This Exists

I don’t know who’s going to read this. I don’t care, honestly. I don’t even know how often I’m gonna update this. Yes, it’s hazy and indistinct like that because that’s kinda how life is. Uncertainty around every corner, corrupting from the outside, or something poetic like that.

The only reason I’m writing this blog is because there are some things stuck in my head that I wanna get out onto paper, and share with the world. I am more than just some tall guy. If anything, being 6-foot-5 is my least interesting quality, though it’s the only one that really starts conversations, especially with freshman.

I have this other blog (, and I use that to talk about baseball cards, and it hasĀ a very narrow, contained audience, and when I wanna talk about something that isn’t about baseball cards, I have nowhere to put it where somebody’s gonna really appreciate it. Well, now I have somewhere else, where I can be funny, where I can be emotional, personal, literal, mechanical, rhetorical, nautical, a popsicle- I don’t care. And I doubt anybody else does.

I’m probably just gonna talk about movies I see, or things about life I’m dissatisfied with, or just random shit that pops into my head. I’m starting this because I want to start this, and hopefully I’m gonna keep posting here because I want to, not because I see it as an obligation to…somebody out there. And if I already sound crazy, and if I already write like the most pretentious douchebag on the face of the earth, well then chances are this blog’s not for you.

Again, this is gonna be a rocky and nebulous ride, my friends. Dunno what the hell I’m gonna post about, dunno how long this’ll last. Dunno how many people are gonna see this. Which is kinda nice, at first. If nobody sees it, there’s some semblance of privacy. And then when people start looking at it, it’s kinda nice, and all those years of not being noticed sort of lead to something.

For right now…let’s just get this out there to begin with.