Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E18, or Kimosaaabe…

For the last glimpse of Season 4, or really  anything that isn’t Season 1-related, we go to the very end of  the Season 4 sessions and look at a Jeff Davis taping we’ve seen two alright shows from, but this one felt very needed considering the amount of unaired stuff [this report was out there for a bit]. This is Jeff’s last episode of the Drew era, but…rest assured, we’ll be seeing a lot of him for the rest of this watchdown.

A fun fact: every game of this episode is played for the last time with Drew tonight. All of these games don’t show up in the last 3.

Hollywood Director: Wayne is a gangster boss who has been shot and staggers into the emergency room, where he forces surgeon Ryan to extract the bullets, Jeff is a mob hitman who bursts in, gun in hand, determined to finish him off

This has an appearance from Wayne’s ultra-good mobster voice.

Ryan, as Wayne cries in pain: “D’ya have an HMO.”
Eerily prescient

Wayne, being Wayne, has been shot in the ass.
Ryan: “That’s bad, I’m going to have to suck  that out.”

This show we also learn  that JEFF also has a GREAT gangster movie voice.

Jeff: “I work for the HMO, and I want you dead so I don’t have to pay for your service and your coverage.”
Ryan: ‘…pardon?”
Jeff: [smacking Ryan repeatedly] “that’ll be 200 dollars please!”
I cannot wait for him to dominate the CW version.

Headlining Vegas Performers:
Wayne: “Hello, folks, I just got shot in my butt, THANK YOOOOU…”

They are nailing this.

Thank god he picked the one that’s still alive 19 years later.

Swedish Porn Movie:
Ryan: [sews seductively]
Angela, I see your point…

Wayne, removing his pants: “Maybe you can HELLLP MEE…”

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 6.24.50 PM
This is perfect
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 6.25.32 PM Dear god…

Wayne, after Ryan is finished, shoots himself again in the butt: “I’VE GOT ANOTHER ONE..”

A really good Director. Colin was barely even needed, the other 3 worked that scene without him. So many funny bits.

Whose Line: Holed up in a shack surrounded by outlaws, Lone Ranger Colin and Ryan, Tonto, try to work out a plan

Ryan: “…you have plan?”
Colin: “No.”
Ryan: “oh…”
Sometimes that’s all it needs

Ryan: “Among the tribe, among the Cherokee, we have a saying- it is ‘kiss me, baby, you look great…”
I like the little struggle after this [“WE WORK WITH EACH OTHER 20 YEARS KIMOSABE, YOU  WON’T KISS ME?”]

Colin: “Maybe once we get out of here……oh, who am I kidding-”
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 6.29.56 PM
Colin just trusting his instincts there.

Ryan, afterwards:
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 6.32.54 PM
He did not think he’d get Colin to do that..

Colin: “Now that we’ve found this love, we now have a reason  to get out of here.”
Ryan: “…Silver better.”

Ryan, putting his head to the floor: “…me listen  to neighbors downstairs.”
Colin: ‘Anything?”
Ryan, shaking his head: “nothing.”
Colin, sort of peeking out of character: “nice try, though..”

Ryan, after a line, rationalizes that “my people eat yellow snow, Kimosabe”
Colin: “Why’s that?”
Ryan, already tired: “ohhh…long story..”

Colin gets a plan for Ryan to come out shooting.
Ryan, getting mixed up: “If run out of gun, I throw gun…IF RUN OUT OF BULLET. If run out of GUN, I throw HORSE.”

Colin, noticing where Ryan’s voice has gone: “Why don’t you strip down to your  underwear, pretend you’re Tarzan.”
Ryan: “…KIMOSABE…”
I frigging love that read. Colin’s about to say his line, he cracks, and goes “you know, I liked it when you  said it like that.”
Ryan’s also giggling.

Colin’s battle cry: “WHY DO MEN HAVE NIPPLES?”
He looks around, curiously.
Ryan, from behind him, same read: “KIMOSAAAAABE….”
PFFFF. Jeff loses it now.

REALLY GOOD WHOSE LINE. Ryan and Colin had so much fun with it. So many great moments and lines. When the kiss isn’t the best moment, you know they’re doing well.

Two-Line Vocabulary: Colin is the mastermind behind Jurassic Park, and he’s briefing his park workers, Ryan and Wayne, because the dinosaurs have escaped and have gone on a rampage
Wayne’s lines: “what do you want me to do?” and “that’s not my thing”
Ryan’s lines: “what’s that” and “are you mad”

Last EVER playing of this one.

Wayne, with a Southern accent: “What d’you want me to do?”
Colin: “I want you to help me.”
Wayne: “oh, that’s not my thing..”

Wayne, after Colin explains some things: “What d’you want me to do.”
Colin has some great eye and brow movements: “…WHAT I JUST SAID…IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO?”
Ryan: “What’s that?”
Colin has  another confused lapse here.

I also love that after Colin explains this again, Ryan does a quieter, concerned ‘are you mad?’, and Colin matching that tone with a similar ‘I’m not mad!’

Colin does a finger  move as he rants to Ryan
Ryan, copying this finger move: “What’s that?”

As Wayne works Colin up, Ryan again asks “are you mad”
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 6.47.35 PM
He just holds that for a few seconds. He is SO GOOD at  slowburn anger.

After Ryan doesn’t know what a tranquilizer is, Ryan: “ARE YOU MAD?”
Colin begins strangling Ryan: “YES, I’M MAD AT YOU!”
YES. Only way this COULD end, really.

Pretty good Two-Line, though not as good as some of the others I’ve seen.

Greatest Hits: Songs of Norway v2

Ryan, after an iffy ‘Norway/no way’ pun: “If I could hear you people at home, I bet there’s reluctant applause..”

This is a debut for Jeff’s Johnny Cash impression, and it wins over the audience almost immediately

Jeff: “All the people, they stopped and laughed, they  said ‘hey, you look like a stupid giraffe”
He realizes how silly that sounds:
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 6.55.22 PM

The Johnny Cash number is a pretty fun one, and Wayne and Jeff have  good harmony  on it

Jeff and Wayne’s Temptations number, with shifting tempos, is pretty good too. Once they’re at the faster tempos, they’re really killing it, doing great fast-singing and staying on top of it.

Ryan: “Hey SOL-Col…”
They both break a little at that
Ryan: “I called you by your Jewish name, I’m sorry…”
Colin, straight-faced: “Shalom.”
Ryan has to stop for a second as well

Ryan: “What sound does a crow make?”
Colin: “CAW.”
Ryan: “…how about a hairlip crow”
Ryan: “SKA.”
I loved Colin’s answer
And Colin just shakes his head when he realizes THAT’s Ryan’s segue
Ryan, smirking: “long way to go!”

Jeff and Wayne’s Ska number is also pretty damn good. It helps that they’re great at working off each other in this game, which is why I’m excited to see them do more in the CW version.

Pretty good GH, but nothing TOO special.

World’s Worst: Person to be a member of the armed forces

Colin: [pops grenade, throws pin….rolls eyes]

Colin, doing a chant: “WHAT’S THE COLOR OF YOUR POO…”
A reference to 5×26’s SFAH, I see..

Not a great World’s Worst.

Overall: Good enough show, with some really good well-improvised moments, and some good scene games like Whose Line and Two-Line making the core of this show really strong. Yes, the second half fell off a bit, as much as I enjoyed GH, but this was still a needed show, and a good picture of a solid Jeff taping, perhaps one of the reasons why Drew would include him in other projects.

Show Winner: Jeff
Best Performer: Wayne wins it in a very close match thanks to some World’s Worst energy, and just for impressing me a lot this show.
Worst Performer: …I don’t wanna put anyone here. This category implies someone made improv mistakes. Nobody really did that this show.
Best Game: I wanna give it to Director…but Whose Line was just that good.
Worst Game: World’s Worst was a strong miss.
Should This Have Aired in S4?: Yes, definitely. Not a high-tier one from this taping, but still pretty good.

Coming Up Next: We’re back to  S1 for the remaining three, and we return to a Greg taping that gave us the VERY FIRST EPISODE OF THE SHOW.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E17, or Look at the Little British Man Cry

After sixteen episodes over 2006, ABC Family stopped producing new episodes of Whose Line. After 8×16, it was presumed to be the end of the road for the beloved show.

And then suddenly it wasn’t.

From overseas, reports came of five ‘lost’ episodes going into circulation, airing in markets like Australia and such, that counted as Season 8 material. Some of it was, like most of S8, Season 1 stuff, but there were a few exceptions. And as clips from these episodes hit Youtube [thanks again, Spence], one of those exceptions, which was incidentally the first to hit ABC Family, was a Season 3 taping.

In December 2007, a year after the last S8 episode aired, these episodes started airing on ABC Family. I was already a fan by this point, and I watched these episodes as the clips came on youtube. Even from the first one, I knew that we were privileged to be getting these at all.

And that’s where we are. A Kathy Greenwood taping from Season 3, notably giving us 3×38 with Ryan’s fateful neon light accident, and some other lesser shows. And now we’re seeing its last gasp, as well as the last aired episode from Kathy Greenwood on Whose Line. I’ve spoken at length about her legacy, about how neither the fans nor the editors seem to give her any modicum of respect. I hope after reading all these you feel a little better about Kathy’s place in Whose Line history.

For the record, the desk is lit when Drew comes down.

Let’s Make a Date: Kathy must choose from Wayne, Rocky training for a fight, Colin, Shapeshifting Terminator who becomes an evil version of whoever he touches, and Ryan, Turning into a protective mother penguin catching food for her young

Wayne’s Stallone isn’t bad. It’s not GREAT, but  he  gets some parts right
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 5.35.17 PM

Colin absorbs Wayne, leading to his marginally-better Stallone, and goofier motions

Ryan waddles over to Drew and starts drinking  from his mug. I dunno, the second he goes over to that desk, I get worried, both  for the safety of Ryan AND the desk..

We don’t get an official 2nd round, we just cut to Colin absorbing Ryan  and murdering Wayne

I love the bit where Ryan and Colin  start nuzzling each other and feeing each other. Very silly.

An okay LMAD.

Drew: “I’d like another soda please…since Ryan stuck his NOSE in mine…”

Whose Line: Peter Pan, Ryan, has flown into Wendy’s, Colin,  bedroom for the first time to ask her for her help in NeverNeverLand

Drew: “Ryan is Peter Pan, and Colin is…”
Colin, knowing this show: “…WENDY?”
Drew: “Colin knows just what we think of him ’round here…”

Colin’s initial british accent [‘sorry peetuh’] cracks up Wayne instantly

Ryan: “I got a message from you earlier that said ‘Dear Peter…”say hello to Little Elvis”

Colin, sighing and going with his gut: “…little Elvis visits me once a month.”

Colin: “Mother explained the facts of life to me, did you know…’here’s a trick I picked up in the Navy”

Ryan: “When they ask ‘why didn’t Wendy come with you’, I’m gonna look at them and I’m gonna say  ‘You don’t sweat much for a fat girl.”
Ryan: “Is it because of Little Elvis.”
Colin has a little head-shake here, remembering that he did that bit, and not being too pleased with it.

Colin has some good details that save this for me, like pointed out that the last time they flew, she forgot fairy dust ‘and I plummeted’, and then stopping Ryan from flying by remembering how they set up the room, going ‘THAT’S THE WALL’, and turning him around.

I also love Ryan, who built the ending around Colin’s 2nd line, going, smirkingly, “I HOPE IT’S GOOD.”

Colin’s final rebel yell: “SPANK ME HARD AND CALL ME REGIS.”

Not the best WL scene, but Colin helped lift it towards the end.

Props: Ryan and Kathy vs. Colin and Wayne

Some of the ones so far are ideas we’ve seen before, but presented in a fun way. Ryan and Kathy are having a really good time thinking up theirs together.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 5.51.53 PMWayne: “WEEEEEE….REPRESENT…”
Colin, gruff voice: “THHEEE LOLLY…”
Wayne: [gives him a look]
Colin, gruff voice: “I’VE BEEN TAKING HORMONES.”
Wayne: [scurries away]
I kinda love that one

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 5.53.13 PMRyan: “I’M EXTINCT?”

For the ‘banjo playing’ one, Wayne brings back his ‘ugly hillbilly’ face from 3×38’s Weird Newscasters

Wayne, with the props as a wheelchair: “I’M IRONSIDE.”
Colin: “…….I’M MARK.”

A fun Props, just from the mood they all seemed to be in.

Ryan teases Drew with the prop before finally throwing it to him. Again, goofy  mood. This must have been pre-light-breakage

Greatest Hits: Songs of James Bond v2

Colin sets up an early 50s rock song
Ryan, as usual: “I wasn’t here like you, but I’ve heard about it…”

Wayne’s Chuck Berry song is pretty basic, but he has some good flair to it.

Colin has a setup for a long winded story about roadie-ing, but as Ryan checks his watch, Colin goes “ah screw it” and cuts it short

Wayne’s Aerosmith number is pretty basic too, honestly

Colin talks about dating a lot of female rockstars, “like Sheena Easton, and…oh, Boy George, but that was a misunderstanding..”

It’s actually funny that they have Tina Turner on this one, as she did a GREAT Bond theme in Goldeneye.

Wayne’s Tina Turner number is his best one, as he has the voice, energy, and some really funny Bond-villain lyrics going on [“look at the little british man cry”]

A weaker GH, but not completely without merit.

Foreign Film Dub: Drew and Kathy act out the Hebrew film Meshugganah!; Ryan and Colin dub

If only Mira were here

From Drew’s opening line, which is just a lot of phlegm, it seems he’s mistaken Hebrew and Klingon.
Ryan: “I’m a little stuffed up.”
Kathy: [confused fake hebrew]
Colin: “For a second I thought you were phlegm-ish”

Both Drew and Kathy are shrugging through their layman’s knowledge of hebrew jibberish. Kathy even goes into Polish, and cracks up when she realizes

Drew: “UHHHH…[chuckles]…OY VEY.”
Ryan: “oh, I blew out the  candles without  making a wish!”

Kathy goes into almost a prayer recitation, sing-song, with extra phlegm on the end
Colin: “…why do birds suddenly appear…”
This cracks up Drew and Kathy

Kathy: [does another phlegm-filled line]
Colin: “…as my Scottish mother used to say…”
HA. Oh good lord, at least they’re having fun with this

Drew, absolutely out of fake-Hebrew: “…VELL, I GUESS DAT’S IT DEN.”
Ryan, without options, does his line in fake Hebrew. THAT is a fun idea I’ve always loved.

Okay, not a GREAT round, but this was very  funny, and I love that the patheticness of the fake Hebrew factored into the scene in general.

Overall: Very okay. Nothing truly bombed, but nothing truly succeeded, either. At least games like Props, Whose Line and Foreign Film Dub were amusing in  how much fun the performers were having despite the quality not being up. A weak sendoff for Kathy, though she did well in the small roles she was given.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Colin pulled away in FFD. Wayne was very close.
Worst Performer: Kathy came up short for me.
Best Game: Foreign Film Dub got the most laughs out of me.
Worst Game: Greatest Hits disappointed me the most.
Should This Have Aired in S3?: Not really, no.

COMING UP NEXT: One more Season 4 taping, if you can believe it. There a bit more from Jeff Davis’ second taping of those sessions. Thankfully, I don’t have to say goodbye to Jeff for very long after this one.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E16, or Keep Those Letters Coming In

For a little while, this was considered the last ever episode of Whose Line. We’ll get to why it wasn’t next show, but this was initially the note the show went out on. And knowing the show this Greg taping gave us before, the okay 1×11, it’s a weird choice, and I can see why they went for more after this.

Superheroes: No beer
Greg: Superbum

Ryan – Rodeo Boy
Colin – Captain Nosy
Wayne – Captain Totally Made of Springs

Greg: “I just wanna thank you for not picking Proctology Man”

Greg: “By day, I’m billionaire, but by night, [indecipherable babbling]”

[The other 4 giggle at that one]

Ryan’s rodeo-riding motions are very goofy, as are his little ‘yeehaw’ noises. Reminds me a little of his ‘come to ride Tony’s camel’ party quirk from the UK.

As Colin starts being nosy and wanting to know what’s going on [coming off like a cross between Fred Armisen and Mark Proksch], Ryan interrupts by knocking Colin down and branding him

Wayne has a very easy selection of ‘go buy some’ is one of the reasons why I won’t miss Wayne playing this game.

Colin: “I’ve gotta go find out why Carrot Top is still working!”

A pretty good Superheroes. Lots of working off each other.

Sound Effects: Colin is a monk that escapes from his monastery for a night on the town

This scene description absolutely baffles Colin
Colin, sighing: “…keep those letters coming in…”

I love Colin frantically pulling on clothes, taking a while to pull his pants up, then struggling with the zipper.
Colin: [unzips]
THAT is funny. That had me laughing

Colin goes to start up his car, then eventually Ryan makes it clear that his ‘car’ is actually a goat. Colin has to muffle the goat to make a clean getaway. So silly.

I love the music sounding once Colin  enters, and just bobbing his head in time with it. I love how Colin immediately  seems awkward in this situation, and how good he is at this type of character

Colin  ends up doing some amazing disco dancing, some praying motions on the dance floor.

Colin has something catch his eye
Ryan: [goat noise]
Colin sighs, and has the goat under his arm the whole time, then goes to the door and chucks the goat out  the window.
Ryan: “MAAAAaaaaaa…”

Unfortunately we end there, but I loved this SFX so much it doesn’t deter me too much.

Props: Ryan and  Colin vs. Greg and Wayne

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 6.25.19 PM
Greg: “Congratulations, Mrs. Johnson!”
Audience: [groans]

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 6.25.25 PMColin: “So you fell down the cave  and THEN WHAT HAPPENED?”

Wayne does a wishbone gag that actually ends up tearing the prop a bit.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 6.32.19 PMRyan: “DIE ALASKAN VAMPIRE, DIE!”
This is a great one!

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 6.33.22 PMColin: “Look, it’s the world famous Viagra Falls!”
Ryan just shakes his head

Colin does a stilts gag that the audience doesn’t get, so he literally has to yell out “I’M ON *STILTS*”

A very fun Props.

Hey You Down There: Greg narrates as Ryan and Colin prepare for a nuclear attack

Sadly this is the last ever playing of this one

Greg: “Well, autumn’s here. And your thoughts turn to one thing- NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION.”
Greg is the best at this game

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.30.52 PMPFF

Greg introduces the pair’s checklist as Ryan does a churning motion
Greg, not following: “you’ve got your…thing that goes up and down…”

I like Colin and Ryan going through all the intricate locks they have on the shelter

Greg: “Watch out for the last switch, that’s a doozy”
Colin: [flips it no problem]

Greg: “After all, animals can get hurt by a nuclear rain as well. You wouldn’t want Flappy’s ears falling off…”

Ryan does a fart gag, but Colin actually gives it a nice payoff in having it kill the cat, and him having to give CPR.

Colin and Ryan get in an argument over Twister
Greg: “Remember, no fighting. That’s how this all got started to begin with…”

A really  good HYDT to wrap this game up on here. Honestly one of my favorites.

Daytime Talk Show: Hey Diddle Diddle. Greg hosts, Ryan and Colin are guests, Wayne’s in the audience

Sadly, this is the last ever playing of this one as well

Greg, unwittingly picking up from E14- “CUTLERY, when it leaves, it leaves an emotional scar…”

I love Colin’s twitchy, eyes-darting performance

Ryan: “My  eye is to a high-powered telescope 24-hours a day, I’ve never…EVER…seen a cow jump over the moon. YES, I’ve seen  a walrus get MIGHTY CLOSE TO URANUS, but…”
HA. That is a great  line.

Wayne comes in with an Indian accent, second show in a row for those, and he  at least has a good point about people launching sacred animals to his culture over the moon.

Colin, purposely missing: “I am sick and tired of the  SWISS COMING IN HERE, TELLING ME HOW TO RUN MY COWS.”

Wayne has another great performance as the mother of the little boy who laughed. Just shaming them for thinking they know him.

Ryan, chuckling to Colin: “Talk about COWS…”
Wayne: [darts towards the stage]

A very fun DTS to wrap this one up. Not quite to the heights of other ones this season, but Wayne’s performances made this one worthy.

Scene to Rap: High school

Sadly, this is NOT the last ever playing of this  one, but we’re getting close.

Also, this is another game that was featured in the DVD bloopers

Greg and Wayne are goofing around at the top. Greg sticks his ass towards Wayne, who has his hands on it for a moment before innocently backing away


The initial conflict is also dicey, with Greg as the principal calling Wayne out for trying to bring a bazooka into a school.

Greg eventually: “I’m the principal, and that’s true,
and…I’m…just fucking this up, man…”
Greg and Wayne just hug, and Greg just mutters something like ‘I’m sorry, I just gotta do it again, man…”

Linda stops the track, Greg bows for the audience, and then  the track restarts and they get back into it. Greg has  to take a moment, because he’s still cracking up, but he’s pretty  back

Wayne  rewrites the scene to be a little safer, where Wayne’s a grade A student who’s always on time, and Greg’s just giving him an A. Where’s the conflict in that? How is that a good scene?

Greg screws up a rhyme with ending with ‘on your book’, which Wayne calls him out on.
Greg: “I’m your teacher, I don’t have to rhyme”

Ryan, timidly entering: “i’m in Grade 5 and I’m 30 years old…’

Wayne has another weird move, now HITTING on this new 30 year old female student.
Wayne: “I’ll be your guy, I’ll show you round the  school
Show you to shop class, and show you my tool.”

Colin has a good ending, coming in as the gym teacher and getting everybody to work out.
Ryan, eventually: “I’ll phone my wife, she’ll make us lunch!”
Wayne, confused: “I thought you were a girl!”
Ryan: [‘dammit’]

A decent scene, even with everything. Wayne took it to some pretty odd places, but it still ended up kinda wholesome and pretty fun.

Hats: Dating Service Videos

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.55.39 PMColin: “This is not the only rubber thing I’m wearing..”

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.56.28 PMGreg: “Well, I’m a Klingon by trade…”
Audience: […]
Greg: “…but when  I’m NOT funny, I sit here with this fuckin’ thing on my  head…”

Kind of a weak Props.

Overall: Pretty good show. Lots of solid games populating the whole thing, a few solid farewell playings, a good blooper playing that still kinda worked [Scene to Rap], and really only one game that  didn’t work. Superheroes, Daytime Talk Show and Hey You Down There carried the load, Props and Sound Effects were amusing specific games, and Scene to Rap worked in spite of chaos. It  also helped that Greg was in a good mood tonight, and lifted games throughout.

Show Winner: N/A
Best Performer: Greg pulls away  from Colin late, even with the Scene to Rap snafu
Worst Performer: I can’t forgive Wayne for his rewriting  the scene in Scene to Rap, sadly, despite a great performance in  Daytime Talk Show.
Best Game: Sound Effects I really, REALLY liked.
Worst Game: Props just thudded off.
Should It Have Aired in S1?:  Yeah, it’d have fit right in.

COMING UP NEXT: In another universe, this may be the end of the ABC run of the show. But after a YEAR of radio silence…five final episodes aired on ABC Family. And the first of them gives us our final Kathy Greenwood episode.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E13, or I Feel Dirty and Used

Denny Siegel is all over this season, and seeing as it’s S1 Denny it’s better than it could have been. Despite not being perfect in some scenes [Fashion Models], she’s been a solid support performer in  both her S8 shows, and it’s been better than her subpar S2 material.

Anyway, this is her latest S8 show, coming from the S1 taping that gave us the strong 1×18

Weird Newscasters: Denny anchors, Colin, Awkward teenager on his first date with the anchor, co-anchors, Wayne, Richard Simmons, does sports while Ryan, Attached to the anchor by a strong rubber band, does weather

When Drew announces Wayne is playing  Richard Simmons, he smiles and nods, like ‘figures’. Ryan wipes his brow in relief.

Ryan has a delayed double-take reaction to his

Denny: “Our top story, residents of-”
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.44.52 PM
Yeah, he’s got this down

Colin’s also really good at his:
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.46.16 PM

Wayne’s Richard Simmons is, obviously, fantastic. Just all energy

Denny: “This just in, I’m completely off men for the rest of my life.”
This is already a good line, but it’s also followed up with Wayne going “NOT ME”, which is, while obvious, still funny

Ryan’s is just all immense physicality, and he does really well at snapping back and forth between the weather board and in front of the stools

Until we end on this:
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 1.55.55 PM

A really good Weird Newscasters. Denny did a good job corralling all these personalities, and I love the ending  with Ryan and Colin converging on her.

Denny, chuckling  back at the seats: “…I feel dirty and used.”
Drew, jokingly callous: “HEY GREAT, 1000 POINTS.”
This sets Denny apart from someone like Kathy Greenwood- she addresses it and makes a joke out of it, like the guys. Her personality is right up there with the other 3.

Song Styles: Wayne sings to housewife Shelley as James Brown

James Brown is another impression Wayne can do in his sleep, and he has the energy and pomp to him, as this is one of the first times he does it on the show.

Wayne has SO MUCH DOWN, like the little asides Brown makes, and the double-speed verses, and the little dancing around. Shelley obviously loves it.

James: “We’d have a house and a kid, and we’ve live like Ozzie and Harriet’
[Another reference to Wayne’s classic TV upbringing]

Wayne: “We’ll have one kid, or maybe 3 or 4
and we’ll be knockin boots, and they won’t knock on our door”

A really damn good number from Wayne. A lot of good lyrics, a great impression, and some more energy and mastery from Wayne.

Narrate: Bowling alley

The [sigh] last aired playing of this game

Ryan: “His face looked familiar. I didn’t know if it was from my past, or from some dog food can I’d kicked around in an alley today…”
Ryan always savage in this game

Colin has a comeback ready, though: “He was good looking like I had an afro.”

Ryan has a great meta gag  about Colin’s narrates: “y’see, every time he comes forward to talk…he steps over the line”
That’s a sly bowling gag. Very clever

Colin, narrating: “I was gonna enjoy showing this guy up, I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY LINE…”
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.08.08 PM
“…I CAN GO ANYWHERE I WANT…”Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.08.17 PM
Lines like these make it easy to justify why I always give Colin show wins

Colin  bowls without looking and dances around, confidently. However, Ryan’s the one leading  the scene, and he decides “…tough break.” Colin has to adjust his demeanor.
Ryan, upstage: “looks like the  concrete I put under the pins worked”

Drew buzzes a bit early, and even Ryan’s confused as to why he does that THEN.

A good Narrate, though  the first half was a little slower than  the second.

Props: Ryan and Denny vs. Colin and Wayne

First of two episodes featuring an orange prop with several penis-like appendages

Ryan’s fish impression as Denny  works the hook really gets the audience here

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.15.33 PMWayne: “Elmo is a graduate of Three Mile Island elementary school…”
Very clever joke from Wayne

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.16.58 PMDenny: “Look, Señor, the Mark of SORRO.”

Denny dragging Ryan off with the hook is even funnier by her yell of ‘YOU STINK’ as she does it

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.18.37 PMColin: “WAS IT YER FIRST TIME MAKIN’ A PEG LEG?”

A pretty good props. Some good creative moments here.

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Fish Cutter

I love Wayne hearing the suggestion…looking out, confusedly, and mouthing ‘…what the hell is a fish-cutter?’

Drew: “Honest to god, this is what Ryan used to do for a living. So this’ll be easy for RYAN to do…”
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.21.27 PM
I love this

Colin titles the swing number ‘Of Cod and Country’
Wayne, who rarely is ever this screwed in this game, cracks up

Wayne’s first verse is a little bland, but once he gets to double-time lyrics in the next verse he  gets REALLY into a  groove, and his confidence comes back.

Ryan has another title that gets Wayne: “someone  call the carps!”
Wayne…just isn’t gonna get out of this game easily, is he?

Wayne’s Jamaica number is also pretty damn good, and he  gets the speed of the lyrics down while also being pretty damn funny.

Colin: “That brings back memories for me, that was the first song I was beaten up to…”

Colin is stumped for a rock-and-roll title, so he just goes with  “your place or mine”?
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.40.10 PMScreen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.39.50 PM

Wayne’s Elvis number is the weakest of the three, but it’s still a pretty good one, and he ends it well.

A really strong Greatest Hits. Somehow they got out of there without breaking Wayne, and all the songs and setups were really good.

Dead Bodies: Drew is a Baywatch lifeguard who has just saved Jaris from drowning, Denny is Drew’s jealous girlfriend

This one was previewed on the bloopers of the DVD

Colin’s ultimate goal is to get Drew, or whoever, to break. So he starts off by having Drew dancing:
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.43.42 PM
AND DREW BREAKS IMMEDIATELYScreen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.43.54 PM
The whole point of the game is for Drew to stay still, and literally the first opportunity he gets, he breaks. That just sums up NOT ONLY DREW, but COLIN, in this game.

Once Colin finishes, He takes a moment. Drew is still recovering.
Colin, as Jaris: “ONE MORE TIIIIIME.”
Yep. More pain for Drew.
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.46.31 PM

Then Colin decides he’s gonna move his arms up and do this sort of ‘WHAAAAWA, WHAAAAWA’ sort of song, and Drew can’t take this either:Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 2.46.41 PM
Like this is some classical music standard I’m supposed to know, maybe Colin moved Kinley around as a kid to this song, but it gets Drew laughing SO DAMN HARD

Colin, as Drew: “Oh  no, she’s still unconscious…I BETTER GIVE HER MOUTH TO MOUTH.
Drew: [smiles]

Colin has Jaris kiss Drew, and he adds this ‘BLUBLUBLUBLBULB’ sound effect that is the latest thing to crack up Drew

Colin has a whole catfight between Denny and Jaris
Colin has used that line in this game before, but it gets Drew and Ryan

A very, VERY goofy playing of this game.

Overall: Nothing in this episode came below ‘really good’ for me, so this was another really solid S8 show. I know I was prepped for chaos this season, and while there has been some, this is another really good one that  belonged in Season 1. Weird Newscasters, Song Styles, Narrate, Props and Greatest Hits would have been right at home in Season 1, and Denny did some more strong work throughout.

Show Winner: Colin and Denny
Best Performer: This was nearly a three-way tie. Wayne, however, dominated the most games he was in, so I had to give it to him.
Worst Performer: Denny, who was good tonight but not edited well.
Best Game: Greatest Hits. Says a lot about Wayne when even THAT TOPIC ends up being a great one for him.
Worst Game: Dead Bodies was silly more than all else, even if it was still alright.
Should it Have Aired in S1?: YES.

COMING UP NEXT: We lose Wayne but gain Ian Gomez for an episode from 1×14’s taping.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E12, or I Feel Like Charging!

This episode did not need to be here.

We’ve had four shows from this Brad S4 taping, all have been pretty good with a few classics. But we did not need a fifth show. The taping even in 7×15 felt like it was a little thin already. So why do a fifth, other than hitting a quota?

Well…let’s see what the producers thought was suitable for broadcast

Fashion Models: Brad comments on Wayne, Colin and Ryan premiering the latest in cowboy fashions


Also, this is the last ever playing of this game.

Drew announces that Wayne, Ryan and Colin are playing models and the audience laughs. Ryan is caught off guard by this, and makes fun of them for laughing

Brad, on Ryan: “Yes, you will be riding  the range in style and saying HOWWW-DEE. Yes, I’d like to roped and branded by THAT cowboy.”
Okay, I take it back, Brad works in this game

Wayne does some nice lassoing
Brad: “There’ll be trouble in the saloon when HE gets his whiskey…”

An okay round of this. Not a ton that made me laugh.

Number of Words: From Charlie’s Angels, Bosley, who’s Colin, has been taken hostage by an evil villainess, Wayne, two of Charlie’s Angels, Brad and Ryan, arrive to rescue him
Colin – 5 words
Wayne – 3 words
Brad – 2 words
Ryan – 4 words


Drew flubs  an intro line: “this is what makes it a fun rainy gay-day game for the kids.”
Ryan, cracking: “IT’S A RAINY GAY GAME?”

Colin begins to think he has 6 words instead of 5 [‘the angels will save me, you’], going back to Ryan’s snafu from HIS last playing of this.

Colin, as Brad and Ryan enter: “…where are the beautiful ones?”

Ryan, after a jump: “my breast fell out!”

Not much to this one at all.

Doo-Wop: Wayne, Brad and Colin sing to Carol, who died in a freak gardening accident

Wayne: “she loved to garden, but she wasn’t a garden hoe.”

Brad: “Carol died, don’t ask me how
Well okay, I’ll tell you, she was run over by a  plow”

An alright Doo-Wop.

Scenes from a Hat:

These are all rejects.

Things the Pilot Wishes He Hadn’t Said Before He Turned off the Intercom
Brad: “I love that movie where they crash into the island and eat each other..”


Some shitty editing transitions from this game to the desk. They didn’t have a ton of authentic cutaways, apparently

Party Quirks: Brad hosts
Wayne – Fight sequence from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Colin – Lost bloodhound trying to find his owner from the scent of a pair of their underpants that he’s found

Ryan – The finalists competing in the different rounds of the World’s Sexiest Hillbilly pageant

Colin helps Wayne do some of his slow-motion kicks, which is nice collaboration

Colin’s is insanely silly- he takes a sniff of something, then starts sniffing around Brad’s crotch area.

Ryan: “And in mah spare time, I like to help children, and sleep with my brother-mother…”

Once Colin starts sniffing Ryan’s butt, Ryan immediately moves back to the step

An  okay PQ. Not much to it.

Bartender: Brad
Wayne – Celebrating his wedding
Colin – Angry because he’s an alcoholic

So let me get this straight…you had enough time for SFAH rejects, BUT NOT ENOUGH TIME TO PUT IN RYAN’S VERSE???? He did one. According to taping reports, he did one about being  in love with himself. Why the hell did they go with the unneeded SFAH instead of this Bartender verse? What was so bad about it???

“This is for Wayne, Brad and Colin” is reused from Doo-Wop

Wayne, on his wife: “she’s so pretty, I think she’s the bomb
I think you know her, she’s your mom”

Brad’s reply voice isn’t much at all

Colin: “I’m drinking to forget
And then he forgets what he was forgetting. That’s funny

Brad details how drunk Colin  is: “you woke up this morning with me in your bed”

Not too great, honestly.

Quick Change: Colin and Brad are dangerous poachers and they’re caught by park ranger Ryan. Drew calls change

Last Whose Line playing of this

Colin ask what the tusk does
Brad: “Well you grind it up and it gives you more verility”
Drew: “change”
Brad: “well you…paint  it up and it looks like a little mountain”
Drew: “change”
Brad: “Well, you can  use it as a three-hole-punch  in your office supplies”

Brad: “Here, get a shovel, we’ll do this quickly”
Colin: “Well, we’ve killed over 300 animals”
Brad: “Then we’ll do it slowly”
[Drew’s not calling  change too often]

Drew: “Change”
Brad and Colin: [do this]
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 7.48.23 PM

Brad, on  what the poaching is for: “Skins and bones and things”
Drew: “Change”
Brad: “We want to make costumes for the Disney parade.”
Ryan: “…the Disney parade? Well that’s 2 weeks off!”


Ryan: “Under the charge of slaughtered, helpless animals.”
Drew: ‘CHARGE-change!”
Ryan looks at Drew, who’s cracking up: “I FEEL LIKE CHARGING.”

Ryan, eventually: “Under the law that, uh, Canadians and Americans can’t hang out together”
Drew: “Change”
Ryan: “Under the law that you both should really have pants on.”
Brad embarrassedly pulls up.
Colin: “That’s the only way to  attract the rhino…”

Drew keeps calling change on Ryan’s gun dropping sound effect. Ryan eventually give is ‘HAAAAALELUJIAH’

Brad: “I want you to back out of here, or we’re gonna take this stuff and die.”
Colin, with nothing else: “YEAH.”
Drew: “change”
Colin: “NO.”
Drew: “…CHANGE?”

Colin: “I’m not doing very well as a  rocket scientist.”
Drew: “Change”
Ryan: “I’m not doing very well as a part time  giraffe choreographer.”

A really good game of this, thank god.

Overall: Not a very good show at all. Only one game worked, Quick Change, and the rest were all limp, lifeless, and shouldn’t have aired at all. This is just the sad leavings of a taping that had already been exhausted, and the fact they  still messed this up by leaving Ryan’s Bartender song out is even more confusing. This didn’t really need to be here at all.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: At least Brad was really well edited here.
Worst Performer: Wayne didn’t have much to do tonight.
Best Game: Obviously Quick Change.
Worst Game: SFAH was so unnecessary it pissed me off.
Should This Have Aired in S4?: It shouldn’t have even aired in Season 8.

COMING UP NEXT: Another Denny show, but this one’s from the same taping of 1×18, which I liked.


Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E11, or ECUADOR??

We go all the way back to a taping that gave us the second episode of the entire series, and…nothing else yet, a very early Brad Sherwood show. Let’s see if anything’s left.

Questions Only: On an international flight

Colin and Wayne have a good run to start. Wayne goes ‘let me get the captain’, forgetting what game he’s playing
Ryan, entering: “Someone wanted to see the captain?”
That’s a  great move
Colin, pulling out a gun: “Could you take me to Cuba?”
Ryan: “…do you know…where that is?”
Colin, somehow one-upping this line: “Isn’t that the little spleen-shaped island?”
Ryan: “I think it’s shaped like a…boot-”

Brad, entering: “Why are you wearing your lifevest?”

Brad, pulling a gun on Wayne: “will you take your clothes off?”
Wayne: “CAN  YA  HANDLE IT?”

Ryan, entering: “Somebody order a juggler?”
Brad: “How many  balls can you juggle?”
Ryan: “…is that a come-on?”
Why are the lines so good in this? This is really well-pointed.
Brad: “…is that  a clip-on?”

Brad and Ryan go into a really  good back-and-forth about  each other’s backstories, how they know each other, how Ryan  knows Brad’s wife, and it’s insanely  natural
Brad: “Were you  the masked avenger she was talking about?”
Ryan: [snickers]

Wayne enters…and goes “Ecuador.”
Brad: “WHAT???”
Wayne just smiles and exits. What the hell was that??? It was FUNNY, but I have no idea what he was going for

Ryan, thinking he has it figured out: “ECUADOR???”

Ryan: “Do you smell smoke?”
Brad: “Is that my cologne?”
Ryan: “…are you wearing ESSENCE OF SMOKE?”
[That just makes me want to get to Improv a Ganza even more]

Colin enters
Ryan: “Where have you been?”
Colin: “I DON’T….ohhh  f-”
Ryan: “Couldn’t find  him?”
Brad: “I DON’T FFFF…oh-”
Colin: “Did anything happen  while I was gone?”
Ryan: “Haven’t you  noticed the whole place is on  fire?”
Colin: “Why should I?”

So…was this the best Questions Only game ever? The fact that ABC Family  presented the whole game seemed to indicate so? The Ryan-Brad runs  were stuff of legend, the little bloopers and mishaps were great, there were so many great runs and lines, and it didn’t drag. That was incredible. It’s gonna take a lot to top that game on this episode.

Secret: Ryan is Tarzan and Colin is Jane. The secret is in the  loincloth

FINALLY….FINALLY Secret makes it to the US.

Ryan entering from the side: “[Tarzan yell]….ding-dong…”

I like this opening dynamic, that Colin’s sick of their life in the jungle, and Ryan’s oblivious.

Colin: “Oh yeah? Tarzan couldn’t put on….a good show!”
This works! Colin shakes his head, as he didn’t have  anything else, but this line works

Colin finds the secret: “A CHEETAH OUTFIT.”

Ryan: “Tarzan think you no love him anymore, must get back to roots.”
Colin: “What do you mean?”
Ryan: “Before you come, Tarzan only have animals.”
The second he says this, the audience does the work and starts groaning.
Ryan: “animals think Tarzan forget about him now”
Ryan then realizes the indication, and buckles slightly: “I MEAN AS FRIENDS.”
The audience laughs hysterically. Ryan just shakes his head.

Ryan looks out at the audience: “villagers restless.”

I like the detail that Ryan says the line again, “Tarzan think you no love him anymore”, knowing that they’re probably going to have to edit that out. Hell, maybe Keith prompted him to.

Ryan: “Tarzan brought something else for you- Flowers.”
The audience ‘AWWWWs’
Ryan realizes he can just control the audience whatever he does, so he makes it clear he’s pulling things out of the loincloth, and where they’ve been: “AND CANDY.”
Now they laugh.
Ryan, pulling  something else out: “AND HEAD OF BOAR.”
Colin: “You bring out a car we’re gonna have real good fun!”
Ryan, yanking one more thing out: “CHRYSLER!”

A really good Secret. In lieu of an explanation, this went more towards a place of reconciliation and character, mainly because I think either Ryan or Keith thought the explanation was going to get too dirty. This ended up being a very sweet, very nice Secret, away from the destructive ones from the UK version.

Duet: Brad and Wayne sing a pop ballad to Sarah the auditor

Brad has some good, really melodic lyrics: “I need your instruction for one more deduction”

Wayne: “Oh, Sarah, I don’t know what to do
Because I haven’t paid my taxes since 1982”

Brad: “Sarah, don’t tax me too hard
Sarah, I’ve seen  your CPA card”

Wayne: “Because I got five kids, a wife and a grandmother, don’t put me in jail”
This is some really good stuff

A REALLY GOOD DUET. Great lyrics, great musicality, so many great moves. WHY IS THIS SHOW SO GOOD THIS FAR???

Backwards Scene: Ryan’s visiting the doctor, Brad is the doctor and Colin is the nurse, beginning with Ryan saying, “Goodbye”

Drew: “Now we go on to everybody’s favorite game, the Backwards scene”
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 11.35.16 AM

Drew casts Colin as the nurse, and this comes after Secret where he played Jane, and Drew, for one of the first times, makes a note of this: “you’re always the nurse or something”
Colin: “I know…”

Brad: “You  can  put your clothes on  now.”
Colin: [puts on clothes]
THAT’s a nice misdirect
Colin: “Is this really necessary, doctor?”
Brad: “I want you to cover one eye and tell me what you think of my nurse naked.”

You can tell they’re running out of things to do.
Colin: “Stop, you shouldn’t do such  strenuous a dance!”
Ryan shudders with his entire body, then starts riverdancing

Ryan, as usual in this game, laughs at Brad, making him have to tell a joke backwards.
Brad takes a deep sigh.
Ryan: [go on]
Brad: “Well, you heard the beginning of the joke…”
Colin: “How about a joke?”
Brad: “Hmm, how can I get him out of his clothes?”

Brad: [sticks finger  in Ryan’s nose]
Colin: “…do the finger thing!”

A wee bit haphazard, but still one of the funnier playings of this game.

Party Quirks: Brad hosts
Wayne – Android servant malfunctioning
Colin – Criminal on the run using all modes of transportation
Ryan – Mouse narrowly avoiding being killed

Wayne’s is some of his usual ‘speeding up/slowing down’ stuff, so we know he can do this well

The visual of Colin on a unicycle is a very silly one.

Brad, stuck on Ryan: “are you a constipated gerbil?”

A merely okay PQ. There were funny moments, but this  was very self-contained. And yet the momentum goes on.

Daytime Talk Show: Cinderella. Brad hosts, Wayne and Colin guest, Ryan’s in the audience

My this is late in the show.

I love how every time we see this, we see a different arrangement. Colin, Ryan and Wayne have all been in the audience.

Wayne does this very flamboyant character to start off.
Brad, slightly-out-of-character: “LeStrange, I don’t wanna pry, but are you a man or a woman?”
Wayne: “Ooooh, you have to guess!”

Colin: “Well I’m one of Cinderella’s BEAUTY-IMPAIRED sisters…yeah, my name’s Salmonella…”
Colin is too damn good at this

I do love the slowburn aggression Colin’s character has, especially when Wayne keeps calling him ugly.

Brad: “How does that make you feel?”
Colin: “I feel…angry…”
Wayne: “Angry and UGLY”
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 12.10.28 PM

I love the  little detail of Wayne’s breasts  coming out in this fight, and him packing them back in as he sits back down

Ryan: “…I was wondering where Jerry is.”
Brad’s reaction to this is very…Bristow-esque

Brad: “You, sir, with the makeup.”
Ryan: “I’M A WOMAN….and this is my husband Gary, don’t ask him anything, he doesn’t talk”
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 12.13.04 PM

Ryan: “And I think that was a bad crack about having no hair- this is the best lover a man can have.”
Ryan, a second later, realizes his mistake: “…or A WOMAN.”
Colin smiles a bit at that

Brad makes Ryan reveal he’s a man, then goes back to Wayne
Wayne, still: “YOU GOTTA GUESS.”

That’s a nice move

A pretty good playing of this. Very big and brash, and with a lot of very funny character moments. Wayne  did well in the seats rather than the audience, and this is right up there with some UK playings.

Hoedown: Snoring

No Drew game

Brad’s is pretty basic, and just has a punchline about cutting off his roommate’s head for snoring too much

Wayne stumbles through his, and has a weird ending line of ‘because my snoring covers up my wife’s bones’. EVEN *HE’S* confused by that one
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 12.23.24 PM

Colin: “The worst thing about it though, I don’t snore…through my nose.”
Another very bizarre lowbrow one

Ryan’s is also pretty basic, but has a good ending  line: “I snore so loud I suck the sheets right up my ass.”

An okay Hoedown.

Overall: Another really damned good show. Questions Only, Secret and Daytime Talk Show were not only good for S8, but they would have been highlights in S1. Backwards Scene and Duet were also really damn good. There were a few less solid games as the show went on, like Party Quirks and Hoedown, but even they  couldn’t sink the goofy momentum of this taping. An improvement over 1×02, and a really  great S1 entry into this season. Also, I like that this  show embraced different dynamics, like Brad and Ryan and Wayne and Colin, throughout the night.

Show Winner: N/A
Best Performer: Ryan, Brad and Wayne were all close together, but Ryan breaks away for winning the two weaker games, like Hoedown and PQ, in addition to succeeding in Questions and Secret.
Worst Performer: Honestly, Colin did the quieter stuff tonight, and mostly reacted to other people’s moves.
Best Game: Questions was absolutely masterful.
Worst Game: Hoedown, but that was at least weird.
Should This Have Aired in S1?: YES. BY GOD, YES.


Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E10, or OH MY GOD, CONNIE’S NAKED!

Way back in Season 3 we had some modest shows like 3×19, 3×21 and 3×31, all of which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy and definitely did. And now we have a fourth show from it…very long after the fact. Okay then.

Award Show: Greg and Wayne present the award for criminals to Ryan and Colin

Wow, one of my favorite out-of-context screencaps needed a sequel:

Greg and Wayne’s banter is fine, but Wayne’s characterization is a little off for me

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 5.23.35 PMWayne: “…from Israel…”
Greg notices who they cut to NOW: “Which part of Israel is that?”
Wayne: “….Compton, Israel…”
The audience members at least crack up at that

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 5.25.19 PMI always forget how much I enjoy this game

As Ryan  comes down, he hugs an audience member and nearly gets away with walking  off with her purse

Ryan: “We have 5 of these at home, but this is the first one we’ve ever WON…”

Ryan; “We’d like to thank god-”
Colin: [whips around]
Ryan: “…he’s not here…”

Colin: “and a special thanks to Little Jimmy….that’s the name of the appliance we use to break into cars.”

The scene ends with Ryan and Colin running off with the podium, which is a nice touch.

A good round  of this. Got funnier after the first minute or so, and just kept impressing me

Greg’s laughing his ass off after this game. I have no idea why. Maybe  it’s a ‘new game’ that they think didn’t go well? He  wants to play it again. I’m not following.

Newsflash: Ryan and Greg in the studio, Colin in the field in front of fiery Hollywood explosions

Colin: “I tried to talk  to those people over there”
The guy he’s pointing to is jumping out a window. Great timing there

Colin: “Well apparently it all started with a rumor about a Menudo reunion..”

Greg: “What’s the noise level like?”
[meanwhile, the audience is going crazy at all these explosions]

Second straight okay Newsflash. Last show’s was better, though

Irish Drinking Song: Hairy Back

Our last IDS for a WHILE.

Once Drew writes down ‘hairy back’, some smartass in the audience shouts out ‘HAIRY BELAFONTE!’. This cracks up Ryan, Wayne AND Greg.

Wayne: “I don’t wear a shirt”
Greg: “And I don’t shampoo”
Colin: “The reason is obvious”

Colin: “I may have split ends”
Ryan: “That may be my problem”
Wayne: “Because of all these things”
Greg, out of ideas: “I GO….WUUBUBUBHOBLEM!”
Colin: “Boy it’s really [looks over at Ryan and smiles] horrible”
[it’s like a prequel to ‘boy we had some fun’ in 5×20. Going ‘what is Ryan gonna do with THAT?’]
Ryan, cracking: “BOY IT’S REALLY SAD.”
Wayne, recovering: “Because Greg must be”
Greg: “…the one that I am bad!”

Ryan: “I think I’ll stay this way forever”
Wayne: “…and a day.”
Greg: “maybe I will grow a beard”
Colin, too happy: “I’LL COMB IT OVER, EH!”

A very fun IDS. Not THE best, but a really fun one that I enjoyed watching, and that they seemed to enjoy doing

Hats: Dating Service Videos

Dispatches from my  favorite playing of this

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 5.52.08 PMRyan: “MOKOLOKOLOKOLOKOL…which if Hawaiian means…’mind if I hang ten?”

Two of these from 3×19 are re-used.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 5.53.30 PMGreg: “I’m 40 years old, mom, and I’m wearing a red sperm thing on my head…”

Not much going on in this one at all.

Film Dub: Greg, Colin and Ryan the morning after the big party

The opening realization of Ryan waking up in bed next to Greg is funny enough.
Ryan: “Have you seen my wife?”

Colin’s maid character: “I’m  going  now because I have nothing else to add to the  scene..”

Greg: “I call this foot Delbert, and I call my other foot Connie…”

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 5.57.55 PMGreg: “…OH MY GOD, CONNIE’S NAKED.”
Good lord, this is why we keep Greg around…

An okay Film Dub, but Greg lifted it

Greatest Hits: Songs of the Nurse v2:

The ‘prostitute’ yell is recycled from 3×21

Colin: “We’ll be right back to our documentary on castration, The Sopranos…”

The banter itself is kinda underwhelming, but I love Colin’s first song title: “it’s not that kind of theromometer”

I will say having Anne King on trumpet does make this  Earth  Wind and Fire number a bit more authentic

Wayne has some good lyrics with this one, like “take my  thermometer, don’t put it in  your bum”

And Wayne’s chorus: “It’s not that kind of thermometer sir, please put your pants back on..”

Once again, like his first song from 3×21, Wayne has NO IDEA when the song’s ending, and he’s surprised to go on for another stanza.

After the song ends, Wayne gives Laura a long, disappointed look. Which she laughs at.

Ryan: “That song is 3 seconds shorter than Stairway  to Heaven.”
Laura: [cracks]

Wayne’s Mariachi number is pretty good too. He’s good at making it funny and keeping it close to the style.

Plus, this song actually ends when  Wayne intends it to.

Good enough GH, but Wayne’s material vastly outdid Ryan and Colin’s.

World’s Worst: Hitchhikers to give a ride to

Ryan, setting the bar high: [cocks gun]
Colin: “…this is nowhere near Neptune…”
Ryan: [starts singing the Irish Drinking Song]
Colin: [does mime routine]

Greg: “So I have a picture of Cody here, NOW FRANK SAID THE OTHER DAY..”
[Somewhere, Brad Sherwood feels a disturbance in the force]

Ryan: “Ya mind  if I put in  some Michael Bolton?”
Ryan, consecutively: “Hi, I’m Michael Bolton!”

A pretty good World’s Worst, honestly.

Overall: A decent show, with some good moments, but enough meh throwaway games to prevent it from being taken  completely seriously. The highlights here are Award Show, IDS, Greatest Hits and World’s Worst, and while those four probably wouldn’t be the  highlights in better shows, they’re fun, if flawed, here. Hats, Newsflash and Film Dub really didn’t need to be aired, though.

Show Winner: Wayne
Best Performer: Greg impressed me the most tonight. Watch Film Dub for proof, he owns that game.
Worst Performer: Wayne didn’t do much aside from Greatest Hits, and had a few early missteps.
Best Game: Award Show felt like the biggest success.
Worst Game: Hats did NOT need to be here.
Should This Have Aired in S3?: Not…really? Nothing here would have made me mad if it missed Season 3.

COMING UP NEXT: We go way back to the preliminary S1 tapings for an early Brad episode.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E09, or Let’s Make This Brief

Stephen Colbert has been very candid with his Whose Line taping over the years. He had no idea it was short-form, and he had no idea what kind of tone he was going for, and, most importantly, he asked specifically not to be forced to rap in a scene.

This has explained his rather unfitting appearance in Season 1. Of course, as S1 was prepped for DVD release, and as Colbert had his Comedy Central show, the idea of getting another Colbert show on ABC Family was a novel one, despite the quality.

Superheroes: Out of clean underwear
Colin – Underwear Man
Ryan – Totally Worships Me Boy
Wayne – The Chippendale Kid
Stephen – Angry New York Cop Man

I love how Colin  details his costume, a very  large pair of underwear pulled up over his head, and with two slits for the eyes

Colin and Ryan have a few out-of-character exchanges of facial expressions here

Colin: [wedges head out from hole in underwear]

Stephen, leaping in: “I heard the echo of your  buttocks, Chippendale Man”
[…wait a minute…I think  this is the only time Wayne isn’t last in Superheroes. THAT  MEANS….THAT MEANS STEPHEN COLBERT IS GONNA DO THE SOLUTION! *CONFETTI FALLS*]

Stephen: “alright, MOVE IT ALONG, NOTHIN TO SEE”
Ryan, pointing to Colin: “ohhh, there’s something to see…”

Stephen has a GREAT solution: “We put an ABP out for your underwear, we found them in the lair of the Evil Skidmark Man”

Colin, ripping his costume: “…oh, damn  wasteband.”

A pretty good Superheroes. Light, yes, but Stephen’s solution elevated this.

Scene to Music: Colin and Ryan: In a very busy restaurant, a customer complains to the chef about his meal

Not only is this the last playing of this game, but this playing puts us closer to the UK version, where it was one track

Colin, with a great  opening line: “I’ve been out there for 15 minutes, trying to eat a piece of meat that I think dates back to the renaissance”

Ryan: “Perhaps you’d like to make your own  dinner.”
The music, which is a western theme, starts here
Ryan, changing his Italian  accent to a bit more Southern: ‘…ON THE RANGE.”

Ryan  does his usual “KA-CHINK, KA-CHINK”
Colin, backing up: “CHING-CA, CHING-CA”

Colin: “Whoever stays makes the meal”
Ryan: “Take your vegetable spray, I’ll take mine..”

Colin: “I warn you…I’ve sprayed more men than you’ve cared to look at”

The eventual spray duel between the two of them is really fun, and has some nice physical gags.

A  worthy send-off for this  game, and a genre switch that was reminiscent of the classic UK ones.

Song Styles: Wayne sings to Toby the violinist as Michael Jackson

Wayne starts up with some pelvic-thrusting with violin motions. So he’s got this down

Wayne has an impressive, Chip-esque [yes, I already miss him] rhyme with ‘Stradivarius’. He’s doing a good job so far

A pretty good Wayne number. Nothing too special, but there was a lot of good stuff from Wayne

Newsflash: Ryan and Stephen in the studio, Colin in the field in front of alien spaceship footage

Ryan: “How did all this start?”
Colin: “Apparently at the revival house, they were showing Pauly Shore’s Bio-Dome”
YES. I mean, NO!

Ryan: “Are you sure you’re safe where you are right now?”
Colin, not entirely following: “….yeeeah?”

Ryan asks if Colin’s covered something like this before
Ryan: “You’re absolutely right, I did cover this…it was at a, uh, Aerosmith concert…”

A pretty alright Newsflash. Not much to it, but Colin’s responses were funny.

Stand Sit Bend: Colin and Wayne are an angry couple returning their car to Ryan’s used car lot

WHY COULDN’T STEPHEN DO THIS ONE??? I would have loved to see that.

This is a pretty fluid scene though, with the only real awkwardness coming from Colin aborting a sit down as Wayne takes the stool instead

Colin does a good job of bending over, pointing out things about the car, then getting Ryan to bend over as he stands back up. This is really solid.

Wayne pulls a gun on Ryan for the car, which is a nice escalated tension, but  Colin has to race to sit down as Ryan stands up with his hands up. Then Wayne  has to sort of bend over while still pointing the gun at Ryan

It’s even funnier when Wayne drops the gun, and both have to alternate bending over even if both  of them WANT the gun

An insanely strong round of this. All three were absolute pros who moved fluidly and kept each other at ease.

Foreign Film Dub: Stephen and Wayne act out the German film  Don’t Touch My Sauerkraut; Ryan and Colin dub

If only Steve Carell were here, his German yelling is superior to Stephen’s..

Wayne: [dramatic line]
I love Colin
Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 4.45.29 PMDrew absolutely loses it at this, and Wayne has to fight the giggles as he continues miming something
Oddly enough,  Stephen, who’s just as prone to breaking, has not moved an inch

Ryan introduces the idea of Wayne having an affair with Stephen’s wife
Wayne: [long denial]
Colin: “…your wife?”
Ryan responds to Stephen’s short line with one of his usual long monologues, this one fiery and enraged towards Wayne. Stephen just puts a hand on Wayne, and nods, as Ryan goes on.
Ryan, finally: “….kiss me?”
Stephen, ever the pro, slides his hand down Wayne’s cheek

Colin: “I was just meeting with her to give her my family sauerkraut recipe”

Colin just…turns this into an ad for ‘Flester’s Instant Sauerkraut’, which is a very funny gear shift

Wayne has a genuine  line…and Colin, with nothing, repeats the line again in lieu of a translation

SUCH A GOOD FOREIGN FILM DUB. Stephen and Wayne were terrific, Ryan and Colin had funny translations, it didn’t drag, and it impressed me.

Helping Hands: Ryan, hands by Colin, is a nervous teenage girl getting ready for the prom, and Drew is her girlfriend, helping her prepare

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 4.52.34 PMWayne: “…wassup girl, how you doin?”
He then remembers Drew asked him to read the  card. THAT’s great

Colin has to do Ryan’s lipstick without really seeing where it’s going
Ryan: “…I prefer just to draw myself another mouth…”

Ryan, putting  the mask over his eyes: “OH, TONTO!”

Colin now has to put toothpaste on a toothbrush without seeing, and it just all falls onto the table as he squeezes

Once Ryan’s mouth is completely full of toothpaste, Drew hands him a thing of listerine to rinse. Ryan just takes a swig.

Ryan’s mouth is completely full, and before Colin allows him to spit [Drew’s got the bucket under his face], Colin just keeps wiping the sides of his mouth, as if THAT’s the problem

An okay Helping Hands, but it got better as it went on.

Overall: A surprisingly really nice show, where even the okay games [Newsflash and Helping Hands] were still kinda good. Despite Stephen’s general okay-ness, there was less of him here, and what he had to contribute, like in Superheroes and Foreign Film Dub, was a lot better, and aided scenes tremendously. Several games REALLY impressed me, like Scene to Music, Stand Sit Bend and Foreign Film Dub, all taking me back to a sort of late-era UK feel [which was only really a year ago], and getting back to improv basics. This  was a nice breath  of fresh air, and a rare S1 episode that I’m glad finally aired.

Show Winners: Ryan and Colin
Best Performer: Colin ran away with it, despite Wayne seriously chasing him late.
Worst Performer: Stephen by default, but even he had some good moments.
Best Game: Stand Sit Bend felt masterful. I came close to saying Foreign Film Dub, but SSB was so fluid.
Worst Game: Newsflash. I liked this one, but there wasn’t much to it.
Should This Have Aired in S1?: Yes, I would have preferred this over 1×17 anyday

COMING UP NEXT: A last dispatch from a very-much unloaded S3 taping with Greg.

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E08, or Does Lyle Lovett?

Second consecutive third-episode for a S1 taping. Again, good to try it if it’s actually good.

This Brad show comes from the same S1 taping as 1×12 and 1×16. Both good enough shows, though not S1’s best.

Daytime Talk Show: Noah’s ark: Brad hosts, Ryan and Wayne are guests, Colin’s in the audience

Drew and Ryan are laughing as Drew intros this game. I’m not sure why

Brad’s first draft of his program name was “hello and welcome to WHEN THE SHIP….HITS  THE FAN.” But they didn’t like that one

Brad is playing this just goofily enough

Wayne has a  strong character, Noah’s disgruntled next door neighbor, but the emotion  overpowers the dialogue

Ryan, as a meteorologist: “Well, I called for sunshine that weekend…”
THAT’s great

Brad: “Did it, in fact, rain for 40 days and…40-odd nights?”
Ryan: “I dunno, I took the  week off…”

Colin’s distraught audience character: ‘…w-w-w-WHAT’S GOING ON???”

Brad: “That’s a very good question, sir, please put your pants back on…”


Brad, going back to the audience: “Ah, yes….ma’am.”
Colin takes a moment to recalibrate

Colin may have the limited role, but he’s absolutely killing it

Not a bad DTS, but a little empty in terms of Wayne and Ryan’s characters

Sound Effects: Colin is Indiana Jones trying to find an ancient treasure in a booby-trapped cave, Ryan does SFX

Colin begins with whip sounds. Ryan throws in a ‘FWWAAIIIIGHH’, and Colin clutches his leg.

This is a genuinely cool scene. Ryan and Colin do well with establishing the number of doors and locks to get into the temple, then Ryan does well in simulating the breezy area Colin has to inch past…while also adding in a bird or two.

Colin continues, and Ryan does a  slowly approaching noise that confused Colin. Colin eventually figures it out and starts running like hell from a boulder

Ryan throws in a very intimidating-sounding snake…which Colin dispatches by stomping on its head

Ryan repeatedly puts in  the sound of tribal drums, and this comes back after an extended chase. Ryan just throws it in one more time, and Colin just flicks off the tape. Very  clever

A really good SFX. Generally impressive stuff from both of them.

Drew: “Well, 1000 points to Colin for not SPITTING ALL  OVER THE MICROPHONE.”
Ryan: [dribbles out his water]

Scene to Rap: Train Wreck [what, like this game?]

Brad and Wayne’s lyrics are very straightforward, but they’re good at working off each other

Again, this is a very basic Scene to Rap, and Brad and Wayne have some lyrics that they think are funnier  than they actually are. Colin enters and very clumsily dances around for an extra bar.

Not a great one of these. More clumsy than anything.

Ice Skaters: Ryan  and Colin do a routine on getting up in the morning

A ONE TIME GAME. And judging from Ryan and Colin’s expressions, they LOVE IT
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.47.18 PMScreen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.47.25 PM
Brad flat-out cackles

Right  before the music starts,  Ryan and Colin  look at each other like they have no idea how they’re gonna do this at all.

This…is the goofiest goddamned game. Ryan  and Colin play this earnestly, and go dancing around doing these goofy motions with complete seriousness, as serious music is piped in. This is just too funny.

Then, as Ryan does the ‘driving car’ motion,  he  looks off with a clenched expression, as he has no idea what’s left to do in this game

On  the last lift, Ryan falls down, injured, which gets a laugh out of Wayne.

Obviously an imperfect game, but the way Ryan and Colin played it, and how goofy it looked, won me over.

Improbable Mission: Brad instructs Ryan  and Colin to mow the lawn


Brad: “Your cat is green. SU GATO ES-”
This  gag always  seems to work with me.

Brad: “I trust by now that you’ve already taken the spanish class at the beginning and end of this tape.”

Colin, after Brad finishes: “…I wasn’t listening til about the last third.”
Ryan, smirking: “Me neither.”
Aw, man, we’re in for a  good one..
Drew’s laughing at this
Ryan: “All I know is we have to go to South America…”

Colin introduces the transporter to get them there, and once they use it, Ryan gets spliced with a fly. Which is a funny gag. They try it again, and Ryan has moose antler.
Colin, third time: “AUUUUGH….oh, it’s you!”

Colin, very lost: “I have a plan…I’m not gonna tell ya til we get in there.”

Ryan uses the transporter, splices himself with a sheep, and proceeds to eat the grass. THAT is a smart idea.

Ryan, in a less smart move, decides to jump on the land mine and end the scene…kinda early. What was he going for there? Did he think it was dying?

Not a great scene, tbh. It had some momentum, but lost it.

Dead Bodies: It’s the deleted scene from Titanic, Jack, who is Ryan, is drawing Rose, who is Julie, in the nude when her fiancee Wayne bursts in and announces they’ve just struck an iceberg

Colin, as Julie, rationalizing the obvious: “shouldn’t I have my clothes off?”

Colin  ends up throwing Julie in Ryan’s lap after a bit, and arranges them in a makeout. This ends up knocking over the chair. Of course.
I love how Colin looks at Drew ashamed

Colin, grabbing Wayne, adopts a gruff voice: “…WHAT’S GOIN ON HERE.”
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 11.03.07 PM

Then, Colin does a  whole fight scene between Wayne and Ryan while both are slumped over on the ground.

Colin rubs Julie’s hands all over Ryan’s pants and crotch area.
Brad doubles over laughing in the back
Drew buzzes here, but in the Bloopers, this goes one line further [“YOU’RE GETTING CLOSE”]

A pretty  good Dead Bodies, though not the top tier for this era.

Questions Only: Tensions break out in the gangster world of 1930s Chicago

Wayne’s gangster movie voice is, of course, awesome here.

Wayne: “Can’t ya give a girl a kiss?”
Drew, who’s doing GREAT this round: ‘What, d’you want me to puke?”

Wayne: “Will I be…Grahamed indemnity?”
Colin: “…what?”
Wayne: [breaks]

Ryan does his usual move of speaking  in another language than marking with a question mark.
Colin: “Can’t you  speak english?”
I friggin love that reaction

Wayne: “Wanna fight, copper?”
Colin: “Does Lyle Lovett?”
Wayne, part embarrassed and part impressed, just leaves
Ryan: “Is Snow White?”
Colin, getting the picture, shakes his head and goes off

A really fun Questions  Only. I like how it was faster because all of them were pretty spent.

Overall: A meh show. Lots of underwhelming playings of games I like [Improbable Mission, Daytime Talk Show], bizarre moves [Ice Skaters] and games I don’t like [Scene to Rap]. There were good games here, like Sound Effects, Dead Bodies and Questions, but even  they had problems. This show was very Colin-Ryan-centric with not a lot for Brad to do.

Show Winner: Brad
Best Performer: Another show win for Colin.
Worst Performer: Brad wasn’t very present in this show.
Best Game: Sound Effects impressed me the most.
Worst Game: Scene to Rap, which  once again failed to win me over.
Should it Have Aired in S1?: Nah, not really.

COMING UP NEXT: I’ve discussed that one of my least favorite episodes of S1 was with a newcomer who clearly didn’t fit in with the longform climate of the show. Unfortunately he had a career in 2006, so his taping needed one more episode.


Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S08E07, or Everyone Was Wearing Pastels

This Season 1 Denny taping gave us two pretty  good shows, 1×08 and 1×13. And for some reason, this S1 taping gets a third episode! Sure! Alright!

Fashion Models: Denny comments on Ryan, Colin and Wayne premiering fashions of construction workers

Drew, getting the suggestion: “Construction worker is perfect”
Audience: [keeps yelling]
Drew: “Construction  worker is fine, we’ll use that”
Audience: [keeps yelling]
Drew just turns behind him, throws out his hands and enunciates: “CONSTRUCTION WORKER IS FINE.”

Okay so once again, the audience drowns out Denny. As Ryan poses, for a good 7 seconds, Denny is absolutely silent. Does she forget she’s part of the game too?

Denny: “and now he’s using a built-in megaphone to make offensive comments without straining his vocal cords!”

Denny, as Colin enters: “I don’t know what Colin has got in his lunchpail, but I’m guessing it’s BUNS.”
Okay, she’s gotten better at this game

Wayne’s ladder climbing movements are pretty great, and this is honestly his strongest showing in a game of  this, where usually he’s outshined by Colin and Ryan

Honestly one of the better games of this. A lot of funny things they figured out how to make sexy, and a lot of good moments from all 4.

Film and Theater Styles: Colin approaches his neighbor Ryan to complain about Ryan’s vicious pit bull

Drew, fielding suggestions: “FLASHER? Oh, SLASHER. I thought he said a ‘flasher movie'”

Colin: “I have had it with your pitbull!”
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 7.57.20 PM
such a simple joke

Ryan: “He was hit by a car last night”
Colin: “YES!”

For gangster movie style, Ryan beats Colin over the head with something, and Ryan just prolongs the sound of the bang by like 5 extra seconds, which is a very goofy move.
Colin: “barely felt it.”

Drew: “ROMANCE!”
Ryan, as Colin moves closer to him: “baby, you barely felt it, but it was there!”

Ryan ends the Slasher style by jumping in the shower, but when Drew changes  to surfer film, he  gets Colin to come in with him and surf in  the shower, which is a fun move

I love Ryan’s music and sound effects in the spaghetti western style
Colin, in contrast: “LALALALALA-ptoingptoing”
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 8.08.06 PM
Once again, Colin has thrown Ryan

An  alright SFX. Again, most of the big moments were pretty broad, but they had fun  with it, especially at the end.

Scene to Rap: The Circus

Denny does a good job of establishing character early on- Wayne’s the clown, Denny’s the bearded lady.

As Wayne starts his verse, Ryan enters. Realizing he’s gotta give Wayne’s verse a moment to breathe, he clumsily exits again

Wayne at least uses this to establish Ryan as an antagonistic giant character

Ryan doesn’t exactly use this gift, though, playing someone who stepped in elephant poop.

Colin has such a funny verse that ties everything together, saying he found the elephant in question, “who called me Jim
An elephant that talks, can you believe that?
Oh, look…a little cat.”

There’s a great development, where everyone piles into Wayne’s clown car
Colin: “Here comes the elephant, you’re out of luck
cause you’re little car’s shaped like a peanut!”

A surprisingly really nice playing of this, with a cohesive plot and funny jokes coming from all 4.

Old Job New Job: Wayne is at the dentist, Denny is the hygienist, and Ryan and Colin are two dentists  who used to be firefighters

The second and final Old Job New Job  of the Drew run, and the second of three US playings

Interesting that both Colin AND Ryan have the new job, rather than just  Ryan

Colin  and Ryan enter by axing down the door, which is a hysterical contrast to the calm scene Denny just established

Colin goes right in with the fire hose into Wayne’s mouth. Wayne is SO GOOD at playing that with waterlogged yelps in response.

Ryan, looking into Wayne’s mouth, climbs a ladder
Ryan, to Colin: “We’re gonna need a Dalmatian for this…”

Then, as Ryan sets up Wayne’s x-ray, Colin picks Wayne up and begins to carry  him.

Then, as Ryan realizes Wayne still has something in his mouth, he gets him on the ground and gives  him mouth to mouth, spitting out pieces. This is so damn good

Ryan leaves by  using  the fireman’s pole.
Drew: [buzzes]

An insanely good OJNJ. Ryan didn’t need Colin for this, but having both of them attacking Wayne made it even funnier. Wayne was also great at playing up his discomfort

Narrate: Laundromat

Colin: “It was a day like any other, except it was 14 hours long and everyone was wearing pastels.”
FINALLY someone comments on the wardrobe choices this taping.

Colin, to Ryan: “Have you seen…THIS PERSON.”
Ryan: “I’d seen the picture he’d just shown me…it was him.”
That is funny enough on its own, but then:
Ryan: “why he was wearing a girl scout outfit, I have no idea”

Colin, taking the gift: “ya want some cookies while you’re doing your laundry?”

I love the detail that as Colin explains that the cookies are laced with truth serum, Ryan just throws them away one by one.

Colin: “Then I realized I was wearing a girl scout’s outfit…”

Ryan offers for Colin to take his clothes
Colin: “I knew he wanted me to go for the clothes, then he would shove me in, close the door and put me on high, permanent press. I had already fallen for that three times today. I WAS RUNNING  OUTTA SOCKS.”
Colin is  so damn  good at this  game

Colin pulls out a gun
Ryan: “his finger  scared me.”
Ryan’s always good at not giving Colin  the satisfaction in this game

Unfortunately Drew ends it there, as I think there felt like another beat after that.

A really good round of this, though. So many good moves and lines.

Hats: Dating Service Videos

DENNY playing Hats??

Wayne, with  a lei: “Wanna be laid?”
He did that  same joke in S2 and it got censored

Ryan, monk hood: “I’m looking-” [covers mouth]

Wayne, boxing mask, does a Mike Tyson impression: “My favorite part of a girl is her ear!”

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 8.41.18 PMColin, after doing some Stooge gags: “HOW BOUT A MENAGE A TROIS!”

Wayne does a Buckwheat one that ABC used in promos…IN 1998. And it took THAT LONG to air.

An okay Hats.

Hoedown: Birth v2

No Drew game


Denny: “I don’t care about this natural stuff, GIVE ME LOTSA DRUGS.”
So this makes air, but a Hoedown verse about smoking weed doesn’t???

Colin’s triumphant: “GUESS WHAT MY WIFE GAVE BIRTH THE OTHER DAY” opener gets applause from the audience because he’d started a Hoedown with that line in two failed verses that made the Blooper reel.
“I really supported her, I was  there all the way”- this line also was in his 2nd try
Colin: “Boy the time went by, boy the time sure passes
Then I cut the cord, I really should have worn my glasses”
THERE WE GO. The triumph and exaltation of FINALLY getting a Hoedown verse right. I wish this one had aired in S1.

An okay Hoedown.

Overall: A few okay games, but even they couldn’t take away from a generally solid show. A lot of the  games that won me over tonight were ones I wasn’t expecting, like Fashion Models, Scene to Rap and Old Job New Job, and honestly even F&TS. True, we still had a weaker back half, but the strength of improv-heavy strategic games like Old Job New Job and Narrate right in the middle lifted this one for me, as well as some more strong work for Denny, who’s just proving that her two S2 tapings were in a weaker period for her.

Show Winner: NO ONE
Best Performer: Colin swept a majority of the games, like usual for this Watchdown. It’s not even my Colin bias, he’s just really good in things.
Worst Performer: I had to really separate all 4, because all 4 were great, but Denny sadly lands here again for taking more backseat roles tonight.
Best Game: Old Job New Job narrowly edges out Narrate for feeling more complete, beginning to end.
Worst Game: Hats came and went.
Should This Have Aired in S8?: Honestly, yeah. A lot of games tonight had more emphasis on  improv skills than on broad comedic things, and 1998 audiences could have used  that.

COMING UP NEXT: We go back to a Season 1 Brad taping, another one up for its third episode