show.
Most Necessary Inclusion: E19, and also E9, from the 502 taping with Chip, to ensure that SOMETHING from that damn taping made it to air.
Least Necessary Inclusion: 7×18. Nothing left from the 404 taping after all. You can tell by the reused SFAH suggestions.
Best Regular: It was close between Ryan and Colin all season, but in the last seconds of S7, Ryan pulled away. Honestly, I can see why- a lot of his  stronger moves were present all season, and despite Colin’s usual prowess, there was a lot given to Ryan throughout this load.
Best Fourth Seater: Chip Esten. He and Brad tied with 3, but Chip was in more episodes, and felt more dominant and well-edited than he had in years.
Season That Came Off The Best: Uh, Season 4, which made up the majority of the episodes, and had several that impressed me enough to say the producers should have pushed them to air in ACTUAL S4.
Season That Came Off The Worst: Season 3, whose two shows this season were kinda inconsequential to the overall season.
Episodes Ranked: See My Twitter, @WLIIAWatchdown

COMING UP NEXT: We enter the 8th and Final season of the ABC run. This one is a little different. Due to the development of the official Season 1 DVD releases, the majority of this season would consist of recobbled S1 episodes, with a few others lying around. We begin with a look at a Denny Siegel taping that produced a favorite S1 episode of mine.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S07E23, or Makes You Think, Doesn’t It?

Another Kathy Greenwood show? Don’t mind if I do!

This taping brought us 7×13, which I loved, and 5×06, which I also really  liked. Plus, it’s the third show of this taping and NOW we’re getting to a big running gag. That’s kinda cool.

Weird Newscasters: Colin anchors, Kathy, Jerry Springer guest who’s been brought on to reveal her shocking secret to husband Colin, co-anchors, Wayne, a world famous fashion designer training his new models how to work the catwalk, does sports while Ryan, using everyone else’s bodies as his weather maps, does weather

Drew: “Ryan, you’re…uh,  hahahaha…”
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 5.05.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 5.06.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 5.06.20 PM.pngDrew: “Come near me and I’ll kill you, I swear…”

Colin: “I’m  your anchor, Noah….She’s Having My Baby”
There’s a modest response to this, and Drew has a double take, but it’s merely to set up tonight’s runner

Colin’s top story fares better: “A scientist today admitted that he paid a prostitute over a thousand dollars to take a special chemical compound with some sparkling water in attempts to increase her IQ by over 80 points.”
[I love how Kathy briefly  glances over at Drew, wondering how he’s gonna make this work]
Colin: “The experiment failed however, which proves…you can lead a whore to water, but you can’t make her think.”

Kathy has a very fun idea of turning out to instead of being a ‘former bunny’ in the playboy sense…she actually used to  be a  rabbit.
Wayne, knowing Springer’s audiences, gets the audience to boo, which really helps Kathy’s desperation and acting

Colin has an amazing response: “…maybe  I can finally keep my hare.”

Wayne starts picking out audience members as models: “come with me Federico…Marzipan…”

I also really like Wayne’s characterization and accent. Not too over the top, but very funny

Wayne, after his audience members slayed it: “THAT’S RIGHT, BABY. TOOOOUCHDOWN.”

Colin: “This just in, you can pretty much get an audience to do anything.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 6.07.17 PM.pngRyan: “Tomorrow night, we’re gonna see  a full moon…”
Of course
Also, how is this not the only time this taping where Ryan gets Colin to bend over suggestively?

Ryan  HAS to do something with Drew, so he at least has a tame one:
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 6.10.30 PM.png
Ryan: “Tomorrow, visibility will  be low…”

But, of course
Ryan: “And for you boaters, we’ve got a SMALL CRAFT WARNING.”
Yep. He went for it  anyway

There’s an audience response, uproarious, that lasts from the Drew slam all the way until everyone’s back at the seats.
Drew, finally: “What’s the weather like at the UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE?”

Drew also asks what Colin’s anchor name was, and both Ryan and Colin have to literally walk Drew through the joke.
Ryan: “KNOW HER? She’s having my baby…”
Drew: “OH, I didn’t get it at first.”
Colin, referring to the tepid audience response: “YOU WEREN’T ALONE.”

Drew: “You  know I hate to ask, but we were all wondering”
Colin: “You know…my stuff, a lot of it’s…cerebral.”
This cracks up Drew. It’s really a point where Colin admits that a lot of his humor is more sophisticated than that of the average Whose Line viewer. This is something that has been evident throughout the last few seasons, where the humor has shifted from the more sophisticated, smart UK-driven humor that dominated the original run, to now…louder, more broad jokes that anyone can laugh at. And this was something that was obvious at the time for many fans of the show, but the actual participants of  the show hadn’t especially addressed. So it’s funny that it comes out here, in such a innocent way.
Drew, ironically piping in that same broad humor: “The kind of cerebral you pour milk on?”
Audience: [heh]

So yeah, really  good Weird Newscasters. All four had funny stuff, good improv, and enough to keep me invested.

Number of Words: It’s a deleted scene from Rocky; Rocky, played by Colin, is being trained by his coach, Ryan; the wife Adrian, who is Kathy, is trying to talk him out of fighting; suddenly, Rocky’s tough-talking opponent, Wayne, walks into the gym
Colin – 3 words
Ryan – 5 words
Kathy – 2 words
Wayne – 4 words

Colin smiles at playing Rocky for once
Drew: “How about that? He usually plays the woman”

So far, there’s not much to this one other than fun characterizations. I love Ryan’s Mickey impression, and Colin does a fun Stallone.

Ryan, to Colin: “Don’t let him bother ya”
He counts…realizes he’s good, then steps back

Kathy, clutching her ear: “…I heard!”
THAT is a great line

Ryan: “Boy, Adrian smells good, Rock.”
Colin, pausing: “…you watch yourself”

Ryan, as Colin and Wayne are about to fight: “DING DING, DING, DING DING.”
Colin, of course: “…I’LL GET IT.”

Not a great Number of Words, but a lot of small moves impressed me

Drew: “1000 points apiece, especially to Ryan…who said 6 words sometimes, but hey…”
Ryan, shrugging: “With the exchange it all works out…”

Action Replay: With the boss arriving for dinner at any moment, panicky Kathy is struggling to get into her tight outfit, while her husband Wayne is frantically trying to fix a burst pipe under the bathroom sink
Ryan and Colin have to do it over

Ryan, putting on his headphones: “ROO…ROO…ROO-ROO-ROO”
Yes,  the Baha Men must have been big in 2001…

There’s some alright physical gags Wayne and Kathy do, but Wayne’s big setup, knowing Colin’s gonna redo his moves, is doing a headstand into a  pseudo-worm kind  of move.
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 7.37.06 PM.png

Then, as Wayne gets Kathy’s arm through the outfit, he picks  her up, continuing to screw over Colin and his bad back

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 7.38.02 PM.pngUm….submitted without comment

I love Wayne and Kathy doing a bow after Drew buzzes

Colin  comes onstage and pretends to snap Wayne’s neck  for what Wayne’s making him do

Drew: “Now these 2 guys with bad backs are gonna reenact this whole scene…”

Colin: “Have you seen my Shakespeare wig”
[I feel  like during several playings of this game, the reenactment always has a theatre-based plot]

Ryan, using his hand like Kathy  did: “Say hello to my parrot!”
Colin: “The parrot isn’t until the last scene!”

Colin prefaces this  as “doing my warmup”
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 7.43.48 PM.png

Ryan then starts choking, and Colin proceeds to pick him up and flip him over, which makes Ryan very worried as he does it

After Drew buzzes, Wayne has to jokingly help Colin hobble back to the seats

Drew: “…Noah, you okay?”
Colin, drinking, has this very faint panicked noise: “….yeeeahhhhhhhh”
It’s like a  Gene Wilder move

Colin: “That was more of my cerebral stuff.”
Drew: “Man, I thought you were gonna hurt each other…”
Colin: “Oh, we do that all the time.”
Ryan, in character, gives him a look for revealing this

Drew: “And Wayne? Nice undies.”
Least it isn’t a thong this time

Pretty good Action Replay. Not the best one, but the payoff of seeing  Colin do those strenuous things was really funny

Living Scenery: Ryan and Colin are a couple who ride donkeys into the Grand Canyon for a romantic overnight camping trip; Kathy and Wayne are props

Colin, after a few lines of dialogue: “I can’t remember, are YOU the girl?”

Ryan uses Kathy as a fishing rod, but the big laugh comes from Wayne wiggling around as ‘bait on the line’

Colin: “Hit it with a stick!”
Ryan: [mimes]
Colin, remembering what game they’re playing, motions to Kathy: “No, use that one!”

Colin: “Oh, this is so romantic. A fish?”
Colin  shrugs, nearly cracks, and moves on

Wayne darts offscreen and  does a wolf noise. Colin, confused, goes over: “…why…someone left a phonograph.”
And he takes the record off Wayne, rationalizing the sound.
Like ‘Crazy Ted’, Colin will never give Wayne  the satisfaction of doing something unprompted in this game

Ryan starts playing Kathy as a guitar: “SOMEONE LEFT A PHONOGRAPH TODAAAAY…”
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 7.53.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 7.53.44 PM.png
This is definitely payback for Action Replay

Colin, looking at Wayne’s crotch: “aww, my little doohickey broke in the…”
Wayne: [breaks]

Wayne, already as Colin’s tent, starts the howling noise again
Colin, once again not giving Wayne  the satisfaction: “MY TENT HAS A LEAK”
He then ties up  Wayne’s butt and leaves him there, straddling. Trying not to crack up. Drew finally buzzes and Wayne releases.

This  was a funny Living Scenery. Not the best one with Kathy, but really funny, and like last game, the  Colin and Wayne stuff cracked me up.

Wayne…is still laughing back at the  seats
Colin, back to the theme of S4: “WHO HAS A TICKLY BUM?”
Drew: “Someone’s got a tickly butt, I wonder who that is?”
Wayne, weakly: “…his hands were up my bum…”
Colin, of course: “IT’S CEREBRAL.”

Drew: “1000 points for exposing Wayne’s tickly butt problem to the world.”

Show Stopping Number: Colin, Ryan and Wayne work at the United States Senate

Well, there’s a runner, so this’ll be easy

This is the last playing of this we get on the ABC version, but  it comes back in  various  other forms

Drew has this ‘hands-out’ gesture when  explaining this game that both Wayne and Colin make fun  of

Ryan’s buzzer comes very soon  into the game, before any character: “I don’t have what it takes anymore”
“I’m gonna lose, gonna take a great fall
You  probably don’t understand, you’re cerebral.”

Colin: “I don’t think you should lead the people, you’re hopeless.”
Ryan: “What d’you mean?”
Colin: “You’re stupid.”
Ryan: “Stupid? What’s that mean?”

Colin’s song is a fun one
“I’m the best man for the job
Come on everyone vote for Bob
I’m good, I’m a real smarty
Backed right into a corner, it appears
Colin, justifying: “I’m running on the Itsy Bitsy Panty Ticket”
Ryan breaks for a millisecond, putting it all into perspective
Colin, summing  up the whole show: “MAKES YA THINK, DOESN’T IT?”

Wayne: “knock knock knock knock”
Colin: “Oh, someone’s at the knocker.”

Wayne, entering: “Hello, I’m the Reverend Jesse Jackson.”
Wayne, continuing: “I would like to give you my support for the [inhale] ITTY. BITTY. PANTY. PARTY.”
Ryan: “Itty Bitty  Panty Party?”
Wayne, clarifying: “The Itty Bitty  Panty Party, for the Itty Bitty Panty Party Partakes of the Participation of the Partisan Committees.”
Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.08.40 PM.png

Wayne: “I know that your party’s right where it belongs
Because we’re all wearing thongs! HEY!”

As  they head back to the seats, Ryan clearly says ‘THANK YOU RYAN’. Was this about him setting up Wayne for the tongue-twister line? I couldn’t hear what was said before that

A really good Show-Stop, possibly one of the best playings, even if the story was nominal- Wayne’s presence, and the  eventual panty angle, made for an amazing ending.

World’s Worst: Person to be Married To

Drew: “Hi, I’m ex-president Bill Clinton”
Colin: “Well, another day of helping horses mate…”

Ryan and Wayne go up the same time, and then they step back at the same time, so Colin  and Drew do the same thing

Drew has a fun one where he’s mouthing ‘I love you’ through the prison barrier

Not a great World’s Worst.

Overall: A bit below my expectations. While this was good, and had some great games and a great runner, a few games in the middle weren’t as good as they should have been. Weird Newscasters, Living Scenery, parts of Action Replay, and Show Stop were great, and all of that held the basis for a great show, and one that’s worth watching again and again. Thanks to Number of Words and World’s Worst, though, it’s not a PERFECT show, and it comes several notches below 7×13 because of those games. I still liked this one, and I liked how much of it revolved around the Colin-Wayne combo, rather than Colin-Ryan. Solid show, just not perfect.

Show Winner: Kathy
Best Performer: It was nearly a tie between Colin and Wayne, but Colin pulled ahead. A shame, because I wanted to give it to both of them.
Worst Performer: Kathy,  sadly. I hate that I keep putting her here.
Best Game: Weird Newscasters. Nearly put Living Scenery or Show-Stopping Number here, but WN felt the most complete.
Worst Game: World’s Worst was kinda dead.
Should it Have Aired in S4?: Yeah! It sucks that a lot of this strong taping’s output came several years after the actual taping.

COMING UP NEXT: The penultimate show of S7, and we go back to the same taping we got its first episode from.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S07E22, or You Try Wearing a Thong Backwards for 3 Days

Very important S7 entry for me. This comes from the same taping as 4×08, one of my all time favorites, and 4×21, the ‘Kathy Rams Into People’ episode. And this one is arguably just as strong. I know, right?

Let’s Make a Date: Kathy must choose from Wayne, panicky frat boy waking up on his wedding day, blindfolded, naked and handcuffed to Colin, himself an incompetent 1940s gangster who bungles a bank robbery and has to make a desperate escape, and Ryan, a smart-mouthed brat who’s been told never to lick the metal plate in Colin’s head in winter

Drew, right before Kathy starts: “ha ha, Ryan, ha ha ha…”

Wayne’s shrieks of horror upon seeing Colin, himself nonplussed, is a great way to start the game

Kathy, in a very thick Canadian accent: “Would you say you’re a country mouse or a city mouse”
Colin: “…what are you talking about YOU CRAZY DAME”

Colin yells in anger once he realizes his gun’s not loaded. Wayne has a similar yell, just in general.  Colin then smacks Wayne with the gun

Kathy: “I’m wondering what kind of food you’d think of yourself as”
Ryan cracks up, hiding his hand from Kathy, so to speak: “well, any food’s gonna taste good…in a minute or so…”

Ryan…eventually goes for the kill
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.31.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.31.44 PM.pngThis struggle goes on for several seconds. Colin’s damn near squirming

Colin’s yell of ‘CHEEZE IT THE COPS’ has always stuck in my head for some reason, but he takes off towards the audience with a frightened Wayne in tow
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.33.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.33.48 PM.png
and then  he  turns around
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.33.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.34.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.34.41 PM.png

Then, when Colin runs back to the stools, he rams Wayne balls-first into one of them, which is a great physical gag

Kathy, in a very genius move: “Bachelor #3, what would you consider to be foreplay?”
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.37.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.38.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 4.38.42 PM.png
I’m frigging howling

Right as Drew buzzes, Ryan just shows Colin his card. Which Colin seems to enjoy. Then Wayne shows him  his, and Colin just has this confused, arms-outstretched reaction. Like ‘why’s everybody going after me?’

Kathy: “Bachelor #1…”
Wayne, knowing he didn’t make it very easy: “YEEEEEAH, GO ‘HEAD…”
Kathy gets it pretty close to spot on, which surprises Wayne

Kathy: “Bachelor #2…”
Colin, shaking his head: “yeahh…”

Kathy’s bad guessing skills come back with Ryan: “Bachelor #3, are you just about to hit puberty?”
Ryan, stifling a laugh: “you’re so close…”

An insanely strong LMAD. So much going on between the three of them. I feel bad for Colin that all roads seem to lead back to him in this game, but he’s at least a good sport about it

Drew: “Hey, dude, you almost got your head licked!”
Colin: “…yeah!”
Drew: “Why’d you fight him so much?”
Colin: “…well because…it’s televised…”
Ryan, under Colin: “he remembers the last time”
Somehow this phrasing makes air

Drew: “Ryan has a wife and children, nobody’s-”
Ryan: “She ENCOURAGES me to lick your head…”

Ryan, pointing to his ring: ‘THIS can come off in a  MINUTE…”

Drew: “All I know is when  I saw the note, I was really looking forward to seeing you lick his head.”
Ryan: “I think all of America was.”
Ryan turns to Colin, smirking, and goes “it was  a dream deferred…”
THIS breaks Colin. Just putting it so succinctly, so poetically

Drew, of course, brings out the tape recorder: “Hey, not only do I have two shows, but this is how easy the second show is.”
Tape recorder: “ONE THOUSAND POINTS.”

Motown Group: Wayne, Colin & Ryan ‘Do the Fireman’

As Colin and Ryan walk up, Colin goes to Ryan ‘hey, why do WE have to play this game?”
Ryan: “I don’t know.”

Wayne: “Nothing beats my job, I do suppose
When I go out to bars, I say ‘check out my hose'”

Colin has a very goofy verse about how firefighting is ‘less work and more play’, with some very goofy dancing, “because I always start the fires myself”

Wayne’s ending verse is cut short. A shame, too, cause this was a pretty good Motown Group, and I would have loved to see it

Narrate: Lingerie Shop

Ryan and Colin always seem to dread this  game, for some reason

Colin: “It was a cold day in October, but something went wrong when they  put the clocks back, it  was now March.”

Colin describes the golden bra he’s looking  for to Ryan as ’38-DDD’
Ryan gives him a look.
Colin, not helping: “…that’s 3 D’s…”
Ryan, upstage: “…everything  about him was 3D”
He looks like he’s about to say something else, but  shrugs and goes back in. He even mutters to Colin “i can’t do better than that…”

Colin: “I could tell by the way he was trying to foist lingerie on me that he was strange.”
THAT is a great line. Delivered so dryly

Colin: “That, and he was wearing a cat under his arm. A DEAD cat…with a strange list…UNDER ITS PAW….”
He realizes he’s probably just screwed over Ryan and overcomplicated the scene, so he  smirks at the camera: “…I’ll get back to you on this  later”

Colin immediately reads the list: “Things to buy once I sell the golden bra”
A moment of shocked silence. And then a nod from Colin  to the camera. I freaking love this game

Ryan: “It’s not my list, it’s the cat’s.”
Colin: [goes to do a narrate]
Ryan: “You did mention a cat, did you, I wasn’t really listening…”

Colin: “He was trying to blame the cat, but I knew cats don’t steal bras…UNLESS THEY’RE REALLY SMART…”
He just nods, then returns to his former mood. Colin is absolutely owning this game

Colin rips open Ryan’s shirt and goes “AHA”
Ryan: “…you like what you see, Mister?”
Colin: “Not particulal….llly…”
Ryan, playing with that: “Oh, but you  can’t talk looking  at em, can you?”

Ryan then removes his pants. Colin responds with one of the most diabolical successions of sentences I’ve heard in this game
Colin, upstage: “…he was wearing a thong.”
So far so good. Ryan turns around.
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.06.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.06.35 PM.png

Ryan takes this gift, turns around and has a jerky, circulation-cut-off pelvic thrust in Colin’s direction. GENIUS move.
Colin, interrupting his own line: “…don’t do that”

Colin: “I need that bra or else an international incident will erupt”
Ryan, smirkingly, upstage: “An incident wasn’t about the only thing that was gonna erupt.”
Colin has a look behind him  like ‘I knew I set him up for something’
Ryan: “You try wearing a thong backwards for 3 days”
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.08.51 PM.png

Ryan turns, still upstage, to Colin: “…I SEE YOU’RE LOOKING AT ME.”
Just a great meta moment. Ryan trying to bring Colin down with him

Ryan, handing him the bra: “But they’re a curse on that bra….a curse that could mean your life.”
One more jerky-wiggle for the road
Colin: “Even  though he was coming onto me, I knew I had to go.”
That’s a fun way  of interpreting that wiggle
Colin: “A curse…a bra that was cursed, heh…AMAWADEMAWAHAWA….”

Colin goes back downstage and delivers a sentence of straight-faced gibberish to Ryan
Ryan, upstage, with the perfect ending line: “It was at that moment that I realized he was Canadian.”
Colin gives Ryan  a small look as Drew buzzes

Drew: “It was all that Vancouver barking that gave you away”

A MASTERFUL Narrate. One of my favorites, and one of the best ones. You can tell both of them had each other on the ropes at different points in this game, and even though Colin led for most of them, Ryan surged late and took the game away. A really, REALLY funny playing of this.

Also, Drew pulls out the tape recorder one more time and Ryan tries out his impression of it. “ONE…THOUSAND…POINTS.”

Scenes from a Hat:

Right before Drew pulls the first line, you can faintly hear Ryan pull another robotic “one…thousand…points”

Drew: “Other people Dorothy  might have met, and what they would have asked the wizard for”
Ryan: “Hey, Dorothy, I’m Drew Carey, I need some jokes to do in between scenes”
[Was this a reference to that stinker that Drew laid out after the first commercial in 4×08?]
Wayne: “Dorothy, I’m Ryan Stiles, Drew just fired me, can  I have a job?”
Of course that’s the next logical step

Drew: “Something you always wanted to tell your parents but couldn’t until now”
Wayne: “Mom, Dad? I’m white.”
Colin: “…I’m adopted.”

Drew: “Titles of self-help books written by dogs.”
Ryan  does his usual ‘because I can’, but there’s an  audience member who IMMEDIATELY goes ‘OH, JESUS!’. Right after he says it.

‘World’s Worst Person to Share an Elevator with’ brings back two runners
Wayne: [pulls out tape recorder] “ONE…THOUSAND…POINTS”
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.23.19 PM.png
Wayne and Drew just squirm after this
Drew: [hands Colin the box of altoids]

Drew: “What  phone sex operators are really  doing on the other end of the line”
Kathy: [heavy breathing…then a sneeze]

Drew goes to read another one as Ryan and Colin set up, but they go back.
Drew: “No, go ahead.”
Ryan: “It’s not that funny.”
Ryan: “Trust me on this one…”

Ryan and Colin eventually go for it
Ryan, shaking his hand: “YES…YES…YES…”
Colin and Ryan: “Yahtzee!”

Ryan, after the applause and good response for that one: “…told ya.”

Drew: “How men can make the most of their time while they’re stuck cuddling with the little woman.”
Ryan, cuddling with Kathy: “…Yahtzee!”

Drew: “The last thing Drew Carey  thinks before he drifts off to sleep”
Wayne, as usual: “ahhh….MONEY…..”
[I still love whenever Wayne presents him as this wholesome, money-hungry guy]
Wayne: “…it’s true, isn’t it?”
Drew, nodding: “yeah…”

Ryan, of course: “He’s so tall…”
Colin: “…maybe tomorrow I’ll lick his head.”

A REALLY GOOD SFAH. Because there was so much, it felt like an earlier playing. And also, it was just really funny

Hoedown: Weight

Wayne: “See, my  weight would hurt me, my heart it would break it
How I lost weight, I pictured Drew standing naked”
Drew has his usual sigh and unimpressed look here

Drew: “People always  ask me ‘Drew, did you lose weight’
And I tell ’em ‘thanks I feel great’
I found a diet plan that’s like no other
I burn all my calories spankin’ Wayne’s mother”
The words ‘spanking’ and ‘mother’ are censored, but it’s still a very fun rebuttal verse

Colin: “The things that they have said, boy they make me cry
Some kid  snuck up and wrote ‘goodyear’ on my side”
A simple joke, but  it still works

Ryan however has a classic verse:
“Singing about weight, I don’t know where to begin
As you’ve noticed, I really am quite thin
I watch my weight, I don’t wanna end up dead
There’s very few calories in licking Colin’s head”
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.36.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.36.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.36.37 PM.png
I feel bad for the cameraman who had to spring into action and pan over and JUST missed it. We got a small glimpse, but an imperfect  one

A very strong Hoedown, and a great capper to the show-long runner.

Overall: A new standard for season 7. Only one game came short of spotless, and that’s because of a minor edit in Motown Group. Everything else was phenomenal. LMAD started a runner while being a strong playing itself with great dynamics from everyone. Narrate was a game-high that gave us some great Ryan-Colin stuff we hadn’t seen in this game since S4ish. SFAH was the most full and complete round we’ve had in a  while. And Hoedown was really damn good and a fitting end to the runner. Now, was Kathy underedited? Yes, of course. This is Whose Line. They’re gonna underedit Kathy. But Ryan, Colin and Wayne all had great shows, the tape recorder bits were still funny, and it felt like a complete show in the same way that 4×08 did. So this is a fitting sequel to one of my favorite Whose Lines of all time, and a great S7 episode.

Show Winner: Kathy
Best Performer: Ryan Stiles. Just had the smartest moves, and carried the runner all night.
Worst Performer: Kathy, once again, didn’t have much to do.
Best Game: Narrate was wall-to-wall amazing. Should be studied.
Worst Game: Motown Group, but even then it’s one of the best playings.
Should it Have Aired in S4?: GOD YES.

COMING UP NEXT: Another Kathy Greenwood show [YAY I LIKE THESE!]. This one is from the same taping as the awesome 7×13, and has a pretty good runner attached to it.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S07E17, or Hey, What’s With the Violin?

Episode 2 of this season was the first one that really reassured me that S7 would not be the back-of-the-line fodder I feared it would be. Now we have another show from that S4 taping, the 408 taping with Kathy, and a few more games that will fight to convince me of S7’s strengths, and to convince the internet of Kathy’s. The ‘Kathy Greenwood was great on Whose Line’ hill is one I’m willing to die on, folks.

Hollywood Director: During a foxhunt, the lady of the manor, Kathy, accidentally shoots sexy stable boy Ryan; as she is removing the buckshot from his rear end, her dashing, jealous fiancee Lord Wayne rides in with the horses and hounds

Drew: “The lady of the manor…”
Kathy: [nods]
Drew: “…Kathy. Though you never know on this show.”

Ryan starts by drawing back in pain, and even THAT cracks me up: “RIGHT IN MY REAR END.”

I do love Kathy’s more subtle acting in taking an awful long time to remove the bullet, but it’s lost on the audience. She’d get laughs if this were the Clive version.
Ryan: “I’m so glad you shot me.”
This, for some reason, gets the laughs

The accents and characters are so fun in this scene, especially Kathy’s, that I kinda don’t want this to become Director. But…of course.

Wayne has a very confused reaction to Colin referring to the mix of dialects ‘like a Buckwheat  convention’

As Vegas magicians:
Ryan, drawing back with the butt wound, then: “…A RABBIT!”

Right before Colin enters, Ryan emits a high-pitched ‘MEW’, which confuses Wayne, Kathy AND Colin when he’s onstage.
Colin: “…WHAT?”
Ryan: “…I was a sexy lion at the end…”

I love how Colin specifies to Ryan that it’s “a HOR-ROR movie’. Remembering last time [“you two aren’t married? You WHORE.”]

Kathy has a great move in biting Ryan’s ass instead of shooting

Wayne enters…moves Ryan out of the way, and motions for Kathy to continue. And then  Kathy AND Ryan start…well, eating his ass. No other way to say it

As catalog models:
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.31.22 PM.png

Colin suggests they try  it like ‘a dominatrix and her clients’, makes eye contact with Ryan, and adds “…remember?”

Kathy: [fires]
Ryan: “OH YEAH”

A very good, and substantial, Director scene. I feel like I like this one more than most people do, but there were a lot of little things I enjoyed, and I especially enjoyed Kathy’s proactive work, even the audience didn’t.

Drew admits Wayne’s accent made him sound “like the guy from Fine Young Cannibals”

Dubbing: In a 1930s speakeasy, mobster Colin starts hitting on Megan, voice by Wayne, a sexy nightclub entertainer, when her boyfriend, rival mobster Ryan, bursts in

Wayyyyy back in the infancy of Whose Line on youtube, this was one of the first clips around. Or at least one of the first really accessible ones that had a million views by the time I stumbled onto it.

Ryan proves he’s learned from this taping’s SFX by shaking Megan’s hand, going “I’m RYAN”, and staring right towards Karen. THAT is some good continuity.

I love the cuteness of Megan going over to the step with Wayne, thinking it’s like SFX, and Colin going ‘you’re over here, YOU’RE in the scene.’

Megan is FANTASTIC at dubbing Wayne’s randomly improvised baseline nightclub song [sorry Wayne, but it’s nothing compared to Ryan’s ‘AND A SONG AND A SONG AND A SOOOOOONG].

Wayne: “You talking to me, Tall…Not so Dark and Shiny?”

Wayne: “What’s your name? My name’s LOUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE.”
Colin, deadpan: “…’s that with two s’s?”

He realizes how ridiculous that sounds, and cracks up a little

Ryan, entering: “Hey, what’s going on here Louiiiiiiiiiiise?”

Colin: “You’re not welcome here, on this part of town”
Ryan: “This is my club”
Colin: “…Oh”

Wayne, to Ryan: “LOOK AT ME. I’m pushing you away aggressively.”
A second goes by, and Megan finally realizes she should do that.

Ryan: [chick-chick]
Colin, perfectly: “Hey, what’s with the violin”
THAT is a great move. Screwing over Ryan, who now has to change his physicality
Ryan, fighting a smirk: “Thought I’d play a little tune! ‘Ohhh I’m gonna shoot you when I can buy a guuuuun…”

Wayne: “I have to be with a gentleman who’s talented…maybe  if the two of you had a breakdance contest…”
Ryan and Colin have a nervous exchange
Wayne: “Of course, I wouldn’t let the two of you breakdance and have all the fun. I’ll be up here doing the worm.”
Great move by Wayne. Not even Megan is safe

Wayne: “5! 6! 7! 8!”
Colin: “OH, YOU WIN.”
HA. Colin would rather lose the ‘game’ than actually go  through with breakdancing, copping out of Wayne’s idea for a big ending. It’s actually kind of funny, and it still gets a conclusion anyway.

SUCH A GREAT DUBBING. Megan was fantastic and had a great time, there were so many great lines and improv moves, and there was a lot I remembered from the YT clip 14 years ago.

Scenes from a Hat:

Kinda funny that although the last game was on Youtube pretty quickly, this one took a lot longer to make it up there

Bad Times to Take off your pants establishes a pattern
Ryan: [takes off pants] “scalpel”
Kathy: “I do” [takes off pants]
I love how Wayne runs after Kathy with his pants around his ankles, though

Colin: “Come on, I’ll show you through my cactus garden”

Unfortunate Moments to Become Nauseous continues the pattern
Ryan: “scalpel?”
Wayne: “I do. BLEH.”
[Kathy getting hit by Wayne with vomit is a great reaction  time]

Quick, and very simple, and…maybe didn’t need to be here?

Greatest Hits: Songs of Paris

Drew agrees to do Songs of Amsterdam, and Ryan and Wayne both give him very concerned, uneasy looks.
Ryan: “…OhhhKAAAAY…”
I can only assume  that Keith intervenes, because there’s only one place they can go, because the next shot is Drew going “let’s do Paris…”

However, we still get the random shot of Drew breaking into “THE WHOOOORES OF AMSTERDAAAM…”
THAT cracked me up
Felt like the cousin of ‘the gold diggers will be out heah in a moment…”

Colin: “You know…I love to ROCK. I love to ROCK HARD.”
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.55.15 PM.png
It’s that simple
Colin just keeps repeating it. Ryan eventually has to wipe the spit off his sleeve

Colin comes up with a title for the Aerosmith song: “…MY TOWER IS AN EIFFEL.”
Ryan…has the greatest slowburn reaction I’ve ever seen:
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.56.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.56.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.56.56 PM.png
He’s fine for a second….and THEN:
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.57.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.57.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.57.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.57.21 PM.png

And if you think that’s bad, watch what this song does to Wayne

Wayne, doing a full Steven Tyler, takes the mic stand and holds it above his head so it feels like it’s hanging

About halfway through the song…
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.59.58 PM.png
You can see it there, Wayne’s battery pack comes loose, and starts hanging out of his pocket for dear life as he hops around.
Hell, he picks it up and starts slapping it, barely staying together himself. You suddenly hear high-pitched laughing from  Wayne’s left, either one of the musicians or someone from production HOWLING at this

Wayne picks it back up and tries to continue, but the mic falls back out and dangles in between his legs, which he even refers to in the song. The song finishes, and Wayne sighs, owning it, which is all he can  do. Hella fun number, too

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.02.47 PM.png
Ryan: “That means I like it.”
Colin: “Also I think it’s a dirty word to a fish…”
I USED TO CRACK UP AT THAT LINE AS A KID. Wayne and Drew even take a second

Wayne’s Greek song has the backing track of the Zorba the Greek song. If you watch a lot of panel shows, you know this song well.

Wayne’s number is well-done with lyrics, and he’s perfectly able to stay in time with the ever-increasing tempo. He nails it so well that he gets uproarious applause at the finish of the game. Wayne…is on a roll with GH lately.

Pretty good GH. Lots to like. Would have loved a third song over SFAH.

Foreign Film Dub: Kathy and Drew act out the Japanese film Ramen Aplenty, dubbed by Colin and Ryan

Ryan: “…I crave the soup.”
Colin: “I made some, Jerry”

Ryan: “I have to eat quick, I’m due back at the sumo ring”
This is a good line because not only does it establish character and stakes, but it also pisses off Drew
Drew has no choice but to shovel soup in this very sarcastic manner, to appease Ryan

Kathy: [very long objection]
Colin: “…okay”
Always works

Ryan: “And I know while it is hard to look at me, I would love you to become my wife.”
Drew continues to grin and bear it. He flips Ryan  off through his suit

Kathy, turning: “hehehehe.”
Colin, being Colin: “HA HA HA HA.”
This is a great move because it completely flips the tone of Kathy’s line, AND Kathy adjusts her posture so that she’s no longer genuine. I really hope some of you are beginning to agree with me that Kathy was secretly amazing in Whose Line

Drew does an angry lamentation with a raised sword
Ryan: “…mind if I use your washroom?”
Drew gives Ryan a  look. Not as angry as before, just more like a ‘really?’ Cause now Drew’s losing it

Colin: “I would love to marry you, you are the noodle to my broth.”
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.13.36 PM.png
Ryan: “And in honor of that, I shall do my Al Jolson”

Kathy, in response, commits seppuku
Colin: “…I…HATE…JOLSON…”

ANOTHER GREAT FOREIGN FILM DUB. Not as good as last show’s, but this was really good, had a complete story and states, and despite starting  out as some Drew abuse from Ryan, mellowed into a very clever and funny scene. Why is FFD only working THIS LATE  in the run???

Overall: Another solid show from this taping. Not as good as 7×02, or even 5×13, but still really good, and with enough really good games [Director, GH, Dubbing, FFD] to stand out from 7×02 while also being considered really good. I don’t know why it’s become evident of how ON this taping was NOW, rather than in S4 or S5, but it’s just showing  more and more how with it everyone was, and how clever Colin and Kathy, and the rest but mostly those two tonight, could be. All four had good moments [Wayne annihilating that Greek number, Kathy’s accent and dialect work all night [and that pantsing in SFAH], Ryan slaying Drew in FFD and Colin throwing Ryan with the violin AND that GH song title]

After I did 7×02, a friend of mine who will remain nameless [but if you read enough of these, you could guess] cooked up an edit of most of the games from 7×02, but with the banter from 5×23 and this episode’s Dubbing, and it honestly felt really complete, and like it could have been a top tier show in S5. And that says a lot about what was left from this taping.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: This is my blog, and I can do whatever the hell I want, so I’m giving it to Kathy Greenwood, because she deserves it. She had the best moves tonight, her improv impressed me the most, and this show, and this taping, was a career high for her. Now please, for the love of god, stop telling me about how she was the most useless performer in Whose Line history. She was amazing on this show. You just weren’t looking.
Worst Performer: Ryan honestly got thrown tonight more than he threw others.
Best Game: I could put any one of four games and be happy with myself. But I’m going with Dubbing. That game was a chess match between Ryan and Colin, and Wayne was doing work arguably on a higher level.
Worst Game: SFAH still had good moments, but it was so compact that I wished another Greatest Hits song went in its place.
Should it Have Aired in S4?: Hell yes. And bring 5×23 down to S7 where it belongs.

COMING UP NEXT: Is there anything left from the 404 taping with Greg, which we’ve already gotten three solid episodes from? Let’s find out…

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S07E16, or Ishky Kapishky

There are 9 Kathy Greenwood episodes in S7. That’s far and away more than any other fourth seater. A lot of her tapings didn’t get their full extent of footage aired in regulation, so we’re getting a lot of it now, which is fine. This taping, the 405 one, had three episodes aired from it, and all 3 were pretty good. But we’ve got one more.

Let’s Make a Date: Kathy must choose from Wayne, Mission Impossible agent lowering himself into a room to retrieve secret microfilm in Colin and Ryan’s pants pockets, Colin, having passionate secret affairs with Wayne and Ryan’s shoes but must decide between them, and Ryan, a comedian who is bound and strapped to a time bomb that counts down whenever the audience isn’t laughing

Ryan and Colin have reactions to theirs as usual, but WAYNE actually has a ‘hee-hee-hee’ laugh reacting to his. Usually he’s stoic reading his

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 5.34.33 PM.pngWayne is some fun goofy physicality, which always works with him

Colin reaches down to Wayne’s shoes: “I THINK HE SUSPECTS.”
And then:
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 5.36.32 PM.png

I love the detail of the other quirks going on as Wayne is still hanging above Colin. Also, isn’t it funny that Wayne has a quirk to reach  into people’s pants the same taping Colin has a  quirk to grab people’s crotches?

I love Ryan’s look of relief once the audience starts laughing. It’s so simple.

And then, once it lets up:
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 5.38.22 PM.png
And it’s just a back and forth between Ryan  looking  scared and then the laughs kicking  in

Once Wayne reaches into Ryan’s pocket, he first looks at Drew, then quickly starts struggling to get out of his chains.

Colin grabs at Ryan’s foot, and I love Ryan’s VERY SHOCKED expression in response to that. Then, as Colin tries shoving  the shoe off, he nearly cries out in pain

Colin, finally getting the shoe free: “IT’S YOU! IT’S YOU I WANT!”

Colin  rushes into the audience. Wayne chases after  him. Ryan’s stuck onstage with one  shoe. This is just wild

Ryan is only getting the time-bomb  part across, not as much the comedian bit, but his  line “any date with you would be a blast” gets a good audience reaction

Drew AGAIN  uses this game to mention how “GREAT [Kathy is] at these guessing-type games”
Kathy, chuckling: “I feel ESPECIALLY confident tonight…”

Drew reveals Wayne’s quirk about ‘retrieving microfilm from Ryan and Colin’s pants pockets’
Ryan, of course: “That wouldn’t be MICROfilm…”

Kathy guesses Colin  has “a fetish for large things”
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 5.47.03 PM.png

Kathy needs help with  all 3. Probably says more about the intricacy of the quirks than her skills.

A good LMAD. I liked that a lot of the action and collaboration was physical, and a lot of the big improv moves were very subtle physical moves.

Really Bad Hangover: Colin  and Kathy get up in the morning- Wayne and Ryan do SFX

A new game that was only played once, a fixed variant on Sound Effects.

Ryan immediately rips the cover off his mic
Drew: “I’m sick, so I just sprayed both of those with disinfectant”
I believe this is not the only time Drew mentions being sick this episode

Ryan opens with a really funny distorted alarm noise.
Kathy  responds by firing a gun at the alarm.

So many of the amplified SFX are really funny. Wayne doing  BOOMING steps for Colin, and Ryan adding a snoring sound.

Colin: “…want some asprin?”
Kathy, whispered: “…yeah thanks”

Colin: [opens asprin bottle]

Ryan  has some great sounds for Kathy swallowing the pill. LOTS OF STOMACH NOISES, TOO.
Colin: [spits into his hand]

Colin: [combs hair]
Wayne: […]

I love the  little ricochet noise Ryan makes for Kathy’s shirt as she flings it off

The scene ends on a fart joke from Ryan, which had to happen eventually.

A really nice scene. A lot was brought across creatively, and all four seemed to do well with it. They really  should have played this again.

Scenes from a Hat:

Drew: “Bad songs to sing when  making love”
[Reminds me of one of his responses from 9×01’s World’s Worst Person to Present a Joy of Sex Video]

Drew: “The last thing  you  would expect to come out of your grandmother’s mouth”

Drew: “Unusual Acts Performed on Talent Night at the Convent”
Colin: “…I’m a penguin…I’m a black and white movie…I’m a newspaper…I’m a zebra…”
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.01.15 PM.png
[explaining anyway] “…The Flying Nun.”

I’ve talked about how I enjoy the pivot to wholesomeness, but  the pivot to darkness also works, as evidenced by how Ryan ends this:
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.02.03 PM.png

Okay SFAH. Not much to it.

Drew, coming back from commercial: “PFFFF, WOOOO…Welcome back to Whose Line is it Anyway…”
[He then tries to pass this off as normal]
Ryan: “You know how  that’s gonna look coming back from a commercial, and you’re like WOOOO?”
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.04.17 PM.png

Film Dub: One day in the trailer park

A sentimental favorite of mine from this era

I like that  Kathy’s taking the lead in  this, and she’s got a good characterization to start
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.08.48 PM.png
Colin, doing support: “I made all the buttons out of macaroni!”
Kathy: “As long as it hurts, I mean  REALLY HURTS, that’s it…”

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.10.12 PM.pngRyan: “DOMINO’S”

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.10.47 PM.png
Tony Slattery would be proud. Also, I hope he’s doing alright right now.

Ryan, at the end of his character’s apparent monologue: “Do you find me attractive at all? I can’t stop talking. I have no hair left.”
Colin: “Shuddup, you’re a big round man, I don’t like you.”

Colin, slamming  the door: “aaaaah, you’re a goof.”

Not a lot to this one, other than little moments, but I still kinda like it.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Circus

Colin, with an all-time favorite: “Hi, we’ll be back to the Misplaced Emphasis Theater production of “…WHAT? WOMEN WANT?” in just a second.”

Ryan: “You  know, Colin, this is my last  infomercial with you. I’m running away and joining the circus.”
Colin: “Oh, I noticed the clown shoes.”
Ryan: ‘And we have plenty of CDs to order from, I’m keeping  them ALL IN MY HUGE SHOES.”
And he just glowers at the camera. Perfect  slowburn

Ryan does a ‘simply titled’ for the Hawaiian tune: [elephant noise]

Wayne’s Don Ho elephant dancing is really fun, and he’s very good at moving about the stage and making it seamless.

Ryan has  a Mark-Lamarr-esque anecdote about freaking out his kid by saying the luau pig was actually Babe
Colin: “How’s the therapy going?”

Wayne’s Chubby Checker, as usual, is really damn  good, and he makes ‘Lion of Love’ sound  like a genuine, fun 50s style number. Again, I prefer duo GH ones to Wayne alone, but even this one  is winning me over because of the trickier styles they’re pulling  out for him that he’s still acing

A good GH. Not great, and the banter let me down a bit, but Wayne killed it.

Foreign Film Dub: Kathy and Drew act out the Ukrainian action film ‘Action in the Ukraine’, dubbed by Colin and Ryan

Another sentimental favorite

Drew, getting Ukrainian, takes a moment to process it, going “sorry, I have an inner ear infection”

Points to the smartass audience member who suggested, for the Ukrainian action film, the title ‘Action in the Ukraine’. Yeah, that’s about what we’re going for here

Ryan, with Drew’s angry opening  line: “hand over the pierogies, hand over them now.”
So, uh, pierogies are more of a Polish delicacy than a Ukrainian one, but sure, we’ll go with it

Drew: [says a line]
Ryan: “I can’t hear you, I have  an inner ear infection.”

Drew does a line before drinking something
Ryan: “Here’s looking atcha.”
Colin, with no choice: “…HAHAHAHA.”

Drew has another line  and pulls his gun  back out
So bizarre that Drew laughs at it

Kathy does a line in  this position:
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 7.24.02 PM.png
Colin: “…d’you  know I do Jolson?”
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 7.24.38 PM.png

Kathy: “Ishta Kapshkie”
Colin, with nothing: “…Ishky Kapishky…”
Drew LOSES IT here

Drew laughs for about 10 seconds and then finally gets a line out.
Ryan: “AHAHAHA. AHAHAHA. I just remembered an old joke. Two pierogies walk into a bar.”
Kathy, for once, mind-melds with Colin and literally wills him to translate this; “…Oskonde”
Colin: “Go on…”
Mainly because Kathy, I think, knew Colin would go there.

Drew decides to screw over Ryan, and does some fake Ukrainian but ends with the word ‘Complimentary’
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 7.28.26 PM.png
It’s definitely a pimping-out moment, because now Ryan has to think of a joke that ends in the  word complimentary. CAN HE DO IT.

Ryan, finally: “The nuts look at the pierogies and say ‘hey, you look great, have you lost weight?’, and the pierogies say ‘what’s with the nuts?’, and the bartender says ‘they’re complimentary'”
BOOM. Delivered in no time. Kathy, Colin and Drew are all impressed as they head back to the seats.

One of my favorite Foreign Film Dubs. Every line felt like it mattered, so many jokes hit, Kathy did a lot of very  smart things over the course of it, and Ryan had that KILLER ending moment. Genuinely good game of this, and it honestly succeeded where a lot of other playings of this have failed.

Overall: Midway between great and good. Foreign Film Dub, LMAD and Really Bad Hangover impressed me, Greatest Hits and SFAH disappointed me, and Film Dub was  somewhere in the middle. So honestly, an  okay, inoffensive, perfectly fine WL. I liked that we got power from games that seemed unassuming, like Really Bad Hangover, and I liked that  Kathy’s better improv instincts have been more apparent in this episode, as well as other S7 episodes. In the grand scheme of things, not one of the most memorable shows, but not hopeless.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best  Performer: Ryan had the biggest moments.
Worst Performer: Even with the small moves, Kathy kept to support work tonight.
Best Game: Foreign  Film Dub. A likeminded individual would say LMAD, but I’m crazy.
Worst Game: Scenes from a Hat was very compact, and not TOO bad, but had the least content to it, it felt like.
Should it Have Aired in S4?: Eh…maybe? LMAD and Hangover could have fit right in there.

COMING UP NEXT: We’ve gotten so far into S7 that we’re hitting  tapings we’ve already seen this season. We got a really good show out of the 408 taping back in E2, and now we have one more show from it with a few highlights to spare.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S07E13, or OH, WE’S IN BIG TROUBLE NOW!

Undoubtedly one of the star tapings of the ABC Family era is this Kathy one from Season 4. After airing only one show in S5, we get THREE MORE across the next 2 seasons, starting with this one, a fairly modest run of games. This is also the first of six straight episodes from S4 tapings, as if it wasn’t clear where most of these were coming from.

Hollywood Director: Hunky plumber Ryan has finished up installing a new shower when frisky housewife Kathy insists on testing it with him, Kathy’s outraged mother Wayne makes a dramatic entrance and catches them at it

Drew: “Hunky Plumber Ryan…PFFF, oh man…”

Ryan: “Guess I should be on my way, I’ve got another hunky plumbing job to do..”

Kathy suggests they try the shower
Ryan: “Well, if you wouldn’t mind putting  on your clothes first…”
Kathy: “Did I forget my clothes AGAIN?”
Ryan: “Yes you did! 3rd time this week!”

I love Wayne feebly chasing after Ryan with a walker

Colin: “May I just say we scaled the heights of Mt. EverCRAP…”

Colin’s first suggestion: “Fast…talking…gangsters…from 40s film noir……I’M MAKING THIS STUFF UP!”


I absolutely love Kathy’s fast-talking gangster movie accent. Fits RIGHT into the genre

I love how even Wayne’s mom character has the gangster movie accent

The audience applauds them after that style. I don’t blame them

Colin suggests “with giant butts”, so Ryan begins  with the plunging motion…but from his  ass. Incredible

Ryan, extending logic with the next part of the scene: “…I can’t get in the shower the same time as you..”

ANNNND Wayne knocks on the door with his ass. Of course Wayne was gonna do something big.

Ryan’s plunging motion WITH violent slow-mo shootout motions is pretty damn funny

Kathy turns on the shower and gets blasted. Both of them are doing great

Wayne FINALLY has a dramatic entrance, and slides across the top of the piano with a gun

A REALLY GOOD DIRECTOR. Just a really competent scene, with great work from everybody, especially the people in the  damn scene. I was happy with how they kept reinventing it without making me tired

Drew: “Dear Wayne Brady, I love how you did your slow motion spin  in midair, you are the dreamiest!”
Wayne: “Dear Drew, I love you too”
Drew: “Dear Ryan, I love thinking about you with that big, big butt!”
Ryan, suddenly gruff voice: “DEAR DREW, I’LL BE GETTING OUT IN TWO YEARS.”

Three-Headed Broadway Star: Ryan, Wayne and Colin sing ‘I Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Pants’ to Jillian

“If I were in”
Colin: “…Hawaii…”
“i would have”
Wayne: “FOUR”

Colin lets out a ‘YYYYOU’ which just reminds me of ‘Leg-Warmers’

“Makes me”

Even a relatively sane line, like “how do you get into those pants of yours” is made funny by Colin’s silly earnestness

“Your pants  are snug and
Colin: “TIGHT”
Wayne: “Your
Ryan: “Face…”
Colin: “…..ISN’T…”
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.30.15 PM.png

At this point, Colin’s just shaking his head, knowing he just had a weird move. Even when he says his next line, ‘have’, he’s just beside himself
“When you have pants like yours, then you’re in
Colin: “LOVE.”

I love Colin’s confused reaction after a Ryan line. Like THAT’S weird to him.

Then they start pushing each other for more of a staccato and quicker pace, and Ryan has this specific delivery of ‘PAAANTS”
“I love your
Colin, with no choice: “…PANTS”

And, of course:
Wayne: “P
Ryan: “A
Colin: “N
Wayne: “T
Ryan: “S”
Colin still: “A!”
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.33.12 PM.png
Colin is just refusing to be predictable.

All three: “Your….PANTSA….”

SUCH A FUNNY 3HBS. One of my favorite non-Drew ones. Colin just kept pushing it into weirder and weirder places, and it just got so funny.

Scenes from a Hat:

Drew: “What the Queen of England is really saying to the people in the greeting line”
Wayne does a goofy impression of the Queen, then goes “pull my finger”
Colin  does a confused impression of Wayne’s impression, then goes to Wayne: “who got kicked off the island this week?”
THAT’s a great one

Drew: “What Lassie was really trying to tell everyone”
Wayne: “I GOTTA PEE, MAN!”

Drew: “People you wouldn’t want to go on an intergalactic flight with”

Drew: “If songs were written about life’s most embarrassing moments”
Ryan: “why can’t I control MY BOOOOOWELS?”
[just how jovial he is]

And then there’s Colin’s classic closer:
“Heyyy, I didn’t mean to cook your dog, but hey those things just happen
I was just standin there, and his little toes they just started tappin
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.41.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.41.27 PM.png
Honestly my favorite rendition of the ‘Ryan carrying Colin away’ gag

A pretty good SFAH. Proves how good this taping’s round was.

Helping Hands: Kathy has gone to visit her Austrian pen pal Ryan and he wants to impress her by taking her out on a romantic Alpine picnic

Ryan  starts the scene singing, and Colin just starts waving his arms around wildly. So already, this scene is winning me over

Ryan, on the beer: “The cap’s off already, I don’t know why I keep trying to get it off…”

Ryan, after a sip: “OOOH, THAT TASTES REAL”
This is evidently before the real champagne and real tequila…

Ryan, holding up the sausage: “Hey, that reminds me, I gotta return Boogie Nights”
HA. That’s a great reference

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.45.58 PM.pngI have no comment for this one.

Ryan ends up spitting this back into Colin’s hand. SECOND ONE IN A ROW. Colin stuffs it in Ryan’s shirt pocket, which is a very fun move

Ryan, as Colin  holds up an egg: ‘I’m gonna pay for this later…”
Kathy, with a line that didn’t get enough credit: “I think I’M gonna pay for it, Rolf..”

I love Ryan subtly convincing Colin to pick up the beer again, and Colin doing his best NOT to grab it, first grabbing sauerkraut, then trying to pour the beer on the sandwich. Just screwing with Ryan

Ryan, on the sandwich: “we gonna put a little egg on that…STAND BACK, WE GONNA TAKE OFF”

Yes, the payoff is Ryan eating something disgusting, but I love his reaction being Colin feeling around sensually. I think Colin has that effect because he didn’t eat the damn thing

Kathy, in ANOTHER line that should have gotten laughs: “…I don’t think I wanna be your pen pal anymore…”

Ryan right after spitting out the sandwich concoction, wants more beer. Poor Ryan

A very, VERY good Helping Hands. Not just attacking Ryan, but so many little gags between people in  this one. Right up there with the coffee one and the puppy film one  with Kathy’s best ones, cause SHE was really fun here too.

Props: Wayne & Colin vs. Drew & Ryan

This props playing was on Youtube for a bit, but the tail end of it got chewed up and cut badly, right around the funnier parts. As did my source.

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.53.37 PM.pngDrew: “Your mother won’t be coming back, Dumbo…”

I had to hop to the seed for a non-chewed version of this last bit, cause it always cracks me up:
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.57.08 PM.png
Ryan: [‘what?’]
Drew, weakly: “…I’M JAR JAR BINKS…”
Ryan, now cracking: “…you sound like…I DON’T KNOW NOTHIN ABOUT MAKIN BABIES…”
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.58.46 PM.png
Ryan, still kinda gone: “OH WE’S IN BIG TROUBLE NOW…”

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 8.00.02 PM.pngColin, after blowing: “…that ain’t a woman…”

A pretty good Props. Mostly stuff we’ve seen before, but that Drew gag just has me every time.

Overall: A REALLY DAMN STRONG SHOW. Helping Hands, Director and Three-Headed were all fantastic, classic-seeming games, and SFAH was really good too. Maybe  it’s because this is the second offering from this taping that it feels so classic still, as there’s still a lot of great material left from it. Plus, even if there’s two runners it needed to avoid, it still felt fresh, independent, and [this is the important bit] DIDN’T HAVE AS MANY EDITING MISSTEPS AS THE LAST FEW. No games felt cut down or truncated by editing. Every game had room to breathe and win me over. Which I definitely needed.

Show Winner: Kathy
Best Performer:  Colin carried the most games. And had the best move in HH.
Worst Performer: Unfortunately Kathy, because even her work in HH and Director wasn’t enough to outdo Wayne or Ryan, but she’s still been impressing me this season.
Best Game: This is so tough. I’m going  with Helping Hands, because it feels like a really substantial round of that, and probably one of the best rounds of it I’ve seen in a while.
Worst Game: Props. Because how can it compete?
Should This Have Aired in S4?: YEAH! This would be welcome in S4 or S5.

COMING UP NEXT: After a few seasons of waiting, we FINALLY see Jeff Davis again. Considering how ubiquitous he’s about to become after the ABC Family run, it’s weird that I’m saying that. But we go back to his late-S4 taping and get one of two supplementary shows from this era.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S07E12, or I’LL HELP YOU, I’M SASSY!

This Kathy S3 taping has given us three very okay shows. 3×27, 3×35, and 4×12. 3×27 was probably the best of the 3. This has some missing  material from those, so my expectations are middling-to-low

Let’s Make a Date: Kathy must choose from Wayne, hyenas from the Lion King, Colin, touchy french-canadian teen who gets increasingly frustrated at people who laugh at him, and Ryan, smooth, upbeat lounge singer on a cruise line just before disaster strikes

Wayne’s is good because of his ability to play 3 characters at once, and just to have the laughing evilly thing going for all 3.
Kathy, eventually: “…okay, shut up..”

Kathy: “#2, dogs or cats?”
Colin: “Ahhh, la chien…”
Audience: [responds]
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 5.45.28 PM.png
[For years, people point to this one as WL predicting the future, as this quirk just describes Justin Bieber]

Also, Colin is Canadian, so OF COURSE HE CAN YELL IN FRENCH.

Wayne also starts giggling at Colin
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 5.47.12 PM.png
Ready to deck him

I kinda like the detail though that Colin will speak actual French for the benefit of the Canadian who is guessing who definitely also knows French.

Kathy asks what Ryan’s ‘secret ingredient’ would be
Ryan: “Well, I’d be served over ice, I know that…”

Ryan, of course, is great at the smarmy  lounge singer narrating impending doom [“THE RATS ARE COMIN UP FROM DOWN BELOWWWW…”]

Wayne continues to laugh at Colin. Colin responds by beating him with a hockey stick.

Colin continues to get soundtracked by the audience, so he literally  walks into the audience, completely confused. Colin is making  this so believable and ridiculous. Then  he starts arguing with the cameras

Ryan, as Colin sits down: “You’re not from this country, are ya?”

Kathy: “Bachelor #3?”
Ryan: “Yes, I’m still here, even though  not many others are…”

Ryan’s finale song: “Let’s…lock…the…Irish behind the gates, don’t let the Irish out

Wayne has to spoonfeed it to Kathy: “I’M WHOOPI! I’M CHEECH! …I’m silent!”
Kathy continues to get this wrong.

After having trouble with Wayne and Colin’s, Kathy gets Ryan’s spot on. I wonder if this is the one that gave Drew the idea that  Kathy’s not great at guessing, which we’ve seen in a lot of LMADs this season.

A great LMAD! All 3 characters were fun.

Sound Effects: Ryan is Indiana Jones, Colin is his sassy female sidekick, they are on a dangerous quest for lost treasure

S7 is really rolling out the SFX. I am not complaining

Drew, cracking up: “Colin…is his sassy female sidekick…”

Colin, immediately: “I’M SASSY!”

Colin: “Ohh, look how old and leathery these papers are”
Julie: “…flip”
Colin: “…this is from the  Old Book of Flip!”

Michelle does these loud clumps as Ryan goes up the ramp to the elevator. Ryan uses this as drinking  noises

Colin trying to start the plane propeller is a fun sequence because Michelle keeps doing this quick ‘FBBBBB’ noise and not sustaining it. So it’s a whole process of Colin continuing to start the propeller but having to do it again
Colin: “OHHH…there’s an  ELEPHANT on the wing…”

Michelle and Julie’s rampant sound effects  keep cracking up Ryan. They’re very good, and they’re very lawful, but they just keep doing him in

I love Michelle’s loud grunting when Ryan tries to move the  door. It’s sub-human. I also love that Ryan  and Colin are going with these SFX and not screwing with them too much

There’s an obvious  cut between  Ryan asking for a bag of sand and him actually trying to put it down.

Colin: “A SNAKE!”
Julie: “AAGH!”
Ryan: “…it’s alright, you stepped on him…”

A pretty good SFX. It petered off towards the end, but Michelle and Julie really gave their all, and Ryan  and Colin seemed like they were having fun

Drew: “We had such a frightening moment while we were at commercial. One of Ryan’s shoes got loose…”

Motown Group: Wayne, Ryan and Colin sing ‘Do the Park Ranger’

Colin: “I’m lonely as can be, oh  those beavers look good to me…”

Ryan has a line  about “YOUR woodpecker” that gets a reaction out  of Wayne

A pretty alright Motown Group, though not too memorable

Helping Hands: Married man Ryan, hands by Colin, has taken his secretary Kathy out for lunch so he can proposition her

I do like Kathy’s performance, and how she can actually push back against Ryan

Ryan, after drinking some real liquor: “…I was hoping that might have been stronger…”

Colin’s about to toss a chocolate into Ryan’s mouth. As Ryan realizes this, he just sighs.
This misses. Thankfully the second  one hits

Ryan: “You know what…this is that chocolate I always bite half of and put it back…”
of course, Colin’s hand appears under his chin right after this. Since this is one of the first times Ryan does this in a taping, it gets a huge reaction

Ryan, after teasing  Kathy with a carrot in  dip: “IS THAT RANCH? I smell ranch, and you know how much I LOOOOVE ranch…”

Ryan, after Kathy takes a bite: “I hope the dip hasn’t been  sitting under lights for too long..”

Ryan: “You know, I prefer my cigars…dipped in ranch as well…”

An alright Helping Hands. Ryan  did his all, and this falls into the basic category of ‘getting Ryan to eat disgusting things’, but there were a lot of little things that kept me from writing it off

Foreign Film Dub: Kathy and Drew act out the Italian film ‘Killer Spaghetti’, dubbed by Colin and Ryan

Kathy starts the scene giving the miming that  she’s cooking food. Eventually she says a line, in great SCTV-style accent work
Colin: “I finished cleaning your underwear.”

Kathy does a great angry rant about Drew wanting food, and does a lot of words and great emotion
Colin: “…what is it with you and spaghetti?”

There’s another obvious cut in the middle. Because longer games < more short games including one that shouldn’t have aired?

Ryan: “Because of the spaghetti, I cannot keep my SHAPELY FIGURE…”

Ryan: “That is so nice of you  to whip me with spaghetti, usually I have to pay for that sort of thing.”

Kathy knees Drew in  the balls: “…desserto…”
Colin: “There ya  go, for desert, some crushed nuts!”

A pretty good FFD. Better  than some other recent ones.

Overall: A middle of the road show with some solid moments and nothing that really pissed me off [editing notwithstanding]. Let’s Make a Date, Sound Effects and Foreign Film Dub were all great playings that could have aired in S3, Motown Group was fine even if it was kinda nothing, and Helping Hands charmed me a bit despite the overplay. Nothing here was too amazing, but there was a charm to this episode that I liked.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Ryan snuck past Colin due to a few lines in FFD.
Worst Performer: You’re gonna kill me, but Kathy did more in her few games than Wayne did in his. Kathy’s character work was evident in FFD and Helping Hands. Wayne, comparatively, didn’t have much that worked.
Best Game: Let’s Make a Date is the kind of classic that I always forget aired during the ABC Family years
Worst Game: Motown Group had the least to it.
Should This Have Aired in S3?: Uh…it could have yeah. I doubt it’d be a high-ranking show for anyone, but it’d be a good pick-me-up. Also, if that HH had aired before several other ones, the ‘Ryan spitting out the chocolate’ bit might have been bigger than it was here in S7, where he does it all the time.

COMING UP NEXT: Another S4 Kathy taping, one that has 2 more episodes after this one, because there was only 1 show aired from it in regulation. This has some fun moments that made it to Youtube in the early era.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S07E06, or Don’t Worry, I Play a Woman a Lot

One of the helpful things about Season 7 is that we have  more material to choose from coming from tapings that we’ve not seen much from. This Kathy taping, which gave us 4×29 [the ‘bump on the back’ one], has been kind of passed over in the past. Thankfully we get to see more from it now.

Let’s Make a Date: Kathy must choose from Wayne, temperamental queen bee gathering nectar from people’s faces, Colin, a born to be wild biker chick going from guy to guy to find a new stud to ride behind, and Ryan, who is having an entire relationship with the stool Colin is sitting on

Drew: “I just cannot wait for Ryan’s”
Ryan, of course, reads his and gives Drew a look, chucking his card at his desk

Wayne even needs to compose himself before getting into his, probably laughing at Ryan

Wayne, whose characterizations have been impressing me more and more lately: “I’M HUNGRY! Where are my 4000 kids?”

Wayne going and pecking Colin’s head before we even know who Colin is seems like a move Wayne would use in the CW version

Colin, behind Wayne: “OOOOH….LET ME…”
And whatever he thinks of there, he just cracks up and refuses to say it.

Ryan’s opening expression is even funny. Hell, he smirks a little bit, knowing what he has to do, but  he’s just focused as hell

Ryan looks at Colin, and Colin sighs, thinking Ryan’s going for him.
Ryan: “…get off of her….YOU HEARD ME, GET OFF OF HER.”

Of course:
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 1.18.52 PM.png

There’s a lot of frenzied, unstructured stuff here that doesn’t work for me, but Ryan does have a fun move here:
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 1.20.07 PM.png
[goes into Here Comes the Bride]

And then:
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 1.20.55 PM.png
Good god, Ryan.

Drew: “Kathy  Greenwood, I know you  love the games where you have to guess what people are…it’s your favorite, the  strongest thing you do…”
This is the second  recent episode where Drew’s brought up Kathy’s difficulty at guessing games. I personally never thought she was too bad at them, but maybe behind the scenes she hated them

A pretty good round, even though the last half was flawed because it wasn’t very structured. Ryan’s tour-de-force lifts this

Drew, to Kathy: “I gotta say, next to watching you dance, watching you guess is my favorite thing…”
So this came after Hollywood Director

Whose Line: Indiana Jones, played by Ryan, and his feisty female companion, played by Colin, are trapped in a snake-infested Egyptian tomb and their torches are about to go out

Colin  already knows that Ryan’s gonna play the man.
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 1.26.49 PM.png
Drew: “You know, you’re always the female companion, but at least you’re feisty or something…”
Colin: ‘Yes, that’s GREAT.”

Ryan: “…I thought you were scared of snakes”
Colin: “I’M FEISTY!”
This will unwittingly become a runner this season

Colin: “Oh, Indy, I love you”
Ryan: “really?”
Colin: “…oh, sure, what the heck…”

I’m getting a kick at how Ryan keeps forgetting his object work and Colin keeps unwittingly getting hurt thanks to objects Ryan waves in his direction. The second time, he machetes Colin in the face, which makes me laugh.
Ryan, remembering SOME object work: “YOU’RE STEPPIN ON THE SNAKES!”

Ryan: “I’m not good with a torch.”
Colin: “You’re not good with women either!”

Colin: “You should have looked into my eyes and said ‘let me strip for you, big boy!”
Ryan: “I would have been calling you boy, and you would have been upset about that…”

It’s a weird take, but  I kinda like how this ends up altering the dynamic, as Colin reveals he’s always in touch with his ‘inner boy’, and Ryan  wants to be the girl in the relationship. It honestly deconstructs the convention of Colin always playing the woman.

Ryan: “I wanna be the one to get up in the morning, roll you over and say ‘you are one ugly woman'”

Then Ryan cracks his whip and Colin draws back in pain. THE OBJECT WORK CONTINUES. This is cracking me up

After an argument about that
Colin: “Ohhh…just THINK you’re gonna get sex later…”

Ryan: “My father was right about you. He said “that girl you’re with?…..’time to make a booty call'”

Ryan: “Give me your torch, it’s in your pocket now, you’re probably on fire…”
Okay, so his object work IS there…but just when he needs it to be

Colin, with the ultimate silly improv cop-out: “…oh, look, a door!”
Yes, the solution was THAT simple. Drew’s cracking up at this.
Ryan, realizing: “WAIT A MINUTE, THESE ARE RUBBER SNAKES. You’ve done this to get me here, haven’t you?”

Colin goes for his last line, setting up that Ryan needs to “say the words ever girl wants to here……..those words I’ve said already!”

Colin does a hug to Ryan that causes some definite mic feedback because both lov mics are too close together, which causes them to recollect for a moment

Colin: “and I want you to whisper into my ear….’rub my rump and call me Lewis.”

SUCH A GOOD WHOSE LINE. One of the best ones I’ve seen since like S2. It felt complete, un-truncated, fleshed out, and it worked so well from an improv standpoint. So many good improv moves I’d expect to see on a stage in some improv club. So damn good, and I’m glad they didn’t butcher this with the editing

Dead Bodies: Bosley, Ryan, is being held captive by a beautiful villainess, Kelsey, who is torturing him with sexual seduction when one of Charlie’s Angels, Kathy, bursts in to rescue him


Ryan gives Colin a pat on the shoulder, knowing what he’s gonna go through with his back in this game

Colin, to calm Kelsey down as Drew explains the scene: “Don’t worry, I play a woman a lot.”
That just sums up Colin in general

Colin starts by doing a weird finger move between Kelsey’s mouth and Ryan’s ear.

Colin starts rubbing Ryan down with Kelsey: “Ooh, you have such broad shoulders, such muscular thighs…”
Oh course, Colin goes for the privates. WAYNE LOSES IT IN THE BACK. Ryan shakes his head. Kelsey’s trying not to lose it.
Colin, who maybe didn’t mean for that:
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 1.44.27 PM.png

Colin, as the audience recollects, as Kelsey: “WHAT HAVE I DONE?”
Colin, as Ryan: “ALRIGHT, I’LL TALK, I’LL TALK!”

I love how Kathy enters and accidentally hits herself in the face with her gun. It happens in an instant.
Colin, taking over: “…nobody can do that to Bosley without the Angels around!”

Colin does a whole fight scene between Kelsey and Kathy. You can hear a few ‘OHs’ from both women as a few shots actually hit.

I love the detail that as Kelsey falls back down, Colin has to push her midside so that she sits back down in the chair

Colin, as Ryan: “Be easy on her, Angel…there’s something about this woman that I like”
And with that, Colin brushes past Ryan’s crotch area with Kelsey’s hand again
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 1.48.38 PM.png

A really funny Dead Bodies. Really brought me back to early-era playings of this in how silly it was. Colin outdid himself here.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Fast-Food Worker 

Ryan: “This CD set weighs almost a quarter pound!”

Ryan: “What do you think of when I say Straw Hats and Banjos”
Colin: “Oh, Uncle Phil.”
PFFFFF. Remember, his lattes made him micro-soft.

Ryan: “I don’t know if your uncle Phil was a dixieland mus-”
Colin: “Oh, until the restraining order, yeah…”

Wayne barely gets through his without stumbling, but includes the line  “when you open up my pants, there’s a little toy inside…”
And he just finishes without losing it too much

I love Wayne ending the song by strumming his banjo to keep Linda on her toes, and just coming back every few seconds before smashing it.
Ryan: “And you can vote for your favorite of those 3 endings!”

Colin, straight-faced: “and one that’s close to my heart…is of course Rap.”

Colin: ‘that great rap fast food song…….[Colin has nothing]…….Fast Food!”

Wayne does a good Ice-T number. Adding in some gangsta-rap lines like “I’ll be the Burger King, pimp-slap Wendy”

Really good rap number from  Wayne to finish this one off.

Strong GH, but I wish it went on for longer.

Props: Wayne & Colin vs. Ryan & Drew

Drew has one more mention of ‘Kathy Dancin Greenwood’ from 4×29’s Hollywood Director

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 1.59.11 PM.pngRyan: “WE ARE FROM FRANCE.”
Rare SNL reference

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 2.27.24 PM.pngColin, who is clearly very tired: “….airplane”

Hell, Ryan even throws in another 70s SNL reference with “Because I’m one WILD AND CRAZY GUY”

Wayne, winding up a meter: “I’m gonna leave my Colin parked here for a half-hour”

Pretty fun Props. Lots more original ideas than usual.

Overall: Just when this season was about to fatigue me, a generally fresh and fun episode comes along. Not many bad games in this one, and even the games with flaws, like LMAD being cut badly and GH being too short, are still great. Whose Line is a triumph for this game, and Dead Bodies was a fun surprise. Lots of really good improv moves all night, even from the eternally-underedited Kathy. I shouldn’t be shocked that two of the shows I’ve really liked in S7 thus far have been Kathy shows, but I am kinda surprised.

Show Winner: Kathy
Best Performer: Colin edges out Ryan, but it was close.
Worst Performer: Kathy barely did anything tonight.
Best Game: WHOSE LINE. A jolt of energy after a recent playing underwhelmed me.
Worst Game: Props, because despite being good, it is still Props.
Should it Have Aired in S4?: YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES. This might even be better than 4×29!

COMING UP NEXT: 6×10, we had an episode where there were a few references to how the studio temperature has to be really cold, and how much the performers hate that. Lots more of those up next. It’s a S4 Brad taping. That one.